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IMPACTrussia Preparing Leaders for the Church in Russia

Russian Leadership Ministries • Winter 2012

Hope, Prayer

and the Pursuit of Leadership When Tamara’s pastor asked her to lead the children’s ministry program at her church, she was flattered, but not inclined to accept. Although she loved children and felt called to teach, she knew she needed more biblical and theological knowledge to undertake the important task of teaching children about Jesus. Having only recently become a Christian, she felt under-qualified and turned down the offer, but not without promising to pursue theological education and eventually serve her church in this significant way. Tamara remembers saying a lot of prayers for opportunities to study the Bible, prayers that were answered when she discovered Moscow Theological Seminary’s Christian education program. The program’s curriculum equips children’s program directors with a sharpened knowledge of the Bible, theology, teaching and child development. “I started each session with excitement knowing that I would receive more spiritual knowledge,” Tamara remembers. “I loved praying and sharing the experience with other MTS students.” After graduating in 2005, Tamara felt equipped to coordinate the children’s ministries at her church in jesus said,

Ryazan. She also lectures at local schools about AIDS—a growing problem in Russia—and making healthy life choices. Most recently she helped the Russian Baptist Union develop their Sunday school curriculum. “I wish for more students to gain spiritual knowledge at MTS and become leaders in their communities,” she says. Tamara’s example is not isolated. It is typical of countless others like her in Russia, equipped with raw leadership skills but lacking solid theological training. We share Tamara’s hope that more students will benefit from studying at Moscow Theological Seminary. If that’s your hope too, will you consider partnering with us? Visit to learn about how you can help more students like Tamara access the training they need to impact Russia with the gospel.

“Let the children come to me.” Matthew 19:14

Regional Spotlight: Chelyabinsk Located in the Ural Mountain region—the border of Europe and Asia—the Chelyabinsk Learning Center offers pastoral ministry and Christian education classes. As the region’s only evangelical seminary, it offers students in this geographically isolated region a rare chance to study theology (at the college level). Center Director Igor Maxokov— MTS graduate and the Russian Baptist Union’s regional vice president—estimates that they have more than 65 graduates currently ministering in the city and surrounding communities. Always looking to the future, Igor hopes to launch a master’s program by 2014. He’s grateful to Russian Leadership Ministries for supporting his important work training and equipping church leaders to share Jesus’ love with people in Chelyabinsk. To learn more about Moscow Theological Seminary’s nine learning centers visit

Short-Term Trip Makes Long-Term Impact On a crisp autumn day in late October a team of ministry partners from Russian Leadership Ministries arrived at the airport with a pile of luggage, open hearts and a desire to see how God is moving in Russia. They departed for Moscow Theological Seminary with the shared goal of fellowship with faculty, staff and students as well as with believers at nearby Golgotha Church. They also participated in English clubs, painting projects and visited the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Central Baptist Church. More importantly, they initiated lasting relationships with MTS students and faculty. Katrina McGuire, RLM’s director of development, reflects, “The best part of the trip was coming away knowing that it won’t end there. Visiting Moscow allowed us to build relationships and initiate


Praise God for: n The

maturation of the MTS faculty. We congratulate professors Anatoyli Pchelintsev (Law) and Michael Ivanov (Church History) on receiving their PhD’s. This brings us to eight faculty members with doctoral degrees!

A team from Russian Leadership Ministries visits Moscow in October.

partnerships that hold many ministry possibilities for the future.” Are you interested in learning more about how your family, church or small group can join God’s movement in Russia? We’re already recruiting for an October 2013 vision trip. Visit russianleadership. org/visiontrip or contact Katrina at katrina@ to learn more!

Pray for: n The

success of studentrun Christmas and advent celebrations, that attendees will feel Jesus’ love and be motived to continue attending church.

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RLM IMPACT - Winter 2012  
RLM IMPACT - Winter 2012  

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