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OO Design as intrinsic value


Design as intrinsic value

06 Who is she? / Barcelona

Interested in Arts, Photography, Literature, Design and Travel.


Design as intrinsic value She has studied in Escola Llotja de Barcelona and she has a Degree in Product Design. She also has worked with Gauzak as a trainee, where they have taught her much.


As she is practical and problem solver, her style is based on the funtionality and the simplicity. She loves to experiment and explore different fields of Design. Curious and open to new ideas and experiences. Enjoys meeting new like-minded people, and always open to learn. Hardworking and capable of working in teams and individually.


U / storage system


TORTUGA / balance board


FILT / office set


NÃ’MADA / collapsible raincoat


MNTS / modular system


JOYES / ceramic jewels


LLAR / bluetooth speaker


Modular storage system designed for home, adaptable to your needs and space.



Make it yours.

Storage System / Final Project

The design of the product has not only been conceived with aesthetics in mind but to create a versatile product as functional as possible.


I used the materials based on their physical and mechanical characteristics to provide material value and durability to the system: - Plywood provides stiffness and aesthetic view. - Steel has been chosen due to its hardness, resistance, ease of production and recyclability. - Polypropylene for his strength and for the wide range of finishes.

TORTUGA Balance Board /Amaya Sport

Safe and fun. Lower reliefs cause swing to have unexpected positions.


Children can stand or they can sit holding the grip while they are developing motor functions and improving the equilibrium with soft and easy movements. Due to the base axis, it allows you to spin 360ยบ.

It is made of high resistance PE and non-slip soft gum. The material was given by the client (specialized in plastic injection and rotational moulding processes). Shape and dimensions were conditioned by the industrial process.


Like the rolling of a turtle upside down.

Collaboration in the project as a trainee in Gauzak.

14 Office set / Personal Project

Filt is the perfect accessory for the ones whose office is the world.


A family composed of simple, everyday and common products, adaptable to all areas and work activities. The set is made up of five pieces; a backpack, a laptop sleeve, a case, a cardholder and a memopad DinA5.


It is transportable and for daily use. Felt is resistant, lightweight and waterproof.

16 Nukak / Autumn 2016 This collapsible raincoat accompanies you wherever you go and won’t let the weather stop you.​


Collapsible unisex raincoat made of recycled lightweight sails and lifejackets, with a simple design and the right size to be used by children and adults.


The kitesurf kites and lifejackets are made of polyester and nylon, making it ultra-light, waterproof and highly resistant.



Modular System / Sillería Vergés

A modular system designed for contract, with easy construction and high adaptability.


Adapt it to your necessities and space.

I did not want to create just a family but I wanted to design a system that allow unlimited options. Silleria VergĂŠs (client) usually works with wood and I was looking for a material not used before by the company that they could shape with same machines. Paperwood provides colour and innovation to the system.

mobiliari 4.1.3 rut garcia suùÊ desembre 2016


Elegance, colour, texture and sound.


Ceramic Jewels / Peronal Project

Unique jewels which are the end-result of experimenting with plaster moulds, pigments, stoneware and porcelain.


The idea was to make copies of daily objects and transform them into jewels, playing with colours and textures to make each mould result different, special and unique.



Bluetooth Speaker / Lexon

Cold aluminium, rugged plastic and soft silicone make it a nice product to hold in your hands.


Lightweight, resistant, simple, intuitive and customizable.

Lightweight, durable and customizable with a simple and intuitive use, suitable for all ages. Shock resistant and can be used with wet hands.


Rut Sunyer Portfolio 2018