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Sex Therapy & Education Offered In Brooklyn Shop Is Project of Muslim Woman

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Scaling the Heights: Arts Patron Shen Brings Fashion Into Unique Perspective

Eagle photo by Todd Maisel

Artist: Leon Polk Smith. Gallery: Lisson Gallery.

Photo courtesy of Carla Shen


FREE BREAKFAST FOR KIDS at Bareburger Brooklyn Cobble Hill 149 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 347.529.6673

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Brooklyn Eagle Group

A Day in the Life: A Beatle Comes to Brooklyn By John Alexander

It’s not every day that a bona fide music icon comes to visit your shop, but for one Bay Ridge store owner, it was the surprise of a lifetime. Even though it was a year ago, it seems like only “Yesterday” that Rocky Schiano, owner of Street Sounds at 9206 Third Avenue, received a phone call regarding an amplifier he had recently sold. Schiano is the world’s largest distributor of Gretsch guitars and his shop is a showcase of various models of the historic Gretsch guitar brand. “I remember it was a freezing cold day and the temperature was about nine degrees,” Schiano said. “I just went to work thinking it was going to be a regular day. I received a phone call at 9 a.m. from a woman asking about an amplifier she had purchased for her husband. She said it was the wrong amplifier and she wanted to return it.” Schiano asked her when she bought it and how much she spent but she couldn’t remember all the details. He wanted to help her but said he needed more information. She told him she would have her secretary email him the receipt. But before she hung up she said, “By the way, I’m Paul McCartney’s wife.” At first Schiano thought that he was being pranked. Especially since he has been a Beatles, Wings and Paul McCartney fan his entire life. “Of course, I’ve been behind the counter for over 30 years in Brooklyn and I’ve heard some crazy stories and I figured that this was some kind of lulu situation so I said to her, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it,’ not thinking anything of it,” Schiano told this paper. But within five minutes he received a detailed email from the secretary and realized that clearly this was not just anybody. The receipt had Nancy Shevell’s name on it. Shevell is McCartney’s wife. “So I called her back and told her we’d take care of it all for her,” Schiano recounted.

Joel Rojas embraces his boxer, Goliath, after the fire. He thanked the dog for alerting him to the flames. Eagle photo by Todd Maisel

“I asked her some questions about what Paul wanted to use the amplifier for and she said he wanted something small, not for touring, just for their Manhattan apartment.” About 10 minutes into the conversation, Schiano heard another voice say, “Rocky, this is Paul.” McCartney and Schiano had a brief, light-hearted conversation. “I tried to break the tension because I was a little nervous talking to Paul,” Schiano recalled. “I made a comment about the cold weather and he said, ‘Oh, it’s not that bad. I’m used to the Liverpool weather.’ I asked him what he was looking for and we narrowed it down to two amplifiers and ultimately the one he wanted.” Shevell told Schiano that they were going to send a car and switch amplifiers. Within two hours, a black SUV pulled up in front of his shop. Schiano had the new amp ready and figured the driver was going to make the switch. “But to my surprise I saw the driver get out and someone in the passenger seat wearing a big fluffy jacket and a hat get out as well,” Schiano said. “I figured this must be the helper and then I saw another door open and that was Nancy. I thought, how exciting that Nancy would personally come with the driver and the helper to pick up the amp. So the guy opens the trunk, grabs this big amplifier and carries it through the snow and ice up to my front door. The guy comes in backwards trying to squeeze through the door and to my shock, it’s Paul McCartney carrying the big amp.” McCartney asked Schiano where he wanted the amp and Schiano told him just to put it down. “He looked at me and said, ‘Hi Ricky.’ I thought for second, should I correct him or just let him call me Ricky? I said, ‘Hey Paul, it’s Rocky and get that straight.’ It broke the ice and he just burst out laughing.” McCartney spent the afternoon trying out different amps and playing some of the many guitars Schiano had hanging on the walls of his shop.

Street Sounds owner Rocky Schiano standing beside picture of Paul McCartney.

Eagle photo by John Alexander

McCartney eventually selected the amplifier he wanted. He told Schiano that he liked his shop and that he would be back. When Schiano’s young assistant commented about how expensive guitars are nowadays, McCartney responded, “It’s not the money you spend on the instrument, it’s the musician that makes the sound.” McCartney recalled how before he became successful, all he could afford was a low-end Hofner guitar. “He said he only had 30 bits but that’s all he could afford,” Schiano said. “And then he added, “And you know what, I’m still playing that Hofner today.” Before leaving, Schiano recalled McCartney walking around the store and telling him, “It’s a

lovely shop you have, Rocky. It must be a pleasure to come to work here every day.” Schiano asked McCartney if he was currently touring, to which he replied, “I’m not presently touring but I need to play every day.” The day after the visit, Schiano received an email from McCartney thanking him for letting him visit his shop along with an attached photo of McCartney playing guitar with the new amplifier. It hangs proudly in a glass case in Street Sounds, daily reminding Schiano of a day he will never forget. Along with the picture was a request from McCartney that Schiano work on one of his guitars. Schiano gladly did and said it was one of the highlights of his career.

Hero Dog Saves Owner’s Life From East New York Fire By Todd Maisel

Special to the Brooklyn Eagle

In this story, Goliath is the hero. A fire destroyed a private home and damaged two others in East New York on Tuesday, and the damage could have extended further if it weren’t for the heroic actions of a dog named Goliath. Joel Rojas, the manager of a valet company, was sleeping in his basement apartment when Goliath, a 4-year-old boxer, began to alert him of trouble. “Goliath started barking, so I looked out the window in the rear, and someone jumped out the window,” Rojas said. “I saw the smoke and fire. I got my laptop, my coat and my dog and ran out of here. I don’t know the condition of my apartment in the basement, but I’m sure there will be damage.” The woman who leapt from the second-floor window of her burning home suffered a broken arm, fire officials said, and was transported to Brookdale University Medical Center. The fire broke out shortly after 1:30 p.m. and quickly spread through the entire house. Fire officials said that when they arrived, flames were blasting from the front windows and doors of the home. A group of firefighters, including those from Ladder 107 who only a week before laid to rest one of their own, Firefighter Steven Pollard, was early on the scene. Fire officials said the blaze was mostly contained in one house because there were brick walls separating the buildings, keeping the fire from spreading. The flames were brought under control in 40 minutes. Sherry Hines stood in front of her burned home with her husband and children. She and her husband were at work when the fire began, and their two children were at school. “Thank God we weren’t in there,” Hines said, but added that her dog and cat were missing and feared dead after the fire. Fire officials said they did not know the cause of the fire, but it was under investigation due to the heavy volume of fire on arrival of the first units. This was one of two major fires in 24 hours in this community. The other happened Monday night at 13 Schenck Ave. and went to four alarms, destroying numerous homes. 2 • Brooklyn Eagle • Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Park Slope Sex Shop that Wants to Redefine Sex-Ed By Ali Zimmerman Special to the Brooklyn Eagle

Dr. Sid Azmi was working as the chief of radiation therapy at a New York hospital when she had the idea to open a sex toy shop. She saw her cancer patients struggle with feeling sexy during their treatment, especially those recovering from procedures like double mastectomies. In 2014, Azmi left her job at Beth Israel Medical Center to open Please, which she calls an “educated pleasure shop,” in Park Slope. As both a doctor and a Muslim woman, Azmi felt there was a lack of universality in common conceptions about sex. She hoped to create a space where people could come to learn about and explore their sexuality free of judgment and stereotypes. “Please is very different from other sex shops. We don’t look like a sex shop, foremost. We have no pornography, no pink neon signs,” Azmi told the Brooklyn Eagle. “My deepest intention for opening Please is to normalize sexuality and to make sex a dinner table conversation for everyone.” Like many girls in the Muslim community, Azmi was subject to female genital mutilation as a baby. She had her labia minora and clitoris removed. When she was 5-years-old, Azmi was molested by a family member. The relative continued to assault her for several years. For Azmi, Please is also a place to share her own journey with sex and sexuality, and she hopes to empower other survivors of rape in the process. The shop occupies a hip storefront seamlessly sewn in between boutique stores and coffee shops on 5th Avenue. Azmi chose the corner space for its large windows because, she says, “That’s how we normalize sex: openness.”

Inside, visitors are greeted by a centerpiece of colorful dildos, interspersed with informational cards Azmi arranged “like a museum exhibit.” On top of the predictable array of vibrators, lube and leather kink, the shop has a small library of books with titles like “The Burlesque Handbook” and “Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men” and offers in-house workshops on exploring sexuality for all ages, including kids. In her workshops for children, Azmi is primarily concerned with making them aware of their own anatomy. She begins her lesson on sexuality with teaching kids about masturbation, then integrates conversations about consent, sex with a partner and STIs. “By the time I get to talking about disease, the faces that look at me are like, ‘Wow, there’s so much we can do ourselves, why do we bother get it on with someone else?’” Azmi said. “That’s a good place to start, because when you’re empowered to do things and explore by yourself, you know about your likes and dislikes, you know your boundaries and you are able to voice them better.” In Azmi’s view, sex education in the United States is too centered around diseases, forcing many kids to turn to highly sensationalized versions of sex in movies and pornography or rely on information from friends to understand their own sexuality. According to the Center for American Progress, only 20 states require sex and HIV education in schools that is medically, factually, and technically accurate. Eighteen states mandate that students are taught to only engage in sexual activity in marriage. Only 10 states mention sexual assault, consent and healthy relationships in their sex education programs. “It’s rare to hear a woman’s voice in the

Dr. Sid Azmi, formerly a chief radiation therapist, opened Please in 2014 in hopes of helping people of all genders and ages connect with their sexuality.

Eagle photos by Todd Maisel

Azmi chose this corner space for its large windows because, she says, “That’s how we normalize sex: openness.”

Azmi offers sex-ed workshops for children that focus on material from masturbation to safe sex practices.

The shop sells everything from dildos and vibrators to sex-ed literature and massage workshops.

conversation about sex, and Sid is a very fact-forward and progressive thinker,” said Saskia Katz, founder of A Women’s Thing Magazine, where Azmi writes a monthly sex column. “She’s not afraid of using harsh terms, and she has a very open approach to the way women perceive and talk about sex, which I find really impressive.” Not everyone is so supportive of Azmi’s mission, but the critics haven’t stopped her so far. “When you open a sex shop, people will have certain views of you — and as a mother, people have even more judgements,” she said. “But I’ve always been attracted to controversy. It forces me to redefine what normal is, when at the base of it is something good.” Ultimately, Azmi said, she believes that education and open conversation about sex is a vital first step to healthy intimacy. It can also open the door to the kinkier side of her business. “Sex is frolicking, sex is being playful, sex is kindness, sex is sometimes aggressive or BDSM. When we come from an informed place, we can diversify sex and make it a more wholesome, indulgent experience,” Azmi said, dipping a chocolate croissant from a bakery down the street into a cup of coffee. “Why just eat a croissant when you can go to a bakery and have a whole array On facing criticism of the shop: “It forces me to of options?” redefine what normal is.” Thursday, January 24, 2019 • Brooklyn Eagle • 3

NEIGHBORHOOD NEWSBEAT Cars Parked on the Sidewalk Spark Gowanus Complaint GOWANUS — Cars parked on the sidewalk are a frequent complaint for some Gowanus residents. J. Moccasin Walker (a pseudonym), a contributor to Pardon Me for Asking, recently counted 24 cars and trucks parked on the sidewalk at the same time on Union Street between Nevins Street and Fourth Avenue. “While there are a few technical exceptions,” he wrote, “drivers are not allowed to park, stop or stand on any sidewalk in New York.” Parking on sidewalks, Walker continues, reduces space for pedestrians and could force some pedestrians into the street to avoid the parked cars. “One of these days,” he wrote, “a mom with young kids will step out onto the street to pass a parked car. A big truck will be speeding by, and suddenly there’ll be a tragedy.” To accompany Walker’s op-ed, Pardon Me for Asking posted photos of cars parked on sidewalks on the east side of Nevins Street opposite the Douglass and DeGraw Pool, on Sackett Street west of Third Avenue, on Fourth Avenue looking north toward Douglass Street and at other neighborhood locations. People commenting on the article had varied opinions on whether the police are helpful or not in combating this situation. One anonymous contributor said that the proliferation of bike lanes, extended sidewalks and dedicated parking for rental cars have limited parking spaces and “forced people to park illegally.”

Many NYCHA Residents Have No Heat, Hot Water on King Holiday BOROUGHWIDE — More than 10,000 NYCHA residents across the city, including at several Brooklyn housing projects, spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day without any heat or hot water amid sub-freezing temperatures outside. The tenants told the New York Post they were forced to warm their hands over ovens, heat up pots of water for bathing and wear jackets and sweaters inside just to keep from freezing. Some 2,829 residents were affected in Bushwick Houses in Brooklyn when the heat went out due to an electrical issue on Monday, the Post reported. Deloris Byrd, an elderly woman who lives in the development, said, “I’m going to be 78 and I got health issues … I pray they get [heat and hot water] back soon or I’ll be in big trouble.” Heat began returning in the afternoon, but NYCHA then reported no heat or hot water at two other Brooklyn projects -– Sumner Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Kingsborough Houses in Crown Heights, the Post said. Similar problems were reported at NYCHA developments in the other boroughs. “There’s absolutely no excuse for families to be without heat and hot water for days on end,” said Councilmember Alicka Ampry-Samuel (D-Bed-StuyBrownsville-Bushwick), the chair of the City Council’s Public Housing Committee. NYCHA defended its actions Monday by saying it has cut the average outage to 10 hours from last winter’s 36 hours, the Post said.

Founded in 1841 by Isaac Van Anden

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4 • Brooklyn Eagle • Thursday, January 24, 2019

Robin Lehner made 38 big saves Tuesday night, but he was beaten by Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane during the shootout as the Isles dropped a 3-2 decision to the Chicago Blackhawks. AP photo by Matt Marton

Brooklyn-Staten Island Subway: An Idea That Never Got Off the Ground BAY RIDGE — Deep under Owls Head Park in Bay Ridge lies the beginning of a never-finished subway tunnel between Brooklyn and Staten Island. Starting in the 1910s, the idea of a subway tunnel between Bay Ridge and the Staten Island Railway’s now-defunct North Shore Line was popular, according to The New York Times. Even Mayor John Hylan, who served in the 1920s and was usually hostile to mass transit, was in favor of the tunnel. Indeed, he wanted it to serve both subway trains and freight trains. Ground was broken in 1924, but cost overruns and the financial problems of Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit, the company that would have built the tunnel, doomed the project, the Times said. It was canceled in 1925. In the 1950s and ‘60s, there was some interest in adding subway tracks to the planned Verrazzano Bridge. But thanks to Robert Moses, the anti-mass transit head of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, that was never put into effect. Recently, Staten Island Borough President James Oddo told the Times in an email that a Staten Island subway extension “has no chance of happening.”

New Restaurants Liven Up Columbia St. Dining Scene COLUMBIA STREET DISTRICT — While several restaurants have left the Columbia Street Waterfront District, three new ones may bring foodies’ attention back to the neighborhood. The first is Krok at 117 Columbia St. The menu focuses on dishes from northern Thailand and includes a variety of papaya salads, grilled Thai street food, fried Thai street food and more, according to Bklyner. Among the standout items are grilled dried squid with peanut plum sauce and beer-fermented shrimp with spicy seafood sauce. Of course, Krok also offers soup, curries and family-style dishes. The second is The Longshoreman at 215 Columbia St. between Sackett and Union streets. It is described as a “new neighborhood-friendly modern Italian restaurant,” Bklyner reported. Among its offerings are brick-oven pizzas; pasta with sea urchin, black pepper and pecorino; pasta with sausage and shitake mushrooms and meat sauce; and potato dumplings with parsnip, brown butter, kale and pistachio. The third is Popinoa at 327 Columbia St. While it has been around since 2017, it will introduce brunch next month, Bklyner said. The brunch menu will include hot chicken Milanese; Brussels sprouts with Caesar dressing and breadcrumbs; grits and greens with a poached egg;, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries from Bien Cuit.

Thousands Sign Petition Seeking A Trader Joe’s in Coney Island CONEY ISLAND — Thousands of Coney Island residents have signed a petition calling upon Trader Joe’s to open a store in Coney Island. The petition’s co-organizer, who only identified himself as Alex, admitted that he owns three apartments in the neighborhood and that he wants a Trader Joe’s because he believes it would increase the value of his real estate, according to the Brooklyn Paper. “It appeals to both the lower-middle-class and upper-middle-class people, it’s superb service and great quality food,” Alex, who lives in Brighton Beach, told the Brooklyn Paper. Alex said he and the petition’s co-creator, who is remaining anonymous, initially started the petition, which calls for “more skinny-pants residents” to Coney Island, as a joke. However, more than 2,600 people had signed the petition by Thursday morning, the Brooklyn Paper said. Trader Joe’s currently has Brooklyn stores on Court Street in Cobble Hill and in the City Point complex in Downtown Brooklyn. Coney Island contains several supermarkets, including Key Food, Fine Fare and Stop and Shop, in addition to many small bodegas.

Brooklyn Businesses Offer Credits To Gov’t Workers Affected by Shutdown BOROUGHWIDE — As the U.S. government shutdown heads into its fourth week, some Brooklyn businesses are offering free services for federal workers. Massage Williamsburg, Massage Greenpoint and Massage Outpost in DUMBO are offering free one-hour massages, which would otherwise cost $120, for federal government employees, according to Bklyner. Workers can schedule appointments on the businesses’ respective websites. The offer is available until Jan. 20. BAM Rose Cinemas is offering free tickets to government workers, Bklyner reported. Federal employees must show their IDs at the box office, and the offer is only good for first screenings, which start between 4 and 4:45 p.m. Masbia Flatbush and Masbia Boro Park, both of them part of a kosher food pantry organization, are extending their hours for federal employees. Executive Director Alexander Rapaport and staffers visited LaGuardia Airport and passed out flyers to Transportation Safety Administration workers, said Bklyner. Finally, Rocco’s Tacos in Downtown Brooklyn is giving federal employees a one-time credit of $20. The offer ends on Jan. 20 and doesn’t include purchases on Tacos Tuesday or alcoholic beverages.

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AP photo by Howard Simmons


D’Angelo Russell isn’t just the reigning Eastern Conference Player of the Week and a potential All-Star, he’s also becoming the undisputed leader of the Brooklyn Nets’ push into serious playoff contention. See for the full story.

INSIDE: 2 CALENDAR 8 DINING 10 REAL ESTATE 16 PETS Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 1INB

January Calendar of Events Week of the 24th to 30th

Art Johannah Herr: Your Comfort is Attended by Permanent Violence Using reflective colored tape, Johannah Herr’s monumental text-based murals simultaneously create a dazzling surface of metallic and glitter elements that seduces viewers into engaging in the polarizing discussions of these urgent issues, from women’s rights to climate justice and the value of Black lives When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through January 27th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sun: 12 – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/ BRIC House Hallway (647 Fulton Street)

A NEW ARCHEOLOGY This group show brings together artists who reevaluate the history of material culture — presenting installation and sculptural works that speak to a mystical, transcendent, and visionary future. Towards

a New Archaeology features work by Amy Brener, Leeza Meksin, Sheila Pepe, Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Ester Partegàs, Jean Shin, and Rachel Eulena Williams. When: Daily through January 2019, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Fort Greene/BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building (30 Lafayette Street)


Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power shines light on a broad spectrum of Black artistic practice from 1963 to 1983, one of the most politically, socially, and aesthetically revolutionary periods in American history. Black artists across the country worked in communities, in collectives, and individually to create a range of art responsive to the moment— including figurative and abstract painting, prints, and photography; assemblage and sculpture; and performance.

When: Wednesdays-Sundays through February 3rd, 11 a.m. 6 p.m., Thursdays: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway)

ZHIYUAN YANG AND SANDRA HARVEY An exhibition of collaborative projects by Fellowship Artist Zhiyuan Yang and Sandra Harvey, an artist based in Adams, Massachusetts. This is Yang’s first solo show in New York City, extended to a twoperson exhibition. When; Wednesdays-Sundays through February 3rd, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/A.I.R. Gallery (155 Plymouth Street)

ROUGH EDGES: ELISE SIEGEL A solo show of ceramic sculpture by Elise Siegel. In this exhibition, a large gathering of Siegel’s idiosyncratic and psychologically expressive portrait busts inhabit the gallery. Although each bust is a distinct individual, they are not portraits of specific persons. Rather, they are embodiments of familiar emotional states — fleeting moments of inner conflict, disquiet, ambivalence and unease. As such, they exude an uncanny sense of vulnerability and project

an interiority that creates a psychological tension. When: Thursdays-Sundays through February 10th, 1 – 6 p.m. Where: Bushwick/STUDIO10 (56 Bogart Street)

THE FUTURE MINUS SPACE is honored to present the solo exhibition Julian Dashper: The Future. This is the late artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery and commemorates ten years of his passing. The exhibition will highlight select art works produced during the 1990s and early 2000s. When: Wednesdays-Saturdays through February 16th, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Minus Space (16 Main Street, Suite A)

POP PORN Curated by Matt Myers, aka Eronin, Pop-Porn spotlights five artists working with modern concepts of eroticism and desire, and how it is essential to us right now. After opening night, the show will be open by appointment only, until February 17th, 2019. When: By appointment only through February 17th, Where: Gowanus/MF Gallery (213 Bond Street)

BONNIE COLLURA PRINCE Bonnie Collura’s sculptural installation Prince critiques

Image courtesy of Quiet Events

The Well presents Brooklyn Beer Garden Silent Disco on Friday, January 25th. our culture’s pattern of repeating iconic characters, gestures, and polarizing traits to create heroes. In her ongoing project, Collura interprets the Prince figure as an amalgamation of four archetypal male characters from history, religion, and popular culture: Jesus, St. Sebastian, C-3PO (the droid from Star Wars), and Abraham Lincoln. When: Wednesdays-Sundays through February 24th, 12 – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street)

TANGIBLE Min Liu: TANGIBLE, a solo exhibition of Min Liu’s animations and installations. Curated by Thomas D. Rotenberg, TANGIBLE examines the format of animation/ moving image by exploring the relationship between its digital representation

and analog and physical experience. Blurring the boundary between the visible and the tangible, Min Liu offers her unique styles and fresh perspectives on what animation is, and could be. When: Daily through February 28th, Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m., Sat-Sun – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Made in NY Media Center (30 John Street)

PROCESSING: A GOWANUS SWIM SOCIETY EXHIBITION A n exhibition of current work by the eight members of the artist collective Gowanus Swim Society. Participating Artists: Jessica Dalrymple, John Fisk, Natalie Fisk, Abigail Groff Hernandez, Kristen Haskell, Melissa Johnson, Suzy Kopf, Mary Negro. Katherine Gressel, Curator.

U.S. PREMIERE First visit to the United States of America

January 31, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Kings Theatre 1027 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11226

Tickets at by phone at 800-745-3000 Box Office at 718-856-KING (5464)

2INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019

When: Fridays through February, 3 – 6 p.m. Where: Park Slope/Old Stone House (336 3rd Street)

FRESH MASTERS: THE URBANGLASS MFA EXHIBITION Curated by Ben Wright, with jurors Graciela Cassel and Graham Caldwell. Featuring work by: Evan Burnette, Anna Parisi, James Ronner, Kristine Rumman, and Heather Sutherland. When: Daily through March 9th, Saturday hours: 11 a.m. – 7:30p.m. Sunday hours: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: Downtown Brooklyn/ Urban Glass (647 Fulton Street)

ON PLANE VIEW Showcasing the photographs of Max de Esteban and Doug Fogelson. Doug Fogelson’s ‘Forms and Records’, explores the physicality and science of the photograph, through a formal exploration of objects, and their representation as photograms. He works with objects that either have a link to the natural world, or with outmoded technology such as vinyl records and architectural forms. The exhibition includes 7 unique silver gelatin photograms and 6 color, limited edition prints made from color transparency photograms.

The photograms are created through a series of carefully considered multiple exposures, with the color work incorporating additive color mixing, and blending of light. When: Wednesdays-Saturdays through March 10th, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/Klompching Gallery (89 Water Street)

UNDERGROUND HEROES: NEW YORK TRANSIT IN COMICS New transportation system plays a starring role in comics and graphic novels. Drawing on satirical cartoons, comic strips and comic books from the 19th through the 21st centuries, Underground Heroes: New York Transit in Comics is a raucous ride through New York’s transit system from a range of visual storytellers. The exhibit includes such luminaries as Winsor McCay, Will Eisner, Bill Griffith, Roz Chast, Ronald Wimberly and Julia Wertz whose work demonstrates the influence that mass transit has on the stories that are irrevocably woven into the cultural fabric of New York City. When: Tuesdays – Sundays through March 17th, TuesdayFriday: 10am – 4pm Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm Where: Downtown Brooklyn/

Image courtesy of BAM

BAM presents Ionesco Suite from January 23rd – 26th at BAM Fisher. New York Transit Museum (99 Schermerhorn St)

WHEN WE WERE STRANGERS What does it mean to be in love? For eight years, in images, writing and life, plain and simple, we have tried to tease out the answer. Love is a cliche, an idea so easy to imagine but impossible to grasp. Like an overripe fruit, it collapses with a bit of pressure into cloying sweetness and the faint sense of something lost. At its most basic, falling in love means cleaving away something of yourself and becoming something else. It’s painful and hard, but also carries the potential for profound transformation. When We Were Strangers is the first part of a lifelong project deconstructing love through the prism of

our relationship. This first chapter is a love poem of sorts, one that charts what happens when two people attempt to become something more and less than that, when we are more unknown stranger to each other than anything else. But love is an ouroboros that eats the past that came before it. Who was I before you? We are interested in the frayed edges, the messy intersections, the elements of ourselves lost and new facets gained in the process, and the limits to all of that. When: Tuesdays-Saturdays through March 22nd, 11 a.m. 6 p.m. Where: DUMBO/United Photo Industries (16 Main Street)

BROOKLYN ABOLITIONISTS/IN PURSUIT OF FREEDOM This major, long-term exhibit explores the unsung heroes of Brooklyn’s anti-slavery movement — ordinary residents, black and white — who shaped their neighborhoods, city and nation with a revolutionary vision of freedom and equality. The exhibit is part of the groundbreaking In Pursuit of Freedom public history project that features new research on Brooklyn›s abolition movement in partnership with Weeksville Heritage Center and Irondale Ensemble Project.



When: Wednesdays-Sundays through Winter 2019, 12 – 5 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont Street)

Books & Readings


Featuring Mary Boo Anderson, Hratch Arbach, James Cañón, Mina Hamedi & Naomi Falk, Jason Koo, Kate Olsson. UNPUBLISHABLE is writing that excites you, that scares you, things that you delete from your browser history. The piece you can’t submit but can’t stop thinking about either, burning a hole in the bottom of your desk drawer. Writing from any genre that is uncharacteristic, outré, or offending of sensibilities, that is impossible to place or be published in some fashion. When; Saturday, January 26th, 7 p.m. Where: DUMBO/PowerHouse Arena (28 Adams Street)


Free screenings for uninsured women 40 and over. Please make an

appointment with Michelle (718)240-5276 When: Thursday, January 24th, 9 a.m. Where: Brownsville/Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center (One Brookdale Plaza)


How have the events of September 11th impacted American Muslim leaders? What effects do today’s media coverage of Muslims and political discourse have? Join us for the launch of Dr. Debbie Almontaser’s new book, Leading While Muslim: The Experiences of American Muslim Principals After 9/11, with a panel discussion of post-9/11 Islamophobia and its impact on American Muslim leaders as seen through the lens of Muslim public school principals. Dr. Almontaser, NYU Professor of Educational Leadership Gary Anderson, and HuffPost’s Rowaida Abdelaziz are moderated by BHS Oral Historian, Zaheer Ali. This conversation takes place in celebration of the release of the book, Leading While Muslim: The Experiences of American Muslim Principals After 9/11. When: Thursday, January 24th, 6:30- 8 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Heights/ Brooklyn Historical Society


Routine & High Risk OB Pelvic Pain/Endometriosis Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Bioidentical Hormones and Menopause Issues 2 TELEPORT DR, Suite 207 STATEN ISLAND, NY 10311



Westside Theatre, 407 W 43rd St.


9920 4TH AVE, Suite 203 BROOKLYN, NY 11209

Tel: 718.273.5500 Fax: 718.273.3232 WE SPEAK: SPANISH, RUSSIAN, GREEK & ARABIC

4:50 PM Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section2019-01-03 of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 3INB

TOJC.Jewish Voice-2.5x7.4C.indd 1

January Calendar of Events Week of the 24th to 30th continued from previous page

(128 Pierrepont Street)

THE IMPACT OF AMAZON ON JOBS & SMALL BUSINESSES IN NEW YORK CITY In this very special edition of our think tank, we’ll be focusing on how new Amazon’s HQ2 in Queens and Amazon Go cashier-less stores (opening soon in NYC and across the country), combined with Amazon’s recent announcement to expand Whole Foods, will impact jobs and small businesses in New York City. When: Wednesday, January 30th, 6 – 8 p.m. Where: Williamsburg/The Williamsburg Hotel (96 Wythe Avenue)

TAX TIPS FOR FREELANCERS Are you self-employed? Do you receive 1099-MISC’s? Do you file a Schedule C? Then this class is for you – Brooklyn Coop wants

to help you SAVE on your taxes. cost: FREE, including the pizza. Register 718-4188232 x2112 You’ll learn: how the new tax law will affect your 2018 taxes, the pros and cons of declaring cash income, how and why to track and calculate expenses, how to take the home office deduction, how and why to set up and make quarterly tax payments. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session where you can get all your questions answered. When: Wednesday, January 30th, 6 – 8 p.m. Where: Bedford Stuyvesant/ Brooklyn Cooperative FCU (834 Dekalb Avenue)

FOCUS CAMERA PRESENTS: DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY 101 This series provides a comprehensive and approachable introduction to digital photography for enthusiasts of any skill

level. You’ll come away from this course equipped with the knowledge and skills required to take your photography to the next level or make an educated decision when buying and upgrading gear. Expect plenty of hands-on experience in a fun and inclusive environment. Week 1: Cameraology Week 2: Basics Week 3: In-Camera Adjustments Week 4: Lenses Week 5: Camera Accessories Week 6: Video When: Wednesdays through February 20th, 7 – 9 p.m. Where: Kensington/ Focus Camera (895 McDonald Avenue)

Family Fun LITTLE SCIENTISTS Join the library for a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) themed storytime and activity. Recommended ages 2-5 and caregivers. When: Thursday, January 24th, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Where: Flatbush/Clarendon Library (2035 Nostrand Avenue)

POSITIVE AGING: BRIDGE CLUB Enjoy playing bridge in a company of your peers. The program takes place at the Meeting Room. When: Thursday, January

Longest Running in South Brooklyn SAINT FINBAR'S


1839 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn

Sunday February 3rd, 2019 9am-3pm. 100 Vendors - Tables $35 Call 718-236-3312

SAVE UP TO 20% ON TICKETS* *Offer valid on select seats and performances

February 15-24 USE CODE: NYFAM *Offer not valid on previously purchased tickets and cannot be combined with any other offer. 8 ticket limit. Discount is calculated off of the original box office price. Service charges apply to telephone and internet orders. All sales are final - no refunds or exchanges. Offer may be revoked or modified at any time without notice and is subject to availability. Other restrictions may apply. Offer expires February 24, 2019. Accessible and companion seats are available via the Disabled Services Department at 888-609-7599. ©2019 MSG Sports & Entertainment Holdings, LLC. All rights reserved.

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awyers Remember oseph Giamboi 24th, 1 – 4 p.m. Where: Sheepshead Bay/Kings Bay Library (3650 Nostrand Avenue)


Join Bay Ridge Jewish Center, young families with children 0-5 years of age and their siblings and caregivers, as they enjoy singing, dancing, musical instruments and stories. They conclude with grape juice and challah. When: Friday, January 25th, 5:30 p.m. Where: Bay Ridge/Bay Ridge Jewish Center (405 81st Street)


As always, the Festival features three nights of thought-provoking films. Once again this year, the lineup a and ft) joined the festival firm Sullivan Papainincludes Block McGrath h in 2004. film especially Brooklyn Eagle filefor photo by Rob Abruzzese children.

ation iz

The 2019 films include a digitally remastered version of an iconic 1969 classic, (Thursday), a powerful feature film about family, and had a private practice for 40 years prior trust (Saturday), tolove, joiningand the bench. we lostofanother the greatest an“Truly evening shortoffilms generation,” said. “He (Sunday), Cannavo and a family filmlived through the depression, World War [II], he that will children worked very entertain hard to get where he was. He showed us what true grit their and determination on Sunday while was really about. He’s truly great American parents watch the amain and I’m going to miss him.” attraction. Cannavo’s eulogy came at a Columbian Lawyers discrimination against When:meeting Daily on through January Italian-Americans, which seemed appropri27th, ate as he recalled the judge’s efforts to build Where: Cobble Hill/Kane up the association. “He was one of the founding Street Synagogue (236members Kane of what the Columbian Lawyers [Association] Street) was,” Cannavo said. “He was always involved because he liked to be the tremenTRADING PLACES dous force that he was. He was a great supWhen: Friday,He January porter for everyone. understood25th, what this organization about and how important it 11 a.m. –was 1 p.m. was for professionals of Italian-American Where: Bensonhurst/Ulmer descent to have a forum where they could Park Library (2602 Baththey needfeel welcome and get the support ed to continue in this profession. Mostly, he Avenue) was a guy who stood for the dignity and integrity Italian Americans in any walk of FILM:of RAFIKI life. We should be proud of what he stood Rafiki (Wanuri Kahiu, 2018, for. ran for Assembly his slogan 83“When min.)hefollows a friendship was ‘Atta-boy Giamboi,’” that blossoms intoCannavo love continued. “Judge, I just want to say to you, from between two women, all of us, that you didyoung good. Thanks for sharing suchand a good lifefrom with feuding us. Atta boy, Kena Ziki, Giamboi.” families in Nairobi, Kenya.

The film was initially banned in its home country of Kenya for its positive portrayal of queer romance, echoing the homophobia encountered by the protagonists in their community. Rafiki was also part of a landmark Supreme Court case chipping away at Kenyan anti-LGBTQ legislation, and has since been highly praised on the festival circuit as an up-andcoming classic of LGBTQ cinema. This screening opens with a performance by Brooklyn-based singersongwriter Mumbi Kasumba, who is featured on the film’s soundtrack. When: Thursday, January 24th, 7 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway)

Food & Drink CHOW X MUNDO LATINX For hundreds of years, mutual influences in Asian and Latinx cuisines have birthed some unexpectedly drool-worthy foodways. At Chow x Mundo Latinx, guests will learn more about the unique cultural and culinary phenomenon known as Chino Latino. This one-night only event offers an insider’s look into

exchanges between Chinese and Latinx communities, cultures, and the (re) migrations, which led to the collisions of ingredients and experiences that gradually shaped these societies. When: Friday, January 25th, 6:30 – 9 p.m. Where: Williamsburg/Museum of Food and Drink (62 Bayard Street)



At what other market can you do all your food shopping, sample local wine and explore Brooklyn’s favorite park? Established in 1989, the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket is the flagship Brooklyn market. EBT/Food Stamps and WIC & Senior FMNP coupons accepted year-round. When: Saturday, January 26th, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Where: Grand Army Plaza (by the fountain)


This class is open to all adults and no registration is required. When: Thursday, January 26th, 6 p.m. Where: Crown Heights/ Eastern Parkway Library (1044 Eastern Parkway)


anette Ruiz, e Month celiz and Hon.

ario Belluomo

Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 5INB

6INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019

NEW 2019 CHEVY $


78/ OR 14,953 †






138/ †











NEW 2019 GMC



258/ †






=BUY $

=BUY $




128/ †






Aspen White, Stk# U392, Charcoal Interior, Auto, 2.0L, 4-Cyl, 4-Dr, FWD, Clean Carfax, 69,136mi.




Cosmic Gray Mica, Stk# U343, Ash Interior, Auto, 2.5L, 4-Cyl, 4-Dr, FWD, Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights, 63,646mi.











Super Black, Stk# U413, Charcoal Interior, Auto, 2.5L, 4-Cyl, 4-Dr, AWD, One Owner, Alloy Wheels, Backup Camera, 43,514mi.

C300 AWD



Black, Stk# U378, Black Interior, Auto, 3.5L, V6, 4-Dr, AWD, One Owner, Brake Assist, Heated Mirrors, Leathette, 26,751mi.

2859 FLATBUSH AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11234 seconds off the Belt Pkwy at exit 11n

(347) 427-5357 • BicalaUtoMall.coM DCA# 1015293. Financing thru GM Financial. To well qual buyers w/approved Tier 1 Credit (750+ FICO). Not all buyers wil qual. *Must have Non-GM Lease in household to qualify for $1500 Competitive Lease rebate. †Ttl due @ signing Trax (Stk# N804) $2,723, Equinox (Stk# N1089) $2,873, Encore (Stk# N1204) $2,733, Acadia (N1193) $2,903 ($1,995 Down + $650 Bank Fee + 1st Mo Pymt + $0 Sec Dep). Ttl pymts Trax $1,872, Equinox $3,312, Encore $3,072, Acadia $9,288. All leases are 10k year @ $.25 thereafter. Lessee resp for excess wear, tear, & mileage charges as stated. Price incl all costs to be paid by consumer plus tax & tags. Pics are il ustrative only, must take same day delivery, due to demand vehicle may not be avail upon arrival, other similar like vehs & savings may be. No 2 offers can be combined. This ad must be presented at time of signing. Offers expire 3 days from publication. DMV# 7059779. Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 7INB

Thai Restaurant

Wanisa Home Kitchen 142 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 522-3027



Damascus Bakeries 56 Gold Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-1456

Tambour Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar 652 5th Avenue at 19th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 917-1747

Grand Canyon Restaurant 143 Montague Street Brooklyn, New York (718) 499-3660

If you’re looking to enjoy a deliciously elegant pizza for dinner, Damascus Bakeries has it. Owner Ed Mafoud told Faces about its recipe for Peking Duck Pizza. Just take one Brooklyn Bred Original, Traditional or Ancient Grain Pizza Crust, diced roasted duck breast, yellow bell pepper; sliced shiitake mushrooms, shredded mozzarella, chopped scallions and cilantro, and you have the makings for a perfectly unique pizza!

Chef Thomas Perone at Tambour Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar is proud of the way his restaurant is able to pair an elegant entrée with the perfect wine. Try the Crispy-Skin Chicken Breast Marsala with Cremini Mushroom, Parmesan Potatoes, Caramelized Onions and Pancetta paired nicely with Pittacum Mencia from Bierzo, Spain!

Victor and Cesar at Grand Canyon Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights want you to know that their menu includes a few specialties from south of the border. Their Huevos Rancheros Breakfast is a customer favorite served with two fried corn tortillas, refried black beans, Mexican or white rice, homemade green or red sauce, sour cream and cotija cheese! It’s just one of their tasty Mexican breakfasts!

Clark’s Restaurant 80 Clark Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 855-5484

Wanisa Home Kitchen 142 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-522-3027

At Clark’s Diner, you can enjoy breakfast all day long. Owner Mark tells Faces that one of his favorite selections is eggs with turkey bacon. You can order your eggs scrambled, fried, over easy, over medium or Sunny Side up! And if you like, you can have it prepared using three egg whites. And it comes with homes fries and your choice of bread. There’s a reason Clark’s has been serving the community since 1986!

For the best homestyle Thai food in Brooklyn, stop by Wanisa Home Kitchen. Chef Tan wants Faces to know about the unique menu and says customers are raving about Tom-Yum Soup, a traditional hot and sour soup with lemon grass, galangal, onions, mushrooms, lime juice, chili and cilantro topped with evaporated milk. And you can enjoy it with chicken breast, vegetable or premium tofu, shrimp or seafood!




Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar 652 5th Ave. at 19th St.347-916-1747

By John Alexander

Dinner Tuesday-Sunday Brunch Saturday and Sunday


Thursday Friday Saturday Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines will fly you from everywhere to anywhere and one of its most desired destinations is Athens, Greece. Athens’ cultural relics fill not just museums and archaeological sites of the city, but every street, square and moment of daily life. There’s no better time to take your dream vacation than now and Turkish Airlines is the perfect way to get where you want to go!

Three Guys from Brooklyn 6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn, NY (718) 748-8340 If you visit the Three Guys from Brooklyn website, you’ll find many ways to save money and enjoy the freshest produce in the borough. Three Guys has weekly specials, fruitful rewards and great recipes including a Cranberry Dreamsicle Trifle made with fresh cranberries and other ingredients you can pick up at Three Guys.

8INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019

Buzz ON Biz


Theatre for Kidsis and FamiliesSpecial Opens in Slope Somethingreek Something inPark Bay Ridge By John Alexander INBROOKLYN

Play Nice Theatre has begun its season of lighthearted musicals with positive, life-affirming messages about cooperation and kindness. And they’re looking for their July/August cast, musicians, and backstage helpers. Relocated from Manhattan, this all-volunteer company’s rehearsals and meetings reflect their mission and message by encouraging its mixed-generation cast and crew (ages 6 to 106) to interact socially and share stories of their own lives on and off stage. In a welcoming atmosphere, the experienced and new Play Nice actors and crew are encouraged to come early and linger after assigned rehearsal slots in order to get to know each other, help each other memorize their lines, do school homework and play games. Some may choose to help with scenery painting or prop-making. All ticket sales from main stage shows ($10 admission) is donated to local charities, a prime motivation for many participants who find it rewarding to help raise money for those less fortunate through donating their time and talent. According to theatre founder Rob Lester, the cast and crew are like a second family. “Working on a show with

By John Alexander

friendly people is fun and satisfying,” he says. The Brooklyn Eagle stopped by the new location at 89 Fourth Avenue, five blocks from Barclays Center, where the two-act musical “The Three Little Pigs Buy a Brownstone in Brooklyn” is running on weekends (2 p.m. Saturdays, 3:30 p.m. Sundays, through July 1). The Eagle is mentioned prominently in the Brooklyn-centric script in Scene 6 and the newspaper is used as a prop as well. The show’s target audience is ages six and up, with plenty of humor adults will appreciate. “Two six-year-olds are among the actors, with the oldest member more than ten times their age, and the family idea is reflected literally: the cast includes two brothers who play two of the pigs; a mother and her son have a scene together as an older pig

and hedgehog; two actors are cousins,” we’re informed. Original lyrics are set to public domain melodies including old folk songs and classic children’s tunes. The show, which emphasizes “being a good neighbor,” plus patience, perseverance, and pig puns runs through July 1, will be followed by show after show, starting with the summer musical about kids and counselors at an unusual summer camp, titled “Not a Happy Camper.” The theatre welcomes audition appointments, visits, donations of costumes and supplies, and all inquiries throughout the year. Acting classes, puppet shows, concerts, one-day free workshops, variety shows, and special family events are planned and a fundraising concert on July 20. For more details, show times, tickets, and contact information, go to www.PlayNicePeople. com.

Somethingreek at 7616 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge is one of the best Greek eateries in the borough. According to owner and chef Tommy Mitilineos, Somethingreek is a casual Greek taverna with traditional street food classics like souvlakia, gyros, fresh salads and spanakopita as well as daily dinner specials. “All the food is made in-house and from scratch,” Mitilineos told this paper. “We alPhotos are from the ways sayproduction simple is best -- stick to the way current of “The 3 Little Pigs moma makes it using in fresh and high quality Buy Brownstone Brooklyn” ingredients.” Photos by Jarrett Scott Somethingreek has been a staple in the neighborhood since 2010. serving homemade fare. “Growing up, my mother cooked for us almost every night - recipes that she remembered from her own childhood in Greece,” Mitilineos explained. “I remember my friends as kids saying that even they couldn’t wait to eat dinner at my house - they always loved my mom’s cooking! She always had to make extra. As adults, my brothers and I decided to open a Greek restaurant featuring those recipes.” And that is exactly what they did. Now Somethingreek is known for a wide array of Greek staples including mouth-watering gy14INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of June 14-20, 2018 ros and pastitsio. “We build our chicken and pork gyros from scratch,” Mitilineos said. “We have in-house butchers to break down the meat, and then I season, marinate and assemble the gyro cones right here in our kitchen.” Mitilineos identifies the pastitsio as a surprise hit with his customers, with its layers of macaroni and ground beef topped with a cheesy béchamel and baked in the oven. He’s heard customers refer to it as “Greek-style” lasagna. “I make this dish using my mother’s recipe that was a staple on our dinner table growing up,” he adds. “We recently had a network television show stop by to film me making it. A few web-based media productions have filmed it as well and together those videos have almost nine million views. “It’s crazy to have a dish that you ate once a week your whole life suddenly receive such attention! I’m so thankful that the family recInterior shot of Somethingreek’s dining room. Photos courtesy of Somethingreek ipes have been passed down. I’ve always said my mom has hands of gold; hopefully mine The restaurant was originally just a side are bronze by now,” he laughed. business for Mitilineos. “But eventually I Mitilineos was born and raised in Brookleft the construction industry to work here lyn though both his parents emigrated to the full time, cooking and overseeing all operaborough from Greece when they were young. tions,” he said. “And luckily it ended up takThey had five children, all raised in the boring off!” ough. “I still live in Bay Ridge and it’s an Somethingreek has certainly taken off. honor and a privilege to own a business in The restaurant has been recognized with a the neighborhood we grew up in,” Mitilineos number of awards for its cuisine. It just resaid. cently won a major award for Best Greek He loves to see the familiar faces from the neighborhood stop by the restaurant. And for

Popular Chicken Souvlaki platter with lemon potatoes and Greek salad.

Somethingreek’s award-winning calamari.

Mitilineos it’s truly a labor of love. He attributes his penchant for the food industry to an early job managing a large scale food service warehouse in Sunset Park that sold to restaurants and diners all over the city. Then he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, working for years in the construction industry, ultimately putting what he learned in construction to good use. “My brothers and I built Somethingreek ourselves,” he noted.

Somethingreek’s award-winning gyros.

Somethingreek’s customer favorite pastitsio.

Restaurant in Brooklyn, as well as awards for Best Gyro in Brooklyn for the second year in a row and for Best Calamari in Brooklyn this year. “That blew me away,” Mitilineos added. “I love what I do and it’s such an honor to be able to do it in my neighborhood and have people enjoy it so much. I’m proud of our staff as well. We have a great crew and we are lucky to have them. It makes the long hours and the late nights I put in totally worth it.”

Week— of A January 24-30, 2019 •ofINBROOKLYN — A Eagle/Brooklyn Special Section ofEagle/Heights Brooklyn Eagle//Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette• •9INB 9INB Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN Special Section Brooklyn Daily Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette

LEFT: Everybody wants to take pictures at DUMBO’s Washington and Water streets intersection, even in the winter.

Eye on DUMBO


See Selfie Central and Other DUMBO Winter Tourist Magnets By Lore Croghan INBrooklyn

Tourists are smarter than you think. They know what’s worth bundling up and braving the cold for in the wintertime.

Look how many of them head for DUMBO — to the intersection of Washington and Water streets first and foremost. The cobblestoned site is Selfie Central when spring breezes blow through the neighborhood — and Arctic blasts, too.

People pose so that the Manhattan Bridge, framed by red-brick buildings, stands in the background of their photos. The detail that everybody loves is that the Empire State Building is visible between the bridge’s metal supports. Look closely at the photos you take. The mighty skyscraper is there, though its image is a bit hazy when skies are gray. The Washington Street buildings that frame the bridge are landmarked. Originally they belonged to, or were leased by, Robert Gair, an important industrialist of yesteryear. In the1870s, the Scottishborn Civil War veteran invented machinery for making corrugated paper and for folding cardboard boxes. This was a very big deal for businesses that sold packaged food. For a while, the Robert Gair Company was America’s largest paper-box manufacturer. One of the buildings on this photogenic block, 26-38 Washington St., was the first paper factory Gair constructed in the neighborhood, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission’s designation report about the DUMBO Historic District says. Prior to that, his operations were located in what is now Tribeca.

One thing is certain: Dumbo was not named for Disney’s flying elephant. Another surety is that Dumbo is an acronym, meaning it is a word formed from the first letters of a series of words. It is generally accepted that in this case the series of words is Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, used to describe the area located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Occasionally, it is called Between the Bridges. And some consider Down Under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpasses a more accurate description. (Another suggested tag was Danya, for District Around the Navy Yard Annex, but Dumbo won out.) Late-night comics — Jerry Seinfeld is generally credited with the line — suggested that Dumbo stands for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge,” but that the “O” was added at the end because they did not want to live in a neighborhood called “Dumb.” The area, between Vinegar Hill and Fulton Ferry and bordered by Main St. on the west to Jay St. on the east and from the East River on the north to the BrooklynQueens Expressway on the south, had over the years been known variously as Rapailie (after the Dutch family that owned the land in the 18th century), Fulton Landing, Olympia, Gairville (after industrialist Robert Gair) and Walentasville (after real estate developer David Walentas). Many presume the name Dumbo came from real estate brokers who made up a new name, like SoHo or Tribeca, to make the area at least sound more desirable for would-be tenants. Closer to the truth is that residents in the late 1970s, many of them artist loft tenants at the time, came up with the name to discourage developers. Who would want to live or work in a place called Dumbo? —Norm Goldstein


Gair’s many industrial buildings in DUMBO were called Gairville. Benjamin Finkensieper designed American Round Arch-style 26-38 Washington St., which was constructed in 1887 and 1888. It’s now a rental-apartment building that belongs to Two Trees Management. The Walentas family’s company played the leading role in DUMBO’s transformation from a deteriorating industrial area to an upscale residential and office neighborhood. Nearby, on the East River shoreline, Brooklyn Bridge Park is another winter visitor magnet. You can’t sunbathe on the lawn by the Manhattan Bridge without risking hypothermia. Nevertheless, plenty of people are walking around and soaking up the scenery. The park’s pebble beach has an iconic view any time of year of the Empire Stores complex, Jane’s Carousel, the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center and the Manhattan skyline. When it’s particularly cold, a coating of ice forms on the boulders along the park’s shoreline.

This is what Jane's Carousel looks like when you stand on Empire Stores' rooftop. INBrooklyn photos by Lore Croghan


Empire Stores was built in 1869 by Nesmith & Sons with additions made in 1885. During the first decades of the 20th century, John and Charles Arbuckle used the mammoth brick warehouse complex to store unroasted coffee beans. Though they vacated the place in 1945, coffee beans were still scattered on the wood floors when we toured it with Jack Cayre in 2014. The previous year, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Board of Directors had awarded his family’s real estate firm, Midtown Equities, a 96-year lease of Empire Stores in partnership with Rockwood Capital and the HK Organization.

— Continued on page 11INB —

10INB •• INBROOKLYN Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of JanuaryGazette 24-30, 2019 10INB INBROOKLYN— —AASpecial SpecialSection SectionofofBrooklyn BrooklynEagle/Heights Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint • Week of January 24-30, 2019

See Selfie Central and Other DUMBO Winter Tourist Magnets

Eye on DUMBO

— Continued from page 10INB — The partners did a painstaking restoration and adaptive reuse of the landmarked property at 55 Water St., which had been vacant since the Arbuckles’ departure. It opened for business as an office, retail and restaurant complex in 2017. Its red-brick exterior walls are two feet thick. When you step into shops such as J. Crew or West Elm, you’ll find pine columns from the 19th century that are hard as rocks. Interior walls made of gray schist are visible in an atrium that leads to Empire Stores’ rooftop, which is open to the public. No matter how low the temperature drops, you’ll want to stay on the roof because of its views of the Manhattan skyline, the East River and the park.


Back down on the ground, there’s another architectural icon in Brooklyn Bridge Park — the Tobacco Warehouse. Following a makeover designed by Marvel Architects, the landmarked building at 45 Water St. is now St. Ann’s Warehouse. Its 700-seat theater is like a building within a building with glass bricks near its roofline. Marvel preserved the original walls, which were built in the 1860s. Part of the complex was left roofless and turned into a garden. The building served as both a place to store tobacco and a customs inspection center for tobacco imports, the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s designation report about the Fulton Ferry Historic District says.

ABOVE: From Empire Stores’ atrium, you can see the property’s glass-clad offices and 19th-century brick facade. LEFT: The garden at St. Ann’s Warehouse is open to the public. INBrooklyn photos by Lore Croghan

DUMBO: HISTORY DUMBO, now a popular spot for young people and tourists, became a true community in the 1970s when artists and loft lovers seeking space outside Manhattan moved into commercial lofts illegally.

Before you duck into one of the neighborhood’s rival pizzerias to warm up from your walk, take a look at the nearby Marine Fireboat Station. It stands at the edge of the dock at the end of Old Fulton Street, thisclose to the Brooklyn Bridge. The shingle-covered building at 1 Water St. was constructed in 1926. Hoses for FDNY fireboats were hung out to dry in its tower, a story by Suzanne Spellen says. The fire department maintains a fleet of vessels to battle conflagrations and handle emergencies along the city’s 450-plus miles of coastline and harbors. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, the fireboat station’s longtime occupant, recently closed. That’s because Brooklyn Bridge Park awarded the concession for the building to another ice cream shop, Ample Hills Creamery. It’s expected to open this summer, park officials said in a December announcement.

The small neighborhood between Vinegar Hill and Fulton Ferry holds a rich history of manufacturing and shipping that lives on in its renewed warehouses and old train tracks built into the cobblestones. As the area grows in size and desirability after redevelopment, its boundaries are ever changing and many of its commercial buildings have been converted to living lofts. —Norm Goldstein

Week of January 24-30, • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Eagle/HeightsPress/Home Press/HomeReporter/Brooklyn Reporter/BrooklynSpectator/Brooklyn Spectator/BrooklynRecord/Greenpoint Record/Greenpoint Gazette Gazette • 11INB Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A2019 Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights


Patricia Laudano Realty Corp.

8416 3rd Avenue Residential Rentals

B’Ridge – 3 rms - 1 Bed, Freshly Painted, 3rd Flr Walk Up in excel loc….......................................$1550 B’Hurst– 3 rms - 1 Bed, recently renov, 1st flr in a 2 fam home……….......................................…….$1500 B’Ridge – 4 rms - 1 bed - Shore Rd, 2nd flr of a beautiful doorman bldg, hwd flrs…............…$2295 B’Ridge – 5 rms – 2 beds – fully renov in a 6 fam bldg, laundry in bsmt……............................... $2200 Sunset Park – 4 rms – 2 beds – New Construction, Laundry rm, SS Appliances.................……$2200 Dyker Hts – 5 Rms – 2 Beds – 2nd flr of a 2 Fam home, hwd flrs, 2 terraces………....................$2200 Park Slope – 2 beds and 1 bed – luxury doorman bldg, multiple units avail, Starting at $2900 Park Slope – 3rd flr walk-up – 3 Beds – Hwd Flrs, Freshly Painted, Close to everything…...…$3100 B’Ridge – 4 Rms – 2 Beds – elevator bldg, hwd flrs, Stainless Steel, in unit W/D….............……$2400 B’Ridge – 1 Fam House – 7 Rms – 3 Beds, 2 Car Garage, Yard, Full Bsmt, W/D Hookups……..$4000

COMMERCIAL DIVISION Park Slope – 506 5th Ave, 1400 sq ft w/bsmt .......... $7000 B’Ridge – 155 Bay Ridge Ave, 550 sq ft ....................... $1100 B’Ridge – 9126 4th Ave, 650 sq ft. ................................ $3000 B’Ridge – 6918 5th Ave, 2400 sq ft .............................. $7500 B'Ridge- 7333 6th Ave, 1300 sq ft, office space.........$4300 B’Ridge – 184 Bay Ridge Pkwy, 575 sq ft ................... $1700 Dyker Hts - 7301 13th Ave, 1000 sq ft, Store Front...$4000 Bay Ridge – 8722 3rd Ave, Toy store for sale, Key money $75,000, 700 sq ft ...................................... $3650

RESIDENTIAL SPECIALIST Louis 917-200-3505 Ingrid 347-786-3256 Thinking of Selling/Buying or Renting? Call or visit for full details.

8304 13th Avenue RESIDENTIAL DEPARTMENT Dyker Hts - 1 bed, completely renov......................................$1500 Gravesend - 2 bed, brand new, fully renov, hrdwd flrs thru out...................................................................$2000 B'Hurst-2 bed, fully renov, dishwasher, A/C, Terr, small pet OK, heat/hot water incl...........................................$2000 Boro Park- 3 bed, hrdwd flrs, newly renov...........................$2300 Dyker- 1 bed, mod, EI K, carpet, painted.............................$1450 Bay Ridge- 1 bed, mod, ceramic tile & wood flrs................$1500 Bath Beach-1 bed, semi mod, wd flrs, fridge, no pe.t..s.......$1400 Bath Beach-1 bed, co-op, renov, heat, HW, gas incl............$1600 Dyker- 3 bed, fully renov, SS Appl's, hrdwd flrs....................$2600 B'hurst 3 bdrm, nr trans, brand new.....................................$2200 B'hurst- 2 bed duplex, wood flrs thru out.............................$2000 Dyker-2 bdrm, wd flrs, w/d, utilities not incl........................$1800 Dyker- 3 bed, fully renov, X-tra lg rms.................................$2700 Dyker Hts- Co-Op for rent, 1 bdrm........................................$1700 Dyker Hts- Luxury Condo Rental- Open Concept, 2 bed, 1 3/4 bths, W/D, Terrace, all new.............................$3200 B'Hurst- 3 bed, 1 1/2 bths, out door space.........................$2500 STATEN ISLAND House For Rent - 3 bed, 1 3/4 bths, spacious, mod............$2700


Stan 347-819-5419 Lisa 646-220-4140 Carolyn 347-614-7406



8416 13th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11228 (718) 748-5959 OR Babe (917) 687-0706 Dyker Hts 3 Mod Rms 2nd Flr Rear Incl. Ht & Hot Water......................................................1500.00 Dyker Hts 5 ½ Mod Rms 2nd Flr Incl. Ht & Hot Water......................................................1800.00 Bensonhurst 3 Mod Rms Walk-In Incl Ht & Hot Water Wood Flrs.....................................1300.00 Bensonhurst 3 Mod Rms 1st Flr Front Incl Ht & Hot Water......................................................1500.00 Gravesend 4 Mod Rms Walk-In Incl Ht & Hot Water Wood Flrs.....................................1500.00

Also Available Office & Stores For Rent BENSONHURST

Beautiful Apartment Rental MOVE IN READY First Floor of Private Corner House 5 RM/2BR, LOTS OF CLOSETS, Kitchen with Dishwasher/Refrigerator/Stove, Large Master Bedroom and Living Room each 17' x 14' Convenient to nearby Bus, N and D train. $2100. PLEASE NO PETS

718-331-3025, 917-710-2359


1 Bedroom Condo For Sale Fully Renovated, Stainless Steel Appl., Wood Floors, Washer and Dryer and Private Storage

102 Guernsey St. Brooklyn NY 11222

Asking $695,000 Owner: 516-301-8357


BAY RIDGE - Home For Sale NEXT TO SHORE ROAD PROMENADE Mod. brick detached 1 family home, sun flooded 3 bdrms, 2 1/2 baths, complete finished basement, PVT garage & yard. Motivated seller - MUST SELL! $1,495,000 ALPINE REALTY - 718-238-1788 or Cell: 718-775-6258

Tell the World About Your OPEN HOUSE: (718) 643-9099, ext 103

12INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019

Start the New Year off on the right foot.


Expert Healthcare. Right here in Brooklyn.


Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 13INB

OBITUARIES We Notify • Social Security Administration • Veterans Administration • Insurance Companies • Pensions & Unions • Irrevocable & Revocable Accounts

Free Consultation at Our Funeral Home Joseph P. Clavin Sons, Inc. 7722 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11209 718- 745-1445

9620 Third Avenue - Brooklyn, NY 11209



+++ RIZZO, Marie (nee Barba) -- On Jan. 19, 2019. Beloved wife of Thomas. Loving sister of the late Yolanda, Mitzi, Stella, Rachael, Carmella, Anna, Genevieve, John, Biago, Joseph and Frank. Dear aunt of many nephews and nieces. All arrangements handled by Joseph G. Duffy Funeral Home. Funeral Mass Our Lady of Peace Church.


COHEN, Bertha -- Age 93, of Brooklyn, passed away


Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, Faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to who God has given such great assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition. In return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. St. Jude, pray for all who invoke your aid. Amen. Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys and Glorias. Publication must be promised. This novena has never been known to fail. Prayer to St. Jude. God who through Thy blessed Apostle Jude has brought us into the knowledge of Thy name, grant that by advancing in virtue we may set forth his everlasting glory, and by steering forth, his glory we may advance in virtue through Our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who livest and reignest with Thee in the united of the Holy Spirit, world without end. Amen, “Blessed Apostle, with confidence we invoke thee! St. Jude, help of the hopeless, aid me in my distress!”

Lady Help of Christians R.C. Church. Burial St. Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale.


on Weds., Jan. 16, 2019. Mrs. Cohen was born March 16, 1925 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is the daughter of the late Jose Roman and the late Dolores Roman (Hernandez) Flores. Devoted wife of almost 60 years to Leonard Cohen. Loving Mother, Cherished Aunt, Beloved Friend. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Mass of Christian burial Our

the late Angela (Colon) Rodriguez. Angel is predeceased by his loving wife Gloria Rodriguez. Angel is survived by his loving children Victor (Marlena) Rodriguez and Diana (Eric) Rodriguez-Leporati; and his brothers Hector and Juan. Angel is also predeceased by his sisters Ida and Virginia. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Mass of Christian Burial St. Thomas Aquinas R.C. Church. Burial St. Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale.


RODRIGUEZ, Angel Rafael -- Age 91, of Brooklyn, died Sun., Jan. 13, 2019 at Staten Island University Hospital. Mr. Rodriguez was born Apr.12, 1927 in Brooklyn. He is the son of the late Rafael and

NESTOR, Edward G. -- Passed away on Fri. Jan. 11, 2019. He was born on Oct. 3, 1929; he was 89 years old. He is the son of the late Thomas Michael Nestor and Nora (Dempsey) Nestor. Beloved

Committal St. Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale.


Husband to the late Mary Nestor. Cherished Father to Mary Theresa Nestor, Eddie Nestor and Brian Nestor. Adored Brother to Della Garrity, Nora Cahill, the late Mary Hillary, the late Peggy DeFranza and the late Thomas Nestor. All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Mass of Christian Burial Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church.

LAL, Kathreen B. -- All arrangements handled by Marine Park Funeral Home. Mass of Christian Burial St. Athanasius Roman Catholic Church. Committal Pinelawn Memorial Park, Farmingdale.

Remember a loved one in our paper To place an In Memoriam

Call the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator at 718-238-6600

N.D. 14INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019




Individuals • Corporations • Small Businesses All At Reasonable Rates

Do any of these sound familiar? • Unhappy with results of last year's tax return? • Current accountant not taking your calls? • Receiving tax penalty & interest notices? • Tired of preparing your own tax return?


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taxes, accounting & bookkeeping

8519 4th Avenue, 2nd Flr. Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-921-1818

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Wheels For Wishes Benefiting

Make-A-Wish® Metro New York

*Free Vehicle/Boat Pickup ANYWHERE *We Accept All Vehicles Running or Not *Fully Tax Deductible

You Should Know This Fun Facts About Brooklyn

• Tootsie Rolls were invented in Brooklyn by Austrian candy store owner Leo Hirschfeld. His daughter always asked him to make her candy and the name came about when he would respond, “Yes my little Tootsie I will make you some candy”. • Coney Island Wonder Wheel is known as the most romantic ride in the world. Deno’s ‘Wonder Wheel’ Vourderis, proposed to his wife right in front of the Wonder Wheel saying he would someday give her, “a ring so big, everyone in the world would see how much he loved her, a ring that would never be lost.” Call: (917) 336-1254 * Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes. To learn more about our programs or financial information, visit


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w w

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ABE BUYS OLD STUFF Great Prices Paid. Silver, Paintings, Rugs, All Furniture till 1960. Estates & all contents from homes! Looking for antiques & Modern Designer Names also, Lucite & Chrome, Iron Garden furniture.




Nationwide Titles Plates . Registration ON THE SPOT PLATES Josephine Augello, President 5015 New Utrecht Ave.


Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 15INB


e e


e, e.



Pet Adoption Corner

Sean Casey Animal Rescue has shared these photos of pets up for adoption with us. Tina is a five-year-old Pit bull mix that came from North Carolina. She was a bit nervous when she first came in but is slowly adjusting to life in the city. Tina is a sweet girl that loves to cuddle. Elsa is a two-year-old Domestic Short hair. Elsa is a sweet girl that loves meeting new people. Sean Casey Animal Rescue (718-436-5163) is located at 153 East Third St. Photos courtesy of Sean Casey Animal Rescue






“Our Alternative Methods Are Environmentally Safe” • Adults • Children • Pets • Allergies • And More Commercial, Residential, Institutional Fully Certified & Insured NYS Lic. #13626

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We specialize in crawling & flying insects, bed bugs, rats & mice Irving Kaminsky President Barbara Prestigiacomo VP Sales & Services


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We are a Brooklyn Media company with multiple publications and websites, located in both Bay Ridge and Downtown Brooklyn. We are looking for talented, experienced representatives to work with our growing sales division in print and digital advertising. • Walk to work • Make your own morning or afternoon four-hour shift

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YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! Indisputably the most widely read and influential book ever written about the human mind

We are a Brooklyn Media company with multiple DIANETICS publications and websites, located in both Bay Ridge and The Modern Science of Mental Health Downtown Brooklyn. By: L. Ron Hubbard • Base salary, plus generous commission We are looking for talented, experienced representatives Paperback: $27.50 • Bonus opportunities to work with our growing sales division in print and Celebrity Centre New York digital advertising. Must have: basic computer skills, positive • Walk to work 65 East 82nd Street, New York, NY 10028 attitude, be fluent in English, and have a clear • Make your own morning or afternoon phone voice. four-hour shift Surround Sound Bilingual is a + • Base salary, plus generous commission & • Bonus opportunities Custom Mood Lighting Great opportunity to make full-time income Must have: Basic computer skills, positive attitude, be fluent with a part-time schedule. in English, and have a clear phone voice. Bilingual is a + Great opportunity to make full-time income with a part-time Send resume to: schedule. Telephone:(718) 643-9099 | Ext. 107 16INB • INBROOKLYN — A (718) Special 643-9099 Section of Brooklyn Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019 Telephone: | Ext.:Daily 107Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Send resume to:

TV Setup





HEALTH AND BEAUTY Hair and Nail Care, Waxing and More

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DENTAL Insurance Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

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EXPERIENCED AUDITOR Brooklyn-based CPA firm seeks experienced auditor for temporary or Full Time position. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits. Email Resume To:




Must install residential Gas Fired Boilers, HW Tanks & Troubleshoot. Must have own tools & valid drivers Tel: (718) 643-9099,license. ext. 107

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BAY RIDGE AREA Medical Receptionist Certified Medical Assistant Flexibility Needed Computer Proficient Medical Experience Preferred Mandatory High School Diploma Please Fax Resume to 718-273-8909

Building & Machine Maintenance Worker

Must have all around experience with plumbing, electrical, concrete work, & mechanical. Duties include overall maintenance of the building and all machinery. A rewarding future awaits you if you have the ability. This is a growth position. Competitive salary and health benefits. Progressive company with growing needs. Great opportunity with 70+ year old company in Brooklyn. Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm E-Mail:



• After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says W T F. • I have winter fat but soon I’ll have spring rolls. • What did the drummer call his twin daughters? Anna1, Anna2! • Three nuns walk into a bar.The bartender looks up and says, “What is this, some kind of joke?” • What did the hat say to the tie? You hang around. I’ll go on a head! • What do you call a bunch of rabbits in a row walking backwards? A receding hare line. • What’s Irish and stays out all night? Patty O’Furniture!


We JOBS are a Brooklyn Media company with PART-TIME • FULL-TIME BENEFITS multiple publications and websites, located in The Airboth ForceBay Reserve offers a varietyBrooklyn. of part-time Ridge and Downtown job opportunities with full-time benefits, including We areand looking for talented, experienced tuition assistance low-cost health insurance. You may be representatives eligible for a signing of up to $20,000 to workbonus with our growing sales for in specific part-time jobs. division print and digital advertising. • Walk to work • Make your own morning or afternoon four-hour shift

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BUS DRIVERS CDL Must have: basic computer skills, positive attitude, be fluent in English, and have a clear phone voice.

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SHIPPING POSITION Industrial Supplier to the Construction Industry. 70 years in business. Seeks person to: Handle Shipping Labels, and Proper Packaging. Motor freight (UPS, FED-EX) — schedule on papers and in book. Take care of customer returns. Special Receivables. Take care of the customer pickup book — daily pickups. Keep tabs on when orders are ready. All paper processing dealing with receipts. Product training. Good memory. Health benefit plan. E-Mail:

For Laughing Out Loud

TELEMARKETERS for INSIDE SALES We are a Brooklyn Media company with multiple publications and websites, located in both Bay Ridge and Downtown Brooklyn. We are looking for talented, experienced representatives to work with our growing sales division in print and digital advertising. • Walk to work • Make your own morning or afternoon four-hour shift • Base salary, plus generous commission • Bonus opportunities Must have: Basic computer skills, positive attitude, be fluent in English, and have a clear phone voice. Bilingual is a + Great opportunity to make full-time income with a part-time schedule. Telephone:(718) 643-9099 | Ext. 107 Send resume to:

HELP WANTED Graphic Designer / Film Editor / Camera Operator

Seeking Experienced RNs and LSWs Join us for a Clinical Career Fair! Thursday, August 16, 2018 • 5 – 8 PM 95-25 Queens Boulevard, 1st Floor Rego Park, NY 11374

Fidelis Care is fully committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to attracting, retaining, developing, and promoting the most qualified employees without regard to their race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by state or local law. EOE.


Head of Sales Engineering Busy executive seeking a part-time personal assistant. Must be Present features for CSOM / Salesforce demos. Analz skills. requirements personable, friendly and have great communication Must for order mgmt., sales procedrs and related aspects. Travel req’d. have a good computer skill Hours are 20-30Hrs Weekly. Req. 2 yrs exp in job offered or 2 yrs exp as Sales Enginr. Lead, mng, is $30.50/hr. applicant shouldNYC. applyResume: to: train Salary Sales Enginr. teamInterested in Americas. Jobsite: CloudSense, 295 Madison Ave, 39th Fl., New York, NY 10017

Duties: Create graphic designs, concepts, & sample layouts; devel. graphics & layouts for product illustrations, company logos, & websites, using computer software. Org. & edit raw footage; set up & operate computer editing systems, electronic titling systems, video switching eqpmt., & digital video effects units to produce final product. Operate cameras to record scenes for TV broadcasts, advertising, or motion pictures. Req'ts: Associate’s degree in graphic design, film & fine arts; 24 mo. exp. in graphic design; familiarity w/ automotive sector; knowledge of major automotive producers & popular cars; some knowledge of supercars and hypercars.

Jobsite: NYC, NY. Send resume to: HR, TangentVector, 124 Thompson St., Unit 21, New York, NY 10012

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/PAYROLL Our company of 70 years is seeking an individual to join our team for accounts payable. We need a team member that is friendly, detail oriented, can multi-task, and has good organizational and communication skills. You are the person that will be communicating with our vendors regarding payments and freight charges. You will also work with our freight companies on getting our freight charges so we can bill our customers. You will be the person who will be matching up our vendor invoices to the packing slips and paying the bills. You will also be the person who will be doing payroll so you have to be able to keep things confidential. Clerical duties to maintain filing/scanning documents, matching up invoices, paying bills, making copies, payroll, and making/maintaining spreadsheets will be part of your domain. Must be friendly, organized, and a team player. A comfortable office atmosphere to work in. This is a growth position...the future is in your hands Hours 8:30am-5:00pm (1/2 hr lunch) E-Mail:

Week of January 24-30, 2019 • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • 17INB



l ge






home improvements

27 Years Exp


ICC LIC 470654 / US DOT 1178151



• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Plastering INSURED • Finished Basements • Sheetrock DOT 32149 • Interior & Exterior Painting • Taping • Suspended Ceilings • Floors • Tiling


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moving moving

• GuttersPAINTING Cleaned $75 MOST HOMES • Installed • Repaired • Gutter Guards

ICC LIC 470654 / US DOT 1178151

ARIK J. MOVING & STORAGE SPECIAL LOCAL RATES 2 Men w/Truck $59/Hr. 3 Men w/Truck $69/Hr. 4 Men w/Truck $85 Hr.



Call Jose: Cell 917-560-6569

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Diamond Construction




Chimney heating cleaned $49.99!! FREE s discount 4 Generation10% of Reliability te Family Owned & Operated Estima

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18INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019

Trusted Banking from Long Island to Brooklyn Full-Service Commercial Bank Opens Second Location in Borough

Boasting more than 90 years of strength and stability in the banking industry, The First National Bank of Long Island is now open for business in Brooklyn, with locations in Bay Ridge and, most recently, Cobble Hill. The First National Bank of Long Island opened its first branch in the town of Glen Head on Long Island in 1927. Since then, the bank has grown to 52 branches on Long Island and in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. As a full-service commercial bank, it offers a range of consumer and business banking products, including checking and savings accounts, commercial and residential lending, investment management, cash management services and much more. The bank is committed to delivering quality, personalized service to its new neighbors in Brooklyn. After all, it is “the bank where everyone knows your name®.” The bank is also proud to be partnering with Dick Conti, a longstanding member of the Brooklyn community, as a special adviser for community affairs. “The First National Bank of Long Island is offering Bay Ridge and other areas of

Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan quality services to small and medium-size businesses and professionals who desire friendly and personalized banking services that I became familiar with in my banking years here in Brooklyn,” Conti said. “In fact, this personal approach to providing service has allowed the bank’s employees to establish a top-notch relationship with their clientele. That means not only knowing their names, but also identifying their needs as well. The bank has always had the ability to keep pace with today’s constantly evolving banking environment, without sacrificing accessibility and service.” Both the Cobble Hill and Bay Ridge branches have living room-style settings with fireplaces that were designed to give a unique “at home” feeling. In both branches, local residents have noticed the difference between The First National Bank of Long Island and other banks in the area. “Our company is a friendly and customer service-oriented bank. We deliver outstanding and exceptional service by adding a personal touch with an old-fashioned flare and up-to-

The First National Bank of Long Island’s Cobble Hill branch is located at 227 Smith St.

date technology, which makes a difference over our competitors,” Bay Ridge Branch Manager Yajaira Estevez said. Cobble Hill Branch Manager Wilona Chambers said, “The Cobble Hill community and surrounding neighborhoods have been very welcoming. From locals stopping in to check out the new bank or to sit by the fireplace, they’ve all been pleasantly surprised by the inviting feeling they get when they visit our branch.” The design of the branch is not the only difference between The First National Bank of Long Island and other local banks. Knowledgeable and dedicated branch staff members are focused on building relationships with their customers. “Here at The First National Bank of Long Island, we strive to build relationships with our customers. We spend the necessary time getting to know their needs and helping them through all the changes that may come their way,” Chambers said. “Whether it’s the growth of their family or their business, we are here to support them through all their life cycles. “As New Yorkers, we are all accustomed to moving at a fast pace, but our clients enjoy being able to slow down a notch to engage in the art of conversation. Our dedicated team of professionals are not only committed to being active in our community, but also to ensuring an outstanding customer experience.” Establishing a connection to the community has always been important to The First National Bank of Long Island and officials plan to continue to do so in Brooklyn. The bank works with several organizations in the New York City region, such as The Harry Chapin Food Bank, Tuesday’s Children Organization, Junior Achievement, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Alzheimer’s Foundation. Locally, the branch management team in Cobble Hill has done a walking tour of the neighborhood to introduce themselves to neighbors and local business owners. The team has also participated in the Smith Street Sunday Funday and Career Day at P.S. 5 in Brooklyn. Staffers look forward to doing additional activities with local community organizations and schools to provide

The First National Bank of Long Island’s Bay Ridge branch is located at 9202 Fourth Ave.

Dick Conti, special adviser for community affairs at The First National Bank of Long Island financial literacy as well as participating in community events. In addition to the Cobble Hill and Bay Ridge locations, The First National Bank of Long Island plans to continue its expansion into Brooklyn with the opening of the Fort Hamilton Parkway branch located at 559 86th St. in the first quarter of 2019. The Cobble Hill branch is located at 227 Smith St., between Douglass and Butler streets. The branch is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Bay Ridge branch is located at 9202 Fourth Ave. It is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Photos courtesy of The First National Bank of Long Island

— Sponsored Content from First National Bank of Long Island — Week of January 24-30, Week 2019of• INBROOKLYN — A• INBROOKLYN Special Section Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette January 24-30, 2019 — Aof Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette• •19INB 19INB

“Singing with Rock Voices has helped me to take risks, follow my passions, and make deeply meaningful friendships.” -Elyse Langer-Smith, shown singing with the Northampton, MA choir

Started seven years ago in Massachusetts, Rock Voices provides a safe space for self expression and community in an increasingly disjointed world; an outlet for the soul. The mission of Rock Voices is “to heal ourselves and others through song.” Therapists often “prescribe” the group as a road back to wellness for clients who are struggling with depression and anxiety, and with good reason. There are precious few opportunities for adults to nd community and make new friends. Rock Voices adds the healing power of music to that mix, and magic happens. Friendships are forged, community forms, and members ride the wave to lives changed for the better. The Brooklyn Heights group will be directed by local performer and music educator Marianne Cheng and will meet Tuesday nights from 7-9 pm at First Unitarian Congregational Society, with the rst rehearsal January 29. Enrollment continues throughout February. Prospective members can sing for up to three weeks before committing. Tuition fees each season are comparable to other classes in the arts, and scholarships are available to those who demonstrate need. Every effort is made to make the choir accessible to all who want it in their lives. Curious? Go to a rehearsal and try it out. Find out if Rock Voices is what has been missing from YOUR life. (Brooklyn not convenient? If you live near Syosset, you can join the brand new chapter there on Thursday nights, starting January 31!) Learn more and pre-register at:

When: Tuesdays, 7-9pm starting January 29 Where: First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn Heights

20INB • INBROOKLYN — A Special Section of Brooklyn Daily Eagle/Brooklyn Eagle/Heights Press/Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator/Brooklyn Record/Greenpoint Gazette • Week of January 24-30, 2019


Plymouth Church Partners with Restore NYC To Support Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Plymouth Church led the abolitionist movement in New York City during the 19th century and was a site of the Underground Railroad. The landmark church now supports the anti-trafficking movement in the city. Plymouth teams with other organizations such as Restore NYC to fight modern-day slavery by raising awareness and money to prevent trafficking and aid its survivors. This Sun., Jan. 27, to observe National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Plymouth will host a presentation with Chris Muller, director of training and external Affairs for Restore NYC. His presentation, titled “Sex Is Not Work,” will outline the impact of legalizing and exploiting sexuality. During the program, which begins at 12:30 p.m., attendees will also learn how they can support local trafficking survivors. Restore NYC is a leading faith-based anti-trafficking organization with the mission to end sex trafficking and make freedom real for trafficking survivors. The nonprofit achieves this by creating innovative solutions for survivors, specializing in safe housing and economic empowerment. Plymouth Church’s anti-trafficking ministry, The New Abolitionists, spearheads community service and fundraising projects. A portion of funds raised from the church’s ongoing thrift shop is donated to a local anti-trafficking organization. Recent outreach projects have included providing fresh clothing and hygiene products for women in Trafficking Court in Queens, and offering workshops and education events to share the facts about human trafficking and to address the specific needs of survivors. RSVP is requested but not required. To register, readers can visit

In this meeting house, Plymouth Church founder and abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) preached sermons against what he called the evils of slavery. Today, the landmark church continues to fight a contemporary form of slavery—sex trafficking.

The landmarked Greek Revival-style building of the Flatlands Reformed Church was constructed in 1848. The congregation itself was founded in 1654 but didn’t build its first dual worship space/parsonage for another nine years; population growth over the next two centuries warranted a new church. The 1848 church is made of white clapboard with a tall spire and is set in a historic graveyard. The place looks like a Currier and Ives print of a 19th-century New England country church — if one blocks out the vehicular traffic on Kings Highway. Eagle file photo by Lore Croghan

Photo courtesy of Plymouth Church

From the Brooklyn Eagle Archives Dignitaries Gathered at St. George Ballroom To Mark Tricentenary of Brooklyn Protestantism Protestantism’s presence in Brooklyn marks 365 years in 2019. The Brooklyn Eagle of January 23, 1954—65 years ago—gave extensive coverage to the Tercentenary (300th anniversary) of the establishment of Protestantism in Brooklyn—specifically the founding of the three Dutch Reformed churches established here in 1654. The Tercentenary Gala, held in the ballroom of the St. George Hotel, brought in 1,600 people, including representatives of more than 135 churches and religious organizations. Several key civic and religious dignitaries attended, including Mayor Robert Wagner and former State Supreme Court Justice John Bartels (who later became a federal judge), and the Rev. Gardiner Taylor of Concord Baptist Church. Frederick Polhemus of Princeton, N.J., a direct descendant of the Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polhemus, received a certificate of recognition. The Rev. Johannes Polhemus had, in 1654, become the first pastor of the three congregations that were established that year: the Old First Reformed Church (in what is now Park Slope), the Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church; and the Flatlands Dutch Re-

formed Church (on Kings Highway). The Tricentenary Gala, taking place during the height of the Red Scare, held a sobering note. U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands—who two years prior had visited the Flatbush Reformed Church—sent greetings. Queen Juliana wrote, “Faith could span an immense ocean in the 17th century. May it now know how to span the enormous difficulties of our times.” Bishop William Martin, presiding bishop of the Methodist Church and president of the National Council of Churches, warned that “you can say it can’t happen here. “Who’s going to take our liberties from us?” asked Martin, recalling people living under dictatorships who lost their religious freedom. Martin’s next statement could itself nowadays be perceived as a violation of religious freedom at a time when people of non-Christian faith traditions were not yet openly welcome in many civic groups. “If the churches are neglected, if the Bible is closed for one generation…anything can happen in America. Unless, the church Christianize the city, the city will paganize the nation,” he said.

Brooklyn Jewish Community Chorus Presents ‘A Song and A Prayer’ Shir Chadash: The Brooklyn Jewish Community Chorus presents “A Song and a Prayer,” its winter concert, this coming Sunday evening, Jan. 27, at the Flatbush Jewish Center (327 East Fifth St.) Concert time is 7 p.m. Scott Stein conducts the ensemble, with guest soloists Sarah Myerson and Judith Bergson. Adult admission is $15 in advance/$20 at

the door; admission for children is $5 in advance/$10 at the door. To reserve tickets, email name(s) and number of tickets by Fri., Jan 25 to for payment at the door. For more interest in Shir Chadash, readers can visit the chorus’ website: Thursday, January 24, 2019 • Brooklyn Eagle • 5



Founded 1841


From the Original Eagle and Other Sources


The total eclipse of the sun, precisely as astronomers predicted, was observed in New York and New England today under perfect weather conditions, with the streets of this city crowded as they have never been before, with 10,000,000 onlookers in the narrow totality strip that swept in a gigantic arc from Minnesota to the Atlantic Coast and 10,000,000 more, less fortunate, watching the phenomenon in the “twilight zone.” Never before in the world’s history has this strange spectacle of the heavens been witnessed by so vast a number of people. Perhaps never before has the sight been more magnificent, for one scientist pronounced the eclipse the finest in his memory and declared the results of the observations probably would prove the most satisfactory in history. SEE CORONA IN BROOKLYN One unexpected feature of the spectacle was the fact that observers in Brooklyn caught a perfect view of the corona. It had been predicted that the totality in this boro

would not be complete enough to make the corona visible. Over lower Manhattan and Brooklyn the darkness was about that equal to twilight. To the watchers in the most favored spots all the colors of the spectrum seemed to burst outward from the moon’s dull red rim as the eclipse came to its totality. It seemed minutes rather than seconds as the deepening gloom encircled the city, fading out of sight the groups of watchers on the more distant housetops. The moon’s disk began to edge over the sun at 8:02 and the shadows began to fall, at first gradually and then more rapidly, until darkness descended with the swiftness of tropical nights. To those who looked through their smoked glasses it seemed as if they were seeing the moon itself, first a three-quarter, then a half and then an ever-diminishing and beautiful crescent.



Glancing at the eclipse from a telescope from the City Hall steps, Mayor John F. Hylan casually remarked, “The sun may be eclipsed, but New York City, never.” About 100 persons stood in the cold around the mayor watching the spectacle and a pretty girl Mayor in the crowd asked the John F. Hylan Photo courtesy of mayor, who was shifting Wikimedia Commons from one foot to the other, if his feet were cold. “It is cold,” said the mayor, “and you may have cold feet, but never let yourself have a cold heart.”


As had been predicted by veteran sleuths, bandits in New York City were not up in time to operate during the period of the eclipse yesterday. There were no accidents and no crimes.  Paterson, N.J. — Paterson and Passaic each reported a baby born during the solar eclipse today. The Passaic infant is a boy and came into the world just as the eclipse reached totality.  New London, Conn. — Four sailors at the United States submarine base at New London, doing fatigue duty, were observed shoveling snow throughout the period of disappearance of the sun. They had not heard of it.  Poughkeepsie, N.Y. — A flock of more than 500 crows flying over a residential street suddenly took refuge in a group of trees as the eclipse of the sun became total here today.  Greenport, L.I. — When the eclipse became total here, chickens and gulls fled to their roosting places, remaining until the sun again appeared. A man, evidently moved by suspicion, refused to view the phenomenon.

SUMMER OF ’68 A Brooklyn man who saw the total eclipse in 1868 today compared the two eclipses and found that of 1925 “wanting.” Frederick H. Conningham of the Eagle staff was the man. Back in 1868 he was a boy of 8 years. He viewed his first eclipse from the top of the little school house in Mattoon, Ill. “It was so dark,” Mr. Conningham said, “that I fell down the stairs of the school house. In those days we had to smoke our glasses over a candle or an oil lamp. Some of the people didn’t believe an eclipse could take place. One old lady scoffed at the idea, but when the moon seemed to close over the sun and the brilliant rays of the corona shot out into the heavens, the aged doubter fainted.” Brooklyn Daily Eagle covers from Jan. 24 and Jan. 25, 1925 6 • Brooklyn Eagle • Thursday, January 24, 2019

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