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10 Seductive Foods By: Laura Owens Posted in Food & Recipes /Healthy Recipes & Nutrition


Some foods are sensual, appealing to our senses with sexual appearances and enticing scents, while others — the aphrodisiacs — make actual changes in the body that elevate libido. Sweet, salty and spicy flavors are often the faves to rev a woman up in bedroom. Here are 10 seductive foods you can try to spice things up!

APHRODISIACS REALLY WORK! Foods have substances that affect the body physiologically, which is why different foods work for different sexual stages, explains clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD. “Some foods lower inhibitions, some get the blood flowing directly to the genitalia, and some foods release happy hormones,” she says.


10 APHRODISIACS Here are 10 aphrodisiac foods that are sure to add a seductive spark:

1. Foods with sexy shapes Create visual stimulation with foods that look like genitalia, such as oysters, fresh figs, carrots, even avocados. “Anything that is visually erotic is automatically going to set your brain in motion,” suggests Dr Cadell.

2. Chocolate The rumors are true: Chocolate is the surest way to get in a better mood. Although not an actual aphrodisiac (as the ancient Aztecs believed), chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin, natural feel-good substances believed to evoke the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

3. Raw oysters They may not look pretty, but oysters can pump some passion into your night. High in zinc, which increases sperm and testosterone, oysters also contain the hormone dopamine, known to increase libido.

4. Liqueur-laced coconut macaroons Everything is just a little sexier with a dash of a sweet liqueur. Add some orange liqueur to coconut macaroons or whip up a Mexican-coffee version for a kiss of mocha.

5. Chocolate-covered strawberries It might seem obvious, but the sultriest foods are sometimes the simplest. Dip your berries into chocolate fondue. Or to get your sexy on faster, buy prepackaged meltable chocolate and zap it in the microwave.

6. Champagne Tried but true, adding a little bubbly gets your giggles and mood going. Bubble up while you sip your favorite champagne topped with ripe strawberries or raspberries. Add a splash of your favorite liqueur to create your own signature drink for the evening. Don’t forget the chocolate-covered strawberries!


7. Chocolate raspberry mousse truffle cake with raspberry-cassis sauce The goddess of all things chocolate, Godiva, has a long list of recipes to make decadent desserts and drinks. Blend their to-die-for chocolates or liqueurs to make luscious treats that look and taste uber sexy.

8. Asparagus “Asparagus,” wrote English herbalist Nicholas Culpepper in the 17th century, “stirs up lust in man and woman.” Besides its obvious phallic shape, asparagus is high in potassium, fiber, vitamins B6, A and C, thiamin and folic acid. Nutrients in asparagus also boost histamine production, necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes.

9. Chiles The hot capsaicin in chiles and other spicy foods can also heat up your sex life. Capsaicin stimulates nerve endings to release chemicals, raises the heart rate and triggers the release of endorphins to give you a natural high.

10. Figs An ancient aphrodisiac because of its appearance, an open fig is thought to look similar to female sex organs. Figs also pair perfectly with another passion booster: Chocolate.

STIMULATE THE MOST EROTIC ORGAN How sexually potent a taste or smell is varies from person to person. Regardless of your appetite for a particular visual or chemical aphrodisiac, feeling sultry begins above the ears. “Let’s be honest: The most erotic organ is the brain,” says Dr Cadell. “So if you think something will turn you on, I guarantee it will.” There has always been a correlation between food and sex because they are two of greatest pleasures known to mankind — and both appetites need to be fulfilled.



Ghost stories at the Brown Hotel, The Bourbon Trail, and nightlife that rivals some of the largest cities in America makes this two hour car ride from Indianapolis to Louisville Kentucky a perfect escape weekend destination. By Edna Ishayik 1. Where to Stay Go retro at the Inn at Woodhaven (from $125), whose eight rooms pull off the Victorian look without feeling staid. Most of the architectural features are original from the 1835 construction—en-suite fireplaces, thick wooden floors, beveled moldings, and even some of the paint varnishes—but the thirdfloor attic suite features the most modern look thanks to its exposedbrick walls. Help yourself to bourbon from the honor bar in the evening, and

A guest room at the art-focused 21C Museum Hotel. (Photo: Courtesy of 21C Museum Hotel)

start the day with a two-course breakfast of organic fruit, cage-free eggs, and Cheddar-garlic toast. Drink up the décor at GraleHaus (1034 Bardstown Rd., 502-459-9939; from $125), opening in December behind the courtyard of beloved beer bar (and repurposed church)Holy Grale. Occupying the upper floors of a century-old home, Louisville’s first design-focused bed and breakfast features three rooms furnished with a mix of new and old items, many from the eclectic shop SCOUT, and two rooms come with claw-foot tubs from the British bath company Victoria + Albert. A handpicked selection of beers will be available for in-room purchase, while the first floor will house a public café, overseen by chef Andy Meyers. Glean inspiration from the impressive art displayed throughout the 21C Museum Hotel(from $229), where basement gallery spaces, guest rooms, and even the elevator waiting areas are all venues for showcasing 21st-


century works. Rooms in this former warehouse feature exposed brick walls, silver mint-julep cups, and Malin + Goetz bath products, but for a one-of-a-kind experience book Asleep in the Cyclone (from $339), a site-specific installation that doubles as a hotel room constructed from repurposed barn wood and custom textiles by The dining room at 610 Magnolia takes it design cues from the seasons. (Photo: Courtesy of 610 Magnolia)

New York artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe.

2. Where to Eat Settle into the rustic interior of Decca’s 1870s building, which avoids the contrived “olde fashioned” look with dual-toned cork flooring and geometric brass frames on lighting fixtures. The kitchen serves sophisticated locavore fare: creamy brown-butter risotto with chanterelles ($15); a low-slung bowl full of pan-roasted mussels with an enticingly charred brick of bread ($12); and a wood-grilled pork chop with parsnip purée and curry oil ($25). After dinner, sip bourbon-based cocktails on two patios or jam out to a roster of D.J.’s and live music acts featured on weekend nights. Dine in an elegant farmhouse setting at Edward Lee’s 610 Magnolia, where exposed beams painted a cool slate gray and a stark white neon sign out front set a spare tone. Three- and four-course dinners ($55 and $65, respectively) include plates of fancifully composed, refined Southern fare, like seared pork belly with three kinds of peas and buttermilk. Chart your own course with the well-curated wine list or opt for pairings ($45 or $55) featuring winners like Château Chantegrive’s Bordeaux Blanc. Ask if Lee is hoarding a bottle of the hardto-find Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve twenty-year bourbon and maybe he’ll let you splurge on a dram. Ogle the racks of freshly baked bread, mounds of macarons, and baskets of croissants atBlue Dog Bakery, an airy, breakfast-and-lunch-only spot on the east side of town. Poached-egg pizzas ($12), sardine tartines ($11), and a bacon, cheddar, and cheese curd sandwich ($9) are highlights from the satisfying menu. Co-owner Bob Hancock recently began raising his own Red Wattle hogs at a farm nearby, so rest assured that all the pork served here is top-notch.


3. What to Do Start shopping for big-ticket items that make a statement at Architectural Salvage, 24,000 square feet of mantels, doors, and backbars showcased in shabby-chic splendor across four interconnected houses and courtyards. Here, an

Canoe sells textiles imported from Turkey (left); SCOUT’s specialties are whimsical home pieces (right). (Photo: Courtesy of Canoe and SCOUT)

original 1890 carved cherrywood mantle might run you $2,800, or you can snag a 1910 brass bank gate for under $500. For equally impressive finds, head a couple blocks east to Frederick Chaffin’s second-floor showroom to see original designs handmade mostly from local storm-fallen trees. At $10,000, the stunning black-cherry credenza is not cheap, but you get heirloom-quality handiwork that’s increasingly hard to find. Use what’s left in your budget to pick up well-priced pieces at the Antique Market at Distillery Commons, a former whiskey production facility that’s now home to nearly 10,000 pieces of carefully selected furniture, paintings, and home goods from bygone eras. Discoveries here might include a funky old zinc-top worktable ($1,100) or oil landscape paintings (from $165). For more of a scavenger hunt, get lost in 90,000 square feet of items—some random, some rare—at Goss Avenue Antiques & Interiors. The sprawling 19th-century cotton mill offers a never-ending supply of deals and discounts, like an old but still-working Eskimo fan ($39) and a beautifully weathered wooden bench ($14). Hit the new wave of design shops along East Market Street for contemporary accents to compliment your older finds. At Canoe, owner Lynn Seiller sells rugs and textiles she handpicks during biannual trips to Turkey; selections include new-production brown and white wool kilim from East Anatolia ($2,800) and a vintage handwoven suzani tapestry from Uzbekistan (price upon request). Around the corner, browse stocky, rough-hewn chests of drawers from Revolver’s well-edited selection. Down the block, SCOUT brings a campy attitude to serious design with items like Cardboard Safari’s wall-mounted cardboard taxidermy animal heads ($18–$200). Down the block, you’ll find fanciful letter-pressed posters at Hound Dog Press, which offer a quick fix for any bare walls you may need to dress up.

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4. Insider’s Tip If you’re serious about finding unique furnishings but keep coming up empty-handed elsewhere, take your search to the next level with the experts at 150-year-old, full-service interior design firm Bittners. Started by a German immigrant as a one-man cabinetmaker, the in-house custom wood-working shop now turns out one-ofa-kind dining tables in their showroom. Don’t see something you fancy? Create it yourself—they specialize in custom-made orders like a 45-foot reclaimed-wood banquet table made for a nearby horse farm. (Ask for a behind-the-scenes peek to see chairs and tables being sawed, carved, and crafted.) Or go all the way and hire one of the twenty interior designers for a full home redesign—they’ll jet around the country sourcing reclaimed wood, egg chairs, and whatever else your style calls for.

Bittners offers Old World craftsmanship in custom designs. (Photo: Courtesy of Bittners)

5. Oddball Day Pay your respects to local legend Colonel Sanders with a fried-chickenfocused road trip. Get an early start with a breakfast of doughnuts (75 cents each) at Nord’s Bakery; the maple and bacon cruller is a knockout. Drive seven miles northeast to Carmichael’s Bookstore in the Highlands neighborhood. The highbrow bookseller is too tasteful to hawk KFC paraphernalia, but ask if they’ve got Josh Ozersky’s Colonel Sanders and the American Dream in stock. Walk up Bardstown Road two

Outdoor drinking and Ping-Pong tables at Garage on Market. (Photo: Courtesy of Garage on Market)

11 | P a g e

blocks to Derby City Chop Shop, where gents can get a side-part haircut ($17) and a goatee trim ($6). Ladies can hoof it a little further to reach Salon Bacco, where Southern stylists will pull locks into old-fashioned pin curls like Sanders’s first wife, Josephine King ($50 and up). Hop back in the car and zip up Bardstown to Cave Hill Cemetery to visit the place where the man himself is laid to rest. Do as others have and leave a plastic spork in homage. Before leaving town, buzz up atQuills Coffee with expertly pulled espressos and eighteenhour cold brew ($3), then drive about an hour on Route I-64 towards Lexington, but pull over for a picnic of fried pickles and pimiento cheese sandwiches at the Wallace Station ($6–$7.95) Take the scenic route twenty minutes through horse country to Lexington and get outfitted for a custom-made colonel-esque white suit (or maybe just a floppy black bow tie) at Graves & Cox (from $695 for a custom suit). Take 1-75 south for about 90 minutes to get to the Harland Sanders Museum & Café (688 U.S. Route 25W, North Corbin). After committing the details of KFC’s origin story to memory, order up some eleven-herb-and-spice goodness, or at least a biscuit or two. Re-trace your route back to Lexington for a fried-chicken taste test at Indi’s, Esquire’s pick for “best fried chicken in the world.” Turn up the heat with their spicy fried chicken and tack on a slew of indulgent sides ($1.40 each) like fried apples and potato salad. Digest on the hour-long car ride to Louisville. Cross your fingers that Mike Ratterman is holding one of his underground concerts at his Workhouse Ballroom (1314 Lexington Road; no phone), a 150-year old beer-lagering cellar that delivers perfect acoustics for acts like Bill Callahan and Hush Harbors. (To get one of the hand-written tickets, you’ll have to stop by Astro Black Records.) After the show, have a late-night drink at Garage on Market, which calls to mind Colonel Sanders’s back-of-a-gas-station roots. Sip on the effervescent District 8 ($8), made with bourbon, orange juice, lemon, and housemade tonic. You can’t get fried chicken here, but they do have a regional ham plate ($21) that echoes the Colonel’s original ham-and-egg breakfasts.

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This section of Pay It Forward located on this website is for people that are truly in need and desperate for help in any category. Instructions: [Please post your needs by submitting them in the response box below, also make sure to include your contact information so people know how to reach you. Email is suggested opposed to phone numbers and real names (these items can be exchanged after an email has been sent from a giver to you. Now get started and let others respond if they can help. Instructions for givers: [If responding to someones "In Need" post make sure to use the proper reply button under their posting.] ** please be careful posting personal information** ** Spam and use of this information for commercial use or marketing is prohibited.** ** Ripple Effect Social Magazine is not responsible for any contact information or of any gifts requested or received through this site. All connections based on receiving or giving gifts is solely the responsibility and concern of those parties interacting. Furthermore, Ripple Effect Social Magazine and its owners do not guarantee any results from these postings.** Visit our Website link and help somebody today

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By Sophie Schillaci

Clocking in at 161 minutes, a whopping eight minutes shorter than its predecessor, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is a lengthy journey, but moviegoers can rest assured that at the finish line is a reward. The second installment of Peter Jackson’s trilogy is garnering generally positive reviews from critics, who deem the film an improvement over the first and praise Benedict Cumberbatch’s captivating voiceand motion-capture performance as the titular dragon. The film also sees the return of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins,

14 | P a g e

Ian McKellan as Gandalf and Richard Armitage’s rowdy band of Dwarves. Joining the cast are Evangeline Lilly as the newly-created elf Tauriel and Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman. See our

“Smaug” infographic here! It’s Better Than The First One: “The first installment of the adaptation of the beloved fantasy-adventure novel was bloated, boring and slow to get started. Jackson’s handsome new addition to the canon, subtitled ‘The Desolation of Smaug,’ is a fleet, fun redemption of the film franchise, the first chapter of which had J.R.R. Tolkien fans crying foul.” — Michael O’Sullivan, The Washington Post ‘A Dragon To Die For’: “This Smaug is a dragon to die for. Director Peter Jackson performs the same kind of miracles with the digital Smaug that he did with Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Immortally voiced by Andy Serkis, Gollum seduced and scared you in equal doses. Ditto Smaug.” — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

The Elvan Additions Aren’t Bad, Either: “Jackson’s direction is spiky and majestic, and the risky move of inventing his own Tolkien character — the elf guard Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) — as a love interest for Legolas (Orlando Bloom) pays off. These two bring some badly needed heat to the woodlands.” — Owen Gleiberman,Entertainment Weekly But It’s Still Pretty Slow: “At least this installment doesn’t begin, as the first did, with drunken revelry, goofy singing and dish-washing. But, like its predecessor, it features way too much trudging through forests.” — Claudia Puig, USA Today

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By Josh Wilson@Coltsfanwilson on Dec 14 2013, 11:45a

The Indianapolis Colts today promoted wide receiver Griff Whalen from the practice squad to the active roster and waived cornerback Jalil Brown. The Colts made some roster moves this morning, promoting wide receiver Griff Whalen to the active roster from the practice squad and waiving cornerback Jalil Brown. Whalen has appeared in six games for the Colts this season, and this marks his third different time on the active roster this season. He has caught 9 passes for 102 yards this season. Brown played in five games for the Colts since being signed as a free agent on October 22, and he made 2 solo tackles and a special teams tackle. His playing time was limited and pretty much exclusively special teams. The move to promote Whalen is one that was discussed yesterday and makes sense, given

17 | P a g e

the uncertainty surrounding LaVon Brazill’sstatus on Sunday. Brazill missed practice this week and had a boot on his foot after being stepped on in last Sunday’s game and suffering an injury. He was officially listed as questionable on the Colts’ injury report Friday and as of the time of publication of this article, there had been no changes to the injury report either. Chuck Pagano said yesterday that adding a player – like Griff Whalen – would be a decision that would be made when they knew for sure about Brazill’s status. Given that information, it’s possible that they already know, but as I mentioned yesterday, just because they signed Whalen does not automatically rule out Brazill for Sunday’s game. It might just mean that the Colts still aren’t comfortable with four wide receivers (T.Y. Hilton, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Da’Rick Rogers, and Brazill), especially given the fact that one of them missed practice this week with a foot injury. It could just be insurance for the Colts. That said, it does seem rather unlikely that LaVon Brazill will play this week, and I wouldn’t expect him to. Nothing official yet, but the Colts did promote Griff Whalen today, the latest indication that perhaps LaVon Brazill will miss this Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.

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30 Seconds to Mars rocked Old National Center on their latest tour ‘Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams tour. The crowd was energized and ready for this Roller Coaster ride that some were all to familiar with already. Halfway through the second song in 30 Seconds to Mars’ set — during mega-anthem “This Is War” – Jared Leto paused and raised his hands toward the ceiling. A moment later, giant balloons rained down on the audience and the song continued. From my aisle seat to the right of the stage, I watched in awe. The crowd jumped up and down, people throwing their bodies in the air to hit the massive balloons while screaming the song’s lyrics. The lights danced around the stage, illuminating Shannon Leto rocking out on drums and Tomo Milicevic on lead guitar, dancing with his eyes closed. The scene was pure insanity, something a true 30 Seconds to Mars fan has come to expect, even though it’s all been done by the band before. There is no doubt this band can put on a good show. The band has been igniting audiences since 2003. The past 10 years has left Mars with a perfect concert formula to leave fans wanting more. It was no different last night in Indianapolis, IN. where the band stopped on its “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” tour, in support of its fourth album.

19 | P a g e

The band opened with “Kings and Queens,” one of the best records from its “This Is War” album. Mars continued to rock through fanfavorites “Search and Destroy” and “Closer to the Edge.” Towards the end of the show, Jared Leto produced an acoustic guitar and asked for song requests. Per audience participation, he belted out traditional Mars songs “From Yesterday,” “Hurricane” and “The Kill.” Leto continues to amaze with his soulful voice. He called the audience “a crazy bunch of perverts” when they laughed at his various sexual jokes. Even though this tour is behind the band’s new album, it only played a handful of new songs: “Conquistador,” “End of All Days,” the album’s mega-anthem “Do Or Die” and “City of Angels,” to which Leto dedicated to “all the dreamers” in the audience. It finished with an encore performance of “Up In The Air,” Mars’ first single off the new album. As usual, Leto invited the craziest 30 Seconds to Mars fans on stage to dance with him.

I have attended three other Mars shows, all during the band’s twoyear, 309-show, epic “Into The Wild Tour” in 2010 and 2011. These concerts have revealed the not-sosecret Mars concert formula: three crazy musicians + fan-favorite songs + a hyped audience + about a dozen balloons and confetti streamers + the chance to go on stage = gratifying madness.

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Marshall Mathers returns with his first solo album in three years. He couldn’t have put more expectations on the album after revealing the title as The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the sequel to one of the greatest and most influential Hip-Hop albums of all-time. The last few years have been kind to Eminem commercially, but critically it has been another story. The mainstream listeners have loved his “Love The Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid” Pop-Rap songs, but in the process of gaining these radio listeners, Em has alienated his core fanbase. He hasn’t been the Slim Shady of old. After hearing the album title and how Kendrick Lamar’s wonderful album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, inspired him in the making of this record, hopes that the old Eminem had returned was at an all-time high. MMLP2 is one of the most Jekyll and Hyde records I have ever heard. When it’s good, Eminem reaches brilliance that only the Detroit native could reach but when the album is bad, he just sounds horribly uninspired. The majority of the album is very enjoyable and some of it is downright brilliant. “Bad Guy” is an outstanding start to the record. The song has the Pop-ish hook that the world is used to from Eminem at this point, but it’s not overbearing or too radio friendly. It works on this song. When the second verse starts, it feels like the originalMarshall Mathers LP. There’s no other way to put it: Eminem went crazy on this track. It’s the sequel to Stan – arguably Eminem’s most famous song – from Stan’s younger brother’s viewpoint. This is Em’s best

21 | P a g e

song in five years, no competition. “Rhyme Or Reason” and “So Much Better” continue the absolutely brilliant start to the album. This is the Eminem the rap world wants. He sounds fun, unhinged and back to his very best. The Zombies sample on “Rhyme Or Reason” is worked in perfectly alongside the insane lyrics. “Survival” was the first track that dropped from the album and it’s still as underwhelming as the first I listened to it: an uninspired Eminem rapping around a Skylar Grey hook. This track epitomizes one of the main problems with the album. Eminem has all these great lyrics and punchlines, but the hooks take away a lot of the appeal from the songs. “Asshole” and “Legacy” are lyrically great, but these pop choruses are annoying and grate after a few listens. The album gets back on track with “Berzerk” and “Rap God”. The former, a blistering 90’s rap tribute and the latter, a six-minute onslaught.

While both tracks are enjoyable, both suffer from dated references like Kevin Federline and the Fabolous/Ray J drama. This is unlike Em who usually has his finger right on the pulse of Pop culture. “Rap God” also suffers from a very needless hook, time that could be filled with even more bars of fury. “Brainless” joins the first three tracks as one of the best on the album. Allusions to being a serial killer and violence are littered throughout this song. The next few songs are when the album hits its lowest point. “The Monster” is a boring attempt to rehash the appeal of “Love The Way You Lie” while “Stronger Than I Was” and “So Far” are almost unlistenable due to their sheer cringe factor. If these three tracks were cut from the album, Marshall Mathers LP 2 could push for one of the best rap albums of the year, even with the poor hooks on a few other songs, but these three kill any chance of that. The most talked about track on the lead-up to the album, and definitely will be now that it’s been released, is the Kendrick Lamar-featuring “Love Game”. This track is awesome. It’s not what anyone expected and that was really cool. You could imagine this playing in a 50’s dinner. A video for this could be hilariously brilliant. A lot of people will detest this song, but it’s something different to what we expected and that is something that is tough to pull off nowadays. The album closes with the huge anthem “Headlights” and the brilliant, Slim Shady resurrecting “Evil Twin”. “Headlights” is the example of a Pop-Rap record that works. Eminem apologises to his mother on this track, a weird and surreal moment for any long time Eminem fan. Nate Reuss is great on the hook and Eminem sounds mature, but not insincere like he did on “Not Afraid”. “Evil Twin” breathes life into the persona we all know and love, Slim Shady.

22 | P a g e

The final line alludes to the fact that Eminem and Slim Shady are the same, so he’ll never really be gone – a really fitting way to end a very enjoyable album. This record is probably the closest that the world will ever get to the Eminem that performed with a chainsaw and hockey mask at concerts as well as the BRITS and MTV Awards circa 2000/2001. People need to accept that Eminem isn’t that guy anymore. He’s the biggest rapper in the world and a cultural icon. These Pop songs, while not good, are a necessity for him and this is perhaps Eminem’s best album since his return to Rap four years ago. Is it as good as The Marshall Mathers LP? No. Is it a good, fun album to listen to? Yes. Really, that’s all I want from Eminem at this point. Purchase: Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (iTunes) Reviewed by Lee Conway // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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By Rebecca Adams

We all want beautiful skin, but we may not know how to achieve it. Should we be slathering on more creams? Exfoliating every day? What about all of those oils being thrown at us? Luckily, we got the expert opinion of Dr. Perricone himself on the confusing world that is skin maintenance. The health guru sat down with us to discuss his “beauty from the inside out” philosophy, one that relies on nurturing your body by making the best life decisions possible – not on pricey skincare products. Below, see the 8 mistakes we’re all making along with Perricone’s (surprisingly easy) fixes. Trust us, a glowing complexion could be just days away. 1. You’re using too many products. “Your concern is to find the right thing that works for you. And that’s simple. Cleanse, maybe apply something in the morning, moisturizer over that and then your sunscreen. Most people lay on around 10 or 20 different products. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

24 | P a g e

2. You’re making poor lifestyle choices. “Excessive exposure to sun, not getting enough sleep and, of course, being overly stressed out are the biggies. A lot of this is common sense, but obviously stress is something we have to learn to deal with… I like meditation. That makes a difference. It lowers stress hormones. Low stress hormones mean your skin stays young, high stress hormones mean you get wrinkled real fast.” 3. You’re not drinking enough water. “Drink eight glasses of water a day. People hate water for some reason … See, the problem is that our first mechanism doesn’t work until we are about two or three percent dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated, the cells aren’t working right because all the biochemical reactions take place in the presence of water. We’re now just discovering that water is much more interesting than we thought it was. It does much more than act as a solvent — it actually forms a uniform layer inside the cells that aid in energy production. So there are some people that are saying that, with energy production, the cells can repair themselves better.” 4. You’re relying on harsh exfoliating brushes. “I don’t believe in mechanical exfoliation because it irritates the skin and actually causes inflammation.” 5. You’re not eating the right foods. “You want to make sure that you have a green salad every day. That’s very important. Green salads contain incredible nutrients, antioxidants and also increase nitric oxide in your blood. And nitric oxide is what gives you a beautiful healthy glow. The magic combination is a piece of salmon and a green salad. Because salmon also contains something that increases nitric oxide as well as antioxidants. So if you eat salmon three days in a row, you have such a radiance, when you walk into a room people go, ‘Wow.’” 6. Specifically, your diet’s “color IQ” is too low. “The more colors you have in your diet a day, the more kind of phytonutrients you’re getting, because each color is something specific. So blueberries are very specific for brains and skin, and citrus fruits are really good for the ears. And astaxanthin is really good for eyes and skin. So it’s important to get all those different colors in during the day — I call it your color IQ. So ask yourself how high can your color IQ be today? If you know you had 10 different colors in your fruits and vegetables, you’re doing well.”

25 | P a g e

7. You’re using Botox as a quick fix. “Botox is a neurotoxin — it paralyzes muscles by interfering with the nerve impulse. When the muscles are not getting innervated by the nerves, they atrophy. The way we look young is to have plenty of muscle and plenty of fat in our face. So why would you want to atrophy your muscles? I think it’s a bad strategy.” 8. You’re wearing too much makeup. “If you’re not taking care of yourself and you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re eating poorly, then you probably want to slather on something to hide the mistakes. But the thing is, if you’re doing the right thing, then you really want to tone down the makeup. In the end, vanity is really a good thing, because if you are worried about your appearance, then you are really motivated to eat correctly, maintain a good body weight, exercise and get enough sleep. Vanity is a good thing, it motivates us.”

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By Piper Weiss It might be the only opportunity to unload that single of Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy or to drop a bill on a calendar of men with excessive body hair. Why subject your holiday party guests to bad gifts? For starters it’s funny. If you’re looking to introduce friends or break the ice at corporate gathering, a round of gag gift giving between semi-strangers is a perfect entre and it’s also super budget-friendly. (I can guarantee I wasn’t the first recipient of the scratched, unwrapped DVD of “Mr. Belvedere” I got last year at a White Elephant party, but I wasn’t complaining.) If you haven’t been invited to a White Elephant party this year, maybe it’s time you hosted your own. Here’s everything you need to know. What is a White Elephant party? The term White Elephant describes something that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Many credit Ezra Cornell, the guy behind the telegraph, for coining the term. He’s believed to have dropped the comic insult at various 19th century parties when someone would give the host doozy of a gift. These days, it describes a kind of gift exchange with a twist. The gifts are all doozies and the recipients are encouraged to trade out the prizes they choose. All in all, it’s a chance to live out every party etiquette ‘don’t', with the exception of the lampshade on the head.

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The Basics White Elephant parties are about breaking all the rules, but there are some straightforward regulations to follow if you want to throw your event without a hitch. Invite six or more people. The gift exchange works best when there’s a pile of mystery gifts to work with. Set the guidelines. In your invitation, request people bring one gift, under a certain amount of money ($10 is plenty, but you can even increase the challenge and lower the budget to $1 or insist on re-gifts

only).Arrange the presents. Make

sure everyone brings their

gifts wrapped and unmarked so

they remain anonymous.

Then arrange a pile of the gifts in

one place. Draw names. Put

every guest’s name in a hat and

allow the first name drawn to

pick the first gift from the pile.

Now let that person draw the

second name (and so forth.) Let the

stealing begin. The second

person drawn has a choice: pick

another unopened gift from

the pile or snag the gift the first

person already opened. If

they choose to “steal” from any

person who came before

them, they forfeit the right to open

a new gift. As people

continue to have their names

drawn, they can steal any of

the previously opened gifts instead

of unwrapping new ones. Prevent epic battles. Sometimes, there’s a gift that everyone wants. It happens, especially when the majority of guests bring inflatable fruitcake and dog whistles. To prevent the night from becoming a feeding frenzy, include a “maximum” amount of times a gift can be stolen, so it doesn’t keep floating around the room while the rest of the gifts remain unopened. Come full circle. Are all the gifts opened? It’s only fair the first person to play has a chance to “steal a gift too”. They can pick any previously opened gift as long as it hasn’t been “stolen” beyond the maximum amount of times. The Variations Not everyone decided to draw names from a hat. You can have everyone pick a number and follow the order from one on. If your party is small enough you can sit in a circle and go around opening/stealing gifts from left to right. You can also require a gift theme based, for example food-based products only, or dollar store items. The Invitations

The elephant doesn’t lie. As White Elephant parties have gotten more popular, a host of stylized invites have begun cropping up on the web. But choose wisely, the look of your invitation will dictate the type of gifts your guests will bring.

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If you’re invited to a party with a sleek elephant like the one from Paper Culture, prepare to spend a little extra dough on the wrapping paper. If you’re elephant is a little goofier looking, go ahead wrap your gift in the Sunday comics. For more print and email-able options, check out what Hallmark andZazzle have to offer.

Gift ideas Go with gag. The only rule with White Elephant gifts: wackier, the better. See this nose-shaped pepper mill? Perfect. Nose Pepper Mill: $22 Too expensive?

How about this finger-stache kit?

Finger-stache: $7.99 Check for stocking stuffers at your chain retailers. At Forever 21, Old Navy, or H&M, you can grab under $10 gifts that people might actually use. Okay, these Old Navy socks may not be the most flattering footsies, but they’re probably really cozy.

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Chenille socks: $4 Raise the stakes. If you want to ratchet up the drama as host, you can also throw in a really covetable gift. Say, a $15 gift card to iTunes.

iTunes gift card: $15 Bury the treasure. Added bonus: if you package the prize in an unsavory envelope, amidst a sea of oversize, garishly wrapped, totally useless gifts, you’ll really mess with your guests. Hey, isn’t that what holiday parties all about?

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As the Christmas lights start to fade and the holiday season is coming to an end, there’s still one final bash to send out 2012. With the New Year just around the corner, now’s the time to make your New Year’s resolutions, drink away the last year’s regrets and celebrate starting all over again in 2013. From riotous street parties and fireworks extravaganzas, to marching bands and torchlight processions, here are 20 of the best New Year’s Eve parties from around the world. 1. New York City Few places rival the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve in New York City, home to one of the night’s most

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memorable events — the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. A custom dating back to 1907, the iconic ball — a 12-foot glittering sphere weighing 11,875 pounds — is dropped each year at the turn of midnight from a flagpole on top of One Times Square, as the square is blitzed with one ton of shimmering confetti. One of the world’s most electric New Year’s Eve parties, Times Square draws in over a million revelers to countdown the seconds to the New Year, as well as being broadcast live to millions of viewers around the world. Celebrity music acts, an enthralling pyrotechnic lightshow and the popular New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall, where partygoers can write down their hopes for the New Year, add to the festivities. If you prefer to escape the masses, book a table at one of the bars or restaurants overlooking the Square, or opt for a boat cruise from New York Harbor where you’ll get a great view of the midnight fireworks set off from Liberty Island. 2. Paris Paris lives up to its “city of lights” nickname come New Year’s Eve, with fireworks dazzling the city streets and thousands of party-goers hitting the streets, bars and clubs to see in the Nouvelle Anné. In the heart of the city, the Eiffel Tower forms the centerpiece for a spectacular lightshow and fireworks display, and the surrounding Champs-Elysees area comes alive with a massive street party. Expect handfuls of popping papillotes (chocolates that set off like firecrackers when opened), lots of obligatory cheek kissing and gallons of France’s most popular export — Champagne. For less-crowded celebrations, get a great view of the fireworks from the Montmartre artist district; take a romantic boat cruise along the Seine or tuck into a decadent New Year’s menu at the infamous Moulin Rouge. 3. London One of the last capitals in Europe to see in the New Year, London pulls out all the stops for the biggest party of the year. Over 250,000 people cram along the boats and banks of the River Thames and its surrounding bars and restaurants for a prime view of the night’s events. As the epic countdown begins and Big Ben strikes midnight, the city erupts in a dramatic 10-minute lightshow and firework display, set to a backdrop of the towering London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster.

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Festivities don’t end on New Year’s Eve though — a three-hour parade takes to the streets of central London on New Year’s Day, with colorful floats, marching bands, costumed dancers and a procession of the Queen’s horses. 4. Hawaii One of the last places in the world to enter the New Year, New Year’s Eve in Hawaii is sure to be a party worth waiting for. Bring in 2013 on the beach, with glittering fireworks displays illuminating the beachfronts at Aloha Tower, Waikiki and Ko Olina on Oahu; Wailea, Hana and Manele Bay on Maui; and Poipu Beach on Kauai. Beachside bars and clubs will be in full swing for the New Year, with theme nights, open-air music concerts and boat cruises all offering unique ways to party into the early hours. 5. Vienna

With its snow-trimmed streets still aglow with festive illuminations and the city’s famous Christmas markets transformed into New Year fairs, Vienna is an atmospheric place to spend New Year’s Eve. Hundreds of thousands take to the streets of Vienna to witness the city’s fireworks at the Wiener Prater fun fair, but the city also hosts over a vast number of balls, galas and concerts that bring a touch of old age elegance to the proceedings. If you can’t get tickets to the glamorous “Grand Ball” at Hofburg Palace, take in a classical concert, Burlesque show or dinner party cruise along the Danube. Be sure to save some energy for the day after, when a huge crowd gathers in front of the City Hall to watch the famous New Year’s concert from the Vienna Philharmonic on a giant TV screen.

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6. Melbourne Hosting more than half a million people, Melbourne’s vibrant New Year’s Eve celebrations feature two official fireworks displays, with celebrations starting off the evening in Yarra Park. The city’s impressive midnight display showers the entire city with color, with rockets launched from rooftops around central Melbourne and the Victoria Harbour. There’s plenty to do on New Year’s Eve too — music stages around the city host a variety of live acts; carnival rides and sporting activities make up the family precinct in Yarra Park; Federation Square hosts indigenous folk musicians and Brazilian samba dancers; while street performers and celebrity appearances along the waterfront keep spirits high right up until midnight. 7. Sydney One of the world’s first cities to celebrate the New Year, Sydney’s fantastical New Year’s Eve lightshow is renowned around the globe. The towering Sydney Harbour Bridge is the centerpiece for celebrations with two fireworks displays set off from river barges and rooftops, and elaborate pyrotechnic displays setting Sydney Harbour and the iconic Opera House on fire. The evening of entertainment includes aerial acrobatics, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking ceremony (said to cleanse the evil spirits of the past year) and an Acknowledgement of Country presentation, culminating in the magnificent Harbour of Light Parade™ — a mass flotilla of illuminated boats choreographed throughout the harbor. 8. Whistler For an action-packed New Year’s Eve, Whistler makes the perfect location to tick some winter adventures off your bucket list. Spend the day snowboarding or snowmobiling, check out the free Festival of Lights exhibit at Millennium Place, then hit the icy lakes for a moonlit ice skate to kick start the celebrations. Whistler village hosts a number of New Year’s Eve Events, with a roster of free entertainment, live music and arts in the conference center, and the village square getting in the party mood with fire dancers, DJs and an extravagant fireworks display at midnight. Alternatively, celebrate the New Year with a view, with dinner at on

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the summit of Blackcomb mountain where you’ll be able to watch the fireworks from 6,000 feet (1,829 meters) above. 9. Edinburgh The Scottish capital is well known for hosting some of the liveliest New Year’s Eve events in the world, celebrating with a massive four-day festival, known as “Hogmany.” The centuries-old tradition brings crowds of 250,000 party-seekers to Edinburgh to take part in the famed events. A torchlight procession starts the proceedings, followed by a giant open-air Ceilidh (a traditional Celtic party) with live music and entertainment performed on stages around the city, and a huge concert and series of parties taking over the city for the big night. As midnight strikes, 4.5 tons of pyrotechnics set the Edinburgh skyline ablaze as the crowds slur the words to classic Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne.” Hold off on the hangovers though, as New Year’s Day hosts a number of fun events, from dry dog sledding across Holyrood Park to swimming in the ice-cold waters of Loony Dock. 10. Las Vegas Nowhere on earth does nightlife like Las Vegas, and the biggest celebration of the year sees over 300,000 people descend on the party capital. The famed Las Vegas Strip is car-free and firework-friendly throughout the night, with live bands, pyrotechnic displays and lasershows turning the area into a giant street party. Bars and nightclubs all over town will be turning up the volume (and the ticket prices) for some mammoth celebrations and famous music acts will be hitting the stage (The Killers, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pitbull and Calvin Harris are all on the bill for the 2013 celebration). Whether you’re gambling away the past year’s savings, smooching beneath Bellagio’s famous dancing fountains or partying into the early hours in a haze of champagne cocktails, Vegas does its hard-partying reputation proud over the New Year.

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11. Orlando America’s theme park capital, Orlando, offers plenty of options for seeing in the New Year, with the city’s legendary Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld all open until 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Universal Citywalk hosts a huge New Year’s event with live bands and the NYC Times Square ball drop showcased on large screens. If you’ve got kids in tow for the New Year, few destinations are as perfect as Disney World Orlando, where daylong celebrations culminate in an explosive midnight fireworks display. Cirque du Soleil performances, dance parties, raining confetti and live entertainers will keep the whole family mesmerized as you await the final countdown. 12. New Orleans Home to one of the nation’s best New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, a fiery kaleidoscope cascading over the Mississippi River, New Orleans erupts in festivities as the clock strikes midnight. The 15 -minute-long spectacle might be the biggest event of the evening, along with the famous Fleur de Lis drop where, reminiscent of the Times Square Ball drop, an oversized object is dropped from the roof of the Jax Brewery on Jackson Square, but the night doesn’t end there. Parties can go on until the sun comes up, with live music booming from the bars and clubs in the city’s French Quarter and the streets still bustling in the early hours. 13. Berlin With more than one million people chanting the countdown to midnight and over 2,000 fireworks raining sparks over the city, New Year Eve is undoubtedly the event of the year in Berlin. The main event, a gigantic street party with live bands and a mind-boggling lightshow, has been a tradition since the fall of the infamous Berlin wall, and today the mammoth event is broadcast all over the world. A 2km “party mile” stretches between the landmark Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and the Siegessäule (Victory Column), with video screens, live music stages, party tents and refreshment stands transforming the historic city into a vibrant circus. Whether you opt for strutting your moves on the dance floor,

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munching Bratwurst and drinking German beer, or simply soaking up the party atmosphere, “Silvester” (New Year) is the liveliest time to be in the German capital. 14. Reykjavik With a mere four daylight hours over the Christmas season, the northernmost capital of the world has plenty of excuses to get the party started early for the New Year. Reykjavik’s New Year’s Eve celebrations traditionally kick off

with evening

mass at



before locals join


around huge

bonfires to

play music, sing

and dance

as they


the end of 2012.

As the clock

strikes midnight,

the city

erupts with


and huge crowds


around landmarks

like the



Perlan (The

Pearl) and


church for

an extravaganza

that aims to

rival the northern

lights. It’s

after midnight

that the city’s renowned nightlife swings into action, with bars and clubs blaring long into the New Year. 15. Rio de Janeiro The cultural capital of Brazil might be most famous for its riotous Carnival, but New Year’s celebrations come a close second. Rio’s famous Copacabana beach hosts the celebrations, with giant stages set up along the oceanfront, and an array of drum-heavy music, opulent Carnival-style costumes, traditional dance performances and fairground attractions keep revelers entertained through the evening hours. Over two million people cram onto the beach, in a mass of white (the color said to bring good luck for the new year), drinking champagne, tossing handfuls of flowers into the ocean (a gift to Yemanja, Goddess of the seas) and dancing the samba until the main event. As the New Year is counted in, a procession of boats set off a torrent of vivid fireworks over the ocean.

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16. Hong Kong With its enormous fireworks display and pyrotechnic lightshow more electrifying each year, Hong Kong has firmly cemented its reputation for one of the world’s best New Year’s Eve celebrations. The events kick off in Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping mall, where a replica ball drop takes place in homage to the famous NYC Times Square festivities. Over at the waterfront, a sparkling countdown is etched onto the night sky above Victoria Harbour, before the waterfront explodes in an extravagant fireworks display. Whether you’re partying on a boat by the harbor or gazing up from a rooftop terrace, the HK$7 million spectacle is sure to incite gasps right up until its mindblowing finale — a pyrotechnic dragon dancing across the skyline.

17. Barcelona Spain’s party capital will be saving the best for last, with restaurants, bars and nightclubs all holding special events for New Year’s Eve. In the run up to midnight, huge street parties take over Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas and Plaza Reial, with crowds singing, popping champagne and counting down the seconds until the New Year. While there is no official fireworks display in Barcelona, a number of hotels and private parties along the waterfront brighten up the sky with their own displays. Make sure you save some energy reserves for the first week of the New Year, too — the spectacular Three Kings Parade brings colorful chariots, marching bands and torchlight processions to the city streets.

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18. Toronto Toronto celebrates New Year’s Eve in style, but the real spectacle is at the nearby Niagara Falls — more than three million lights feature in the “Winter Festival of Light” and the midnight fireworks display is set against one of the world’s most impressive backdrops. If you prefer to stay in town, the main hub of New Year’s celebrations is in Nathan Phillips Square, where a giant music concert, fireworks display and public countdown will bring in 2013. 19. Bangkok From the glitzy Thonglor district to the backpacker-haven of Khao San Road, every bar and nightclub in Bangkok will be heaving with revelers on December 31st, as the city’s Thai and international populations come together to celebrate the New Year. The biggest event of the night is in CentralWorld Square, where crowds of several hundred thousand will be gathered for a spectacular light show and live concert. As well as the dramatic countdown to midnight, they’ll be video screens projecting celebrations from around the world, a series of fireworks displays set off along the riverside and lively beer gardens lining the streets. 20. Cape Town While New Year’s Eve might hold the best parties, Cape Town’s real festivities kick off on New Year’s Day, when the “Kaapse klopse,” or Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, hits the streets. Expect flamboyant parades and performances with thousands of traditional dancers, marching musicians and hoards of costumed Minstrels, in a celebration that dates back to the 19th-century slave trade (traditionally this was the one day of the year the slaves were given a day off). There’s no need to wait until the 1st to start partying, though — a number of New Year’s Eve festivals, concerts and events will keep the city dancing well past the strike of midnight. The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront hosts a music concert and midnight fireworks display; the Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival includes a carnival-themed train, live music and plenty of entertainment and DJs in the Cape Quarter will keep the roofs raised well into the night. Zoe Smith for Viator

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By Kira Sabin

Cuddling in front the fireplace. New Year’s Eve kisses. Mistletoe. Considering that this was a time of year that we counted down to as kids, it can be pretty tough when you are single. Whether it is your annoying uncle asking, “Are you dating anyone yet?” at the family get-together or yelling at the TV every time another jewelry commercial comes on, the holidays can make you feel more lonely than ever. Throw in the possible cold weather and snow and you might as well hunker down with a cup of eggnog, your blanket and the A Christmas Story marathon on TBS. However, what if this year you sat back and looked at the holidays a little differently. What if you realized that this is a season not only of joy and good cheer but also with tons of events to meet people, and they are usually in a good mood! It is the time of year to spread love, not hide it

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under the blanket you are wrapped in on the couch. So lose the bah humbug and follow these tips for a fun and festive holiday dating season.

1. Get some holiday life support Grab your cup of eggnog, blanket and use that down time for good! Write a list of other single friends and acquaintances that are home for the holidays and in the same boat as you. Choose people who are friendly, positive and open to meeting new people. Invite them over and get them on board for Operation Holi-date 2012. Agree to encourage and make each other accountable for getting off your couch and getting out there. Your support team can also be your holiday wing person as you talk to that co-worker that makes you nervous at your work holiday party. Talk to that barista that makes you laugh every time you order your caramel macchiato. 2. Say yes! Now that you have your support team in place, embrace all of the great parties and other events during the holiday season. Say yes to all of them. Change your goal from meeting only “dateable” people to just making new friends. A big percentage of people meet their significant others through friends, so the more friends the better! You know that awkward cousin of yours? Who knows, maybe there’ll be someone fascinating at their holiday party. And if not, you can always use the excuse that you have another party. Being in demand has its own rewards. Also, have each member of the team pick out one or two other community events that they have always wanted to check out and commit to it. It is hard to feel down when you are ridiculously busy!

3. Spread holiday cheer ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so take some of your holiday cheer and spread it by volunteering. Even if you don’t have much money, you can still donate your time. Check out the United Way Holiday Wish Book for great opportunities or check in with your local schools, hospitals, churches or youth centers. There are so many places that could use your help during the holidays, and what a great way to meet new people! 4. Give a special gift to your favorite person… yourself Now that you don’t have to spend lots of time and money searching for that “perfect gift” for your significant other, use it get yourself a little something special. You may also want to think about grabbing a few friends and

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getting out of town for part of the season, starting new positive traditions of you own. I am a firm believer in the happier you are the easier it is to find amazing people to date. So go out there and give yourself a little holiday happy! 5. Reconnect with old friends This is the perfect time of the year to catch up with people that you haven’t heard from in awhile. Nobody is going to think twice about receiving a holiday card, email or phone call from you. You also never know who else became single recently and might be interested in a reunion. With your holiday support team and tons of party possibilities, the holidays may now become your favorite time of the year. If nothing else, you always have A Christmas Story.

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By Heather Whipps

Like America itself, the jolly figure we call Santa Claus is a melting pot of cultures, blending elements of folklore with the fantastical. Santa Claus the man is actually loosely rooted in fact, though he hasn’t always looked the way he does today, having evolved from a Catholic saint who lived during the third century. The Protestant Reformation and the emigration of European traditions to America morphed that pious figure into the red-suited character that is now one of the most famous images in the world, complete with his iconic army of elves and a magical transportation system. St. Nicholas the Generous Ol’ St. Nick wasn’t always the rotund, bearded fellow you see gracing The historical St. Nicholas was the revered Bishop of Myra, a Roman town in what is now Turkey. Born around the year 270 A.D., historians believe, Nicholas became bishop as a young man. Nicholas was dedicated to helping the poor throughout his life, famously (and anonymously) paying for the dowries of impoverished girls. His reputation as a secret gift-giver around town grew with time, and he became known especially for depositing coins or treats in the shoes of children who would place them out for that very

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purpose, sometimes in exchange for carrots or hay left for his horses. Nicholas is traditionally depicted wearing a red bishop’s cloak, and was often helped by a small orphan boy, according to some legends. Canonized after his death, St. Nicholas was named as the patron saint of children, sailors and all of Greece, among others. He remained a popular figure of worship through the Middle Ages, with elaborate feasts held each year on the date of his death – Dec. 6 – and small gifts given to children, usually in their shoes, in his honor. Dutch revival The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, when the veneration of Catholic saints was suppressed in many regions of Europe, saw a drop in the popularity of St. Nicholas. Only in The Netherlands was the celebration of St. Nicholas kept alive in the form of Sinterklaas, a kindly figure who traveled from house to house on the evening of Dec. 5, leaving treats or presents in children’s shoes in exchange for a snack for his horses, according to folklore. In the Dutch tradition, Sinterklaas wore red bishop’s robes, had elfin assistants, and rode his horses over rooftops before slipping down the chimney to deliver the gifts. Coming to America Sinterklaas came to America with the Dutch in the 17th and 18th centuries, and it was in the new colonies that he really evolved. The anglicizing of the name – from Sinterklaas to Santa Claus – happened by 1773, when the latter was referenced for the first time, in a New York City newspaper. Santa’s waistline expanded in 1809 with the publication of author Washington Irving’s book “A History of New York,” in which the big man is described as portly and smoking a pipe instead of as a lanky bishop. In an 1822 poem entitled “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” – more commonly called “Twas the Night Before Christmas – by Clement Moore, Santa is further imagined with a magic sleigh powered by reindeer , a sack full of toys, and a round stomach, “like a bowl full of jelly.” By the late 1800s, most depictions of Santa Claus followed this imagery, but the final cog in the Claus legend was provided by CocaCola ad illustrator Haddon Sundblom, whose 1930s red-suited Santa, complete with white-fur trim and leather boots, became the iconic standard recognizable today.

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By Diana Tsui and Veronica Misako Gledhill

Fashion Month ended last week, and we took our usual step back to peruse every show from the Spring 2014 offerings to see which trends synthesized across all four cities. Of course, just because something walks on a runway doesn’t mean it will influence anybody’s wardrobe, but when you see certain styling moves or details repeating in all four fashion capitals, it’s a safe bet that you’ll feel their impact. We sifted through show after show to come up with some trends that might have the significance, novelty, and staying power to find their way into our wardrobe next spring: the flying fringe at Altuzarra, Miu Miu, and Dior; the powdery lilac at Prabal Gurung, Wes Gordon, and Burberry, and then again at Christopher Kane; the return of classic knife pleats at Prada, Rochas, and Givenchy; the play of written words embroidered or printed across ready-to-wear at Alexander Wang, Erdem, and then, finally, at Dior. Not all the trends made the cut, like the swingy midi skirts that we saw everywhere, or fur coats that didn’t seem appropriate for spring, or ostrich feathers, which are lovely but better in theory than in practice. Click on to see the thrilling details that we can all look forward to wearing for Spring 2014.

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Foods & drinks to ditch from your 2014 diet

2014 is going to be the year you get healthy and lose weight; we can feel it! But you’re going to need a helping hand along the way, and that’s why we’re here. First things first, here are 5 terrible foods and dr inks you absolutely have to avoid in 2014.

Regular and diet soda Soda is one food that health experts and dietitians alike unanimously agree should be cut out of your diet completely if possible. A can of cola contains around 10 teaspoons of sugar, and when you consider that the recommended daily allowance of sugar is six teaspoons, it quickly becomes apparent why these drinks should be avoided. The diet versions aren’t any better; a study by researchers at Purdue University found that people who regularly have diet soft drinks are more likely to be obese than those who don’t, due to the mixture of artificial sweeteners these drinks contain causing increased levels of hunger. Try instead: You can easily make a drink that’s sweet and carbonated but still healthy. Mix natural fruit juice with sparkling water to create your own super-healthy soda.

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Cinema and microwave popcorn Popcorn has long been seen as a great healthy snack choice, and that’s led many people to believe they can enjoy the movie-theatre variety guilt free. Sadly when you delve deeper into the nutritional value of cinemaproduced popcorn, you’ll soon find those people are wrong. According to the Food Standards Agency, an average bag of cinema popcorn contains over 1,500 calories, which is 75 per cent of the recommended daily amount for a woman. A lot of that is down to the oil used to make this popcorn, which contains more than 90 per cent saturated fat. Research published in the American Journal of Pathology also suggests that you should avoid microwaved popcorn, as the sweetener pentandedione has been shown to cause respiratory problems. Try instead: Making your own popcorn is both simple and healthy. All you need to do is mix some popcorn kernels with olive oil and salt, put it in the microwave and pop away.

Pre-made pasta sauces Pre-made pasta sauces are tasty, affordable and easy to cook with. What’s not to like? Well, take a closer look at the label and you’ll see most of them are extremely unhealthy. This is one area where food manufacturers like to stretch the truth on their food labels. For example, a Ragu brand tomato, garlic and onion sauce claims to contain two and a half servings of vegetables per serving, but that one serving actually only contains one measly gram of fibre, and less than 10 per cent of the vitamins you need to be eating every day. And that’s not even the worst part. Behind that healthy label is hiding huge amounts of sugar and sodium, with over a third of your recommended daily amount of both in one serving. Try instead: Yep you guessed it; make your own. Starting to see a pattern here? Whipping up a pasta sauce is simply a case of combining chopped tomatoes, onions and herbs to your liking.

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Non-organic apples A surprise addition to this list but a worthwhile one; the only apples you should ever be eating are organic ones. According to food expert Mark Kastel, non-organic apples are notorious for being ‘doused in pesticides’ more than any other fruit, and should be avoided wherever possible. This is because of the way these apples are grown, which means they don’t develop a natural resistance to pests. These pesticides can be extremely harmful, and Kastel explains that farm workers who have been exposed to them display higher rates of various types of cancer. Researchers at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute also identified links between pesticides and Parkinson’s disease. Try instead: Organic apples are the obvious alternative here, and they’re better for you in every way. Not only are they pesticide free, but they also contain higher levels of important nutrients, as discovered by scientists at Warsaw Agriculture University.

Processed foods Even if they claim to be ‘low fat’ or have a ‘light recipe’, processed foods are bad for you. End of story. That’s because of the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) they contain, which is the number one source of calories in America. And those guys know their calories! HFCS is a sweetener, but you’ll find it in all sorts of surprising places such as microwave pizzas and long-lasting bread. Countless studies have shown that HFCS is bad for your body, but the most alarming of them all is perhaps one conducted at UCLA. They found that far from just making you fat, HFCS actually affects your brain to the point that it can inhibit both learning and memory. Try instead: Whenever you’re considering eating processed foods, it’s usually safe to assume that the natural alternative is much better for you. If you’re tempted by the lower prices of processed foods in supermarkets, head down to your local market and you’ll find plenty of fresh produce much cheaper.

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by Tiffany Benedict Berkson

Fountain Square is the closest thing to a preserved microcosm of historic Indianapolis we have–a mix of neighborhood serving commercial, surrounded on all sides by plenty of residential options. Who wouldn’t love having a home (preferably historic, of course) within walking distance of all the amazing offerings of the area? This one isn’t about fancy big mansions or captains of industry. It started as a predominantly German area and then Irish and Italian also–so a strong work ethic and slightly European feel shaped the area. If I’d had the first clue or known anyone when I arrived from Los Angeles, I think I might have opted for Fountain Square– especially since, back then, Antiques on the Square was still there. (My first favorite shop in Indianapolis, may it rest in peace). I’d be willing to bet most transplants from teeming metropolitan cities would gravitate in a southeasterly direction, for its many offerings. After all, this is the only area of its kind in the city– the only part of the city outside

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the initial mile square to have continually operated as a recognized commercial area, since the 1870′s. And since we love giving you those little lost crumbs of history, Shelby Street was originally called Dillon Street. If the saying was “Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the coolest neighborhood of all?” The mirror would likely show you images of Fountain Square. And here are a few reasons why: 1. A library branch- considering you can pre-order whatever you want online for a pick-up at the branch of your choice, who wouldn’t love to quickly walk or bike over? 2. The restaurants- they seem to be proliferating like some randy bunnies–every time you blink, another one pops up. And not just run of the mill, but some of the best in town: Revolución (shrimp tacos and spice rimmed margaritas–olé); Santorini- one of the best Greek Restaurants in town (at the very least, they have the best Greek potatoes); Siam Square- are there any other Thai restaurant in town? Red Lion Grog House- best Shepherd’s Pie in town and has Boddingtons on the beer menu–both welcome for a former UK resident (side note: for some reason in the USA, Shepherd’s Pie is often misnamed–if it’s got beef, it should be Cottage Pie, but you know the drill: I digress); Shelbi Street Cafe and Pure Eatery–never had a bad meal at either, but no specific recollection of what I ate there; La Margarita and Mama Irma- I cannot wait to try—and have plans within the next few days. Frankly, there are too many to mention them all..

3. The Night Scene- Between the bars and entertainment, I really wish I could stagger home on foot as opposed to an expensive cab ride. Of course, drinks are available at a number of the aforementioned restaurants, but the bar at The Brass Ring is all kinds of awesome, especially in the summer, when the place is open to fresh air. Same goes for the Tiki Bar in the back part of Revolución. And if I wasn’t allergic to honey, I’d be at New Day Meadery with much more frequency–love the vibe. White Rabbit Cabaret is a hootenanny,

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and after being ‘exposed’ to a few other burlesque troops recently, I feel comfortable saying that Alabaster Betty (Bettie Page look-alike) is one of the best in town. The Burlesque Bingo-Bango Show even won over a Victorian-leaning girlfriend to the merits of this form of entertainment. Throw Radio Radio into the mix–from Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes to Shonen Knife, in a fairly intimate setting–and you start thinking you might return to the early 1900′s way of life, when there were residents who never left Fountain Square at all. 4. Art Galleries and Film HQ- The Murphy Building is always overflowing with a variety of colorful characters on First Fridays–Big Car and IMOCA pack in the crowds (Still faithful to my true blue, the Harrison Center, though), but you’ll marvel at how packed the place is with friendly and fascinating local artists. And to boot, Heartland Film Festival Headquarters are also joining the overall art scene here. One more way Indianapolis shows off its hippest self in Fountain Square.

5. Duckpin Bowling-Hard to fathom that these pins and balls in petite form are the farthest west you’ll find them in the good ol’ US of A. DC and East Coast duckpin bowlers can abandon the congestion of the east coast–because the Fountain Square Theater has your duckpin bowling needs covered in not one, but two alleys! Atomic and Action (1930’s) Duckpin Bowling.

6. Fire station- Should your home be hit by lightning or pyromaniacs, there’s a station right there in the heart of Fountain Square. Seem to be very friendly fellas, too. (Thanks for your service IFD!) 7. Boutique Caffeine- technically, it’s Fletcher Place, but Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company is one of my favorites ma & pa coffee shops in town. If you prefer to patronize the non-chains of the coffee world, this is THE choice if you find yourself on our southeastern diagonal. Who isn’t floored when Doug & Jeff remember your name? I know I’m not alone. Plus they just may be the nicest proprietors of a business you’ll ever meet (are they just high on caffeine fumes, perhaps? Nah, it’s that “nice” Midwestern thing we’re often touted for) and they donate all tips to a different charity every month. Plus they have awesome cookies, Circle City Sweets treats and free wi-fi.

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8. Vintage and Antiques- Though my beloved Antiques on the Square is long gone (sniff, sniff)–Indianapolis Downtown Antique Mall is still there, and is always fun to browse. And as for my beloved obsession with vintage fashion, you’ve gotta love Harloh’s. IndySwank is another option, though it offers a variety of new, local artisans– not 100% vintage, as is Harloh’s 9. The surprises of a diagonal street-Virginia Ave, you’re just a cool address. Keep your eyes peeled for new history maker, The Hinge, shaping up to be a groovy new addition to a non-traditional-shaped piece of property. Pop-up shops seem to be cropping up like wild mushrooms in this area of late—and even I will be participating in the Durwyn Smedley 20th Century PopUp Shop, organized by friend and former proprietress of the Mass Ave shop of the same name, some years ago. All kinds of mid-century goodies, vintage clothes and accessories and all kinds of unexpected goodies—just two days, though. Come check it out: Friday, December 2 from 5-10pm and Saturday, December 3, from 10am5pm almost across from Harloh’s at 647 Virginia Avenue. 10. The Cultural Trail connects us from downtown–via bike or kicks. Mark my words, Indianapolis is going to be well-known nationally for this visionary amenity. You want to start looking for new digs in the area, right away, right? Before your expedition to check out the local living options, or for any general newcomers, first-time home buyers or others exploring their options—stop into City Gallery before you go. Not only are they familiar with Fountain Square housing options, but others as well—especially for those looking to find a community with connections to the arts. Like getting a tour guide who will personalize an agenda for you, Fountain Square is one of the areas CG knows best. Please tell them H.I. sent you!

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Patrick Owen

Six-pack abs have become the gold standard of fitness that separates the “in-shape” guys from the “seriously in-shape” guys. But, honestly, a visible six-pack is not necessarily a sign of fitness, but rather one of low body fat percentage. Skinny guys have ripped abs without putting any effort into diet or exercise. For the rest of us, seeing a six-pack seems like an impossible goal. Until you actually get them.

Everyone Has a Six-Pack It’s simple anatomy. The rectus abdominis is a paired muscle separated by a midline connective tissue called the linea alba (white line) and crossed by three fibrous bands called the tendinous intersections. This causes six muscle bellies, and, voila — you have a six-pack. The reason you can’t see it is because there’s a layer of fat between them and your skin. Abs don’t become visible until you’re down below 10% body fat. It doesn’t help that our genes cause fat to be stored in the abdominal region. The distribution of fat on your body is largely influenced by estrogen. Estrogen causes an overall increase in fat storage and for fat to be stored in the buttocks, thighs and hips. Men have less estrogen, causing fat to deposit around the waist. Testosterone is very useful for reducing fat by increasing metabolism, which is why men have less subcutaneous fat than women.

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The Skinny On Muscles Although we all have abs, some have an advantage when it comes to building muscle or losing fat. According to a recent article in Scientific American, genes that encourage muscle development are most active when we are children, but in some folks, these genes stay very active even into adulthood. Whether we have more slowtwitch than fast-twitch muscle fibers, and whether we produce more insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a potent muscle growth hormone or more myostatin, which produces more muscle protein, is completely dictated by our genes. But that doesn’t mean that having a six-pack is impossible for those with less-than-ideal genetics. It just means that they have to work a little harder with the genes they’ve been dealt. And practically all of that effort will be in the kitchen.

He Eats, Shoots & Scores! You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Diet is the most important factor in getting six-pack abs. You may have read that diet is 70-80% of the effort, but if you consider that we spend three-to-six hours a week in the gym, the rest of our time is spent living a hectic life where we’re constantly surrounded by junk food. Keeping your focus on eating healthy, not giving in to cravings and not becoming bored with your diet takes 100% of your concentration. To ensure success, plan and prepare your meals ahead of time and become a Tupperware king. If you stray off the diet and give into temptation, don’t beat yourself up. Dust yourself off and try even harder to eat clean on your next meal. Don’t wait until the next day or the next week. Losing fat is not simply a matter of eating less and exercising more, it’s a matter of tapping into your fat reserves as your primary source of energy. When you eat, your sugar levels naturally go up. This is a signal to the body to increase insulin production, the hormone that regulates the burning of food. So when you eat too much sugar or starchy carbs, your insulin will only be burning the excess sugar from your meal and not dipping into your actual fat reserves. The only way to tap into your fat stores is when insulin levels are low, because otherwise you’ll just be burning the sugar, not the real fat. Low insulin = burn the fat.

What To Eat Every meal must have a low glycemic load and not raise glucose too high or too suddenly. Research has established that high-protein diets are more effective for fat loss than low-calorie or low-fat diets. Most of your meals will consist of meat and vegetables. Meat choices include grass-fed beef, lean pork, lamb, bison, fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and eggs. Fermented dairy like cottage cheese and natural Greek yogurt are fine. If you like cheese, stick to the hard cheeses, since they contain less lactose. But they’re still pretty calorically dense, so eat them only occasionally. Fruits contain sugars and may slow your fat-loss efforts, especially starchy fruits like bananas and super-sweet tropical fruits. Nuts are healthy but are very calorically dense. Have a handful of almonds, walnuts or macadamias once in a while. Your carb sources will be slow-digesting foods like sweet potato, yams, quinoa, oats and brown rice. Your fat sources will be olive oil, coconut, avocado, meats and nuts. Water, black coffee, tea and sparkling water are the only things you should drink. Stick to whole foods and

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avoid processed foods as much as possible. For portion sizes, a serving of meat should be the size of your palm (imagine chopping off your fingers and thumb and lopping your hand off at the wrist. Yummy). Carb portions should be the size of your fist (fingers re-attached). Vegetables can be eaten liberally, but focus on the nutrient powerhouses like spinach (and other dark green leafy veggies), broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and onions. Become a spice expert and use herbs and spices to flavor your meals instead of sauces and condiments.

What Not To eat Most people struggle with self-control, so avoid having tempting foods in the house and going shopping while hungry. Anything that raises blood sugars too high has to be avoided. Enemy No. 1 is sugar and sugar containing foods. This also includes starchy foods, since these are rapidly broken down into sugar in the gut. This means no bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, doughnuts, cake, breakfast cereals, crackers, puddings, ice cream, waffles, high-fructose fruit juice, sodas, artificial sweeteners, canned creamy soups, dried fruit and noodles. No deep-fried foods like French fries, fried chicken, fish sticks, potato chips or anything with batter on it. Milk and cream need to be restricted since they are high in calories and actually raise insulin without raising blood glucose. Alcohol intake during your fat loss diet should be kept to a minimum since it contains empty calories.

Breaking Through the Plateau Follow the dietary advice given here, and you’re guaranteed to lose fat. Everyone responds differently, however, and fat loss might stagnate before you can see a six-pack develop. Here are a few tips to tweak your diet and lifestyle if your fat loss has plateaued: 1. Feeling hungry? Eat less but more frequently. Snacking is not a good idea. 2. Tired or stressed? Chronic sleep deprivation causes cortisol levels to rise, and this leads to fat deposition around the abdomen. Get some sleep and adopt strategies to manage stress. 3. Reduce carb portions to a half-fist. 4. Remove carbs from your evening meal. Eat meat and veggies only. 5. Keep the majority of your carbs for days on which you train. Consume most of them after your workout. 6. Cut out nuts, cheese, fruit, and alcohol completely until you’ve reached your goal.

Hit Your Core Forget about running long distances on the treadmill to lose fat. Do 20-minute high-intensity interval training sessions two to three times per week instead. Sprints, rope-jumping, biking, swimming and rowing are great examples. Once you’ve burned the fat that was hiding your abs, build up your abs so that they stand out more. Heavy compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses work your abs far harder than sit ups or crunches. To target your abs specifically, incorporate these exercises into your workout: 1. Stability: Work your core with the classic plank. Hold a push-up position (or on your elbows) for 30 seconds, working up to 60. Too easy? Try the extended plank with your arms out in front of you or the star plank with your arms and legs out in an X-formation. 2. Flexion: Hanging leg raises target your abs better than sit-ups. Hang from a pull-up bar and use your abs to pull your legs up until horizontal (L-sit position). Slowly lower

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them all the way back and avoid swinging. Do three sets of 12-15 reps. Too easy? Pull your legs up until your feet touch the bar. 3. Rotation: If you work out your obliques too hard, they’ll give your waist a wide appearance. Russian twists are a great way to develop them without adding too much mass. Sit with your legs elevated and your torso leaned back with your back straight. From this V-sit position, rotate your rib cage to the left and touch the floor with both hands, return and rotate to the right. Do three reps of 12 reps each side. Too easy? Hold a medicine ball or a 45-pound plate.

How Bad Do Want It? For a lot of us, getting a six-pack is hard work, and keeping it might even be harder. Keep yourself motivated by monitoring your progress. Measure your waist circumference weekly and, if you’re able to, your body-fat percentage. If you want to get ultra-serious, keep a food journal. A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine showed that dieters who kept food journals lost about twice as much weight as those who didn’t. The reason why is because people felt more accountable whenever they had to write down what they ate. Accountability is a powerful motivator, so tell your friends about your goals and ask for their support. If a buddy tempts you with cake, punch him in the gut to remind him why having abs of steel are important!

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Ripple Effect Social Magazine is searching for talented freelance journalist to help us grow with deep rooted news and event coverage. If you have a thirst for finding the lead and getting the story then we want to talk with you. Ripple Effect is a new online social magazine focused on interaction with the community and its readers. Please email your resume and a sample of your talent We would like all candidates on board before our official launch party in March 2014.

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Meet our resident Hair/Makeup Artist Jacks Von Liria. Ask Jacks about hair or makeup ideas, concepts, trending makeup and hair fashion, or about Jacks own product line. There isn’t much that Jacks can’t answer so ask your questions in the response box below and let him go to work. Bio: “I (Jacks Von Liria) was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1976. Very early in my life I knew that I wanted a career in the makeup industry. My first professional exposure to the industry occurred in 1998 while working at a dance club in Ibiza, Spain. I had the opportunity to work with several incredible makeup artists and fashion designers while supporting a performance group called LOS MONSTRUOS DE IBIZA. Through this experience I worked with amazing techniques, makeups and body paintings which created beauty and artistic illusions which can only be described as WOW. At that point, I knew that I was hooked.

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I enrolled in the Stick Art Studio academy, (Makeup Forever) in Barcelona in 1999, under the mentorship of Corinne Perez. Following graduation, I worked as an intern on several movie films, and television networks. I had many opportunities to travel around the world and work with some of the big names in the industry, Jorge De La Grarza, MAC Cosmetics, John Galliano and Dior, etc.. In 2009, after 10 years of hard work, I moved to USA to follow my dream of creating a new and fresh style of makeup. As a result, I was able to develop a system to help others to understand the basic rules of makeup application whiling emphasizing the techniques needed to transform a face to the limits of its potential. My knowledge and skills are here for you to take.” “Talent is a matter of emphasis.” Jacks Von Liria


I’ve been doing some internet researching contouring recently, but everything I’ve read seems like it would look clownish for anything other than a photoshoot. Is there a way to contour for day to day wear/for a night out? I’d like to slim my face and emphasize my eyes, but I just can’t figure it out so far! haha -SVT REPLY

1. Jacks Von Liria DECEMBER 19, 2013 AT 1:12 PM EDIT

Hello Sarah : Contouring is all about bone structure and color, you can use 2 colors: a lighter and a darker color (usually not very different from your skin tone if you want to look natural), and remember 2 simple tips: the dark color will make the area go deep, and the lighter color will expand the area. You can use for the dark color a caramel matte eyeshadow or a matte bronze powder.For a lighter color you can use also a matte eyeshadow one or 2 shades lighter than your skin color. You need to apply the dark color at the areas you want to slim.and the lighter color at the light spots of your

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face witch are: *Center of the forehead *The center line of your nose *Cheeks *Chin As i always say, makeup is very personal and rules can be changed depends on the person we are working on. For example, to make your face slim, use the dark color right under your cheeks, at the beginning of your jaws and a little bit just right under your jaw. Dark color will make a “shadow effect” and will make your face look a little larger. Jacks Von Liria. REPLY

2. julian DECEMBER 19, 2013 AT 1:25 PM EDIT

Jacks, Since I have a pale complexion and I’m not into tanning or any chemical applications (bronzers, etc.) what would be a good way to add color? Also, how do you approach mild acne scarring to help the skin look smoother with make up application? Thanks, Julian REPLY

1. Jacks Von Liria DECEMBER 19, 2013 AT 1:40 PM EDIT

Hello Julian: About your first question: Makeup is a chemical product, they have better products or worst, but they are all chemical. Said that, instead of using a cream bronzer or spray tan, you could use a bronze powder. MAC cosmetics has a Matte bronze perfect for men, very natural, and also very gentle with your skin. Sometimes we are afraid of staining our shirts, that’s why i would not recommend you to add around your neck. Powder Bronze will complement your natural color, without being so obvious. You can find this product at MAC, or you can use one from Make up Forever, available at Sephora. Just make sure is Matte (some bronzers have some gold shimmer). About your second question: There is one product on the market to help reduce the redness caused by acne. Is call Touche Eclat and its from Yves Saint Laurent.

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This product will help you to cover the color , but not the volume. If you really want to get rid of your acne scarring, i would recommend to talk to your dermatologist about a chemical peeling. Jacks Von Liria REPLY

3. Lisa Lou DECEMBER 20, 2013 AT 2:16 PM EDIT

This might be a silly question. But I am asian and I have somewhat dark skin and always use blue eye shadow. I recently was told that I need to update my make up colors. Can you tell me what are some good fall or winter colors that would look good on asian skin?



1. Jacks Von Liria DECEMBER 21, 2013 AT 10:48 AM EDIT

Hello Lisa! Bronzes, copper or dark gold will enhance your skin and eyes. Try to use one of those colors, and add black eyeliner and Lashes. You will see the difference!! REPLY

4. Stephanie DECEMBER 20, 2013 AT 10:43 PM EDIT

My question is exactly the same as Julian’s. Does your advice for him apply to women as well? REPLY

1. Jacks Von Liria DECEMBER 21, 2013 AT 10:52 AM EDIT

Yes, Stephanie, makeup can cover the color, but not the volume. Some products like Studio Tech from MAC has a lot of coverage and help on a female skin. If you are used to wear foundation, i would recommend you to use that one, and also an illuminate concealer like the same Touch Eclat. The difference between Julian and you, is that him wearing a full coverage foundation will not look natural, but you can totally do that. Of course if you are using foundation, add some eye shadow and blush to give volume to your face. Jacks

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Meet our resident culinary expert Chefski. Ask about recipes, food paring ideas, and all things food or culinary. Post your question below in the response box and let Chefski go to work. Bio: “Chefski is the owner operator of Your Personal Chefski. A personal chef business in the central Indiana area. Specializing in exclusive in home dining, cooking classes and weekly meal services. Having honed his skills in over a dozen restaurants, country clubs, and private dining facilities. Chefski brings to the table an abundance of food and culinary knowledge.” Chefski Laskowski @ facebook


So I have a question, I’m hosting a holiday party would like some ideas on unique dishes I can prepare that would really make it stand out. Any ideas? REPLY

69 | P a g e 1. personalchefski DECEMBER 20, 2013 AT 11:27 PM EDIT

Julie I have alot of great holiday party ideas. Some of my go to recipes are… Truffled stuffed mushrooms, Lamb Chop Lollipops, Endive w Blue cheese mousse, Butternut Squash Soup And a real crowd pleaser … Creme Brulee I hope this helps Chefski REPLY

2. Julie Carter DECEMBER 21, 2013 AT 10:07 AM EDIT

Chefski, Those all sound amazing! But for my skill set I think the Truffled stuffed mushrooms would work. Can you tell me more about these and whats the best way to fix them. Sorry I don’t want to take to much of your time. REPLY

1. personalchefski DECEMBER 21, 2013 AT 5:40 PM EDIT

Julie The mushrooms are easy and exquisite. Button mushrooms 20 or more garlic 3 cloves or more cream cheese 1pkg bread crumb 6oz mozzarella cheese 4oz fresh thyme few sprigs salt pepper to taste truffle Oil drizzle Destem the mushrooms and grind in a food processor with the garlic. Sauté the mixture in a little olive oil. Add cream cheese until soft put mixture into a bowl add the rest of the ingredients. one key step is to bake the mushrooms un stuffed. Until they release some moisture. You can add that liquid to your stuffing. Add a good amount of mixture into each cap. Bake at 355 for about 15 min until caps are brown. Enjoy

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Meet Sylvia Mann our resident male and female consultant. OK men and women this is your chance to ask a girl anything and get a true unbiased answer back. Ask about relationships , sex, movies, gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anything else your mind can conjure up. Feel free to offer some advice on other posts as well, after all this is a social magazine. Please enter your questions in the response box below.


Hi Sylvia, I’m having trouble trusting my Girlfriend and feel that she isn’t always being honest. I feel like sometimes she tells me she is one place yet she endes up somewhere else. She also I think has gone out of town without telling me and seems to always pick a fight right before she becomes unavilable for a week. What should I do and what do you think? Is she cheating? REPLY

71 | P a g e 1. Sylvia Mann DECEMBER 21, 2013 AT 2:58 AM EDIT

Steve, You cannot assume…unless you have solid proof, it is not a way to build trust. Assuming can cause mistrust on her part with you when she had trust in the first place. She can assume you are not where you are at 24/7 but she needs to trust you as well unless she has solid proof. And solid proof isn’t hearsay, you must consider the source. Think about why she is picking a fight…are you sure she is STARTING or INSTIGATING it? She may be on the defense because you are constantly badgering and questioning her integrity. It only causes hurt and pain and she will think less of you…I think the demon is in you. If you cannot stop it from taking over, then you will miss out on a loving relationship. If you do not recognize you have a problem then breaking her heart and soul isn’t making it better. I hate to say this but it’s an insecurity issue.. If you do not see a pattern then you are in a world of hurt. People only can get past it if you RECOGNIZE IT, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, EMPATHIZE AND SEE WHAT IT IS DOING TO THE ONE YOU LOVE, AND LEARN FROM IT AND NOT REPEAT IT. Only when you see you have a problem and get help will you learn that you should have done it long ago and Life is too short. If she is doing something that is unforgiving then you need to let her go. Don’t try to control her. You will never win in the end. Sylvia REPLY

2. Jill Hanah DECEMBER 21, 2013 AT 5:51 PM EDIT

Helly Sylvia, I was reading the previous question from Steve and althought I don’t know him he does bring up a good question. As women what can we do to help promote trust in our relationship. I think a lot of relationships have this I’m sure including mine at times. So what would you suggest? Thanks girl. REPLY

3. Sylvia DECEMBER 22, 2013 AT 1:41 PM EDIT

Jill, I just want to clarify. It depends on with whom the trust was broken? I can better answer that. Did the guy break it and want to build it back or the girl? Or is it both? REPLY

1. Jill Hanah DECEMBER 22, 2013 AT 4:48 PM EDIT

Trust hasn’t been broken by either of us. But he seems that he quesitons me not in a mean way but worries. Is there something I could be doing to make him feel more secure when I go out with my friends or out of town on business? REPLY

72 | P a g e 1. Sylvia DECEMBER 23, 2013 AT 11:31 AM EDIT

If you go on a trip. Check in with him after you arrive to let him know you made it ok. Tell him your agenda and how your day went. Give him the hotel room # and phone number to the hotel. When you go out with friends include him. If your friends get to know him he may be ok with you being out. Ultimately if no trust is broken and he keeps questioning you about things…unfortunately THAT will make you insecure and you will start questioning HIS trust. My question is if no trust has been broken then it leads back to his insecurities and he shouldn’t make you feel bad for his downfalls. He needs to get help to overcome this or your relationship will definitely suffer. I know this all too well. I lived it myself. Sometimes giving him all this information of what you are doing with who and when causes him to question you on your integrity. What he doesn’t understand is that you become insecure and try to avoid confrontation and argument that you just wont share that information anymore and that in turn will make him more insecure and he will think because you aren’t volunteering that information readily he thinks you may be cheating. It is a vicious circle and it will drive you mad. If he cannot overcome this then the best advice is GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP AND FIND A HEALTHIER ONE because if you don’t, it will destroy you inside.

If you would like to ask our professionals anything please visit our site and look for the “ASK ANYTHING” drop down.

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