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Week of September 24th, 2013


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By: John Thompson Jr. ow what? Syria is the new version of Iraq full of falsities and regime change. The build-up to the Iraqi war was led by strong feelings from both parties few stood in the way or challenged the evidence. Led down the trail with bread crumbs like a Hansel and Gretel story, our elected officials ignored the fact that former Dictator/ President Sadaam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction. America’s former President Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney convinced the American people that Iraq was responsible for not only 9/1, but also for training terrorists to attack America. President Obama is now faced with his version of Iraq. Lord knows we want him to do what’s in the best interest of humanity and forgoe the worlds expectations. Russia did not want military intervention that was expected. However as a result of Russia playing peacemaker we might avoid another senseless war; but do not confuse me for someone who is proPutin. In the eyes of the world Russia is a hero saving Syria from USA’s bombs. Fix two problems with one suggestion? Maybe. You have to give Secretary of Defense John Kerry his just due: he suggested in an off the cuff comment, that Syria could avoid military action by turning over their chemical weapons arsenal. Mr. Kerry punctuated this statement by saying, “That’ll never happen.” Seriously? Who in their right mind would have thought

Russia for that matter or anyone that would take a rhetorical statement and use it as a form of diplomacy, possibly preventing further damage in the Middle East. I messaged my cousin and said, “SMH at these developments,” his response, “And Putin, of all leaders, is agreeing with this.” Information is now coming to light that could point to the rebels for the chemical weapons attack that killed 1,400 people near Damascus. This pursuit of justice for the people of Syria has become muddled in conflicting reports.“Iran has been warning Washington since July of 2012 that Sunni rebel fighters have acquired chemical weapons,

Are we looking for a regime change? and called on the US to send an immediate and serious warning to rebel groups not to use them.” According to The Christian Science Monitor whom acquired it through a letter sent sometime in the spring. So, how can we as a nation justify military strikes into Syria on designated targets when we don’t know for certain who detonated the chemical weapons? Sound familiar? We searched Iraq for weapons of mass destruction only to find out that none existed. We as a nation have been down this slope before and the results historically have not gone well. Our history is filled with best intentions gone wrong; look at Libya and Iraq. Both countries are in chaos created by the good ole

Image Courtesy of Politico.

United States of America. Can we as a nation fix Syria while in the thralls of a civil war? This is going to be a tough sell to the American people as well as Senate and the House of Representatives. We as a nation need to hit the reset button and stop feeding the war machine. Syria needs to be held accountable for this egregious error and until we know with absolute certainty as a nation, we cannot add to the woes of a war torn nation. Are we looking for a regime change? Bashar al-Assad President of Syria has been involved in a two year civil war with his people. A fraction of what the Muslim community refer to as the “Arab Springs.” Looking at the history of Iran in 1953 when the United States was instrumental in creating chaos and mayhem, that led to the overthrow of the only democratic president Mohammad Mossaddegh. We wonder why Iran and other nations despise us? I’m concerned. Are we as a nation involved in a modern war proxy war? Whenever the United States and Russia end up on opposite sides there is more than meets the eye. If Mr. Putin wants to play peacemaker and mend the great divide between Syria and the world community, then he should pursue this till the end. Political negotiations are the only saving grace for Syria. Should this become a successful venture? Maybe Mr. Putin could drop the adrenaline filled antics and aim for a Noble Peace Prize by preventing what’s sure to turn the Middle East into a raging ball of fire.

If you could ask the SGA candiates any one question what would you ask them? Scarlet Radar: By Matt Cole and Scott Nisley

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Sarah Louthe Fine Arts Major Junior

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“Who are you, and where have you been? Where’s the governing?”

“Why am I paying $25 thousand dollars a year and it seems like everyone is working against me and instead of with me at this school?”

“I would like more parking. How could they manage to get us more parking spaces?”

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