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Futures High School is an independent charter high school serving students in grades 9-12 in Sacramento area since Fall 2004. The school provides strong academics, positive climate, and prepares students for college and career aspirations.

“Working as a principal for over 10 years, I am immensely proud to see our graduates come back to us and share their success stories, accomplishments, and aspirations.”

Natalia Burco, Principal, Futures High School

As an educator of 15 years and the Principal of Futures High School, Natalia Burco has been reflecting on how she could create an environment and opportunities for her students to become fulfilled, happy, successful, and have a purpose in life. Futures High School is a neighborhood independent charter high school serving students in grades 9-12 in Sacramento area since Fall 2004. Student success is in the center of their intentions and they believe that it would be challenging for a person to function successfully in the ever-changing and unknown world of the future without the core traits of integrity, grit, empathy, self-control, and an appreciation and understanding of diversity. The school provides three main supports to guide students toward success. It’s the academic support, which they tailor to the holistic needs of each student. A positive climate that promotes socio-emotional wellness and opportunities to build leadership skills and the core traits that surround student success. And last but not least, help in preparing students for their future college and career aspirations by helping them gain 21st century and industry-specific skills as well as helping them navigate the admission process for their future endeavors. School’s competitive advantages are rigorous academic program, engineering program (Project Lead The Way), athletics, Russian Language and Literature. Futures High School is a unique school in Sacramento as it serves high EL population with high success rate in state tests and college success. They deeply value students as equal partners in school’s decision-making along with parents and community. Being a small school helps them keep the community feel, safe and positive environment, respect for students’ heritage and culture, strong English Learner program and support, bilingual staff for parents, strong academic and character development programs.


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