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Protect your rice crops from snail infestation

Current forecasts are for a good season with plenty of water and hot growing conditions. Now your job is to do everything to make it a bumper year. And to maximise your crop you have to be sure to minimise damage to crops by snails A good seedling stand is essential for high yields. Snails damage rice crops by • • • •

Retarding plant growth Reducing tillering Causing a rice crop to mature at different times. Causing lower plant densities

AERIAL SOWN CROPS ARE PREDISPOSED TO SNAIL DAMAGE All crops are affected by snail infestation, however aerially sown crops are particularly susceptible because the young plants have shallower root systems. Additionally, as aerial sown crops are usually sown in well cultivated paddocks, there are less food sources available to the snail making the rice plant even more attractive. Like oils, not all bluestone is created equal.

How to control Snails with Snail Blitz Snail Blitz is truly the pilot’s friend. Not only is Snail Blitz the most efficient snail killer available, Snail Blitz is also purpose manufactured to help the pilot, and his groundcrew and to be kind to the aircraft. The Solomon’s-Kanins manufacturing process uses a custom made drying machine and unique crystallisation technology to give a purer, free flowing crystal. It is the only source of Australian made copper sulphate approved by the APVMA for use in rice crops. This Means • • • • • •

Free flowing, quicker more even application and less wastage Lower moisture, less damage to equipment and quicker application Lower free acid levels, less corrosion of aircraft parts Non clumping which improves flow and eliminates insoluble lumps Lower corrosive chloride levels for extended aircraft life Nil dioxin and PCB contamination, a safer work environment for pilot and handler health

Click image to see why snail Blitz is a pilot's friend For more information contact us for a prompt reply using our enquiry form Snail Blitz is manufactured in Australia by Solomon-Kannin and registered to the Ruth Group under APVMA Approval No: 66304/53333. Snail Blitz is a poison and safety directions should be read and observed before using the product.

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Snail Blitz the pilot's friend  

How to minimise rice crop damage by snails using snail blitz