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Why Choose an Industrial Park in Moscow Region, Russia? Are you looking for a fantastic new place to have your business? If you are currently the owner of a small or medium enterprise, you cannot afford to now learn more about this new and exciting industrial park complex in Stupino. Already, around 12 other companies have opened offices or plants in this same industrial park, and you could be next. But why should you even consider this move? Read on to learn more. Easily Assessable This industrial park is only a short drive away from Moscow. As a matter of fact, it is only around 80 km away. The road that it is located on does not wind through any villages, nor will you find any traffic signals to slow you down. You only have to worry about the single toll station on the way to and from work, if living in Moscow. You will also find that any international clients or partners that you are entertaining can easily find their way to your factory, as this location places you at less than an hour’s drive, total, from the nearby international airport in Domodedovo. Fine New Workers Looking to hire in more new people after the move? Or perhaps you are wondering if you could easily find a new workforce in Stupino if you decide to pull-up your roots from elsewhere. The good news is that you can, right here. There is a large, dependable, qualified and professional workforce already living in the Stupino area, whether you are looking to fill an entire office with employees, or to only hire a few. If this has been the reason holding you back from moving, hold back no more. Instead, come move to Stupino and see just what we have to offer. Ready Locations Want to move as soon as possible? We can offer you a wide variety of options when it comes to either warehouse or industrial space in our industrial park. We even already have ready production facilities for SME. Let us know more about your needs, and we can easily design a location to suit all your needs and wants. Then, we can build it for you and place on the lot of your choosing. That way, when you show-up for the first day of work and/or hiring, you can get right back to business without any delay. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Industrial Park in Moscow Region, Russia  

Do you need a fast track to Russia? This park is offering ready solutions for SME and large enterprises. It also support companies in starti...