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Radon Measurement Proficiency - April 4 & 5, 2011 This 2-day course covers selection, placement, operation and set up of radon measurement devices and making mitigation referrals. You will learn about: Radioactive Decay, Measurement Devices, Types of Radiation, Health Risks from Radon and Average Radon Levels & Measures. Instructor: Harry Grafton “[Harry Grafton] is very knowledgeable and explained course very well.”

Radon Mitigation - April 6, 7 and 8, 2011 Want to do it all? After you complete the 2-day Radon Measurement course, you can begin your move into the field of radon mitigation with this 3-day course. You’ll learn how to diagnose and then correct radon problems. You will also study radon mitigation structures in new construction as well as the special issues of radon in water and safety precautions for mitigation work. (Note: Completing the Radon Measurement Course prior to attending this program is a pre-requisite.) Instructor: William Brodhead “[Bill Brodhead] is excellent. Good communication of information.” ** Programs are approved by the national radon certification agencies (National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program and National Radon Safety Board) as well as NJDEP. **

National Radon Certification Exams The national examinations (NEHA-NRPP or NRSB) are administered in the evening at the conclusion of each course - on Tuesday (4/05/11 for Measurement) and Friday (4/08/11 for Mitigation). Please note that, like New Jersey, some state certification programs administer their own examination while others accept a national (NEHA-NRPP or NRSB) certification exam. Contact your State Radon Office for information on certification requirements. Important Exam Selection Information: To ensure the desired exam has been ordered for you, please make sure you check off the appropriate boxes below. Please note the cost of the exams are in addition to the cost of the training courses.

Radon Measurement Course (EA0201CC11) [ ] $395 before March 25th [ ] $445 after

Radon Mitigation Course (EA0301CC11) [ ] $695 before March 25th [ ] $745 after

Measurement Exam [ ] $125 before March 25 4th [

Mitigation Exam [ ] $125 before March 25th

Please select exam choice: [ ] NEHA [ ] NRSB Tech

] $175 after

[ ] NRSB Spec


] $175 after

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Radon Training April 2011  

Radon Measurement Proficiency is a 2-day course that covers selection, placement, operation and set up of radon measurement devices and maki...