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Did you know? The frst Rutgers Master Gardener rogram was established in 1984, with over 8,000 residents trained since then.

youth hydropoNicS progrAm School gardens are fun and educational, but can present pest and other problems that school personnel are not equipped to handle. “Growing with Water” is a h droponic program developed to maximize the benefts and minimize the challenges that school gardens pose for educators. To this end, the goals of the project were to teach students to use a h droponics s stem to grow health foods as well as to increase their knowledge, skills, abilities, and positive attitudes towards science without encountering the challenges of weather, maintenance, and pest control. More than 120 students in the Lakewood Middle School participated in 14 hours of instruction as part of the Ocean Count 4-H “Growing with Water” program. The diverse group of students, ranging from grades 6-8, who were in regular, advanced, or remedial-level science classes. Experimentation and outh-led inquir were integral parts of this program as the developed experiments to address questions and solve challenges posed to inspire learning. From germination to bount , outh participated in long-term and short-term experiments each week. Ver few students had an previous gardening experience and none of them had ever used a h droponic unit. The unit and diverse teaching st le inspired man of the students, as evaluations showed notable growth in a number of scientifc areas including documentation, graphing, measuring, and designing experiments, plus communication and being comfortable pla ing the role of scientist. in addition, evaluation results showed that outh were now more likel to eat health foods and choose to garden in an environmentall friendl manner.




2013 Rutgers NJAES Annual Report  

2013 Rutgers NJAES Annual Report  

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