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Contemporary Dance Intensive            2nd – 6th January 2013     



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Running for its second year, this popular course provides the finest start to the year, building the body and mind back to working pace with a creative and stimulating programme of classes and workshops. Open to dancers, movement practitioners and performers aiming to deepen their physical practice.



Based on  the  fundamentals  of  dance  kinesiology  and  movement  analysis with a solid contemporary dance foundation informed by  Martha Graham technique.    

Focusing on musicality and  rhythmic precision. Increasing  the dancer’s core strength and  flexibility. Building the  articulation in the spine  through contraction, release  and spiral  to initiate fluid and  dynamic movement.  



A movement class informed by therapeutic techniques such as  Feldenkrais, Alexander technique and  cranio‐sacral therapy.    Focusing on the breath, skeletal  alignment, joint articulation and  the release of muscular tension.  Harnessing the power of gravity  and momentum to facilitate  movement. 



Ruth Mills ‘Girlfriend’ live at The Arches.    


       Photo: Jannica Honey 

Finding your own creative voice.  Taking a multi disciplinary approach to shaping movement in dance, theatre  and visual art.  This course aims to heighten awareness of the body, time, shape, space,  effort and motive.  From conceiving and refining an idea to learning choreographic devices  used to shape movement and space. Acquiring the tools to develop  movement languages and expand students’ vision and appreciation of the  connections in the art of dance, theatre, music, literature and visual art. 



  A carefully designed program allowing the participant to benefit from high  level conditioning without requiring a background in technical dance.  Whether you have high or humble goals, this class helps you train your  strength, flexibility and cardio‐vascular system safely, effectively and with  quick results. 




THIS MORTAL COIL  A series of talks and lecture demonstrations on the subject of the body,  communication and blood memory.  The Body Of The Hysteric  With Dr. Laura Gonzalez 

The dancer’s voice, The actor’s body.  With Ruth Mills 

A brief history of contemporary dance.  With Lucy Weir and Ruth Mills    + guest speakers.    Thursday 3rd January 4:30pm :    Sunday 6th January 4pm :   Donation on door Free to full time participants 

TIMES AND PRICES  Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th January 2013    MILLS TECHNIQUE  Daily:  9 – 10:30 am    Full week : £35/ £30   Drop in : :  £7/ £6 

RELEASE  Daily 11 – 12:30pm  :    Full week : £35/ £30   Drop in : :  £7/ £6 

BODY CONDITIONING  Daily 1:30 – 2:30pm   Full week : £30/ £25  Drop in : :  £6 / £5   

CHOREOGRAPHY AND COMPOSITION  Daily 2:45 – 4:15pm  :    Full week : £35/ £30   Drop in : :  £7.50/ £6.50 

Booking the full course?  Early bird discount!   Book before December 1st for: £125/ £105       

Photography: Jannica Honey   


EMAIL:  TEL: +44(0)7729 456749   

VENUE In The Moment  Centre for Movement and Well Being   72 Berkeley Street  Glasgow.   

ABOUT RUTH MILLS  Ruth trained at London Contemporary Dance School, gaining a BA (HONS) in contemporary dance and choreography. She has toured extensively as a dancer and performer both nationally and internationally. She has built a strong reputation as a teacher and lecturer in core dance technique, movement analysis and movement training for actors. Ruth has been Guest Director to Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Lecturing in contemporary dance and movement for actors with Universities and Colleges including, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, GAMTA, and Dundee College. She has appeared as a guest speaker at University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art, and collaborated on several performance projects with Dr Peter Lovatt, The Dance Lab, University of Hertfordshire.

Dedicated to dance and theatre in all its forms and for all people. Glasgow Community Dance Theatre is a fledgling company under the direction of Ruth Mills, dedicated to providing dance performance, creative and choreographic opportunity for dance, music and theatre lovers everywhere. The emphasis is on community, we are an ever expanding family with a passion for education in arts and performance.

Touching hearts and minds. Ruth Mills engages the skills and passion of exceptional dancers, actors, musicians and artists in the creation of communicative and highly stimulating theatre. Both challenging and embracing audiences with a unique visual aesthetic teamed with a deep rooted belief in humanity, compassion and solidarity. Ruth teams an expert knowledge in dance and movement with a passion for new music and film. Presenting highly visual works which also extend out of the theatre in to film and alternative music video. She has built a growing reputation as a movement director and choreographer in theatre and creator of highly communicative dance theatre. Recent credits and commissions include: Choreographer/Performer: ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’, The Arches. Directed by Cora Bisset, with David Greig. Movement Director: ‘JUMP’ National Theatre of Scotland Directed by Simon Sharkey, Movement Director: ‘Olympics of The Everyday. Ankur Productions. Director: ‘The Divine Proportion’ Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Whatever Gets You Through The Night   

Photo Jannica Honey 

Contemporary Dance Intensive  
Contemporary Dance Intensive  

Ruth Mills Dance Contemporary Dance Intensive January 2013