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n 2008, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an inflammatory disease in which the protective covers of the nerve cells are damaged. It affects around 6000 people in Ireland. My first experience of MS was waking up one morning with numbness in my arm and leg. This was to be the first and ongoing symptom of MS. After weeks of no improvement and trips to my GP, giving me no 'cure', I tried to put on a brave face and get on with it. I decided to go back to my GP, who referred me to the Neurology Department of Wexford General Hospital, under the care of Dr. Paddy McKiernan, whose understanding and reassurance helped to put me at ease. And so, the medical tests began, the


EASTER MONDAY NEW ROSS WALK FOR CONSOLE here will be a 10km walk in aid of Console in New Ross town on Easter Monday. Entrants are asked to be at the starting line outside Corcorans Bar in Irishtown before 2pm. Walk, jog or run to raise money for Wexfords Console House. Mickey and Minnie Mouse will also be in attendance to entertain the little ones.


Be There Or Be Square!


first of which was to be a Lumbar Puncture. It was this procedure which would eventually confirm that I had MS. As with anyone newly diagnosed with any type o f

condition, it was a confusing and fearful time. Fearful for my health. Fearful for my future but more importantly, fearful for my family. But it was my family who helped me get through those hard

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times. To others, I seemed to be a healthy man, who was constantly laughing and joking, but on the inside I was scared of this condition, which is known as a silent disease. Even though I went through so many dark days where I had immense feelings of anger, fear and confusion, I have always kept that smile on my face and do my beat every day to put up with all those symptoms. It has been a long journey from when I was first diagnosed to now, and is by no means finished, but how you deal with it is what makes the difference. No matter who you are, healthy or otherwise, we will always have hard times in life, but what I try to remember is that the sun is ALWAYS behind the clouds.

WALK A MILE A REALLY IN THEIR GOOD CAUSE fundraiser will be held for Joe Moore in Mooneys Bar on Thursday the 17th April from 6pm. Joe had an accident last December and was left paralysed from the shoulders down. This event will hopefully bring in much need funds to adapt Joes home for his future needs. Entry is free and music will be provided by Borderline, Emily Jane Furlong, Bobby Sludds and Lee N Fitzy. All drinks will be â‚Ź3.


PAWS outh East Animal Rescue will be doing a one mile barefoot walk on Easter Saturday in Enniscorthy as part of the National Walk of Shame for all of Irelands betrayed animals. The events begins at 1pm and sponsorships cards are being filled by local members to raise money for the Enniscorthy based animal charity. More details can be found on their facebook page.


Fiona Saunders Collecting For Daffodil Day Recently Photographer: Patrick Hogan

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Issue 6 April 16th 2014