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MORANDU UM MEM To: The T Ripon College C Comm munity From m: The Execu utive Board of o the Studen nt Senate Date:: February 4,, 2011 Re: Green G Bay Paacker Fan Daay

S Bowl XLV between the t Pittsburg SSteelers and thhe Green Bay Packers, the In preeparation for Super Studennt Senate of Ripon R College issued the folllowing declaraation at its February 2, 20111 meeting:

DEC CLARATION N OF GREE EN BAY PAC ACKER FAN N DAY WHE EREAS, the Green G Bay Packers P will be b representin ng the Natioonal Footballl Conferencee in thee National Football Leaggue’s 2011 ch hampionshipp game; Supeer Bowl XLV V; and WHE EREAS, the Green G Bay Packers P will be b making th heir fifth Supper Bowl app pearance; and d WHE EREAS, the Green G Bay Packers P have gone undefeeated in the llast five of th heir games; and WHE EREAS, Ripo on College has h a long hisstory of devooted Green B Bay Packer faans.

Now, Therefore, T we, w Rusty Schhultz, Presiddent and a Erin Bav avery, Vice-P President, do hereby declaree Friday, Febbruary 4, 20111

GREEN GR BAY Y PACKER FFAN DAY On th he campus of Ripon College and urgge all studentts, faculty an nd staff to join in the spirrit of cheering on the Green Bayy Packers to their t fourth SSuper Bowl title.

Rustyy Schultz

Erin n Bavery

dent of the Student S Senaate Presid

nt Senate Vicee President oof the Studen

Ripon College - Green Bay Packer Fan Day  

February 4th, 2011

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