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Intercultural Competence This year’s data indicated a strong correlation between growth in intercultural competence, the learning outcome in which students reported the most growth, and our investment in hiring and training exceptional Program Leaders. Intercultural competence is the desire and ability to behave and communicate effectively within and across cultures, to view issues from other perspectives, and to collaborate and engage in decision-making processes with diverse groups. Before the summer, our hiring and staffing team purposefully hired Program Leaders who demonstrated intercultural competence in their application and during their interview. We also introduced a new Program Leader training course in all Rustic countries, including online and in-person versions, that emphasized cultural competencies.

By the Numbers Average growth experienced by boys, the most of any SLO

Average percentage growth students experienced in intercultural competence after participating in a Rustic Pathways program

Average growth experienced by girls, the most of any SLO

Students in this age group experienced the most growth in intercultural competence of any age group that traveled with Rustic Pathways

We expect to see even more growth next year with additional investment in Program Leader instruction in cultural competencies by hiring a consultant to design a new, more rigorous training course.


2017 Rustic Pathways Impact Report  
2017 Rustic Pathways Impact Report  

At Rustic Pathways we assess our impact in two ways: through our students and the communities we partner with. Read the full 2017 Impact Rep...