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CALGARY PLUMBING SERVICES Rusty Pipe Mechanical Inc. is owned and operated by Russell “Rusty” Welch. Starting Rusty Pipe Mechanical back in 1985, Rusty has been using his vast trade experience to provide a wide array of services. Rusty has accomplished many trade certifications including Journeyman Plumber, Gasfitter, Pipefitter-Steamfitter and Refrigeration Mechanic. These trade certifications, and his vast experience, have allowed Rusty to provide leadership and direction on a variety of projects and to his employees. Rusty Pipe Mechanical is a family oriented and owned business, with two of Rusty’s daughters, Caitlin and Stacie, working in the office doing administration and Safety for the company. Rusty Pipe Mechanical is a small company that believes in operating from our family to yours, and hires only certified journeymen. Rusty Pipe Mechanical also believes in creating opportunities for the future by hiring and training apprentices in the plumbing and refrigeration fields. PLUMBING We treat your home or business as if it were our own. We promise a fast, high quality professional job. By professionally managing our staff, we can guarantee that every detail of your project is completed competently and quickly. Let us help you with all of your plumbing needs. How we can help you: •

Clogged Drains

Toilets and Sinks

Pipe Leaks

Leaking Faucets

Gas Line Repairs

Sewer Repairs


Water Line Repairs


Water Heaters

Water Softeners

Water Purification Systems

Commercial plumbing

Commercial customers understand that Rusty Pipe Mechanical has the qualified staff and resources to handle their plumbing requirements from simple to complex repairs, as well as the planning and execution of large – scale new installations. One call to Rusty Pipe Mechanical Inc. is all it takes. We look after the entire project from planning and permits to build our and inspections. We will also coordinate and schedule plumbing, dry walling, plastering and tiling if needed. Commercial and industrial businesses such as restaurants, shopping centres and plants have special needs. Rusty Pipe Mechanical will do any of your big or small jobs from urinals, food service grease traps or large cafeterias and industrial water usage. You can trust Rusty Pipe Mechanical to do the job right – on time and on budget. REFRIGERATION Rusty Pipe Mechanical’s refrigeration department offers service and preventative maintenance programs to fit your business. We specialize in restaurant, super market and bar refrigeration. Our refrigeration mechanics are licensed service technicians. We repair all makes and models of the following systems: •

Walk in Freezers

Walk in Cooler

Coolers and Display Cases

Ice Machines

Low and High Temperature Refrigeration

COMMERCIAL BACKFLOW TESTING If you own a building with a commercial water system, you are required by the City of Calgary to have your backflow devices tested annually by an authorized tester.

At Rusty Pipe Mechanical, we have licensed and experienced specialists authorized to perform this work and should there be a need, we will either repair or replace your backflow device. This ensures a cross-connection of water will not occur. COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS There is nothing better for your heating and/or air conditioning system then annual maintenance. Annual maintenance allows your system to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. A system that is maintained annually experiences considerably fewer break downs. This reduces the need for you to pay for costly repairs. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you money on your utility bills every time it comes on. Contact Rusty to discuss how Annual Maintenance contracts can help improve the efficiency of your equipment HVAC When you are ready to look into purchasing a new heating and cooling system, either to drastically reduce your energy usage or because repairs on your… Choices There are nearly as many options in heating and cooling equipment as there are in buying a car. You want a system that meets our lifestyle and desires. We will perform an engineering analysis before installing a new system in your home. This analysis will determine your needs as well as the physical requirements of your particular home. The Analysis Process We understand that every home, family and climate is different. By doing a Home Comfort Analysis, we can determine what systems are available that are right for your home’s size and floor plan, and will also meet your families air quality requirements. There are many standard, upgrades and custom options available to choose from in your new home comfort system. The analysis will tell us what we need to know to offer you multiple custom made solutions to your comfort needs and wants. Considerations When considering a new system, think carefully about what air quality and moisture control requirements to include. This is particularly important if your family has allergies, respiratory or health issues, or dry scalp and skin. Zoning controls are also available. This allows you to heat and cool the exact rooms you want to the exact temperature you want.

High Efficiency equipment can nearly pay for itself in utility savings, making it an important consideration. Up to 50% of your home’s energy costs may go towards heating and cooling your home, so be sure to ask Rusty about reducing energy consumption with higher-efficiency systems. All these considerations can help make your home more comfortable every day. Investment Most people would not consider proactively budgeting for a breakdown or replacement of their heating and air conditioning system. We would be happy to come to some financing arrangement with you in order to improve the air quality, and make your home a safer, more efficient and more comfortable place to live. Let Caitlin help make an arrangement that works for you. The Installation When your new system arrives and is ready to install, our friendly installation technicians will carefully install it in your home. Respecting your home is something we at Rusty Pipe take very seriously. Maintenance Protect your investment by working out a maintenance program with Rusty. He will provide you the details on how to best care for your new system, and can arrange for a maintenance program that best suits your needs.

Calgary Plumbing Services  
Calgary Plumbing Services  

Rusty Pipe in Calgary,Alberta provides solutions to any of your plumbing,abs pipe sizes,and etc.Visit our website for any of your plumbing o...