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Portfolio Feb 2011

Curriculum Vitae 8 FEB 2010 Mobile: 98230677 Email: Website:

Russel Yuan

Graphic Design Illustration

Artist Manifesto

Being involved more in the sciences since young, my designs tend to be a little more analytical and considered. But that said I do enjoy breaking away from convention from time to time. I truly do believe that experimentation is the key to growing as both a designer and a person. It is my belief that design should inspire as well as excite. It gives voice to content, speaking to the audience through juxtaposition of words and imagery. Good design is timeless, elegant and meaningful. The medium is as much a part of the message itself as is the content.

Education 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Communications Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media 2010

Exchange Program, Graphic Design

San Diego State University, School of Art, Design & Art History 2005

GCE “A” Levels

Temasek Junior College 2003

GCE “O” Levels

Hai Sing Catholic Secondary School 1999


Tampines North Primary School

Work Experience Freelance

National Library Board. Under direction of Sonny Liew.


Pamersan Poskad 08/09


End of Semester Show 09 School of Art, Design & Media

Volunteering Publicity Cell for Multiple Special Projects Under NUS Community Service Club 08’-11’

Books on Display “Skin Deep”, Special Collections, San Diego State University Library

Software Skills

Relevant Skill sets

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Correl Painter.

Graphic Design, Publication Design, Illustration, Branding, Copywriting, Letterpress, Woodcuts, Dry Point Etching, PhotoPolymer Letterpress.

2010 a sample of works done.

五香:The Taste of Memories.

A Journey of Calories: An illustrated Children’s Book.

Magazine based on the works of Graphic Designer Matt. W Moore.

Campaign & Poster Design

Singapore, Self initiated

Mar- Apr 10’

Phsyiognomy: A Face Reading Revival

A Face Reading Revival Brochure & Poster Design, Campaign Direction A Campaign which serves to revive the ancient Chinese art of face reading. It made for an interesting subject matter and I decided to take it up as a challenge for myself to modernise face reading and make it more relevant to today’s culture. It uses moles present on one’s face to foretell one’s future. Chinese would sometimes remove moles from one’s face to counteract the premonition.

Concept I found that teenagers today were still very much interested in techniques such astrology, palm reading, etc. but face reading was in decline. After some research I found that information regarding face reading was convoluted and lacking. Thus I played with the idea of simplifying the process. I tried making a reflective poster which also served as a mirror. The person would view the interactive poster from a distance such that the eyes on the poster aligned with oneself’s and the poster would then point out the region where the moles would foretell one’s future. (Of course a one size fit all poster was impossible but because I used an average face and people could align themselves by moving forwards or backwards, most faces were able to get a fairly accurate reading).

San Diego, California

Branding & Identity

July - Nov 10’

Wild Willow Farm Identity WILD WILLOW


November 13th, 2010

Mr Adrian Kohl

Fileria Dry Goods & Exports 0821 Molar Avenue Santa Monica, CA 12773

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PO Box 33285, San Diego, California 92163

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Sincerely, Mel Lyons




PO Box 33285, San Diego, California 92163

Visual Identity Guide for Wild Willow Farm Visual System, Standards Manual & Collateral An initiative from a local non-profit organization based in San Diego, California which aims to teach local Californians to grow edible crops in their backyard. They promote urban farming and serve to help educate the community on the benefits of home grown produce.

A joint project with: Brianne Korthase

Mr Adrian Kohl Fileria Dry Goods & Exports 0821 Molar Avenue Santa Monica, CA 12773

Lauren Sh

Director of ope aw rations


anDiegoro 619.602.4 721 www.sand iegoroots .org/farm

Concept The mark is rendered with a bold and modern typeface to differentiate itself from traditional farming and show the emphasis placed on urbanized farming. The tiling of the letters also hint at the compact nature of urban farming. The carrot used is also one that is not shown to be “perfect”, rather it is one that is grown from the earth. Healthy but not artificial. The carrot blends into the typeface to hint at the integration of farming and the community. It also shows the confidence of the organization in its mission and ideals.

Illustration, Packaging

Singapore, Self initiated

Feb - Mar 10’

Incubus: Make Yourself A CD Cover Redesign

Incubus: Make Yourself A CD Cover Redesign Illustration, Packaging Design. For the brief we were each told to bring a cd to be randomly passed around in class and redesign the cd assigned to us based on the genre, music and artist. The cd i received was make yourself by incubus which was an alternate rock band.

Concept Listening to the cd i found the music to have a more introspective and contemplative vibe. Playing on the name of the album itself, i decided to juxtapose a picture of a puzzle and a face. However it looked a little too cliché and I decided to address the issue with a hint of someone falling apart. The idea of trying to hold onto one’s identity as the world collapses around struck a nerve with me and I decided to try to portray the turmoil. I added a skull with a puzzle piece in place of an eye socket onto the cd itself. When removed the cover would reveal the missing puzzle piece below the skull itself, as a reminder of how easy it is to lose oneself in today’s hectic society.

Publication Design

San Diego, Self-initiated

Oct - Nov 10’

Life In Technicolour A retrospective of my 23 years ...

A Life lived in Technicolour. Publication/layout Design We were to write a biography on our lives, a look back on our past years in new light. To show how much we’ve grown and progressed.

Concept I related my life to colour theory by Josef Albers. Each year was coloured in a different hue and saturation due to the emotions and the various intensities i felt them in. The years were later grouped in colour and presented not in chronological order but rather by hue and saturation. The result was an intense scrutiny of my life by myself as i decided which emotion was felt most memoriably each year and a retelling of my life not only by words, but also by the colour and format they are presented.

2011 a sample of works done.

Digital Painting of Dracula

Discordia: Hand transferred Collage

A visual guide to surfing: An Instructional without words

Curriculum Vitae  

A small Showcase of Work From 2010 to the start of 2011

Curriculum Vitae  

A small Showcase of Work From 2010 to the start of 2011