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The current Division of Continuing Studies began as an idea of the late Rutgers President Fran Lawrence in 1996, under the label Continuous Education and Outreach. Since then, it has grown from an initial staff of two to a vibrant, robust, university-wide organization that has served an integral role in Rutgers teaching and service missions. Commitment to customer service is a hallmark of DoCS and is evident daily as staff regularly exceed expectations to meet faculty and student needs. That standard of service does not magically develop; DoCS is committed to recruiting skilled, caring staff and supporting them with an unwavering commitment to professional development. As a result, service and continuous learning have become part of the division’s DNA and help define DoCS as a learning organization. Embracing both entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem solving, DoCS staff members take great delight in extending the impact of Rutgers across various sectors and in all different modalities, while generating revenue that supports the traditional academic enterprise. Finally, DoCS dedication to lifelong learning for all ages includes a special commitment to, and expertise in, serving non-traditional adult learners in both credit and noncredit courses and programs.

“We are committed to the support of lifelong learning in all its formats for audiences of all ages because of the many benefits that accrue to the individual and our communities. Lifelong learners are happier, healthier and live longer.” ­— DR. RICHARD NOVAK

Office of the Vice President 85 Somerset Street, Room 300 New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1281 732.932.6998

Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies Brochure  

The Division of Continuing Studies (DoCS) is the central continuing education unit at Rutgers University. DoCS is a University-wide division...

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