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Delivering customized solutions to National Accounts.

Our Core Purpose

To serve and secure the people, homes and businesses of our communities. Local Response | National Support It’s what sets us apart. At AlliedBarton, we understand how to provide outstanding security services to companies with large, geographically dispersed portfolios who need a consistent program across all locations. The value we offer is our ability to deliver responsive security services across multiple locations through our Local Response | National Support approach. As your National Accounts partner, AlliedBarton brings an exceptional level of local responsiveness through our strategically located district offices.


Strength in Numbers AlliedBarton is the largest American-owned and managed contract security services firm with: > Over 3,000 customers

nationwide > More than 50,000 specially

trained security officers > Over 100 regional and

district offices

Add to this the benefit of our national support network and AlliedBarton brings National Account customers the added value of increased purchasing power, performance tracking, dedicated support teams and the resources needed to keep your security program running smoothly and efficiently.

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 1

Customized National Strategy Executed on a Local Level. AlliedBarton’s National Accounts group was specifically designed to meet the distinctive security service needs of customers with geographically dispersed locations. Our National Accounts team creates and implements effective customer service initiatives and ensures consistency across all locations. AlliedBarton addresses the unique challenges of National Accounts through our extensive knowledge and resources. We prepare National Account customers for success through: > Dedicated portfolio managers > Cost containment and performance incentives

> Consistent service through comprehensive quality assurance programs

> National and local transition and implementation teams

> Contingency planning and emergency personnel deployment

> World class training and experience for a variety of specific industries

> National support resources, including a dedicated National Accounts team

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 2

All Bases Covered. Tactical Transition and Implementation Specialized Training Programs

AlliedBarton understands the complexities involved in transitioning a security program simultaneously at multiple locations. After an initial account assessment, a cohesive security plan is developed and put into action by an assembled transition team. This team coordinates and supports a seamless and transparent changeover at each location. All

AlliedBarton serves a variety of specific markets, many of which require specialized training. Our expertise in each of these areas keeps our knowledge base current to the latest codes and regulations, while our security officer certification process ensures compliance. > Chemical and Petrochemical > Commercial Real Estate

functions including IT, human resources, recruiting, training and compliance are handled with ease by an accountable team, accessible 24 hours a day through the AlliedBarton Service Assurance Centers. For more than 50 years, AlliedBarton has managed thousands of successful transitions for customers. Our experience and attention to detail allow for a smooth changeover with positive results. Our seamless transition plan includes: > > > >

Timetable and measurable goals Transition management team Security force deployment Customized training manual

> Security officer recruiting and screening > Basic and on-site training > Security officer review

> Government > Healthcare > Higher Education > Manufacturing and Industrial > Residential Real Estate > Shopping Centers

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 3

Crisis Management and Real-time Emergency Response AlliedBarton’s Service Assurance Centers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With access to our coast-to-coast Wide Area Network, these Service Assurance Centers provide fast and thorough action to customer inquiries and issues. AlliedBarton provides additional management support through two offices dedicated to National Account clients that are fully-staffed with vice presidents and portfolio managers who are ready to respond. AlliedBarton’s National Accounts receive highest priority extra-coverage staffing for emergencies and natural disasters. As part of each customized program, a dedicated Emergency Response Team is identified and available to be called into action for critical emergencies anywhere in the United States. Members of these highly-specialized teams are selected to meet specific criteria for each account and have the ability to travel. In the event of a significant incident that impacts a security program, AlliedBarton’s national and local teams immediately implement the designated Emergency Response Teams to respond.

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 4

Technology AlliedBarton sets the pace for best practices for operations within the industry through the effective use of fully integrated technology in all that we do.

Technology Benefits

AlliedBarton’s superior internal technology platforms and strategic partnerships with a variety of industry-leading technology companies position us as a security technology leader. Our technology systems can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to optimize operational management, simplify communication and improve productivity. Functions such as staffing, scheduling and accurate invoicing are handled through our state-of-the-art systems to provide real-time visibility and improved efficiency.

Strategic and Customized Quality Assurance Measurements AlliedBarton effectively tracks incidents and manages security-related information through detailed reporting metrics to evaluate the performance of every security program. Unlike most security services firms, AlliedBarton works closely with National Account customers to strategize and develop the most meaningful performance measurements for each account. We recognize that different customers have different goals based upon their security needs. AlliedBarton customizes, tracks and reports

AlliedBarton utilizes technology to better serve our customers: > Improve quality assurance and compliance > Provide real-time Post Order updates > Create customized training reports > Conduct transition planning > Document security personnel performance > Maintain a secure portal for better communication between account team members and customers

all requested information either face-to-face or electronically at the frequency the customer requests, consistently meeting deadlines. This commitment to excellence illustrates the true collaborative relationship AlliedBarton shares with our customers.

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 5

In the Hands of Experts. AlliedBarton National Account customers are assigned a dedicated portfolio manager to act as a single point of contact. This expert resource helps to ensure consistency throughout all account locations as well as share best practices between sites. Overseeing account operations, quality assurance, contract compliance and transition, the portfolio manager assumes ultimate responsibility and maintains direct contact with the customer and AlliedBarton’s local operations teams. As an added level of accountability, an AlliedBarton vice president of portfolio management and the National Accounts team provide support to each portfolio manager. This team provides upper-level management support and oversight and is available to participate in quarterly and annual business reviews to ensure account quality. Our National Account support teams are structured to help ensure that every account operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

AlliedBarton delivers consistent security services across multiple locations through our Local Response | National Support approach.

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 6

Safe. Secure. Success. At AlliedBarton we view every interaction with our customers and employees as an opportunity to reinforce our position as the most responsive security services firm in the industry. It is this focus and commitment to our National Account customers that has resulted in record client retention and security officer retention rates well above national standards. For our National Account customers, AlliedBarton brings value through our dedication to align our security program with budgetary goals. We proactively work with each account to identify cost saving opportunities and make cost containment part of quarterly and annual goals. In addition, we offer our clients added value through a wide variety of security officer services such as mail delivery and fire extinguisher and light bulb inspections, among others. Most importantly, AlliedBarton brings our National Account customers a proven approach to security that gives peace of mind knowing that their places of business are protected and secure. We look forward to bringing excellence to your security program. We’re ready to do our job so you can do yours.

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 7

Leaders Always Look Ahead. The AlliedBarton Blueprint for Success – Dare to be GREAT is the philosophy that speaks to our organization’s values and standards and how they directly relate to our success as an organization. By living this commitment in all that we do, we continually build upon our goal of creating an ideal work culture of quality, growth and respect.

AlliedBarton Core Values > GROWTH – Encourage individual, team and organizational growth. > Responsibility – Honor our service commitment to customers, employees and the community. > Empowerment – Offer development programs that enable employees to do their jobs with skill and confidence. > Achievement – Reward and recognize service excellence, team success and individual achievement. > Trust – Build trust, respect and integrity in every relationship and interaction.

AlliedBarton Security Services

Local Response | National Support 8

For more than 50 years, AlliedBarton has been providing security officer solutions where our customers live and work. We operate through over 100 regional and district offices to deliver the highest level of security services. Our local response allows us to meet the specific needs of customers. Our national support enables us to create and consistently deliver these programs with expertise.

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