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The Results of Our 2017 Student Impact Evaluation We evaluated how often students felt they embraced behaviors associated with our Student Learning Outcomes. The graph below shows results collected from evaluations before and immediately following 2017 summer programs.

Percentage of Students Demonstrating Growth* Comparing pre-trip and post-trip survey results, the largest percentage of students experienced growth in their belief that all people are connected by a shared humanity. growth in openness to new ideas and experiences growth in humility


36.0% growth in sense of wonderment

growth in desire to positively impact the lives of others



32.7% growth in grit

* Based on responses from 486 high school students who took both the pre- and post-trip surveys.

growth in self-awareness



growth in empathy



growth in intercultural competence

growth in independence

21.6% growth in a belief that all people are connected by a shared humanity


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