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Average Student Growth*

Openness Sense of Wonderment

We found that students grew in nine of 10 Student Learning Outcomes when comparing responses before they traveled to immediately after their program.

Shared Humanity Desire to Positively Impact Empathy Self-Awareness Humility Grit Independence

* Based on 1492 pre-travel responses and 853 post-travel responses from high school students.

Intercultural Competence



6 *on a scale from 1 to 6

initial pre-trip survey post-trip survey

The Future of our Student Impact Evaluation We’ll use the ongoing impact assessment data to design program experiences that drive stronger—and more enduring— growth in the skills, habits, and mindsets we believe are critical for students’ success as they tackle their generation’s most significant challenges. 12

2017 Rustic Pathways Impact Report  

At Rustic Pathways we assess our impact in two ways: through our students and the communities we partner with. Read the full 2017 Impact Rep...