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Illustrated by Russel Yuan.

Pity the Slug, who eats his peas, neither squid nor bug, nay bigger than flea.

Small though he may be, he caught Lizard’s eye and soon he would be but custard pie.

In turn the lizard was spotted by mice, who ensured a swift and timely demise.

Kudos to Cat, the hunter of night, he swooped up Mouse while out of sight.

Came then Raccoon, the masked bandit, big though he loomed, Cat never saw it.

Dog then happened to walk by, Raccoon just so happened to catch his eye.

Yeti appeared behind dog snow white and brooding. It wasn’t long before he started snacking.

BigFoot saw Yeti and stalked his prey. The eater was then eaten, quite sad to say.

Swam thing came out of nowhere, big green and bold, with one big gulp he swallowed Bigfoot whole.

Alien stopped by and he got hungry. He saw Swam thing and can i say the rest is history?

Godzilla spotted from far a pinkish speck. Oh well i’ll eat it, he thought, oh what the heck...

Megatron saw Godzilla eating a snack, that was when he decided to launch his attack!

Rustlewerkz 2010

Food For Thought  

A Whimsical look at the journey of calories in a food chain

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