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Mysterious BayMan Ridge ‘Bing’ Attributed to Verizon-Sanctioned Liftboat Staten Island

Miss Norway 2019 is crowned PRAYERS

“When Justin posted about the bing BY MEAGHAN MCGOLDRICK Photo courtesy of Matthew Kabel weeks ago, I said it sounded exactly like when I was a kid in Buffalo and we had to The elusive Bay Ridge “bing” may be a bang poles into the ground for our snow mystery no more. fences,” he told this paper, adding that, A three-legged liftboat spotted over the I read countless Unfortunately, whatever In the meantime, the only when going for a run by the water Sunday, weekend in theattempts waterstonear the Verrazstate one’s contempt for is thethe efforts made then and in words that come to mind conthe structure stopped him in his tracks. zano-Narrows Bridge cause were of the shooter the‘round anti-semitic years to address cerning the Pittsburgh massacre “[I had a real] WTF moment,” he said. soundand heard the hood,subsequent Councilmemviews heldBrannan that resulted in theSunday, hate and often mental ill- are, May Those who Perished According to Levingston Offshore, “The ber he Justin proclaimed Nov. BY CHRISTINA CARREGA the18. massacre that occurred in ness behind the hate have fall- Rest In Peace. May those There are literally thousands  Worldwide Pioneer of Liftboat,” the Pittsburgh at the-Tree of Lifeby local en short. I would like to injured make a full recovery. of new jobs in the There are multi-purpose, many other eleccraftregion is athat “self-propelled, The noise described residents A Staten Island man pleaded not guilty on Tues., Dec. Congregation. thatthe the Tree of Life And may all the affected famionly exist because of the film vessel” tions on theoften ballot.used Locally, self-elevating most to as an ominous “bing” whichbelieve mirrored 18 Occasionally, for brutally cracking of an firefighter there is the anskull is off-duty an isolated event, but lies and friends find some level and television tax credit that Republican/Conservative carry equipment in support of mineral exsound of “metal on metal” -- attack became a hot I would like to believe and causing his “almost instant during a history road rage event so on horrific therewhen are Brannan, asdeath” I mentioned has of comfort in knowing millions Golden wrote. All sorts of senior Steve Saperstein is in a accomor other offshore construction topic socialthat media earlithat the Tree of Life citizen programs ploration no words to describe your shown that it is not. incident. are praying for them. only kept pace petitive election for State tivities. er this month, asked community members attack is an isolated with economic changes due to Assembly against Democrat feelings. You try Joseph and youDesmond, try, We react as been a society and as If convicted, who has charged  one in particular, Community also heard the “mysterious bing.” We pass some event, but as I men- the senator’s efforts.This butif they’d you cannot fully wrap a government. Last week, the Home Hospitals in Mathylde Frontus in a district with murder, faces up to 25 years to life in prison in the Board 10 beDistrict Manager Josephine “[It]around sortait with sounds like an enormous yourself words. new laws and create some new Reporter endorsed State Brooklyn that seem to always tioned history has shown that stretches from Bay Ridge death of 33-year-old Faizal Coto on Dec. 9 around 4:40 Beckmann said, had been contracted by grommet banging on a giant flagpole,” he Pittsburgh attack on programs. It is a Band-Aid Senator Marty Golden (whom in financial trouble benefited by to Seagate. Congressmember that it is not. a.m.The on the Belt Parkway. Verizon to determine whether or not itoff wrote on Facebook. many levels crossed into this approach that at best has resultI serve as chief of staff) for reGolden’s work at the budget Dan Donovan faces Desmond, 29 of Staten Island, used an unknown blunt drill of fiber-optic the JustItone of Brannan’s posts questerritory. is one of aleft growing ed--inthe the useviolently, of bigger causBand- election. Of course, I do not negotiating table could and billions againstcables Max there Rose. inRepubobject to strike the side of Coto’s head future. made lican/Conservative Assemblytion was posted to various group pages essentially a civic activist connumber of what has become a Aids as the years have gone by. claim to be non-partisan when new dollars for education ing his temple to fracture, after getting into a fender-bendin StatenNicole IslandMalliotakis and they’ll is -- has since garnered over 150 responslong andthe continuing string I do not know the solution. comes to the re-election of stantly looking for new ways to their way into the “They city to started help member er with firefighter, saidofAssistant District Attorney An- postiton Russo, who lives in the 90s, said she has only I saw the BRP I felt better that it assist beseats hereinfor running a few more days,” she es, the better part of them To a resounding and improve the neighborpremeditated actions designed put us on the right trail, we state Sen. Golden. create thousands of new in a very quiettold race dres Palacio in Brooklyn Supreme Court. heardhe it represents. more than once in a given wasn’t this paper Monday morning, Nov. 19. Adam to “yes.” tear through the very fabric first need to accept thatonly our me.” Regardless, the Home hoods ourday. end of Brooklyn. against Democrat “There is no place on the streets of Brooklyn for such was funny, I would earlyis in Thedue sound -- which allege I“Itwould add, asasthe stafferhear itThere of what America is about. problems to Reporter — residents which serves priasked if she, herself, had heard Local resident Donna Russo told are thissystemic, a lot moreWhen to be done. Baumel. mindless violence. We will seek to in getsociety justice for have the timed also oversees Albany the mornings andhis then again when I got toof opioid seems eerily all over like conAttacksthat, against blacknow changes that marily(“not the 90,000 people who who The tragedy affliction November the bing, BeckmannNext saidTuesday, no, but that it was 6 paper until Brannan’s post in a group victim and his heartbroken ones,” said Brooklyn Dis- wrote that no one churches, againstParents,” teach-loved been aggravated by breakreside the Bay Ridge and legislative work lateragenda, in the day,” she said.has “I was one in resident on Facebook) once like, again raise its evil head. is board’s important clear by the floodisofelection phone day. callsItthe called attacks “Bay Ridge she’d thought struction,” trict Attorney Ericschool, Gonzalez. passed more legislation ersshe and students for- downs in the nuclear family. Dyker Heights communities Golden a package that you that markmost it on of your cal‘Oh I truly am losing my mind, and has nowauthored -- is loudest in the early morning hours, district office received Bay might be at going crazy. Coto’s coffin was carried fromhas theno, Coto, who was a firefighter for threebreakdown years and does was iton signed into lawme!’” by the gover- of bills to deal with eign terrorist attacks not —funeral in its heard editorial made some this issue. endardid. and make a commitment it’s following has also been night. It has Ridge most certainly “That bing droveagainst me nuts!” This she said. “I though homeatatop a fire truck. the brink of restarting hisall music career, leftalso deadrecorded in the past Russo’s eight years. ordinary at work cause theitwas hate orforbeen mental excellent points regarding the And 9/11 Karemains current for all that to vote. are open from 6 ebrooklyn media/Photo MaiselnorThe sound, neighbor Matthew by residents onbyallTodd ends “I’m happy the Polls mystery is finally had toAmericans ask my daughter if she heard as near Exit 4thing in Bath Beach with bleeding to the brain which course, passing have one in common – issues, but can lead to such senator’s long tenure in office. belOf too many families of she first said, brought him bills backthat to his childhood. solved,” said.a.m. to 9 p.m. There are countwell. I thought I was losing my mind. When of the nabe. caused “almost instant death,” Palacio said. unadulterated hate. hate going unaddressed festerThe bottom line for the Home the governor signs is not the true responders. No one has done and less examples of how one vote Coto taken call to Coney The was wake-up cameIsland ing Hospital for long where periods he of was time Reporter was that Golden has measurement of a senator’s suc- continues to do more on this made a difference. Do not be It is what the new laws do. issue than Sen. Golden. immediately after Columbine. until it bubbles over. pronounced dead. the one vote that did not vote. been forMoore decadespose and with remains Miss Heritage award winner Elise Fauske and Miss Norway Caroline othercess. contestants. ebrooklyn media/Photo by Arthur de Gaeta Desmond jumped back into his 2006 Infiniti G35 and fled to the Circle Motor Lodge in South Amboy, N.J. where escorted by members of the pursue a biomedical engineer- her degree to make an impact ants and an audience from fam- Scandinavian sphere.” BY JOHN ALEXANDER he was arrested on a parole warrant, according to newly JALEXANDERBY PAULA KATINAS NYPD Viking Association. And ing degree at the Stevens on other people’s lives. ilies who have moved from the Miss Norway and Miss released court documents obtained by this news organi- Institute of Technology this fall. @BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM the main prize was a roundtrip Children ages five to 11 immediate area, but still keep Heritage will be among the zation. One of the most closely watched in New York State Fauske said she cherishes the also participated and were in touch with the churches and honorees in the upcoming airfareraces to Norway.” “Wow, I was to surrender Wednesday,” Des- values of humility, resourcefulAndtothe winner is going . . . morning came an endjust Monday as incumbent The master of Republican ceremonies titles of Little Miss organizations,” said Nilsen. “It Brooklyn Norwegian Day BY PAULA given KATINAS Caroline Moore was crowned mond saidMarty to detectives on Dec. 10. “Man,toStang I Democratic wasand gonstate Sen. Golden conceded the contest was Rolf Kristian this ness and pride inherited from Norway and Cadet. also reflects viable the diversity of Parade in Bay Ridge on to May candidate Adam Baumel, I nomically and appealspecious by her failure identhe same. OVER IN MARTY’S thisDEBATE year’s Miss Norway at theMy year’s na surrender Wednesday. car has been all overBrian the her ancestors, judges were and desires to use “This event drawsdown contestmarriages outside of the 19.tify the source of the partisan challenger Andrew Gounardes, nearly two weeks after ElecIn response to complaints from community leaders ing for advertisers. Why? Is sitting with was there when the debates 64th annual Miss Norway of THE DEBATE CORNER Andersson, former commissionnews and I was going to visit parole on Wednesday anytion Day in Southwest Brooklyn’swere 22ndover Senate about a proliferation of unlicensed vendors Dykerto I have been to every forum raucous yelling and chanting. your food opposites andintrying andDistrict. heard a lot of Greater New York er, New York Citycount Department I read with disappointment A drowning man grab ways.” “As the Board ofcompetition Elections completes itsfrom final of this Heights during thewill busy hourscompromise of the neighborhood’s fa-As and debate and they have not Bob Capano who was next to so difficult? comments the senior citonDesmond Saturday, of Records; Kristen Johnson, Jerry Kassar’s column inI which bladeChristmas of a sword. I don’t is on14. parole for a September, 2012, assault-asyear’s closeApril election, congratulate Andrew Gounardes and mous lights spectacular, the Obama commanding President once ofsaid, been pleasant experiences. me later agreed that it was 80 izensNorway who attended the the in thePeter contest, spon-he walked 2017; Ann Kristin he Judges criticized Killen’s know who said this first, butsaid“Elections a-hate-crime up to a man at Gates wish him wellduring in his which service to Miss the people of the 22nd State ficer of the 68th Precinct his officers andconsequences” other city Only the Malliotakis-Baumel percent Gounardes backers, have debates. sored by thedebates Norwegian deacontoathis thechest” Norchairing of the at thein aKarlsen, it’s perfect for this piece. and Fairview Avenues, “shoved astatement. black object debates were civil, but that is in and he supports Gounardes. agencieshave been cracking down on the sidewalk salesSenate District,” Golden said I don’t understand how anyone Andrew Gounardes is a Immigration Association, wegian Seamen’s Church; Interagency Council of Inc., theof Election State Sen, Marty Golden has can believe that free education part because Nicole is all but The Xaverian debates were and him awoman homophobic slur, according court docpeople. Atcalled press time, the Board was stilltocounting ab“gentleman’s gentleman,” select a young who Arnold Oftedal, secretary, board Aging’sballots, debatesa process of the candibeenSpeaking vilified byatextremist over or untouchable politically and closer to 55-45 Gounardesuments. free health care will be free! a joint meeting of the Dyker Heights Civic sentee that began on Nov. 16, but with most who coupled with his intellibest exemplifies the values of directors, the Norwegian dates. the last severaland months and itPrecinct is Who’s ethically, and very respected. Golden supporters in terms of going to pay for it?last The black object let Gounardes outby electric current into the middle Association the 68th Community Council of the ballots counted, maintained a lead of more gent way of discussing an and culture represented Christian Home and Health I consider Jerry a friend, shame,atmisstating his record The leftChurch keeps in saying the Mr. Baumel, I believe, after screaming. The tone had been Redeemer-St. John’s Lutheran Dyker of the1,000 man’svotes chest, theGolden court read. than over with a dwindling fewBreiland, election issue, would represent us with a week their Norwegian heritage. It documents Center; and Elaine and while we represent two inHeights, the Senate, particularly in top one percent will have to talking to him, is a nice fellow, set at Dyker Heights. Capt. Robert Conwell said police are taking the Desmond was sentenced in September, 2014, to one to the demeanor thatofwould bendistrict left count. was held atto the Norwegian one director the Third different political parties, and zone regards to school speed cam- pay. and he knows that about her. ities ofNow, the a"Golden support They alreadyshould pay more “Car dealerships not illegal,” Brannan concludes. running dealership, BY MEAGHAN complaints seriously. efit Bay Ridge greatly. three years in prison. Christian Home and Health Golden realized he was running out of room to make up the may disagree with some of his District, Sons of Norway. eras. ByMCGOLDRICK the way, he sponsored than The other debates were 50 percent-plus of the Nazis" graffiti appears at his keep more cars in stock than The issue extends beyond there has to be a balance for “We’re really looking into vending, and have enforced However, the hecklers in the Center at 1250 67th Street in In the current case, Brooklyn Supremeathat Court difference in a vote count and decided concede, source Nilsento explained in party’s positions, I murder also agree these bills,MMCGOLDRICK I believe twice. entirely uncivil, raucoustoandsafety, government’s revenue office in chalk the sidewalk. they have room for,” he when con- the sidewalk, according as well as foronfairness.” audience did a disservice to what can be enforced,” he told residents at the meeting. Dyker Heights. Justice Vincent Del Giudice remanded Desmond to Rikers told this newspaper. decades past, more than 75 with him on several issues. Back when the senator ran 50 outrageous. The moderator @BROOKLYNREPORTER.COM percent of the people pay Community note, the Donovan-Rose tended. “This isn’t Edison, Board 10 atWhen Ofdealerships devour This lawmaker, year, thereI were seven Andrew, because didn’t “We issued a few summonses. If you see them now, they Island. young would compete The who disapwas trailing bywomen more thanthey 1,000 on against That is why was Vincent Gentile they nothing. the end of the GoldendebateBeckmann at Xaverian was not New Jersey where they have District Manager Josephine parking, stressed, contestants vying for thehad titles: “read” their audience. Senior have found spots where they can be.” for the title, Precinct, but for the last Desmond had been led out of the 62nd 1925 Election Night, Nov. 6, previously refused to concede, optpointed about what he wrote. BayhisRidge are carThe attacked policeresidents record and Gounardes debate at Xaverian social programs the left Beckmann, dealerships theone sizenight of 10 who told this nearby nearly as bad, that perhaps in part businesses rely on Heidi Abrahansen, Abigail citizens do not like bad manConwell also said he had his officers go out few years the number has Bath Ave., earlier theallafternoon, while a crowd of firePeter Killen a in gentleman ing instead to is wait until of the paper ballots were counted. sicktheand tired of dealerships when facts came out, Marty are sarcastically thanked of thethe audi-those saying they will instill will football fields. Our local dealpaper that a number spots lose out, too. due to the questions asked, Fauske, Elise Fauske, Emily ners, Golden, whetheratain retired aseven. debatepolice or on won remained The with the Department ofcountry. Environmenwho doneSenate a greatDistrict, job of which fighters watched. Thehas22nd using sidewalks as of showbyrepresentatives a pretty big margin. ence for being “civil.” bankrupt said, complaints erships the need to beJFK better the soboard has “It just comes downin tonature, being and which were local Hahn, Olivia Riise Kongevold, a food buffet line. I heard, not requirement used to be that the tal Protection (DEP), the NYPD’s Peddler Task Force and moderating debates the first Last has week, friends,infamily and fellow officer, represented since winningfirefighters election incame 2002, Irooms. am hoping that Andrew “Ask The about Frontus-Saperstein not what this country can received neighbors and have respect for dealerships a good neighbor,” she as supporters andsaid. plants were Tori Seeland and Moore. They young several,held but many, seniors say women be of the NYPD’s Legal “to see iffor there was anything wefor complain past. He takes that The issue — Bureau which sees together at or both aresponsibilwake and a Southwest funeral at Leone Funertakes in all parts of several Brooklyn neighborGounardes does not hide debate at Xaverian ended do but what you can do the communities in which they that they hogin a Bay Ridge not very active resident no doubt as ranged in age from 17therefore to 24. Norwegian descent, however, that the hecklers were so ity seriously and is missed.” auto purveyors some al Home in Sunset Park. left-wingalong trolls, andof the near fight off stage involving hoods, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath behind country.” present municipal operate. It’s prettyThe simple.” parking spots, Donna Russo the directed by thecalled campaigns.. “Theincluding contestants displayed a now the requirement is thatconat annoying that they might impartial. Intoaneighborhood’s single night last week, DEP issued violations to anthe her campaign manager, Joeparking the busiest sticks the issues at hand. Cotodiversity was remembered as “everybody’s best friend,” “the Democratic Party is not Beach, Gravesend, Marineand Park and Gerritsen Beach. problem a “nuiMY POINT? All sides wide of interests least one ofRepublican. their parents or sider voting I think Since worker I am the male ice cream truck andTexeira a food according to Conwell. thoroughfares parking theirtruck, same as it was. For the In first Herrera, and Golden supporterssance.” — Dan hardest inLars theNilsen, firehouse” andBorough a “phenomenal huGounardes, chief counsel to Brooklyn President Eric deserve opprobrium for this accomplishments,” grandparents be from Norway. that Jerry’s anger should be Democratic leader of the 64th goods in the public walkways addition, Peddler Task—Force issued to such as Jerry Kassar. It was “I time, I can’ttwo seeviolations voting for one. families does tryingespecialto man being.” butsee Gounardes Adams, released a statement soondirected afternoon Golden conceded. co-chair, Norwegian ImmigraElise towards Fauske, 18, won the the hecklers. AD, and campaign managis astruck pertinent todayand as itseveral was other trucks — one owner were hitPanico with equally uncivil, mostly from walk by with a child in hand Bob ly. I voted for him in 2012 and He wasthe off-duty at the time oftitle his death. “IAssociation, look forward to coordinating with Senator Golden on a tion told this paper. of Miss She is — Heritage. Ralph Perfetto er for Democratic Assembly FROM THE RIGHT last spring when summonses. the audience. Saperstein was know and pushing and Why him as aa stroller good guy. Additional reporting contributed Meaghan McGoldrick. “The young women were smooth transition between nowfrom andbyJanuary so that comAmbler, Pa., andour hopes to Councilmember Justin The question forChristmas the CHANGE The Dyker Heights lights display is there isthisnoI room do nottoknow. ISa dynamic, GOOD especially aggressive on stage. he allows Brannanelection vowed is: toAre that upcoming you features community-wide event scores of homeownThe Dyker Heights debate But, although walk,” Russo theresaid, may be I agree totally with this introduce legislabetter offantoday then you were echoingground Brannan ers in area stretching fromchange 10th to[in13th Avenue left, the editorial and who politi- was the worst of all, causing a some middle tion the lasttolarger-than-life 10remedy years?it.I am! holiday cal and is Beckmann St Philip's church leader addressing to divergence so of great erect displays, Robert Conwell, members thepolitifocusincluding for theSantas, Home Captain The reindeer, bill, coI understand the giant left was that streets demand decorum saying "This cally seen also on—social dancing “Nutcracker Suite” illumiDyker Heights Civic Association and — theas 68th Precinct Reporter andfigures, the Spectator], sponsored by of upset by the results the last and media —especially thatmeeting. whatthose you did is a House of God!.” Cars Council, lined up at onEighty nated snowflakes, super-sized snow globes their front allow me on to say why. Community their joint December Councilmempresidential election. There Fourth Avewith the on Home Reporter of the screaming there ebrooklyn media/Photo by Helen Klein and Despite some apparent percent Fourth lawns and house facades. Avenue, berssome Jimmy were onVan the lights right that — “have Spectatornue is justified. was fromoutside "Team Gounardes" efforts draws by [Bob] The Christmas extravaganza visitorsCapano, from local Photo ofalso, Andrewbut Gounardes by Jordan ebrooklyn media/fileaphoto Bramer and were without the Rathkopf So, Ibecome expect showfew "tart which initiated all ofneighborhood it and did [Craig] Eaton, [Ralph] cops assigned to the at night. all over the world. dealership. Rafael Espinal, is Gounardes Sen.-elect Andrew celebrating onto establish Election so State Marty Golden conceded toafrom Andrew rooms, notat safe help of the politicians on the tweets" directed you. I do earlySen. onPhoto with rude andthe has Perfetto and others “That’s where I have seen biggest difference But the success of the event has spawned traffic jams courtesy 7333 6TH AVE still innow the have works,the best some middle ground, there mocking Night. Gounardes. place to walk.” left we hope in coming years and comments about the last year to this year,” she said. and a sharp increase in litter on the streets, according to of Councilmember but if signed into law, Russo noted that the economy, maybe ever, the campaigns all sides can rein Conservative candidate chalreally is virtually none. The Justinconfirmed Brannan’s office Conwell at the meeting that traffic control in leaders of come thethe Dyker Heights Civic Association Community can together and move forward,” theand statement wouldunemployment revoke licensan evenPeter better place to live, work and raise morning a and family,” Golden very same she lowest for all the fanaticism attacks. But divergence is extreme, politi- was lenging Abbate. a top priority. munity Board 10 officials. es inofpart. dealerships ticketed read spoke toit, the Brooklyn I doubt sadly. groups, and more jobs than cally. Changes had to be made stated. I will say bluntly that Paula “We’re turning out the troops, and making sure the The problem comes candy, for taking up the areas set when aside visitors For Golden, concession was anpurchase admission thatice his Katinas's Reporter, she and her daughter Gounardes, who will take office in early is looking people. —January, Thomas Hilton to make the papers more ecoreport this wasthem know whatofwe want to do, boarding which is traffic cream and hot chocolate fromservice food vendors andPrior then to caremore than 21-year-long in public was over. win- officers trouble ahead to starting his new lifehad as an elected official.a local Ifor am apedestrians fiscal career conservative, not We’re fighting the fight forbecause you guys,”a he told resilessly drop the wrappers on theserved sidewalk, three times. Brannan dealership. election toaBut, the State Senate, Golden as a acCity control. aning Republican or Democrat. Iand cups “Now that the election is bus over, I am of grateful to people of dents. hopes his dealerships cording todistrict’s fed-up residents. In his letter, Brannan presumably free of charge. “Just now, my daughter Council member from 1997 to 2002. am a registered independent that Southern Brooklyn for their support and humbled by their HOME REPORTER AND SUNSET NEWS ( USPS # 24880) is published weekly, Councilmember Justin Brannan, whose will getstatement, ahead and be atneighDuring the weekend oftook Dec.the 15-16, members of theon reminds those onto thereflect receiv“Theinboard receives reguand aI Democrat couldn’t safelyI disget forexcept the first week of January, first week of July, last week of August and In his Golden opportunity has voted for both parties one trust me to be our community’s voice in Albany. look the last week of December by EBrooklyn Media, 16 Court Street, 30th Floor, borly before it’s illegal not to. includes Dyker Heights, said he will work with city group Fight Back Baywho Ridge into (in Dyker Heights to trict ing end bold-face type) larward complaints about particuonto S53 bus because the care, time or in another and for I came his life politics. Brooklyn, NY 11241. Subscription price is $ 35 per year/ $ 40.00 out of State. to going to Albany to lights fightthe for affordable health for young attorney, “Public sidewalks are not officials so that the Christmas event could be better pick up litter as a neighborly gesture. Periodicals postage paid in Brooklyn, NY. that it is already against the lar car dealerships,” new dealer had cars on the believed would be theI am bestsoper“On many levels, proud of what I have accomplished a livable wage, a world-class education system, pedestrian POSTMASTER: send address changes to Home Reporter and Sunset News and 16 Court Street, 30th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11241 ) for cars, and the sidewalk is law in said. 2019.“We certain- sidewalk and in the bus Fran Vella-Marrone, of to thepark Heights Civ- planned a vehicle without Beckmann 2019 son to docity, the beststate job. andpresident fornot my my the neighbors IDyker have been honored perfect for recent lawyear school grad. safety, an MTA that reliable, accessible and an accountable a showroom,” said “We’re hoping next is Citystop,” Hall will official to a license plate and a registraly agree with the councilman she give“Something ic Association, said many of the vendors do not have the I don’t understand the lack to represent. I fully embraced the awesome responsibility enall, and equal protections for all of our citizens,” he said Brannan, who atfrom the end ofcity last to tion permit, so instead of having to beg, borrow and steal re-in his sticker on a New York that some of these businesses needs to be done.” proper licenses the sell food. “The vendors are FT in Canarsie-based law office; of civility going on trusted byespecially the people who elected me. street. I stroveIt each and every- really statement. month penned a strongly City is also against need work on resources this.” “Dealerships parking cars sources, wetowill have allocated,” he said. a real problem,” shesaid told this on Tuesday. with left.a positive HRC we newspaper day tothe make difference for law someone,” said.“I ap-commensurate TheChristmas victorious Gounardes also thattoishebehold, doesn’t inworded letter to a cluster of by carthethe salary with experience. to parkhe Some dealerships have on sidewalk obnoxThe lights display istheahinted wonder preciate the efforts made 68th Precinct. ItIany hasvehicle made can’t have civility until they “Although we came up just short this election, am grateful dealerships along Third, on a city sidewalk. tend to waste any time. been more cooperative than ious, egregious, dangerous Brannan said. “It’s pretty cool to have people coming to a difference. But the problem still persists.” win. Maxine has incitmyFourth career in Waters public service has muchgetting success as a Dyker and Fifth avenues as been full Send resume totoandcheck “InHeights the days since the election, my team andlights,” I have worked amofreally tired others, the district manager illegal,” Brannan said. from Europe out the he Theof police presence has made a “I major difference in trafed well lack civility by demandas 86th Street asking police officer and as an elected official. As I think ofnot the to future, closely with Democratic leadership and my colleagues of begging you do said, noting also that, while “People are tired of it and soin the ing be confronted ficRepublicans control, to Vella-Marrone, who said traffic has said. to getaccording their act together. mythem supporters, neighbors and friends can bethat sureis that I will she something already “understands complexam I.” State Senate totheensure that I’m ready to hit the ground Additional reporting contributed by Helen Klein runwherever theymore can.smoothly Cory been moving thanks to a large number of still always look for opportunities to make our neighborhoods ning,” he stated. Booker (Spartacus) has done

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