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Pitsford Village

The search for a place to live is an all-consuming journey. Our logic and reason matter up to a point but emotion, feeling and intuition often play a much larger role.

Pitsford Village is a project that takes the logical reasoning of the modern house hunter as its point of departure, moving onwards to look at how the ‘identity’ of a settlement is formed. Situated in a rural area of Northamptonshire, Pitsford is a seemingly typical village located in the English countryside. Boasting enticing amenities such as a nearby reservoir, a public house, two schools, playing fields and a parish church. It is often insinuated that the countryside offers a far greater quality of life than that of its urban counterpart. The allure seemingly resting in the acquirement of peace, tranquillity and, furthermore, a safe environment in which to start a family. There has been a deliberate suppression of the notion of community, which is considered typical to ‘village life’. For what use is a community if the subject is unwilling to converse? The photographic imagery here featured hopes to encourage reflection in the mind of the reader through the conveyed silence of location.


Perspectives in phtoography - test upload

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