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Rutgers NJAES: Then and Now


Funding Sources; Ex enditure Breakdown

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Commercial Agriculture Meeting Grower Pest Management Needs; Breeding Better Berries Im roving Farm Food Safety Enabling S ecial Interest Constituents

5 6 7 8

Environment and Natural Resources Leading U.S. Atmos heric Study; Building Sustainable Water Resources Shore Protection in a Post-Sandy Era Invasive S ecies and Forest Decline

9 10 11 12

Fisheries and Aquaculture Strengthening the Shellfsh Industry; Outreach in Shellfsh Aquaculture Ocean Observing Technology Aids Fisheries Assessment Estuarine Fish and Shellfsh Research

13 14 15 16

Food, Nutrition, and Health Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health; Health Habits at School and Work Ex loring the Link Between Obesity and Mosquito Prevalence Promoting Access to Fresh Food

17 18 19 20

Home, Lawn, and Garden Homeowners Services and Research; RCE Leads in Organic Land Care Volunteering with Rutgers Master Gardeners Youth Hydro onics Program

21 22 23 24

Youth and Community Development Cam us to Community Initiatives; Rutgers 4-H S ecial Interest Grou s 4-H STEM Education for New Jersey Youth The Li man Legacy to Urban Youth

25 26

Economic Development Sensory Testing and Analysis; Melting Pot of Food Entre reneurs

27 28

Supporting NJAES Urban Youth in Agricultural Enter rise; Osterman Travel Fund Su orts RCE

29 30

We Have the State Covered Board of Managers; Statewide Advisory Committee; County Extension Offces Off-Cam us Stations; Centers and Institutes; Related Links


Rutgers Coo erative Extension has been serving New Jersey for over 100 years.


2013 Rutgers NJAES Annual Report  

2013 Rutgers NJAES Annual Report  

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