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TRUNK / WINTER02 /first issue A Quarterly journal of art in the woods by Julie Sadler. Visit me on the web at Anywhere you see a URL, click and go to that link. Don't be afraid to explore! Special thanks to Thomas Schostok of BEAST for the extra encouragement! Get it Now! Š 2002 Julie Sadler all rights reserved.

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you see i live in these adirondack mountains. where are these mts you ask. upstate new york. yea. NY. it isn't just a city you know. or do you? this is the largest park of it's kind in the world. over 6 million acres huge. that's a lotta land yo. it is owned both by the state of new york and private folks like me. cool combo. we get to live in this vast balsam forest of endless streams rivers lakes and share the land with birds bobcats bears. the silence here is deafening. there is no electric hum roadway honk or crowdly yell. really just you—and the earth. that is truly what it all comes down to. take off the fancy clothes the expensive jewels unpaint your nails and pull back your hair. forget the joneses the smiths the neighbors the boss the wife the husband the lover the kids. drop the house the car the 4 wheeler the snowmobile the mountain bike the skiis . cancel the bank account the credit card the atm the paycheck. leave the job the stress the excess the pressure of society. what is left? you—and the earth. so i figure this is a good place to be. from my house i see no evidence of people houses civilization except the road i get here on. from here on it turns to seasonal dirt road and goes for 6 miles or so. only camps woods no electric cable dsl. in the front i see a forest ravine leading to the creek/swamp/beavers. from the side i see my apple trees asparagus patch blueberries strawberries. from the other side i see my pond my birches my balsams the pitcher plant the bog. from the back of my house i see my field. nobody. no body. just me—and the earth. just the way i like it. but i want to share it with you.

i bring to you nature painters collage stories photos maps icy blue nudes and more. digital traditional non-commercial real tangible linked and interactive art. the techniques are new old traditional experimental classical fad. the medium could be pastel paint pen and ink brush quill feather wacom paper birchbark cardboard computer screen. i use a lot of other peoples paintings printings sculptures graffiti quotes thoughts dreams and sometimes bend them a bit. i go to any time period for material medieaval barbarian rococo renaissance roaring twenties nouveau deco techno. but my message underneath is always the same. it's me—and the earth. and you—and the earth. and here it's you—and me.

TO: Whomever it May Concern RE: "A Manifesto for Growth", by Bruce Mau copyright and used with permission by Bruce Mau Design The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth is a 43-point program --one man's vision of an optimal working life. His comments are a key to additional creativity and thought. Seek and ye shall find.

There is this frozen

creek behind my house. It is posted land.

But I could

not resist its enchantment.

Upon my next visit, the caretaker spied my ski tracks and informed me I better stay out.

His next

step was to sue for trespassing.


In 1920, several painters were seriously inspired by the Canadian Canad landscape which they lived. These 7 met and chatted about art. art It was their chat room room.


They called themselves the Group of 7. They were moved by nature. Trees woods lakes, and the rugged landscapes of their land. And this is what they painted.


It doesn't seem very Radical to us. We can do whatever art we choose. This wasn't the case back then. You Y conformed to society...the Dutch School...the Barbizon zon School...the Hudson S School.


Ignoring the trends of the day, y, they created their ow own style following a cue from Mother Nature. Their legacy: a art that uniquely showed the depth and vastness of the Earth. Ea


They held their last exhibition xhibition as the Group o of 7 in December of 1931 and left a deep impression ssion upon future paint painters. Their vibrant artwork is appreciat ted internationally.


There are severall websites hosting online onlin exhibitions. www.tomthomson.o org www.groupofseven www.m


artist author Rockwell Kent. Born in 1882. He lived in many interesting


Kent and wild places...among them Maine, Alaska, Greenland and his beloved Adirondacks.

architectural draftsman Rockwell Kent. Very popular and well-known in the 30's!

Worldwide acclaim. Until the mood in art changed. Modern and Abstract Art was breaking into the art scene.

dairy farmer illustrator Rockwell Kent. First American painter to have a solo

exhibition in Russia, a big deal back. An unpopular choice. The public began to shun him.

painter printmaker Rockwell Kent. Defiant, he gave the "Great Kent Collection" to Russia in the late '50s! Received the Lenin Peace Prize in 1967.

lobsterman ships carpenter Rockwell Kent. Lived on a 200+ acre farm called Aasgard near Ausable Forks in the Adirondacks, in full view of "Whiteface, the noblest single mountain in NY State."

socio-political activist

Rockwell Kent. View him on the web.

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