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2012­07­15 Cooper PNG InfoBites.  Don't know about the rest of you out there, but for us the Summer has been galloping by! Actually here in the Willamette Valley, Greater Portland area of Oregon, Summer does not usually set in until after the Fourth of July, and June this year, as usual, was more rainy than sunny.

A Month of Mostly "Linguistick-ating" We have been member of WBT [Wycliffe Bible Translators] and SIL [originally called the Summer Institute of Linguistics] since August of 1981 when we joined these two sister organizations at the University of North Dakota SIL summer school session - and you would think, well, that I spend a lot of my time "linguistick-ating," but recently it has been more "translation" than "linguistics." This past month however, I've been mostly doing linguistics. First, I completed my initial consultant-check of a co-worker's advanced grammar paper (and am now awaiting her comments back to me), then, while working on my own research, I also read and commented on an initial grammar write-up for another co-worker who has just spent an initial month or so "Linguistickout in the village - newly allocated. -ating" on 4 Since I will be looking after the "Language Discovery" sessions grammar writeagain during the October VITAL module, I've also worked through the ups..… linguistic materials sent to me from the May 2012 VITAL session, and have been looking through the suggested Grammar Notebook topics which were compiled by our co-worker Dannii Willis who was leading those sessions during the last two modules. In the meantime, I continue to work on updating my own earlier write-up entitled "A Race to the Moon, or a walk through a Buhutu Text." This is a study build around a traditional Buhutu story telling how the birds decided to have a contest and see who could fly all the way to the Moon. This traditional story is very interesting to work on of course, but it is the insights into how Buhutu language is structured that make the study valuable to our translation work. Three Main Characters in a Buhutu Folk Tale (below)

Kakatilotilo (the Singing Starling) is the leader of all of the birds. He organizes a race to the Moon.

His hopes are set on Pekopeko (the Swallow) - who is a very high flier being the one to fly to the Moon

But it is Tolutoluwaga (The Papuan Nightjar) a very low-flying bird who turns out to be the hero of the story.

I first presented this discourse study way back in 1986, as a staff presentation to a Grammar Workshop, at Ukarumpa, but I am now revising the format so can it can be filed as one of my academic papers, and am updating key references and filling in the gaps. I also plan to use this research as a basis for some of my presentations during our training program in Milne Bay, including the VITAL module in October.

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Michigan Memories When we were in Michigan Mary and Collette were given a tour of the log cabin on the family farm. (I had been out to see the cabin on previous trips to Michigan, but they had not seen it since it was built.) It was made to order for Roger and Naomi by an Amish neighbor, and then moved onto to the farm. Because of the design, with a loft on each end, they were able to include three large beds in the cabin.

(3 Photos © by Collette)

Interior of Naomi & Roger's Cabin at Mom and Dad/s Farm with a loft at each end plus another bed below

Exterior of Cabin - at the edge of some pines - complete with a cattle skull & horns from N Dakota.

There is no indoor plumbing & no electricity at the cabin - so it has it's own outdoor facilities

Quick Comparison: Our village house in Papua New Guinea also has no electricity and no indoor plumbing, but it is built up on posts, is almost 10 feet off the ground, and is definitely NOT designed for winter weather!

Papua New Guinea Continue to pray for the Buhutu Steering Committee as they finalize plans for the Buhutu Mark Dedication in September. The VITAL Module will be in October, and times before and after will be given to lots of scripture checking in the village – some from Acts and some from OT portions being prepared by our four Translation Training Course participants. Travel to PNG is set for the mid-August and Russ's flight back to the USA in mid-November, so this is his longer, three-month trip this time. We appreciate your prayers for us on both sides of the Pacific waters, for health and safety as well as in our work. This trip is almost a month earlier than usual because the dedication of the Buhutu Gospel of Mark is planned for September. God bless, Russ & Mary US address for personal correspondence: Russ & Mary Cooper 2800 SE 1st Street, Apt 64 Gresham, Oregon 97080 USA Phone: 503-491-8915 Email: <>

Wycliffe USA Office for financial support: Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 Orlando, Florida 32864-8200 USA

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2012-05-15 Cooper PNG InfoBites

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