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Prek Toal Housing Project | Cambodia Prek Toal is located on Tonle Sap Lake. Though it’s one of the most productive freshwater ecosystems in the world, many of the 1.5 million people who rely on the lake for their livelihoods face increasing challenges from overfishing, changing water levels caused by climate change-related droughts, and hydropower dams built upstream on the Mekong River. Of those families, 70 percent make less than $1,000 per year. Rustic has partnered with the Prek Toal community since 2012 to ensure residents have access to safe, healthy, and dignified housing. „ 6 houses completed last year (16 houses completed to date)

Demonstrating SLO: Desire to Positively Impact the Lives of Others “She is more interested in world events and constantly refers back to her experience in Cambodia in conversations. She has chosen to do an AP Research project on health care in Cambodia so she will be using her personal experiences to frame that project.”

Dianna Gobler, Sarah’s mom East Quogue, NY Floating Village Service, 2017

Water and Sanitation

Blackwater Treatment Systems | Dominican Republic Rustic began working on water projects in the Jarabacoa region in 2012, focusing on installing aqueducts to provide access to rural communities for three years before starting wastewater filtering projects in 2015. Using a combination of gravity filtration, particle filtration, aquatic plants, and metal oxidation techniques to filter and clean wastewater, our students have prevented wastewater from entering rivers near these mountain communities. Rustic has constructed eight systems to date. 29

2017 Rustic Pathways Impact Report  

At Rustic Pathways we assess our impact in two ways: through our students and the communities we partner with. Read the full 2017 Impact Rep...