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No Matter How DOT Repairs BQE, Promenade Will Be Out of Commission for a Long Time ‘If the Promenade Falls Down, it’s Not Going to Be a Landmark’ SEE PAGE 2

Come See the Beloved, Endangered Promenade

Heights Press photo by Lore Croghan


City Secures $25M Federal Grant to Repair The Brooklyn Bridge’s Famed Towers SEE PAGE 5

No Matter How DOT Repairs BQE, Promenade Will Be Out of Commission for Long, Long Time Pollution Going to Be A Major Problem Promenade Can’t Just Be Propped Up ‘If the Promenade Falls Down, it’s Not Going To Be a Landmark’ By Mary Frost Brooklyn Heights Press

“People are freaking out, and I don’t blame them,” state Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon told the Brooklyn Heights Press on Monday. As residents of Brooklyn Heights vacillate between outrage and panic, the city’s DOT has begun to analyze the feasibility of a plan put forth by community groups that might save the landmarked Promenade from being temporarily turned into a sixlane highway. No matter which plan the city eventually goes with, however, DOT says the Promenade is going to be out of commission for years, since the walkway is the inseparable top level of the BQE’s triple-layer structure. DOT engineers have proposed routing a temporary BQE over the iconic Promenade while the triple-cantilever beneath is rebuilt. The idea, called the “innovative” plan by DOT, has shocked residents and businesses, as it would bring the noise and pollution of 153,000 cars and trucks up to the level of neighborhood yards and streets. The Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) and local officials met with DOT on Nov. 18 to present their alternate proposal, which would route a temporary BQE over the eastern edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park, far below the residential neighborhood.

As DOT considers options for a massive $3.4 billion reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Brooklyn Heights residents are facing issues including years of pollution from traffic and construction and the temporary loss of the beloved Promenade. The Promenade is an integral part of the BQE’s unusual triple cantilever structure. Here the northbound lane of the BQE can be seen below the Promenade walkway. Heights Press photo by Todd Maisel Because of the specialized software the BHA’s architect used to create the plan, DOT received a universally readable copy of it just last week. A DOT spokesperson told the Heights Press that it was currently evaluating the “feasibility of different plans,

No matter which BQE reconstruction plan the city eventually goes with, DOT says the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is going to be out of commission for years. The landmarked walkway is the inseparable top level of the BQE’s triple-cantilevered structure, as can be seen in this DOT diagram. Diagram courtesy of DOT 2 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, December 13, 2018

including the alternative plan suggested by the BHA.”

DOT: Promenade Can’t Just Be Propped Up Some residents are holding out hope that the Promenade could emerge unscathed from the massive reconstruction. DOT said, however, that the walkway is integral to the BQE’s overall structure and it would likely have to be at least partially taken down. “The Promenade forms the top deck of the section of the BQE known as the ‘triple cantilever’ (between Orange and Remsen streets), which has unusual engineering characteristics — it is a ‘one of a kind’ structure,” the DOT spokesperson told the Heights Press this week. “The three cantilevered decks are supported by a vertical wall that also serves to hold back the earth behind it. A complex system of forces holds up the cantilevered decks and soil, and moving one of its parts affects the others. Thus, the BQE cannot be fixed without affecting the Promenade,” the spokesperson said. “If the Promenade falls down, it’s not going to be a landmark,” Assemblymember Simon told the Eagle. “You can’t just brace it up, and people recognize that.” However, she said, people want the Promenade to be out of commission “for as short amount of time as possible.” The mayor revealed his backing for the “innovative” plan in October, enraging local residents and businesses who say he blindsided them and “short-circuited the community engagement process.” Soon after, however, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would be willing to consider alternatives — as did DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. Continued on page 4

Amazon in Brooklyn: Why Bid Didn’t Quite Measure Up

The city, which pitched four sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, included this rendering of Amazon’s logo atop One Court Square in Long Island City.

Rendering courtesy of the NYC EDC

Borough Offered an Array of Sites, Including Former Watchtower HQ And Dock 72, but Cost and Logistics Likely Got in the Way By Norman Oder From The Bridge

Did Brooklyn ever really have a chance at winning the new Amazon campus? The Brooklyn Tech Triangle may have many assets, including residential space, creative companies, food and educational institutions, but a comparison of the bids presented to the Seattle-based behemoth looking to house at least 25,000 workers shows that Long Island City, the company’s choice, had some distinct advantages. Not only did Long Island City offer space above a subway station for the first tranche of workers, that building, at One Court Square, was closer to a move-in than two sites proposed in Brooklyn: the Panorama complex (formerly the Watchtower headquarters) at the edge of DUMBO and Fulton Ferry, and Dock 72 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. One Court Square was presented as cheaper than Panoroma and competitive with Dock 72. Also, future office space — Amazon seeks a total of 4 million square feet — would cost less in Long Island City, with more opportunity for contiguous sites. Still, boosters of the Brooklyn bid pulled out the stops, even mocking up an image with Amazon supplanting the former Watchtower sign on the complex formerly owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and in the process of conversion by its new owners, Columbia Heights Associates. The city-and-state bid to Amazon, released this week by the New York City Economic Development Corp. (NYC EDC) after a public information request from Politico, even modified Milton Glaser’s iconic “I [Heart] New York” logo by substituting Amazon’s smilingarrow symbol for the heart image. The documents emerged less than two days before the first City Council hearing regarding plans for a new Amazon campus.

In its bid for Amazon's HQ2, the city mocked up a sign where the Watchtower logo once loomed atop its former headquarters at the edge of DUMBO.

Building Out the Campus

Beyond that, for the further buildout, several Long Island City sites — including some (but not all) that Amazon chose — were presented as costing between $24 and $49 per square foot, a relatively wide range. Brooklyn didn’t quite measure up. While five potential expansion sites at the Brooklyn Navy Yard were said to cost $43 per square foot, the total available space (2.6 million square feet) would have been insufficient for Amazon, even combined with Dock 72. Ditto for the eight potential expansion sites in DUMBO, offering 2.54 million square feet and renting for at least $54 per square foot. (Note: before Amazon decided to split its purported HQ2 into two sites, including Crystal City, Va., the sites contesting for HQ2 were presenting a potential 8 million square feet.) The bid touted the recently expanded NYC Ferry, while promoting the Brooklyn-Queens Connector (BQX) as “a state-of-the-art streetcar with the potential to connect over 400,000 residents to major job hubs along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts” — but, of course, its future remains uncertain.

Rendering courtesy of the NYC EDC

Brooklyn < LIC

While Brooklyn offered a cost advantage over both Midtown West and Lower Manhattan, the other two city neighborhoods in the package, Long Island City still offered logistical and price advantages. For example, One Court Square, long known for its anchor tenant Citigroup, was said to offer “net illustrative rent” of $46 per square foot.* Amazon would get 12 months of free rent on a 20-year lease and, yes, NYC EDC also presented an image of that building topped by the

Amazon logo. In Brooklyn, Dock 72 at the Navy Yard, under construction by Boston Properties/Rudin and scheduled for occupancy next year, was presented as renting for $43 per square foot. But that 610,000-square-foot space, despite offering an outdoor half basketball court and four outdoor terraces, is far from a subway, relying on shuttles and a future ferry. It too offered 12 months of free rent. The DUMBO-adjacent Panorama site, 25-30 Columbia Heights, is under conversion and “offers a prominent signage opportunity atop a Brooklyn icon,” but also lacks direct subway access. The rent was said to be $59 per square foot, with six months free on a 20-year lease for the 772,000-square-foot complex. Real estate firms that proposed buildings for the first phase of occupancy were said to have executed term sheets with NYC EDC, thus agreeing to refrain from leasing their space until this year in order to hold it open for a prospective Amazon move-in.

‘Land Use Action Required’

Brooklyn’s bids offered many creative proposals for using space under development, or planned for it. Continued on page 5 Thursday, December 13, 2018 • Brooklyn Heights Press • 3

No Matter How DOT Repairs BQE, Promenade Will Be Out of Commission for Long, Long Time

Continued from page 2 “We are continuing to evaluate a variety of ways of addressing the structural deterioration of the entire BQE, including the Promenade. It is important to remember some of the same deterioration issues that exist at the roadway levels also exist at the promenade level and NYCDOT’s intent is to address all of them in the most prudent way possible,” DOT told the Heights Press.

She added, “A city EIS process will likely commence in early 2019, and the window for response will be quite small.”

Simon Feels DOT Being Open

Simon, however, says she feels DOT is being open in its approach. The $3.4 billion BQE reconstruction is one of the most massive engineering feats the city has attempted since Robert Moses built the highway and its triple cantilever section in the late 1940s. “Who would want to do this? It’s a horror,” she said. “I believe DOT is looking very seriously at any valid proposal. They have a very difficult job on their hands and ultimately there will be a lot of unhappiness to go around.”

Air Pollution Already a Problem

Assemblymember Simon says air pollution from the BQE is already a problem, and vehicle emissions would be even more of an issue “if the roadway is closer to people’s backyards.” But she pointed out that construction also causes air pollution. If the job were to proceed on a traditional lane-by-lane basis, another option DOT has considered, construction — and pollution — could last up to two years longer. “If you don’t have the temporary roadway and they do it lane-by-lane, you will have construction and air pollution like crazy,” Simon said. “The temporary roadway will keep down the construction schmutz, which is higher in particulate matter. If I understand it correctly, particulate matter is more damaging than vehicle emissions.” Simon cited a 2012 study conducted by researchers at Lutheran Medical Center and SUNY Downstate Medical Center that found that living near a heavily congested highway correlates with a higher presence of asthma. The study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, reported higher rates of asthma among those living closer to the BQE (aka I-278), near a portion known as the Gowanus Expressway. Those living in the same community but farther from the Interstate had lower levels of hospital admissions.

Prize Jewel of Brooklyn Heights

State Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon. Photo: Susannah Pasquantonio

‘Prepare EIS Ammo’

Until now, the Promenade has partially shielded neighborhood residents from this pollution, said Laurie Garrett, former senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and Pulitzer Prize-winning author on global public health. “The Promenade overhang has, for decades, buffered both BQE noise pollution and actual CO, CH4, CO2, ozone, PM 2.5, lead, mercury and other pollutants, holding most of the horror beneath. Moving all traffic up to Promenade level will bring that noise [and] air pollution up to ear, nose, mouth level for local Brooklynites,”

4 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, December 13, 2018

DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg Heights Press file photo by Mary Frost

she commented in response to an article in New York Magazine by architecture critic Justin Davidson. In a letter to Brooklyn Heights neighbors, Garrett urged residents to prepare “EIS ammo,” referring to the required Environmental Impact Study. “The situation is getting worse, rapidly. City officials are portraying opposition to the BQE ‘repair’ scheme as the selfish actions of rich Brooklyn Heights NIMBYs,” she wrote. “It is clear that officials are moving rapidly on each step of the process, and anybody that thinks this problem is going to ‘go away’ is sadly self-deceiving.”

The Promenade is considered the jewel of Brooklyn Heights, attracting thousands of visitors. The structure, designed by landscape architect Michael Rapuano along with his partner Gilmore Clarke, is part of the neighborhood’s historic district and its landmarked views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge have received special designation. In his New York Magazine article, Davidson wrote, “Charles Birnbaum, the head of the Cultural Landscape Foundation, makes a persuasive case that the Promenade was Rapuano’s translation of Rome’s Pincio into Brooklynese.” Commentator Sam Howe, on his blog Howe’s Brooklyn, said, “That cherished esplanade, popularly known as the Promenade, is one of the most glorious vantage points in the city. And it is in danger of being destroyed.” He paraphrased Churchill in a passionate defense of the structure: “We shall fight in the meeting halls; we shall fight in the courtrooms; we shall fight with our checkbooks ... we shall never surrender.”

HOLIDAY GUIDE Danish Club Hosts Annual Festive Scandinavian Christmas Ball By Jaime DeJesus INBrooklyn

Continuing a beloved Bay Ridge tradition, the Danish Club of Brooklyn, 741 65th Street, hosted its annual Scandinavian Christmas Ball on Sun., Dec. 9. The event featured tons of games, music, food and holiday spirit for attendees young and old. Coordinator and member of the band Smorgasbandet Jeanne Eriksson --who performs with Wayne Söderlund, Chad Widman and Johnny Söderlund -- described the day as fabulous. Among the highlights, she said, was the Lucia pageant, which features participants clad in white and wearing candle-studded crowns or carrying candles in a celebration of light during the darkest time of year. In addition, said Eriksson, there was traditional music and dancing around the Christmas tree. “It was a nonstop, high-energy Christmas party,” she added. “We had a lot of kids there. Santa was there. We do a traditional children’s game called the fishing game. They go fishing with a pole and they come up with goodie bags. It’s important to pass on these traditions to the next generation.” Over 100 people were in attendance. “We had people that came as far as Norway who attended,” recalled Eriksson. “We had people from Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s basically a cominghome-to-Brooklyn Scandinavian party because at one time the largest Scandinavian community in the United States was Bay Ridge and we try very hard to carry on the Scandinavian heritage and traditions, especially here in New York.” Eriksson -- who was born and raised in Bay Ridge -- was named Swedish American of the Year in 2005. “I’ve actually been knighted by the King of Sweden,” she said, citing her musical efforts. “It’s a pretty big honor.” The event is extra special to her and the community. “I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl,” she said. “People always compliment us and say thank you for keeping the traditions alive. I also hear a lot that it brings back memories from their childhood.”

Scenes from the Scandinavian Christmas Ball at the Danish Club.

ebrooklyn media/Photos by Arthur de Gaeta

INSIDE: 13 CALENDAR 19 DINING 25 REAL ESTATE 34 PETS Week of December 13-19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 1INB

Local Law Firm Celebrates its 17th Annual Tree Lighting BY JOHN ALEXANDER JALEXANDER@BROOKLYNEAGLE. COM

A local law firm was in full holiday spirits on Weds., Dec. 5 for its 17th annual tree lighting event. The staff of Strazzullo Law Firm, P.C. was once again joined by family, friends, clients and area residents as their festive Christmas tree was decorated and all lit up for the holidays. The event was hosted by Salvatore Strazzullo and featured a guest appearance by Assemblymember Peter Abbate. Monsignor David Cassato

brought 70 children with him from the St. Athanasius Church CCD program. Santa Claus stopped by as the Strazzullo staff gave gifts to the children, while music played courtesy of DJ Cousin Anthony. Gifts were also givenout to the children of the community. Games and food were catered by Lucy’s Sausage. “The tree lighting event was started  by t he f i r m’s president and founder, Salvatore Strazzullo, who continues to keep

this festive tradition going,” remarked Rosanne Miller of

ebrooklyn media/Photos by Steve Solomonson

The Strazzullo Christmas tree is decorated and ready for the holidays.

The Strazzullo family— Annuziata, Sal, Michele and Alison.

Msgr. David Cassato with children from CCD and Assemblymember Peter Abbate.

Strazzullo Law Firm. “He loves this time of the year and enjoys doing this for the children. He’s the father of two daughters and appreciates everyone’s support in the neighborhood. Overall, it was another successful tree lighting event.” Strazzullo Law Firm is located at 7101 18th Ave. and also at 8418 Third Ave.

Santa Claus, Annuziata, Sal and Alison Strazzullo.

Bay Ridge Artist to Host Art Exhibit to Raise Funds for Toys for Tots BY JAIME DEJESUS

Rexach was inspired at an early age to give back during COM the holiday season. “When I was at Fort HamUsing art to bring holiday ilton High School, we did an spirit to the less fortunate in outreach program kind of similar to the toy drive that we’re Bay Ridge. Freelance photographer, doing now,” she explained. business owner and Bay Ridge “We collected toys around the resident Tiffany Rexach is school and neighborhood and giving back to kids for the we all dressed up as elves and Christmas season with her Santa. We went to the comevent “Arts for Tots: An Art munity shelters and homeless Gallery Fundraiser.” shelters and we handed the To be held on Sat., Dec. 15 at toys out to kids. It really just Catch 22, 7221 Third Avenue kind of changed my view and from 2-6 p.m., the event will gave me a whole different showcase the work of seven perspective.” Now as an adult, she wants different artists, and three musical performance artists, with to continue to impact youngfunds raised going to Toys For sters and make their Christmas Tots, which sponsored by the day better. United States Marine Corps. “As a freelancer, I can JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER.

understand how hard it is to be able to financially get everything together to give someone else that holiday cheer,” Rexach said. “I want to be able to keep that cycle going and bring a whole community together so that way they can feel a part of a bigger purpose. In September, she hosted her first art event in Bay Ridge, called All Together Now, which met with great success. “It was a risk because I didn’t know the outpour of support from the community,” Rexach said. That said, “We saw at least 100 attendees rotating at the bar. The turnout was incredible. We had three different performers. We had a great outpour of support.

Photo: Khatia Photography

A scene from Tiffany Rexach’s prior art event.

Everyone was buying artwork from different artists. Drinks were pouring. The owner said, I didn’t expect this turnout on a Thursday and he is very eager to do this again.” Because of the great turnout, Rexach got the idea to use art to hold a fundraiser. “I figured that art is universal and brings everyone together,” she explained. “What better way to bring the community together than having different people from all different walks of life come together and showcase their work for this great cause. If we had this many people come out and buy art last time, let’s help some people in the process.” For more information, visit

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Bay Ridge Jewish Center Celebrates Festive Chanukah Party BY JAIME DEJESUS JDEJESUS@BROOKLYNREPORTER. COM

The Bay Ridge Jewish Center held its annual Hanukkah party on Sunday, December 9 to much fanfare. The celebration included a menorah lighting, latkes and

other snacks, arts and crafts, a toy and coat drive, a blood drive and more. “It was a phenomenal success,” said Rabbi Robert Judd. “We had a bunch of people that came and a lot of new faces, as well as members, just coming to celebrate the festival of lights. It was fun, food and

WOOLYN A local yarn and fiber store specializing in local and indie companies and designers. Lots of great gift ideas for the yarn crafter on your holiday list including gift cetificates, special yarns and unique notions & tools. 105 Atlantic Avenue between Henry & Hicks Sts Tues: 11am - 10pm Weds - Fri: 11am - 7pm Sat - Sun: 11am - 5pm 718.522.5820

fellowship. Everyone had a good time and we’ll be back next year.” Judd credited the Hebrew School Parents Association for putting the event together. “They’re in charge of planning and setting up and cleaning up and making sure everything runs smoothly,” Judd said. “Hebrew school parents really open it up for the entire community.” He added that the turnout was great. “We had a lighting towards the end of the program when we set up a lot of menorahs,” Judd explained. “Every family came up and I lit the first candle. Then we passed it to somebody and they passed the light on before they lit their menorah. As I taught last night, a candle can keep giving light and it’s never diminished.” Events such as this are important to the Jewish community, according to Judd. “It shows we are a viable presence and we want to be part of the larger Bay Ridge community,” Judd said. “We open our doors and anyone that wants to come in can.”

Jessica Kotler lighting the menorah.

ebrooklyn media/Photos by Steve Solomonson

Ian Pollok coloring. The Bay Ridge Jewish Center is located at 405 81st St.

Arabella Neff showing off her creation.

Zoe Kotler making a paper menorah with the help of Rabbi Robert Judd.

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DECEMBER Calendar of Events Week of the 13th to 19th

Image courtesy of St. Francis of Paolo

The Andrea Domenici Trio will perform on Friday, December 14th at St. Francis of Paolo.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn School of Music

Brooklyn School of Music presents Home for the Holidays on Friday, December 14th.

Image courtesy of OnStage at Kingsborough

Image courtesy of BAM Gilman Opera House

OnStage at Kingsborough presents The Nutcracker on Friday, December 14th. BAM presents The Hard Nut through December 23rd. Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 13INB

DECEMBER Calendar of Events Week of the 13th to 19th

Art SCHOOL OF PAIN The exhibition School of Pain draws on the work of Leopold von SacherMasoch and Marquis de Sade, the first two thinkers of economies of desire. Sade with his ironic demonstrations may be seen as a predecessor to the attitudes of twentieth century modern and conceptual art. The libidinal economy, unleashed by modern reason, turned out to easily adopt such subversions in the constant mutations of advanced capitalism. The originally subversive imagery of Sade’s mechanised, accelerating and coldly executed desire therefore turned out to be a very literal image of our time. The exhibition poses the question of whether the related but oppositional position of Masoch, based on suspension and

humor, couldn’t be the answer to both a return of contemporary art from theory to the sensual, but also meaningful art’s attitude towards an overly alienated world. The exhibition features work by artists Than Hussein Clark, Anna Daučíková, Chiara Fumai, Mark Ther and BRUD (Aditya Mandayam) and is curated by Michal Novotný, Director of Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA in Prague. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through December 16th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Art in General (145 Plymouth Street) SIXTEEN MEMOS FOR THE NEXT MILLENNIUM An exhibition featuring the works of our 2018 Season IV artists-in-residence. The exhibition takes its title from Italo Calvino’s ‘Six Memos for the Next Millennium,’ a series of Charles Eliot Norton Poetry Lectures he was invited to give at Harvard

University over the course of the academic year between 1985-1986 regarding the literary values he identified as being of most importance for the coming millennium. He had intended to deliver eight lectures in total, but at the time of his departure to Massachusetts, he had written only five of them, which are teeming with references to stories of folklore, mythology, philosophical thought, etc. The sixth, his wife Esther Calvino revealed in the forward of the book, was planned to refer to Herman Melville’s story of ‘Bartleby,’ the scrivener who ‘preferred not to.’ When: Daily through December 16th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: NARS Foundation (201 46th Street) HERE, RIGHT NOW. A new series of large format oil paintings by New York Artist member Jane Swavely. This new body of work functions as a vessel, carrying omens that mark the shifting landscapes we reside in. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through December 16th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/A.I.R Gallery (155 Plymouth Street) EMPATHY In an increasingly polarized political climate, empathy

has proven to be a challenging emotion to conjure for many Americans. Both the public and its leaders seem to show little interest in understanding the viewpoints and experiences of others across the divide. The disruptive rhetoric of the current administration, and of media pundits, has only exacerbated the disjuncture in this country. This exhibition features artists who reveal a capacity for empathy, a willingness to reflect on another’s point of view or to understand those whose backgrounds differ from their own. Through photography, video, sculpture, drawing, embroidery, installation, performance, and virtual reality, the artists engage in projects that employ deep listening, compassion, care ethics, and other empathic skills. Bundith Phunsombatlert collaborated with seniors at Rosetta Gatson Neighborhood Senior Center through a series of workshops, inviting senior residents to share their stories while teaching them the cyanotype photographic printing process. All of the participants were Caribbean immigrants and several of their migration narratives were collected into an artist book that is being published

by the artist. Appalled by news reports of immigrant children being separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border, Michael Kelly Williams was moved to create a new work for the exhibition, which addresses the immigrant crisis in this country. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through December 30th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street) FIVE CENTS TO DREAMLAND: A TRIP TO CONEY ISLAND This special exhibition brings together highlights from both permanent collections to explore Coney Island’s history from a new and unique perspective. When: Saturdays & Sundays through December, Saturday: 12 – 6 p.m., Sunday: 2 – 6 p.m. Where: Coney Island/ Coney Island Museum (1208 Surf Avenue) ANNE PEABODY A site specific installation by Anne Peabody. When: Daily through January 4th, 2019 Where: DUMBO/Main Window (One Main Street) MASCULINEUS Photographs by Sheba Legend. When: Thursdays-Sundays through December 18th, 1 – 6 p.m. Where: Prospect Heights/

FiveMyles (558 St. John’s Place) VITTORIA CHIERICI: THE PHILOSOPHER’S CLOTHES The artist presents large paintings she has dedicated to Raphael’s famous fresco School of Athens. When: Thursdays-Sundays through December 15th, 1 – 6 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ FiveMyles (558 St. John’s Place) BEACH AND QUIET (A REST STOP) Coaxing the unnameable. A room, an actual condition. Dubious utility. Situated images, objects, events. Ambiance, silence, vibration. Wind, clay, trees, cloth. Without the synthetic, the rote, the mannered, the cautious, the mercenary, the logical. Inclination towards still. Liberated assumptions, hovering reference. Delight in the role of delivery. Pause, option, breath, freedom. Friend as unguarded recipient. When: Thursdays-Sundays through December 16th, 1 – 6 p.m. Where: Bushwick /STUDIO10 (56 Bogart Street) GRISELDA SAN MARTIN THE WALL United Photo Industries is proud to announce our fourth collaboration with CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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Don’t struggle to pay your energy bill this winter. As the weather gets colder, you may find it hard to pay your energy bill. You are not alone. There are many New Yorkers who face the same challenge. Here is what you can do now, even if you rent. 1. Apply for HEAP The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps income eligible customers pay the cost of heating their homes. 2. Receive more benefits National Grid customers who receive HEAP will also receive an automatic credit on their bill* through our Energy Affordability Program.

Where to apply for HEAP Call 1-800-692-0557 or 212-331-3126 To download an application, go to

*after HEAP payment has been posted to customer’s account

14INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018


the NYC Parks Department and the DUMBO Business Improvement District to display the powerful work of photographer **Griselda San Martin’s very powerful project on the already existing wall that divides the United States and Mexico, as a large scale photographic public art exhibition in DUMBO Brooklyn at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian entrance. When: Daily through December 20th Where: DUMBO SUBVERT CITY Conceived by gallery artist Vincent Como, this exhibition brings together a group of five artists, each of whom are engaged in varied yet distinct forms of painterly heresy. Apophatic meditations on the modern canon which endeavor to honor tradition by undermining, over-saturating, or inverting it. From the subtle to the sublime, that which was once deemed non-objective by Malevich, has become radicalized into a planar lucidity of the material object-in-itself. When: Wednesdays-Saturdays through December 22nd, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Minus Space (16A Main Street) HOLIDAY PARR-TY Food Photographs by Martin

Parr brings together the best of Parr’s food observations. Since 1995, when this “British Food” series originated, Parr has been capturing the delectable, the gross, the ridiculous, and the adorable in food and food consumption throughout the world. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through January 19th, 11 a.m. -5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Janet Borden, Inc (91 Water Street) PENELOPE UMBRICO: MONUMENT Penelope Umbrico’s MONUMENT explores the monolithic state of current technologies in relation to their obsolescence. Umbrico begins with the idea that all technologies–including the electronics we use at home and in the workplace– are in effect “black boxes” whose contents are largely incomprehensible to end users. Although we tend to think of screens as invisible and we never see the workings of our technologies, almost everything we learn and know these days is mediated through the filters of technology. Umbrico aims to demystify the black-box device and to engage the public in creative modes of transforming and visualizing the electronic detritus that accumulates in our homes

and in landfills. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through January 20th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sun: 12 – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/Gallery at BRIC House (647 Fulton Street) TOWARDS A NEW ARCHEOLOGY This group show brings together artists who reevaluate the history of material culture — presenting installation and sculptural works that speak to a mystical, transcendent, and visionary future. Towards a New Archaeology features work by Amy Brener, Leeza Meksin, Sheila Pepe, Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Ester Partegàs, Jean Shin, and Rachel Eulena Williams. When: Daily through January 2019, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building (30 Lafayette Street) SOUL OF A NATION: ART IN THE AGE OF BLACK POWER Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power shines light on a broad spectrum of Black artistic practice from 1963 to 1983, one of the most politically, socially, and aesthetically revolutionary periods in American history. Black artists across the country worked in communities, in collectives, and individually to create a range of art responsive to the moment—

including figurative and abstract painting, prints, and photography; assemblage and sculpture; and performance. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through February 3rd, 11 a.m. 6 p.m., Thursdays: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway) TOM BENNETT: PAINTINGS AND MASTER PRINTS A solo exhibition and sale of Tom Bennett’s artwork. Tom Bennett’s artwork is recognizable for its impassioned brushwork, bold compositions, and rich subject matter. His work embraces art history, abundant with homages to heroic works, bucking horses and classical nudes. In addition to his dynamic paintings, Tabla Rasa will feature a series of unframed mono-types for acquisition by both the seasoned and novice collector. Among them are images of figures that seem to breathe with life force, and storms that roil on the horizon. Mono-types, a form of print in which an image is created on a plate and then transferred to paper, is an ideal vehicle for the spontaneity of Mr. Bennett’s drawing talents. The inked plate yields only one “unique” image, not

an edition of multiples as in other printmaking techniques. When: Thursdays-Saturdays through February 9th, 1 – 5 p.m. Where: Sunset Park/Tabla Rasa Gallery (224 48th Street) PROCESSING: A GOWANUS SWIM SOCIETY EXHIBITION A n exhibition of current work by the eight members of the artist collective Gowanus Swim Society. Participating Artists: Jessica Dalrymple, John Fisk, Natalie Fisk, Abigail Groff Hernandez, Kristen Haskell, Melissa Johnson, Suzy Kopf, Mary Negro. Katherine Gressel, Curator. When: Fridays through February, 3 – 6 p.m. Where: Park Slope/Old Stone House (336 3rd Street) THE BUSINESS OF BROOKLYN In conjunction with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, BHS presents The Business of Brooklyn, an exhibition exploring the past 100 years of business in the borough. The story spans booming factories, family shops, iconic innovation, and labor struggles. The exhibition showcases images and objects from companies large and small that thrived in Brooklyn, including Domino Sugar, Squibb Pharmaceuticals,

Schaefer Beer, Drake Bakeries, Abraham & Straus, Gage & Tollner, and many others. It includes numerous artifacts from the Brooklyn Chamber’s history, including a gavel that the Chamber used to convene meetings in the 1920s, the telephone the Chamber used in its first offices at 75 Livingston Street, and a program for the Chamber’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, which honored entertainer Danny Kaye. It also includes treasures from BHS’s collections, including Eberhard pencil sets, Virginia Dare bottles and glasses, coasters and trays from Brooklyn’s illustrious beer brewing history. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through Winter 2019, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street)

Books & Readings

Films from the Future: What Sci-Fi Movies Can Teach Tech Companies About Socially Responsible Innovation with Dr. Andrew Maynard A special evening presentation and booksigning featuring Dr. Andrew Maynard . Highlighting excerpts from his recently CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

U.S. PREMIERE First visit to the United States of America

January 31, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Kings Theatre 1027 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11226

Tickets at by phone at 800-745-3000 Box Office at 718-856-KING (5464)

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 15INB

Columbian Lawyers Remember Justice Joseph Giamboi




Calendar of Events

Each week children and caregivers explore art in the SPARK studio, experiment with materials, discover hidden objects from the BCM collection on scavenger hunt challenges and create masterworks in this onehour class When: Thursday, December 13th, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Where: DUMBO/Sparks by Brooklyn Children’s Museum (1 John Street)

MURDER MAYHEM AND DISASTER Serene, beautiful GreenWood is the final resting place for victims who met of violent ends. Join veteran tour guide Ruth Edebohls to hear some of their fascinating, and mostly tragic, tales, including the sinking of the SS Morro Castle and possible murder of her captain; the Malbone Street Wreck, the deadliest accident in New York City subway history; Evelina Bliss, whose poisoning by arsenic-laden clam chowder sent shock waves through the Gilded Age; the mass grave to the victims of the Brooklyn Theatre fire, and many more. When: Saturday, December 15th, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Where: Greenwood/GreenWood Cemetery (500 25th Street)

vocabulary by learning the Science experiments based movements and the music on the exciting things of Capoeira. Capoeira is WCS researchers are doing extremely active and gives around the world to make you the opportunity to our planet a better place for express yourself in a fun and wildlife. and had a private practice for 40 years prior positive way. When: Saturday, December to joining the bench. When: Saturday, December 15th, 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. another of a.m. the greatest 15th,9:30 – 10:15 Where: Prospect Park/“Truly we lost Cannavo “He lived Where: Fortsaid. Greene/Cumbe Prospect Park Zoogeneration,” (450 Center for World African War and [II], he Flatbush Avenue)through the depression, Diaspora worked very hard to getDance where(558 he Fulton was. He showed us whatStreet) true grit and determination


a beginning Portuguese

oseph Giamboi, former New York state Supreme Court Justice and one Week of the 13th toof19ththe of the early founders Columbian Lawyers Association, continued from previous page amily Fun died on Sept. 27. CHRISTMAS BIRD was really about.FAMILY He’s truly a great American published book , Films from women who taught each COUNT Mass was held at Our Lady of Perpetual 2018 ANNUAL HOLIDAY and I’m going to miss him.” HOLIDAY CARD SHOP generation that followed the Future: The Technology Blooming Naturalists of all Help Church on Thursday, Oct. 4 and Vito TOY DRIVE Cannavo’s eulogy came at a Columbian Learn how to use table salt how to be bold and brave. and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies, ages can join a tradition Assemblywoman Nicole Cannavo, past president of the Columbian and watercolor paints to Lawyers meeting on discrimination against Here are the stories of ten and recent media coverage more than 100 years in the Malliotakis (R,C,I,RefAssociation also create beautiful snowscape leaders who strove to win the ofLawyers controversies in emergingof Brooklyn, Italian-Americans, which approprimaking. Theseemed Prospect Park Brooklyn/Staten Island) will shared a few words about theright judge at for a American cards and notes in this adult to vote technologies. ate as he recalled the judge’s efforts to build Audubon Center Family once again be hosting her arts and crafts program. recentThursday, meeting.December women — a journey that When: the association. Christmas Bird Count is a holiday toy driveup to benefit Supplies provided. took more than seventy years 13th,“His 6 – 8:30 p.m.was truly a sad wake occasion,” homage to the nationwide “He was one of the founding members of local children. Toys collected When: Thursday, December of passionate Where: Williamsburg/The Cannavo said. “He lived a full and distin-commitment. bird census that helps will be donated to various what the Columbian Lawyers [Association] 13th, 6:30 p.m. Williamsburg (96 Wythe guished life Hotel of public service.” From well-known figures, local organizations acrossCannavoconservation was,” said. “Heresearchers was always Where: Mill Basin/Mill Basin as Susan Avenue) track the long-term health Cannavo remembered the such judge, whoB. Anthony the 64th Assembly District. involved because he liked to be the tremenLibrary (2385 Ralph Avenue.) and Sojourner of bird populations. This mostKIRSTEN recently served in the Bronx after he Truth to lesser SEN. Donors are encouraged to dous force that he was. He was a great supknown women such as program leaves promptly at COOL SCIENCE GILLIBRAND: BOLDas&a fair judge, who made drop off unwrapped toys took senior status, porter for everyone. He understood what this Alice Paul and Mary Church 12 pm. BRAVE AT ST. ANN’S Just in time for the cold until Friday, December 14th. people feel happy with his positive attitude Terrell, these are heroes organization wasWhen: aboutSaturday, and howDecember important it CHURCH weather, join Brainy Bill When: Daily through OPEN LEVEL LAB: — and his red Cadillac. who dreamed big and never 15th, 12 p.m. New York Senator Kirsten Louden for Cool ScienceTurn December 14th was for professionals of Italian-American COMPUTER BASICS “He was a decent and kind man, a genergave up. Senator Gillibrand Prospect Park Gillibrand presents her new descent to haveWhere: a forum where they could Where: Bay Ridge/Holy Cross water directly into ice New to computers? Want ous guy who was happy when highlights he made you an important picture book Bold & Brave, Greek Orthodox Church (8401 to get more familiar with without a freezer. Learn how feel welcome and get the support they needHEALTHY VILLAGE happy,” Cannavo said. “There and was pithy always a from each lesson about ten suffragists who Ridge Boulevard) ed to continue in using the mouse, typing, the pros make instant snow HOLIDAY CELEBRATION this profession. Mostly, he smile for on women’s his face right and a word of encouragewoman’s life — from “dare fought navigating the screen and AND TOYfor DISTRIBUTION on hot, sunny movie sets. was a guy who stood the dignity and CAPOEIRA (2-4YR) to beHe different” anyone who greeted him. had a to “fight going online? Drop in to an toment vote.for Senator Kirsten During this season of hope Get lost in a cloud of carbon Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian integrity of Italian Americans in any walk of together. ” great sense of humor. He was always smiland charity, Healthfirst Open Level Lab for one-onGillibrand was inspired by dioxide that comes from a martial art that combines life. We shouldhopes be proud of what stood Saturday, ing,own laughing. He was a dapperWhen: dresser. You December to bring extra he cheer one assistance with basic her great-grandmother, block of -100 degree ice. And dance, gymnastics, and 3 p.m. for. and share the gift of giving computer use. didn’t live until tooktoa ride15th, with2 –him in grandmother, and you mother make ice cream that freezes music. The movements Where: on Cobble “When he ran Assemblyspirit his with slogan andfor community Presented by New York Cares. be in your hands. hisbold bigand redbrave—to Cadillac,stand flying along the Hill/Books are taught in Capoeira Magic (225 Smith Street) Brownsville residents. When: Saturday, December was ‘Atta-boy Giamboi,’” Cannavo continup and fight for what she When Friday, December 14th, roads.” class develop children’s Healthfirst 15th, 12 – 2 p.m. believes in. Butwho who was inspired ued. “Judge, I just want towill saydistribute to you, from 4 p.m. Giamboi, born in 1925, went to coordination; balance; more than 1,000 toysfor to sharWhere: Grand Army Plaza/ them? The long chain of ducational Where: Crown Heights/Crown all of us, that you did good. Thanks flexibility; strength; cardio; New York Law School prior to being admitneighborhood children and Central Library (10 Grand women before them who Library (left) (560 New York the firm Sullivan Papain Block McGrath rhythm; and ing such a good life with us. Atta boy, ted to the NYS Bar in 1955. He served as a Judge Joseph Heights N. Giamboi joined andcreative families. There will pictures Army Plaza) spoke out for what’s right— LITTLE ARTISTS thinking. They also develop Giamboi.” Supreme Court judge from 1995 until 2004 Cannavo after Avenue) he left the bench in 2004. Brooklyn Eagle file photo by Rob Abruzzese




Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association Honors Justice Jeanette Ruiz

The Brooklyn Women's Bar Association and other legal groups honored Justice Jeanette Ruiz, administrative judge of the NYC Family Court, during its annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. Pictured from left: President Carrie Anne Cavallo, Hon. Jeanette Ruiz and Hon. Joanne Quinones. Visit for story. Brooklyn Eagle photo by Mario Belluomo 16INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018

DECEMBER Calendar of Events Week of the 13th to 19th continued from previous page

with Santa, craft making, face painting, and a free buffet with refreshments. The holiday celebration and toy distribution is one of the many ways that Healthfirst demonstrates its commitment to the community. When: Saturday, December 15th, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Brownsville/ Van Dyke Community Center (392 Blake Avenue) WINTERFEST Celebrate the holiday season with the whole

family. Wander inside the Holiday Market, and sip a hot chocolate or mulled wine. Buy a day pass for the whole family which gives you access to all attractions. Start with visiting the Maze and playing our scavenger hunt, slide down Snowzilla, get a thrill at bouncy, take a family photo inside the giant snow globe, visit Santa and go inside the beautiful dome to experience our Chocolate story. When: Daily through

December 31st Where: Crown Heights/ Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway)

Flea Markets MINI BOOK SALE If your holiday budget is stretched thin and you are still in the giving mood, the Library’s Mini Book Sale is the place to be. A small selection of curated books and media for people of all ages will be available for $3 and under. Cash only; all proceeds will benefit the Library. When: Sunday, December 16th, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. Where: Grand Army Plaza/ Central Library (10 Grand Army Plaza) BKLYN ARCTIC ADVENTURE The Holiday Virtual Reality Experience, created by the experts at YokeyPokey, offers something for everyone – from an excursion to a Winter Wonderland to real life snowball fights and a chance to meet Santa – virtually, of course. Plus, Holiday photos for avid VR fans and their families and a Joybird Lounge where parents can relax while their kids are traveling through time. When: Friday-Sunday through December 24th, 12 – 9 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Citypoint (445 Albee Square West)

Film EYES WIDE SHUT After a provocative Christmas party hosted by the wealthy and unconventional Victor Ziegler, Dr. Bill Hartford and his wife Alice (played by atthe-time real-life couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman) set sail on a psychosexual journey caught between reality and illusion, jealousy and obsession. When Alice admits to have sexual fantasies about a man she met, Bill becomes hell bent on having an illicit encounter but after he sneaks into a secret society sex party, he quickly discovers he’s in way over his head. With its intimate dialogue and sweepingly vibrant scenes, Eyes Wide Shut is a befitting finale to Kubrick’s stunning cinematic legacy. When: Friday & Saturday, December 14th & 15th, 11:45 p.m., Where: Williamsburg/ Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Avenue)


Food & Drink BROOKLYN BOROUGH HALL GREENMARKET Buy fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables and more. When: Tuesday, December 21st, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza (209 Joralemon Street)



The Air Force Reserve offers a variety of part-time job opportunities with full-time benefits, including tuition assistance and low-cost health insurance. You may be eligible for a signing bonus of up to $20,000 for specific part-time jobs. Serving your country part-time as a Reserve Citizen Airman, at a base close to where you live, gives you the opportunity to also pursue your civilian career or further your education. It’s an ideal option for those who have never been in the military as well as for those with prior military service in any branch.

800-257-1212 •

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 17INB

18INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018

FOOD Photo courtesy of Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe

Christmas is almost here, and Brooklyn bakeries like Savarese have seasonal delights awaiting hungry shoppers. Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 19INB

Thai Restaurant

Wanisa Home Kitchen 142 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Damascus Bakeries 56 Gold St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-1456

Authentic Thai Cuisine

Cafe Chili 172 Court Street (718) 260-0066

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Catering For All Occasions! Call for Delivery or Takeout!

The colors of Christmas never shined so bright as they do in Damascus Bakeries’ Nutella Delight Wedges with delicious shades of red and green. The Brooklyn Bred original or ancient grain pizza crust is topped with hazelnut spread, chopped fresh strawberries and raspberries for the red, and pistachio nuts for the green!

(718) 522-3027


Wine Bar and Restaurant 652 5th Ave. at 19th St. 347-916-1747

Toast the Season in Style Book your Holiday Party NOW

Russ Pizza 745 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 383-9463 Sal at Russ Pizza is proud of his restaurant’s history. It’s been a fixture in Greenpoint for over 40 years, serving some of the best pizza in the borough. In fact, he’s always happy to brag about the customers who are constantly stopping by for a slice of its legendary pie, including the popular Buffalo Chicken slice!

Leo’s Cara Calamari Pizza & Pasta

in our Dining Room or Let us Cater your Home or Business Events Call or email us

Dinner Tue-Sun Sunday Brunch

LIVE MUSIC! Thursday Friday Saturday

@TambourWineBar Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe 5924 New Utrecht Ave cor. of 60th St and New Utrecht Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219 (718) 438-7770

Cakes | Pastries | Cookies Weddings

8602 3rd Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209



921-1900 ‘‘Calamari at its Best’’ • Family Owned & Operated Since 1995 • Catering for all Occasions

Place your Holiday Catering Early before DECEMBER 15, 2018

Mention this Ad and receive


20INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018

Sunday Funday Don’t Let Monday Ruin Your Sunday

Join Us for Happy Hour! From Open to Close Half Price on all Beer & Alcohol (Bottles (Bottles of of Wine Wine Excluded) Excluded)

11:30am - 3:30pm 4:30pm - 9:00pm

Grand Canyon Restaurant 143 Montague Street Brooklyn, New York (718) 499-3660

Clark’s Restaurant 80 Clark Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-5484

Soigne Restaurant 486 Sixth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 369-4814

Wanisa Home Kitchen 142 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-522-3027

Grand Canyon Restaurant owner Cesar tells Faces that it offers breakfast all day long. He says that Grand Canyon has the best Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros in the borough. Oh, and Cesar, who was a waiter at Clark’s Diner for many years, says that the eatery also features a great vegan menu!

Clark’s Diner owner Mark tells Faces that customers keep back for his incredible breakfast menu including the pancakes with a variety of toppings. He showed Faces a picture of a mouth-watering stack with butter, blueberries and strawberries. The perfect way to start the day!

Soigne Restaurant owner Gregg Berk told Faces that his passion is to feature locally sourced artisan ingredients of the highest quality. The restaurant strives for the best tasting meals using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. This holiday season, make plans to try the amazing four-course market-inspired Chef’s Tasting Menu! www.

Tan at Wanisa told Faces that one of the most requested items on the menu is chicken breast, pork loin or tofu with green curry. He explained that Green curry is a Thai favorite that gets its color from the fresh green chilies cooked in coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, eggplants and basil leaves! You can also enjoy it with top sirloin beef, tiger shrimp or a combo of four meats or mixed seafood! www. wanisahome­kitchen. com

486 6th Avenue (at 12th Street), Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 369-4814



Tambour Wine Bar 652 5th Ave. at 19th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 917-1747 Chef Thomas Perone at Tambour Wine Bar tells Faces that one of the most popular items on its perfectly paired menu is Yuzu and Hoisin Glazed Salmon. The entrée includes roasted cauliflower, red quinoa, currants, pecans and scallions and pairs nicely with Valle De Yerri Immacula Viognier from Navarra, Spain! Call about Tambour's New Year's Eve menu: PreFixe, Four-Course ($95).

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 21INB


THE BIZ By John Alexander

Jenara Barber Shop Unisex 429 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 725-4400

Three Guys from Brooklyn 6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn, NY (718) 748-8340

Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe 5924 New Utrecht Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219 (718) 438-7770

With the holidays fast approaching, Ella tells Faces that Jenara is the perfect place to help everyone look his or her best. Women can enjoy a variety of services including roots application, gloss, condition treatment, blowouts and various styles of haircuts. There’s an equal variety of services for men, and Jenara also offers kid’s cuts. So the whole family can look their best for the holidays!

Three Guys from Brooklyn has everything you need for holiday cooking. Phil is proud of the incredible and always fresh produce that’s always in stock. For example, the Sicilian Eggplants are among the best we’ve ever seen and Phil assures us that they taste as good as they look. And Three Guys’ prices can’t be beat!

Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe carries traditional products that are reminiscent of holidays in Italy. Savarese’s exclusive recipe for its Christmas-time mostaccioli is famous for its authentic taste. The bakery also has gingerbread cookies with hand-painted chocolate coating, along with gift baskets that are ready to go!

Café Chili 172 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 260-0066 Court Street’s Thai restaurant favorite Café Chili has one spicy good special on its menu. Its Puff Pocket is a dumpling you can relish. . . and it’s even served with cucumber relish. It just might be the most delish dumpling of curry chicken and potato wrapped in puff pastry that we’ve ever tasted!

Leo’s Casa Calamari 8602 Third Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 921-1900 Leo at Leo’s Casa Calamari will tell you that his restaurant is known for some of the finest and freshest seafood in the neighborhood. He told Faces that customers keep coming for their oysters and clams on the half shell. He recommends customers try a variety platter with two Littleneck Clams, two Cherrystone Clams and two Oysters. Oh, and the calamari is among the best in the borough! www.

22INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018


g n i n e p O n o i d t a r n leb a e C r G a r o f s Join u

••••• •••••••••


TH 2018 6 1 R E B EM C E D , Y A D N U S TO 4:00 PM M P 0 12:0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••


PRIZE CHILDREN’S LUDE: BASKETS INC Crayola Basket Disney Basket • ight Basket Family Movie N RAND PRIZE: CHILDREN’S G Game Console Ride-On Car • Crayola Fun!

ADULT PRIZE LUDE: BASKETS INC emorabilia Jets / Giants M kets Live Nation Tic ND PRIZE: ADULT’S GRA V • Amazon Echo 75” Flat Screen T • Apple TV 32 GB iPad Air

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11/8/18 10:52 AM

December 2018

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real estate

Brooklyn is a big place with so many choices! Let our real estate section make you feel at home.


Welcome to the Cobble Hill Historic District, which is full of eye-pleasing spots such as Verandah Place. INBrooklyn photo by Lore Croghan

COBBLE HILL This neighborhood was settled in the 1640s, when Dutch Director-General Peter Stuyvesant, he of the artificial leg, began to allow farming north of Red Hook. The Dutch farmers originally called it Ponkiesbergh, meaning Cobbles Hill, because of the cobblestones then being dumped in the area. The cobblestones were used as ballast on trading ships arriving from Europe, South Brooklyn being a major cargo port and Cobbles Hill then considered a part of South Brooklyn.

The largest mass of cobblestones was dropped at the corner of present-day Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, making it a cone-shaped hill that was later known by the British as Bergen Hill. Because of the commanding view of the harbor from there, Gen. George Washington built Fort Cobble Hill there to help protect against the British invasion in the Revolutionary War. Fort Cobble Hill was also called the “Corkscrew Fort,” after the spiral road that was paved to move cannon to its top. Washington used it as an observation post when the British invaded Brooklyn in 1776. The defenders of the fort were routed, the Americans retreated from Brooklyn, and the top of the hill was torn down by the British.

The area remained mostly rural until 1836 when the South Ferry started running between Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue and Manhattan’s Whitehall Street. The neighborhood then developed rapidly, but it wasn’t until the 1950s — when a real estate broker saw the name on a 1766 map — that Cobble Hill was really reborn. Situated between Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights, its boundaries are considered to be the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and Hicks Street on the west, Court Street on the east, Atlantic Ave. on the north and Degraw Street on the south. —Norm Goldstein

Come See the Cobble Hill Historic District By Lore Croghan Once upon a time, novelist Thomas Wolfe lived in the Cobble Hill Historic District. Recently, James Bond actor Daniel Craig and “The Favourite” co-star Rachel Weisz reportedly bought a brownstone there. The landmarked Brooklyn neighborhood is full of old-fashioned architectural eye candy, much of it built before the Civil War.

LEFT: Celeb couple Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig reportedly own a brownstone in Cobble Hill. RIGHT: Here's novelist Thomas Wolfe, who lived at 40 Verandah Place for a couple years. This picture was taken in Berlin in 1935.

AP File Photo

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP


One of its many Instagramworthy spots is Verandah Place, which is lined with brick carriage houses and former stables. It's where Wolfe lived. Another photogenic location is the Cobble Hill Towers complex at 431 Hicks St., a cluster of thoughtfully designed apartment buildings for workers that philanthropist Alfred Tredway White constructed in the 1870s. There was a toilet in every apartment, which you wouldn't have expected in tenements of that era. See to find out more about this historic neighborhood.

December 13-19, • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/HeightsPress/Home Press/HomeReporter/Brooklyn Reporter/BrooklynSpectator/Brooklyn Spectator/BrooklynRecord/Greenpoint Record/GreenpointGazette Gazette •• 25INB 25INB Week of December 13 - 19, Week 2018 •ofINBROOKLYN — A2018 Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights


Here’s The Cobble Hill House, right, a 27-unit condo building constructed by Vega Management. The Cobble Hill House, left, is located on Hicks Street, right beside the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Swift Sales for Condos on a Corner of the LICH Site Developer Duo Built The Cobble Hill House Beside Fortis’ River Park Project By Lore Croghan INBrooklyn

Silence is golden. It’s pin-drop quiet inside The Cobble Hill House — although the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway runs right past it. The condo building’s developers have an acoustical consultant to thank for that. Married business partners Brandon Hornbeck and Yvonne Lee hired the consultant to help them soundproof the new building on the corner of Amity and Hicks streets in Cobble Hill. It’s located on a small corner of the mammoth former Long Island College Hospital site. The sound that needed to be blocked out is the constant rumbling of trucks on the highway. “It’s not the sirens that you worry about, it’s the low rumble,” said Lee, who like Hornbeck is a principal of Vega Management. A machine outside The Cobble Hill House’s windows recorded noise from the BQE for 24 hours. The acoustical consultant used the playback to test the building’s custom-designed windows in a sound booth, Lee and Hornbeck told Eye on Real Estate in a recent interview. The windows muffle sound thanks to the differences in thickness between the two panes of glass they’re made of, the size of the air gap between the panes and the window frames’ design. The developers’ engineering team also put heavy insulation behind the walls of the five-story, 27-unit building at 78 Amity St. to help keep things quiet.

COBBLE HILL: Brief History

The area that is Cobble Hill was first settled in the mid-17th century when Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant began to allow farming north of Red Hook. The location played an important part in the Revolutionary War, with the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street offering a commanding view and becoming the site of Cobble Hill Fort. By the 1800s, the neighborhood’s name died out and it became considered part of Brooklyn Heights until the 1950s when a realtor gave the name back after seeing it on a map from 1766. Cobble Hill’s connection with the financial center of New York City prompted its development, with middle-class residents moving into its row houses. In the 1950s, brownstone enthusiasts moved into the area and renovated it block by block. The neighborhood now boasts an activist spirit to preserve its low-rise identity, reminiscent of a Cobble Hill community that once blocked construction of a supermarket, leading to the construction of Cobble Hill Park. —Norm Goldstein

Sixty Percent Sold in Two Months

Deborah Rieders of the Corcoran Group, the project’s broker, convinced Hornbeck and Lee to hold off on The Cobble Hill House’s sales launch until the building’s construction was far along. Instead of opening an off-site sales office, they waited until they’d constructed a model apartment with the soundproof windows. They also installed the soundproof windows throughout the floor on which the model apartment was located so visitors’ walk to it wouldn’t be noisy. The model unit overlooked Hicks Street and the BQE — so potential buyers got an eyeful of the apartment’s views of the waterfront and Manhattan and also heard how quiet it was. The condos on that side of the building were the first ones to be sold, Rieders said. In just two months since the sales launch, contracts have been signed for 60 percent of the units.

Brandon Hornbeck and Yvonne Lee of Vega Management show us a terrace view at The Cobble Hill House. INBrooklyn photos by Lore Croghan Construction at The Cobble Hill House is nearly finished. Move-ins are expected to start in early 2019.

Fortis Is Building a Skyscraper Nearby

The Cobble Hill House caught our attention because it’s a jewel box of a building surrounded by the nearly 1 millionsquare-foot residential project called River Park that Fortis Property Group is constructing on the LICH site. The Cobble Hill House is a completely separate, independent project from River Park. The Fortis project includes a new glass-clad skyscraper and the residential makeover of the landmarked Polhemus Building. In 2015, Fortis bought LICH’s property portfolio on Hicks, Amity, Henry and Pacific streets for $240 million. Afterwards, Fortis sold several brownstones. The developer also sold a package of four decrepit low-rise buildings at 385 Hicks St. and 74, 76 and 78 Amity St. to Vega Management for $18.25 million. This is the site where Hornbeck and Lee have built The Cobble Hill House. They and their four children live near the new condo building. “We’re here all the time,” Lee said. “We see every screw that goes into the walls. For us, this is a labor of love.”

— Continued on page 27INB —

Here's a glimpse of the spacious living room in a model apartment at The Cobble Hill House.

26INB Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13-19,• Week 2018 of December 13 - 19, 2018 26INB••INBROOKLYN INBROOKLYN— —AASpecial SpecialSection SectionofofBrooklyn BrooklynEagle/Heights Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette

Swift Sales for Condos on a Corner of the LICH Site


Momentary sunshine brightens our view of Cobble Hill Towers. INBrooklyn photos by Lore Croghan

— Continued from page 26INB —

A Second-Generation Cobble Hill Architect

Lee and Hornbeck wanted the apartment house to be contextual with the Cobble Hill Historic District although their property is located outside the landmarked area’s boundaries. No glassy towers for them. They hired a second-generation Cobble Hill architect, Brendan Coburn, to design The Cobble Hill House. His firm is called CWB Architects. “This building could be here for the next 100 years,” Lee said. “Our kids go to school here. We have neighbors here,” she said. “We wanted to walk by and be proud, not embarrassed.” The developers started demolishing the old buildings on their construction site in summer 2016. They began foundation work in February 2017. They poured the concrete on the first floor in November 2017. Several years ago, LICH’s threatened closure caused protests by many Cobble Hill residents, by LICH doctors, nurses and other workers, by community activists, union leaders and politicians. At the time, Hornbeck and Lee lived further away from the hospital site than they do now. Their immediate neighbors didn’t get caught up in the controversy surrounding LICH and neither did they, they recalled.

Keeping Common Charges Low

Rieders said condos at The Cobble Hill House have sold swiftly thanks to a combination of factors.

She said the building’s mix of layouts appeals to buyers, as does its amenity package, which includes onsite parking, a gym and a children’s playroom. Also, it has low monthly common charges because the building will have a virtual doorman instead of a full-time door staff. This will reduce the common charges by about $1,500 to $2,000 per month for a twobedroom or small three-bedroom apartment, Rieders said. A virtual doorman is an off-site person watching the apartment building’s door with a camera, who can let in delivery workers and dog walkers and contact the police if necessary. A list Rieders gave Eye on Real Estate says asking prices for condos that are still available at the building range from $1.645 million for a two-bedroom unit to $3.675 million for a three-bedroom penthouse.

‘A Very Methodical and Go-Slow Approach’

Over time, the couple searched for small buildings to buy in Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. They began fixing up their rental units. They started small — a kitchen here, a bathroom there — then graduated to full-scale interior renovation of entire townhouses. Later, they began constructing new buildings from the ground up. The Cobble Hill House is the fourth such project they’ve done. Previously, their largest new development was a 17-unit apartment building. “We’ve always had a very methodical and go-slow approach,” Lee explained. “We just

wanted to make sure that we could always maintain control with every single subsequent project. We didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew.” Hornbeck quit his day job a decade ago to work full-time at Vega Management. Until last year, Lee worked on Wall Street during trading hours and focused on real estate at every other possible moment. “Yvonne would be pregnant and we’d be at some tile distributor at 6 a.m. And we’d pick out tile and then she’d go to work,” Hornbeck recalled. “No one would ever say that I’m lazy, that’s for sure,” Lee said.

Sunlight and Herringbone Floors

Our meeting with Hornbeck, Lee and Rieders took place in a three-bedroom model apartment facing the back side of Fortis construction sites on Amity Street. The apartment was very quiet. Enormous windows let in lots of light. It had a balcony that will be a welcome amenity in less wintry weather. The bathroom connected to the master bedroom was as big as some Manhattan studio apartments we’ve seen. The kitchen was a substantial size, too. Lee pointed out herringbone floors, which are an old-fashioned touch. Rieders pointed out a spacious front entrance, like you’d find in a brownstone.

From Tokyo to Cobble Hill

A block from The Cobble Hill House, work is underway on Fortis Property Group's 5 River Park development.

Now, some details of how Hornbeck and Lee built Vega Management. They grew up in different New Jersey towns. He graduated from Princeton, she graduated from Cornell. They met in Tokyo while she was doing a project for her job as a Price Waterhouse technology consultant and he was an IT employee at Japanese company NEC Corp. They got into real estate after moving to New York City, where Hornbeck was a web developer for a digital advertising firm and Lee had a tech job for a Wall Street firm. The couple started small — by renting out their Greenwich Village condo after moving to Cobble Hill in 2003. They’d fallen in love with the Brooklyn neighborhood when a friend invited them to dinner there. “It had a good vibe,” Hornbeck said. In 2004 they bought a Cobble Hill brownstone as an investment property and rented out the units in as-is condition.

Week of December 13-19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 27INB Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 27INB


1 Bedroom Condo For Sale Fully Renovated, Stainless Steel Appl., Wood Floors, Washer and Dryer and Private Storage

102 Guernsey St. Brooklyn NY 11222

8416 3rd Avenue Residential Rentals

B’Ridge – 3 rms - 1 Bed, Freshly Painted, 3rd Flr Walk Up in excel loc….......................................$1550 B’Hurst– 3 rms - 1 Bed, recently renov, 1st flr in a 2 fam home……….......................................…….$1500 B’Ridge – 4 rms - 1 bed - Shore Rd, 2nd flr of a beautiful doorman bldg, hwd flrs…............…$2295 B’Ridge – 5 rms – 2 beds – fully renov in a 6 fam bldg, laundry in bsmt……............................... $2200 Sunset Park – 4 rms – 2 beds – New Construction, Laundry rm, SS Appliances.................……$2200 Dyker Hts – 5 Rms – 2 Beds – 2nd flr of a 2 Fam home, hwd flrs, 2 terraces………....................$2200 Park Slope – 2 beds and 1 bed – luxury doorman bldg, multiple units avail, Starting at $2900 Park Slope – 3rd flr walk-up – 3 Beds – Hwd Flrs, Freshly Painted, Close to everything…...…$3100 B’Ridge – 4 Rms – 2 Beds – elevator bldg, hwd flrs, Stainless Steel, in unit W/D….............……$2400 B’Ridge – 1 Fam House – 7 Rms – 3 Beds, 2 Car Garage, Yard, Full Bsmt, W/D Hookups……..$4000

COMMERCIAL DIVISION Park Slope – 506 5th Ave, 1400 sq ft w/bsmt .......... $7000 B’Ridge – 155 Bay Ridge Ave, 550 sq ft ....................... $1100 B’Ridge – 9126 4th Ave, 650 sq ft. ................................ $3000 B’Ridge – 6918 5th Ave, 2400 sq ft .............................. $7500 B'Ridge- 7333 6th Ave, 1300 sq ft, office space.........$4300 B’Ridge – 184 Bay Ridge Pkwy, 575 sq ft ................... $1700 Dyker Hts - 7301 13th Ave, 1000 sq ft, Store Front...$4000 Bay Ridge – 8722 3rd Ave, Toy store for sale, Key money $75,000, 700 sq ft ...................................... $3650

RESIDENTIAL SPECIALIST DINA 347-809-0906 HANAN 718-536-9838 Thinking of Selling/Buying or Renting? Call or visit for full details.

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8304 13th Avenue RESIDENTIAL DEPARTMENT Dyker Hts - 1 bed, completely renov......................................$1500 Gravesend - 2 bed, brand new, fully renov, hrdwd flrs thru out...................................................................$2000 B'Hurst-2 bed, fully renov, dishwasher, A/C, Terr, small pet OK, heat/hot water incl...........................................$2000 Boro Park- 3 bed, hrdwd flrs, newly renov...........................$2300 Dyker- 1 bed, mod, EI K, carpet, painted.............................$1450 Bay Ridge- 1 bed, mod, ceramic tile & wood flrs................$1500 Bath Beach-1 bed, semi mod, wd flrs, fridge, no pe.t..s.......$1400 Bath Beach-1 bed, co-op, renov, heat, HW, gas incl............$1600 Dyker- 3 bed, fully renov, SS Appl's, hrdwd flrs....................$2600 B'hurst 3 bdrm, nr trans, brand new.....................................$2200 B'hurst- 2 bed duplex, wood flrs thru out.............................$2000 Dyker-2 bdrm, wd flrs, w/d, utilities not incl........................$1800 Dyker- 3 bed, fully renov, X-tra lg rms.................................$2700 Dyker Hts- Co-Op for rent, 1 bdrm........................................$1700 Dyker Hts- Luxury Condo Rental- Open Concept, 2 bed, 1 3/4 bths, W/D, Terrace, all new.............................$3200 B'Hurst- 3 bed, 1 1/2 bths, out door space.........................$2500 STATEN ISLAND House For Rent - 3 bed, 1 3/4 bths, spacious, mod............$2700



BAY RIDGE OPEN HOUSE Sunday Dec.16, 2018 - 12-4PM 18 79th St., Bklyn, NY Lovely residential Shore block, detached brick home, sunny 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, private garage & yard. Next to Shore Road promenade, bicycle & walk paths. MUST SEE! $1.475M ALPINE REALTY - 718-238-1788 CELL: 718-775-6258

For Laughing Out Loud • What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite. • Grandma's been staring through the window ever since it started to snow. If it gets any worse I'll have to let her in.

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• Frosty keeps his money secure in a snowbank. Where else would Frosty keep his money? He needs to have enough saved up so that he can come back to life each winter.


• I told the Optometrists I slipped outside his office and he said, “ICY”.



• What do you call ten rabbits hopping backwards through the snow together? A receding hare line.

• Do birds know where they are going when they fly south for the winter, or do they just wing it each winter?

• If it’s zero degrees outside today and it’s supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?

Tell the World About Your OPEN HOUSE: (718) 643-9099, ext 103

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When It Comes To Multifamily Properties, The Sun Is About To Shine Brighter On Sunset Park By Stephen Vorvolakos, Director – Investment Sales

David Baruch, Senior Analyst – Investment Research

Brooklyn is undeniably one of the hottest destinations for multifamily properties, with the asset classes’ steady returns and capital preservation being significant draws. As some regions become overwhelmed with supply, investors will likely turn their attention to neighborhoods that are poised to become the “next big thing,” and Sunset Park is high on their list. In the first three quarters of 2018, New York City’s biggest borough recorded 284 multifamily transactions consisting of 372 properties, totaling approximately $2.75 billion in gross consideration, according to Ariel Property Advisors’ Investment Research Division. On a year-over-year basis, transaction and building volume held steady, but dollar volume soared 71% due to a noticeable increase in large and institutional caliber sales. For the past three years, Brooklyn has comprised almost 50% of NYC’s multifamily transaction volume. So far in 2018, the borough has constituted roughly 46% of NYC’s 500 multifamily sales. After an active 2017, investors took a breather from Sunset Park’s multifamily market this year, a trend likely to prove transitory given the area’s slew of amenities and attributes. From its proximity to Manhattan and favorable zoning to its huge industrial waterfront, rapid population growth and strong retail landscape, multifamily buildings are poised to appreciate. And Sunset Park’s spectacular hillside views of Manhattan are icing on the cake. Nearby Gowanus is in the midst of a major transformation, with Whole Foods, Royal Palms Shuffle Board, Dino BBQ and Ample Hills Creamery all planting their flag in the area. Residential demand followed, so it is no surprise that real estate developers, restauranteurs and artists have turned

the once working class neighborhood into a trendy hot spot that is comparable to Williamsburg just ten years ago. Now investors are searching for the “Next Gowanus,” and their answer lies squarely on Sunset Park, which is quite similar in demographics and scenery. Gowanus is awash with new development, with 1,650 new residential units in the pipeline, according to data collected by Recity. Sunset Park, on the other hand, is just getting started. Last year, Fairstead Capital purchased a 42-building portfolio comprised of 403 total units for north of $100 million. In mid-August, New Empire Corp. revealed plans for three mid-rise towers totaling well over one million square feet across multiple blocks, spanning from 8th Avenue to Fort Hamilton Parkway. The sheer size and scope of this massive complex is unprecedented for Sunset Park and is likely a sign of more to come. Flurry Of Favorable Factors Sunset Park is located within the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone. This zoning provides firms with economic incentives for relocation to the area, including business income tax credits of up to $3,000 per employee, property tax abatements and reduced energy costs. With these improvements, major technology/advertising/media/information (TAMI) businesses have moved into the area. The decline in brick-and-mortar retail demand due to the rise of e-commerce continues to take a toll on retailers, namely in Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. As a result, stores have increasingly set their sights on more affordable rents, which can be found Sunset Park. The Brooklyn Nets’ practice facilities, Bed Bath & Beyond, Saks Off 5th, Five Borough Brewing Company, Brooklyn Kura Sake Distillery and World Market are all situated in the area. The above attractions should continue to bring new residents. Since 2000, Sunset Park’s population has grown 7.2%, sharply above Brooklyn as a whole, which grew

Stephen Vorvolakos,

David Baruch,

Director – Investment Sales

Senior Analyst – Investment Research

4.3%. From a pricing perspective, demand for residential space will only continue to rise in Sunset Park, and some investors have already taken notice. Right now, residential rents in Gowanus average about $38 per square foot, while Sunset Park’s average rent is only $28 per square foot, showing there is still plenty of upside to be unlocked for multifamily investors. Excluding residential homes and townhouses, about 30% of the properties located in Sunset Park are multifamily buildings. As developers begin to realize the future potential, this number will surely grow. Through the first three quarters of 2018, property values in Sunset Park have spiked. The price per square foot for a multifamily building sale averaged $444, a remarkable 22% increase from 2017. Meanwhile,

the average price per unit was $350,757, an impressive 25% increase from last year. Despite higher property values, there is still significant upside due to many of the above-mentioned reasons. Lastly, while other Brooklyn neighborhoods that rely on the L-train face uncertainty next year when it closes for 18-24 months, Sunset Park will be largely unscathed due to its copious transportation options. Looking ahead, the multifamily property market in Sunset Park is a bastion of opportunity. The region’s favorable zoning, beautiful waterfront views, thriving retail sector and relative affordability should continue to entice investors and residents alike, all but guaranteeing a strong investment sales market for the foreseeable future.

Ariel Property Advisors’ Capital Services Division provides owners, investors and real estate professionals with custom-tailored financing solutions. Leveraging strong relationships across numerous local, national and international capital sources, we find the capital structure that best suits a client’s specific needs.

Acquisition Renovation Agency / Mezzanine

/ Refinance / Construction / / Reposition / Balance Sheet / Debt Fund / Bridge / / Joint Ventures & Preferred Equity

For more information, please contact:

Paul McCormick

Matthew Dzbanek

Matthew Swerdlow

Eli Weisblum

Senior Vice President Investment Sales & Capital Services

Director Capital Services

Director Capital Services

Director Capital Services

212-544-9500 ext. 45

212-544-9500 ext. 48

212-544-9500 ext. 56

212-544-9500 ext. 41


2 • Brooklyn Eagle • Thursday, September 13,2018 2018 Week of December 13 - 19, • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 29INB

30INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018




Brooklyn, NY

Maimonides is among an elite group of U.S. hospitals to achieve superior survival rates. • Cleveland Clinic, OH ** • New York-Presbyterian, NY

• Mass - General Hospital, MA

• Beaumont Hospital, MI

• Ascension Providence Hospital Novi Campus, MI

• Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, CA

• Evanston Hospital, IL

• Houston Methodist Hospital, TX

**Includes Hillcrest and Fairview Campuses

To learn more, visit *Maimonides is one of nine health systems to achieve statistically superior performance on at least five of seven clinical conditions for which the federal government publishes comparative mortality data., November 2018

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 31INB

NOT Have to Hurt By: Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH, MBA

An anterior (in the front) tongue tie is often readily visible as a thin band of tissue that tethers the tongue to the lower gum, causing the tip of the tongue to indent (heart-shape) when protruded. A posterior (inbethe back) tongue tie is problems, MRI may recommended. harder to see,with and often requires Many patients parathyroid tumors lifting elect undergo surgery so that they do the to tongue with fingers to appreciate the not develop complications from their tightness disease. and restriction. parathyroid Active surveillance for noncancerous tumors isto some Upper (in lip the tie,parathyroid whichtongue is present An anterior front) tie is another option. This approach involves often readily as a thin band degree in visible all newborns, can ofbe seen close monitoring. 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Other operating under general Upper lip tie,may whichinclude is presentclicking to some problems Surgery involves removing parathyroid noises degree in all newborns, can be seen tumor while protecting nervesair that cause withlifting feeding, excessive entry, seepage when the upper lip off the gum. movement of vocal cords. The “gold stanof milk out the sides of the mouth, Most lip tiefor goes away on its own and a dard”upper operation primary hyperparathyroidism for affects almost one hundred years callous (hard skin)feeding. forming the central and does not Forinsome has been four-gland parathyroid explobabies, however, the lip cannot form a lip or along the whole edge. ration.seal Thiswith surgery involvescausing examining good the breast, the Now for the good news: if your baby all parathyroid glands. Once identified, mother to keep rolling it out. Other abnormally enlarged parathyroid glands has breastfeeding problems caused by problems may noises are removed andinclude wound isclicking closed with sutongue tie, upper lip tie, or both, these with excessive airparathyroid entry, seepage tures.feeding, Minimally invasive surproblems safely, and of milk out thecan sides be of the mouth, and a gery was introduced in 1980’s and quickly, gained acceptance during 1990’s. Currently the callous (hard skin) forming in the central painlessly fixed during a brief office visit. success ratethe forwhole minimally invasive paralip along edge. Inorabout 80-90% of will thyroid equalsnews: thatcases themothers more Now surgery for the good ifofyour baby notice an four immediate and significant imconventional gland exploration when has breastfeeding problems caused by performed appropriately. Minimally invaprovement in latch and breastfeeding. tongue tie, upper lip tie, or both, these sive technique offers many advantages, There is little to no discomfort afterwards. problems can be safely, quickly, and including less pain after surgery, reduced painlessly fixed during a brief office visit. scarring and faster recovery time. With up on Bottom line: before giving minimally invasiveyour technique, the surgeon In about 80-90% of cases mothers will please breastfeeding newborn baby, removes enlargedand parathyroid gland notice anthe immediate significant imcallhad usbeen for identified an expedited appointment. that imaging studprovement in latch andbybreastfeeding. ies performed to surgery. Instead There is antoprior excellent chance weofcan help There is little no discomfort afterwards. looking at all four glands, PTH is measured improve the quality ofthe lifegland. for on both you Bottom line: before of giving up before and after removal If breastfeeding your newborn baby, please and your baby. PTH level decreases appropriately, sugcall us for expedited appointment. gesting thatan other glands are normal, the —— is concluded. is Thereoperation is an excellent chance weSurgery can help Dr. only Richard Rosenfeld is board certified the cure for primary improve the quality of life forhyperparaboth you thyroidism. high success rate, is by your the American of Otolaryngology and baby. It hasBoard low risk, and very well tolerated. ——trained in Pediatric Otoand is fellowship If you are diagnosed with elevated Dr. Richard Rosenfeld board certified calcium dueHis to parathyroid disease, laryngology. UPBis offices are located in by theweAmerican Board of Otolaryngology will work with you to determine Downtown Brooklyn atand 185 Montague St., 5th best diagnostic treatment and isthe fellowship trained in Pediatric OtoFloor, Brooklyn, NYoffices 11201are (718-780-1498) and approach. laryngology. His UPB located in in Park Slope Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklynatat376 185 Montague St., 5th Dr. Chernichenko, MD, FACS is board Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718-780-1498) and NY certified 11215 (718-499-0940) by the American Board of in Park Slope at 376 Sixth Otolaryngology. She isAve., theBrooklyn, Assistant —— Professor of Otolaryngology and Chief NY 11215 (718-499-0940) Richard Rosenfeld, MD,DownMPH, MBA of Head &M. Neck Surgery at SUNY —— state Medical Center, Brooklyn 11203. Distinguished Professor and Chairman Richard M. Rosenfeld, MPH, Her UPB offices are MD, located in MBA DownofProfessor Otolaryngology Distinguished Chairman town Brooklyn at 185and Montague St., 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718-780ofDownstate Otolaryngology SUNY Medical Center, 1498),Downstate in Park Slope at 376Center, Sixth Ave., SUNY Medical NY 11203,and Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718-499-0940) Brooklyn, NY 11203, 470 Clarkson Ave., Suite H, Brooklyn, NY —— —— 11203 &718-270-4701) more information our providers, ForFor more information on ouron providers, services, services, For more information on our prolocation, initial registration location, andand initial registration forms toforms make to make viders, ervices, location, and initial regisyour first visitforms moremore please visit our visit our your first visit convenient, please tration toconvenient, make your forst visit more convenient, please visit our Website at website at website at Follow us on Facebook! Search Brooklyn ENT Follow us on Facebook! Search Brooklyn ENT

ABreastfeeding Does s a newly-minted pediatric ear,

Parathyroid When Elevated nose, and throat (ENTDisease: specialist) who entered practice in 1992, Calcium Requires Surgical Consultation I rarely saw newborns with breastfeeding

P NOT Have to Hurt

By Natalya Chernichenko, MD, FACS difficulties in my office sessions. Now arathyroid glands are four tiny hardly a day goes by without at least glands, each about a size of a grain one referral, of with some sessions having rice, located in the neck behind 10-20% of the breastfeeding the visits thyroidforgland. Parathyroid By: Richard M. important Rosenfeld,role MD,inMPH, MBA glands play an regulating problems. the amount of calcium in the body by pros a newly-minted pediatric ear, Why the dramatic Because ducing parathyroid change? hormone (PTH). When nose, and throat (ENT specialist) when parathyroid the right office procedure is done gland becomes overactive, it who entered practice in 1992, produces too much PTH which leads eleon the right baby, breastfeedingto can Ivated rarelycalcium saw newborns level. with breastfeeding change from ainnightmare (withdue pain, Overactive parathyroid gland to difficulties my office sessions. Now tumor isa known asprolonged primary hyperparathynipplehardly cracking, or dayand goes by without at interleast roidism. Most tumors (adenoreferral, some sessions having ruptedone feeds) towith aparathyroid joyous and pleasant mas) are not cancerous. Parathyroid cancer 10-20% of the visits for breastfeeding experience benefits both is a rare that condition and occurs onlymother in about problems. one percent of absolutely people with no primary hyand baby. There is reason Why the dramatic change? Because perparathyroidism. Hyperparathyroidisim that new mothers should have toissuffer when theon right procedure done brought by office another condition, such when on breastfeeding, worse yetDhave to as kidney failure ororlow Vitamin level, is the right baby, breastfeeding can called secondary hyperparathyroidism. change from a nightmare (with pain, stop entirely. Symptoms of elevated calcium are classinipple cracking, and prolonged orby interBreastfeeding is recommended the cally summarized “stones, bones, abrupted feeds) to aby joyous and pleasant American Academy Pediatrics and dominal groans andof psychiatric overtones”. experience benefits both mother “Stones” experts, referthat to kidney stones. “Bones” reother and health because itno reduces baby. There is absolutely reason fer to bone-related complications, such as the frequency ofosteoporosis colds,should ear infections, and that have to pathosuffer bonenew pain,mothers and even logical fractures.while “Abdominal refer breastfeeding, or boosting worsegroans” yet have to sinus when infections, your to gastrointestinal symptoms of indigesstop entirely. child’s immune system and reducing the tion, constipation,is recommended nausea and vomiting. Breastfeeding by the need for antibiotics. Unfortunately, some “Psychiatric overtones” to fatigue, American Academy of refer Pediatrics and depression, memorybreastfeeding loss, problems with mothers have trouble beother health experts, because it reduces concentration and even psychosis. causethe their baby’s upper lipand or frequency oftongue, colds, ear infections, We diagnose parathyroid disorders sinus infections, while boosting your both are restricted (“tied”). through comprehensive testing that starts with complete history and physical exam. child’s immune system andaffect reducing the Tongue tie, which can up to Diagnosis of type of Unfortunately, hyperparathyroidism need for antibiotics. some 10% ofis newborns, iswork the that most common based on blood includes levels mothers have trouble breastfeeding becausecause ofcalcium, breastfeeding difficulties, of PTH and Vitamin D, and a betheir baby’s tongue, upper lip 24or hour urine test. the Imaging testsfrom that we may causeboth it prevents baby lifting are restricted (“tied”). recommend include thyroid and parathyand sticking out tongue, both of tie, the which canscan affect to roidTongue ultrasound, sestamibi andupa CT 10% of newborns, is the most common When intravenous contrast cannot which scan. are needed for effective feeding.


Photo courtesy of Suny Downstate

Photo courtesy of SUNY Downstate

Photo courtesy of Suny Downstate

be administered due to allergies or kidney cause of breastfeeding difficulties, because it prevents the baby from lifting and sticking out the tongue, both of which are needed for effective feeding.

Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD,MPH, MPH, MBA MBA Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD,

Natalya Chernichenko, MD, FACS

UPB — Brooklyn ENT Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery

UPB — Brooklyn ENT Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery

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32INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018

Improve life expectancy with some healthy habits “Who Wants to Live Forever” is a song that appeared on the 1986 album “A Kind of Magic” by the rock band Queen. The song often sparks conversation about the potential benefits of immortality . Immortality may not be possible, but many people aspire to improve their chances to live a long and prosperous life. A study published in the journal “Lancet” analyzed data from the 2016 Global Burden of Diseases project to generate life expectancy predictions from 2017 to 2040 for most countries. The United States saw the largest decline in ranking among high-income countries, as life expectancies in the United States are projected to fall from 43rd in 2016 to 64th by 2040, with an average life expectancy of 79.8. Life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped in each of the past two years, according to annual reports by the National Center for Health Statistics. But there may be hope for Americans yet. Doctors and scientists continually study the

lifestyles of people who outlive their life expectancies. While genetics can play a role, so can following healthy habits, which have been identified to promote longevity. • Don’t smoke. Many smokers have been told that smoking trims 10 years off their life expectancies, and that statement is corroborated by a study published in 2013 in ‘The New England Journal of Medicine” that tracked participants over a span of several years. The good news is people who quit before the age of 35 can usually regain those lost years. • Avoid drug use. Accidental drug overdoses contributed to 63,600 deaths in the United States in 2016, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Usage of prescription opioids and heroin has skyrocketed in recent years. Drug use also may exacerbate mental illnesses, potentially making drug users more vulnerable to suicide. • Maintain healthy body mass. Moderate to vigorous exercise regimens and diets loaded with healthy foods can

keep weight in check. Maintaining a healthy weight has a host of positive side effects, including reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is a leading killer in North America. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly four in 10 adults and 18.5 percent of children in the United States are obese. According to the 2015 Canadian Health Measures Survey, 30 percent of adults in Canada are obese and may require medical support to manage their disease. •Limit alcohol consumption. Some evidence suggests that light drinking can be good for cardiovascular health. However, a paper published in the “Lancet” suggests every glass of wine or pint of beer over the daily recommended limit will cut half an hour from the expected lifespan of a 40-year-old. The paper says the risks are comparable to smoking. Simple, healthy lifestyle changes can help people increase their life expectancies.


Routine & High Risk OB Pelvic Pain/Endometriosis Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Bioidentical Hormones and Menopause Issues 2 TELEPORT DR, Suite 207 STATEN ISLAND, NY 10311 9920 4TH AVE, Suite 203 BROOKLYN, NY 11209

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Exercise is an essential part of improving one’s life expectancy.

Healthy Holiday Food Swaps to Support Elder Nutrition BY JENNIFER BRULLO It’s easy to fret about the upcoming holiday menu if you care for an elderly loved one who manages chronic medical conditions or simply needs to keep an eye on what he or she eats. As a registered nurse at Partners in Care, a licensed home care agency affiliated with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, I communicate often with concerned family caregivers while providing care for their loved ones at home. During the holiday season, two pieces of advice often come up: 1) Facilitate incremental changes in loved ones’ diets, giving them a chance to get used to each change before making a new one and 2.) Don’t skip out on holiday treats – but do moderate! In the spirit of the holidays, here are some suggestions for healthier versions of favorite celebratory dishes! • Did you know that one cup of mashed potatoes made with butter and whole milk contains about 240 calories, nine grams of fat and 35 grams of carbohydrates? With all their flavor and creamy, rich texture, mashed potatoes may seem like a holiday staple, but there is a healthy alternative growing in popularity that is sure to be just as popular at your holiday dinner: mashed cauliflower. The mashed vegetable has the same texture and similar flavor and is loaded with Vitamin C! • Skip the high-sodium dips and the crisp-fried and salty chips! Greek yogurt and hummus are delicious and much healthier substitutes for mayonnaise, sour cream and cream cheese dips. On the chip front, try switching it up with your favorite vegetable. If carrots or celery sticks don’t appeal, try bell pepper strips, broccoli florets or

grape tomatoes. • The bad news is that the traditional green bean casserole found on so many “favorites” lists, despite its name, is mostly made from overly processed foods that are high in sodium and fat. The good news? There are delicious alternatives to getting creative and cooking greens. Kale and collards, in addition to brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli, are all high in sulfur compounds that provide many health benefits and taste best roasted! • In Latin cooking, food is highly seasoned – but not necessarily salty or spicy. Take, for instance the popular dish sofrito (also popular in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese cooking), which is made from tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and cilantro and is used in just about everything, from rice to seafood! Adding seasonings and skipping salt to add flavor to your favorites will still taste delicious and your heart will thank you. • When it comes to cookies, cakes, and pastries, you face the double-whammy of sugar and trans fats. Trans fats can raise cholesterol and put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes, so do your loved one a favor and skip the cake – and most pies – for a (surprisingly) healthier alternative: pumpkin pie. Because the seasonal favorite is missing the top layer that most pies have, it is, in fact, lower in saturated fats. For an even more nutritious alternative, try instead making the pie crust from dates and nuts and eliminating butter altogether. For year-round recipe ideas, check out https:// Jennifer Brullo is an RN, senior vice president and the leader of Partners in Care, an affiliate of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 33INB


Gemma with Santa

Photo courtesy of Amanda Innace

Pet Adoption Corner

Sean Casey Animal Rescue has shared these photos of pets up for adoption with us. Toby is an eight-year-old Pit bull mix. Toby loves everyone and every dog that he meets. He loves going out for walks but also loves cuddling at home.

Charlie is a three-month-old Domestic Short hair. Besides being absolutely adorable, he is also super sweet and loves to play! Sean Casey Animal Rescue (718-4365163) is located at 153 East Third St.



Photos courtesy of Sean Casey Animal Rescue

34INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 2018 Week of December 14-20,13-19, 2017 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Bro 34INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018

OBITUARIES We Notify • Social Security Administration • Veterans Administration • Insurance Companies • Pensions & Unions • Irrevocable & Revocable Accounts

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ROSE, John Thomas -- Of Duck, N.C., passed away on Fri., Nov. 30, 2018 at Norfolk Heart Hospital. He was born Aug. 16, 1947 and was preceded in death by his parents, Harriet and Frederick Rose, his brother, Fred and his sister, Mary. John is survived by his wife of 49 years, Terry, his sisters Bette Hegarty and Joan Rose, nieces and nephews Noreen Decker, Billy Decker, Fred Rose, Ed Rose and Michael Rose, great nieces and nephews, one great-great niece


and one soon to be born. He is also survived by cats Hazel and Harrison, who were his loyal friends. John retired from driving an oil truck, providing heat to many in the cold winters up north. He retired, and moved to North Carolina in 1997. John was also a proud United States Army veteran. He will be joining his pals Fred, Bernie and George with whom he had many interesting boat trips when he and his wife camped on the Delaware River. He will also be missed by the “Boys Club” on Thursdays at Sweet T’s. He was employed by Sun Realty in Corolla and they are part of his extended family. The mass of the resurrection was held at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church in Kitty Hawk, N.C. on Mon., Dec.10, 2018. Military honors will follow. Interment private. Online condolences can be expressed at www.gallopfuneralservices. com. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in his name to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the American

Cancer Society, Feline Hope, or Coastal Humane Society. Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. was entrusted with arrangements.


PALLADINO, Mary -- On Dec. 8, 2018. Devoted wife of the late Joseph. Loving mother of Jeanne McFeeley, Anthony and John. Also survived by nine grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. All arrangements handled by Ralph Aievoli & Son Funeral Home.. Mass St Athanasius Church. Interment St. Charles Cemetery.

Personal Funeral Service Contact Alex S. Marchak Jr. Licensed Director/Owner

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CUTHILL, Brian J. -- Age 50, of Brooklyn, died Thurs., Dec.6, 2018 at Mount Sinai Brooklyn. Brian was born Sept.6, 1968 in Brooklyn. He is the son of Arthur Cuthill and Sharon (Walker) Cronin. He married Rosaria Marziliano. Brian was employed by MTA, City Of New York. Brian is survived by his loving wife Rosaria; his loving children Anthony,

1275 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11219

(718) 745-1600

Stephanie and Nicholas; his

father Arthur and stepmother Jill and mother Sharon (Walker) Cronin and stepfather John Cronin; his brothers Michael, Christopher, Scott, Matthew and Alfred; his sisters Donna and Barbara and many nieces and nephews. Mass of Christian burial Resurrection RCC. Burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home.

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(Never known to fail) O, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, Splendor of Heaven Blessed Mother, of the Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O, Star of the Sea help me and show me, herein you are my mother. O, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. (Make Request) There are none that can withstand your power. O, show me herein you are my mother. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3X). O Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (3X). Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3X). Thank you for your mercy to me and mine. Amen. This prayer must be said for three days and after three days your request will be granted and the prayer must be published. Grateful thanks.

B.C. Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 35INB

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DONOFRIO INC. Brooklyn Eagle cover from Dec. 10, 1945

ON DEC. 10 1945, the Eagle reported, “Heidelberg, (U.P.) — Gen. George S. Patton lay in serious condition with a spinal injury and head wounds today in a hospital room guarded by white-helmeted military police while his wife and a famous nerve surgeon rushed to his bedside by plane from the United States. Gen. Patton has suffered a fractured neck vertebra and is completely paralyzed below the third cervical vertebra, an army medical bulletin revealed today. (The third cervical vertebra is approximately at the shoulder.) The bulletin said diagnosis made at 5 p.m. Sunday, about six hours after Patton was injured when an army truck hit his car near Mannheim, also found a ‘posterior dislocation of the fourth cervical.’ The seven cervical vertebrae form the top part of the spinal column … Doctors and nurses have been warned not to speak to newspapermen concerning Patton and the hospital grounds are closed to the press. Inside, American soldiers talk freely about Patton, saying he is in bad shape.”

You Should Know This Fun Facts About Winter • Winter Is Coming” is the motto of House Stark, one of the Great Houses of Westeros. The meaning behind these words is one of warning and constant vigilance. The Starks, being the lords of the North, strive to always be prepared for the coming of winter, which hits their lands the hardest. • Every winter, at least one septillion (that’s 1, followed by 24 zeros) snow crystals fall from the sky. And ten inches of snow melts down to only one inch of water. • Having a fear of snow is called “chionophobia.” • In winter, it’s possible to walk from the U.S. to Russia, as an icy bridge forms between the Diomedes Islands (parts of which belong to the US and Russia, respectively). • No two snowflakes are alike but all snowflakes have 6 sides in their perfect form. • The older winter sport is figure skating, and its competition dates back to 1908 when the gold medal went to Ulrich Salchow, whose backwards take-off jump is still used today. •Commemorating the ancient practice of hunting for food, the biathlon combines the stamina of cross-country skiing with the precision of shooting at targets 160 feet away.

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Brooklyn Eagle cover from Dec. 11, 1941

ON DEC. 11, 1941, the Eagle reported, “London (U.P.) — Prime Minister [Winston] Churchill, addressing the House of Commons today as Germany and Italy declared war on the United States, said the British Empire, America, Russia and China were fighting for their lives ‘and will go forward to victory — not over Japan alone but over the Axis and all its works. Our foes are bound by their ambitions and their crimes implacably to the destruction of the English-speaking world and all it stands for,’ he said. ‘It may well be that we shall have to suffer very considerable punishment, but we shall defend ourselves everywhere with the utmost vigor and close co-operation with the United States and the Netherlands Navy … I know I speak for the United States as well as for the British Empire when I say we would all rather perish than be conquered … It would indeed bring shame on our generation if we did not teach the enemy a lesson which will not be forgotten in the records of a thousand years.’”  ON DEC. 11, 1876, a week after fire destroyed the Brooklyn Theatre, the Eagle reported, “It will be a long time ere oratory or supplication be needed to fill the memory of Brooklyn with the terrible features of this theatrical holocaust. Every little neighborhood has chairs made vacant by it, in almost every street desolate fireplaces tell the story of the catastrophe, and in every church the lamentations of widows for their husbands and children for their fathers are heard. Whenever the alarm of fire is sounded, for many months to come, the heart of our people will be beset by the ghosts of the three hundred victims who perished last Tuesday night, and the agonies, which no living physically eye looked upon, will be revealed to the imagination by the glare of every uncurbed flame.”

You Should Know This • Speed Skating is no short race. With room to spare, two international size hockey rinks can fit inside a long track oval of 500 meters. • The country with the most Olympic Winter Sport medals is Norway. Norway has won 329 Winter Olympics medals, with the U.S. in second, with 282. The amazing thing has been Norway’s dominance in cross-country skiing, which accounts 107 of its medals. The U.S. has one in cross-country skiing.


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• The Empire State Building might be the most famous office landlord in the world, but it’s the view from the 102-story skyscraper that’s the real moneymaker, as its observation deck generates more revenue than from its 85 Floors of office space. • There are 10 Million bricks in the Empire State Building.

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 37INB

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle cover from Dec. 13, 1950

ON DEC. 13, 1949, the Eagle reported, “An inch of rainfall reported in upstate watershed areas may add 5 billion gallons to the city’s reservoirs, providing a five-day supply — if the public can cut its consumption to 1 billion gallons a day, Water Supply Commissioner Stephen J. Carney said today. Carney warned that the rainfall, which continued lightly today, was still just a drop in the bucket compared to the city’s needs. Meanwhile, operators of 16 Brooklyn auto laundries were weighing an ultimatum from Carney that they either shut down completely or have their water shut off. The laundries announced, through signs, that they will resume car-washing on a three-day-a-week basis, Thursday morning. Carney replied that if they do their water will be ‘peremptorily shut off.’ This would entail breaking through the pavement outside each of the laundries.”  ON DEC. 13, 1950, the Eagle reported, “Tokyo, Dec. 14 (U.P.) — Thousands of United Nations troops poured aboard transports in Hungnam Harbor for the third day yesterday under intermittent attack by Chinese Communists who have forced their evacuation by sea from northeast Korea. The evacuation of all 60,000 U.N. troops in the northeast began Monday, when 20,000 Marines and Army troops fought their way out of a Chinese Communist trap near the Chosin Reservoir. News reports of the withdrawal were suppressed two days at the request of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters. In western Korea, all ‘non-essential’ persons and equipment were being removed from Seoul while the U.S. 8th Army guarded the South Korean capital’s approaches. Chinese Communists in American uniforms hit the U.N. defense line around the Hamhung-Hungnam beachhead Wednesday but were beaten off and chased back by U.S. 3rd Division troops.”

You Should Know This • A bridge built in Lima, Peru around 1610 was made of mortar that was mixed not with water but with the whites of 10,000 eggs. The bridge, appropriately called the Bridge of Eggs, is still standing today. • The base of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is large enough to cover ten football fields. • The only man made structure visible from space is the Great Wall of China. • At any one time there are over 60,000 people in the air over the US. • The world’s longest flight is from Sydney, Australia to Dallas, Texas and lasts about 16 hours.


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ROOFING ROOFING ROOFING ROOFING www.Magrino Daniel F. Magrino Daniel www.Magrino F. Magrino www.Magrino Daniel F.F. Magrino MagrinoDanielwww.Magrino www.Magrino




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INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES DOT 32149 917-751-7741 9729 4TH Insured Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 ns INSURANCE & FINANCIAL INSURANCE INSURANCE &SERVICES FINANCIAL & SERVICES FINANCIAL SERVICES INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES Licensed/ 9729 4TH Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 ers and Extensions 9729 4TH Avenue 9729 4TH Avenue ry, TEL: (718) 745-6116 TEL: (718) 745-6116 sement ,xtensions Kitchens, Carpentry, Basement Carpentry, spentry, 9729 4TH Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 FREE ESTIMATES CALL ANTHONY References Upon Request

Brooklyn ,NYAvenue 11209 FAX: 745-6116) 9729 4TH TEL: (718) 745-6116 pentry, Lic. PLUMBING 9729 4TH Avenue Brooklyn ,NY 11209 TEL: (718) 745-6116 FAX: (#0927159 9729 4TH 9729 4TH Avenue ry, TEL: (718) 745-6116 TEL: (718) 745-6116 vations, Brooklyn ,NYAvenue 11209 Brooklyn ,NY 11209 sement ,ns, Kitchens, Carpentry, Basement Carpentry, FAX: ( (745-6116) FAX: (,NY 745-6116) 9729 4TH Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 ry, Brooklyn 11209 FAX: ( 745-6116) 745-6116) tvations, s, Shingle, All Renovations, Attics, All Renovations, ons, 718-986-4035 & Bonded Brooklyn ,NY 11209 FAX: ( 745-6116) A FAX: Brooklyn 11209 FAX: (( 745-6116) Brooklyn ,NY 11209 Brooklyn ,NY 11209 ( 745-6116) FAX: ,NY (,NY 745-6116) 1Renovations, Brooklyn 11209 FAX: 745-6116) ns, s, t Shingle, All Renovations, Attics, All A ons, y oofing, Wa ng, toops, rk, Brickwork, y’sMOVING oofing, aWaterproofing, J ng, toops, rk, Waterproofing, Waterproofing, Brickwork, Waterproofing, ng, MOVING MOVING MOVING g MOVING MOVING nMOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING viMOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING moving MOVING o MOVING MOVING MOVING moving MOVING M Leaks. ROOFING Leaks. aks. aks. ndows, in Repairing Repairing ExpertsLeaks. Leaks. in Repairing Repairing Leaks. Leaks. MOVING ndows, in Experts in aks. YOUR FAMILY PLUMBER SINCE 1906















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DOT 32149 INSURED Licensed/ Licensed/ Insured Licensed/ Insured Licensed/ Insured Insured Basements - Attics - Garages DOT 32149 Licensed/ Insu Yards - Apts - Estates Furniture & Appliances Removed justguttersnyc@hotm Stores - Wearhouses - Fire Debris



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M.A., Jane Feazell, LPMOVING M.A., LP&MOVING MOVING ATHER & TOSON FATHER SON NBOARD MOVING SON •• Family and • Family Family owned owned and ard A. Howard



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for 3 owned •STORAGE Family and owned operated andfor operated 3 Insured 3 License #1470373 operated for 3 Licensed and ARIK J. MOVING &operated 730 718-836-1730 LICfor &· NYC INSURED generations, ensuring personalized ensuring personalized ensuring personalized generations,generations, ensuring generations, personalized INSURED INSURED DOT DOT 32149 32149





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MATES EE ESTIMATES Lowrates Prices Guaranteed for the lowest rates forCall the lowest for718-763-1435 therates lowest for the INSURED lowest rates RED INSURED URED SON 10% discount 10% discount discount10% discount •• Family and for 33 • Family owned • Family and owned operated and for operated 3Estimates for 3 Estimates Yards10% - Attics - Basements - Garages Cleanouts, Basements, Family owned owned and operated operated for *Annual Service ard A. Howard Free Free Free Estimates Free Estimates for seniors for seniors for seniors Chimney heating cleaned $49.99!! for seniors for the lowest rates CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE! generations, ensuring personalized generations, generations, ensuring personalized ensuring personalized Attics, Yards generations,MOVING ensuring MOVING personalized MOVING l INSURED MOVING


Toll Free 10 877-668-3186 • Family owned and operated for 3 odeling ompany Company service. Free Estimates Fast, professional service. service. service. FREE ESTIMATES fo generations, ensuring personalized & friendly rubbish MOVING ge 212-321-MOVE • Recommended by thousands of sat• Recommended • Recommended by thousands by of thousands satof satARIK J. MOVING & STORAGE ARIK J. MOVING ARIK J. & MOVING STORAGE & STORAGE 24-HOUR SERVICE •ARIK Recommended by thousands of satLIC J. service. MOVING & STORAGE LIC & INSURED LIC & INSURED LIC & & INSURED INSURED yRANTEED removal service at WORK isfied GUARANTEED 718.748.2 customers. isfied customers. isfied customers. AFFORDABLE RATES isfied customers. SPECIAL LOCAL RATES SPECIAL SPECIAL LOCAL RATES LOCAL RATES SPECIALIST reasonable prices! SPECIAL LOCAL RATES ROOFING


ROOFING SPECIALIST SPECIALISTLIC & INSURE SPECIALIST US DOT •ARIK Recommended byROOFING thousands of ROOFING satN,BASEMENTS BATHROOMS,, BASEMENTS , #130966 J. MOVING & STORAGE 2 w/Truck $59/Hr. 2 Men w/Truck 2 Men $59/Hr. w/Truck $59/Hr. 2 Men Men w/Truck $59/Hr. •• Professionally trained moving experts • Professionally • Professionally trained moving trained experts moving experts Professionally trained moving experts 877-668-3186 ROOFING ROOFING ROOFING 33 Men w/Truck $69/Hr. Men w/Truck 3 time. Men $69/Hr. w/Truck $69/Hr. ALSO OFFERING ROOFING ALSO OFFERING ALSO OFFERING Men w/Truck $69/Hr. isfied customers. diamondconstructionnyc@ ALSO OFFERING The Company has the right to3change prices any WS, SIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING ROOFING 646-371-2167 SPECIAL LOCAL RATES ROOFING SPEC on every truck. Courteous & prompt. on every truck. on every Courteous truck. & Courteous prompt. & prompt. 4 Men w/Truck $85 Hr. T 4 Men w/Truck 4 Men $85 w/Truck Hr. $85 Hr. ME WE’LL IT, AND DO IT WE’LL DO IT on every truck. Courteous & prompt. 4 Men w/Truck $85 Hr. S , ALL MASONRY & WE ALL MASONRY ALL & MASONRY & WE WE A30-38 ALL MASONRY & 2 Men w/T ruck $59/Hr . 646-261-7019 HOME ( WE DO REPITAALL) IRS ( WE DO•ITProfessionally ALL) trained moving experts CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS ROOFING CHIMNEYS 3 Men w/Truck $69/Hr . ALSO OFFERING • FREE estimates • FREE estimates • FREE estimates • FREE estimates pes ld Repairs of Household & Repairs & SHOW SHOW SHOW on every truck. Courteous & prompt. *Repairs *Repairs *Repairs 4 Men w/Truck $85 *RepairsHr. O IT ALL MASONRY & 18-467-1200 1200 ALL) *Replacement *Replacement *Replacement l Services ealmbing • Electrical • Plumbing • Electrical Toll Free *Replacement Toll Free Toll Free 877-668-3186 877-668-3186 877-668-3186 Toll Free 877-668-3186 CHIMNEYS Call• 718-763-1435 Callestimates 718-763-1435 Call 718-763-1435 FREE UP! UP! UP! *Annual *Annual Service *Annual Service Service*Annual Service ge S oofing Household/Garage • Siding • Household/Garage *Repairs 212-321-MOVE ge 212-321-MOVE 212-321-MOVE 212-321-MOVE MATES EE ESTIMATES LICENSED LICENSED & INSURED LICENSED & INSURED LICENSED & & INSURED INSURED

Week of December 13 - 19, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 39INB


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40INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of December 13 - 19, 2018

Amazon in Brooklyn: Why Bid Didn’t Quite Measure Up

Continued from page 3 The eagerness to welcome Amazon meant that a good number of site owners were open to a change in use and, thus, zoning, typically a deliberative process involving community input and City Council approval, but not in this case. After all, Empire State Development, Gov. Cuomo’s economic-development authority, has been prepared to override city zoning to ease the process, as it plans to do in Queens. In DUMBO, more than 1 million square feet would have come from converting the 85 Jay complex, a former Jehovah’s Witnesses parking lot expected to house residential space, into office use, albeit renting for $64 per square foot. The document notes “land use action required,” indicating the need for that state override. Downtown Brooklyn, offering much transit and adjacent residential space, offered more than 9 million square feet in 14 buildings, with rents said to be between $49 and $59 per square foot. Notably, the bid indicated a willingness to ensure that two planned buildings, 565 Fulton St. and 625 Fulton St., would include office space, with “land use action required.” Moreover, the bid discloses an ambitious plan for construction at, and near, the Pacific Park project, all associated with the address 590 Atlantic Ave.. That’s currently home to retail outlets P.C. Richard & Son and Modell’s, at the intersection of Flatbush and Fourth avenues. The four prospective towers offered to Amazon included one site at the northeast flank of Barclays Center, long known as B4 of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park, which is expected to start construction next year and house 810 apartments. It too would have required “land use action.” Another would be the 1.14 million-squarefoot tower (or towers) planned for the P.C.

Richard/Modell’s parcel, long known as Site 5 of the Atlantic Terminal Urban Renewal Area. While that site has been approved for office space, the developers aim to augment it by shifting the bulk of the never-built tower approved for the Barclays Center plaza across the street, which also would require “land use action.” Finally, the bid discloses ambitious plans to build towers, apparently already permitted by current zoning, over the Atlantic Center mall. The bid describes two sites, one with 990,000 square feet and the other, with 1.84 million square feet (which likely means two towers). Such towers were once to be designed by Frank Gehry, the original Atlantic Yards architect. While Brooklyn’s business and civic leaders appeared to put a lot of effort and creativity into the bid, and Brooklyn’s tech community touted its abundance of talent, the Long Island City bid tended to offer cheaper and more readily available space for the early and later phases of the project. But in the end, given Brooklyn’s current issues with high costs and gentrification, the prospect of having Amazon at arm’s length may offer more tempered benefits and challenges. * (That calculation means effective rent after as-of-right incentives on a per rentable square foot basis in 2017 dollars, assuming 170 gross square feet per employee.) Brooklyn journalist Norman Oder writes the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report, a watchdog blog, and is working on a book about the project

The city/state bid included a map showing sites available in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, including Downtown, DUMBO, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, with the Phase 1 buildings in red. Map courtesy of the NYC EDC

The Bridge is dedicated to reporting on business in Brooklyn. Its focus is on the breakthrough companies, entrepreneurs and trends that have made Brooklyn a worldwide brand and a growing economic center.

City Secures $25M Federal Grant to Repair Brooklyn Bridge’s Famed Towers

Heights Press file photo by Lore Croghan

The federal government has agreed to pay New York City $25 million toward a $337 million project to repair the Brooklyn Bridge’s approaches and towers. This is the first time such work will take place on the worldfamous bridge’s Gothic arches, according to amNewYork. “At 135 years old, our world-renowned and beloved bridge needs a lot of care, including work on her approaches and her soaring, majestic towers,” city Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said in a statement. The grant was secured as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s BUILD program, which funds road, rail, transit and port projects, amNewYork reported. The bridge, built in 1883, carries more than 100,000 vehicles on an average day, amNewYork said. Its crowded walking and bicycling promenade carries 4,000 cyclists and 10,000 pedestrians per day.

— Raanan Geberer

For Legal Advertising And Name Changes Call Kat: 718-422-7400 Thursday, December 13, 2018 • Brooklyn Heights Press • 5

Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Overlooking Brooklyn Bridge Park Sells for $11.75 Million By Raanan Geberer

Brooklyn Heights Press

A single-family townhouse at 192 Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights has been sold for $11.75 million, a price that few other Brooklyn homes have surpassed. The sellers are former Granite Broadcasting CEO W. Don Cornwell and his wife Saundra Cornwell. When they first listed their home for $16 million in 2014, they hoped to smash the borough’s current record price of $15.5 million for a townhouse set in 2015, accord-

ing to The Real Deal. The townhouse was built in the late 1950s and occupies about 7,900 square feet, The Real Deal said. It has seven bedrooms and has a view of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the waterfront. The buyer was listed only as “192 Columbia Heights LLC,” The Real Deal reported. Another townhouse that came close to the aforementioned record price of $15.5 million was Truman Capote’s former house at 72 Willow St., which sold for $12.5 million in 2012.

A former Airbnb executive and his wife recently bought a three-story Cobble Hill townhouse for $4.6 million. Buyer Shaun Stewart, former global head of Airbnb’s vacation rental business, is now CEO of New Lab, a technology hub for high-tech entrepreneurs based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, according to The Real Deal. The $4.6 million cost of the house will certainly seem high to most people, but it’s actually a discounted price. The

6 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, December 13, 2018

original price of the house at 120 Congress St. when it was listed in February was $5.5 million, The Real Deal said. According to a recent report, 84 percent of high-end listings sold at a discount during the first three quarters of 2018. This represents a median amount of $500,000. The sellers of the house were Frank Cicero and Stacey Campbell, The Real Deal reported.

— Raanan Geberer

Heights Press file photo by Lore Croghan

Former Airbnb Exec Buys Cobble Hill Home for $4.6M

Philip Van Orman, 82, Made Heights His Home for 50 Years Brooklyn Heights Press

Philip Van Orman, a Brooklyn Heights resident for 50 years, died peacefully on Nov. 30, 2018 in Manhattan. He was 82. Born in Short Hills, N.J. on Oct. 9, 1936, Philip was the son of the late Francis and Elizabeth Van Orman. He met the future Mary Rodgers Van Orman while dining in the officers’ dining room of the Federal Reserve, where Philip was the executive director of the Federal Reserve Employee Benefits System and Mary was a lawyer in the legal department of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They were married in 1968, and made their home in Brooklyn Heights, where they raised their two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. Philip was an alumnus of Pingry School and Wesleyan University. At Wesleyan, he played Varsity soccer and golf and was a member of Alpha Delta Phi. After college, he enrolled in Columbia University’s Law School and also enlisted in army training camp. After law school, Philip joined a law firm, but quickly realized that law firm life wasn’t for him. So he went to work for the Federal Reserve, where he was happily employed for his entire profession-

al career. Upon retiring, Philip was dedicated to the Cottagers Association of Cape May, N.J., serving as its president and later as the chair of its audit committee. Known for his upside-down smile, stoicism and mild, distinguished manner, Philip was a center of calm in a family dominated by strongwilled and lively women. Some of Philip’s happiest childhood memories were the summers he spent in Chatham, Mass. with his cousins, where they spent most of their time sailing 15’ marconi-rigged mahogany boats. He was an avid tennis player who always looked forward to his regular doubles games at the Heights Casino. One of his favorite pastimes was watching his daughters compete in squash — first in junior tournaments, and later representing their boarding school and college teams. He also would take road trips to watch his future son-in-law play lacrosse. Later, he had the same enjoyment watching his grandchildren, Cate and Tommy, compete in their lacrosse and soccer games. Philip was industrious. He frequently could be found tinkering in his garage at his summer house in Cape May, where he spent 50 sum-

mers. He loved to build and find solutions to seemingly impossible engineering problems. When moving his daughters into their college dorms, others would marvel at his ability to fit the equivalent of a truckload’s worth of luggage into the back of a Volvo station wagon. Twenty years after the fact, people still talked about how Philip was able to figure out how to transport in his car a 6x4 wooden board loaded with crudités from his house to a party a few miles away without displacing a single vegetable. Later, he would spend hours in the garage building and fixing things with his grandson, Andrew, before heading out to the backyard to play badminton. Philip was at his happiest when surrounded by his grandchildren and loved to play competitive games of mini-golf with them, the fiercest matchup being against his youngest grandchild, Caroline. He was extremely proud of his grandchildren and was usually the first to sign up for Grandparents Day. Lunches with his grandson Charlie were always a highpoint for him. Philip is survived by his loving wife Mary, to whom he was devoted; and daughters, Elizabeth and her husband, Tom, of Chevy Chase, Md.; and Margaret and her husband,

Philip Van Orman Photo courtesy of the Van Orman family

Todd, of Oyster Bay, N.Y.; and five grandchildren. A memorial service will be held in Brooklyn Heights in the Spring. Gifts in Philip Van Orman’s memory may be made to City Meals on Wheels.

Come See the Beloved, Endangered Promenade Its Fate Is in the Hands of DOT

Brooklyn Heights' Promenade is a tourist draw and a haven for neighborhood residents. By Lore Croghan

Brooklyn Heights Press

This City now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning. — William Wordsworth, “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Sept. 3, 1802” What a view. From up on Brooklyn Heights’ beloved Promenade, you can see the rebuilt World Trade Center and Manhattan’s mighty skyline. Horrified Heights residents stood on the famed esplanade on Sept. 11, 2001, and watched the Twin Towers burn. Now, as you stand here, the sight of the new Trade Center is both poignant and healing. Closer to the Promenade, meticulously landscaped Brooklyn Bridge Park and the glittering East River please the eye. To your right, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge stretches across the waters. To your left, Lady Liberty lifts her torch. No wonder the Promenade is a popular selfie-snapping spot for the tourists as well as a gathering place for the locals. But. The Promenade is threatened, as everyone knows. You should save this story link, so you can look at our photos periodically to remind yourself of what Brooklyn Heights civic groups and residents are fighting to save.

The city Department of Transportation sent shock waves through the neighborhood in late September by announcing a proposal to tear down the cherished recreation area and replace it with a six-lane bypass for the BrooklynQueens Expressway. The transportation agency’s honchos said this was their preferred solution for speeding up planned BQE repairs. As our colleague Mary Frost has reported, the Brooklyn Heights Association recently presented the Transportation Department with an alternative to the Promenade’s demolition. The concept, as envisioned by Marc Wouters Studios, would entail the construction of a temporary two-level highway at the edge of

Because the trees have lost their leaves, you can see the Promenade-facing sides of Columbia Heights rowhouses. Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Happy Anniversary to the Promenade

Did you know that the Promenade’s anniversary is coming up? It officially opened on Dec. 7, 1951. The Promenade came into existence as a top for the BQE, which was built back then. Here’s a blood-chilling historical footnote. According to the late Henrik Krogius, who was

the editor of our sister publication, the Brooklyn Heights Press, for 22 years, the extraordinarily powerful Robert Moses wanted the BQE to be built along Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights. What a mess that would have made of the neighborhood.  See more photos online at

An Alternative to Demolition Conceptualized by Marc Wouters Studios

In recent weeks, the Promenade’s supporters have mobilized to campaign for its continued existence.

A Promenade visitor poses for pictures with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

Heights Press photos by Lore Croghan

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