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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Blue Monday Conservatives get majority; Lemieux retains seat By Jason Isaac The Villager Editor ROCKLAND - Any person living in GlengarryPrescott-Russell that still believes the riding to be a Liberal stronghold and that the previous election victories by Conservative incumbent Pierre Lemieux were nothing more than experimental voting or simply a fluke, are still scratching their collective heads this morning trying to figure out how the Liberal Party, always considered to be the natural governing party of Canada, was met with almost complete decimation at the polls during Monday's Federal Election. An election that not only gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper the Majority government he has been striving for for the past five years, but saw Lemieux secure his riding seat for a third term. Of course GPR had once been considered a Liberal juggernaut since 1962, even boasting one of the longest serving Liberal MPs in Don Boudria from 1984 to 2005. But the red tides started to change to blue, maybe partly due to the spectre of the Liberals sponsorship scandal under then Prime

True Blue Pierre Lemieux (left) was re-elected for a third term as the Member of Parliament for GlengarryPrescott-Russell during last Monday’s Federal Election. Many were predicting a stronger showing by Liberal candidate Julie Bourgeois, but in the end, the riding remained Conservative. Lemieux is shown with his wife, Audrey, toasting a large crowd of supporters who came out to congratulate the MP at the River Rock Inn in Rockland after the poll results declared him the winner. For complete GPR local election coverage, read pages 1 to 5. Photo By Jason Isaac

Minster Jean Chretien, and then his successor Paul Martin, were too much for GPR residents to overlook. They took a chance on the

first time candidate and handed Lemieux his first win by a slim margin of just 203 votes in 2006. By election time two years later,

Mechanical Bull Riding


767 Notre-Dame QGĂ€RRU(PEUXQ



Lemieux had made himself well known around the riding, attending as many constituent events as he could (which he claims now sits at

1200) and bringing in close to $130 million dollars in federal funding to the riding. Three years ago, Lemieux won by a vote

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margin of 47 per cent. Last night his increase in popularity was evident again as he garnered close to 50 per cent of the vote over his Liberal, NDP and Green Party rivals. During his victory speech on Monday night, the success of obtaining a 'three-peat' and the political history of GPR humbled Lemieux, "As many of you know when I was first elected Member of Parliament in 2006 it was the first time in over 40 years that a Conservative had been elected as the Member of Parliament in the GlengarryPrescott half of our riding and since 1882 a Conservative had been elected in the Russell part of the riding. I have served our community with honesty and integrity, with commitment and hard work and I will continue to be a strong voice for the people of our riding. It is truly an honour to once again be your MP," he said. Lemieux was a late show to his victory party held at the River Rock Inn in Rockland. According to his campaign manager, Veronique Bergeron, the reelected MP was not taking anything for granted and had been campaigning doorto-door right up until the final ballot was cast, along with volunteers that included his wife, Audrey and his son Michael. He felt it was important to be out

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Lemieux wins third term in GPR Election: True Blue continued from front encouraging them to vote, even if some pundits thought that he had the election wrapped up neatly in a bow. By the time he did arrive, the crowd of supporters was already worked up into a frenzy over the news of a elected Conservative Majority and the defeat of both Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, and the garnering of the first seat for the Green Party its leader, Elizabeth May. Even though pollsters had called it last week, many were still visibly shocked to see the rise to official Opposition status by Jack Layton's New Democrats. When asked what he thought of the collapse of the Bloc and of facing the NDP across the floor in the of Commons, House Lemieux said that he had been too busy working hard to get the vote out in GPR to pay too much attention to the other election results but did say that he was looking forward to facing whomever the Opposition would be whether it was NDP or Liberal. "We have worked

very well with the Opposition parties over the years and we have much to be proud of, most notably, being the longest serving minority government in Canadian history." Heading into the home stretch of the election campaign, a surge of support for the New Democrats made it look like the Conservatives were bound to repeat themselves again and form another minority government. While the 'Orange Wave' or 'Orange Crush' as it had been dubbed did turn most of this election upside down, especially for the Liberal and the Bloc camps in the Province of Quebec where the NDP picked up a record 60 seats, the wave stopped short of keeping Prime Minster Harper from his brass ring. This of course had started as an election nobody wanted and a campaign from all parties that most Canadians didn't seem to care about. For most voters in the end, however, it came down to a matter of sticking with 'the devil you know'. "The Prime Minister delivered the kind of assurances that Canadians wanted to hear. That they have a

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casing. Having a working fire extinguisher in an accessible spot is also a must. As always, the implementation of a fire escape plan is necessary in any place in which you sleep. As most trailers only have one door planning your escape may be a tougher task than first thought. These three things if reviewed with diligence will give you basic protection should a fire occur, however as we know in the fire service, the best way to protect yourself against fire is to prevent having one in the first place. Kitchens are the most common place for residential fires to start and the most common reason: lack of attention to cooking. Considering that when camping, the likelihood of interruptions increases and you ,ust be diligent in paying attention to the stove. Cooking also brings up other concerns. Due to the tighter quarters within a trailer keep children away from the stove when cooking. A boiling pot of water or sauce can cause painful and serious burns if spilled onto a child, or adult for that matter. Finally when camping please keep in mind to store any fuels at a safe distance from your trailer. Should a fire occur, the last thing you want to do is add fuel to it. Have fun in your trailer but please keep in mind these fire safety tips.

government that is focused on jobs, on the economy and reasonable and affordable initiatives to move us forward as a country," said Lemieux. Canadians saw Mr. Harper and like what they saw. We are seeing that result here tonight." Lemieux's campaign got off to a rocky start when he had to defend his party's record and the charges of alleged contempt of parliament that formed the basis for the Liberals and the NDP plunging Canadians into a third election in five years. At the time, Lemieux explained that the Speaker of the House had recommended a review by special committee be held to examine whether or not the Conservative had misled the House by withholding information. "We were never officially found in contempt," said Lemieux. Regardless, the accusations about contempt have dogged Lemieux, with most of the mudslinging coming from his closest challenger in GPR, Liberal candidate Julie Bourgeois. Bourgeois also publicly called Lemieux a "liar" when he stated in a press release that by calling the election, her party was preventing "volunteer firefighters from benefiting from a tax benefit of $3000," which was a key component of the Conservatives Spring budget that died on the order table when the writ was dropped. "Name calling and negative attacks are all part of the Liberal strategy and I don't run my campaign like that," Lemieux commented to The Villager last week. The MP gave kudos to his entire campaign team during his speech. "We ran an

Newly re-elected MP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Pierre Lemieux (middle) celebrates his victory with his family whom he thanked for their support and encouragement during this latest Federal election campaign. From left, parents Guy and Diane Lemieux, wife Audrey, son Michael and daughters Danielle and Julie. Missing are Lemieux’s eldest daughters, Rebecca and Elisabeth who were expected to arrive in Rockland on Tuesday to congratulate their father on winning his third term for the Conservatives. Photo By Jason Isaac excellent campaign. We covered a lot of ground. We had an excellent team who worked really hard even up until tonight. I am just delighted what we were able to accomplish in just five weeks. The biggest difference has to be also that we ran a positive campaign." The MP also congratulated his challengers. "It is a challenge to put your name forward as a candidate; it's a lot of work. They are representing democracy when they do so, by giving people in the riding an opportunity to either vote for them or vote for their Party. I recognize that and congratulate them on taking that step.� Lemieux's next step is to get back to work in the House of Commons, vowing to push for the volunteer firefighter tax credit to be put back into government's next budget. He also said that he would try and advance the issue of Canada's supply management program, which pro-

vides support for farmers and livestock producers against the threat of global competition, whether or not he returns as the Parliamentary Secretary to Agriculture. What about Pierre Lemieux, Federal Minister of Agriculture? "I will have to leave that up to the Prime Minister to decide, " he said with a laugh. Lemieux relied heavily on the support of the local farmers of GPR to keep his seat. Farming is one of the top industries throughout the riding. "We, as Conservatives, are strong defenders of supply management. I am personally a strong defender of supply management. If you speak with farmers, they know that. They are happy with me and our government on that position," said Lemieux. As the curtain began to drop on this election, Lemieux took one last opportunity to thank not only the voters, his team,

and the countless volunteers and donors that lent a hand to his campaign, but to give a heartfelt thanks to his family for their energy and encouragement. His wife of 25 years, Audrey, told The Villager, that it really wasn't all that hard for her and their five children to support Lemieux in the race. In fact, it was daughter Julie that encouraged Lemieux to run in 2006 and she stood proudly behind him along with her sister Danielle and brother Michael during his address to the crowd in Rockland. "We are very proud of Pierre. We support him every hour of every day, not just during an election," said Audrey Lemieux. "We are very proud to have him as our MP, not just because he is my husband and a dad, but because he is so committed. What you see is what you get. He is the real thing." That, apparently, is just what the local electorate ordered and will expect for the next four years.




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The Villager May 4, 2011 Page 3

Bourgeois goes down to defeat in GPR By Darren Matte Villager Staff EMBRUN— As election results started to come in, the packed campaign office of Liberal candidate Julie Bourgeois began to record results on their white boards from various polling stations in Glengarry, PrescottRussell (GPR). Soon however, it was apparent that these results were not what the Liberals were hoping for. After about 1/10 of the boards had been filled up, her campaign manager made the call to stop recording the results as she was not going to win. At 10:15 an announcement was made to all in attendance that it was time to come to a reality that Bourgeois would not win. Campaign organizers said that they had received numbers from polls in Casselman and Hawkesbury that were not as positive as they had expected. The organizers did however say that they were pleasantly surprised by the results in Russell, saying that they did better than expected. After the announcement had been made all eyes in the building turned to the television monitors and murmurs of a majority started. This became the new concern for the Liberals in attendance. One woman said, “If they get a majority I’m moving.”

Above, Julie Bourgeois was all smiles when she entered her campaign headquarters on election night, May 2, despite losing to Conservative incumbent, Pierre Lemieux. Bourgeois told her supporters that she was pleased with how her campaign went and their support. Photo By Darren Matte

Another man noted that the split left vote was what really hurt Bourgeois and the Liberals. “Look at the NDP candidate’s (Denis Seguin) numbers. We don’t even know who he is, he has been nowhere in this campaign, if we would have gotten half of those votes things would have been different.” The building became very quiet at 10:30 as the television stations announced a conservative majority. Soon after, Bourgeois arrived. Despite the loss, Bourgeois was all smiles at

the turn out of supporters who had come to greet her. She immediately addressed them. “I am very proud of the campaign we ran. It was a positive campaign and we worked very hard. We may not have won tonight but we made leaps forward for the future especially by getting so many young people involved. We may not have won the war but we won some battles. The Liberal Party will rebound from the losses tonight and we will be able to rebuild and be stronger next election. I am proud of all the work that

everybody did, thank you for your support, we had a great team and no one can take that away from us.” After talking with each of her supporters personally, and taking numerous phone calls Bourgeois summed up the experience. “We ran an honest campaign and I have no regrets. It is quite encouraging to see the atmosphere here tonight; I could not have imagined that when I started out. “ One area that may have hurt Bourgeois was her absence at the final debate in Alexandria. Bourgeois spoke about what happened. “We had told organizers two weeks prior that we were unavailable, we asked for more details and they only got back to us the day before. Obviously they didn’t want me there and I guess it worked right?” As for her political future Bourgeois has yet to make any decisions. “I am just going to finish the night, it looks like it will be a majority government so we have four years to figure that out.” Bourgeois finished with 17,698 votes good enough for 30.67 per cent of the vote in GPR. Conservative Pierre Lemieux finished with 28,144 votes and 48.77 per cent of the vote. For Lemieux, originally elected in 2006, this was the largest margin of victory.

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PamperonMom Green Party takes a step back in local riding Mother’s Day!

Above, Green Party Candidate for Glengarry, Prescott-Russell, Sylvie Lemieux (right), held her election night party in conjunction with Ottawa-Orleans Green candidate Paul Maillet. Lemieux was optimistic at the beginning of the night that she could improve on her total from the last election, but it was not to be as she gained only 3.56 per cent of the vote. Photo By Darren Matte

By Darren Matte Villager Staff ORLEANS— The Glengarry, Prescott-Russell Green Party took a step back not only failing to reach their objective of 10 per cent of the vote, but also losing votes from the 2008 election. At the beginning of her campaign, GPR Green candidate Sylvie Lemieux said she wanted to double the 5.36 per cent she received in 2008, unfortunately, she only received 3.56 per cent this time around. Lemieux and fellow Green Party candidate from OttawaOrleans, Paul Maillet, held a joint gathering at the Barley Mow in Orleans on election night. At the beginning of the evening, Lemieux

felt that her campaign went very well and was pleased with all of the work her volunteers did. This election, Lemieux increased her budget from $5,000 to $10,000 but it was not enough to double her votes. Lemieux received 2,055 votes down from 2008 when she received 2,908. Lemieux felt that she had improved from her previous campaign and was pleased with how the debates went. Despite the results, Lemieux says she still believes in her party and her region and will consider being the Green candidate for the third time.

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Page 4 The Villager May 4, 2011

& Op pinion EDITORIAL

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LETTERS Editor to the

I 'fish' you all thanks!

The Editor, 12th Annual The Poutmasters Fishing Tournament was a great success again this year. Things were a little sketchy with the recent weather we were experiencing, but we lucked out with two sunfilled days on Saturday and Sunday. The sun was shining on the tournament in many more ways besides the weather conditions as goals were reached once again. Although finances have not been finalized yet, this year's tournament should reach over $5000 raised for the Canadian Cancer Society. support the The Poutmasters receives from people within our communities continues to amaze me by surpassing my expectations. From the dedicated participants, who turn out year after year looking for that big fish, to the contributors, who without hesitation provide us with the resources to put on this fabulous event, I cannot thank you enough. Russell and the surrounding communities have some extremely special business people and groups such as the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC). These employees go above and beyond their normal job duties by attending events like ours right from the planning stage to the event date and seldom receive the level of thanks they deserve. Your dedication is truly an inspiration to the rest of us. Additionally, SNC provides us with financial support for the tournament; thank you. The Township of Russell so graciously provides us with grant support in addition to the use of the Russell pool area for our headquarters. The Township also provides us with all the on-site recy-

cling and garbage requirements - thank you! The Russell Scotiabank staff also participates in our event every year, whether sun, rain or snow. Scotiabank adds to the contribution made to the Canadian Cancer society by matching a portion of the weekend revenues; thank you. With so many businesses being approached by so many groups with excellent causes, I would like to thank all of you for supporting the Poutmasters as well as all the other groups in our communities. I would also like to specific give thanks to the Russell Lions Club, Graydex, Direct Energy Business Services, Hydro One, Wallace Service Centre, and many more businesses that make the Poutmasters a success - thank you! Thank you to RJ's Pronto, Barry's Home Hardware, and Town and Country Video who took early registration for the tournament. Please look for our entire list of sponsors on the website and visit these places of business when you can, even if it is to just say thank you. To the volunteers who give up much more than just a weekend from their personal lives, I wish I could do more than simply thank you for all you do. You consistently blow my expectations out of the water. Your dedication and determination is second to none - thank you! I will make an official announcement in the media once the total figures are gathered for the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you to all and see you in 2012! Mike Leman Poutmasters Organizer

&# 200#)) ')) %#/ 2 )'0&#/ "'1,/ )#0 #-/#0#+1 1'3#0 / -&'! #0'%+ ')#" $/,* 200#))


'+%)# !,-5 6 ++2 ) 02 0!/'-1',+ 0'"# *')#0 +" 4'1&'+ + " -/'!#0 '+!)2"#

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"3#/1'0'+% / 1#0 3 ') )# ,+ /#.2#01 # !(+,4)#"%# 1&# $'+ +!' ) 2--,/1 ,$ 1&# ,3#/+*#+1 ,$ + " 1&/,2%& 1&# + " #/',"'! ) 2+" $,/ ,2/ -2 )'0&'+% !1'3'1'#0

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CASTORCountry By Tom Van Dusen

Calling the shots I don’t want to say I told you so‌ but I told you so. Way before election night, I called in this space the outcome of the federal election in our home ridings of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, StormontDundas-South Glengarry, and in Nepean-Carleton. I predicted the Conservative incumbents in the ridings would be re-elected because they deserved to be‌ and they were. I saluted the calibre of the Liberal opponents in all three ridings but boldly announced they’d be dragged down by their national campaign and their leader Michael Ignatieff. That’s what happened. While I didn’t go completely out on a limb, I suggested the likely scenario of a Conservative majority and demise, possibly even catastrophic, of the Liberals led by Iggy. Those two outcomes also came to pass. The only thing I didn’t quite foresee was “Orange Crushâ€?, the extent of the breath-taking rise of the NDP, particularly in Quebec but with impact across the land, including in our three ridings where the party gained votes. While I felt the Orange and the Red might trade places in the House of Commons, I thought there’d be a much closer sharing of seats. And I was rooting for Green leader Elizabeth May‌ she deserved to get elected. My ability to accurately predict the outcome of this unwanted but very dramatic election doesn’t make me some kind of guru. All I did was correctly assess the mood of Canadians outside Quebec which I based on my own mood: Minority government fatigue, fed up with parliamentary political shenanigans, a desire for stable, long-term government, a focus on sound eco-

Not as impressed as reported The Editor, In the article, "TMES workshop provide answers while creating more questions" (Villager, April 13, 2011), I was reported as saying that I was "very impressed with what they (TMES) have looked at in terms of the groundwater and the geology of the area". I don't remember saying exactly that and would like to clarify that I was not impressed with the geological and groundwater information that was provided. Geological Information TMES indicated that the rock beds in the quarry are tilted two to three degrees slightly west of north across the site, but those

nomic management, and a preference for proven track records at the local level. As did scores of fellow Canadians, I came up with the solution of a Conservative majority government. As for the opposition, the NDP rise couldn’t happen to a nicer party. While I’ve had trouble voting for it because of its tendency to overspend, I’ve always liked the NDP with its savethe-world policies and its often eccentric leaders. It’ll be fascinating to see what Jack Layton and his new recruits from QuÊbec achieve as Official Opposition for the first time in Canadian political history. And Jack slew the Bloc QuÊbÊcois dragon! Who would have thunk it only a few short weeks ago! What the hell happened to reduce the BQ to a fringe party without official status in Parliament? Why was the NDP the instrument chosen by Quebecers either to return to the federalist fold or to at least give the BQ an amazing spanking? The pundits will be dining out on this turn of events for months! Probably more than separatists who wanted to punish him, federalists feel a twinge of sadness for chief Blochead Gilles Duceppe who, over 20 years, ironically became part of the national political mix. Just like Iggy, the extent of voter retribution led to Duceppe’s demise in his own riding. Does it really mean that Quebecers are back, that the sovereignty option has crumbled? Probably not. The next provincial election will be a more meaningful test of the current level of QuÊbec loyalty to Canada. Do you want me to call it? OK‌ a minority for the Quebec Liberals, barring a revival of the provincial wing of the NDP party. If that happens, anything goes. Getting back to our local ridings,

beds were formed from sediments laid down in water and on land, which means that they should be horizontal. Other than being tilted, the beds are not deformed. TMES said that this is a good indication that there are no faults in the area. I hope they have no-fault insurance, as I would ask why the beds are tilted at all! They showed a map of area faults, obtained from the Ontario Geological Survey, but insisted that there was no movement on any area faults in the last 10,000 years. Clearly they don't understand that earthquakes are caused by a slipping movement along a fault. I guess since none of the proponents live in the area they would not have felt the magnitude 5.0 earthquake on June 23, 2010 or the magnitude 4.3 earthquake

omissions in connection with any advertisement is strictly limited to publication of the advertisement in any subsequent issue or the refund of any monies paid for the advertisement.

Pierre Lemieux, Guy Lauzon, and Pierre Poilievre won with enviable majorities in PRG, SDSG and NepeanCarleton respectively. They all ran solid campaigns based on impressive records of service and the proven theme that a Conservative government was best equipped to continue to manage the Canadian economy, preferably over four years. As I mentioned, that theme obviously resonated with Canadians across the land. We may be the most affluent society on earth and we may provide some of the most elaborate social safety nets, such as universal health care, but we’re also the highest taxed people on the planet. The line has to be drawn and only the Conservatives are prepared to draw it. In a recent column, I made the case that one of our hardworking MPs should be named to the next Conservative Cabinet. While they share the Ottawa rural ring riding spotlight with returning Tory powerhouses Gord Brown in Leeds-Grenville, Scott Reid in Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, Gordon O’Connor in Carleton-Mississippi Mills (who has already enjoyed Cabinet time) and perennial national media whipping girl Cheryl Gallant in Renfrew-NipissingPembroke, our guys deserve careful consideration.

on March 16, 2011. Groundwater Info TMES printed out a cross section of the quarry site and the projected soil and rock layers over to the Vars-Winchester esker located north of Embrun. They printed it at 1:1 scale rather than the usual 10:1 scale to show how far away it was from the proposed CRRRC site. This was an attempt to indicate that the Vars-Winchester esker aquifer is very far away from the proposed dump and would not contaminate the municipal wells of Vars, Limoges, EmbrunMarionville, Winchester and Chesterville. They also quoted a recent study done for the South Nation Conservation Authority indicating that the esker receives its main source of water from rainwater and surface water and not from groundwater.

This was of little consolation to the neighbouring landowners to the proposed dump who are on private wells. TMES also indicated the ground surface around the quarry is about 82-85 m. above sea level (ASL), the bottom elevation of the quarry is at 74 m. ASL and the local water table was located at 80-81 m. ASL. This means the water table is about 6 m. above the base of the quarry. They continued to make the statement that the water in the quarry is all surface water (rain, snow melt and surface runoff) and does not include groundwater. I am baffled to understand how this is possible! So was I impressed with all of the information? Clearly not! Harry Baker Russell

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The Villager May 4, 2011 Page 5

Allison Toohey-Faughnan, Russell Voted: Conservative

Daniel Thibault, Embrun Voted: Conservative

"Watching on all the social media sites like youTube and seeing all the hate ads that the other parties have thrown in, digging deep for anything they could do to try and get people not to vote for Conservatives versus to vote for their party, kind of bugged me. I actually think that it is important to have a minority government because then it would be a little more even. I hope that all our politicians are going to grow up and start making decisions that are the best for Canada and not just for their own parties."

"I am a university student and the Liberals considered raising the taxes. To me that is the part that would really hit me because I don't have a lot of money to begin with. Having to give extra every time you buy anything is something that I cannot afford right now."

Andrea White, Embrun Voted: Liberal

"Last time I voted for Harper because I was sick and tired of the Liberals. I like to watch politics on tel-

"The Liberal platform is more reflective of what our family stands for. The bilingual issues are really important as well. We were really interested in the CBC's Vote Compass that gave us kind of an overview of what the

Jennifer Bell-Harding, Russell Voted: NDP "My husband is going to kill me for saying this, but I looked up on his (NDP candidate Denis Seguin) and he works for the Peace and Development Association. That's what I am all about."

Francine Nadeau, Embrun Voted: NDP

Liberals were going for, which reflected what we were really interested in as well."

Having your say on Election Day The Villager took its microphone down to the polling stations in Russell and Embrun on Election Day to let you have your say on what party earned your support and what issue was the driving voice that helped you to make up your mind in the voting booth. Here is a sample of what you had to say. Jackie Mitchell, Embrun Voted: Liberal

evision and Harper, no more. He wants to run Canada by himself and he doesn't listen to anybody it's "my way or no one else's". As for the Liberals, as a party, it's over. Their whole policies are not good at all. That's too bad for Julie (Bourgeois), but I had to vote NDP and Denis Seguin. I had to vote for change."

Gerry Lanctot, Embrun Voted: Conservative "The man that took us out of the recession should be the one running the country. That man is Harper."

"We just have to get Harper out of there. He has not been doing me any favours at all. I recently retired and I feel that there is a whole lot more that they can do for retirees. I am not married and do not have any children and we have been Charles Wilson, Embrun left holding the bag to paying the bulk part of the taxes for Voted: Liberal years. I know that the Liberals are not that different in their "I voted this way because of the contempt issues plans but I sort of like that 'Family Pack' that Ignatieff was with the Harper government. I like Ignatieff's ideas on talking about. It seems to have more things in it for me than education and his learning passport. Also his help for what Harper was talking about. As far as Jack Layton goes, seniors and support for healthcare - that played well for I think anybody from Ontario should have learned their lesson from Bob Rae Days." me."

Tony Bass, Russell - Voted: Conservative

Jean Hamilton, Russell - Voted: Conservative

"There are lots of countries out there that aren't doing as well as "I like Pierre Lemieux and I know him personally. He is a very Canada. If, all of a sudden, we give power to another Party that doesn't pleasant man and has done a lot for this Township and the riding. He know how they're going to do it, I am more comfortable sticking with the is always willing to help the farmers. He is simply a great guy." status quo right now."



$ 99

sign up!

to decorate a cake for Mom or Grandma at our bakery counter.

per child

Fun for All

Take home a personal cake, and leave the mess for us.

One class at 11 a.m. and another at 1 p.m. There is limited space for each class. To register, call or come in and see our bakery department.

124 Craig St., Russell ON


Villager May 4 pg 06_Villager May 26 pg 06 11-05-03 3:46 PM Page 1

Page 6 The Villager May 4, 2011

Wild windstorm wreaks havoc across region By Jason Isaac The Villager Editor RUSSELL TOWNSHIP - A violent windstorm passed through the region last Thursday leaving a swath of broken hydro poles, downed trees, missing shingles, flattened barns and sheds, as well as a few split nerves from residents in its wake. Environment Canada had issued a severe wind warning earlier that morning with expected wind gusts ranging from 60 to 90 kilometres per hour. For a brief period late in the afternoon, the storm also brought heavy rain and a thunderstorm that whipped through Russell Township. The freak wind storm was attributed to a large tree uprooting and crashing across Mill St. in Russell and a quarter of the village plunged into darkness, including homes in Old Towne West as well as the grocery and hardware stores, and the pharmacy for close to 24 hours while repairs had to be made on hydro lines to restore power. More dangerously, the wind caused the main steeple on the St-Jacques Catholic Church on Notre Dame St. in Embrun to sway back and forth, resulting in extensive damage to the structure, leaving the steeple and an ornamental cross bent backwards to the north. Members of the Embrun Fire Department and a Russell Township maintenance crew worked on removing one of the decorative chimney tops from the east side of the church on Friday morning which

had also buckled in the wind and was at risk of falling onto the street below. An engineer has been brought in to investigate the structural damage to the Place of Worship that celebrates 155 years in 2011. According to first reports, there are definite signs of structural deterioration and weakness that pose an immediate threat to the safety of anyone entering the church or being within its vicinity. Yellow caution tape is still up around the perimetre of the church to keep people at a safe distance. It was that warning that kept parishioners away from Sunday Mass this past weekend. Instead services were held at the Embrun Community Centre. There is no indication if and when the congregation will be allowed back into StJacques or how long before the structure can be stabilized and repairs completed to deem the church safe to the public. Last year, a complete refurbishment of the Catholic Church in Casselman was completed that included repairs to the steeple. While insurance may pay for some of the damage at St-Jacques, the congregation may have to come up with a lot of money on their own to support their church's upgrades. Speaking with one St-Jacques parishioner who wished to remain anonymous, he told The Villager, "Casselman went through the trouble with their church now I guess it's Embrun's turn."


•Sales & Parts• •Servicing All Major Brands•

•Pressure Washer ~ Hot & Cold• •Floor Care Equipment• •Sweepers• This Month’s Feature:

BE - PTO Driven Direct Drive Washer PTO RPM-540 Hitch-Cat 1 PSI-4,000 GPM-3.5

Karcher Classic HDS 4.0/20 GPM 4 PSI 2,000....$5,995 Karcher Classic HDS 3.5/30 GPM 3.5 PSI 3,000....$6,585

A windy wallop

a windstorm that tore For info call ALAIN LABELLE Visit our Showroom 2610 Glenfield Rd., Ottawa 613-913-4725 or 613-748-1750 Above, the highlighted through the area last atemail: Corner of Hawthorne & Stevenage shows the Thursday. area decorative cross bending backwards as well as other structural damage to the steeple of St-Jacques Catholic Church on Notre Dame St. in Embrun. The damage was caused by BLOWOUT PRICES STARTING AT $250


7 A.M. TO 12 NOON



See for directions


Send her a delightful bouquet from your local florist

Risky Business Above, a Hydro One road crew works to replace a broken hydro pole along St. Guillaume Road just North of Embrun; left, a member of the Embrun Fire Department and the Russell Township maintenance crew member work on removing one of the decorative chimneys on top of St-Jacques Catholic Church in Embrun. Photos by Jason Isaac

Hedgeworks - Hedge trimming - Gardening & landscaping NOW SCHEDULING BOOKINGS IN RUSSELL



20 Tulips Assorted Colours Wrapped in cello $34.95 Arranged in clear glass vase


Magnificent Mom from

$65.95 As shown


• Fresh Flower Arrangements $35.00 - $100.00 • Cut Flower Bouquets $30.00-$75.00 • Flowering Plants $25.00-$60.00 • Planter Baskets $35.00-$100.00 • Bud Vases from $17.95

Durant’s Flowers: Serving all of Dundas County and surrounding area for over 40 years Check out our website for more featured selections: 1-800-263-5459

507 St. Lawrence St. Winchester

613-774-3825 2 Industrial Dr. Chesterville


Quality and Service Guaranteed

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The Villager May 4, 2011 Page 7





Join us on SATURDAY, MAY 7


Free Giveaways, Balloons, Refreshments, Entertainment and 50th Anniversary Deals!

CHARITY BBQ: Get a hotdog AND drink for $1





avec nous le SAME D I 7 M A I Il y aura des cadeaux gratuits, des ballons, des rafraîchissements, du divertissement et des aubaines spéciales du 50e!


Villager May 4 pg 08_Villager May 26 pg 08 11-05-03 1:11 PM Page 1

Page 8 The Villager May 4, 2011

Deadline 3 p.m. Mondayy







WOOD SHAVINGS Premium, kiln dried, pine wood shavings. $5.00- 3.25 cu.ft. Compressed. Please contact for volume pricing. Delivery available. Alex 613-806-5569. 35tfc

Plant Sale - Perennials, Peonies, bleeding heart, asiatic lilies, cactus, lupins, star of bethlehem etc. Shrubs and bulbs. FUNDRAISER. Bakker-1927 South Russell Road, Russell. 41

OFFICE/RETAIL For rent in Russell, 500 sq. ft, 700 sq. ft, 1200 sq. ft. Please call 613-327-1668 Donna or Angelo. 39-3

Vehicles For Sale Credit problem? In-house finance is easy. Just apply on-line and become pre-approved. For clean, low mileage vehicles: or call Car-o-line Autos @ 1-877820-5598 or 613-448-2488. ctfc


PROFESSIONAL PET SITTING Dog Walking Quality care for your pets and home while you’re away. Mid-day exercise or medication while you’re at work. PETS AND HOME SERVICES Bonded, Insured Colleen Petry 613-445-3480 www.petsandhomeservices 10ctfn

FOR SALE - 2004 HONDA CRF-230F Off-Road Bike. Well-maintained, low hours, recent tune-up including battery, spark plugs, new rear brakes. Asking $3,500 obo. Call 613-816-5375. stf TREES FOR SALE - Locally grown trees-6 ft. serbian spruce-$75, 5 ft tamarack$40, 3 ft. norway spruce$25, 2 ft. balsam fir-$20., 6 ft. paper birch-$30. Delivery available. Call John 613448-1294. Located at 13685 Grantley Rd., Chesterville, On. 41-4 ANTIQUE Claw Foot Cast Iron Bathtub. $500. Call 613774-3832. 39tfc Tent Trailer 2001 - 2170 Viking Tent Trailer - sleeps 6, 3 way fridge, 30amp power, front storage trunk, torsion bars, tow mirrors, portable toilet and more $4700 obo. 613-987-5685 Paul. tfc

Gerry’s Custom Built Kitchens Custom Woodwork Since 1976 613-445-6631 or 613-835-2034 Kitchens, vanities, counter tops, (re)finishing. Free estimates, design service available. Mike Hiemstra. 52c DECKS Russell, Neil Simard Castor Carpentry 613-445-4196 or cell 613799-2277 Free Estimates. 42 Repairs and Welding on all your Farm Equipment $50 per hour shop rate. Equipment Traders 613-774-0651 or 613-2297718. Ask for John. stfctfn Metcalfe Custom Air Sheet metal work, HRV and Heating Installations. Wayne E. Irven, 613-821-2554 37-38

FOR RENT TOWNHOUSE Park Place (Winchester) 2 bedroom , fridge, stove, washer, dryer. No pets. Call 613-774-3832. 30tfc


BACHELOR APT. Russell, $500, all inclusive. Fridge, stove. Available immediately. 613-445-3407 39tfc HOUSE For Rent Chesterville. Large 3 -4 bedroom house, older, 1 1/2 bath, oil and pellet stove. Walk to all. $760 plus utilities. Available from June 1. 1st/last and references. 613445-2082. 41

NOTICES A.A. meetings - Russell. Mondays, 8 p.m. at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Catholic Church & Saturdays, 8 p.m. at Russell United Church, Mill Street. For information call 613443-5988 or 613-821-3017. cf

TREE TRIMMING & REMOVAL Over 15 Years Of Experience

Free Estimates 445-5663

Bill Bakker

FOUND Please call The Villager with “Found� items. There is no charge to put them in the classifieds. Call 1-866-3073541. tfc KEYS - GM keys with remote starter at MacEwen’s Gas Bar, Russell. Please stop by and identify/claim. tfc

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! COME AND JOIN OUR TEAM! We need a mature and knowledgeable full-time

SMALL ENGINE MECHANIC • Must have experience with Arctic Cat ATVs and snowmobiles, as well as lawn and garden equipment. • Need to be able to communicate and work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.

Tips for a successful

Call Allan at 613-821-4263 or email your resume to 2665 8th Line Rd., Metcalfe



Health Care Directory

Are you planning a garage or yard sale? Do you want to make money? The trick is to be well organized, so here are a few tips to make your day a success!

Our goal is your continued good health.

REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPY Claudette Pitre, RMT*, RRPr Registered Massage Therapist Registered Reflexology Practitioner

Ă€ LOUER / FOR RENT: EMBRUN Apt. 2 c. Ă coucher Inclus poĂŞle, rĂŠfrigirateur, lave vaisselle, A/C, eau chaude, ĞƚÄ?ŚĂƾčĂĹ?Ğ͘Ĺ?Ć?ƉŽŜĹ?Ä?ůĞůĞϭer Juin ĎŽÄ?ÄžÄšĆŒĹ˝Ĺ˝ĹľÍ•Ĺ?ĹśÄ?ůƾĚĞĆ?Ć?ƚŽǀĞ͕Ä¨ĆŒĹ?ÄšĹ?Ğ͕ dishwasher, A/C, hot water and radiant ŚĞĂĆ&#x;ĹśĹ?͘ǀĂĹ?ĹŻÄ‚Ä?ĹŻÄž:ƾŜĞĎ­st




968-B Notre Dame, Embrun 613-443-0406 (Same Location as Experience Unik)



Some useful items to have on hand:







Fax: 613-448-3260


Villager May 4 pg 09_Villager May 26 pg 09 11-05-03 12:10 PM Page 1

The Villager May 4, 2011 Page 9

Deadline 3 p.m. Mondayy







VOLUNTEER NOW! Organizations or individuals who have tasks which could be done by students looking for their volunteer hours, are welcome to advertise in this space free of charge for TWO (2) weeks. Call The Villager at 1-866-307-3541 with your requests. tfc

DESSERT AND CARD PARTY WDMH AUXILIARY Monday May 9th at 1:15. Cost $5.00. McIntosh Senior Support Centre, Williamsburg. 41

BAZAAR AND LUNCHEON ST. MARY’S ANGLICAN CHURCH 139 Castor Street, Russell May 7 - ll am to 1 pm. Best salad bar in town! Everyone Welcome and bring a friend. Info Evelyn at 613-4452089. 41-1

VILLAGE VOICES Village Voices Women’s Choir presents “What a Wonderful World”. With guests The Ottawa Youth Harp Ensemble. Sat. May 14, 2011 at 7:30 pm at Trinity Bible Church, 4101 Stagecoach Rd., Osgoode. Tickets $10 Children 12 and under free. Refreshments. More information at or 613-821-2174 w w w. f r e e w e b s . c o m / v i l lagevoices 42-2

Wanted - Volunteer student(s) for lawn mowing and yard work for a day, month or the season. I’m on Des Pins St. and can pick you up/drop you off if you need a ride. Please contact Hill at Judy or 613-445-2849 before 6 pm. tfc

RUMMAGE/GARAGE/ PLANT SALE Held by St. Andrew’s and St. Paul’s United Church, Friday May 13 from 2pm to 8 pm and Saturday May 14 fronm 8 am to 2 pm. Donations accepted Tues. May 3 and 10, Wed. May 4 & 11, Thurs. May 5 & 12, 9 am to noon and Wed. May 4 & 11 5:30 pm to 9 pm and Saturday May 7 9am to 2 pm. Plant, perennials dug from crowded gardens, will be sold on Saturday only. 41-1

USED CLOTHING SALE St. Mary’s Anglican Church used clothing sale. May 28, 9a.m. to 12 p.m. Clothing donations accepted Sunday and Wednesday mornings 9 -12 am at 139 Castor Street, Russell. 40-1

in honour of

Marc Dignard, BSc. PT. Stéphane Gougeon, BSc. PT. Kevin Moore, BSc. PT. Janette Marquardt, BSc. PT. Serge Lanteigne, BSc. PT.

Jennifer Armstrong & Jason Chambers

Saturday, May 7, 2011 9 pm-1 am Crysler Community Centre Live Music by ‘Hands Down’ Light Lunch Served


Network Classifieds: Tickets: $5 per person


AZ DRIVERS (2 years exp.) required for U.S. Cross Border & Domestic work. Competitive mileage rate, company benefits, monthly idle bonus, biannual safety bonus, new dedicated equipment, paid orientation. Call Bill @ Toll-Free 1-800-265-8789 Ext. 299 or email me at

DRIVERS WANTED: Terrific career opportunity outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Experience Needed! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation & benefits pkg. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time Valid License High School Diploma or GED. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE. FINANCIAL SERVICES

$$$ MONEY $$$ FOR ANY PURPOSE!!! WE CAN HELP - Decrease payments by 75%! 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages & Credit lines. Bad credit, tax or mortgage arrears OK. OntarioWide Financial Corp. (LIC# 10171), Toll-Free 1-888-307-7799, $500$ LOAN, NO CREDIT REFUSED. Fast, Easy and Secure. 1877-776-1660.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM. Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce/eliminate interest, regardless of credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call: 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member. AUTOMOTIVE

MOTOR VEHICLE dealers in Ontario MUST be registered with OMVIC. To verify dealer registration or seek help with a complaint, visit or 1-800-943-6002. If you're buying a vehicle privately, don't become a curbsider's victim. Curbsiders are impostors who pose as private individuals, but are actually in the business of selling stolen or damaged vehicles.

Real Estate, Corporate, Commercial, Family Law, Wills and Estates Legal Aid Accepted

Tel.: 613-297-1669 Fax: 613-445-1608

Birt h Announcement



RICHARD D. KARGUS, B.A., LL.B. Barrister • Solicitor Russell, Ontario

The sail stands for freedom, motion and direction

EMBRUN 657 Notre-Dame, Embrun, ON K0A 1W1 Tel: (613) 443-3843 Fax: (613) 443-3721 ROCKLAND 208-2741 Chamberland, Rockland ON K4K 0B8 Tel: (613) 446-2891 Fax: (613) 446-2893

DOOLEY - Darrell and Sarah Dooley, along with big sister, Isabella and big brother Troy, celebrate the speedy arrival of Victoria Grace Dooley, born on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 5:31 p.m., weighing 7 lb. 3 oz. Proud grandparents are Richard and Joyce Dooley, Barry and Valerie Cochrane, along with Great-grandparents Marion Cochrane, Floyd and Betty Cochrane, and Evelyn Cowan. Special thank you to Dr. St. Cyr, Dr. Rivington and the wonderful maternity nurses at Winchester District Memorial Hospital.

Advertise Across Ontario or Across the Country!



CONCRETE FINISHERS. Edmontonbased company seeks experienced concrete finishers for work in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780-444-7103.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal. 100% Free Information Booklet. 1-8-Now-Pardon (1-866-972-7366). Speak with a Specialist No Obligation. A+BBB Rating. 20+ Yrs Experience. Confidential. Fast. Affordable.

FREE UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE - Home Phone & Highspeed. You're Approved! No Deposits, No Credit Checks. CALL Talk Canada Home Phone Today! Visit or Toll-Free 1-866-867-8293.

$$$ 1st, 2nd, 3rd MORTGAGES - Tax Arrears, Renovations, Debt Consolidation, no CMHC fees. $50K you pay $208.33/month (OAC). No income, bad credit, power of sale stopped!! BETTER OPTION MORTGAGES, CALL 1-800-282-1169, (LIC# 10969).


DISCONNECTED PHONE? National Teleconnect Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call National Teleconnect Today! 1-866-443-4408. A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don't Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

SAWMILLS - Band/Chainsaw SPRING SALE - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY. In stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195.00. 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. #1 HIGH SPEED INTERNET $24.95 / Month. Absolutely no ports are blocked. Unlimited Downloading. Up to 5Mps Download and 800Kbps Upload. ORDER TODAY AT or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-866-281-3538. CAN'T GET UP YOUR STAIRS? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866981-6590.

HOT TUB COVERS & Accessories. Lowest price, highest quality. All sizes and colours available. Call 1-888-6117660.


$$$ 1st & 2nd & Construction Mortgages, Lines of Credit... 95-100% Financing. BELOW BANK RATES! Poor credit & bankruptcies OK. No income verification plans. Servicing Eastern & Northern Ontario. Call Jim Potter, Homeguard Funding Ltd. TollFree 1-866-403-6639, email: jim,, LIC #10409. A BELOW BANK RATE, 1st and 2nd Mortgages from 2.20% VRM, 4.19% 5 YR. Fixed, 95% - 100% o.a.c. Financing, 1st TIME HOME BUYERS, Debt Consolidation, Self-employed, All Credit Types considered. CALL 1800-225-1777, www.homeguard, EST. 1983. LIC #10409. VACATION/TRAVEL

ST. LAWRENCE RIVER CRUISES World class cruising close to home. The hassle free way to travel. 2, 3, 5 or 6 nights in private Staterooms. Included: Shore excursions, great meals & nightly entertainment. TICO#2168740. 253 Ontario St., Kingston, 1-800-267-7868,

For more information contact


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TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE. Invest 10 hrs/wk and build a serious business. You guide and train - no sales, no inventory, no risk. Great income!

WWW.PREMIERSOLARINC.COM "Your Long Term Solar Partners" System Sales/Installations/ Financing/Dealership. Start Making Money with the 'MicroFIT Program' TODAY! Call Now! Toll-Free 1-877255-9580.

$$$ MAKE FAST CASH - Start Your Own Business - Driveway Sealing Systems, Possible payback in 2 weeks. Part-time, Full-time. CALL Today Toll-Free 1-800-465-0024. Visit: BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today.

Your local newspaper


CRIMINAL RECORD? Seal it with a PARDON! Need to enter the U.S.? Get a 5 year WAIVER! Call for a free brochure. Toll-free 1-888-9-PARDON or 905-459-9669. ANOTHER LONELY SUMMER... We hope not! MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS can find you someone you love to spend your life with. Ontario's traditional matchmaker. CALL (613) 257-3531, DATING SERVICE. Long-term/shortterm relationships, Free to try! 1-877297-9883. Intimate conversation, Call #4011 or 1-888-534-6984. Live 1on1 Call 1-866-311-9640 or #4010. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+) TRUE ADVICE! True clarity! True Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 (18+) $3.19/minute 1-900-783-3800; STEEL BUILDINGS

BUILDING SALE... Canadian Manufacturer Direct. 25x40 $6,320. 30x40 $7,370. 35x50 $9,980. 40x80 $18,900. 47x100 $31,600. Ends optional. Many others. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers since 1980, 1-800-6685422.


FIREARMS WANTED FOR JUNE 18th AUCTION: Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns. As Estate Specialists WE manage sale of registered / unregistered firearms. Contact Paul, Switzer's Auction: Toll-Free 1-800-694-2609, or

• It’s Affordable • It’s Fast • It’s Easy • It’s Effective • One Bill Does It All • All Ontario $475 • National Packages Available!

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Page 10 The Villager May 4, 2011

Patterson Carpentry Renovations & General Construction

7,/;E< 63: $+698 (>:0;0=,3@ <99-,*; 7,/; ;;+==

# " #$ %! !




*#/+2* # $2'*%/+*

John Patterson Russell, ON 613-445-1226

New and Used Sporting Goods Skate Sharpening 1135 Concession St., Russell, ON (613) 445-1481

+-/& 0..$(( #

)!$-. "(', . (+* ('1$ "+)



$ "


" ! #'+%))#'(* )($#)* !(&



' #) '

" " &)#

# "# !

%2/ 977>83=B +6/8.+; 3< 7+./ :9<<3,6/ =2;9>12 =2/ <>::9;= 90 =2/</ -98=;3,>=381 ,><38/<</<


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Villager May 4 pg 11_Villager May 26 pg 11 11-05-03 3:48 PM Page 1

The Villager May 4, 2011 Page 11

E-mail your sports p information tto ill dit

Sports ports VILLAGER GERSp

Or call 613-574-3223 Fax 613-448-3260

RPS captures gold By Darren Mate Villager Sports ROCKLAND - Basketball gold came home with the Russell Public School basketball team last week, as they were able to win a tournament at Rockland Public School. The tournament was an Upper Canada School Board Invitational tournament and took place on April 27. The Russell team included Nick Campbell, Aidan Friend, Nick Goodwin, Morgan Gostick, Jonah Kelly, Nash MacLean, Kyle Montgomery, Hannah Toth, Brandon VanBruinessen and Kalleigh Young. Grade-two teacher, Rejean Lablond, coached the squad. It was a tournament that featured five teams in total, Pleasant Corners Public School Team 1 and Team 2 from Vankleek Hill, St. Patrick Catholic School from Rockland, Rockland Public School and Russell. Russell’s day began with them taking on Team 1 from Pleasant Corners. The team had a solid game and pulled out the victory. Next up was St. Patrick. St. Patrick was a very strong team, but Russell kept it close, but lost by one point, 16-15. That

turned out to be the only loss for the team in the round robin. Russell rebounded in their third game against the host Rockland Public. They picked up the win and improved to 2-1. With a spot in the finals on the line, Russell met Pleasant Corners 2 in their final round robin game. Once again they were victorious and earned a berth in the championship. The finals had been determined by the team records from the round robin. The top two teams met for the gold, while the third and fourth best met for the bronze. The finals ended up being a rematch with the only team that beat Russell in the round robin, St. Patrick. It was a very close, defensive game that came right down to the wire. With three minutes to go, Russell led 5-4 but St. Patrick was charging. Coach Lablond called a time out, and whatever was said seemed to work. Russell took control, scoring two more baskets in the final minutes to win the game 9-5. Lablond was very proud of his team’s performance. “I would like to congratulate all the players for demonstrating great sportsmanship and playing so well in the tournament.”

Above, The Russell Public School basketball team took home the gold medal at the Upper Canada District School Board Invitational Tournament at Rockland Public School on April 27. Here the team poses with their medals, front row from left, Aidan Friend and Hannah Toth, middle row, from left, Brandon Van Bruinessen, Kalleigh Young and Morgan Gostick, Back row, from left, Coach Rejean Leblond, Jonah Kelly, Nick Campbell, Nash MacLean, Kyle Montgomery and Nick Goodwin.

If you build it, they will come By Mark Lalonde RCSC President Special to the Villager RUSSELL - These words ran true this past week when the RCSC opened its doors at the Community and Sport Centre to register kids for the TYRit Golf and TYRit Tennis programs. Adults also registered for tennis lessons (group and individual). The RCSC is proud to offer the community these new sport programs to help teach kids between the ages of 7 and 12, the FUNdamentals of golf and tennis in a structured setting. Two willing and talented young men, Nick Bergeron/RCSC Director and Luke De Freitas/Certified Tennis Instructor, were on hand to answer questions and take care of registration. Both Nick and Luke are looking forward to introducing kids to tennis and golf out at

Photo Courtesy of Rejean Leblanc

the Centre in the coming weeks/months. In addition, Luke is anxious to help beginners and more experienced tennis players bring their tennis skills to the next level. For parents/adults who missed last week’s registration dates, the RCSC will hold another registration session on Wednesday May 11 at the Community Sport Centre from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The initial reaction from the parents and kids who signed up has been very encouraging. Parents were particularly pleased to learn that new sport programs were being offered closer to home, in the village of Russell. Other new RCSC initiatives to look forward to in the coming weeks are a brand new canteen service out at the Community and Sport Club. The RCSC is also the proud sponsor of the 2nd Annual Russell Run, which will take place on May 14 over at the Centre. For more information on these new programs and up-coming events, visit:

Poutmasters Tournament brings families down to the river At left, you would think by their last names brothers Curtis and Thomas Baas of Russell would be looking to catch a few Bigmouth Bass from the Castor River, but instead it was mudpout they were after during two and a half days of fine fishing at the 12th Annual Poutmasters Tournament organized by a slew of volunteers and lead by Russell’s Mike Leman. Many families even camped out overnight along the riverbank looking to catch the biggest fish and win some of the prizes that were up for grabs, all donated by various businesses in Russell Township and the surrounding area. The Baas boys show off their new fishing rod and lure kit that they won for catching a 455-gram and a 375-gram mudpout respectively. Even their mother Wilma got into the act by winning one of the two canoes that were donated by Graydex and Wallace Service Centre. In all 272 fishermen were registered to compete in the derby including 3-year old Mannix Chiweshe and his mom Noemie Côte of Russell (above). The event was also a fundraiser for the Cdn Cancer Society. Photos by Jason Isaac

Villager May 4 pg 12_Villager May 26pg 12 11-05-03 3:47 PM Page 1

Page 12 The Villager May 4, 2011

Russell Ladies Night raises $22,000 for Foundation Fighting Blindness By Catherine Thompson Etcetera Publications RUSSELL - The Russell Ladies Night on April 30 was not only a great “fundraiser”, but also the kind of “fun raiser” that ladies from around the area have been talking about for the last eight years. Organized by the Russell Ladies Night subcommittee of the Russell Agricultural Society, the event sold 600 tickets and raised $22,000 from a silent and live auction for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, while Scotiabank’s Russell branch topped up the collection with a $5,000 cheque. On the fun side was the western theme. The arena was decorated to the hilt, and most female guests wore western paraphernalia as did a few male volunteers like Don Kettles with the Russell Agricultural Society who met guests riding a large inflatable bronco. Other highlights included a delicious dinner served by A J Catering, an actionfilled auction by Stewart and Erin James and entertainment by Ambush and the Front End. During the live auction of 35 items donated by businesses and individuals, E2 Construction and Renovations’ offer of eight hours work by two men brought in $1,000, while four NHL hockey game tickets from the Ottawa Senators raised $550 and legal fees from Campbell & Sabourin netted $550. Later, event co-chair Judy McFaul said she was “extremely pleased at being sold out. Raising $27,000 for the Foundation is fantastic, especially in that price range.” McFaul said she is lucky to have her eyesight, but others are not so lucky, especially when there is no way of finding out whether an eye disease will strike or not. “I just can’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to see.”

“There are so many causes for them to choose from,” said special guest Wyatt McWilliams. “The ladies really know how to turn fun into a fundraiser and I can’t thank everyone enough. As for the fundraiser, a lot of effort goes into these events. It’s huge being a person with a disability and having a cane. It’s great to see the community come together like that. At first I just lived with it, but now with new research in stem cells, gene therapy, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for other people down the road.” Retinitis pigmentosa hasn’t stopped the courageous Navan farmer from aiding the community either in his hometown or across Canada and from winning the Order of Canada as a result. McWilliams had to give up driving in 1993 because the disease was just getting started, but it is now in the advanced stages. He now relies on good friends for many things, like a drive, helping with his cash crop, and raising Clydesdales and beef cattle. Despite the hurdles, McWilliams has masterminded such causes as Hay West, a cross Canada campaign to help prairie farmers stricken by drought in 2002 and Food Aid for the Ottawa Food Bank in 2005, to help both the needy and raise money for local beef farmers hit by low prices from BSE. Food Aid is still going strong, with a seventh event set for June 3. McWilliams is also known for his work with others in entering a 50 Clydesdale hitch for the Navan Fair’s 50th anniversary and achieving a Guiness World Record. Another speaker, Heather Christy, a retired manager of an accessibility centre with the federal government, said her two adult sons have retinitis pigmentosa, and both have competed internationally at Special Olympics. She discussed how electronic improvements in the workplace are

Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC) On April 9, Taggart Miller Environmental Services hosted two groundwater workshops in Russell. We’d ůŝŬĞƚŽƚŚĂŶŬƚŚŽƐĞǁŚŽĂƩĞŶĚĞĚƚŚĞǁŽƌŬƐŚŽƉƐ͘ tĞĂƉƉƌĞĐŝĂƚĞLJŽƵŐŝǀŝŶŐƵƉLJŽƵƌƟŵĞƚŽďĞƩĞƌ understand the science of groundwater assessment and ƉƌŽƚĞĐƟŽŶ͘dŚĞǁŽƌŬƐŚŽƉƉƌĞƐĞŶƚĂƟŽŶŝƐŶŽǁĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ŽŶŽƵƌǁĞďƐŝƚĞĂƚǁǁǁ͘ĐƌƌƌĐ͘ĐĂ͘dŚĞƉƌĞƐĞŶƚĂƟŽŶŝƐ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞŝŶŶŐůŝƐŚĂŶĚ&ƌĞŶĐŚ͘ We encourage interested persons to visit the ǁĞďƐŝƚĞŽŌĞŶĨŽƌŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶĂďŽƵƚƚŚĞZZZĂŶĚ ĨƵƚƵƌĞĐŽŶƐƵůƚĂƟŽŶĂĐƟǀŝƟĞƐ͘ &ŽƌĨƵƌƚŚĞƌŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶ͕ƉůĞĂƐĞĐŽŶƚĂĐƚ͗ Mr. Hubert Bourque Project Manager Taggart Miller Environmental Services c/o 225 Metcalfe Street, Suite 708 KƩĂǁĂ͕KŶƚĂƌŝŽ<ϮWϭWϵ dĞů͗ϲϭϯͲϰϱϰͲϱϱϴϬ &Ădž͗ϲϭϯͲϰϱϰͲϱϱϴϭ ŵĂŝů͗ŚũďŽƵƌƋƵĞΛĐƌƌƌĐ͘ĐĂ

Above, from left to right, David Kong, past president of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Wyatt McWilliams, Russell Ladies Night co-chairs Judy McFaul, Lynn Rochon and MC Y101 announcer Nancy Stapleton pose with big cheques, $5,000 from Scotiabank in Russell and $22,000 from the Russell Agricultural Society to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, representing the proceeds of Russell Ladies Night on April 29. Photo By Catherine Thompson helping people with visual disabilities and universities, colleges and municipalities are accommodating the visually impaired. “The only thing missing is a cure,” she said. David Kong, past president of the Ottawa chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness mentioned several types of degenerative eye disease like macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, for which there is no known cure or treatment. Kong said the national chapter has raised over $19-million over the last 25 years and the Ottawa chapter has raised over a million. Although there is no known cure or treatment, scientists like Dr. Valerie Wallace and Dr. Catherine Tsilfidis working out of the Ottawa Eye Institute have done promising research on the root causes of retinal degenerative disease. Kong stressed the fact that when people donate to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, they are supporting research done in Ottawa that will benefit people in

the local community, and not disappear to an unknown place. In addition to boosting the Foundation’s finances, the evening raised public awareness of a little-known charity. The Russell Ladies Night committee has a custom of selecting causes that are not well known but deserving assistance. Asked if the Foundation was chosen as a payback to McWilliams for his own fundraising efforts, McFaul said it didn’t start out that way. “It came to our attention that a private donor who was matching funding for the Foundation on a thirty-to-one basis had ended it in December. We thought maybe this is a great cause. Wyatt talked to Laurwie Hamilton from our committee and she called and asked what we thought about this. I spoke to the Foundation and was impressed with what they were doing. They spoke to the committee and it went from there,” McFaul explained. “Now we’re planning for our ninth annual event.”

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The Villager Newspaper published on Wednesday, May 4, 2011