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off-cAmpuS StAtioNS Clifford E. and Melda C. Snyder Research and Extension Farm (Rutgers Center for Sustainable Agriculture), Pittstown

Rutgers Food Innovation Center–South, Bridgeton

Haskin Shellfsh Research Laboratory, Bivalve

Rutgers Food Innovation Center–North, Piscataway

Lindley G. Cook 4-H Youth Center for Outdoor Education, Branchville

Rutgers Fruit and Ornamental Research Extension Center, Cream Ridge

Phili E. Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research and Extension, Chatsworth

Rutgers Plant Science Research and Extension Farm, Adel hia

Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center, U er Deerfeld

Rutgers University Marine Field Station, Tuckerton

Rutgers EcoCom lex (Rutgers Environmental Research and Extension Center), Bordentown -Facility.html

Center for Endocrine Studies

Center for Vector Biology

Equine Science Center

Center for Remote Sensing and S atial Analysis

90 lbs Of solid waste not generated

816 gallons

Aquaculture Innovation Center

Trees reserved for the future

of waterborne waste not created

cENtErS ANd iNStitutES


6 lbs

Center for Dee -Sea Ecology and Biotechnology

2013 Annual Report Environmental Savings

of wastewater fow saved

178 lbs of net greenhouse gases saved

IR-4 Project: Center for Minor Cro Pest Management

1,360,000 BTUs

of saved energy

Water Resources Research Institute

Center for Turfgrass Science

Wildlife Damage Control Center

rElAtEd liNkS: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

SEBS and NJAES Newsroom

The savings above are achieved when ost-consumer recycled fber is used in lace of virgin fber. This roject, based on a roduction run of 3,500 ieces, used 2,500 lbs of a er, which has a ost-consumer recycled ercentage of 10%.

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences NEW JERSEY AGRICULTUR AL EXPERIMENT STATION



2013 Rutgers NJAES Annual Report  

2013 Rutgers NJAES Annual Report  

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