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Campus NewsBriefs A Weekly Update of Activities at Rust College Vol. 43, No. 3

September 12, 2013

Connecting With the Class of 2017 Summer came and went like the speed of light and with the blink of an eye, it was time to reconnect with Rust College and prepare for the arrival of the class of 2017. The first connection began with the student leaders on campus, who sacrificed a week of their summer vacation to come back to undergo intensive training with the annual Student Staff Leadership Training Institute (SSLTI). The Training Institute was held on campus and student leaders were trained on leadership skills, loan default management, anger management, basic first aid, cyber-bullying, and an array of other issues that college students tend to encounter. Some of our own Rust College family members volunteered to return early from vacation to help Left to Right: OWL Program Assistant Coordinators: Jamishela Williams, Nytisha educate and train our student leaders. Ms. Pearly Smith; OWLs: Tenecia Williams, Chelsea Alexis Jackson-Smith, Peer Advisors: Cortia Jones delivered a hearty welcome as she shared Henry, Chassity Burns. Front Center: OWL Lemarco McClendon the purpose of the SSLTI and ended big with creative humor that we all appreciated. We also had Dr. Sharron Sarthou, who shared her expertise on the academicallydiverse student and how students learn differently. She also shed light on students with special needs and how we might serve them effectively. Dr. Druscilla Neely, along with some of her criminal justice students, i.e.Walter Rhone, presented a very eye-opening workshop entitled “School to Prison Pipeline”, which shed light on how some school systems appear to “set some of our future leaders up for failure” by exhibiting a lack of trust and caring for our African American children; and by displaying what appears to be the mindset that they are criminals and will never amount to anything, or that they will only wind up in prison. We also heard from Ms. LaTanya Foreman, of the Rust College First Family Center, who gave valuable tips on anger management and problem solving. Other workshops included, STD Awareness and Prevention, Leadership Skills, A Peer to Peer Charge from the SGA President and Miss Rust (Noah Moore and Andrea Cooper), Loan Default Management Education, facilitated by Mrs. Benita Ivy, and Mr. Carl Robinson, Teambuilding facilitated by Mrs. Mildred Mitchell, Creating Community and Healthy Group Relationships facilitated by Mrs. Vivian Gulledge, and Cyber-Bullying facilitated by Ms. Aminta Spight, just to name a few. All of these workshops have a propensity to prompt students to either drop out of school or be dismissed due to disciplinary reasons. The Student Staff Leadership Training Institute is designed to teach our student leaders how to correctly and efficiently respond to and peer LaTanya Foreman counsel with students who may come to them plagued with these issues. They are also taught how to recognize when they are not qualified or knowledgeable enough to advise a student and when and where to refer that student to a professional Rust College staff person. Continued on page 2

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Check-in of our new students was well underway on August 10th, where Rust College student leaders, staff administrators and sororities and fraternities all partnered together to ensure a smooth check-in for our new students. Even though temperatures were at an all-time high outside, temperaments of students, parents and staff remained cool, calm, and collected as everyone joined forces to assist one another. Fraternities and Sororities did their part by passing out cold bottles of water and snacks, and helping families move their belongings into the residence halls. The WURC 88.5 FM staff, led by Mr. Wayne Fiddis, contributed by playing music outside the check-in area to help ease wait time, and Mrs. Ollie Holloway and Mrs. Patricia Harris supported the cause by selling Rust College paraphernalia throughout Orientation weekend. It was a huge success and favorably commented on by students and parents.

”Blind Walk”, where OWLS see what it is like to feel what freshmen feel: fear of unknown, not knowing what to expect, and having to totally depend on and trust a stranger with their well-being.

Parents were not left out of the loop as Dr. Beckley and his Executive Council, along, with other key campus personnel, held a “Parent’s Workshop” Sunday, August 11th. Information that was shared included the academic program, the student code of conduct, loan process, financial aid; health services, residence life education and procedures, etc. They were also introduced to the operations of the Freshman Year Experience Program. Dr. Beckley concluded with a brief summary of behavior expectations of Rust College students and he ended with The Rites of Passage Ceremony I, which is the act of parents officially turning their children over to Rust College. By placing the Rust College necklace on their child’s neck, they allowed their children to become official Rust College students. Programs and activities were carried out as planned, as the First Year Experience Program (FYEP) orientated new students to the campus, connecting them to financial aid, campus security, residential life, Rust College traditions and the learning of the Alma Mater. The First Year Experience Program hosted the "Rust Ready" program under the leadership of FYEP Chair, Dr. Kenneth E. Jones, which introduces the students to the entire Rust College experience, including key personnel associated with that experience, the Rust College Way, and teaching respect for self and others overall. The following weekend, students assembled for the annual Asbury United Methodist Church “Heritage Walk” (Rites of Passage VI). Wearing white Rust College t-shirts that all freshmen were given, it was a beautiful site to behold as approximately 100 students participated and marched in single file line in honor of Rust College’s educational roots. All Rites of Passage ceremonies were coordinated by New Student Orientation committee member, Rev. Annie Travis. Two days before classes began, new students participated in the last Rites of Passage Ceremony where new students were officially inducted as “Rustites” and they were given a Rust College backpack which contained other Rust College paraphernalia. It was a very trying time getting the campus ready to connect with the class of 2017, but with the dedicated help of the entire Rust College family, we were able to have a successful New Student Orientation. Special acknowledgements to the Orientation Workshop Leaders and Peer Advisors who worked Students received special prayers during worship service extremely hard decorating and preparing the campus for the arrival of the new students. They were diligent and focused, working very long hours to ensure at Asbury United Methodist Church. the program was successful. For their efforts in helping to plan, implement and facilitate New Student Orientation, I applaud the committee, chaired by Mrs. Carolyn Hymon; Dr. David L. Beckley and Mr. Robert Curry and crew for making sure that the air conditioning in the Doxey was repaired and working properly, and to the Physical Plant workers for making themselves available and promptly handling all mishaps that came up. “It was truly a team effort like no other…the entire Rust College family coming together as one for the sake of our students”, says Jackson.


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Freshmen Class Officers Elected Those interested in running for a freshman class officer position were invited to give speeches and to campaign in as many creative ways possible during New Student Orientation. The freshman candidates went all out with flyers, posters, and with friends serving as campaign managers. “It was as similar to the real elections as we could get, and it was a lot of fun, with this year having the most candidates in a single category than ever before. Candidates seemed more serious and determined this year to obtain the position of their desire, and they all gave very impressive speeches”, says OWL Program Coordinator, Shelley Jackson. Whereas the positions of SGA Representative, Sergeant-At-Arms, and Chaplain are still open, the 2013-2014 Freshman Class officers are as follows: 2013 -2014 Freshman Class Officers President: Rashawn Jackson (sitting) Standing left to right: Treasurer: Sharekia Thomas Secretary: Justice Lynch Vice-President Allyson Sims Miss Freshman: Patience Rolondo

Division of Business Student Activities Council Elects New Officers

L-R front row: Tenisia Russell, Treasurer; Shirley Bean-Walker, President. L-R second row: Quemell Brinker, Recorder; Marnesha McGory, SGA Representative; Lakendres Nabors, Vice President

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the Division of Business Student Academic Council (DOBSAC). DOBSAC was established within the Division of Business as a means of allowing students a voice in the overall well-being of the division. The organization is charged with the duty of seeking opportunities for improvement, and the enhancement of the division through academic, social & cultural programs and activities. DOBSAC should also be actively involved in the recruiting and retention efforts within the division by offering suggestions and recommendations. DOBSAC meets monthly to hear suggestions from business students about areas of concern within the division and to determine if any recommendations need to be made. All Division of Business students are encouraged to join DOBSAC. Students interested in DOBSAC may call the Division of Business for more information: 662-252-8000 ext. 4352.

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Rust College “Where Tomorrow’s Leaders are Students Today”

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY… Emergency notifications for students, faculty and staff will be handled by mass email, Channel 19, WURC 88.1 FM, RC-TV 2, and campus loud speakers. If you would like to receive emergency notifications by text message, please submit your cell phone number to Mr. Carllos Lassiter, Dean of Students. The numbers will be used for emergencies ONLY and will not be distributed.

Emergency Numbers: Security office: 662-252-8090 Security guard on patrol: 662-216-3429

2011-2012 Bearcat Yearbooks Available Upperclassmen, faculty and staff who have not yet received the 20112013 yearbook may pick them up at Oakview Mansion (between Shaw Hall and the Brown Mass Communications Center/ Shaw Cafeteria).

RESCHEDULED 2013 President’s Opening Convocation TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 2:40 p.m. Morehouse Auditorium, Doxey Alumni Fine ArtsCommunication Building *Please dress professionally*

Parking Permits are available for purchase NOW! ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REGISTERED BY SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 You will need your Insurance Information and License Plate number! Parking permits may be secured in the Office of the Vice President for College Relations located on the 1st Floor of the McCoy Administration Building, across from the President’s Office. If you have a Rust College Vanity Plate on your vehicle, you will not have to pay for the parking permit for that vehicle, but you must bring your vanity registration to secure your parking permit at no cost. Parking permits for other vehicles will cost $10.00 for the first vehicle and $1.00 for each additional vehicle. Faculty/Staff ONLY Reserved Parking is $50.00 without vanity plate and $40.00 with vanity plate. All Students operating a vehicle on campus (residing or commuting) must register vehicle with the Dean of Student’s Office in order the purchase a permit. Student permits are $5.00. All Faculty/Staff and Students operating a vehicle on campus are REQUIRED to purchase parking permits. VEHICLES WITHOUT A PARKING STICKER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS AFTER 6:00 P.M.

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