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City’s BQE Promenade Plan Has Heights In Uproar, Alternate Ideas Being Explored Mayor Softens Support for Plan That Would Turn Promenade Into Six-Lane Highway SEE PAGES 2-4

Can the Watchtower Sign Be Replaced? Decision Coming Up

This rendering posted outside 30 Columbia Heights suggests what the Watchtower sign’s replacement might look like, assuming plans to erect a new sign get the go-ahead from the city Board of Standards and Appeals. A decision is expected Nov. 8. See page 7. Heights Press photo by Lore Croghan

Turn-of-Century Firehouse Called Architectural Gem SEE PAGE 2

Buildings That Housed BookCourt Are Undergoing a Makeover SEE PAGE 8

City’s BQE Promenade Plan Has Heights

Mayor Softens Support By Mary Frost Brooklyn Heights Press

Alternate ideas are cropping up to save the Brooklyn Heights Promenade from being replaced by a six-lane highway during the $5 billion reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE). These include one that would reroute the highway to the west of the current BQE, over the eastern section of Brooklyn Bridge Park; another that would reroute the BQE over Atlantic Avenue to Boerum Place; a tunnel approach (long scorned as impractical and too expensive by DOT); and a temporary halt of tolls over the Verrazzano Bridge to lead traffic elsewhere. No matter the outcome, the proposed destruction of the Promenade, even if temporary, has united the Heights like no other issue. Residents consider the esplanade, with its landmarked views, to be the crown jewel of the neighborhood. Replacing it with the BQE would bring exhaust and noise from roughly 153,000 trucks and cars a day into the backyard of Brooklyn Heights. A longtime Heights resident who blogs as Sam Howe under the title ‘Howe’s Brooklyn’ has suggested that the bluff on which the Promenade is built is “a rare treasure formed during the Ice Age.” “The Department of Transportation hopes to build a six-lane highway over the Promenade while years of rebuilding take place below,” he noted. “And they tried to sweeten the image by saying, ‘the new Promenade will be bigger’ ... no thanks, idiots!” Howe added. “We like the promenade and its gardens just as they are — a pedestrian refuge. Making it bigger is going to invite those unforeseen and unmanageable elements DOT can’t even imagine.”

Save the Promenade A group called Save the Promenade (STP) has begun a media campaign, blanketed the Heights with flyers, initiated a petition, reached out to officials and joined forces with the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) to create the groundwork for a lawsuit, should it come to that. Tom Corsillo, vice president at PR firm Marino, which represents the media-savvy group, said that since the Brooklyn Eagle’s podcast on the issue last week, 15,000 people have signed its petition, up from 5,000. (See “We’re going to ramp up this effort to devise a plan” that really works for the community, he said in the podcast. BHA has also mobilized its members. The group said on Monday it is forming a task force to challenge what it called “DOT’s ill-founded plan” by making recommendations “with respect to legal issues, environmental concerns, alternative engineering solutions and communication with the community, media and decision makers.” “We reached out to DOT. We said we’re working on this option that utilizes a piece of the park along its eastern edge,” BHA’s Executive Director Peter Bray told the Brooklyn Heights Press. The group will be meeting with DOT to present its plan on Friday. BHA’s legal advisers are also working with Save the Promenade on a FOIL request to obtain the communication between the mayor and DOT with regard to the six-lane approach, Bray said.

De Blasio Softens His Stance Until the recent backlash, DOT had been considering only two plans to fix the decrepit 1.5-mile section of the BQE between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street, which includes the triple cantilever under the Promenade. The first option, known as the “Traditional” approach, is to fix the roadway using the typical lane-by-lane method over eight years. The second choice, and the one preferred by DOT and Mayor Bill de Blasio, is the “Innovative” approach, which would replace the Promenade with a six-lane highway for six years. DOT says its favored plan, in which 153,000 vehicles a day would rumble past the back doors of some of the most valuable real estate in Brooklyn, would allow the rehab of the decrepit 1.5-mile stretch of roadway to be completed in six years, as opposed to eight or more years using the typical incremental, lane-by-lane repair approach. Continued on page 3

Turn-of-Century Brooklyn Heights Firehouse Called Architectural Gem By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Heights Press

One of Brooklyn Heights’ firehouses looks more like a Gilded Age mansion than a typical firehouse, and certainly fits the upscale Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. The circa-1903 firehouse — Engine Co. 224 at 274 Hicks St. — was designed later than most of the row houses surrounding it, according to Brownstoner. However, the real estate publication says, it “adds so much to the streetscape, with great presence, and decorates well for the holi-

2 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, October 25, 2018

days, too.” It was designed by the firm of Adams & Warren in 1903, Brownstoner said. Partner William Adams was known for designing large, year-round estates for the wealthy on Long Island. All in all, said Brownstoner, the firehouse, except for its functional large entrance, “could easily pass for one of the Beaux-Arts mansions of the Upper East Side, with handsome patinated copper-clad dormers and tiles on the upper story and a fine limestone and iron balcony below.”

in Uproar, Alternate Ideas Being Explored

for Controversial Plan That Would Turn Promenade Into Six-Lane Highway

ABOVE AND BELOW: The triple cantilever underpinning the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Continued from page 2 De Blasio’s support for the Innovative approach last week enraged locals who said he blindsided them and “short-circuited the community engagement process.” Last Friday, de Blasio softened his stance. On WNYC’s Brian Lehrer radio show he said that the idea to reroute the highway to the west of the current BQE, over the eastern section of Brooklyn Bridge Park instead of on the Promenade and through the Heights, was one that the city might consider. This plan is backed by

Councilmember Stephen Levin, among others. “There’s been a couple of alternatives presented and I try to be straightforward with people about what I thought was the bet-

Heights Press file photos

ter of the alternatives; even [though] both of them involve a lot of sacrifice, and lots of challenges,” de Blasio told Lehrer. Continued on page 4

Stakeholders Brainstorm Ideas Alternate ideas are cropping up to save the Brooklyn Heights Promenade from being replaced by a temporary BQE. Real estate executive Kevin Carberry says one solution would be to take advantage of the avenues and boulevards connecting to the bridges and Sands Street. “The BQE should be diverted at Atlantic Avenue with an elevated highway allowing traffic to travel in both directions, turning at Boerum Place (Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard), continuing along Adams Street,” he suggested in a letter to Councilmember Stephen Levin. “At the intersection of Tillary Street, the elevated road can have designated lanes for the Brooklyn Bridge or bearing east to the Manhattan Bridge, with one of the levels of the Manhattan Bridge designated for the highway. The elevated roadway can then continue to meet with the BQE at Sands Street. Local cars can use the service road to access the Brooklyn Bridge ramps at Jay Street.” This solution would allow local traffic and bus routes to continue to move under the highway and may ease congestion from the Brooklyn Bridge by not forcing that high volume onto the local streets, Carberry wrote.

Thursday, October 25, 2018 • Brooklyn Heights Press • 3

City’s BQE Promenade Plan Has Heights In Uproar, Alternate Ideas Being Explored

Continued from page 3 De Blasio said the idea to run the highway over the eastern section of the park, some of which is currently occupied by grasscovered sound attenuating berms, is a “different idea that’s come up in recent days and of course it needs to be fully evaluated. “I am the first to say a lot of times a government has good ideas, and there [are] a lot of other times when someone at the community level or other experts come forward with another alternative that may work. So we will definitely look at that,” he said.

More BQE Details

Regardless of the plan chosen, thousands of trucks from the BQE could be diverted onto the streets of Brooklyn if repairs on the aging structure aren’t completed before it reaches its expiration date in 2026. Construction could start in 2023. The replacement six-lane roadway could take about a year and a half to install. BQE traffic would move up to the Promenade level, opening up the levels below for construction. At the north end of the Promenade, the temporary highway would cut across Columbia Heights near Cranberry Street — an area that most people do not realize is actually a bridge over the BQE, along with Chapin playground.

AT RIGHT: Strong opposition may have softened Mayor Bill de Blasio’s support for a radical plan that would have turned the Brooklyn Heights Promenade into a six-lane highway during the upcoming rebuilding of the BQE. The mayor said on Friday that an idea to reroute the BQE to the west, over the eastern section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, shown at right, was one that the city might consider. Heights Press photo by Mary Frost

Chalk it Up to Love — Of the Promenade

Photos courtesy of Celia Weintrob

This week, Save the Promenade is inviting residents to share how much they love the walkway by covering its bluestone edging with chalk messages stating what the esplanade means to them (before this weekend’s predicted rain.). Group member Celia Weintrob left a bucket of chalk there on Tuesday for people to express themselves. “This is a deja vu moment from 70 years ago! That’s when determined Brooklyn Heights residents went up against the pow-

4 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, October 25, 2018

erful City Planning Commissioner Robert Moses, who wanted to plow through Hicks Street with the BQE, as it is in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill,” Weintrob told the Brooklyn Heights Press. “But we managed to win that battle and got a compromise: the cantilevered roadway as it is today, with the Promenade on the top level. We can’t accept a takeover of the Promenade, even if expected to be temporary,” she said.


Fort Hamilton High School Pool to Reopen after a Year of Renovations

The St. Anselm’s/Holy Angels swim team at the pool several years back. ebrooklyn media/file photos

By Meaghan McGoldrick INBrooklyn

Float on. After an extended hiatus for renovations to its HVAC and boiler, the Fort Hamilton High School pool – a mainstay for both student athletes and local swimming groups – will finally reopen next month, Councilmember Justin Brannan told this paper Tues., Oct. 24. “It’s official,” the pol said, noting that the School Construction Authority (SCA), the group behind the overhaul of the school’s Tom Greene Natatorium, has promised him that “Kids will be swimming by November 12 the latest.” The pool’s closure in June, 2017 had a ripple effect on groups across the borough which called the Ridge natatorium home. These include the Bay Ridge Aquatics Institute (BRAINS), a non-profit organization founded by the pool’s namesake, Tom Greene, that deals in swim-centered programs and life-saving education that, in April of this year, launched a

GoFundMe to stay afloat long enough to see the completion of the pool’s renovation without additional funding. The displacement, the group contended, had left BRAINS incapable of offering its educational programs – which, officials stressed in the group’s online fundraiser, generate the subsidy to keep its USA swim team, “The Harbor Seals,” affordable for all. The group also offers an array of lesson programs as well as American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR and Water Safety Instructor Training. The pool’s renovation was originally slated for completion in July of this year but a source said the project was pushed back to allow for an upgrade to LED lighting for the pool area. The Department of Education forwarded to this paper an email sent to those who use the pool. It says, “SCA has informed us that the pool construction at Fort Hamilton High School is on target to end at the start of November, 2018. The only delay we foresee could be with in-

spections which we do not have any control.” Given that, the email notes, DOE is “accepting permit applications for the remainder of the fall term,” with spring pool requests accepted beginning in December. Users will be informed of any delays, the email says. In addition, the email notes that the same schedules “that were in effect before the close of the pool” will remain in effect “through the spring term of 2019,” with a review of usage scheduled for fall, 2019, and groups notified of any availability. Greene expressed delight that the work is finally nearing completion. “We’re all looking forward to returning,” he told this paper. “The Harbor Seals swim team and the various community groups that use it after school had to look for other places to swim so they’re going to be happy to come back and have their own pool. We’re all very happy.” Brannan is also glad to see the revamp taking its final lap.

“I really wanted to make a big splash during my first year as your new councilman and what better way than to get this done! While I know this has been a long, frustrating wait for all the swimmers who have been displaced, I am excited to see the improved Fort Hamilton High School pool,” he said. “We all want the Tom Greene Natatorium to be around so generations of swimmers can enjoy it so I think these repairs and renovations will ultimately be worth the wait.” The pool opened in 1993, after an uphill battle by Greene to get it constructed. Before his advocacy, Fort Hamilton High School’s swim team had to go elsewhere for practices and competitions and – as evident during the pool’s brief hiatus – swim groups the likes of BRAINS (formed in conjunction with the birth of the pool) had no place else to go.

INSIDE: 5 CALENDAR 11 DINING 15 REAL ESTATE 27 PETS Week of October 25-31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 1INB

Midwood Stings Fort Hamilton for the Win BY JIM DOLAN

I.S. 259 Family cordially invites you to our

MIDWOOD 28 FORT HAMILTON 6 Looking for an opportunity to go above .500, the eighth place 3-3 Fort Hamilton Tigers hosted the fourth place 5-1 Midwood Hornets, another top-tier PSAL team that has built its program up to be a top contender over the past four years. The opportunity for a win started out quickly for the Tigers as CeVon Marshall returned the opening kickoff on an explosive 75-yard dash to the Midwood five-yard line. From the five, a scrambling Marquis Willoughby found an open Marshall in the end zone for an early 6-0 lead. Going up against a team that had scored 30 points in the first half of last week’s

game, the Tigers had their hands full to stop the Hornet offense on their next possession. Nonetheless, the Tiger defense proceeded to hold the Hornets scoreless by making two critical stops on fourth down within their own 20-yard line for two turnovers on downs to end the first half with a slim 6-0 lead. On their first possession to open the second half, Hornet quarterback Michael Pierre Bernard shocked the Tigers with a 50-yard touchdown pass to Elyh Fennell to tie the game at 6-6 to start the scoring for Midwood. Once again, the Tiger defense stopped another Hornet drive on a Joseph Kaplan interception. However, once the Hornets regained the

ball, Jakai McKay made a diving catch in the end zone on a 20-yard pass to put the Hornets ahead 14-6 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Hornets continued to hold the Tigers scoreless and revved up their offense to put the game away on Tyler Bartholomew’s 15-yard run and Tyrese Weeks’s two-yard plunge into the end zone for the 28-6 Midwood win. “This game is something for us to build on,” said Fort Hamilton Coach Dan Perez to his team in the post-game huddle after playing another (6-1) top-ranked team. “There’s a lot of season left and time for us to still improve.” Next week the 3-4 Tigers will host 0-7 Flushing, a team in the rebuilding process.

OPEN HOUSE Monday November 5, 2018 6:00 P.M. Photo by Jim Dolan

William McKinley I.S. 259 7301 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11228 Janice A. Geary Principal

Along with Fort Hamilton defender Hashim Brisard (#56), fellow defender Sean Hart latches on to the Hornets’ top running back Tyrese Weeks (#43) in third quarter action of Midwood’s 28-6 win over the Tigers.


2INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-October 31, 2018

Underage Gambling FACT SHEET 39.5% of NYS youth between the ages of 12 and 17 have gambled in the past year. Nearly 30% of these youth state they began gambling at age 10 or younger. Past 30 day use of alcohol, being drunk, use of marijuana, and drinking energy drinks is higher among youth who are

GAMBLING ebrooklyn media/Photos by Paula Katinas

Members of the Italian Opera Company met with teachers and students onstage before the performance began.

Italian Opera Co. Treats P.S. 163 Students to Taste of Broadway BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM

A group of opera performers eager to pass along their deep love of music to future generations visited P.S. 163 in Bath Beach on Friday morning, where they enchanted first and second graders by belting out Broadway show tunes for them. Led by Director Nina Di Gregorio, members of the Italian Opera Company treated the children seated in Alexander Chaplinskiy set the mood in the audithe school auditorium with torium by accompanying the opera singers on a great deal of respect, as if keyboards. the youngsters were part of an audience that had paid top music the same way we do,” the joys of performing. P.S. 163 dollar for tickets to a Broad- Di Gregorio, who is in her is located at 109 Bay 14th St. in way musical. early 90s, told this newspaper. Bath Beach. The Oct. 19 event But it was a free show. In addition to Di Gregorio, was sponsored by John La“Getting to Know You,” the performers included Corte, president of the Italian from “The King and I,” I Camille Simeone, Florence Historical Society of America. Could Have Danced All Guida, Gloria Pandolfini, Alexandra Zambiasi, who Night,” from “My Fair Lady,” Lucy Wussow and Gennady teaches first grade, said her and “Climb Every Mountain” Vysotsky. students had a ball. “I think Vysotsky sang “If I Were a they were exposed to the arts from “The Sound of Music” were just a few of the famous Rich Man” from “Fiddler on in a way they never had the show tunes the opera singers the Roof” and performed a chance to experience before. sang for the kids. selection from “Figaro.” They saw it up close,” she told To give the children a feel this newspaper. A handful of students got a special treat. They got to for what it’s like to be in show Di Gregorio, a soprano, join the performers on stage business, make-up artist grew up in Bath Beach imand danced to the music as Gloria Soskind applied stage mersed in music and founded Di Gregorio and her members, make-up on the youngsters the Italian Opera Company in accompanied by Alexander before they took the stage. 1957. The company performs Chaplinskiy on keyboard, “They were so excited!” she in churches, senior citizen sang “Forty-Second Street,” told this newspaper. homes, libraries and schools. “Give My Regards to BroadThe opera company’s visit Di Gregorio has also way” and other toe-tapping to P.S. 163 was part of an worked over the years as a numbers. ongoing educational outreach singing coach to help up-and“This is what it’s all about, the company is doing to teach coming opera singers perfect getting the children to love students in local schools about their vocal skills.

Source: OASAS, 2014-15

Top 3 Past-Year Gambling Behaviors

• Playing lottery, lotto, and scratch offs • Betting money on raffles or charity games • Betting money on sports

*Source: OASAS, 2014-15

Consequences of Underage Gambling • Increased risk for DELINQUENCY & CRIME • Increased risk for SUBSTANCE USE & ABUSE • Increased risk for ADDICTION • DAMAGED RELATIONSHIPS • Poor academic performance • Mental health issues including DEPRESSION & ANXIETY • Overall, POOR GENERAL HEALTH *Source:s: Wynne, et. al. (1996); Hardoon, et. al. (2002); Gupta & Derevensky (1998); Potenza, et. al. (2002).


YOU(th) Can Help!

• Learn more about the dangers of underage gambling at • Talk to your children today about the dangers of underage gambling • Use teachable moments (ads, movies, etc.) to teach your children how to analyze media


• Know all of the facts before you DECIDE • Learn more about the dangers of underage gambling at • Be a positive peer influence by choosing NOT to gamble • Get involved in preventing underage gambling by partnering with a local prevention agency.

Community leaders

• Go gambling free with your family and youth events • Publicly express your support for gambling-free events for youth and families • Learn more about the dangers of underage gambling at Giving teens the power to decide! Learn more about the dangers of underage gambling at

Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 3INB

Retired Assistant Principal Revamps Waterfront Lab Plan BY PAULA KATINAS PAULA@BROOKLYNEAGLE.COM

Thomas Greene is launching his Plan B. Unfazed by the failure of his dream to have the city build a marine science lab on a Revolutionary-era wharf at the foot of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, Greene, a retired Fort Hamilton High School assistant principal, is adjusting his proposal. Greene is now taking his proposal off the wharf and is setting his sights on a piece of property near the wharf to build what he is calling a “Marine EcoLab.” The idea is to set up a “Science on Shore” program to provide an educational facility where students can study “the perils of pollution and the need to learn about alternative energy to counter the looming menace of global warming,” Greene said in a statement. In addition to serving as an assistant principal, Greene taught science at Fort Hamilton High School for many years. His previous proposal involved building a marine science lab on Denyse Wharf, a pier dating back to the 18th

Photo courtesy of Tom Greene

Thomas Greene (far left) has been organizing teams of volunteers to clean up Denyse Wharf for several years. century that is owned by the U.S. Army and is part of the Fort Hamilton Army Base in Bay Ridge. Greene envisioned a waterfront lab where students from all over the city could come and conduct waterfront experiments and study marine life. Despite early support from state Sen. Marty Golden, who

provided funding for a feasibility study in the 1990s, and the fact that the U.S. Army had expressed willingness to lease the pier to the city for educational purposes for $1 a year, the marine science lab idea never took off. Among the obstacles was rejection of the proposal by the New York City Department of

Education. At one point, he announced that he was changing his plan and would seek to construct the marine science lab on a barge off Denyse Wharf, not on the wharf itself. Still, he found no takers. But Greene kept on advocating. He organized an ad-hoc group called Friends of Denyse

Wharf and organized twice yearly clean-ups of the pier, bringing in groups of students to clear the area of old tires, seaweed and other types of debris to show officials that he was serious. The most recent clean-up took place on Oct. 14. Dozens of volunteers cleared away driftwood, plastics, glass, old

Connect to Your Future at York College Open House this Fall!

tires and scrap metal. The city’s Department of Environmental Protection provided Greene with a dumpster in which to place the trash. Greene said his new dream spot, just off Denyse Wharf, falls under the jurisdiction of the New York City Parks Department, although the Army’s permission would be required to set foot on the nearby beach. “The Marine EcoLab will provide students with inquiry-based hands-on lab activities related to these real-world problems, while at the same time giving them the lab skills and knowledge needed for success in the later grades,” Greene stated. Greene and the Friends of Denyse Wharf have submitted a new proposal to Community Board 10, local elected officials, Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Parks Department and the Department of Education. Bay Ridge residents might remember Greene as the man who advocated for the construction of an indoor pool at Fort Hamilton High School for many years. He faced an uphill fight in that effort, too. But the pool was built. It opened two decades ago and is named the Thomas F. Greene Natatorium.

Confidence In Math Confidence For Life

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4INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-October 31, 2018

OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 25th to 31st

Image courtesy of the artist and the Kings Theatre.

Garbage will perform on Saturday, October 27th at the Kings Theatre.

Image courtesy of BAM

BAM presents Ghosts and Monsters: Postwar Japanese Horror through November 1st at BAM Rose Cinemas.

Image courtesy of Kingsborough and the artist.

On Saturday, October 27th, Rioult Dance NY with Christine Andreas will perform Onstage at Kingsborough.

Image courtesy of the artist and Gumbo

Ibou Ndoye’s Family will be on exhibit through November 30th at Gumbo.

Image courtesy of Regina Opera Company

Regina Opera’s Gotta Sing Concert will take place on Sunday October 28th at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 5INB

OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 25th to 31st

Art ENCHANTÉ: IS THIS THE REAL LIFE, OR IS THIS MULTIPLICITY? Designed as a rolling installation, ‘Enchanté’ is a curated, immersive exhibit that explores the idea of multiplicity and takes the observer into a realm with repeated designs, collaborative projects between artists, and sequential images.  A residential interior complete with a living room, master bedroom and bathroom, the install is set inside a 53ft long freight truck belonging to moving experts, Liffey Van Lines. Enchanté’s detailed representation of a contemporary, and livedin home nestled within a brutalist mechanical exterior, plays with the juxtaposition of reality and unexpected reality. As you turn the corner and see what appears to be a freight truck, your focus is suddenly

sequestered by an open portal into someone’s home. When: Thursday-Sunday, October 25th – October 28th, Where: Williamsburg/The William Vale (111 N 12th St) FIVE CENTS TO DREAMLAND: A TRIP TO CONEY ISLAND This special exhibition brings together highlights from both permanent collections to explore Coney Island’s history from a new and unique perspective. When: Saturdays & Sundays through December, Saturday: 12 – 6 p.m., Sunday: 2 – 6 p.m. Where: Coney Island/ Coney Island Museum (1208 Surf Avenue) ANNE PEABODY A site specific installation by Anne Peabody. When: Daily through January 4th, 2019 Where: DUMBO/Main Window (One Main Street) COMMORANCY Featuring contemporary photographs utilizing

architecture across a range of visual and theoretical concepts. Artists include Niv Rozenberg, Krisa Svalbonas, David Trautrimas, Joana P. Cardozo, Odette England, Diane Meyer and Ben Marcin. When: WednesdaysSaturdays through October 26th, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Klompching Gallery (89 Water Street) BROOKLYN BEFORE PHOTOGRAPHS, 1971– 1983 An exhibit of 18 South Brooklyn photographs selected by Joseph and Audrey Anastasi from the 126 images in Mr. Racioppo’s new book. These new digital prints express a cross section of the ongoing themes in Larry’s work – family, neighborhood, and religion. He scanned and printed over six hundred of his earliest 35mm and 120mm black and white negatives for this project. When: Thursdays-Sundays through October 27th, 1 – 5 p.m. Where: Sunset Park/Tabla Rasa Gallery (224 48th Street) BLANKET STATEMENTS A group exhibition of three contemporary Native American women abstract artists — Gina Adams, Maria Hupfield, and Marie Watt — organized in collaboration

with Accola Griefen Fine Art. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through October 27th, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Minus Space (16A Main Street) JON HENRY: STRANGER FRUIT In response to the endemic murder of African-American men at the hands of authorities, Jon Henry’s photographs turn to the mothers of the communities, to the women who must endure the senseless loss and carry on. His ongoing project, Stranger Fruit, examines the motherson relationship as a manifestation of the lasting effects of the fear of losing one’s loved ones. Henry photographs mothers alone and holding their son(s) in the classic pietà pose— that of the grieving Virgin Mary cradling the dead Christ—to explore the love, tenderness, and resilience of African-American families in the face of violence and heartbreak.  Although the photographs do not document real incidents they evoke the ever-present possibility of loss to police violence. When: Daily through October 28th, Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat – Sun -10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BRIC House Hallway (647 Fulton Street)

QUIETER PLACES Marshall LaCount’s Quieter Places paintings are a collective approach to places quieter than the city; quieter than a mind treading in traumas; quieter than political despondency. These Quieter Places are beyond certain borders. They are elsewhere, for they are not places, they are images. In this case, they are images constructed by aching hands and sore arms which have managed to pull away from other work, made in less quiet places. Plaster is shaped alongside acrylic paint, wallboard, spray paint. Graffiti and the constant buffing of graffiti get a nod. The works are playful: primary colors occupy measured spaces in largely white fields of textured plaster. When: Daily Through October, 12 – 9 p.m. Where: Greenpoint/Exhibit Salon (182 Driggs Avenue) THE BRIDGE THE BRIDGE The Bridge! The Bridge!, Robert Latchman’s first solo exhibition at LAND Gallery, as a title encapsulates the commanding effect the Brooklyn Bridge has on this artist’s work. Latchman’s fascination with the Brooklyn Bridge began a few years ago.  Since then, the bridge has served as his main subject, completely capturing the artist’s focus.

The Brooklyn Bridge is not his only subject, but it is a dominating one; the work evokes permanence, construction, and calls attention to the history of place. When: Mondays-Fridays through October 30th, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Land Gallery (67 Front Street) Traitor Muscle A New Commission and the first major solo exhibition in New York by Joseph Buckley. The artist’s practice centers on the relationship between grief and postcolonialism. Against a backdrop of contemporary fascism, Buckley employs a range of visual and cultural references—from sci-fi to modernism to Doc Martens to slave ships to Amazon’s factory floor—asking us to deeply consider society’s divisions and fractures, using the medium of sculpture to investigate the psychic technologies that enable them. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through November 3rd, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Art In General (145 Plymouth Street) ROBERT CUMMINGS New drawings from polymath artist Robert Cumming. Cumming’s nudes imply a compelling yet elusive narrative informed CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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DCA# 1015293. Financing thru GM Financial. To well qual buyers w/approved Tier 1 Credit (750+ FICO). Not all buyers will qual. Must have Non-GM Lease in household to qualify for $1500 Competitive Lease rebate. Must be Costco member prior to 10/1/18 to qualify for Costco discount. *$0 Down Payment option will affect monthly payment shown. †Ttl due @ signing Equinox (Stk# N274) $2,754, Traverse (Stk# N693) $2,923, Malibu (Stk# A8743) $2,774, Encore (Stk# N172) $2,784, Acadia (Stk# N396) $2,883, Terrain (Stk# N516) $2,793 ($1995 Down + $650 Bank Fee + 1st Mo Pymt + $0 Sec Dep). Ttl pymts Equinox $2,616, Traverse $10,008, Malibu $4,644, Encore $3,336, Acadia $8,568, Terrain $3,552. All leases are 10k year @ $.25 thereafter. Lessee resp for excess wear, tear, & mileage charges as stated. Price incl all costs to be paid by consumer plus tax & tags. Pics are illustrative only, must take same day delivery, due to demand vehicle may not be avail upon arrival, other similar like vehs & savings may be. No 2 offers can be combined. This ad must be presented at time of signing. Offers expire 3 days from publication. DMV# 7059779 Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 7INB

OCTOBER Calendar of Events Week of the 25th to 31st continued from previous page

by his merging interests in painting, sculpture, and photography. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through November 3rd, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Janet Borden, Inc. (91 Water Street) OUR BEAUTIFUL BONES Artist, Designer Roberto Gato Echanique New York City Debut  Artwork and Sculptures on Display in Brooklyn   NY – Roberto’s show will feature a variety of paintings of spirits, plants and animal bones in their native habitats, his magazine, Atlas de los Muertos, as well as highly detailed flowers made from steel. When: Daily through November 4th, 7 p.m. Where: Prospect Park South/ House Gallery (314 E 17th Street) Ode to a Void Ron Baron’s solo exhibition, Ode to A Void. In this show, Baron’s slip-cast

ceramic shoes are presented in a large spiraling swirl in the center of the space. Baron’s work is infused with a quiet, somber magic – one that references memory or loss and the temporal nature of moments. When: Thursdays-Sundays through November 4th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: Bushwick/STUDIO10 (56 Bogart Street) A CAT IN GOD’S GARDEN Luisa Caldwell’s exhibition encompasses personal interests that have spanned her childhood and adult life: cats, gardens, and art books. Her project is inspired by flowers and plants that she grows and nurtures in her Brooklyn garden, as well as the stray cats that come and go. On the gallery walls are hundreds of Caldwell’s botanical drawings illustrating fantastic flora. Caldwell has also created an installation of found porcelain and stoneware

vases that have her own feline and botanical imagery etched into the surface. Rather than exhibiting these vessels on traditional bases, she displays them on stacks of art books that refer to the influences that spill into the content of her work. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through November 4th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street) TAVOLA: EARLY BIRD CAFÉ: ANOTHER INSTALLATION ELKE SOLOMON Another iteration of her ongoing series A Tavola! conceived to explore the multiplicity of everyday and often intimate transactions, which occur around the dining table, be those private, social, economic or cultural, through the use of video, sculpture and drawing. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through November 11th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/A.I.R. Gallery (155 Plymouth Street) Ibou Ndoye: Family The work of glass painting artist Ibou Ndoye of Senegal. The exhibition, entitled “Family,” shows the characteristics of the strong family relationships that exist in Senegal. In Ibou’s work, through the fragility and transparency of glass, we see the ethics of Senegalese families, bounded by love,

St. Dominics 2001 Bay Ridge Parkway

Flea Indoor


Oct. 27, 2018 & Nov. 17, 2018 9am to 3pm

Over 40 Vendors Questions Leave Voicemail at 917-498-8424

understanding, and blood. When: Tuesdays-Sundays trough November 30th, 3 – 7 p.m. Where: Boerum Hill/Gumbo (425 Atlantic Avenue) WALKIE TALKIE DREAM GARDEN An interactive soundwalk by sound artist (and Greenpointer) Dafna Naphtali. With music from and about the waterfront delivered via in a free iOS and Android app and audio augmented reality. The app uses location tracking and GPS to allow the experience to change depending on where you decide to walk. When: Daily through December 1st, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Where: Williamsburg/(Between North 15th and North 7th streets, from Kent Street to the waterfront) BRIDGING TWO WORLDS: THE LAND OF THE LIVING AND THE LAND OF THE DEAD The exhibition brings together artworks and artifacts that speak to the universal question: “what happens to us after we die?”  When: Saturdays & Sundays through December 2nd, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Green-Wood/GreenWood Cemetery Fort Hamilton Gatehouse (500 25th Street) VITTORIA CHIERICI: THE PHILOSOPHER’S CLOTHES The artist presents large paintings she has dedicated to Raphael’s famous fresco School of Athens.  When: Thursdays-Sundays through December 15th, 1 – 6 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ FiveMyles (558 St. John’s Place) TOWARDS A NEW ARCHEOLOGY This group show brings together artists who reevaluate the history of material culture —

presenting installation and sculptural works that speak to a mystical, transcendent, and visionary future. Towards a New Archaeology features work by Amy Brener, Leeza Meksin, Sheila Pepe (NWA’02), Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Ester Partegàs (NWA’09), Jean Shin (NWA’07), and Rachel Eulena Williams. When: Daily through January 2019, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building (30 Lafayette Street) SYRIA, THEN AND NOW: STORIES FROM REFUGEES A CENTURY APART Features highlights from the museum’s collection of thirteenth century Syrian ceramics alongside work by the contemporary Arab artists Ginane Makki Bacho, Issam Kourbaj, and Mohamed Hafez. The juxtaposition between these works highlights the ongoing struggle to find home during tumultuous times and the commonalities between refugees throughout history. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through January 2019, 11 a.m. 6 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway) BROOKLYN: A NEW HOME, A NEW LIFE As they watched the Trump administration’s Muslim ban and subsequent restraining orders move closer to the Supreme Court, outgoing Teen Council Members identified immigration as the timely and broad topic for 2018. In responding to their mandate, 2018 Council Members analyzed how concepts of “us” and “them” lead to stereotypes of immigrants and considered how race and immigration have intersected differently across eras. They sought to strike a delicate balance

between the range of immigrant experiences across time, culture, and individual life trajectories. Council members grappled with ongoing, unifying themes related to living away from the land of one’s birth— language, cultural fluidity, code switching, and American immigration law and policing. The resultant exhibition, Brooklyn: A New Home, a New Life, features stories about historical Brooklynites: Harriet Judson, John Roebling, Nathan Handwerker, and Shirley Chisholm, as well as Ravi Ragbir, a contemporary immigration activist. The people featured are not all immigrants, but each represent a different lens into the story of American immigrants, and show, without a doubt, how Brooklyn has been shaped by the many international ties within its vibrant and varied communities When: Wednesdays-Sundays through May 2019, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street)

Books & Readings

INCIVILITY: VIOLENCE IN CONGRESS ON THE PATH TO THE CIVIL WAR If you despair of today’s political environment, and can’t imagine a more unruly and uncivil time, look no further than Joanne Freeman’s latest book, The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War. The Yale historian documents the collapse of civil dialogue amongst members of congress in the years preceding the Civil War, from vitriolic diatribes to the infamous attack on Charles Sumner on the Capitol floor. She is joined in conversation by fellow historian and author, Alexis Coe. When: Thursday, October 25th, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street)

Educational HURRICANE MARIA SURVIVORS AND CLIMATE REFUGEES TO SHARE THEIR STORIES Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) invites survivors of Hurricane Maria and climate refugees displaced from their homes from across the world to share their stories with artist Genesis Baez. When: Friday, October 26th, 11 a.m. Where: Prospect Heights/ Central Library (10 Grand Army Paza) CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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CAPOEIRA (2-4YR) Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, gymnastics, and music. The movements taught in Capoeira class develop children’s coordination; balance; flexibility; strength; cardio; rhythm; and creative thinking. They also develop a beginning Portuguese vocabulary by learning the movements and the music of Capoeira. Capoeira is extremely active and gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a fun and positive way. When: Saturday, October 27th, 9:30 – 10:15 a.m. Where: Fort Greene/Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance (558 Fulton St)

Family Fun WILD WATERFRONT Brooklyn’s own waterfront offers endless ways to explore nature up close. Get your hands a little dirty, have a close look at some of the plants and animals in our Brooklyn backyard, and create hands-on projects inspired by our outdoor adventures. Class size limited to 12 children and their caregivers. Advanced registration required. When: Friday, October 26th, 10:45 – 11:45 a.m. Where: DUMBO/Spark by Brooklyn Children’s Museum (1 John Street) HALLOWEEN HAUNTED WALK AND FAIR Prospect Park Alliance invites all local ghosts and ghouls to the 39th Annual Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair. This annual event brings thousands of kids and families for free, ghastly fun to Prospect Park. Encounter zombies, werewolves, witches and other Halloween spirits on a haunted walk through the woodland Lookout Hill, ideal for families with children ages 7-12. All ages can enjoy a festive Halloween Fair on the Nethermead, featuring family-friendly activities, as well as sweet and savory treats from some of the city’s top food trucks. When: Saturday, October 27th, 12 – 3 p.m. Where: Prospect Park DTBK BLOCK PARTY HALLOWEEN EDITION Calling all ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. It’s time for another block party at Albee Square – Halloween edition. Come and haunt Fulton Mall for some spooky fun, balloon ghouls, monster tunes, a photo booth (for those of you whose images can be caught on film), a paintable pumpkin patch, and more. When: Saturday, October 27th, 1 – 3 p.m. Where:DUMBO/ Albee Square

(Fulton & Bond Street) BROOKLYN BOO AT CITY POINT Following the 39th Annual Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair, the hoots and howls continue at City Point with boo-gie down tunes, ghastly face painting, ghoulish balloon twists and more spooky activities for ghosts and goblins to enjoy at this second annual after party. When: Saturday, October 27th, 2 – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/City Point (445 Albee Square West) DANCE, DRUM & PLAY AROUND THE WORLD Through play, games, drum, dance, call and response, students will learn how to dance styles and play rhythms from Africa and its Diaspora (Congo, West Africa, Cuba, Brazil, to name a few) This fast paced, interactive class engages toddlers with creative dance movements from Congo, West Africa, Brazil and more. Students will develop balance, flexibility, strength, positive self-esteem, and learn group dynamic skills. When: Sunday, October 28th, 10:15 – 11 a.m. Where: Fort Greene/Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance(558 Fulton St) TRICK OR TREAT

Halloween candy will be given out in front of Assemblyman Colton’s office. When; Sunday, October 28th, 2:45 – 5:30 p.m. Where: Gravesend/ Assemblyman Colton’s District Office(155 Kings Highway) 7TH ANNUAL MUSIC HAUNTED HOUSE One of the great traditions at BMS, the Musical Haunted House provides the community with a fun, family-friendly Halloween activity filled with thrills, costumes, candy, and especially music. Guests will be led through four stories of BMS’s spooky decorated landmarked building with a “shtick-or-treat” waiting for them by BMS’ students and world-class faculty. The event will kick off with a performance in BMS’s Landmark Historical Theater featuring Halloween inspired tribute bands: “Scary Garcia and the Hateful Dead” and “Radiodead.” Participants will then be lead on a spooky tour of the school where they will encounter themed classrooms such as:  Zombeethoven, Glenn Ghoul, Knife at the Opera etc. For younger ones, an instrument petting zoo/ graveyard will be offered. When: Sunday, October 28th, 3 – 5 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/Brooklyn Music School (126 St. Felix


Film GHOSTS AND MONSTERS: POSTWAR JAPANESE HORROR A series of 10 films showcasing two strands of Japanese horror films that developed after World War II: kaiju monster movies and beautifully stylized ghost stories from Japanese folklore. The series includes three classic kaiju films by director Ishirô Honda, beginning with the granddaddy of all nuclear warfare anxiety films, the original Godzilla (1954—Oct 26). The kaiju creature features continue with Mothra (1961—Oct 27), a psychedelic tale of a gigantic prehistoric and long dormant moth larvae that is inadvertently awakened by island explorers seeking to exploit the irradiated island’s resources and native population. Destroy All Monsters (1968—Nov 1) is the all-star edition of kaiju films, bringing together Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, as the giants stomp across the globe ending with an epic battle at Mt. Fuji. When: Saturday-Thursday, October 26th – November 1st, see for schedule

HOROSCOPES october 25 - october 31, 2018 ♈ ARIES  Mar 21/Apr 20 Information that seems suspect on the surface may turn out to be much more if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, Aries. Do not discount anything right away. ♉ TAURUS  Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, if faced with a few different scenarios, do not immediately pick the path of least resistance. Sometimes the best reward is earned with some sweat equity. ♊ GEMINI  May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, when social engagements seem to be slim pickings, you may have to broaden your social circle just a bit. Try putting a toe into new waters for a change of scenery. ♋ CANCER  Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, put your money where your mouth is regarding an important issue this week. You must lead by example, and you’re fully capable of doing so. ♌ LEO  Jul 23/Aug 23 Don’t let a minor setback derail all of the plans you have been working on for so long, Leo. This can be easily remedied with the right people offering their support. ♍ VIRGO  Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, you do not need an engraved invitation to attend an event that could put you in a position of power and influence. Walk into the party with flair and confidence. ♎ LIBRA  Sept 23/Oct 23 When someone seeks your advice you are always willing to give it, Libra. Just do not freely offer unsolicited advice all the time or friends could view it as lecturing. ♏ SCORPIO  Oct 24/Nov 22 Disagreements can cause emotions to run hot, Scorpio. It is best if you find a cool-down measure so that problems do not escalate, especially this week. ♐ SAGITTARIUS  Nov 23/Dec 21 Take a break this week and reconnect with some of the fun activities that you used to do to amuse yourself, Sagittarius. Think like a kid and go to a zoo, aquarium or park. ♑ CAPRICORN  Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, you’re on the cusp of mastering a skill you have been honing for awhile. Use an opportunity this week to celebrate your hard-earned success. ♒ AQUARIUS  Jan 21/Feb 18 Utilize all of the special skills you have at your disposal, Aquarius. You just may need every tool in your arsenal to get through an upcoming project. This work keeps you busy. ♓ PISCES  Feb 19/Mar 20 You may need to take a trip to become fully recharged, Pisces. New experiences and new sights can be good for the soul.

This week’s birthdays: OCTOBER 14 Usher, Singer (40) OCTOBER 15 Bailee Madison, Actress (19) OCTOBER 16 John Mayer, Singer (41) OCTOBER 17 Chris Motionless, Singer (32) OCTOBER 18 Lindsey Vonn, Athlete (34) OCTOBER 19 Jose Bautista, Athlete (38) OCTOBER 20 Matt Steffanina, Choreographer (32)

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Week of October 12 - October 18, 2018 • HOME REPORTER • 11INB



ian Lawyers Remember ice Joseph Giamboi

and had a private practice for 40 years prior to joining the bench. “Truly we lost another of the greatest generation,” Cannavo said. “He lived The Air Force Reserve offers a variety of part-time job opportunities with full-time through the depression, World War [II], he benefits, including tuition assistance and low-cost health insurance. You may be eligible worked very hard to get where he was. He for a signing bonus of up to $20,000 for specific part-time jobs. Serving your country part-time as a Reserve Citizen Airman, at a base close to showed us what true grit and determination where you live, gives you the opportunity to also pursue your civilian career or further was really about. He’s truly a great American your education. It’s an ideal option for those who have never been in the military as well as for those with prior military service in any branch. and I’m going to miss him.” Cannavo’s eulogy came at a Columbian Lawyers meeting on discrimination against Italian-Americans, which seemed appropri800-257-1212 • ate as he recalled the judge’s efforts to build up the association. “He was one of the founding members of what the Columbian Lawyers [Association] was,” Cannavo said. “He was always involved because he liked to be the tremendous force that he was. He was a great supporter for everyone. He understood what this organization was about and how important it was for professionals of Italian-American descent to have a forum where they could feel welcome and get the support they needed to continue in this profession. Mostly, he was a guy who stood for the dignity and Week of the 25th to 31st integrity of Italian Americans in any walk of life. We should be proud of what he stood continued from previous page for. farmers, and 11 local Where: Fort Greene/BAMRose “When he ran for Assembly his slogan Cinemas (30 Lafayette Avenue) vendors. They have been was ‘Atta-boy Giamboi,’” Cannavo continproviding fresh produce, When: Saturday, in East New York ued. to find “Judge, I just want to sayOctober to you, from homemade crafts, and a 27TH, a.m. –Thanks 3 p.m. for sharlocal and organicall produce of us, that you did9good. space for families ing such a good lifeEast with Atta boy, Where: Newus. York/East and Caribbean Joseph N. Giamboi (left) joined the safe firmpublic Sullivan Papain Block McGrath and specialty in EastBrooklyn New York. Their New York Farmer’s Market crops like karela, Giamboi.” bora, and vo after he left the bench THRIFT in 2004. Eagle file photo by Rob Abruzzese UNDERGROUND

OCTOBER Calendar of Events

Flea Markets

STORE After a summer hiatus, the store has been spruced up with fall designer and vintage bargains for women, men and children. Come and shop for a cause from our fresh fall merchandise When: Sunday, October 27th, 12:30 – 4 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Plymouth Church (75 Hicks Street)

market is the only place


(Schneck Ave & New Lots Ave)

Bar Association eanette Ruiz

Food & Drink MONSTER MASH COSTUME CRAWL Celebrate Halloween at the Monster Mash Costume Crawl. Bar crawls bring friends together. Costumes are fun. Beer is the best. Why go out drinking at night when you can drink all day? They’ ll be drinks, bocce, music, fun surprises, and a costume contest with cash prize. When: Saturday, October 27th, 1 – 6 p.m. Where: Cobble Hill/FloydNY (131 Atlantic Avenue) EAST NEW YORK

FARMERS MARKET l groups honored Justice Jeanette Ruiz, A community-run marketcels annual Hispanic Heritage Month and Jeanette includes 23 local Cavallo, Hon. Ruiz and Hon. regional Brooklyn gardeners, Eagle photothree by Mario Belluomo

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FOOD Photo courtesy of Wanisa Home Style Thai Restaurant

A tempting order from Wanisa Home Style Thai Restaurant. Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 11INB

Authentic Thai Cuisine


Wine Bar and Restaurant 652 5th Ave. at 19th St. 347-916-1747

Toast the Season in Style Book your Holiday Party NOW

Cafe Chili 172 Court Street (718) 260-0066

in our Dining Room or Let us Cater your Home or Business Events

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Call or email us

Catering For All Occasions! Call for Delivery or Takeout! Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe 5924 New Utrecht Ave cor. of 60th St and New Utrecht Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219 (718) 438-7770

Damascus Bakery 56 Gold St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-1456 Not only are Damascus Bakeries’ products delicious but they are also healthy! Owner Ed Mafoud told Faces that Damascus is nonGMO and non-PHO capable and only uses the purest, highest quality ingredients. Damascus uses only nutritious flours in its bread such as flax, Khorasan and sprouted grains. And only natural ingredients!!!

Dinner Tue-Sun Sunday Brunch

LIVE MUSIC! Thursday Friday Saturday


Cakes | Pastries | Cookies Weddings

Nov 10 od Nov 3 hborho ol' neig ary with us!' s r e v i n 'Come back to the h An ur 100t and Celebrate o

We Ship anywhere in the U.S All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Russ Pizza 745 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 383-9463 Russ Pizza is known throughout the borough for their incredible pizza pies – both round and square. You pick up a slice with broccoli, spinach, fresh mozzarella, grilled chicken or spicy chicken. Or you can simply grab a plain slice and your favorite beverage, because after all, that’s what Russ Pizza built their reputation on! Tambour Wine Bar 652 5th Ave. at 19th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 917-1747 Tambour’s starters, entrees and sides are as visually stunning to look at as they are delicious! Chef Thomas Perone has received raves for his Tuna Tartare with Ponzu, blue agave, avocado, pineapple, herb crema and crispy farro. And he recommends it be paired with Ixsir Altitudes Blanc from Lebanon! Taheni Mediterranean Grill 224 Fourth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 522-2083 Taheni Mediterranean Grill is conveniently located just feet away from the R subway station on Union Street in Park Slope. The first thing you’ll notice stepping onto the sidewalk is the Taheni sign owner Malek Deib designed by hand before the restaurant opened. Once inside, you can sample the delicious Jordanian-influenced Middle Eastern cuisine!

84 St. Marks Pl






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Buzz ON Biz


Theatre for Kids Families Opens in Park Slope Savarese Italian Pastryand Shoppe is Celebrating its 100th Anniversary By John Alexander INBROOKLYN

Play Nice Theatre has begun its season of lighthearted musicals with positive, life-affirming messages about cooperation and kindness. And they’re looking for their July/August cast, musicians, and backstage helpers. Relocated from Manhattan, this all-volunteer company’s rehearsals and meetings reflect their mission and message by encouraging its mixed-generation cast and crew (ages 6 to 106) to interact socially and share stories of their own lives on and off stage. In a welcoming atmosphere, the experienced and new Play Nice actors and crew are encouraged to come early and linger after assigned rehearsal slots in order to get to know each other, help each other memorize their lines, do school homework and play games. Some may choose to help with scenery painting or prop-making. All ticket sales from main stage shows ($10 admission) is donated to local charities, a prime motivation for many participants who find it rewarding to help raise money for those less fortunate through donating their time and talent. According to theatre founder Rob Lester, the cast and crew are like a second family. “Working on a show with

friendly people is fun and satisfying,” he says. The Brooklyn Eagle stopped by the new location at 89 Fourth Avenue, five blocks from Barclays Center, where the two-act musical “The Three Little Pigs Buy a Brownstone in Brooklyn” is running on weekends (2 p.m. Saturdays, 3:30 p.m. Sundays, through July 1). The Eagle is mentioned prominently in the Brooklyn-centric script in Scene 6 and the newspaper is used as a prop as well. The show’s target audience is ages six and up, with plenty of humor adults will appreciate. “Two six-year-olds are among the actors, with the oldest member more than ten times their age, and the family idea is reflected literally: the cast includes two brothers who play two of the pigs; a mother and her son have a scene together as an older pig

and hedgehog; two actors are cousins,” we’re informed. Original lyrics are set to public domain melodies including old folk songs and classic children’s tunes. The show, which emphasizes “being a good neighbor,” plus patience, perseverance, and pig puns runs through July 1, will be followed by show after show, starting with the summer musical about kids and counselors at an unusual summer camp, titled “Not a Happy Camper.” The theatre welcomes audition appointments, visits, donations of costumes and supplies, and all inquiries throughout the year. Acting classes, puppet shows, concerts, one-day free workshops, variety shows, and special family events are planned and a fundraising concert on July 20. For more details, show times, tickets, and contact information, go to www.PlayNicePeople. com.

Photos are from the current production of “The 3 Little Pigs Buy a Brownstone in Brooklyn”

Photos by Jarrett Scott

Vintage photo of brothers Anthony (left) and Mario Giura when they first started out.

Photo courtesy of Mario Giura

14INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of June 14-20, 2018

Savarese owner and master chef Mario Giura standing in front of Savarese Italian Bakery Shoppe. ebrooklyn media/Photo by Bonnie Meeg By John Alexander INBrooklyn

If you stop by Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe between November 3 and 10, you can join in the celebration of its 100th anniversary. For 100 years, Savarese, located at 5924 New Utrecht Avenue in Bensonhurst, has been baking some of the finest pastries in Brooklyn. The business was established in 1918 when the Savarese family emigrated from Naples, Italy, bringing with them their traditional love of Italian baking. Soon their reputation grew thanks to the quality and artistry of their baked creations. In 1962 the Giura family took over the bakery. They also boast a rich Italian heritage, coming from Venosa, a town in Basilicata, Italy. From the moment they took over, the family was dedicated and committed to creating a product line of handcrafted bakery products in the tradition of old-world Italy such as homemade sfogliatelle and cannoli, as well as gelato using only the finest ingredients. “All of our baking is done on the premises with recipes passed down from generation to generation,” owner and master pastry chef Mario Giura told this paper. Giura oversees all aspects of the bakery’s product line. After serving in the U.S. Army for three

years, and being stationed in Korea for two years, Giura had the option of going back to school or returning to work at the bakery. Giura chose tradition and has spent his career dedicated to ensuring the quality of all the product lines found at Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe. Giura believes that Savarese’s products look as good as they taste because they use only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Among Savarese’s many specialties are cassata al forno, Italian cheesecake, Tiramisu, amaretti, struffoli, rococo, marzipan and fig cookies. The shop is also renowned for its wedding cakes and special occasion cakes, gelato cakes, Italian biscuits and cookie trays. It does shipping and also serves coffee, cappuccino and espresso. “This is a family owned bakery where my wife along with my sons and daughter play a big part in running the business,” Giura said. “It would not have been possible to be here still without their support and sacrifices.” Giura is proud of his bakery’s reputation, especially during the 56 years his family has been involved. “Through the years I never dreamed that it would be possible to celebrate this 100th anniversary,” he said.

Mario Giura standing in front of his Italian pastry counter. ebrooklyn media/Photo by Bonnie Meeg

Mario Giura holds a special occasion cookie tray. ebrooklyn media/Photo by Bonnie Meeg

Savarese owner and master chef Mario Giura working on one of Savarese’s renowned wedding cakes. Photo courtesy of Mario Giura

Week— of A October 25-31, 2018 •ofINBROOKLYN — AEagle/Brooklyn Special Section ofEagle/Heights Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette• •13INB 13INB Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN Special Section Brooklyn Daily Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette


THE BIZ By John Alexander

Express Shoes 429 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 725-4400 David at Express Shoes is a man of many talents. From jewelry and watch repairs to dry cleaning and expert shoe repair, he can do it all. Stop by and see why customers consider it the ultimate one-stop for all their various repair needs. And even house keys are made at Express Shoes. You might even catch David hard at work wearing his super protective goggles!

Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness 474 Bay Ridge Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209 (347) 560-6920 201 E. 69th Street, Suite 2Cs New York, N.Y. 10021 Marcello at Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness wants you to know about the link between vertigo and ear infections. Vertigo causes you to feel as though everything around you is moving or spinning and ear infection symptoms include vertigo, dizziness or balance problems. Sarrica offers Vestibular Therapy that can help with vertigo. www.

Three Guys from Brooklyn 6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. (718) 748-8340

Pete Weinman, Esq. Weinman Law Officer, PC 260 Christopher Lane, Suite 201 Staten Island, New York 103141650 (718) 442-2010

Phil at Three Guys from Brooklyn has some great recipes for you to try. Not only does the team at Three Guys pride themselves as having some of the best fruits and vegetables in the borough, but they also offer recipes with unique ways to prepare them. Their Mediterranean Artichoke is a prime example! www.

Real Estate lawyer Pete Weinman is a man of many talents. Not only is he one of the most sought-out real estate lawyers, but he’s also a civic leader, sports fan and can even fly a plane. He’s been practicing law in New York and New Jersey since 2001 and he is happy to give a free consultation!

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The Shawnee Inn 100 Shawnee Inn Drive Shawnee on the Delaware, Pa. 18356 (800)-742-9633

Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe 5922 New Utrecht Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219 (718) 438-7770

The Shawnee Inn is offering a Free Fall Golf Package! If you book the free golf package you can enjoy overnight accommodations at the historic resort with a full hot breakfast, and play a free round of 18 holes of golf on the inn’s Tillingast-designed island course. For more information, go to the website:

Savarese Italian Pastry Shoppe is celebrating its 100th anniversary next month and that’s quite a milestone! It is still renowned for the some of the finest pastry, cakes and cookies in the borough. In fact, people come from all over to visit the iconic Bensonhurst location!

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real estate

Eye on BAY


ABOVE: Here's a glimpse of 8311 Ridge Blvd. See next page.

BAY RIDGE: HOW IT GOT ITS NAME When Henry Hudson stood on the deck of the “Half Moon” (Halve Moen in Dutch) as he sailed into the harbor more than 400 years ago, he saw Staten Island to his left, and on his right, on top of a ridge on the Brooklyn shore, land that appeared to be in the shape of an owl’s head. Today, the spacious Owl’s Head Park occupies that land above Shore Road in the neighborhood called Bay Ridge in Brooklyn’s southwest. The bay, of course, is what they called the harbor in those early days. The ridge is from the elevation left by the remnants of the last ice age, millions of years ago.

The water across to Staten Island now has been spanned by the VerrazzanoNarrows Bridge, named for the Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano who sailed the route in 1524 on his voyage of discovery. The bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1964. Bay Ridge was originally part of the town of New Utrecht and was known as Yellow Hoek, named by its Dutch settlers for the yellowish clay soil they found there. The Dutch West India Company had bought the land from the local Nyack Indians. But after an outbreak of yellow fever in the mid-19th century, the name was changed to Bay Ridge for its proximity to New York Bay and its glacial ridge, now Ridge Boulevard. Henry C. Murphy, a mayor of the City of Brooklyn, a New York State sena-

Brooklyn is a big place with so many choices! Let our real estate section make you feel at home.

Wanna Know the Latest Bay Ridge House Prices?

INBrooklyn photo by Lore Croghan

tor and founder and editor of the Brooklyn Eagle, built his estate along that ridge. The area originally attracted the wealthier residents, but after the Fourth Avenue subway line (the R train) was extended in 1915, it lured many Manhattan workers and it became more of a middleclass neighborhood. South of 86th Street is the section called Fort Hamilton, named for the military base that occupies the southernmost portion of Bay Ridge. The fort was originally called the Narrows, when it was completed in 1831, but later was renamed in honor of Alexander Hamilton. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Abner Doubleday were at some time stationed at Fort Hamilton. —Norm Goldstein

Week of October 25-31, • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/HeightsPress/Home Press/HomeReporter/Brooklyn Reporter/BrooklynSpectator/Brooklyn Spectator/BrooklynRecord/Greenpoint Record/Greenpoint Gazette Gazette •• 15INB 15INB Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A2018 Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights

Eye on BAY

Welcome to Ridge Boulevard. These handsome homes are on the corner of 67th Street.


INBrooklyn photo by Lore Croghan

Come Stroll Down Ridge Boulevard Handsome Houses and Historic Churches Line This Bay Ridge Thoroughfare By Lore Croghan INBrooklyn

By Lore INBrooklyn

From highway to harbor, Ridge Boulevard is a fine street for a stroll. Take a walk down this boulevard, and you’ll see a representative slice of Bay Ridge’s housing stock. There are massive old mansions, modest modern rowhouses and numerous options in between those two extremes. There are classic mid-rise apartment buildings, too. As a bonus, you’ll encounter historic churches and schools. We decided to show you Ridge Boulevard because over the years, we’ve devoted lots of attention to glam Shore Road, quirky cul-de-sacs and other eye-catching parts of the neighborhood. Ridge Boulevard is full of Instagram-worthy properties, too. If you don’t live in Bay Ridge, you’ll find the most entertaining way to get to the shoreline southwest Brooklyn neighborhood is by riding the NYC Ferry. As you probably know, the ferry dock’s located at the 69th Street Pier, which is formally known as the American Veterans Memorial Pier. From the pier, you walk three blocks on Bay Ridge Avenue, which is the equivalent of 69th Street, and you’ll find Ridge Boulevard. You’re just a few blocks away from the beginning of the boulevard at Wakeman Place, which runs beside the Belt Parkway. That’s the highway we were referring to a minute ago. On the other side of the highway, in Sunset Park, Ridge Boulevard becomes Second Avenue. There are eye-catching houses on the Ridge Boulevard blocks near Wakeman Place.

For instance, on the corner of 67th Street, you’ll see big, beautiful old homes that look Victorian with some modern flourishes. They include 6660 Ridge Blvd., 6654 Ridge Blvd. and a pair of semi-detached houses with porches at 6648-6650 Ridge Blvd.


One of the neighborhood’s prettiest Victorian houses is on the next block near the corner of Senator Street. The house at 6713 Ridge Blvd. has sharply peaked roofs and a porch on its second floor. Instead of being a private home, it’s actually part of St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic Church. The parish was created in 1971, which is the year the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn bought the lovely house from Helga Karlsen, city Finance Department records indicate. After you see these old-fashioned homes, continue south on Ridge Boulevard through the heart of the neighborhood towards the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The boulevard dead-ends at Shore Road, which overlooks New York Harbor. There are lots of lovable houses. To name just a few, there’s a set of splendid old homes with double-decker porches on the corner of 80th Street, starting with 7924-7926 Ridge Blvd. Also, we love the butter-yellow stucco house with a big porch at 8223 Ridge Blvd. on the corner of 83rd Street. Even in October, golden flowers on tall stalks bloom at the edge of the green lawn surrounding the house. There’s a dignified hilltop home at 8311 Ridge Blvd. on the corner of 84th Street. The house on the opposite corner, 8320 Ridge Blvd., is beautifully landscaped. There are charming rowhouses on numerous blocks, for instance on Ridge Boulevard and the corner of 90th Street, where two lion statues stand on fence posts.


Another remarkable house of worship is farther down the street at 7915 Ridge Blvd. It looks a bit like a storybook illustration of an English country church. It was called Bay Ridge Reformed Church when the cornerstone was laid in 1896. Now it’s known as the Union Church of Bay Ridge. A New York Landmarks Conservancy posting identifies Arthur Bates Jennings as the architect of the Romanesque Revival stone and wood structure and says it has a Tiffany Studios stained-glass window. The church is on the corner of 80th Street.


On a hilltop on the corner of 86th Street you’ll see the dramatic building that houses nonsectarian Adelphi Academy. We keep mentioning hilltops because there are lots of hilly lawns in Bay Ridge. The academy, which was established in 1863, is one of America’s oldest continuing co-ed schools, its website notes. Adelphi’s address is 8515 Ridge Blvd. A few blocks away, you’ll see a century-old Italian neoRenaissance chapel at Visitation Academy. The Catholic girls’ school is at 8902 Ridge Blvd. In a posting on the Hidden Waters Blog, writer Sergey Kadinsky says the academy’s 7.5-acre site was originally the Kings County Home for Inebriates. The charter for the state-funded alcoholics’ asylum was revoked in 1898, Kadinsky writes. Nuns moved there in 1903 and turned the property into a convent and school.



On your stroll down the boulevard, you’ll notice Christ Church Bay Ridge, which is on the corner of 73rd Street. Ecclesiastic architects Ralph Cram and Bertram Goodhue designed the distinguished stone building at 7301 Ridge Blvd., which was constructed in 1909, the church’s website says. Money donated by a prominent industrialist of that era, Eliphalet W. Bliss, helped fund the construction project. Before that, the congregation had worshiped at a smaller church at another address. E.W. Bliss Co. had factories in what is now DUMBO — for instance at 51 Jay St., which underwent a condo conversion a couple years ago. Bliss lived in a Bay Ridge estate called Owl’s Head. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he left the property to the City of New York and it’s now Owl’s Head Park.

Straddled by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and boosted over New York harbor, Bay Ridge has a history that highlights how developments in transportation have reshaped Brooklyn as a whole. The Dutch West Indian Company bought the land that is now Bay Ridge from the Nyack Indians in 1652. Named Yellow Hook or Yellow Ridge for the color of the clay found there, the community pushed to rename it Bay Ridge after the yellow-fever epidemic of 1848 and1849 tainted its original name. Wealthy businessmen and industrialists visited the area as a summer retreat, building mansions on the Bay Ridge bluffs that can still be seen today. The neighborhood was transformed after power broker Robert Moses pushed construction of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, in opposition to Bay Ridge residents, 8,000 of whom were displaced for construction. The bridge has since become a neighborhood icon for the widely diverse population. —Norm Goldstein

16INB •• INBROOKLYN INBROOKLYN — —A A Special Special Section Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-31, •2018 16INB Section of of Brooklyn Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette Week of October 25-October 31, 2018

Eye on BAY

Wanna Know the Latest Bay Ridge House Prices?


By Lore Croghan INBrooklyn

Money can’t buy me love. So what? A house with a yard and a garage in Bay Ridge would be far better. Love’s evanescent, a fancy that can evaporate in an instant. But a house in Bay Ridge will be a thing of beauty — a valuable thing — for a long time. If you’ve been living under a rock and therefore don’t know your way to this southwest shoreline Brooklyn neighborhood, it’s the one where the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is located. Note that the bridge’s name is now spelled with two Zs because of legislation recently signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. For a half-century, it had been spelled with one Z. Anyway. We dug up some details from city Finance Department records about recent Bay Ridge property sales to give you an idea of how much neighborhood homes cost these days.


• A married couple bought a standalone house at 8220 Colonial Road for $2.6 million, Finance Department records indicate. The sellers had purchased it for $1.6 million in 2006. The property is on the corner of 83rd Street. According to a listing by House-N-Key, which brokered the sale, the home has a master suite plus three other large bedrooms, a fireplace in the sitting room and an outdoor heated swimming pool.


• A standalone house at 259 84th St. with a wraparound porch and a hilltop lawn changed hands in a $2.5 million transaction, Finance Department records show. According to a posting by Jabour Realty, the listing broker, the stand-alone stucco house has six bedrooms. The sellers had purchased it for $1.2 million in a 2010 estate sale, Finance Department records indicate. • A house at 8035 Harbor View Terrace just sold for $2.5 million. House-N-Key brokered the deal. The seller had owned it since 1969, Finance Department records show. It’s got Tudor touches and nice landscaping. The exterior of another house on this tiny street, 8070 Harbor View Terrace, appears on every episode of CBS TV’s popular series “Blue Bloods.” It’s the fictional home of New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, who is played by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winner Tom Selleck.


• A married couple bought a stand-alone house at 8056 Narrows Ave. for $3.68 million. The seller had owned it since 1982, Finance Department records show.

The corner house in this photo is 8220 Colonial Road, which was INBrooklyn photo by Lore Croghan recently sold. Renovation is underway, so the house isn’t photogenic at the moment. According to online info posted by Jabour Realty, which had the listing, 8056 Narrows Ave. is a five-bedroom house on an 80-by-109-foot lot with a two-car garage. • A Colonial house at nearby 7923 Colonial Road sold for $1.98 million, Finance Department records indicate. It has five bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a one-car garage, a posting on says. This property is on the corner of 80th Street. It is under renovation at the moment.


• Limestone rowhouses are also much-loved Bay Ridge purchases. They can be found on Doctors’ Row, which is the Bay Ridge Parkway block between Fourth and Fifth avenues, and also on the unofficial second Doctors’ Row, which is the 77th Street block between Fourth and Fifth avenues. A married couple bought a lovely barrel-front limestone rowhouse in that latter location for $1.35 million. Its address is 421 77th St. The transaction was an estate sale, Finance Department records indicate.

We love these old homes with double-decker porches on the corner of Ridge Boulevard and 80th Street. Week of October 25-31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 17INB Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 17INB


SARTA REALTY B'hurst 1 BR + office, new kit. & bath, H&HW incl.......................................................$1650 Gravesend 1BR H&HW incl, new kit. & bath.....$1350 Dyker 2 BR 5 rooms, H&HW incl, sm pet ok..……..............................................…$1800 Gravesend 2BR H&HW incl, new kit & bath......$1750 Bay Ridge 3 BR H&HW incl, WD, parking, porch.................................................$2800 B'Hurst 3 BR H&HW incl, near D train..........…$2200 Dyker 3 BR balcony, lg closets, near X bus...… $2300

8416 3rd Avenue Residential Rentals

Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights / Bensonhurst Studios – 2 rooms $1100 + up 3 Rooms – 1 bedroom $1300 + up 4 Rooms – 2 bedrooms $1500 + up 5 Rooms – 2 bedrooms $1600 + up 5 Rooms – 3 bedrooms $1800 + up 6 Rooms – 3 bedrooms $1950 + up House for Rent $2800 + Up


Park Slope – 506 5th Ave, 1400 sq ft w/bsmt .......... $7000 B’Ridge – 155 Bay Ridge Ave, 550 sq ft ....................... $1100 B’Ridge – 9126 4th Ave, 650 sq ft. ................................ $3000 B’Ridge – 8401 7th Ave, 1200 sq ft, office .................. $2000 B’Ridge – 9124 4th Ave,650sq ft. .................................. $3000 B’Ridge – 6918 5th Ave, 2400 sq ft .............................. $7500 Sunset Park – 117 57th St, Warehouse, 4000 sq ft ...$4000 B’Ridge – 184 Bay Ridge Pkwy, 575 sq ft ................... $1700 Dyker Hts – 8421 7th Ave, 1300 sq ft + bsmt ............ $3500 Bay Ridge – 8722 3rd Ave, Toy store for sale, Key money $75,000, 700 sq ft ...................................... $3650 B’Ridge - 139 85th St, Ground fir office, 450 sq ft....$1200 Sunset Park – 4614 5th Ave, 1700sq ft ...... Call For Details

Garages Available, $200 & Up Thinking of Selling/Buying or Renting? Call or visit for full details.

Residential & Commercial Properties Available

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8304 13th Avenue RESIDENTIAL DEPARTMENT Dyker Hts - 1 bed, completely renov......................................$1500 Gravesend - 2 bed, brand new, fully renov, hrdwd flrs thru out...................................................................$2000 B'Hurst-2 bed, fully renov, dishwasher, A/C, Terr, small pet OK, heat/hot water incl...........................................$2000 Boro Park- 3 bed, hrdwd flrs, newly renov...........................$2300 Dyker- 1 bed, mod, EI K, carpet, painted.............................$1450 Bay Ridge- 1 bed, mod, ceramic tile & wood flrs................$1500 Bath Beach-1 bed, semi mod, wd flrs, fridge, no pe.t..s.......$1400 Bath Beach-1 bed, co-op, renov, heat, HW, gas incl............$1600 Dyker- 3 bed, fully renov, SS Appl's, hrdwd flrs....................$2600 B'hurst 3 bdrm, nr trans, brand new.....................................$2200 B'hurst- 2 bed duplex, wood flrs thru out.............................$2000 Dyker-2 bdrm, wd flrs, w/d, utilities not incl........................$1800 Dyker- 3 bed, fully renov, X-tra lg rms.................................$2700 Dyker Hts- Co-Op for rent, 1 bdrm........................................$1700 Dyker Hts- Luxury Condo Rental- Open Concept, 2 bed, 1 3/4 bths, W/D, Terrace, all new.............................$3200 B'Hurst- 3 bed, 1 1/2 bths, out door space.........................$2500 STATEN ISLAND House For Rent - 3 bed, 1 3/4 bths, spacious, mod............$2700


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Bath Ave and Bay 46th Street nice 1 Bedroom, Ground Floor Walk In no pets, no smoking nr D train, Express bus, easy parking gas included Move In Condition

76 St. and 11th Ave 2 bedrooms, side entrance, walk in, small space outside to put a table and chair. $2050 77 St. and 13 Ave 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2 entrance doors. $2400

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3 rooms, new wood kitchen cabinets with refrigerator, W/D & A/C. New tile bath. $1500 includes all. OWNER 917-957-9060


BAY RIDGE -CO-OP FOR SALE Beautiful fully renov 1 BR co-op (600 sq ft) for sale. New weather protected windows & patio door. Huge balcony with the only newly installed porcelain flr in entire complex. Brand new central heat & A/C system. New power air flush toilet, wall to wall closet in bdrm. Beautiful appliances, W/D in bsmt & storage bin. Steps away from park & shore. $323,000. Maint. $565 incl R.E tax. 60% deductible. Please have good credit.


FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT BAY RIDGE (84th St. off of 3rd Ave.) Single room for gentleman. Nr shops & trans. Long term commitment. CALL 718-614-0043


Brick Ranch Home For Sale 6 Wilstow Road - Budd Lake, NJ 4 Bdrm - 3 Full Bath - 2 FP More Details on OPEN HOUSE BAY RIDGE OPEN HOUSE

SUN. 10/28 1-4PM 131 86th St. HOUSE FOR RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY Detach., sunny home, 3 bdrms, 2 bath. oversized EIK - New appl, PVT yard & garage - MUST SEE!! -------------------------------------------


SUN. 10/28 12-3pm 18 79th St. LOVELY SHORE BLOCK Modern, detach, brick home, sun filled 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, custom EIK, complete fin.base, PVT garage & yard. Next to Shore Road Promenade, parks, bicycle & walk path. MOTIVATED SELLER $1,625,000 ALPINE REALTY - 718-238-1788 CELL: 718-775-6258

18INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-October 31, 2018


Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 19INB

NYC College of Technology Marks 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

School’s Jewish Faculty/Staff Association Has Sponsored Kristallnacht Programs for Three Decades By Francesca Norsen Tate Religion Editor

Kristallnacht, the series of pogroms targeting Jews that took place on November 9-10, 1938, will be commemorated at the New York City College of Technology. The college’s Jewish Faculty & Staff Association has sponsored Kristallnacht memorial programs for 29 years. This year’s program, titled “Kristallnacht: 80 Years After and 30 Years Beyond,” takes place on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at noon. Participants will recall this turning point in

the persecution and genocide of Jews and millions of other human beings. However, the positive angle will be a reflection on the stories that survivors and witnesses share—along with the deep concern about the future that many people believe is a repeat of history. This year’s Kristallnacht Anniversary program will feature as speaker Suzanne Loebl, a Belgium Holocaust hidden child, and a Brooklyn Heights resident. Loebl will also receive the City Tech JFSA Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award. And receiving the 2018 Distinguished

Judaism in Another Art Form: Book Illustration Heights Illustrator Paul Zelinsky Set To Give Talk on Beloved Book Series Brooklyn Heights resident Paul Zelinsky, an award-winning children’s book illustrator, presents “The Making Of ‘All-Of-A-Kind Family Hanukkah’” at Congregation Mount Sinai next weekend. “All-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah” is a new picture book by author Emily Jenkins and illustrator Paul Zelinsky. The original All-of-a-Kind family books were written by Sydney Taylor from the 1950s to the 1970s. They were based on her own experiences growing up in the early 1900s in a large and loving Jewish family living on the Lower East Side. Taylor was the first children’s writer to publish fiction about a Jewish family for a universal audience. Zelinsky, will receive the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Illustrators. He also received the 1998

Caldecott Medal for U.S. picture book illustration, recognizing “Rapunzel.” He was inspired to pursue a career in children’s book illustration after taking a course with Maurice Sendak at Yale University. He later earned a graduate degree in painting from Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia and Rome. He will give an informative presentation about the process of illustrating “All-ofa-Kind Family Hanukkah.” This free event begins on Sunday, November 4, at 4 p.m. RSVP by Thurs. Nov. 1 to, or 718-875-9124. Congregation Mount Sinai is at 250 Cadman Plaza West. All books purchased at Congregation Mount Sinai will be available for signing ($18). A great Hanukkah gift! And latkes will be served!

Humanitarian Award will be Edith Everett, an educator, community leader, philanthropist and humanitarian. Also joining the program will be Cathy Buggenhout, Belgium consul general in New York. The City Tech Jewish Faculty & Staff Association believes that survivor testimony is paramount in telling the personal history and in preserving memories, and that such testimony becomes urgent, particularly as the survivor community diminishes in numbers. In keeping this history alive, CUNY has organized and curated Kristallnacht anniversary commemorations for almost three decades. The first within CUNY was on November 10, 1988 to mark the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Some of the co-sponsors have been the Brooklyn Historical Society, CUNY Baruch College Jewish Studies Center, CUNY Macaulay Honors College, the Center for Jewish History, Facing History and Ourselves, the Interfaith Committee of Remembrance, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, the Remember the Women Institute, the New York Board of Rabbis, the City Tech Foundation and City Tech Faculty Commons. Programs are always free and open to the general public. The New York City College of Technology is at 300 Jay St.

‘Convivio’ Exhibit Explores Jewish and Hispanic Influences on the Comics Jews, Hispanics and the comics converge during a unique art exhibition to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. This annual celebration actually spans the second half of October and the first half of November. The exhibit, titled “Convivio: Jews, Hispanics and the Comics,” will be at Repair the World’s Brooklyn headquarters, at 808 Nostrand Ave. in

Grace Church Inducts 15th Rector During Festive Investiture Service

The Rev. Dr. Allen F. Robinson receives a gift from children of the Sunday School at Grace Church Brooklyn Heights, during a festive induction liturgy on Sunday. Dr. Robinson becomes the 15th rector in the church’s 170-year history. See the Brooklyn Heights Press for expanded coverage. INBrooklyn Photo by Andy Katz

Suzanne Loebl

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Loebl

Crown Heights, through November 18. Exhibit hours are Mondays-Fridays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Convivio (Spanish for “living together,” “coexisting”) documents two groups and how they came to define the American comic book industry. Comics are a unique artistic medium, a paradigm of American assimilationist values and mainstream culture. Paradoxically, they have also demonstrated unique aspects of identity, narrative, ethnicity, religion, race and the self from their very inception. During the 1930s, Jews came to invent and define American comics books. They left their imprint on an industry and a popular culture fraught with segregation and prejudice, often hiding in plain sight like the image of Clark Kent’s glasses masking Superman’s true identity beneath. By the 1960s and ‘70s, Hispanic artists and writers also made their way into the business, adding their own unique voice from an initial position as outsiders. During this period, Jews and Hispanics often shared the same New York neighborhoods — the Lower East Side, Harlem and the Bronx — forming a convivial relationship that created bonds of influence and mutual respect. The exhibition documents this relationship and presents many kinds of comics: mainstream publications that are generally accepted by the American public, but may be read in specific cultural ways regarding Jews and Hispanics; contemporary identity comics written and drawn by writers and artists no longer afraid to be different; and “fine artists” who use comic book references as a way to focus and define religious, cultural and personal authenticity. There are artists in this exhibition who are both Hispanic and Jewish, contradicting existing stereotypes. The artists are Claudia Ahlering, Laura Alvarez, Chris Duckett, Will Eisner, Escobar, Ray Felix, Athena Finger, Max Gottfried, Goldie Gross, Miguel Guerra, N. Steven Harris, Paul Hoppe, Jack Kirby, Lon Levin, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Alitha E. Martinez, Jezebel Martinez, Betty Palmer, Rodney Ramos, Archie Rand, Noaj Sauer, Arlen Schumer, Joel Silverstein, Emily Steinberg, Mark Texeira, Miguel Trelles, Ephraim Wuensch, Roberto Williams and Sara Woolley. The exhibit’s organizers are Be’chol Lashon, Bronx Heroes Comic Con, Jewish Art Salon and Repair the World. The UJA Federation of New York also provided support. Repair the World’s NYC initiative launched in the fall of 2015 to tackle pressing local needs by mobilizing communities to volunteer. Its website states, “We enable people to transform their neighborhoods, city and lives through meaningful service experiences, rooted in Jewish values, history and heritage.”

20INB••INBROOKLYN INBROOKLYN —Special A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record//Greenpoint Gazette • Week of31,October 20INB —A Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-October 2018 25-31, 2018



O’DRISCOLL – Theodore Timothy “Teddy” entered into eternal rest on October 21, 2018. Beloved son of the late Michael and Helena O’Driscoll, both natives of Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Devoted husband of over 60 years to the late Kathleen (Dempsey) O’Driscoll formerly of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Dear brother of Eileen Dempsey. Loving father of Michael G. O’Driscoll (Jacqueline), Mary Ellen O’Driscoll, Cathleen Ann “Kay” O’Driscoll, Noreen Mary Scanapico (Neal) and Heleana Mary O’Driscoll (Robert Ryan). Cherished grandfather of Erin (Matthew), Timothy, Theodore, Catherine, MaryTherese, Heleana Ann and Eileen Alana. Treasured great grandfather of Bernadette Rhoades. Adored uncle of many nieces and nephews. While saddened by his passing, his family is confident in the promises of the Lord. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Mass of Christian burial Good Shepherd R.C. Church. Burial Green-Wood Cemetery.


9620 Third Avenue - Brooklyn, NY 11209

718-238-3600 +++

RONAN, Mary -- of Brooklyn, passed away October 19, 2018 surrounded by those who loved her deeply. Mary, who was born in Ireland, is survived by two sons Myles and Edward, a sister, Ann and brothers Edward, Patrick and Michael. She was preceded in death by her son Kevin and husband Michael. She was also a loving


mother-in-law to Ana and beloved aunt to many nephews and nieces. All arrangements handled by MJ Smith Sons Funeral Home. Funeral Mass Holy Name of Jesus Church. Burial Calverton Cemetery.


CARUSO, Virginia -- Age 92, of Brooklyn, entered into eternal rest on Monday, October

22, 2018. Mrs. Caruso was born


(Never known to fail) O, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, Splendor of Heaven Blessed Mother, of the Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O, Star of the Sea help me and show me, herein you are my mother. O, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. (Make Request) There are none that can withstand your power. O, show me herein you are my mother. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3X). O Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (3X). Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3X). Thank you for your mercy to me and mine. Amen. This prayer must be said for three days and after three days your request will be granted and the prayer must be published. Grateful thanks.

(Never known to fail) O, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, Splendor of Heaven Blessed Mother, of the Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O, Star of the Sea help me and show me, herein you are my mother. O, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. (Make Request) There are none that can withstand your power. O, show me herein you are my mother. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3X). O Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (3X). Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3X). Thank you for your mercy to me and mine. Amen. This prayer must be said for three days and after three days your request will be granted and the prayer must be published. Grateful thanks.



May 27, 1926 in Brooklyn. She is the daughter of the late Pietro and the late Anna (Galioto) Elardi. Beloved wife of the late Michael Caruso. Loving mother of Karen Lavender, Susan Deasy, Michael J. Caruso, Patricia Prendergast (Timothy) and Anita Candelmo (Robert).

Cherished grandmother of Kerry, Mike, Thomas, Marisa, Christina, Erica, Jessica, Michael, Alexandra, Alyssa, Gianna and Anthony. Dear great grandmother of Justin, Hailey, Bryce and Wyatt. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home.

Remember a loved one in our paper To place an In Memoriam

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ON OCT. 23, 1946, the Eagle reported, “New York today gave the arriving delegates to the United Nations General Assembly a rousing welcome. Along the built-up canyons of lower Broadway as the delegates drove by in a long cavalcade of cars, they were welcomed by the cheering New Yorkers, who lined up eight and ten deep along the sidewalks of Broadway and tossed ticker-tape from high buildings, in the traditional manner of New York welcomes to honor the visiting delegates. Then they were officially welcomed on the plaza in front of City Hall by Deputy Mayor Thomas L.J. Corcoran on behalf of the City of New York, and by Warren Austin, himself a General Assembly delegate, head of the U.S. delegation, on behalf of the United States. Mr. Corcoran, in his address of welcome, expressed New York City’s wish to see the United Nations established in New York as its permanent home.”  ON THIS DAY IN 1860, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle published the following advertisement: “Grand Kings County Demonstration — A meeting composed of one Delegate from each of the Clubs in Kings County opposed to the election of Lincoln will be held at the Club rooms, over Gastons hat store [on] Fulton Street, opposite Myrtle Ave., on Wednesday evening, Oct. 24th inst., at 7 1/2 o’clock, for the purpose of making arrangements for a Grand Torch Light Demonstration in this County, on the evening of the 1st of November. City and county clubs will please send delegates.”  ON THIS DAY IN 1897, the Eagle reported, “The exercises attending the formal unveiling of the bronze bust of Mozart, which was won by the United Singers of Brooklyn at the recent great Saengerfest at Philadelphia, are being held in Prospect Park this afternoon as the Eagle goes to press. The Germans and their friends and a number of several thousand are taking an active part in the formal presentation of the prize to the City of Brooklyn … Prior to the unveiling there was a monster parade of the German singing societies through the principal streets of the city.”

For Laughing Out Loud • I saw a man at the ATM the other day standing on one leg. When I asked him what he was doing, he replied, “just checking my balance”. • What do you get when you spell “man” backwards? Flashbacks. • What do you call a hippie's wife? Mississippi. • What’s the key to making a good mailman joke? The delivery. • Yesterday I told my psychiatrist that I’ve been hearing voices. He said I don’t have a psychiatrist.


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22INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-October 31, 2018





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ON OCT. 24, 1950, the Eagle reported, “Flushing, Oct. 24 (U.P.) — President [Harry] Truman called today for a ‘fool-proof,’ worldwide disarmament pact to head off a third world war. But he warned that the U.S. and her Western allies will not be lulled into laying down their arms by ‘paper promises’ of peace and disarmament. ‘One-sided disarmament is a sure invitation to aggression,’ he said. The president spoke before a special plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly on the fifth anniversary of the founding of the world organization.”  ON OCT 24, 1860, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported, “The heating apparatus recently introduced into the basement of the City Hall has been finally completed, and yesterday steam was raised and circulated throughout the building by means of pipes and coils. The engine is capable of carrying 120 pounds of steam. A pressure of 70 pounds was put on, then 50 pounds and finally reduced to 15 pounds. The result was in every way satisfactory, and although the weather was more moderate than some days previous, it was demonstrated that every room in the building can be heated to any required extent at an average pressure of from 15 to 20 pounds of steam. The stoves heretofore in use will now be displaced.”  ON OCT. 24, 1929, the Eagle reported, “Wall Street went through another speculators’ panic today, when stocks, already low, crashed to unbelievable levels. They rallied when Thomas M. Lamont, representing J.P. Morgan & Co., and the leading bankers of the city, ascribed the reaction to technical rather than fundamental conditions and found that no financial houses were in difficulty. During the hectic selling which broke all records and exceeded 12,000,000 shares, the Federal Reserve Board of New York was in special sessions to discuss the situation.”

You Should Know This • The Flintstones was the most profitable network cartoon franchise for 30 years before being unseated by The Simpsons. • The post office in Bedrock, Colorado receives so much fan mail addressed to characters from ‘The Flintstones’ that they have a special stamp for rejecting the mail that says ‘Return to Sender – Fictitious Cartoon Character’. • First published in 1993, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” is the most reproduced cartoon from The New Yorker magazine, and its title a phrase still used around the world. • Bebop & Rocksteady were added to the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon because the toy company wanted more characters to sell.

Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 23INB

You Should Know This • Chocolate chips were invented after the chocolate chip cookie. It’s true: the cookie preceded the chips. Chocolate chips were created in response to the cookie’s popularity, rather than the cookie being designed as a vehicle for the chips. • CREAM OF TARTAR IS A BYPRODUCT OF WINEMAKING. The next time you say “cheers,” add a small “thank you” to your wine for producing the cream of tartar that makes your meringues so lofty and your snickerdoodles so tender. • The “German” of German chocolate cake fame was actually a man named Samuel German, who was an employee of an American chocolate company. German didn’t invent the cake, but he is the one who developed German’s sweet baking chocolate, which is a key ingredient in the cake. • Boston cream pie, which was made famous at Boston’s groundbreaking Parker House Hotel, was developed by an Armenian-French pastry chef. Pie tins were far more common in American households than cake pan. If the cake was originally baked in pie tins, it’s easy to see how the multicultural chef, whose first language was not English, might use the terms “pie” and “cake” interchangeably. • Blondies before brownies. If you delve into old cookbooks, you’ll find that blondies were in recipe rotation before brownies. It’s possible that these recipes were adapted from old-time gingerbread recipes and combined with the flavors of butterscotch, but brownies were not created until the early 1900s.


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Gentle, Caring Caregiver

To care for disable young adult In his personal care, activities of daily living, housekeeping and escort 12 hours/day. References supporting documents required for this job are as follows: 1. U.S. Birth Certificate , U.S. Passport, Un-expired Foreign Passport with un-expired employment authorization or Alien Registration Card 2. Picture Identification (State Issued/Military/other 3. Valid Signed Social Security Card)

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Daniel www.Magrino F. Magrino Daniel www.Magrino F. Magrino www.Magrino Daniel F.F. Magrino MagrinoDaniel www.Magrino





9729 4TH Insured Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 ns INSURANCE & FINANCIAL INSURANCE INSURANCE &SERVICES FINANCIAL & SERVICES FINANCIAL SERVICES INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES Licensed/ 9729 4TH Avenue TEL: (718) ers and Extensions 9729 4TH Avenue 9729 4TH Avenue ry, TEL: (718) 745-6116 TEL: (718) 745-6116 sement ,xtensions Kitchens, Carpentry, Basement Carpentry, spentry, 9729 4TH Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 745-6116 INSURED

DOT 32149

This Week in History

Brooklyn ,NYAvenue 11209 FAX: 745-6116) 9729 4TH TEL: (718) 745-6116 pentry, 9729 4TH Avenue Brooklyn ,NY 11209 TEL: (718) 745-6116 FAX: (( 745-6116) 9729 4TH 9729 4TH ry, TEL: (718) 745-6116 TEL: (718) 745-6116 vations, Brooklyn ,NYAvenue 11209 Brooklyn ,NYAvenue 11209 sement ,ns, Kitchens, Carpentry, Basement Carpentry, FAX: ( (745-6116) FAX: (,NY 745-6116) 9729 4TH Avenue TEL: (718) 745-6116 ry, Brooklyn 11209 FAX: 745-6116) TO GOODS , SERVICES & EMPLOYMENT tvations, s, Shingle, All Renovations, Attics, All Renovations, ons, Brooklyn ,NY 11209 745-6116) AFAX: Brooklyn 11209 FAX: (( 745-6116) Brooklyn ,NY 11209 Brooklyn ,NY 11209 FAX: ( (745-6116) FAX: ,NY (,NY 745-6116) 1Renovations, Brooklyn 11209 FAX: 745-6116) ns, s, t Shingle, All Renovations, Attics, All A ons, y a oofing, W ng, toops, rk, Brickwork, y’sMOVING oofing, aWaterproofing, J ng, toops, rk, Waterproofing, Waterproofing, Brickwork, Waterproofing, ng, MOVING MOVING MOVING PLUMBING g MOVING MOVING nMOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING moving MOVING oviMOVING MOVING MOVING MOVING moving MOVING M Leaks. ROOFING Leaks. aks. aks. ndows, in Repairing Repairing ExpertsLeaks. Leaks. in Repairing Repairing Leaks. Leaks. ndows, in Experts in aks.



















JUST JUST JUST 718-339-8888 718-339-8888 718-339-8888 JUST 718-339-8888 NYC NYC NYC NYCNYC NYC S


718-339-8888 718-339-8888 718-339-8888 718-339-8888

ALSO OFFERING •• Gutters Cleaned $75 HOMES ALL MASONRY & • Gutters Cleaned • Gutters $75 MOST Cleaned HOMES $75 MOST HOMES Gutters Cleaned $75 MOST MOST HOMES mily • Individual • Children • Couples • Children n Couples • Gutters Cleaned $75 MO RUBBISH REMOVAL • Installed • Repaired • Gutter Guards ldren • Installed • Repaired • Installed • Gutter • Repaired Guards • Gutter Guards • Installed • Repaired • Gutter Guards CHIMNEYS rubbish removal • Installed • Repaired • Gu y-To-Day People With Living, Day-To-Day Living, *Repairs ALL ALL DRAINAGE ALL DRAINAGE ALL DRAINAGE DRAINAGE &&BOX & BOX g, BOX/DELIVERY DELIVERY Anxiety ression And Depression ICC ICC LIC 470654 US DOT 1178151 ICC LIC 470654 / USDELIVERY DOT 1178151 & BOX DELIVERY ICCLIC LIC470654 470654//USUSDOT DOT1178151 1178151 Brooklyn Eagle cover from Oct. 25, 1944 & BOX DELIVERY *Replacement PROBLEMS RESOLVED PROBLEMS PROBLEMS RESOLVED RESOLVED ICC LIC 470654 / US DOT 1178151 PROBLEMS RESOLVED MOVING MOVING MOVING *Annual Service M.A., Jane Feazell, LP M.A., LP MOVING ON$75 OCT. 25, 1944, the Eagle reported, “Pearl Harbor, •• Gutters Cleaned $75 HOMES • Gutters Cleaned • Gutters $75 MOST Cleaned HOMES MOST HOMES Gutters Cleaned $75 MOST MOST HOMES mily • Individual • Children • CouplesMOVING • Children INSURED INSURED INSURED n Couples Chimney heating cleaned $49.99!! INSURED Oct. 25 (UP) — The American 3rdCleaned Fleet has sunk at least MO • Gutters RED DOT DOT 32149 DOT 32149 DOT 32149 32149 •• Installed •• Repaired ••Licensed/ Gutter Guards ldren • Installed • Repaired • Installed • Gutter • Repaired • Gutter Guardstwo cruisers and a destroyer$75 Installed Repaired Gutter Guards INSURED oneGuards Japanese aircraft carrier, and Licensed/ Insured Insured Licensed/ Insured

ppointment Location • By Only Appointment Only Only y-To-Day People With Living,Day-To-Day Living, A 1A A A1 y Waay g, ’s W




Licensed/ Insured DOT 32149 Low Prices Guaranteed • other Installed • Repaired damaged a dozen warships, including five or six battle- • Gu Licensed/ Insu ships, in a showdown battle with three enemy naval forces for Cleanouts, Basements, control of justguttersnyc@hotm Philippines waters, it was revealed today. ‘General

ay Way ’s W y’s Anxiety ression And Depression JJaayy’s gICC LIC 470654 / US JaDOT C LICA 470654J/ USayDOT gICC LIC 470654 / US DOT 1178151 1178151 ngIC1 A i1178151 in1178151 ngICC LIC 470654 / US DOT vin


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ROOFING ROOFING & Yards BOX DELIVERY Attics, ROOFING PROBLEMS RESOLVED PROBLEMS PROBLEMS RESOLVED RESOLVED ICC LIC 470654 ROOFING / US DOT 1178151 the Pacific Fleet, announced in a communique disclosing that

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PROBLEMS RES 718.748.2088 917-684-9302 917-684-9302 917-684-9302 Diamond Diamond Diamond action is continuing,’ Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, commander of

ROOFING probably the greatest air-sea battle of the war had been joined FREE ESTIMATES southwest, northwest and north of invaded Leyte Island. Japanese shore-based aircraft, supporting enemy fleet units, sank 24-HOUR SERVICE INSURED INSURED INSURED INSURED operated for 3 owned • Family and owned operated and for operated 3 for 3 operated for 3 730 718-836-1730 the 10,000-ton American aircraft carrier Princeton, but her LIC & INSURED DOT DOT 32149 DOT 32149 generations, ensuring personalized generations, generations, ensuring ensuring personalized DOT 32149 32149personalized AFFORDABLE RATES generations, ensuring personalized captain, Insured 133 other officers and 1,227 enlisted men were resINSURED • Family owned and operated for 3Insured Licensed/ Licensed/ Licensed/ Licensed/ Insured Insured ppointment Location •service. ByOnly Appointment Only odeling ompany Company service. service. service. cued, Nimitz said. He listed no other American losses.” DOT 32149 generations, ensuring personalized SPECIAL LOCAL RATES Licensed/ Insu •• Recommended by of sat• Recommended • Recommended by by of thousands satof Recommended by thousands thousands ofthousands satOnly 877-668-3186 y service. A A A RANTEED WORK isfied GUARANTEED  A 1 1 1 1 isfied customers. isfied customers. A A $59/Hr. A Way byROOFING isfied customers. customers. A2 ’sMen yy w/Truck SPECIALIST ROOFING ROOFING SPECIALIST SPECIALIST aaRecommended W ON OCT. 25, 1950, the Eagle reported, “The Yankees will Way • thousands of satjustguttersnyc@hotm W N,BASEMENTS BATHROOMS, , BASEMENTS , s s ’ ’ s y ’ y y 646-261-7019 JJaay g • Professionally Ja moving Ja A •• Professionally trained experts Professionally trained moving trained experts moving experts Professionally trained experts have to win the American League pennant and the World Seg•1 ALSO OFFERING ALSO OFFERING ALSO OFFERING g w/Truck ROOFING nmoving iinnisfied ALSO OFFERING i$69/Hr. 3 Men WS, SIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING ROOFING vA ving rubbish removal oovvtruck. ocustomers. oy ROOFING SPEC a M M M ROOFING on every Courteous & prompt. W ROOFING ROOFING M on every truck. on every Courteous truck. & Courteous prompt. & prompt. on every truck. Courteous & prompt. ries next the services of their new pitching star, ROOFING S , ALL MASONRY & s WE ALL MASONRY ALL & MASONRY & year without ’ WE WE ALL MASONRY & WE y NTS HOME ( WE DO REP ITAALL) IRS ( WE DO•ITProfessionally ALL) Ja trained moving experts

M.A., Jane Feazell, LPMOVING M.A., LP&MOVING MOVING ATHER & TOSON FATHER SON NBOARD MOVING SON •• Family and • Family Family owned owned and ard A. Howard



4 Men w/Truck $85 Hr. T 18-467-1200 1200


917-684-9 Diamon Construction Construction Construction Construc

Whitey ALSO Ford. It was FordOFFERING who got ’em into the series this CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS ing estimates •• FREE • FREE estimates •v FREE FREE estimates estimates Mo on every truck. Courteous *Repairs & prompt. *Repairs *Repairs fall by winning nine [consecutive] games. Now he’s in the


Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamon Construction 718.748.2088 718.748.2088 718.748.2088 Construction Construction

*Repairs ALL MASONRY & *Replacement *Replacement *Replacement *Replacement service of his Uncle Sam. But the Bronx Bombers are a team CHIMNEYS *Annual Service *Annual Service *Annual Service *Annual Service that overcomes all obstacles. Nobody thought they would win Will clean out unwanted items *Repairs Chimney $49.99!! Chimney heating cleaned Chimney $49.99!! heating cleaned $49.99!! Chimney heating heating cleaned cleaned $49.99!! either in 1949 or 1950, but they fought through to victory *Replacement

Call 718-763-1435 Call 718-763-1435 Call 718-763-1435 LICENSED INSURED BOARD ATHER &TOSON FATHER SON &Call •&718-763-1435 FREE estimates NEE MATES ESTIMATES for the lowest rates forCall the lowest for718-763-1435 therates lowest rates for the INSURED lowest rates RED INSURED URED SON 10% discount from apartment, garage, discount 10% discount 10% discount10%each • Family owned and operated for 3 • Family owned • Family and owned operated and for operated 3house, for 3 Estimates • Family owned and operated for 3 campaign.” Ford, later known as “The Chairman of the *Annual Service ard A. Howard Free Estimates Free Free Estimates Free Estimates for seniors for seniors for seniors Chimney heating $49.99!! Board,” spent the 1951 and 1952cleaned seasons in the Army and for seniors for the lowest rates basement and office. generations, ensuring personalized generations, generations, ensuring personalized ensuring personalized generations,MOVING ensuring MOVING personalized MOVING l INSURED MOVING


Toll Free 10 returned to the Yankees in 1953. The Astoria native won six 877-668-3186 • Family owned and operated for 3 odeling ompany Company service. Free Will also broom sweep. service. service. service. championships with the Estimates team in his 16-year career and was fo generations, ensuring personalized elected to the Hall of Fame in 1974. He celebrated his 90th MOVING ge ••ARIK Recommended by sat•ARIK Recommended •STORAGE Recommended byof thousands by of thousands satof J. MOVING STORAGE J.& ARIK J. &MOVING STORAGE & STORAGE Recommended by thousands thousands of satLIC & INSURED ARIK J.212-321-MOVE MOVING &MOVING LIC & INSURED LIC & INSURED LIC &satINSURED CALL WAYMON birthday on Oct. 21. yRANTEED service. WORK isfied GUARANTEED 718.748.2 customers. isfied customers. isfied customers. isfied customers. SPECIAL LOCAL RATES SPECIAL SPECIAL LOCAL RATES LOCAL RATES SPECIAL LOCAL RATES ROOFING SPECIALIST 917-330-2854 ROOFING ROOFING SPECIALIST SPECIALIST US DOT #130966 • Recommended by thousands of satN,BASEMENTS BATHROOMS,, BASEMENTS , ARIK J. MOVING & STORAGE 22 Men w/Truck $59/Hr. LIC & INSURE 2 Men w/Truck 2 Men $59/Hr. w/Truck $59/Hr. Men w/Truck $59/Hr. •• Professionally trained moving experts • Professionally • Professionally trained moving trained experts moving experts For Laughing Professionally trained moving experts 718-444-1877 ROOFING ROOFING ROOFING 3 Men w/Truck $69/Hr. 3 Men w/Truck 3 Men $69/Hr. w/Truck $69/Hr. ALSO OFFERING ROOFING ALSO OFFERING ALSO OFFERING 3 Men w/Truck $69/Hr. isfied customers. diamondconstructionnyc@ ALSO OFFERING The Company has the right to change prices any time. LOCAL WS, SIONS,WINDOWS, ROOFING ROOFING SPECIAL RATES ROOFING SPEC RUBBISH REMOVAL on every Courteous & prompt. on every onMen Courteous truck. & Courteous prompt. & prompt. 44 truck. Men w/Truck $85 Hr. T 4 truck. Men w/Truck 4 A30-38 Men $85w/Truck Hr. $85 Hr. ME WE’LL IT, AND DO IT WE’LL DO IT on every truck. Courteous &every prompt. Men w/Truck $85 Hr. S , ALL MASONRY WE ALL& MASONRY ALL & MASONRY & Out WE WE ALL MASONRY & 2 w/T ruck $59/Hr . Loud HOME ( WE DO REPITAALL) IRS ( WE DO•ITProfessionally ALL) trained moving experts CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS CHIMNEYS ROOFING CHIMNEYS 3 Men w/Truck $69/Hr . ALSO OFFERING



•&FREE estimates • FREE estimates • FREE estimates pes ld Repairs ofIT Household & Repairs on every Courteous & prompt. *Repairs • I really 4 truck. Men w/T ruck *Repairs $85 . *Repairs *RepairsHr O ALL upset a MASONRY couple of people today by & calling ALL) *Replacement *Replacement *Replacement PAINTING l Services ealmbing • Electrical • Plumbing • Electrical Toll Free them hipsters. Apparently the correct term is con*Replacement Toll Free Toll Free 877-668-3186 877-668-3186 877-668-3186 Toll Free LICENSED & INSURED 877-668-3186 CHIMNEYS Call• 718-763-1435 Callestimates 718-763-1435 Call 718-763-1435 FREE joined twins. *Annual Service *Annual Service *Annual Service *Annual Service ge oofing Household/Garage • Siding • Household/Garage *Repairs 212-321-MOVE ge ESTIMATES 212-321-MOVE 212-321-MOVE 212-321-MOVE MATES EE Chimney cleaned $49.99!! Chimney heating cleaned Chimney$49.99!! heating cleaned• $49.99!! Chimney heating heating cleaned $49.99!! for the lowest rates for the lowest for the rates lowest rates I had a job *Replacement interview at IKEA yesterday. The mantrical RED Windows nt Cleanouts • Doors • Windows • Doors INSURED INSURED US DOT #130966 Toll Free US DOT #130966 US DOT #130966 877-668-3186 URED US DOT #130966 10% discount 10% discount 10% discount 10% discount ager greeted me by saying, “Come in, make a seat.” The Company has the right to change prices any time. *Annual Service The Company has The the Company right to change has the prices right any to change time. prices any time. the right prices any time. Garage Flooring • Gutters • The Tile•Company &Flooringhas • Tile & to change 212-321-MOVE Free Estimates Free Free Estimates A30-38 Free Estimates - Residential -for Commercial A30-38 A30-38 Estimates A30-38 seniors for seniors for seniors Chimney heating cleaned $49.99!! for seniors •A vegan once said to me, people who sell meat are Work Masonry • Pressure Work • Pressure INSURED No Job Too Big or Too Small oors US INTERIOR & MOVING EXTERIOR PAINTING MOVING MOVING DOT #130966 MOVING disgusting. I replied, people who sell fruits and vegeYards - Attics prices - Basements The Company has the right to change any- Garages time. Snow Washing Removal Snow Removal tables are grocer. le & Free Estimates A30-38 OUR •SPECIALITY IS PAINTING! CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE! Rure TOO TOOBIG SMALL OR TOOMOVING SMALL • I asked my Dad if we are pyromaniacs and he re· Experienced · Reliable Fast, professional plied, “Yes, we arson”. LIC & INSURED LIC & INSURED LIC & INSURED LIC & INSURED val(349-3669) & friendly rubbish

18-467-1200 1200


Call 718-763-1435 FRIENDLY PAINTERS


for the lowest rates

718.748.2088 718.748.2088 718.748.2088 ARIK J. MOVING STORAGE ARIK J.&MOVING ARIK J.&MOVING STORAGE & STORAGE


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Pet Adoption Corner

Sean Casey Animal Rescue has shared these photos of pets up for adoption with us. Snow is a seven-year-old Pomeranian mix. Snow is super sweet, loves following around and playing with his favorite humans. He even gets along with every other animal that he meets. Snow does have

diabetes and is going to need medication. Joseph is a one-year-old Domestic Longhair. Joseph is a sweet and playful boy. He even enjoys playing with other cats. Sean Casey Animal Rescue (718-4365163) is located at 153 East Third St.



Photos courtesy of Sean Casey Animal Rescue

Week— of A October 25-31, 2018 •ofINBROOKLYN — AEagle/Brooklyn Special Section ofEagle/Heights Brooklyn Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette• •27INB 27INB Eagle/Bro Week ofEagle//Heights December 14-20, 2017 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 • INBROOKLYN Special Section Brooklyn Daily Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette

LET US TELL YOUR STORY We can even reach backseat multi-taskers

Effective ad campaigns for less than you spend on coffee. Contact us about seasonal promotions online and in print. Ask for a consultation: 28INB • INBROOKLYN A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of October 25-October 31, 2018 4 • Brooklyn Daily — Eagle • Thursday, May 24, 2018

Heights Press photo by Francesca N. Tate

Grace Church Inducts its 15th Rector By Francesca Norsen Tate Brooklyn Heights Press

“He is a man who will love and care for you, and for this place, with everything he has.” These were the words of the Rev. Phillip Jackson, guest homilist at the institution liturgy for the Rev. Dr. Allen F. Robinson, who on Sunday was formally inducted as the 15th rector of Grace Church Brooklyn Heights. Robinson’s ministry at Grace Church started during Holy Week in March. Customarily, the Liturgy of Institution is held at some time afterward, depending on a bishop’s schedule. The festive service, complete with brass ensemble, was a reunion for many clergy who had served Grace Church in past years. The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, presided. Clergy from the Brooklyn Heights Interfaith Clergy Association included Rabbi Serge Lippe of the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue; the Rev. Dr. Brett Younger of Plymouth Church; the Rev. John E. Denaro, rector of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church; and from his parish, the Rev. Dr. Craig Townsend and Mo. Katharine Salisbury. The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, bishop of Atlanta, was also present, as was a delegation from Dr. Robinson’s former parish, St. James Church in Baltimore. Clergy present who had served Grace Church in the past as assisting priests included the Revs. John Patrick McGinty, Pamela Brownlow-Bakal, Steven D. Paulikas and Julie Hoplamazian. Moreover, the Rev. Clare Nesmith and the Rev. Deacon John Musco, also present, first discerned their vocation while active laypersons. As homilist, the Rev. Phillip Jackson described the longstanding friendship and some of the adventures he has shared with Robinson. He serves as godfather to and baptized one of Robinson’s sons with his namesake. Jackson said, “We went through quite a bit together, Allen and I. I could call them adventures — misadventures might be more appropriate. One thing we loved doing, for about seven or eight years, until we came up here and you made him all busy: Every summer around Memorial Day, we would take a trip to Thomas Merton’s abbey. It’s a Trappist monastery, meaning it’s silent … and there’s a sign reading, ‘Silence from this point only.’ And Allen is a talker.” Jackson recalled that the two had forgotten that the midday meal called supper at that monastery was actually the main meal of the day. Later, hungry again, they decided to go to town for dinner, and this became a wonderful tradition. Visiting the Trappist bookstore was another favorite. Jackson said, “We would load up on books. And we’re going to start that up again. Grace Church, I hope your book budget is high!” he quipped. “Allen is one of the most learned men I know. He’s a man of gift, and intellect, and smarts, and of depth of thought. I know you will experience that at Grace. I think you’ve already experienced it. I saw your notice on the Southern Literature class.” (The exact title of the series that Robinson began earlier this fall is “The Study of Christian Themes and Symbols in Southern Literature.”) Continued on page 6

New rector Rev. Dr. Allen F. Robinson has some poignant words of thanks for the members and friends of Grace Church.

Guest homilist the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson describes an adventure that he and his longtime friend Allen Robinson had shared while visiting a Trappist monastery. Heights Press photo by Andy Katz

Thursday, October 25, 2018 • Brooklyn Heights Press • 5

Grace Church Inducts its 15th Rector

Continued from page 5 Segueing to the Gospel of Mark and the theme of servanthood, Jackson said Jesus emphasized the words “servant” and “slave” as roles that anyone following him would have to accept to become great in the Kingdom of God. “What if greatness in the universe is measured by service to others? What if that is what makes the measure of a person? What if that is real, and reality and truth? What if that is what we’re called to do and to be?” he said. “For once, even we Episcopalians have to wrestle with the facts that we may have to be fundamentalist. Because maybe he means that literally.

“People of Grace Church, Bishop, it is my considered opinion and belief that what you’re getting in Allen Robinson — in this man right here — is a man who takes that Gospel meaning to heart. That he is imbued with that sense of service — service not just because you want to be nice … but service because when we serve others, we reflect the universe. Because, when we serve others, we reflect God. “Allen Robinson takes that Gospel mandate seriously. And I promise you that as long as he is here, he will do that. He will always serve. Allen is a man of a prodigiously big heart, and a prodigiously warm heart.

6 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lay Eucharistic Ministers Linda Wexelblatt (foreground) and Kate Hill present the new rector with the elements for Communion: bread and a flagon of wine. Heights Press photo by Andy Katz “Allen is a man with a big laugh. If there’s anything he and I do together more than anything else, we laugh. We

laugh and laugh — often with each other. He is a man with a broad and deep mind. He is a man with a beautiful family.

He is a man who will love and care for you, and for this place, with everything he has. All I ask of you is that you do the

same for them.” The festivities continued with a reception at the Heights Casino.

Can the Watchtower Sign Be Replaced? Board of Standards & Appeals to Decide

This is 30 Columbia Heights, where the Watchtower sign stood until December. The property’s new owner is fighting the city’s refusal to allow new letters to be installed on the sign’s framework. Heights Press photos by Lore Croghan

Buildings Dept. Opposes New Sign on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Old Brooklyn Heights HQ By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Heights Press

Will the city allow the new owner of the old Brooklyn Heights Watchtower headquarters to replace the letters on the property’s internationally famous sign? We’ll find out on Nov. 8. The city Board of Standards and Appeals is scheduled to render a decision that day in Columbia Heights Associates’ legal battle with the city Buildings Department over the replacement of the red electric “Watchtower” sign. After gracing the rooftop of 30 Columbia Heights for nearly half a century, the iconic sign was removed last year, leaving a void in Brooklyn’s waterfront skyline. Board Chairwoman Margery Perlmutter announced the decision date at a hearing yesterday at Spector Hall in Manhattan. The board’s pending decision is significant because the property owner’s ability to offer a tenant the chance to have its name in lights would add substantial value to the waterfront property. In April, the Buildings Department issued a determination that the Watchtower sign cannot be altered or replaced. The city agency asserts the Watchtower sign was erected illegally in 1970 — because the sign that preceded it on 30 Columbia Heights’ rooftop was put there in 1961 without a Buildings Department permit.

ronment. People could see the sign from Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. The Watchtower’s headquarters had been part of the religious organization’s vast real estate holdings in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. The group has sold off nearly all these properties because it moved its headquarters to the upstate town of Warwick.

A Mixed-Use Complex Called Panorama

Columbia Heights Associates, the new owner of the Watchtower’s former five-building headquarters at 25-30 Columbia Heights, is a joint venture consisting of CIM Group and LIVWRK Holdings.

The developer is now converting the buildings into a complex called Panorama with offices, stores and public space for arts and culture. As one step in that makeover, the owner has painted the golden-hued buildings a soft shade of blue. Kushner Cos. was part of the joint venture when it bought 2530 Columbia Heights for $340 million in 2016. Jared Kushner headed Kushner Cos. until he stepped aside to become a senior adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump. This year, CIM Group bought Kushner Cos.’ stake in the old Watchtower headquarters.

This 2017 photo shows the now-departed Watchtower sign’s glowing red letters.

Was the Predecessor Sign Erected Illegally?

That predecessor sign said “Squibb,” which was the name of the pharmaceutical company that owned and occupied the property at that time. The fight about the Watchtower sign is complicated because Buildings Department records from the early 1960s are incomplete. At yesterday’s hearing, attorney David Karnovsky of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, who reps the property owner, presented documentation he said suggests it would be “reasonable” and “logical” to conclude Squibb obtained a permit to put up its neon sign at 30 Columbia Heights. Buildings Department Assistant General Counsel Timothy McKernan offered conflicting evidence that he said indicates Squibb put up the sign illegally. The two lawyers reiterated many of the points they made at a Board of Standards and Appeals hearing in August.

Fifteen-Foot-Tall Letters Are in Storage

In December, the Jehovah’s Witnesses removed the Watchtower sign’s 15-foot-tall letters and put them in storage in upstate New York. What’s left on the roof of 30 Columbia Heights is the sign’s framework — and flashing numbers that tell the time and temperature. Until the Watchtower sign’s removal, it had been one of the most distinctive features of the Brooklyn waterfront’s built enviThursday, October 25, 2018 • Brooklyn Heights Press • 7

Buildings That Housed BookCourt Undergoing A Makeover By Raanan Geberer

Brooklyn Heights Press

The historic 19th century storefront at 161 Court St. in Cobble Hill that housed neighborhood bookstore BookCourt until 2016 has been replaced by a modern metal-and-glass one. While the low-rise 19th century building’s upper stories are basically untouched, “it doesn’t look like the same building,” according to Brownstoner. Next door at 163 Court St. — another 19th century low-rise building — renovations are ongoing behind a construction fence and scaffolding. This building, which also housed part of BookCourt, is slated to get a vertical addition as well as a rear one, Brownstoner reported. BookCourt had been in business since 1981, but it closed after the owners decided to retire and sell both buildings, Brownstoner said. Listings were advertised in August for apartments on the upper floors of 161 Court St., showing renovated interiors.

8 • Brooklyn Heights Press • Thursday, October 25, 2018

The old BookCourt building.

Heights Press file photo by Lore Croghan

Heights Press_20181026  
Heights Press_20181026