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Week of October 29, 2013

Rutgers Observer Opinions

Scarlet Radar

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Radar By: Scott Nisley and Matthew Cole

Do you have any plans for Halloween this year?

Lala Shahsamand Graphic Design Major Senior

Allyza Umali Journalism and Media Studies Major Junior

Kathleen Suico Journalism and Media Studies Major Senior

Jannel Varona Journalism and Media Studies Major Junior

“My cousin threw a Game of Thrones themed potluck. Everyone came dressed as a character, and I dressed as queen Cersei. It was awesome!”

“I already celebrated early with family and friends in New Brunswick—mixed and mingled, made new friends.”

”I went to a Halloween reggae themed party.”

“I went to this Halloween event in New Brunswick. I went as Asian Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby.”

How do you feel about interracial marriage and what would your parents think of it?

Sheiva Nadooshan Psychology Major Sophomore

Peter Henin Bio-Medical Engineering Junior

Joel Lawrenc Marketing Major Senior

Emily Skhalil Social Work Major Senior

“Dating between races doesn’t really matter anymore. I think that people are more open to it now. It’s not really [as] huge [an] issue as it was back then.”

“I had [a] girlfriend of another race, but I wouldn’t bring her home to meet mom. My parents are very oldschool conservative, and they would not approve.”

“I don’t have any problem with interracial relationships. I don’t think it would be too tough, [but my parents] probably would have a preference for me dating someone of my own race.”

“I think it’s ok. I’m Puerto Rican and [I’ve been] married to a Palestinian for 25 years now.”