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BS Booklet Edition Plan & Details

Broad Plan Format We explored multiple options to communicate this. What we have agreed on is a booklet shape and a soft copy of the same that is uploaded onto an internet medium, with an online magazine look & feel.

Contents The general consensus is we go with a broad theme. This includes a. Letter from Rajesh b. Editorial c. one pager on all teams in BS d. Dedicated section to Improvements and ideas e. Section on the people (fun based)

Objective The purpose of this communications is to impress the reader with the achievements, capability and talent in the Business Services team. In these pages we’ll really market Business Services to the Tesco global community.

Audience & Quantity To be handed out to all Business Services folks (700 nos), Leadership team, WL3s and above in other functions IT, FS, ES etc (50) and importantly to Business Services stakeholders in UK (250 nos). Total of about 1000 copies.

Schedule We aim to have this completed in the next five weeks. Aim to launch March 23, 2009.

Budget: About 80,000 – this is a rough estimate and we are awaiting your confirmation on the plan to reach out to the printers to get a right figure.

Team Executive Producer Rajesh – Overall vision and ownership

Editing Shilpa – She will take Smita and her teams help.

Branding & Online Initiatives Sabin – This includes arriving at title, initial plans

Design & Layout Partha Mazumder

Manuscript & Assets Management Sangeetha – She will co-ordinate with different teams to ensure the relevant information is available.

Printing & Production Vijay & Vadi – Photo shoots, printing and delivery.

Consult Smitha Menon and communications team Ravi, Satish, Pavan & Sharad

How to go ahead What


Who & When

Approvals and suggestion

To confirm if plan is okay and approve to move forward with the project.


Communication to BS Managers

To send out plan to group and take any more builds and keep them informed.


Branding & Style

To get a good title - suggested to have people send their titles and we chose the best title.


To get a basic look & feel of the publication (Dimensions, Page size, gloss etc) Cost & Time Estimation

To get accurate costs, required time for printing and production.


Get quotes from different printers and negotiate (can work with current providers as suggested by Smitha) Establish Contributors

To work with relevant managers, to explain and help develop content from their teams.


Letter from Rajesh and Editorial Develop Design & Layout

Create the design of the booklet (Front page, inside pages, content pages)


Develop prelimnary layout or comps, a rough draft of what the final piece will look like. Plan pagination, image placement, typography; rough plan of total words

Develop Manuscripts

Share layout with managers and content size (word limit) to ensure the text and information fits into the layout


Get draft graphs, flowcharts etc to be shared with Design to enhance look and feel. Imagery - Photos

This will include photos of Rajesh, People, Manangers etc.


Editing & Reviews

Proof read the information (factual and grammatical), language consistency, simplicity, abbrevations etc.


Imagery - Graphics

Develop on the content through appropriate graphics to represent information consitent with design of the booklet.


First Review

Review the design, text, graphics - from all angles.

Rajesh & group.

First Draft

Share design with Printer, get inputs around display clarity, fudge, cutting, colour balance


Final Reviews

Review the design, text, graphics - the overall appeal. Confirm all is good and ready to print.

Rajesh & group.


Get print complete


BS booklet  
BS booklet  

this files describes the plan.