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includes a black




large selection



white works. some of

the art used in these older books is amazing, humorous and detailed. There are only so many uses for black and

white art....and so i have gained quite a collection. i decided to do a book of collage based on all of this black





first few spreads of this book contain

a bit of color, but as i continued, i gradually left all traces of color out and black and white was the rule. here i have displayed the first 20 pages of the book. the rest will follow in future issues of the TRUNK.

• lemon pines collage, 2002

this collage was inspired by the exquisite marbling techniques of a belgium artist named alain valet. He does original hand marbling with some very intense colors. i love their richness and i immediately have a desire to draw on it. alain Valet also works in pen and ink and does collage. more of his work can be seen on my website at this link: this particular collage piece is almost a self portrait. as i worked on it, i felt more and more like the little girl on the edge of the woods, beckoning you in.

•der, collage,2002 this is a page out of a journal i am currently working on called birds and bees

Trunk No. 3b  

This issue contained excerpts from a black and white journal of mine, which ended up being posted on my website, magikglasses.

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