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Each bottle of Ribera del Duero conceals a whole history, and is the result of the passion, experience and creativity of our master winemakers. That’s why the wineries on the Wine Route have decided to throw open their doors and invite you to discover everything you wanted to know about our wines. A whole range of opportunities for wine tourism activities awaits you... everything from instructive to recreational tours, tasting for novices, the chance to arrange your events, walks and routes amid vineyards... the possibilities are endless.





Wine bars/shops and specialist shops






The Ribera del Duero area offers a wide range of options for accommodation: hotels, former royal hostels, country house lodges... who have all dedicated a part of their facilities exclusively to wine tourism, in order to ensure that you have everything you need to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Traditional Castilian cooking is justly famous, and the region’s chefs lovingly prepare mouth-watering dishes using top-quality ingredients. In these lands you’ll find a wide range of typical fare, including particularly the roast milk-fed lamb prepared in an old-fashioned wood-burning oven, a veritable delicacy which combines perfectly with the wines from our Ribera del Duero region.

In our shops you’ll find a whole range of wines and traditionally made products which you’re sure to find hard to resist: wines, sausages and cured meats, cheeses, black pudding, wine accessories, pastries, the typical egg sweets studded with pine nuts, and a wide variety of home-made cakes and pastries.

Some ideas to try on your visit to the Ribera del Duero area: hiking, horse riding, learning how to taste and appreciate different wines, or relaxing with spa treatments and wine-based therapies.

As befits a land steeped in history, there are a whole range of cultural options available to visit. Monuments, museums, underground wine cellars, historic town centres, visitor centres, castles... Here you have a list of the museums and centres which are open to visitors.

Tourist offices


The professionals in the tourist offices of the Ribera del Duero are at your service to help and advise you with everything you need to arrange your visits and holidays in La Ribera.

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Founded in 1972, Tinto Pesquera is a dream come true for Alejandro Fernández, a self-made man. Following in the family tradition passed down by his father, Alejandro produces wine using grapes from his small vineyards every year.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Real, 2 47315 Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 870 037


@ Mon.-Sat.: 11.30am (please check for availability)

His first winery was a 16th-century wine press, where he supervised the whole process using his signature grape, Tempranillo, the variety he has used since to produce all his wines. The star products from Tinto Pesquera’s 200-hectare estate are crianza, reserva and special wines, such as Janús and Millenium. Guided winery tours. Optional services include lunches, dinners, and wine sampling and tasting sessions.

€ Free visit 97


This family-run winery produces and ages crianza and semi-crianza wines. The winery produces 18,000 bottles a year. Our wine-production process begins in our vines. We have a small Tempranillo plot, which allows us to meticulously supervise our excellent raw material.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. de Valbuena, s/n 47315 Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 870 178


Mon.-Sun.: 10am to 2pm / 4pm to 8pm (closed on Tuesdays)

€ Free visit 2

Our grapes are always harvested by hand, in boxes. Grapes are de-stemmed in the cellar before moving into our small-capacity fermentation tanks (10,000 l.). This process grants Verónica’s wines excellent qualities. The small-capacity tanks allow for greater contact between the grape and the must. Consequently, more aromas and colours are extracted during the fermentation. After the fermentation stages, the wine is aged in casks and subsequently aged in bottles, where it is refined, rounded and gains in balance and aroma.



La Finca Condado de Haza features a large winery surrounded by top-quality vineyards, planted on gentle hills that slope down towards river Duero, painting a delightful wine country landscape. Located in the middle of the countryside sloping down a hillside, Alejandro Fernández conceived this new winery in the style of a genuine French “château.”

Their wine production focuses mainly on distinct brands: Condado de Haza (Crianza and Reserva) and Alenza (Gran Reserva). Guided winery tours. Optional services include lunches, dinners, and wine sampling and tasting sessions.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Roa-La Horra 09300 Roa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 525 254


Mon.-Sat.: 11.30 am (please check for availability)

€ Free visit 95


The winery’s 200 hectares produce the Tempranillo variety, and are home to centennial stocks.


After over forty years of hard work and commitment, the Sanz Cid family’s Dehesa de los Canónigos, located by the banks of river Duero, currently accommodates a seventy-hectare vineyard. These structures were built over 150 years ago and have been painstakingly restored, maintaining the majestic beams and 80-centimetre-thick adobe walls. These wines have a strong personality, born from a love of working the land and the grapes, following strict quality control methods that grant them a distinct, noble character.


As firm believers in wine tourism, they organise exclusive events and activities geared towards disseminating wine culture guided by the family and some of the leading personalities from the Spanish hotel industry. This peaceful atmosphere stands out for its gardens, the architecture of the buildings, and the décor and spaciousness of the rooms, which can accommodate a host of social events amid the vineyards.

(+34) 983 484 001

Ctra. Renedo-Pesquera, Km 39 47315 Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid)

@ Sat. & Sun.: Please book ahead

Visit + tasting: €8 + VAT Visit + guided tasting: €20 + VAT Please check for other options



BODEGA DÍAZ BAYO Díaz Bayo is a family-run winery that believes firmly in respecting the land and in the quality of the grape. We use biodynamic farming and organic cultivation procedures. The Díaz Bayo philosophy involves producing top-quality wines with a distinct personality to reflect the variety and the land where they are produced. We put our heart and soul into all the stages of the production process, from harvesting to bottling.


We use state-of-the-art technological advances to squeeze the most out of our vineyards.

Camino de los Anadinos, s/n 09471 Fuentelcésped (Burgos) (+34) 947 561 020


@ 9am to 6pm

€ Basic visit: €5


BODEGA EMINA Emina offers visitors a window into the history of wine, from the Vaccaei to present times, and teaches them about our production process (aging rooms, bottling plant, storage rooms…)

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. San Bernardo, s/n 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 902 430 170


Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 7pm / Sat.: 10am to 7pm / Sun.: 10am to 3pm

€ Visit + tasting: €6 4

After you’ve visited our winery and learnt about our production process, you’ll probably want to taste our wine. Visitors can learn all about our wines through two tasting options: Tasting (with crianza wines) and VIP Tasting (with high-end wines). We also organise tasting courses and a range of group activities. You will be amazed by the differences and similarities that can be found in a product as vigorous as wine.


BODEGA MATARROMERA The Matarromera winery was founded in 1988 in the heart of the Ribera. Part of the facilities are partially buried under a small hillside and surrounded by vineyards that spread down into the valley. This unique landscape can be discovered on hiking trips. Matarromera’s 2,100 American oak casks annually produce 350,000 bottles of top-quality world-renowned wine. These 90 hectares of vineyards in spur- and cane-trained vines of Tinta del País, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot produce crianza, reserva and gran reserva reds. The winery has two main labels: Matarromera and Melior.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Renedo-Pesquera, km 30 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 902 430 170


Mon.-Sat.: 10am to 2pm / 3pm to 7pm

€ Visit + tasting (2 wines): €7



BODEGA PAGOS DEL REY The winery is a spectacular concrete and glass structure that can be seen from afar, positioned atop a hillock, towering over the vineyards. This large winery spreads out over 15,000 m2 and can produce over ten million litres of wine. The facilities include a bottling train, a large production plant and an aging room with capacity for 8,000 American and French oak casks. The tour departs from reception, the brightest area in the winery, and moves through increasingly darker parts of the winery all the way to the aging area. The winery has two main labels: Altos de Tamarón and Condado de Oriza.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. CL-619 Palencia-Aranda, km 53 09311 Olmedillo de Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 551 111

@ Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm

€ Free visit



BODEGA PÁRAMO DE CORCOS Páramo de Corcos is a small family-run winery with 30 hectares of vineyards. Grapes are cultivated according to strict environmental production processes.The vine cultivation and wine production tradition dates back to the 18th century. We have new visitor facilities with plenty of information on wine culture. We offer a limited production of top-quality wines of international prestige.


Tours visit the production and aging plants and include a walk through the vineyard (optional). We have a tasting room where we organise tasting courses and a function room that can host business meetings. Sense appreciation workshop and wine culture workshop (coming soon). Tasting and sampling area and wine sales. Large parking area.

Ctra. Aranda, s/n 09462 Moradillo de Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 804



Mon.-Fri.: 12.30pm / 17.30pm Sat.-Sun. & holidays: by appointment only

€ Visit: €5 8

BODEGA RENALTERRA Historic 14th-century underground winery. Bodega Renalterra is located in Gumiel de Izán, in Burgos. The village has been declared a Historical-Artistic Site on account of its medieval architecture.

CONTACT DETAILS Pza. Mayor, 2 09370 Gumiel de Izán (Burgos) (+34) 947 544 050


Guided tours daily (please book ahead) Approximate opening times: 11am to 1pm / 6pm to 8pm

€ Adults €6 / Children €3 6

The winery was refurbished respecting the original architecture to preserve the traditional style, and adapted to aging, bottling and labelling D.O. Ribera del Duero wines. We have put our heart and soul into the production of these wines. Our traditional, artisanal wines ignite the five senses. Guided tour around the underground winery, wine tasting with an appetiser. Sale of D.O. Ribera del Duero wines.



Located in Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, a beautiful village in the Las Hoces del Riaza Nature Park, in the province of Segovia. The winery produces, distributes and sells wine, and also encourages wine culture.

We aim for excellence in our vineyards so as to produce top-quality wine. Limited production, maximum quality. Our brands: Alma de Severino, Dos Eses, Murón and Herencia de Llanomingómez.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ El Reguero, s/n 40542 Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela (Segovia) (+34) 609 207 755

@ Please book ahead: Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 7pm Sat.-Sun.: 10am to 2pm

+ tasting + snack: €9 € Visit (please check for other services)



There are approximately 12 hectares of Tempranillo wines, including vines that are over one hundred years old. The winery stands out for combining modernity and tradition in their wine production process.


Arbás Bodegas y Viñedos is located in Piñel de Arriba, between Peñafiel and Pesquera de Duero. Our mission is to produce genuine vineyard wine (vino de finca) as a faithful reflection of the personality of our land. The winery goes by three principles: - We respect the environment. - We meticulously supervise the cultivation process. - We scrupulously oversee the production process.


The main vineyard was planted in 1945. There is an aquifer at the top of the plot that trickles down, watering the land.

Finca Pago de la Tejera s/n 47316 Piñel de Arriba (Valladolid)

Our “Wine and Dance” show pairs wine and dance in the Arbás Bodegas y Viñedos exhibition galleries.

(+34) 610 635 658

@ Mon.-Fri.: 12.30pm & 4pm / Sat. & holidays: 11am & 1pm / Sun.: 12pm

/ person € €10 €7.50 / person for groups (minimum 10 people)




Our names are Rosa and Moisés. We set up a winery in our native village, Gumiel de Mercado, a little town located in a privileged enclave in the Ribera del Duero.

CONTACT DETAILS Eras de Santa María, s/n 09443 Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos) (+34) 947 561 290

Our family has been in the wine business for many generations. We planted our vines in lands we inherited from our parents, with the same care and enthusiasm as them, but using new technologies to combine human and natural efforts to obtain the perfect fruit for our wines. We completed the construction of our winery in 2003. The building is equipped with all the latest technological advances and was designed with the utmost care to protect our greatest treasure: our grape.



Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm Sat.-Sun. & holidays: Please book ahead

€ Wine tasting with 3 wines: €5 10


Founded in the early 1990s, the winery was built near river Duero and is located near the road from Soria to Valladolid. The architectural structure is built in solid, rustic stone, and the building itself is reminiscent of monastery constructions, with the large arches, towers and a bell tower crowned by a weathervane.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 325 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 681 146

@ 9am to midnight

€ Visits: from €5 to €25 8

The winery has designed a range of wine tourism activities that focus on wine production and aging, with guided tours, sampling and tasting, pairing, visits to the vineyards …



The 3rd generation of the Moro Family have created the second Grupo Emilio Moro Winery: Bodegas Cepa 21. The name of the winery combines tradition (cepa means stock in Spanish) and innovation (hence the reference to the 21st century). Their Hito Rosado, Hito, Cepa 21 and Malabrigo wines stake their reputation on the grape.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the building was designed to achieve a thoroughly efficient winemaking process, using a range of technical innovations to meticulously supervise each and every stage.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 297 47318 Castrillo de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 484 083


11.30am, 1pm & 4.30pm / Sat.: 11.30am, 1pm & 6pm / Sun.: 11.30am & 1pm / Sat.: 16.30pm (English) Other hours by reservation

€ Visit + tasting Hito & Cepa 21: €12.20 11


The building that houses Bodegas Cepa 21 was inaugurated on 21 June 2007 and was created to ensure wine quality and to promote wine tourism.

BODEGAS COMENGE This magnificent winery stands out for its stunning location, offering amazing panoramic views over the Ribera del Duero and Peñafiel. The quality and the variety of the experiences that this winery has put together combining wine and tourism earned it the 2011 Special Mention to the Best Wine Establishment, an award granted by Rutas del Vino de España (Spanish Wine Routes). Comenge is located in Curiel, a picturesque medieval town surrounded by castles, vineyards and gardens. Their organic viniculture, their innovative –one of a kind– production process, and their awarded wines well deserve a visit. They organise tasting courses, picnics in the garden, barbecues and rides in horse-drawn carriages. The restaurant has panoramic views and serves top-quality cuisine. All in all, this is an incomparable place to relax and unwind. (Reservation required). Please book ahead for visits in English.

CONTACT DETAILS Camino del Castillo, s/n 47316 Curiel de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 880 363


Mon.-Fri.: 12.30pm (check for afternoon visits) Sat.-Holidays: 11am, 12.15pm & 1pm (check for afternoon visits) / Sun.: 11am & 12pm Please check for group rates

(Visit+tasting [1 wine]): €5 € Essential In Depth (Visit+ tasting [2 wines] + snack): €10 Trot Along (Visit+ tasting [2 wines] + snack + ride in horse-drawn carriage): €20




Bodegas Dominio de Cair is the brainchild of wine-producer Juan Luis Cañas, owner of Bodegas Luis Cañas and Bodegas Amaren in the Rioja Alavesa. The winery sits in a unique location, surrounded by vineyards. This experience will enamour the five senses.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Aranda a La Aguilera, km 9 09370 La Aguilera (Burgos) (+34) 947 545 276


@ Mon.-Sat.: 10am to 1pm (please check availability)

€ Visit + tasting (2 wines): €10

Despite being equipped with cuttingedge production systems, the winery also boasts a magnificent old vineyard. Our limited production comes from vines located primarily on the slopes and terraces at 800-950 metres above sea level. Our strict quality control and our “signature” viticulture, based on meticulously selecting the best stocks, ensure that only the best fruits are harvested. Harvesting is carried out manually using small boxes. The bunches are meticulously selected in the winery, before the grapes are analysed on the large sorting table. Their first wine, Cair 2008, was the big winner at the 2012 Envero Awards.



Located in Roa, Bodegas Durón acquired its first vineyards in 1982, and can store up to 1,000 American oak casks. Their wines have won numerous awards.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Horra, km 3,800 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 540 247



Bodegas Durón uses Tinta del País, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties to produce excellent wines. Over the years, their wines have been recognised with prestigious awards, such as the Grand Golden Zarcillo Award to the Best Gran Reserva in 1991, the Silver Zarcillo Award to the Best Reserva in 1995 and the Golden Bacchus Award to the Best Gran Reserva in 1990. As well as the winery, Durón also has a restaurant decorated in the style of the establishment that offers stunning views over the vineyards. The cuisine is based on autochthonous produce. Customers can adapt any of the standard set menus according to their suggestions or requirements.



Located in La Vid, 18 km outside Aranda de Duero, on the road towards Soria, opposite the Monastery of Sta Mª de la Vid. This family-run winery uses top-quality raw material in their wine production. They own 40 hectares of vineyards, of which 90% are Tempranillo and the rest Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties.

The Hotel has been designed as a genuine wine experience that will delight wine lovers.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Camino Real, 1 09471 La Vid (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 434

Wine Shop: 10.30am to 2.30pm / 4.30pm to 8pm Visits: 11am to 12.30pm / 5pm to 6.30pm Closed: Afternoons on Mon., Weds. & Sun.

€ From €5.90 78


The winery’s offers a range of wine tourism activities including guided tours with wine sampling, wine tasting courses, wine pairing courses and “bespoke experiences” all year round, even during the wine harvesting season. They serve delicious regional cuisine in their restaurant and organise visits to the historic 15th-century winery in Aranda de Duero.


The history of his winery has been penned by three generations. Emilio Moro was born into the wine production culture, crushing grapes underfoot and decanting wine in his native village, Pesquera de Duero. Years down the line, Emilio, whose father introduced him to wine production techniques, planted vines in the rest of his lands and grafted them with centennial Tinta del País cuttings. In 1987, Emilio Moro’s children designed the corporate structure of the modern-day winery. Bodegas Emilio Moro currently spreads out over 200 hectares, planted and grafted with the excellent clone recovered from the oldest vines. They produce around 1,200,000 bottles a year. The culture and values that the Moro family, and their company, abide by are Maximum Quality, Austerity and Social commitment. They support a host of charitable and/or humanitarian activities.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Valoria-Peñafiel s/n 47315 Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 878 400

@ Mon.-Sun.: 9am to 2pm (please check for groups)

€ Visit + tasting (1 wine): €6

Visit + tasting (2 wines): €10




Félix Callejo was born in Sotillo de la Ribera, and comes from a family with long wine tradition.

CONTACT DETAILS Av. del Cid, km 16,400 09441 Sotillo de la Ribera (Burgos) (+34) 947 532 312



Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm (by appointment only) Sat.: 10am to 2pm (by appointment only)

Both his grandfather Faustino and his father Félix owned vineyards and also worked as commercial agents, selling batches of wine produced in Sotillo. He joined forces with Pilar, also a native of Sotillo, to found Bodegas Félix Callejo in 1989, when they produced their first harvest. He has always travelled the world to promote the excellence of his wines. The fourth generation of the family has picked up the baton: José Félix and Noelia are wine experts, Cristina manages foreign trade, and Beatriz is in charge of domestic trade. The vineyards are planted with the Tempranillo variety and spread out over 90 ha. in Sotillo de la Ribera. The land has been divided into 23 plots using different modalities to imprint the wines with rich textures.

€ Visit + tasting: from €5 40


Our winery is located between Aranda de Duero and Gumiel de Izán, by the A-1 motorway, surrounded by vast pine forests. In 2003, Ferratus made the Cuevas Jiménez family’s dream come true. After years of hard work, they were producing top-quality wines with a distinct personality. The details make the difference.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Madrid-Irún, N-I, km 165 09370 Gumiel de Izán (Burgos) (+34) 947 679 999


Mon-Thurs.: 9 am to 6 pm (by appointment only) Fri.-Sun.: 10 am to 2 pm (by appointment only)

€ Visit + tasting (2 wines): €10 / person 12

Ferratus wines are elegant, harmonious and soulful. These wines have been created to arouse emotions and sensations, to be enjoyed and make a deep impression. F stands for Finesse, for Force and for Future. We invest a lot of passion in our production, and our wines captivate you after the first sip, with the pulling force of a magnet. Once tasted, they are unforgettable. Fantastic, Fabulous, Ferratus.



In 1998, a group of entrepreneurs and wine producers from the Ribera del Duero wine country decided to set up Bodegas Imperiales. After lengthy research work, the construction of the winery commenced in 1998, in an area of the Ribera del Duero that was home to ancient vineyards. Since its foundation, Bodegas Imperiales has shown a strong commitment to quality. These are top-quality wines that reflect the characteristics of the soil and the autochthonous varieties typical of our land.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Madrid-Irún, Km 171 09370 Gumiel de Izán (Burgos) (+34) 947 544 070


Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 6pm / Weekends and holidays: appointment required

€ Visit + tasting with 2 wines: €10 53



Bodegas Ismael Arroyo is a family-run winery located in Sotillo de la Ribera, on a mountain dotted with traditional wineries and wine presses, surrounded by vineyards and hills. It was founded in 1979 by Ismael Arroyo, who joined forces with a small number of wine producers to create the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin, which was approved in 1982. Wine is aged in a 16th-century underground wine cellar. Around 2,000 m2 of galleries were carved out of the rock by hand by Ismael Arroyo’s ancestors over 400 years ago. The length, age and beauty of these galleries and the quality of the soil make it a unique construction, not only in the Ribera del Duero but probably in the whole of Spain. This historic winery where we age ValSotillo red wine in casks is a genuine wine cathedral that is open to visitors.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Los Lagares, 71 09411 Sotillo de La Ribera (Burgos) (+34) 947 532 309


Mon.-Sat.: 10am to 2pm / 4pm to 8pm (please check availability)

€ Visit + tasting: from €5




Located just 5 minutes from Peñafiel, Legaris brings together the tradition of a land steeped in over two thousand years of wine history and a radical commitment with innovation. Surrounded by vineyards and standing between two emblematic castles, the minimalist, rational architecture blends harmoniously into the landscape. The thrilling guided tour around the winery teaches visitors all about the balance that Legaris stands for, as they learn about all the different stages, following the process from the vine to the glass.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Peñafiel-Encinas de Esgueva, Km 2,5 47316 Curiel de Duero (Valladolid)

Visitors are introduced to the winery’s advanced winegrowing techniques as they tour the vineyards. The winery is also noted for the vast, bright spaces offering stunning views, and for its strictly supervised and meticulous production process.

(+34) 610 486 644



Mon.-Fri.: 11am, 1pm & 4.30pm, appointment required Sat. & Sun.: Guided tours, 11.30am & 1pm Check times for Saturday afternoons and holidays.

They also organise wine tasting by the glass in the Wine Bar, tasting courses, incentive activities, group meals and hire out the facilities for events.

visit + tasting (4 wines): €10 (1.5 h) € Complete Express visit + tasting (2 wines): €6 (45 min.) Groups of 20+ people please check.



This family-run winery sits amid vineyards. The López Cristóbal family have geared their efforts to producing high-end wine, by selecting their own grapes and constantly pursuing elegance and balance.

CONTACT DETAILS Barrio Estación, s/n 09300 Roa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 561 139


Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm Sat.: 10am to 2pm

€ €6 / person 14

Santiago López materialized his dream of having his own winery in 1994. His son Galo’s decision to join him in his adventure provided him with the solid support he needed to consolidate the winery. The establishment is located in Roa and owns 50 ha. of vineyards. The different buildings dot the landscape, giving the place a special charm. The social building, which accommodates the offices and the tasting rooms, is located in what was formerly the old family house, and overlooks the vineyards. The winery produces two main brands: López Cristóbal and Bagús.



This winery is located in the heart of the Ribera and merges tradition and modernity both in its architecture and in its production process. The winery bases its reputation on its meticulous production process, which makes use of all the resources needed from a human and material point of view to produce a wine that synthesises the flavours and aromas of the Ribera. The garden accommodates a range of different grape varieties. The winery also has a production area, aging room, bottling area and a tasting room, for visitors to sample our wines.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. VA-130, s/n 47318 Castrillo de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 484 013

@ Mon.-Thurs.: 9.30am to 5pm Fri.: 9.30am to 2pm

€ Visit: €2

Visit + tasting with 2 wines: €5




Muntra Bodegas was established to satisfy the demands of friends, relatives and acquaintances of the local families, and to promote the excellent wines that these artisanal wine cellars have been producing for generations. Muntra wines bear the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin and are produced by meticulously supervising the Tempranillo vines all year round. The winery then combines a strict grape selection and a careful, traditional winemaking process. All our wines are aged in French oak casks, bottled using the same hygiene and vacuum technology, and stopped with natural cork before storage. The duration of both processes depends on the innate features and the vine speciality that is being produced.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Castillejo, s/n 09471 Santa Cruz de la Salceda (Burgos) (+34) 947 107 630


Mon.-Fri.: 12pm to 1.30pm Sat. & holidays: 11am to 1pm For other hours, please call ahead for an appointment: (+34) 947 107 630

€ Free visits




This family-run winery from the Ribera del Duero started out in 1986 and set their sights on producing top-quality wines. Wines are characterised by a meticulous production process and the utmost respect for the “terroir” and the main grape variety, “Tempranillo.”

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. de Aranda, km 5 09471 Fuentelcésped (Burgos) (+34) 947 557 351



Mon.-Fri-: 11.30am & 12.30pm / 4.30pm & 5.30pm Sat.: 10am to 2pm

€ Visit + tasting: from €4

The Ribera del Duero presents exceptional geoclimatic conditions that are ideal for wine production. The whole production process commences in their 35 ha. of Tempranillo grapevines. Bodegas Pascual gives top priority to the sage combination of tradition and modernity. The historic winery dates back to the 14th century, and ancestors have passed their age-old skills down for generations. The winery currently consists of six galleries carved 16 metres into the rock, where the temperature remains at a constant 11ºC. They organise wine tastings with an expert, walks around the vineyards and visits to the 14th-century underground wine cellar. Tell us what you have in mind. We’ll be happy to help you.



This winery has wine making facilities and an area where visitors can indulge in delicious Peñafalcón wine and visit the museum showcasing traditional harvesting implements: Roman ploughs, traction equipment, yokes, headstalls, antique tools with wooden handles, mattocks, pruning knives, goads, hay forks, picks used to excavate cellars, etc.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Pisuerga, 42 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 882 156


Mon.-Sat.: 11am, 12pm & 1pm / 5pm, 6pm & 7pm Sun.: 11am, 12pm & 1pm Appointments are recommended

visit to the museum and € Guided wine tasting: €10


The museum also showcases other tools used for wheat production and bread-making, two activities that are closely related to wine. Visitors will learn about the different plots in the vineyards and all about the production process used to make Peñafalcón wines. There are also ancient machines, as well as cooper production tools and instruments used to transport grapes to the Peñafalcón wine press, with its beam, stone, screw, etc. The tour ends with a tasting of Peñafalcón Roble-Crianza-Reserva and Selección and an appetiser.



A group of several Catalonian families led by Mr. Javier Molins López-Rodó started up a wine project in the Ribera del Duero wine country in 2001. The project came to fruition in 2003 after the establishment of Bodegas Peñafiel S.L. The facilities currently consist of a 700 m2 building and 32 hectares surrounding the winery. The land is used to grow Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. The winery also has modern facilities suited to accommodating wine tourism activities. There is a tasting room, a wine shop and a dining area for visitors. The winery produces two main wines: Miros and Miros de Ribera.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 311 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 622

@ Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 1pm Sat.: appointment required

€ Visit + tasting: €5 99



Bodegas Pingón offers visitors the chance to learn all about the cultivation process, since the winery sits in an estate surrounded by vines. Join us into the thrilling world of wine by partaking in a guided visit that teaches you how we produce our Carramimbre and Altamimbre wines. During the tour, you will learn about the process, from the moment the grape reaches the cellar to its bottling. Visitors will be able to taste some of our staple wines during the tour.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 311 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 880 623


Visits at 11am / 12pm / 1pm / 4pm / 5pm Sat.: Visits at 11am / 12pm / 1pm Sun.: Visits at 11.30am / 12.30pm

€ Visit + tasting: €6

Visit (no tasting): €4




Bodegas Pinna Fidelis was established in 2001 as an initiative launched by a group of wine producers from the region of Peñafiel. Our winery combines the area’s traditional winemaking methods with innovative technology to satisfy the tastes of quality wine lovers.

CONTACT DETAILS Camino Llanillos, s/n 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid)

Pinna Fidelis is a window into one of the most modern sides of the Ribera del Duero. The winery strictly controls its 225 hectares of vines. Grapes are harvested manually to ensure our wines convey the quality expected of our varieties in perfect condition.

(+34) 983 878 034



Tues.-Fri.: 12.30pm to 2pm / 5.30pm to 7pm Sat.: 10am - 2pm

visit: €3 € Guided Please check for other services



Founded in 2010, Bodegas Portia illustrates Grupo Faustino’s commitment to the Ribera de Duero wine country. Designed by Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts-winning British architect, Norman Foster, Bodegas Portia received the 2011 RIBA Award to the best design in Europe from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

CONTACT DETAILS Antigua Ctra. Nacional I, km 170 09370 Gumiel de Izán (Burgos) (+34) 947 102 700


Visits Mon.-Sat.: 11am, 12.30pm & 4.30pm Sun. & holidays: 11am & 12.30pm

€ Guided visit + wine tasting (2 wines): €10 18

The winery owns over 150 hectares of vineyards of the Tinta del País variety and produces the brands Ebeia, Portia, Portia Prima and Triennia. They offer guided visits around the winery and the vineyards, wine tasting courses, ham carving courses, hot air balloon rides, wine shop, restaurant, café and corporate facilities.



Its location in a sunny area surrounded by gentle slopes populated by oaks and ilexes that protect it from the northern winds ensures the vines produce top-quality grapes. The contemporary vines have an average age of over 80 years, thus granting the grapes unique characteristics as regards aromas, tannins, anthocyanins…

CONTACT DETAILS Paraje el Salegar, s/n 09370 Quintana del Pidio (Burgos) (+34) 947 546 960


Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 2pm / 4.30pm to 6.30pm Sat.-Sun. & holidays: 11am - 2pm (prior booking)

€ Visit: €10 (please check for other services) 20


Bodegas Prado de Olmedo’s vineyards are located in the municipal district of Quintana del Pidio, Gumiel de Mercado and La Aguilera where the wine culture has been going steady for many a year. Grapes are controlled by plots, which are not very large. This makes it possible to implement strict control measures and renders the process more efficient. This winery produces the Monasterio de San Miguel and Valdesantos brands. They organise visits around the whole facility, wine sampling, wine tasting and wine sales. There is a meeting room, a tasting room and dining rooms.


Protos means “first” in Greek, and since 1927 this centenary winery has embarked on the mission to be number one. This attitude has driven their search for constant improvement. The new facilities designed by prestigious architect and winner of the Priztker Award, Sir Richard Rogers, once again took the winery to the forefront of wine tourism. A tour around Protos includes a detailed visit to both the underground cellar dug into the hillside of Peñafiel Castle and to the winery designed by celebrated architect Sir Richard Rogers. After completing the itinerary, visitors can taste 2 excellent Protos wines and will receive a gift. The visit lasts 1.5 hours (including the sampling).

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Bodegas Protos, 24-28 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 878 011


Tues.-Fri.: 10am / 11.30am / 1pm / 4.30pm / 6pm Sat.-Sun.: 10am / 11am / 12pm / 1pm / 4.30pm / 5.30pm / 6.30pm

(4-17): €5 / Adults: €10 € Children Groups 20+ people: check





Although our winery is still cutting its teeth (it was founded in 1998), most of our stock is over one hundred years old. This confluence between tradition and modernity is the key to our concept, since we combine traditional winemaking procedures and modern wine technology.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Circunvalación, s/n 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 191



Raíz de Guzmán clearly has the upper hand because our wines have an unbeatable sidekick: our prestigious Páramo de Guzmán cheese, considered one of the best of its kind. Raíz de Guzmán owns 25 hectares of vineyards and benefits from the know-how of a handful of small wine producers and their ancient and select stock. Noble vines, meticulous control of the fruit and limited production are the secret to our wines.

Mon.-Sun.: 12.30 (by appointment only)

visit and wine and cheese € Guided tasting: €7 (free of charge for children)



Carmelo Rodero was born into a family of winemakers from Pedrosa de Duero, in Burgos, and is part of the fourth generation of wine producers. He started out harvesting the family vines for a few years and sold grapes from his 50 hectares of vineyards to the legendary Vega Sicilia winery for 14 years.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. de Boada, s/n 09314 Pedrosa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 046


Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm Sat.: 10am to 2pm (appointment required)

€ Visit + tasting: from €6 20

In 1990 he cut loose and established his own winery, Bodegas Rodero. All his wines have been mentioned in the most important fairs and tasting events around the globe, a testament to their quality and variety. Carmelo Rodero’s endeavour became a family project when his daughters Beatriz and María decided to join him along the way and became deeply involved in the venture.



Located by a small pine forest and surrounded by vineyards, this estate has a strong French air and stands proudly as a symbol of luminosity and balance. Tarsus is determined to make the most of the unique features that characterise the vineyard, which sits in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine country. Wine harvesting and wine production processes are performed by plots, following strict guidelines set by wine experts to obtain signature wines with deep aromas, high concentration and potential for aging. Tarsus and Quinta de Tarsus bear witness to their craft.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. de Roa a Anguix, km 3 09313 Anguix (Burgos) (+34) 947 554 218


Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 1pm / 3pm to 5pm Weekends and public holidays: by appointment only

€ Visit + tasting + bottle of Tarsus Roble: €10




Bodegas Torrederos is the fruit of a project conceived in early 1998, after the association of four winemaking families. The families became increasingly aware of how the major wineries were under-using top-quality grapes and of the importance of each and every one of the steps of the wine making process. Together, they agreed to establish a winery where all production processes focused solely and exclusively on making top-quality wine that faithfully reflected the quality of the grape. Under the Ribera del Duero designation, Bodegas Torrederos started out in June 1999 with the mission to satisfy the most discerning wine lovers by investing a great deal of care and hard work into the raw materials, the production process and the distribution. A unique brand and a unique wine with a distinctive name: Torrederos. They organise visits to the restored ancient wine press.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. de Valladolid, km 289,300 09318 Fuentelisendo (Burgos) (+34) 947 532 627


Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm Sat.-Sun.: by appointment only

€ Visit to the winery with wine tasting

(2 wines) and visit to the restored wine press: €4




Bodegas Traslascuestas was created when a family of wine producers from La Rioja (Fernandez de Pierola wineries) decided to take on the challenge of producing our autochthonous Tempranillo variety in an area where the soil is quite different.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Pedrosa-Mambrilla, s/n 09317 Valcavado de Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 542 851



Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 1pm

€ Visit + tasting: from €8

We travelled into Valcavado De Roa, a village located 850 metres above sea level that has been christened as “The Balcony over the Ribera’,” where the Tempranillo variety is most typical, between the villages of Pedrosa and Roa de Duero. The Pierola family is committed to sustainable development and has designed an eco-efficient building that respects the environment and obtains 100% of its heating requirements from geothermal energy. The winery has pioneered the implementation of this energy in the production of the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin.



Bodegas Valdeviñas was created in 1999 by the Mirat Group, a family-run company that have been in the agricultural business for over 200 years. They decided to embark on a project geared towards ensuring quality and exclusiveness, backed by the combination of the best tradition and the most modern technology.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 245 42320 Langa del Duero (Soria) (+34) 975 186 000


Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 1pm

€ 22

Visit + tasting: €15

Our project was set up in Soria, in a village called Langa de Duero that has a lengthy winemaking tradition. The winery spreads out over 20 hectares of vines, including 100-year-old stocks. The winery is small and production is limited to guarantee our exclusiveness. We use cutting-edge technology and our estate is surrounded by ancient vineyards and plots that are home to our new plantations. These features all blend together to ensure top-quality wines. The winery produces two main brands: Mirat and Tinar de Mirat.



This charming winery has a limited production. We support high-end wine tourism, and provide personalised services for our guests in our welcoming facilities, where visitors can learn about wine tasting and enjoy typical cuisine from the region.

The winery produces three main brands: Honoris de Valdubón, Valdubón and Valdubón 10. Tours are available in English, and visitors can enjoy a meal in the winery. There is also a function room for events and corporate meetings.

CONTACT DETAILS Antigua Ctra. N-I, km 151 09460 Milagros (Burgos) (+34) 947 546 251


Visiting hours: 12pm (by appointment only)

€ Basic tour (visit + tasting [4 wines]): €10



We produce wines in our modern facilities using cutting-edge technology. The winery looks out onto and is surrounded by our vineyard, and the setting and the architecture make for a charming sight. Inside, the winery is equipped with winemaking facilities, the wine cellar, the main hall, the living room, billiards room, tasting room and shop.


Small family-run winery equipped with all the latest technology, located in Fompedraza, the highest municipality in Valladolid. The winery offers a tour guided by an expert who teaches visitors about winemaking and shares his vision of the production of red wines. Back in 1956, Eliseo Veganzones built a small wine press to make wine using grapes from his young wines. In 2005, his grandchildren produced the first ‘912 de Altitud’ wine. In 2007, his grandson Heraclio Veganzones set up a winery to ferment the family grapes. The elevation of the vineyards contribute the grape’s special characteristics which, combined with their long aging in French and American oak casks, make for a distinct and unique wine that is well worth tasting.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Rosario, 4 47311 Fompedraza (Valladolid) (+34) 983 036 010


Mon.-Fri.: 8am to 2pm Please call ahead on Sat., Sun. & holidays: (+34) 618 675 995

€ €5 / person




Viña Solorca was created in 1998. This family-run winery has pioneered the art of producing premier wines. Their 1,900 French and American oak casks allow them to produce 600,000 kg of grapes combining cutting-edge technologies and the best traditional systems. The 100 ha. of vineyards are devoted exclusively to the Tempranillo variety, using both spur- and cane-trained vines, and harvest their grapes by hand. Of the 400,000 bottles of wine they produce every year, half are young wines and the other half are crianzas, reservas, grandes reservas and selected vintages.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Circunvalación, s/n 09300 Roa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 823

The winery restaurant serves traditional Castilian cuisine and can seat around 200 people.



Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm Sat.: 10am to 2pm Check opening times for the summer and holiday season. By appointment only.

€ Visits: from €3 25


The O. Fournier Group is a multinational company based in Burgos with wineries in the Ribera del Duero (Spain), Mendoza (Argentina) and Maule Valley (Chile).

CONTACT DETAILS Finca El Pinar, s/n 09316 Berlangas de Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 533 006


Mon.-Fri.: 11am to 4pm (by appointment only) Sat., Sun. & holidays: by appointment only

€ Basic tasting (visit + 2 wines): €10 24

They own 110 hectares of vineyards in Berlangas de Roa, located between the villages of La Horra and Roa de Duero in the province of Burgos. In the vineyard, 65 hectares are planted in the “El Pinar” estate. The vines have an average age of 30 years, although the oldest are 60 and the youngest are 15. The winery was built in 1979 and renovated completely by the current owners in 2002. They offer walks around the vineyards, commented tasting sessions and tasting courses, lunch in the vineyards and visits during the harvest season. The winery has a function room.



The winery is located in Bocos de Duero (Valladolid), a little village surrounded by vineyards at the entrance to the beautiful landscape of the Cuco Valley. The area around the winery is an invitation to hiking, horse riding and enjoying nature in general.

We produce approximately 120,000 bottles a year, depending on the harvest. Our range of products includes oak-aged, crianza, reserva and signature wines. All wines are produced in our wine cellar and stand out for their meticulous ageing process. We oversee all the stages from the vine to the bottle, including the subsequent marketing. Visitors can eat in the winery (by appointment only).

CONTACT DETAILS Camino La Canaleja, s/n 47317 Bocos de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 880 988


Mon.-Fri.: 10am - 1pm / 4pm to 5pm Sat., Sun. & holidays: by appointment only

€ Visit + tasting: €5 27


Our Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet vineyards grow on the hillsides around the winery and are oriented to soak up maximum sunlight.


An enlightening visit to a fascinating millenary tradition. Come and discover Viña Mayor Wineries and Vineyards! Come and discover the magic! Our comprehensive and innovative itinerary around the wineries was created in 2008 to introduce visitors to wine culture. Wine symbolizes time and memory, as you’ll see here. The oak casks are loaded with mystery... and in the heart of the winery, its history will be revealed. The final repository of dreams and harvests. What goes on between the vine and the glass? Here at Viña Mayor, we disclose the secrets of all the winemaking stages. Aromas, colours, textures, nuances, a whole universe of sensations unfolds before the visitor, in a route lined by extremely beautiful vineyards. Guided visit with wine sampling, tasting courses and high expression wine tasting. The winery has a function room, dining area, social area and wine shop.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 325,6 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 680 461


Tues.-Sat.: 11am, 1pm & 4.30pm Mon.: Visits 11am & 1pm Duration of the visit: 1h 30min

with commented wine tasting € €6 (2 wines)




Torremilanos sits on a lower terrace of river Duero, located one thousand metres south of the river, in Aranda de Duero. The name dates back to the year 900 and recalls how strategic an enclave Torremilanos was in times past. It might be the oldest winemaking facility in Spain.

CONTACT DETAILS Finca Torremilanos 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 512 852



Mon.-Fri.: 11am to 3pm (Hotel guests: please check other opening times)

Calixto Seijas established the winemaking facility in Torremilanos in 1903. Pablo Peñalba López purchased the property in late 1974 on behalf of the Peñalba López family, and built new facilities in the estate, moving them from the centre of Aranda. At Torremilanos, we currently only produce wine from our own grapes thanks to 140 plots spread out over around 200 hectares of vineyards. Our production is 100% organic. Our wines reflect the personality of our vineyards and the year they were harvested. We also make our casks in our own cooperage facilities.

guests and restaurant € Hotel customers: free of charge General public: €12 person



Finca Villacreces occupies a privileged setting in the Ribera del Duero, in the middle of a 200-year-old pine forest and bathed by the waters of river Duero. This “hidden gem” of the Ribera del Duero is located in a unique landscape, which combines vineyards and forest, blessed by river Duero, which trickles behind it, watering the wine cellars.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 322 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 680 437


Mon.-Fri.: 11am, 1pm & 4.30pm Sat.-Sun.: 11am & 1pm

to Villacreces: €10 € Visit Visit to Artevino: €15


Villacreces spreads out over 115 hectares, 60 of which are owned by the estate and have been arranged into plots producing Tinta Fina, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Guided visits include a tour around the vineyard, an introduction to the production process and a wine tasting session. The facilities include a dining room for company events, family gatherings and special events.



Our winery takes its name from the Chaplaincy that was located in Pedrosa between the 13th and 14th centuries. The lands were confiscated during Mendizábal’s seizure of property in 1855, but the villagers continued to refer to it as Pago de los Capellanes (Chaplain’s Plot).

Limited production allows for strict quality controls over the end product, and ensures all the batches are supervised personally. There are winery and vineyard tours, visits to the underground cellar, wine sampling sessions and wine sales in the winery.


CONTACT DETAILS Camino de la Ampudia, s/n 09314 Pedrosa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 068


Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm / 3.30pm to 6.30pm Sat.: 10am to 2pm / 4pm to 6.30pm

€ Visit + tasting: from €6


The original plot only held a few thousand vines, planted using traditional low individual vines. The Rodero-Villa family, with their exceptional team, focused on a very specific way of making wine. Their efforts have allowed the Pago de los Capellanes to spread out over 100 ha of vineyards of the Tempranillo variety, planted mainly using the cane method.


The Viña Arnáiz winery and vineyard are located in the municipal area of Haza, in a strategic enclave where Juana de Haza, a noblewoman from Castile, started to grow vines at the foot of her fortress back in the 12th century. The extraordinary quality of her vineyards spread her fame throughout the land. The winery occupies an area of 12,000 m2 and can produce and bottle 18 million bottles a year. Harvests rest in 15,000 Bordeaux barrels in American oak (from Allier, Nevers and Limousin). The bottling area can house 1 million bottles, although the number is sure to increase considering the hectares of vineyard harvested.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122 (Soria-Valladolid), km 281 09316 Haza (Burgos) (+34) 947 536 227


Mon.-Fri.: 9am to 2pm / 4pm to 6pm (by appointment only)

€ Visit: €12




A Château in Ribera del Duero. Their love for the land and for vineyards prompted the Sastre family to plunge themselves into this restless world of wine five decades ago. Severiano Sastre pioneered this grand project and, in the 1950s, he produced his first wines in the underground cellars in La Horra. He gradually used his profits to purchase more land and plant more vines in the area.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ San Pedro s/n 09311 La Horra (Burgos) (+34) 947 542 108



In 1957, he joined forces with a group of winemaking entrepreneurs and together they set up the Virgen de la Asunción cooperative. His son, Rafael, continued his artisanal trade and saw his childhood dream come true in 1992 when he opened his own winery in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine country, alongside his sons Pedro and Jesús Mª.

Winter: 8am to 3pm / 5pm to 7pm Summer: 7am to 3pm

€ Visit to the winery: €5 32


This winery perfectly combines elegance and peacefulness. Built in the neoclassical style of a French château, Áster invites visitors to learn about their wine production, taste some delicious regional cuisine and spend a few days in the mansion.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. CL-619 Palencia-Aranda, km 54,9 Término El Caño, s/n 09313 Anguix (Burgos) (+34) 947 522 700

@ Mon.-Sat.: 12pm Wine shop: Mon.-Fri.: 10am to 5pm / Sat.: 12pm to 2pm

€ Visit: €8 28

During the guided tour around the winery, visitors will be invited into the modern facilities to learn about our history and about the meticulous production process we use to make our wines, which they can taste at the end of the itinerary. Áster has a private dining room for 16 people, where the winery’s own cooks rustle up culinary delicacies. The tasting room can seat 12 people and is the perfect place for a tasting course or a guided wine-sampling session. The mansion has been decorated exquisitely, and offers four air-conditioned suites with ensuite bathrooms. A place where dreams come true and feelings come to life.



Fruit of the combined efforts of architects, engineers and wine experts, this winery blends into the natural surroundings. Real Sitio de Ventosilla is located in an eponymous estate that spreads out over 3,000 ha., 520 ha. of which are used as vineyards and produce the PradoRey reds and rosés.

There is a meeting room, accommodation at the Posada Real, a swimming pool, sports facilities and a wine shop. Wine therapy products are also on sale in the establishment.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. CL-619 Palencia-Aranda, km 66,1 09443 Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos) (+34) 947 546 900

@ Mon.-Sun.: 10am to 7pm. By appointment only

to the winery + pairing of 2 wines: €8 € -Visit -Visit A Walk through Nature : €15 -The Wine Tour (Winery + Estate): €20


The estate was a royal property until 1921. Queen Isabella I of Castile, King Philip III, Rubens and Lope de Vega, among others, all visited this unique location. The winery is now open to visitors, who can enjoy and learn about the world of wine from its origins. They organise visits to the winery, Jeep rides around the estate, the vineyards and the cattle ranch, tasting courses, pairing courses and corporate events.

RIBERA DEL DUERO WINES Rosé: The red grapes are fermented without the skin. These wines can be enjoyed shortly after harvesting. Young Red Wine: Wine that is not aged in wooden casks or spends less than 12 months in casks. They are marketed shortly after harvesting. Crianza Red Wine: Wine that spends at least 12 months in oak casks and can be sold after 1st October of the second year after harvesting. Reserva Red Wine: Wine that is aged for 36 months in casks and bottles, and spends at least 12 months in oak casks. They can be sold after 1st October of the third year after harvesting. Gran Reserva Red Wine: Exceptional wines that are aged for a minimum of 60 months, and spend at least 24 months in oak casks, after which they spend another 36 months in the bottle. They can be sold after 1st October of the fifth year after harvesting.




Set in the heart of nature, surrounded by greenery and near Peñafiel’s town centre, Camping Riberduero is a first class campsite that is the perfect place for a delightful visit resting or partaking in a host of activities (visits to wineries, museums, etc.).


CONTACT DETAILS Av. Polideportivo, 51 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 637


There are 10 fully-equipped bungalows that make for extremely comfortable accommodation. The campsite pitches are located in a wooded, grassy area with electric outlets. The campsite has a swimming pool, a play area, padel courts and paintball activities. The restaurant serves delicious meals prepared using local produce and wines from the Ribera del Duero. Its location makes it the perfect base for outings around the area.

from €20 (2 people) € Pitches: Bungalow: from €85 (5 people)



El Rincón de Elena is a traditional Castilian country house, built on the site of an earlier property, and perfectly adapted to provide comfortable amenities without relinquishing its quaint charm. It has six bright, spacious bedrooms, all outward-facing and finished in solid wood, equipped with a full range of conveniences and ensuite bathrooms.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Mayor, 119 42330 San Esteban de Gormaz (Soria) (+34) 975 350 101


season: €58 double / €35 single € High Low season: €48 double / €29 single


A large function room, with an area of 50 m2 and a height of 5 m, has been built in the old rooms of the old house, and is presided by a grand fireplace. The room also has an old press beam, which was historically used in the winemaking process. They arrange visits to a traditional winery that was carved into the hillside under the castle.



Refurbished guesthouse-wine press that was once used by several families for winemaking activities. The old press has withstood the test of time.

The interior decoration creates a cosy, signature environment, equipped with all the amenities required for a luxurious stay. It has five comfortable double rooms (some work as triples), with fully equipped ensuite bathrooms, a bedroom for disabled guests, kitchen-dining room with a fireplace, patio on the first floor and a garden with a roofed barbecue area.


CONTACT DETAILS Las Eras, s/n 42345 Peñalba de San Esteban (Soria) (+34) 629 175 293

@ € €500 (10 - 15 people)


Located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine country and built in the Romanesque style, it oozes the peace and quiet of rural, natural environments. It is a great base for bike rides, quad routes, hiking along the western cañada real or drove road, visits to historical wineries and dovecots, etc.


This family business is run by seven siblings who have been involved with tourism in the Ribera del Duero for 31 years. They specialise in tourist groups and have welcomed over 15,000 visitors on package tours over the years. They arrange visits to wineries and to the monuments in the Ribera. This 2nd category guesthouse was refurbished in 2008-2009 and boasts immaculate rooms. Simple but spotless. The rooms have television, ensuite bathroom or toilet, heating and WiFi area. Peaceful interior garden with outdoor furniture and a play area for children. We specialise in tourist groups and can arrange wine tastings, accommodation, culinary programmes based around products from the traditional pork slaughter (matanza), as well as lamb and wine products. We also organise excursions and outings to the countryside.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 273 09391 Castrillo de la Vega (Burgos) (+34) 947 536 000


€ Double €45 and Single €34




Hotel Pesquera sits in the heart of one of Spain’s premier wine regions, at the foot of Peñafiel Castle –home to the Wine Museum.


CONTACT DETAILS C/ Estación, 1 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid)

This ‘boutique’ hotel is a genuine monument to the senses, as it offers visitors an unforgettable experience in a very exclusive setting. Located just 180 kms outside Madrid, in an old industrial building, it has a distinct personality that is very characteristic of the early 20th century. The eclectic décor pays tribute to art, dreams and, above all else, good taste. At Hotel Pesquera, in Peñafiel, you are the master of your emotions.

(+34) 983 881 212

@ € From €140



The Arzuaga-Navarro family offers travellers and wine lovers the chance to spend a few days in their establishment, relaxing in the natural setting where they produce their wines.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 325 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 681 146

@ €


From €140

Guests will encounter an incomparable landscape, surrounded by vineyards. We have 58 double rooms, 26 executive rooms, 7 junior suites, 3 suites with sitting rooms, 1 Premier Suite and the Arzuaga Grand Suite that occupies an area of 265 metres with a 33 m2 balcony offering panoramic views over the Ribera del Duero. Guests can also learn all about the process of making and aging Arzuaga-Navarro wines thanks to the wine professionals from the winery. The hotel has a restaurant that skilfully pairs Arzuaga-Navarro wines with delicious food, both for large receptions and intimate dinners.



Located in the El Lagar de Isilla winery, this exclusive Oenological Hotel offers guests the chance to stay in a unique setting.

It has three rooms, all decorated in a similar style. All rooms are equipped with amenities to provide added comfort, such as free WiFi. The hotel has free private parking for guests.

CONTACT DETAILS Camino Real, 1 09471 La Vid (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 434

@ €80 Double Room € From (available for single use)



Designed especially for wine lovers, the décor is all wine-related, using materials linked to wine production process: casks have been made into tables, bottles have been melted down into soap dishes, towel rails and endless decorative shapes, vine shoots have been crafted into lamps, walls decorated with wine-related mosaics…


Come and discover an oasis of peace, nature, good service and delicious food. This unique establishment was built in 2005 on an estate with 10,000 m2 of gardens. It has 20 rooms with ensuite bathrooms, fully equipped with heating/ air-conditioning, flat screen TV, telephone, internet connection and stunning views over the Royal Monastery of Caleruega and the mountains. It also has a reading room with a fireplace for the winter season and a lovely patio for the summer months. Other facilities include a billiards room and a padel court. Restaurant, wine tasting courses (Spanish and English), wine tourism packages, guided tour to wine-related tourist sites in Caleruega, such as the wine press and the winery.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Río, 35 09451 Caleruega (Burgos) (+34) 947 534 244

@ € From €80




The hotel has six charming rooms which are ideal for rest and relaxation, located in Finca Raíz de Guzmán, an estate surrounded by vineyards by the offices of the Regulatory Board.


CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Circunvalación R30, s/n 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 848

The rooms are perfectly equipped, and the hotel has a function room that makes it convenient for work groups. The hotel is also a great option for weekend stays and has a wine tourism package that includes guided visits to the Páramo de Guzmán winery and cheese factory, wine tasting and aroma sampling courses guided by sommelier Myriam Jimeno and a certified wine expert. Guests can enjoy a balanced meal prepared by chef and sommelier Javier Jimeno in the charming, prestigious Restaurante Raíz.

@ € From €60



Enjoy a unique stay in a singular building: a historical flour factory refurbished into a sober and comfortable hotel. Excellent cuisine, specialising in the staple of our local gastronomy: suckling lamb roast in a wood-fired oven.

CONTACT DETAILS Av. Escalona, 17 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 616

@ € From €70


This unique building was once a flour factory and now has 55 comfortable rooms. The facilities include a restaurant, café, outdoor patio, banquet room, ºdisco-club and free car park. They can organise special wine tourism packages, and have information services and can arrange visits to wineries and museums.



Hotel Rural Emina is located in Valbuena de Duero. The hotel has two buildings. Emina Tradicional has been fully refurbished and preserves the traditional charm of warm and welcoming Castilian houses. It has a large social room.

Guests can complement their stay with a range of Wine Tourism Experiences.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ José Antonio, 8 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 902 430 170


Sun.-Thurs.: €54 inc. breakfast € From Fri.-Sat.: €76 inc. breakfast



Emina Premium is a new building, constructed in an elegant, contemporary and modern style. It has a living room with a fireplace to warm up cold Castilian winters.


Can there be a better place to rest, relax and enjoy the “salute per aqua” experience than within the historical walls of a 17th-century convent? The convent has been reconverted into a cosy, comfortable 4-star hotel, respecting and enhancing the original distribution of the building to offer an accommodation that combines modern-day comfort with the sobriety and tradition of Castilian architecture. It has 64 rooms, including 10 superior category rooms and 2 suites, all with TV, telephone, mini-bar, Internet access, safe, individual heating/air-conditioning, full bathroom with bath or hydromassage shower, hairdryer and towels, magnifying mirror and an elegant toiletry set. Facilities: SPA, restaurant, café with outdoor patio in the summer, library, function rooms for meetings and receptions, outdoor swimming pool and car park.

CONTACT DETAILS Pza. Adolfo Muñoz Alonso 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 878 168

@ € From €95




Hotel Finca Torremilanos opened in 2000 to offer quality accommodation in a building surrounded by vineyards. Finca Torremilanos is a centenary wine-producing estate located in the Ribera del Duero. Hotel Finca Torremilanos is a 4-star establishment, located at the foot of Torremilanos hill.


CONTACT DETAILS Finca Torremilanos 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 512 852


It has spacious, comfortable rooms decorated in different styles, most of which offer views over our vineyards. Visitors can enjoy a calm, peaceful atmosphere, and can visit the winery, the vineyards and the cooper workshop, where they can watch casks being made. They can also watch falcons and eagles with our falconer during the maturing period.

€90 double room € From From €75 double room for single use



This hotel can be found by one of the main access to Aranda de Duero. It is located 5 Kms outside the town centre, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has 34 functional rooms, with full bathroom, telephone, air-conditioning, heating. Fast access to the A1 motorway, towards Madrid and Irún.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Madrid-Irún A-1, km 153 09471 Fuentespina (Burgos) (+34) 947 506 011

@ € From €40


The hotel organises wine tourism routes, tasting sessions guided by an expert, harvesting activities… The complex has a café, an à la carte restaurant, a self-service restaurant and meeting rooms.



This wine-centric hotel is surrounded by vineyards and located just outside Aranda de Duero (Burgos). Located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine country, this is the ideal place to relax in a classic setting combined with the most modern services.

They accept online bookings and organise visits to wineries, wine tourism routes, harvesting routes, wine tasting with an expert. The hotel has facilities for disabled guests.


CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Madrid-Irún A-1, km 153 09471 Fuentespina (Burgos) (+34) 947 506 011

@ € From €60


It has 29 double rooms and 9 double rooms for individual use, 2 suites with hydromassage showers, air-conditioning and heating, Internet connection in every room, free WiFi throughout the hotel, 6 meeting rooms, restaurant with a roasting oven, 2 cafés, safe, gym, private parking, car park and garden area.


Hotel Villa de Aranda is located in the historic and commercial centre of Aranda de Duero. The hotel occupies one of the town’s emblematic buildings, a modernist construction from the first half of the 20th century that stands out for the architectural beauty of its façade. The hotel has meeting rooms and rooms (single, double, suites with sitting-room, a room adapted for disabled guests, and special interconnected double rooms for families), all elegantly decorated in a functional, modern style. All rooms are outward-facing and are spacious and bright. The hotel has several wine tourism programmes visiting different wineries, wine tastings, visits to underground wine cellars, varied culinary programmes, etc. The facilities can easily be adapted to host company meetings, social events and family gatherings. The hotel accepts online bookings and has a private garage with CCTV surveillance.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ San Francisco, 1 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 546 674

@ € From €85




This hotel offers Feng-Shui accommodation for 34 guests in 17 beautiful, comfortable and spacious double rooms, including 5 junior suites with ensuite bathrooms, all outward-facing, with heating, air-conditioning, telephone, mini-bar and WiFi.


CONTACT DETAILS Pza. Mayor, 1 47313, Aldeayuso de Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 559

@ € From €72

Our rooms are warm and inviting and have everything our guests might need to feel right at home. Our motto is “our environment shapes our lives.” Rooms are distributed along 4 corridors whose names refer to wine culture: - 6 in Ribera del Duero, named after the 6 varieties authorised by the Designation of Origin. - 3 in tasks, named after cultural tasks performed in the vineyards. - 4 in the vineyard, named after the elements that make up the stock. - 4 in harvesting, named after the elements of the grape that are processed during the harvest.



Palacio de los Serrano is a Rural Hotel based in a superb 18th-century neoclassical building, which the Regional Council of Castile and Leon declared as a Cultural Heritage Site in the Monument category.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Eras, 7 09441 Sotillo de la Ribera (Burgos) (+34) 649 257 066


fee: €800 (min. 2 nights) € Hire (min. 10 - max. 16 people)


The palace recently underwent refurbishing works and now offers cosy accommodation with seven spacious and comfortable rooms: three rooms with twin beds, two rooms with double beds and two triple rooms, all equipped with private bathrooms. On the ground floor, guests can make use of two leisure rooms, a function room that is fully equipped with audiovisual resources, a billiards room, and a dining area. Both the dining area and the function room can seat twenty people.



Old Benedictine monastery refurbished and converted into a guesthouse. A unique place for relaxation or work in a peaceful environment.

Communal spaces include the old church, the founders’ chapel, the chapter room-lounge, meeting room or games room, and ambulatories. The large spaces can accommodate a range of events. The old refectory currently acts as the restaurant.


CONTACT DETAILS Pago de Fuentesopeña, s/n 09312 Tórtoles de Esgueva (Burgos) (+34) 947 551 728

@ season: from €80 € Low High season: from €100


The hotel spreads out over 2,800 m2 and has a patio-garden of over 1,800 m2. There are 17 spacious rooms, including three family rooms and one suite. The latter are split on two levels with an inside staircase.


This 17th-century mansion was once a front-line historical enclave. Built by the Duke of Lerma, it was part of Spain’s “royal” history until 1921. Queen Isabella purchased the estate that accommodates this historic building, after falling in love with the area she had always enjoyed with her father. The landscape, its possibilities for hunting, and the peaceful atmosphere on the banks of river Duero led Philip III to make it his habitual leisure residence. Later on, illustrious names such as Rubens and Lope de Vega found inspiration between its walls. Now converted into the Posada Real, it still conserves its original architecture and has 18 rooms that are ideal for relaxation and for wine tourism activities. It offers tours of the estate and to the winery at the Royal Site of Ventosilla, jeep rides, bike hire, sports facilities and a swimming pool.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. CL-619 Palencia-Aranda, km 64 09443 Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos) (+34) 947 546 912

@ season: from €40 € Low High season: from €50

Breakfast included. Free visit to the winery. Special offers for stays of over 2 nights.




Located on one of the main streets in the historic centre, the restaurant has been decorated in a cosy Castilian style.


CONTACT DETAILS C/ Isilla, 14 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 500 230


Open daily from 1pm to 4.30pm Evening meals are for groups only and by appointment

The restaurant specialises in suckling lamb roast in a wood-fired oven. We only use top-quality certified suckling lamb. We also rustle up other excellent traditional dishes such as black pudding, peppers roast in a wood-fired oven, suckling lamb sweetbreads and other red meats. The menu is rounded off with a delicious selection of homemade desserts, including our outstanding cream puff pastry. At the bar, we have a delicious selection of tapas that combine innovation and traditional local produce. Our wine cellar features an excellent selection of wines with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin that offer excellent value for money.

€ From €27 47


Traditional restaurant-steak house specialising in charbroiled fare located in the centre of Aranda.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Carrequemada, 3 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 508 043

@ 1pm to 4.30pm / 8pm to midnight menus and meals € Traditional from €20 to €50


Apart from the roasts, which are prepared in the traditional wood-fired oven, the restaurant serves black pudding, river crabs, suckling lamb sweetbread, roast pork, charbroiled T-bone steak and fillet steak, and suckling lamb chops. This modern, central establishment has access for disabled guests, credit card payment, air-conditioning, heating, piped music.



Located in the historic centre of Aranda de Duero, this restaurant serves traditional suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven and traditional Castilian cuisine with a modern twist. Customers can also visit the historic 15th-century wine cellar.


CONTACT DETAILS C/ Isilla, 18 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 683


From 10am to midnight (closed Sunday evenings) Kitchen open: 1.30pm to 4pm / 8.30pm to 11.45pm

€ From €35


The décor features, among other things, a beam from the wine press, threshing tables, a model of the antique wine press… The bar serves a vast selection of Ribera del Duero wines, by glass or bottle, and a range of tapas and rations to share. The restaurant menu is very varied, and specialises in the region’s staple suckling lamb roast in a wood-fired oven, as well as a delicious range of traditional Castilian cuisine that has been brought up to date with innovative touches. The wine list features a wide selection of wines from the Ribera del Duero, alongside some from other regions, and includes over 450 labels, all carefully conserved in the historic underground wine cellar located beneath the restaurant.


Molino de Palacios is a restaurant set in a historical 16th-century flour-producing water mill that was refurbished in 1995. The mill is located above river Duratón, surrounded by nature in the village of Peñafiel. The restaurant specialises in Castilian cuisine and is part of the association of Master Chefs from Castile and León. Specialities include suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven, marinated game meat, homemade stews and wild mushrooms (in season). The restaurant organises culinary events around hunting and wild mushrooms. The wine list includes a vast selection of wines focusing on labels with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin. The restaurant has two dining rooms that can seat up to 120 diners.

CONTACT DETAILS Avda. Constitución, 16 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 880 505


Lunch: Tues.-Sun. from 1.30pm to 4pm Dinner: Tues.-Thurs. with prior reservation Fri.-Sat.: 9pm to 11pm Closed on Sunday night & Monday (except public holidays and bank holiday weekends and for group reservations)

€ Average price: €30-40




Asador Tudanca is located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero. The restaurant has two main dining rooms and function rooms seating up to 600 people. Member of the Castile and León Association of Traditional Steak Houses and of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.


CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Madrid-Irún A-1, km 153 09471 Fuentespina (Burgos) (+34) 947 506 011


Specialities include vegetable pie au gratin with piquillo peppers, red endive salad with foie and dried fruits in balsamic vinegar and, of course, the traditional suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven. Traditional desserts include Tudanca pastry and Burgos cheese mousse. It offers 4- and 2-star accommodation, function rooms for receptions, dinners with wine tasting, visits to wineries, wine harvest activities, wine tasting with experts...

1pm to 3.30pm / 8pm to 11pm Closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

price: €30 € Average Group set menus from €10



Outstanding traditional restaurant serving roast lamb and decorated in the typical rural Castilian style, with wooden tables and chairs. Traditional dishes from the Ribera as well as lamb, suckling lamb, wild mushrooms and game, chanfaina (lamb stew), chops, trotters, scrambled eggs with wild garlic, and marinated game dishes.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ La Sal 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 501 025



There is a select and extensive underground cellar with a predominance of prestigious wines from the Ribera del Duero, alongside Rioja and French wines. This rustic, central establishment has air-conditioning, heating and a cloak room.



Restaurante Aitana is a unique, creative establishment that combines tradition and contemporary design. Dishes harmoniously merge history and innovation. The specialities include suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven, signature cuisine, fish and read meats. Ribera del Duero wines are the star of our cellar and are served with freshly prepared tapas.

Capacity for 60 people. Access for disabled people. Located in the centre of Aranda de Duero just 25 metres from the car park.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ San Gregorio, 17 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 514 445


From 11am to 5pm / 8pm to midnight

Menu of the day €22 € Tasting menu €36-€45



Professional, friendly service to create a unique experience.


At Hotel Arzuaga we round off our wide range of customer services with one of the best restaurants in the Ribera del Duero. The perfect place for any occasion, from large receptions to intimate dinners. We select our raw ingredients with utmost care and prepare each of our dishes with dedication, hard work and expertise to create the perfect combination of wine, cuisine and relaxation.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 325 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 681 146


Open all day. From Monday to Sunday

€ À la carte €30-70. Set menu from €49




This family business is run by seven siblings who have been involved with tourism in the Ribera del Duero for 31 years. They specialise in tourist groups and have welcomed over 15,000 visitors on package tours over the years. They arrange visits to wineries and to the monuments in the Ribera.


CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 273 09391 Castrillo de la Vega (Burgos) (+34) 947 536 000


Dining rooms open: 1pm to 4pm / 8pm to 11.30pm

The restaurant has three distinct and separate spaces, seating 50, 100 and 150 people, decorated in the style of traditional Castilian eateries. Traditional and innovative cuisine, wood-fired oven and traditional desserts with a modern twist. Extensive Ribera de Duero wine list with over 150 labels. The establishment offers accommodation and has a shop selling wine and products from Castile and León. We arrange accommodation, visits, tourism and wine tourism routes, wine and music events, culinary programmes based on pork and lamb, outings to the countryside...

€ Set menu from €14-35. À la carte €25 76


The spirit of wine becomes architecture, in the shape of a wine cellar and a restaurant that engrave their spirit firmly into our sights forever… Restaurante Bodegas Cepa 21 stands majestic in the Ribera del Duero landscape.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 297 47318 Castrillo de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 484 084


Lunch: Tues.-Sun. 1.30pm to 4pm Dinner: please check and book ahead

€ From €45 44

The winery combines tradition and innovation under the same roof, as it crafts a mission that is committed to quality and wine tourism. Public space, Lounge, Private Room… All areas provide stunning views over our winery’s centenary stock.



Establishment founded in 1965 by Mr Luis Alonso “Chuleta” and currently run by his son, master roaster Mr Joaquín Alonso, who has poured his heart and soul into his father’s legacy. Castilian cuisine based on seasonal products that are prepared traditionally.

The restaurant has an underground cellar where customers can partake in wine tasting sessions and a splendid outdoor patio looking out over the beautiful plain of river Duero. There are three dining rooms that can seat 400 people. The restaurant also has an extensive variety of tapas and rations to share at the bar. Set menus for groups, companies, events and all types of celebrations.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ de la Parra, 11 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 540 312

@ From 1pm to 4pm / 8pm to midnight

menu of the day. € Set À la carte between €30-40

Located 100 m. from the Plaza Mayor (main square).



The house specialty is suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven before the customers. The restaurant also offers a selection of products including wild asparagus, wild mushrooms in pepper sauce, chops cooked with vine shoots and charbroiled meat, seafood and fish such as Chuleta-style sea bream...



Try our creative cuisine at the restaurant “Conde Lucanor.” Sample delicious signature dishes that combine traditional local cuisine and contemporary culinary trends, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to our dishes. All go perfectly with the best Ribera del Duero wines. All set in the spectacular framework of the chapel of a 17th-century convent, accompanied by first-class service. Treat yourself to our tasting menu. We also have special set menus for groups, receptions and celebrations. Finish off your evening with a drink in our elegant cloister or on our summer patio.

CONTACT DETAILS Pza. de los Comuneros, 1 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 878 168

@ From 2pm to 4pm / 9pm to 11pm

€ Set menus from €20




Come and discover an oasis of peace, nature, good service and delicious food.


CONTACT DETAILS C/ Río, 35 09451 Caleruega (Burgos) (+34) 947 534 244


Closed on Mondays and weekday evenings

Located on an estate surrounded by 10,000 m2 of gardens. The restaurant offers panoramic vistas over the medieval village of Caleruega. The establishment can seat 60 people and has an adjoining function room for large events for 250 people. The restaurant combines traditional cuisine and local produce with an international twist. They specialise in char-grilled meat and homemade desserts. Accommodation: 20 fully-equipped double rooms. Wine and food pairing dinners (prior reservation). Corkage service. Winery visits.

€ À la carte between €30 and €40 29


Restaurante Torremilanos is located on the Torremilanos estate and offers customers an innovative and distinct cuisine. Torremilanos opened in 2006 within the hotel facilities. Our mission is to serve our customers, offering a varied and dynamic cuisine based on market produce.

CONTACT DETAILS Finca Torremilanos 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 512 852

@ 1pm to 4pm / 9pm to 11pm Open every day

€ Set menu from €25 46

Our kitchens are run by expert chef Delio Larrañaga and feature a diverse cuisine from traditional roast traditional suckling lamb to sophisticated and original dishes. Our kitchen staff will accept any culinary challenge, from pairing menus to banquets and cocktails. Bring us your suggestion, satisfaction is guaranteed.




Restaurante Guyot will surprise you with a delicious traditional market-based cuisine, with touches of regional, fresh and natural produce which is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Decorated with sayings and proverbs referring to the world of wine, this charming establishment is the ideal place to enjoy delicious meals. There is an 18th-century wine press and a wine shop that organises tasting and instructive courses about wine and vineyards. The restaurant also organises dinners pairing wines sampled in the tasting sessions in the wine shop.

CONTACT DETAILS Pza. Mayor, 1 47313, Aldeayuso-Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 559


Breakfast: 9am to 11am Dinner: 9pm to 11pm Closed Sunday evenings, Mondays and Tuesdays except for groups

€ Set menu and à la carte from €35 4


Located in Lavida, where Feng-Shui energy flows gently, our Restaurante Guyot ΨΨΨΨ is associated to the Slow Food movement, which champions a cultural change that favours slowing down and enjoying the moment, with good, organic and fair-trade food as the tenets underpinning a new type of gastronomy.

RESTAURANTE LA ESPADAÑA DE SAN BERNARDO At Restaurante “La Espadaña de San Bernardo” you can pair delicious wines with exquisite local dishes: scrambled eggs with black pudding, roast meats, Iberian pork products, torrijas (French toast)… Our capacity to seat up to 120 people makes the establishment ideal for receptions, company dinners, family gatherings, celebrations and events in an outstanding setting, surrounded by vineyards and with the Monastery of Santa María de Valbuena in the background. There are also spacious rooms for receptions, a car park for over 150 cars, professional services and facilities which are equipped to ensure nothing goes wrong on your special day.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. San Bernardo, s/n 47359 San Bernardo-Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 683 160


Mon.-Sun.: 10am to 6pm

menu: €14 € Set €20 and €45

/ À la carte between




Restaurante-Asador “La Harinera” reveals its splendour by combining the elegant sophistication of its signature cuisine with the most elegant surroundings. Our restaurant serves traditional Castilian cuisine and suckling lamb roast in wood-fired oven, the staple of our local gastronomy.


CONTACT DETAILS Av. Escalona, 17 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid)

Wines with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin are given top priority in our restaurant.

(+34) 983 881 616


Mon.-Fri.: 1.30pm to 4pm / 9pm to 11pm Sat., Sun. & hols.: 2pm to 4pm / 9pm to 11pm Closed on Sunday evening

carte from €30 € ÀSetlamenus from €12.50



At Los Rastrojos you can taste our specialities and sample the produce of this land paired with some of the best Ribera del Duero wines. These rich lands produce raw materials that allow its inhabitants to use their age-old expertise to create wonders like roast suckling lamb and wine.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Peñaranda, km 4,5 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 512 799


Thurs.-Sun.: midday to midnight

€ From €42 à la carte and banquets 48

Our cuisine adapts to the customs of the Ribera del Duero, creating a perfect combination between tradition and innovation in our rich and varied selection of dishes.



(HOTEL AF PESQUERA) The moonlight shines on Peñafiel’s stone walls bringing out ancient flavours.

CONTACT DETAILS C/ Estación, 1 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 212


Restaurant: 2pm to 4.30pm Open evenings Fri.-Sat.: 9am to 11pm Tavern: Open daily

menu from €40 € Tasting Set menu of the day from €20



This novel culinary proposal incorporates contemporary presentations and approaches, as it works with local traditional classicism and brings out the best features of wines with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin. An eclectic proposal based on a respect for the product, the season and, of course, tradition. A delicate, select environment which moves out onto the beautiful, cosy patio on the warmest nights of the year. Hotel Pesquera is all about pleasing food enthusiasts.


The vaulted room of the old refectory is now a solid, modern restaurant. The restaurant beautifully prepares creative, flavoursome cuisine using premier regional products on a menu that changes partially each season. They organise tasting sessions and wine presentations. The establishment offers accommodation and arranges visits to underground wine cellars and organic wineries.

CONTACT DETAILS Pago de Fuentesopeña, s/n 09312 Tórtoles de Esgueva (Burgos) (+34) 947 551 728


Lunch: 1.30pm to 3.30pm Dinner: 9pm to 11pm Closed Sunday evenings and Mondays

€35-45 € Between Special prices for groups




Located on the Raíz de Guzmán estate, beside the Ribera del Duero Regulatory Board. The cuisine is based on seasonal produce, prepared traditionally with an exclusive presentation and personalised service, paired with a range of wines. Oil, water and cigar menus. Specialities include Churro suckling lamb chops roasted over vine shoots and free-range chicken.


CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. Circunvalación R30, s/n 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 848

We also have a charming hotel with six fully-equipped rooms, and a shop selling Páramo de Guzmán cheese and Raíz de Guzmán wines. We arrange set menus for banquets and celebrations. Corkage service.


Closed second fortnight in January.

€ Check



Established in 2010, Bodegas Portia personifies Grupo Faustino’s commitment to the Ribera de Duero. Designed by Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts-winning British architect, Norman Foster, Bodegas Portia received the 2011 RIBA Award to the best design in Europe from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

CONTACT DETAILS Antigua Ctra. N-I, km 170 09370 Gumiel de Izán (Burgos) (+34) 947 102 700


Mon.-Sat.: 10.30am to 6.30pm Sun.-holidays: 10.30am to 4pm

€ Set menus from €30 50

Portia’s Wine bar has a restaurant and café.


Wine tourism information centre. Sampling and sale of Ribera del Duero wines. Sampling sessions and sale of wines and other products from the Ribera del Duero. Wine bar. Instructive tasting sessions and tasting courses for groups. All types of events, from erotic tasting sessions for hen/stag nights to company incentives and wine launches and winery presentations. Pza. Santa María, 2 bajo 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 507 846 @ Tues.-Sun.: 11am to 3pm / 6pm to 10pm Sun.: mornings only



Enjoy the world of wine in a medieval 15th-century winery in the heart of Aranda’s old town. This wine shop specialises in Ribera del Duero wines. Bottles are stored in the wine cellar. Vega Sicilia, Pingus, Lara O, tasting courses on Saturdays. Guided visits and wine tasting with dramatized visits on Saturdays. Home delivery.



C/ Isilla, 1 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 914 @ Mon.-Fri.: 10.30am to 2pm / 5 to 8pm Sat.: 11am to 3pm



Vast selection of wines with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin and extensive variety of typical products from Castile and León. The shop devotes an area of 200 m2 to selling wine, black pudding, cheese, vacuum-packed suckling lamb and Iberian pork products, bakery, patisserie selling homemade sweets. Wine and cheese tasting. Orders can be made by fax or email. Home delivery. Ctra. Madrid-Irún A-1, km 153 09471 Fuentespina (Burgos) (+34) 947 506 011 @ 8am to 11pm





In Peñafiel, heart of the Ribera del Duero. Over 200 labels with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin, Rueda, Cigales and Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León, as well as cheese, pulses, homemade biscuits and cakes. Oil and spirits.Range of accessories for wine and wine storage, souvenirs and gifts. We ship to the whole of Spain. C/ Derecha al Coso, 31 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 857 Mon.-Sun. & public holidays: 10.30am to 2pm / 4.30pm to 8pm Closed Sunday afternoons



Located in the centre of San Esteban de Gormaz, one of the gateways into the Ribera del Duero, the shop offers a wide selection of wines and signature labels that will delight visitors. The shop also sells a select gourmet offer of exclusive culinary products. All types of wine-related accessories, decorative items and gifts. We organise tasting sessions about wine and other products in our tasting room. C/ Puerta de Castilla, 2 42330 San Esteban de Gormaz (Soria) (+34) 975 350 180 @



Located in El Lagar de Isilla’s wine cellar, this establishment allows wine tourists to taste wines from the winery by the glass and to soak up on wine culture with a guided tour around the winemaking facility. We have a tasting area and a wine corner selling a wide range of accessories. We have a selection of cheeses, cured pork products, jam, delicatessen products, sweets... C/ Camino Real 1 09471 La Vid (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 434 @ Shop opening times: 10.30am to 2.30pm / 4.30pm to 8pm



This wine shop has a long family tradition selling products from Castile and León, including wine. There are four distinct areas showcasing products such as cured pork products from the Castile and León region, a selection of cheeses, 200 wines from the Ribera del Duero region, tasting area, a tourist information point, and a cake and pastry section. Ctra. N-122, km 273 09391 Castrillo de la Vega (Burgos) (+34) 947 536 000 @ Mon.-Sun. & public holidays: 8am to 10pm



This wine shop specialises in selling and shipping top-quality wine with the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin. It has members’ club offering exclusive services and benefits. The company sells and distributes top-quality wines, particularly from the Ribera de Duero.



C/ Aforín, 1 09300 Roa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 000 Open every day



Wine shop located by the bridge over river Duratón, in Peñafiel. A wide selection of wines by the bottle from the Ribera del Duero and wine by bulk in wine boxes. We offer winery prices and excellent home delivery services for orders made online, by telephone or during visits to our wine shop in Peñafiel. Free tasting of wine and other products on Saturdays. Av. Soria, 10 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 880 725 @ Mon.-Sat.: 9am to 2.30pm / 4pm to 8.30pm / Sundays & public holidays: 10am to 2.30pm





This wine shop opened in 1999, next to Plaza del Coso in Peñafiel. Over 450 wines with the Ribera Duero Designation of Origin, Rueda... Home delivery. The best brands for wine accessories in an establishment also selling top-quality traditional food in the back part of the venue. Customers are welcomed by a selection of arts and crafts. C/ Derecha al Coso, 45 Bajo 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 018 @ Weekdays: 10.15am to 2pm / 4.15pm to 8.30pm / Sundays & public holidays: 10am to 2pm / 4.15pm to 8.30pm Closed Monday afternoons


VINOSRIBERA.COM boutique gastronómica

A unique, different establishment, with over 300 wines from an assortment of categories. The shop also sells an ample selection of wine accessories and, of course, our famous culinary produce... All at unbeatable prices. Come and visit us. You’ll be surprised. Pza. Jardines de Don Diego, 8 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 503 399 @ Mon.-Sat.: 10am to 2.15pm / 4.30pm to 8.30pm Sundays & public holidays: 11am to 2.30pm




Our shop offers a vast selection of typical La Ribera products. Extensive variety of cured meat, including black pudding, chorizo and torreznos (similar to bacon); cheese, wine, traditional sweets, such as biscuits, madeleines, cakes and buns that will delight the youngest members of the family. Tienda Esther also sells the daily press and other items. Av. del Cid Campeador, 46 09441 Sotillo de la Ribera (Burgos) (+34) 947 532 423 Mon.-Sat.: 9.30am-2pm / 6pm-8.30pm (summer) Public holidays: 10am-2pm/6pm-8.30pm (summer) Winter opening hours: 5.15pm-7pm Closed on Wednesday afternoons



Enjoy the world of wine in a medieval 15th-century winery in the heart of Aranda’s old town. This wine shop specialises in Ribera del Duero wines. Bottles are stored in the wine cellar. Vega Sicilia, Pingus, Lara O, tasting courses on Saturdays. Guided visits and wine tasting with dramatized visits on Saturdays. Home delivery. C/ Isilla, 1 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 914 @ Sat.: 12pm & 6pm € €25 / €35 (groups, any day of the week)




The secret to our Páramo de Guzmán cheese resides in the use of raw milk from the best Churra sheep and the implementation of exclusively artisanal production processes, using just the right amount of rennet. We control the temperature and humidity and turn our cheese over daily. The minimum maturity period in its aging process is 12 months. Ctra. Circunvalación, s/n 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 191 @ Mon.-Sun.: by appointment at 12.30pm € Wine and cheese tasting: €7



Travel agency: visitor reception, wine tourism, organised circuits... With over 25 years of experience, we specialise in organising circuits, conferences, trade fairs and inceptive trips. We also have vast experience in holiday packages and domestic and international tours. We organise tailor-made routes throughout the Ribera del Duero region, wine tasting, meals, accommodations and winery tours, as well as other wine-related experiences. Pza. Santiago, 7 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 507 575 @ 10am to 2pm / 5pm to 8pm Sat.: 10am to 1.30pm



CENTRO ECUESTRE CURIEL The Curiel Riding Centre is located in Curiel de Duero, 5 km. outside Peñafiel.


Enjoy a range of riding activities and take a tour by horseback around the outstanding landscape of the vineyards of the Ribera del Duero. Outings on horseback or in horse-drawn carriages through the vineyards, picnics and routes. Visits to Bodegas Comenge and routes through the vineyards. Prior reservation.

CONTACT DETAILS Camino del Castillo, s/n 47316 Curiel de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 983 880 363


Tues.-Sat.: mornings and afternoons Sunday: mornings only



Grabados Cristafiel offers a vast selection of wine glasses, decanters and wine-related items. We also engrave, personalise and decorate glass items on demand. Visit us for the best quality glass and decoration.

CONTACT DETAILS Av. Constitución, 16 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 88 20 58


Mornings: 9am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm Saturday mornings: 10am to 2pm




Pza. Adolfo Muñoz Alonso 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 878 168 @



A complex surrounded by vineyards where your senses will be revived by wine. It has two areas, one for specialised treatments such as aromatherapy, colour therapy, Vichy showers, massages, wine therapy... and another for Turkish baths, sauna, jacuzzi with water and air effects and a covered jacuzzi.


Our SPA on the banks of river Duratón has a jacuzzi, hydromassage pool, bi-thermal showers, Finnish sauna and Turkish bath. There is also a dry area for relaxing, a beauty and cosmetic treatment area and a comfortable outdoor solarium with a summer swimming pool. Leisurely make you way around the different sections of the thermal circuit and discover an original way of unwinding and looking after body and mind.

Ctra. N-122, km 325 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 681 146 @ € Sensations Circuit €45 / Prior appointment Please check for other services



Integral health depends on our physical body. On entering a pleasant, calm Feng-Shui environment, the energy flows harmoniously, creating therapeutic effects thanks to grape polyphenols. We have a water therapy area (jet pools, water beds, Turkish bath and relaxation area), wine therapy baths, wraps, facials, massages with grape-seed oil and other natural treatments. Pza. Mayor, 1 47313, Aldeayuso - Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 559 @ € From €30 to €80




A new world of sensations, nuances, aromas and tastes, surrounded by vineyards. Bodegas Arzuaga offers a wide and varied range of wine-related activities in its facilities, hotel, winery, restaurant, spa and wine bar. They aim to spread wine culture among professionals, wine lovers, experts and amateurs.


CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. N-122, km 325 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 681 146

@ Open all day



A wide selection of Ribera del Duero wines in a bright establishment with excellent views over Peñafiel Castle.

CONTACT DETAILS Av. Escalona, 17 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 616

@ Mon.-Sun.: 8am to midnight


WINEBAR LA ESPADAÑA “A special place to enjoy wines from the Ribera del Duero.” You can enjoy the best wines from the Matarromera group by the glass or by purchasing a bottle. Savour the aromas and flavours with a variety of premier tapas and appetisers, prepared using typical and seasonal produce. Summer patio where visitors can taste, sample and enjoy the wines.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. San Bernardo, s/n 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 902 430 170




Mon.-Sun.: 10am to 6pm



Founded in 2010, Bodegas Portia illustrates Grupo Faustino’s commitment to the Ribera de Duero. Designed by Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts-winning British architect, Norman Foster, Bodegas Portia received the 2011 RIBA Award to the best design in Europe from the Royal Institute of British Architects.


Taste Portia wines in the wine bar surrounded by a spectacular landscape. The best way to end a visit to the winery.

Antigua Ctra. N-I, km 170 09370 Gumiel de Izán (Burgos) (+34) 947 102 700


Mon.-Sat.: 10.30am to 6.30pm Sun. & public holidays: 10.30am to 4pm




This building is one of the best examples of traditional architecture. Visitors can take a tour inside, around the canteen, kitchens, stables, wine press and, of course, the traditional underground cellar.


CONTACT DETAILS Pza. del Concejillo, 6 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid)

Visiting La Ribera House Museum is like stepping into a time machine that takes you back to the early 20th century. The former inhabitants reveal their traditions and customs and tell visitors what life was like in this area at the time. Visitors will remember and learn about Mariano and Tomasa’s lifestyle.

(+34) 983 881 526


Sat.-Sun.(morning): 12pm, 1pm, 5pm, 6pm & 7.30pm

Free for children under 12 years old € Adults: €5 Group (children): €3 Group (adults): €4



The Wine Interpretation Centre was created with the mission to introduce visitors to wine culture. Past, present and future. A blast to the past will help visitors understand why wine has been so important in this area since the Vaccaei. A walk around the present will provide in-depth and instructive information about the wine-production process, from the stock to the bottle. A journey into the future, thanks to this leading company in R&D&I investment, teaches visitors about the future of the wine industry, innovative applications of wine components and some of the secrets that are zealously guarded in these labs.

CONTACT DETAILS Ctra. San Bernardo, s/n 47359 Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) (+34) 902 430 170

Mon.-Sat.: 10am to 7pm Sun.: 10am to 2pm

€ Visit + tasting: €6 60



This Interpretation Centre, located in an 18th-century building, introduces visitors to the historical legacy of wine culture in the region of the Ribera del Duero. Grape harvests were stored under the historic town centre already in the Middle Ages, and 135 medieval wine cellars survive today. Bodega de las Ánimas was created as a museum to recreate different scenes and help visitors understand and value how wine was made and produced in bygone times.

Pza. Mayor, 13 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 476


Mon.-Sat.: 9.30am to 2.15pm / 3.30pm to 7pm Sun. & public holidays: 10am to 2.30pm (Please book ahead)

€ Free visit 64




Lovers of wine and enthusiasts of the vast heritage it has left throughout centuries of history need to include the Provincial Wine Museum on their route. This is a very appealing museum.

CONTACT DETAILS Castillo de Peñafiel 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid)

Located in Peñafiel Castle, a majestic construction built in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, it has become one of the landmarks of the region and a cornerstone for the dissemination of Valladolid’s wine culture. The exhibition visits the history and culture of wine, introducing visitors to wine production processes.

(+34) 983 881 199


Winter. Tues.-Sun.: 11.30am-2pm / 4pm-7pm Summer. Tues.-Sun.: 11am-2.30pm / 4.30pm-8.30pm

ticket includes a guided tour of € Admission the castle: - Adults: single €6 / group €4.50 - < 12 years old: single free of charge / group €3





The Vaccaei lived in the Ribera del Duero in the 4th century BC. Pintia was one of the Vaccaei settlings in the area. Visitors can now learn about this pre-Roman tribe thanks to this recreation of Pintia. The different instructive galleries of the archaeology room are located inside one of the houses in Plaza del Coso. Pza. del Coso, 31-32 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 526 @ Winter (10.30am-2pm / 4.30pm-7pm) Summer (10.30am-2.30pm / 5pm-8pm) € Single: €2.5 / <12 years old: free Groups: €2 / <12 years old: €1.50


This Interpretation Centre introduces visitors to the history of the Village of Roa through the different civilizations that have lived here. Pza. Mayor de Santa María, 15 09300 Roa (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 819 @ Visits should be confirmed € Visit €1



The visitor reception area in the Hoces del Río Riaza Nature Park provides all the information you need to plan your visit. The building is home to an exhibition showcasing the natural highlights of this protected natural space. C/ Las Eras, 14 40542 Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela (Segovia) (+34) 921 532 317 @ Visits should be confirmed € Visit €1




Located in the heart of nature, surrounded by vineyards, oaks and pine trees, with a vast garden area. Visitors are welcomed by a large red ball of wool that unwinds guiding them through the venue using the five senses. Ctra. BU-130, km 18.800 09311 La Horra (Burgos) (+34) 947 107 269 @ Visits should be confirmed € Admission €1.5 adults, €1 children (free for children under 3 years old) and OAPs. / Guided tour: €2. Visit + tasting: €3 (min. 4 people)



This venue recreates the situations and emotions experienced during two special moments when Plaza del Coso becomes the cornerstone of life in Peñafiel: Easter (with the Descent of the Angel) and August, with the festivities in honour of the patron saints Nuestra Señora and San Roque between 14 and 18 August. Pza. del Coso, 31-32 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 526 @ Winter: 10.30am-2pm / 4.30pm-7pm Summer: 10.30am-2.30pm / 5pm-8pm € €2.5 (adults) / Free for children Groups: €2 (adults) / Children: €1.50



Torre del Homenaje is home to the castle interpretation centre, an instructive establishment that teaches visitors about life in the castles along the Duero border.

Castillo de Peñaranda 09410 Peñaranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 552 063 @





The Molino de los Ojos Ecomuseum is an old four-story flour mill that contains an exhibition of a range of different resources, many of which are interactive, from Soria’s natural heritage and examples of tasks performed by our ancestors.

Ctra. Molino de los Ojos, km 2,5 42330 San Esteban de Gormaz (Soria) (+34) 637 454 906 @ Check € €2, check for groups and workshops






This venue showcases the collection that engineer Félix Cañada donated to the Council. An amazing journey through the history of European Art from the 15th to the 21st centuries.

This is the first and only existing museum of its kind in Spain and Europe. The centre combines the fun experience of recognising and analysing different aromas with research on smell.

Pza. San Juan, 9 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 573 @ From 11am-2pm / 4pm-6.30pm June, July & August 11am-2pm / 5pm-7.30pm. Closed Mondays and Sunday afternoon. € General admission €2 (OAPs, children, groups of 10+ people: €1)

C/ Cantarranas, s/n 09471 Santa Cruz de la Salceda (Burgos) (+34) 947 557 442 @ Tues.-Sun.: 10am-2.30pm / 6pm-9pm (sum.) Tues.-Sun.: 10am-2pm / 5pm-8pm (win.) € General: €5, children under 12 years old: €3 (under 3 years old: Free) Please check for other prices



This museum celebrates the steam age, with the tools, uniforms, caps, traditional stokers, charcoal briquettes and a collection of objects from that wonderful period.



Estación Chelva s/n 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 476 Sat.: 11am to 2pm (1st Saturday of the month: 5-8pm) 1st Sunday of the month: 11am-2pm Guided visits: 11.20am & 12.45pm Please book ahead for groups € Free admission



The Romanesque Park is a unique space that offers visitors an original window into a representation of this medieval architecture through amazingly precise models of each province in Castile and León. Ctra. Molino de los Ojos, s/n 42330 San Esteban de Gormaz (Soria) (+34) 975 186 245 @ Check € Adults: €3 Children: €3 (6-12 years old), free for children under 6 years old Check prices for workshops and groups





Monasterio de Santa Mª de la Vid PP. Agustinos 09491 La Vid (Burgos) (+34) 947 530 510 Tues.-Sat.: 10.30am / 11.30am / 12.30pm Sun.: 11.30am / 12.30pm Oct.-Jun.: 4.30pm / 5.30pm / 6.30pm Jul.-Sept.: 5pm / 6pm / 7pm Closed on Mondays

The 12th-century Cistercian Monastery of Santa María de Valbuena is a gem of religious architecture. Located on the banks of river Duero, this temple was a place of devotion, prayer and wine-making. It is currently open to visitors and accommodates the offices of the Fundación de las Edades del Hombre. Monasterio de Ntra. Sra. de Valbuena 47359 San Bernardo (Valladolid) (+34) 983 683 159 @ Mornings: Tue.-Sat., Sun. & holidays: 10.15am to 1.45pm Afternoons: 4pm to 7.45pm (summer) 4pm to 6.45pm (winter) Sunday afternoons and Monday closed € €4 / limited €3 / <12 years old free admission



Located in La Vid this work of religious architecture maintains the beauty and splendour of its initial construction, which dates back to the 12th century. The Monastery is currently home to a community of Augustine monks and has a library, a guesthouse and a museum.


Located in the Church of Santa Mª this museum showcases an important collection of sculptures, paintings, documents and gold and silver items, dating from the 12th to the 18th century, from Peñafiel and the surrounding region. Pza. de España, s/n 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 526 @ Check € Adults: €2.50 / Free for children under 12 years old Groups: €2 (adults), €1.50 for children under 12 years old





The main façade of the ex-Collegiate Church of Santa Ana stands majestically in the village’s Plaza Mayor. The museum is located in the Renaissance-style sacristy, surrounded by beautiful chests of drawers. The items on show include chalices, cruets, monstrances, sceptres…. The abbot’s secret archive is another notable item. Pza. Mayor, s/n 09410 Peñaranda de Duero (Burgos)

@ €


(+34) 947 552 063 Guided visits: 11am, 12pm, 4.30pm and 5.30pm (Check for other times) €2 adults, €1 children and groups of 35+ people.


This monastic site was built by Alfonso X, “the Wise” in 1266. The church and its sacristy, the crypt and the cloister are open to visitors. C/ Excma. Diputación Provincial, s/n 09451 Caleruega (Burgos) (+34) 947 534 005



The building was constructed in the 14th century in a Gothic style, using elements from a previous Romanesque temple and turning a former defensive tower into the bell tower. The Council of Aranda, which dealt with major ecclesiastic and dynastic issues, was celebrated here in 1473. The Sacred Art Museum now showcases a range of artworks from different styles and periods, most notably the 16th-century Calderonas altarpiece, reliefs from the former main altarpiece, Baroque images of Saint Joaquín and Santa Ana, and premier gold- and silver-smithing.

Pza. San Juan 09400 Aranda de Duero Burgos



(+34) 947 510 573 From 11am-2pm / 4pm-6.30pm June, July & August: 11am-2pm / 5pm-7.30pm / Closed on Mondays & Sunday afternoons €2 general admission (OAPs, children & groups + 10 people: €1)

Aranda de Duero Plaza Mayor, s/n 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 510 476 @

Peñaranda de Duero C/ Trinquete, 7 09410 Peñaranda de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 552 063 www.peñ @

Mancomunidad Ruta del Vino-Afluente Rural Ctra. BU-130, km 18,800 09311 La Horra (Burgos) (+34) 947 107 269 @

Roa de Duero Plaza Mayor de Santa María 09300 Roa de Duero (Burgos) (+34) 947 541 819 @

Peñafiel Plaza del Coso, 31-32 47300 Peñafiel (Valladolid) (+34) 983 881 526 @

San Esteban de Gormaz Plaza del Frontón, s/n 42330 San Esteban de Gormaz (Soria) (+34) 975 350 292 @


Ribera del Duero DO Tourist Offices


WINERIES 1 C3 Bodega Alejandro Fernández Tinto Pesquera

97 C3 Bodega

Ascensión Repiso

2 B5 Bodega

Condado de Haza

95 C3 Bodega Dehesa

de los Canónigos

3 C7 Bodega Díaz Bayo 4 C2 Bodega Emina 5 B2 Bodega


6 A5 Bodega

Pagos del Rey

7 C6 Bodega

Páramo de Corcos

8 A7 Bodega


94 C7 Bodega

Severino Sanz

96 B3 Bodega Arbás 35 B6 Bodegas Arrocal 10 C2 Bodegas

Arzuaga Navarro

76 C4 Bodegas Cepa 21 11 B4 Bodegas Comenge 91 B6 Bodegas

Dominio de Cair

77 B5 Bodegas Durón

12 C8 Bodegas

El Lagar de Isilla

78 B3 Bodegas

Emilio Moro

13 A6 Bodegas

Félix Callejo

40 B7 Bodegas Ferratus 44 A7 Bodegas Imperiales 53 A6 Bodegas Ismael


14 C4 Bodegas Legaris 15 B5 Bodegas

López Cristóbal

98 C4 Bodegas


62 C8 Bodegas Muntra 16 C7 Bodegas Pascual 28 C3 Bodegas


63 B7 Bodegas Rodero 87 A5 Bodegas Tarsus 21 C5 Bodegas


90 B5 Bodegas


80 C9 Bodegas Valdeviñas 22 C7 Bodegas Valdubón 100 D3 Bodegas Veganzones

23 B5 Bodegas

Viña Solorca

25 B5 Bodegas y Viñedos Ortega Fournier

26 C4 Bodegas y Viñedos Señorío de Bocos

27 C2 Bodegas y Viñedos Viña Mayor

29 C7 Finca Torremilanos

17 C3 Bodegas Peñafiel

30 C2 Finca Villacreces

99 C3 Bodegas Pingón

31 B5 Pago de los

18 C3 Bodegas

Pinna Fidelis


92 C6 Viña Arnáiz

79 A7 Bodegas Portia

93 B5 Viña Sastre

19 B6 Bodegas

32 A5 Viñedos y Bodegas

20 C3 Bodegas Protos

33 B6 Viñedos y Bodegas

Prado de Olmedo

36 B5 Bodegas

Raíz de Guzmán


Real Sitio de Ventosillaz



39 A9 Hotel El Prado de

42 C7 Hotel

34 C11 Casa Rural

36 B5 Hotel Raíz

43 B7 Hotel

Riberduero El Rincón de Elena

101D10 Casa Rural La Prena del Vino

38 B7 Hostal El Ventorro

9 C3 Hotel AF Pesquera 10 C2 Hotel & Spa Arzuaga

12 C8 Hotel Enológico

El Lagar de Isilla


Las Merinas

82 C3 Hotel Ribera del Duero

4 C2 Hotel Rural Emina 41 C3 Hotel SPA

Convento Las Claras

29 C7 Hotel Torremilanos 42 C7 Hotel Tudanca

Tudanca-Aranda Villa de Aranda

37 C3 Lavida Vino-Spa Hotel Rural

83 A6 Palacio de los Serrano Hotel Rural

45 A4 Posada Real

Monasterio Tórtoles de Esgueva

33 B6 Posada Real Sitio de Ventosilla

Wine Tourism Guide Web 2012  
Wine Tourism Guide Web 2012