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Vote: SABINE HO, Richmond Hill Regional Council Candiate Sabine Ho politics is seeing people, visiting people, solving their problems. Sabine Ho has decades of community experiences in facing challenges. Richmond Hill care with Sabine Ho VOTE October 6th – 22nd 670 Highway 7 East #72, contact (905) 330-8262

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Here and on page 14 you can see a re-enactment of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion, in which Newmarket played a vital role. The ARCH Committee, comprised of the Newmarket Historical Society, Heritage Newmarket, and the Elman W. Campbell Museum, presented a re-enactment and encampment at Fairy Lake park on September 22-23. The event involved an encampment of military re-enactors, sutlers, vendors, and crafts people.


Elizabeth and George Bricker, Shelburn, ON.

The Upper Canada Rebellion was an insurrection against the oligarchic government of the British colony of Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) in December 1837. While public grievances had existed for years, it was the rebellion in Lower Canada (present-day Quebec) that emboldened rebels in Upper Canada to openly revolt soon after. The Upper Canada Rebellion was largely defeated shortly after it began, although resistance lingered until 1838 (and became more violent). One of the main fugure of Upper Canada Rebellion was William Lyon Mackenzie (grandfather of William Lyon Mackenzie King, former prime minister of Canada). See page 14.

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Denturist: Rena, D.D.

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Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Finance Member of Law Society of Ontario Member of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Member of Toronto Real Estate Board Over 30 years of combined operating and management experiences in banking, hospitality, litigation and real estate investments Long-time volunteer within various initiatives

Candidate for Markham Ward 1 Councillor Committed to looking after Markham’s historic community, cultural diversity and economic prosperity


As your councillor, I can help to: Reduce traffic by creating jobs for local residents Sustain economic developments Improve road safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bike riders Enhance affordability and livability for aging population Improve day care services by providing more spaces at lowest cost Improve application processing time for building permits Peter has been living in Thornhill for over 20 years. He has been happily married to Winnie for 33 years, and together they raised two children who serve their communities as medical professionals in Calgary and Hamilton

New soccer fields and walking trails featured in first section of planned 900-acre green space that will be larger than New York’s famed Central Park Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua hosted in September a special ceremony to open Phase One of the North Maple Regional Park. The new park will be greater than 900 acres in total – larger than New York City’s Central Park (840 acres) and more than twice the size of High Park in Toronto (400 acres). Phase One features 200 acres of open green space, including two soccer fields with lighting and spectator seating, 5 km of walking trails and a soonto-be-completed (December 2018) park pavilion with washroom and changeroom facilities. More than 20 years in the making, the initial concept for North Maple Regional Park was developed in 2003 to support land acquisition by the City, and a revised park vision was established through a community consultation process in 2013. Located on the east side of Keele Street, between Teston Road and Kirby Road, the original park concept covered 200 acres. In May 2018, Council endorsed expanding the park vision to include the former Keele Valley Landfill and Vaughan

National Procurement Institute recognizes organizational excellence, innovation and leadership in purchasing goods and services. The following is a statement delivered by Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua to celebrate the City of Vaughan winning the prestigious 23rd Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award from the National Procurement Institute: “The City of Vaughan is one of only six agencies in Ontario and one of 65 cities in North America to receive this

Township Landfill sites and adjacent open space valley lands, which are the headwaters of the Don River watershed. Taken together, the entire green space encompasses more than 900 acres, making it Vaughan’s most ambitious park development initiative ever. North Maple Regional Park is envisioned to become a city-wide cultural and recreational destination that will honour the surrounding natural environment, celebrate the return of na-

ture to former landfill areas and feature a variety of year-round uses for all ages and abilities. Talks are ongoing with interested parties, including provincial and national sports organizations, on potential partnerships for the future of the park and what may be included in Phase 2.

award. This is an extraordinary achievement and deserves to be celebrated... The goal of our procurement team is to provide goods, services and construction in a timely and cost-effective manner using fair, open and transparent processes. This is an important role that contributes to our commitment to respect tax payers’ hard-earned dollars. Photo: Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Members of Council with City staff who won the 2018 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement.

Aurora. Santa Under the Stars Parade Richmond Hill’s Santa Claus Parade

Saturday, November 17. 6 - 7:30p.m. Location: Beginning at William F. Bell Parkway travelling south on Leslie Street ending at Performance Drive. Here is how to participate in the Parade: Application Guidelines - Deadline is at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 19. Price: $225 commercial, $50-Non profit. 905-771-5508.

Saturday, November 24. 6pm-8pm The parade will travel south on Yonge St. from Orchard Heights Blvd. to Murray Dr. Applications must be received by November,6. The fees for participating are as follows: $79.25 for Town of Aurora-based business; $158.45 - Non Town of Aurorabased business; FREE - Non-profit organizations and schools. 905-727-3123 ext.3135

Markham’s own Andre De Grasse now has a street named after him in his hometown. From shooting hoops at Milliken Mills High School, to going neck-and-neck with Usain Bolt at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Andre De Grasse has risen to fame, not just in Canada, but around the world. “Andre’s accomplishments have earned him a rightful place in the history books, and now his name will forever be a part of our city’s landscape,” says Mayor of MarkhamFrank Scarpitti. “Andre's love for our community is strong. He has established the Andre De Grasse Family Foundation as a way to empower youth and help them reach their full potential. Andre De Grasse Street will

serve as a permanent reminder for every boy and girl with a dream, as they sprint toward a bright future.” At his first trip to the Olympics, Andre became the only Canadian to win medals in all three sprint events at a single Games. He burst onto the sprinting scene the previous summer, after winning the 100m and 200m events at the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. A month later, Andre won two bronze medals at the World Track & Field Championships in Beijing, China. Andre thanked his community for their support and was overcome with emotion, saying he never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would receive this honour.

York Region and Police launch 2018 employee fundraising campaign for United Way

• Spring and holiday markets showcasing local vendors and artisans • Numerous employee-driven fundraising challenges • A live art auction featuring donated fine art and photography from local artists and photographers. York Region and York Regional Police work hand-in-hand with United Way agencies daily to help support critical social services throughout the Region. Operating in more than 100 communities in Canada, each United Way raises support locally, directly responding to local needs.

The Regional Municipality of York and York Regional Police 2018 employee fundraising campaign for United Way Greater Toronto is now underway and this year the campaign recognizes 25 consecutive years of giving to the local not-for-profit. "At York Region we share a common dedication with United Way to create strong, caring and safe communities," said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. Over the past 24 years, employees at York Region and York Regional Police have raised more than $5 million for United Way. In 2017 alone, employees raised $701,695 – making it York Region’s most successful campaign to date. The 2018 campaign will feature: • An employee payroll donation program

Photo: Facebook, “City of Markham”

BRIEF HISTORY The United Way Movement is a federated network of over 90 local United Way offices, each registered as its own non-profit organization and governed by an independent volunteer-led local Board of Directors. Each United Way works locally to raise funds and invest in improving lives in its community. The National Office, which was founded in 1939, is located in Ottawa, Ontario. The United Way movement began in 1917, when charities in Montreal and Toronto started community collectives inspired by similar activities in the United States.

Advertising in the York Region Review:, 416-823-4948

How pot-smoking became illegal in Canada In 1923, when it became illegal to possess cannabis in Canada, very few Canadians would have heard of the drug, let alone tried it. So why did legislators target weed? Cannabis advocates have long blamed women’s rights activist Emily Murphy. Her 1922 book on the drug trade in Canada, The Black Candle, claimed that marijuana users “become raving maniacs” and “are liable to kill or indulge in any sort of violence.” But even though Murphy’s drug activism played an important role in strengthening Canada’s drug laws in the early 1920s, the real reason cannabis was criminalized has much more to do with Marijuana to be Canada’s attendance at international meetings. legal in Canada In the early 1920s, the panic over drug use had much to starting October 17, do with the drive to ban Chinese immigrants from entering Trudeau confirms Canada. Drug crusaders like Murphy blamed Chinese opium sellers for leading Canadian youth to ruin. In a series of articles in Maclean’s in 1920, Murphy warned that drug-addled young women would give in to the sexual demands of Chinese men, leading to the birth of “mixed-race” babies. In Vancouver, her articles helped give rise to an anti-drug campaign that went on for months. As a result, the federal government passed legislation increasing the minimum penalties for the possession of drugs to six months. At roughly the same time, the government stopped virtually all Chinese immigration to Canada. But this drug panic had little to do with marijuana: it was squarely aimed at Chinese traffickers and users of opium. Even so, in the middle of this drug panic, Parliament added cannabis, not opium, to the schedule of restricted drugs. The exact reason remains a mystery. There was no debate in the House of Commons about the addition of cannabis. There are few records pertaining to the issue in Library and Archives Canada, and no mention of the decision in the media. Cannabis banned in 1923 But controlling cannabis had been under international discussion for more than a decade, although it did not become part of an international convention until 1925, when the Geneva Convention limited Indian hemp to “medical and scientific” consumption. In 1929, the assistant chief of Canada’s so-called Narcotic Division, K.C. Hossick, wrote that Canada had to include cannabis on the schedule of restricted drugs because Canada had ratified the Hague Convention. This was not true, as it was not until 1925 that cannabis came under international control, and Canada banned cannabis two years earlier. Even so, Hossick’s reference to the international treaties suggest the idea for adding the drug came from international discussions. Much later, in 1974, Alexander B. Morrison, the assistant deputy minister of the health protection branch at Health and Welfare Canada, wrote: “It appears that Col. Sharman (chief of the narcotic division) returned from meetings of the League of Nations convinced that cannabis would soon fall under international control. In anticipation….he moved to have it added to the list of drugs controlled under Canadian law.” This explanation seems far more likely than Murphy’s book chapter.

In 1936...

Not a bestseller

While Murphy’s articles in Maclean’s created panic, the book attracted little attention. By this point, officials the Department of at Health had little respect for Murphy and likely weren’t taking her views seriously. What’s more, the marijuana chapter was a minor inclusion in a long book devoted to the problems of opium and cocaine. There were no convictions for the possession of marijuana in Canada for 15 years and even then, they were unusual. The drug was rarely mentioned in the media until the mid-1930s, when the anti-marijuana, “reefer madness” campaign in the United States exploded, associating marijuana use with criminality, murder and insanity. Even then, the drug attracted little attention in Canada. In the 1930s, the RCMP requested landowners who were growing hemp as a windbreaker to destroy the plant. Almost none of them were aware of the potentially psychoactive properties of the weed. In his autobiography, Clifford Harvison, a former RCMP commissioner, reported that one of the few protests came from an older woman who grew the plant to feed her canaries, who sang feverishly after their meal. When the RCMP tried to destroy the plants, she shooed them away with a broom. The police wisely retreated. As late as the mid-1950s, a study of convicted drug criminals in British Columbia found that very few of them had ever tried the drug. It was not until the Baby Boomers came of age in the swinging 1960s that cannabis became a drug of choice. Middle-class youth were outraged by the long sentences given out for marijuana possession, as were some of their parents. In 1969, amendments to the drug act made it possible for prosecutors to proceed by summary conviction. This made it far more likely that possession of marijuana would be punished by a fine rather than a jail term and set us on the path towards legalization. And so after this long and fascinating history, recreational marijuana will officially become legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018. Catherine Carstairs, Professor, University of Guelph

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Immigration and crime, is there a link? I am an immigrant. Many people worry about those like me, and those from other countries who might follow in my footsteps. Bold newspaper headlines either blame immigrants for a whole host of issues or portray them as saintly helpers in the struggle for economic well-being. Political parties use immigration policies as key selling points, driving a division in public opinion – with either fear and hostility towards immigrants, or with unnecessary overwhelming praise. Both are equally undeserved. And in this politically charged atmosphere, discussion of immigration has become the poster child of an era in which expertise is vilified and inconvenient truths become “fake news”. And the fewer facts we have, the more outrage there is.

A mixed picture The reality is that as researchers, we know little about the relationship, if any, between immigration and crime. This is in part because lowbrow journalistic obsession with immigration and crime has made it somewhat a taboo topic for research. As evidenced by the limited academic literature available, a consensus simply does not exist. In the US, areas with higher concentrations of recent immigrants have been found to actually have reduced levels of homicide and robbery. Using police recorded data in Chicago,

The claim that immigrants or minorities are more criminal than the general population is a common trope. From Donald Trump’s claim that Mexicans in the US were “bringing drugs … bringing crime. They’re rapists”, to the frequent portrayal of AfricanAmericans as having a criminal mentality, to how black men are disproportionately stopped by the police under “stop and search” laws in the UK. Other studies have explored how “driving while black” can increase a drivers’ likelihood of being charged with a traffic offence. People have long blamed those unlike themselves. Are immigrants and minorities more criminal than locals, or just more likely to get caught – or even just more likely to be blamed? An example of Irish living in London at the beginning of the professional police era shows that who ends up in front of the judge is more dependent on how the crime is policed than on who is responsible. If police tactics unduly target minority groups, then this inflation of the criminal statistics can, and has, been used to paint minority groups in a negative light.

researchers also found that first generation Mexican immigrants are 45% less likely to commit a violent offence than third generation Americans. Similarly, a large scale European study on the effects of immigration on crime concluded that while an increase in immigration generally does not affect crime levels, it does go hand-in-hand with increased public anxiety and antiimmigration stances.

It’s all about culture Research also shows that immigrants who come from culturally similar backgrounds to their new area, are likely to commit fewer crimes than the native population. Research on Los Angeles, for example, found that a higher number of Latino immigrants who were from culturally similar regions to the current residents, reduced the rates of violence in the area. Similarly, research in Spain showed that Spanish speaking immigrants had a much more benign impact on crime than those of other origins. Such immigrants undoubtedly have an easier time moving to a new country where the culture reflects something like their own. And yet, people from ethnic minority groups in Western countries are disproportionately likely to be arrested and imprisoned for most crime types. And asylum seekers are over-represented in the crime figures in Germany and Denmark. Similarly in the UK, the impact of two waves of immigration has been examined by researchers, specifically looking at the relationship between a rise in immigration and crime levels. The analy-

London experienced a massive crime wave between 1797 and 1821, linked almost entirely to counterfeiting and forgery. The problem got so bad that

people began to worry if the cash in their pocket was real – aware that they could be executed for knowingly spending bad money. Bank notes had only recently been introduced in England and, as historian Randall McGowen has remarked, they were “scarcely more than a printed form with a number, a date and a clerk’s signature”. Forgers even had the gall to produce the fake bank notes in prison, selling them onward for a fraction of their face value to anyone brave enough to attempt to pass them off in the city’s shops. Even coinage, then comprised of actual silver and gold, was at risk. Talented button makers and engravers turned their attention to the technically similar processes of making false coins, which would be made with a cheaper metal and rubbed with aqua fortis (nitric acid) or aqua regis (a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids) to make the fake appear either silver or gold respectively. Soon the city was crawl-

sis found that when workers from Eastern European states (that joined the EU in 2004) came to the UK, the impact on crime was minimal. But the research also found that the wave of asylum seekers who came to the UK in the 1990s – mainly from war torn countries such as Sculpture at the waterfront in Marseille by French artist Bruno Catalano. “The Immigrant” or “The Traveler”. The sculpture symbolizes the vacuum created by being forced to leave your land, your life, your people for any reason.

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia – coincided with a slight increase in the total number of property crimes at the time. This was thought to be down to the fact that employment rates for this wave of immigrants was much lower than those of the average Briton.

What about multicultural areas? Immigrant populations tend to be very concentrated, with people tending to reside in areas with existing communities. My recent research shows that throughout England and Wales, areas where immigrants from one single background make up a significant majority of the immigrant population, tend to be low in crime. Nearly as low in crime as the areas with small immigrant populations.

It doesn’t make a difference what the background of the immigrant population is, what appears to be key is that there is a cultural similarity among the immigrant population within an area. My research also found that areas with very high numbers of immigrants that are low in crime – or below the nation’s average – tend to be areas with either European or African immigrants. But my research also showed that areas where two or more cultures (other than that of the indigenous population) are prevalent, tend to be very high in crime. This is specifically the case in areas with the highest proportions of immigrants from Asia and Europe. In these areas violent crime is 70% higher, property crime is 92% higher and vehicle crime increases by 19% compared to national average.

What to do about it The research I have carried out shows the need to view culture as invaluable in the examination of the impact immigration has on crime. It must also be considered that immigrant communities are less inclined to contact police and more likely to “self police” – which inevitably can result in more crime. So, policing of immigrant communities, which are becoming increasingly more concentrated, needs to be done with cultural differences in mind. Social housing and other affordable housing initiatives must also be thought through carefully to avoid creating cultural clashes where possible. Dainis Ignatans, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Huddersfield

ing with fake money, including more than 250,000 forged banknotes. Patrick Colquhoun, a magistrate of the era, estimated 120 sellers were each distributing hundreds of false coins onto the

from shopkeepers who had been offered false money. It fell to them to detain suspects and call for the watchman who would make the arrest. This meant people spending false money had a far greater

This often involved using accomplices in the crime to trick the counterfeiters and wholesalers into selling to an undercover agent, in exchange for a reduction in their own sentence.

city’s streets. He singled out the Irish as one of the problem groups behind the crime wave.

chance of getting arrested than those involved in the more profitable aspects of manufacture and wholesale. The Irish were more involved in the petty but very public act of spending the money – those aspects of the crime most associated with poverty. As new arrivals, the Irish were at a further disadvantage, and cunning locals were only too happy to trick their new “friends” into buying a round at the bar with the false coins they supplied. With the system of policing set up to almost exclusively target these minor players, the courtrooms filled with poor Irish which led to their reputation for criminality.

For the first time the Bank was encouraging local criminals to “out” other local criminals and, as they did so, the ethnic makeup of defendants appearing in the court began to change: the number of English defendants rose 27-fold in the years immediately after the change in policing strategy. This research highlights what gets missed when policing focuses on crime perpetrated by ethnic minorities. No one at the time noticed the dramatic reduction in Irish defendants but, by the 1810s, the claim that the Irish were behind the forged currency crime wave was unsupportable. This wasn’t because the situation had changed for the criminals, but because the police had changed where they were looking for them – and discovered that the real culprits behind the crime wave were the local English, and probably always had been.

Peter King’s previous research on Irish crime claimed the justice system did not show an anti-Irish prejudice and that the Irish criminals got what was coming to them. Certainly there are records from London’s courtrooms to support this. For example, Irishmen John Fennell and James Gillington were arrested in 1799 after having allegedly forged more than 600 bank notes with a home-made printing press. But at the other end of the spectrum the records are filled with Irish such as John Brown, who tried to pay for his glass of gin at the pub with a false coin. Looking at the numbers alone the Irish do seem to have been a problem – but these numbers hide the extent to which policing strategy affected who got arrested in the first place. Initially, the authorities relied almost exclusively on tips

Despite these arrests the problem of forgery worsened. So, in 1812, the Bank of England changed its strategy, encouraging specialist detectives to hunt for the real counterfeiters. With generous rewards as incentives, these detectives soon managed to infiltrate the criminal networks.

Adam Crymble, Lecturer in digital history, University of Hertfordshire



Richmond Hill Regional Council Candiate Sabine Ho politics is seeing people, visiting people, solving their problems Sabine Ho has decades of community experiences in facing challenges, social intelligence to get solutions, emotional connections to build more progress for rich community centres, healthy playgrounds, innovative schools & inspiring education Sabine Ho knows that strong communities are its people, and together we build safe neighbourhoods. Sabine Ho: Ideas



Richmond Hill care with Sabine Ho

Vote October 6th – 22nd Sabine Ho, Candiate for Regional Council Richmond Hill 670 Highway 7 East, #72, contact (905) 330-8262

Sabine Ho worked for families during her nursing career, worked for communities during real-estate career, worked for businesses during various entrepreneur endeavors. Sabine Ho continues to care for the injured and less fortunate doing community fundraising projects. Sabine Ho as Regional Councilor/ Richmond Hill, and member of the Elderly group, with over six decades of experiences to bridge the complexity of our future for children, housing, and long term care for seniors. Sabine Ho carries strong focus to facing challenges in community planning, transportation services and transit, infrastructure planning, environmental, policing, public health and safety. Sabine Ho became a Canadian in 1974 as a teenager after leaving Hong Kong where she was born. Sabine Ho proudly settled in Richmond Hill, with her daughter in 1992 after cancer took her

husband, Sabine Ho then committed to cancer and leukemia research as a Nurse from 1992 to 2003. Sabine Ho emotional connection is “Richmond Hill is not just my home, Richmond Hill is our community, it raised my daughter - “Dr. Ho”- and because of Richmond Hill she is now a surgeon after graduating from McMaster University, the University of Toronto, and Harvard University. Sabine Ho, believes as neighbors we want in our community a government that cares for people, the government that is fair in taxes. Our priorities are safe playgrounds, parks and trails for children, for our pets and all families. Sabine Ho wants to work with you for a Richmond Hill government, robust about development while protecting our environment, Richmond Hill government supporting local business with goods to market as Richmond Hill is part of the global market place.

Sabine Ho has learned strong communities are its people, our Richmond Hill has humble beginnings of horse drawn buggy /carts up Yonge street, to June 26, 1970 provincial parliament bill 102 to current 21st century rapid transit up Yonge Street.

Richmond Hill, Vote Sabine Ho this October 6th - 22nd, 2018

Please Donate to Sabine Ho Campaign

Suspects are innocent until proven guilty SUSPECTS SOUGHT FOLLOWING ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON On August 20, shortly after 1 p.m., police were called to a tire shop located on Hanlan Road for a report of an assault in progress. When officers arrived, they found two men, one suffering from serious injuries. He was taken to hospital for treatment of his

injuries, from which he may not fully recover. Investigators have been able to determine two unknown men entered the tire shop looking to speak to one of the employees. Shortly after the men entered the store, they assaulted one of the employees who fled out the front door of the shop. The two men returned to the business and assaulted a second victim. During the assault the victim was punched and kicked multiple times and a tire was thrown at his upper body. Following the assault, the suspects fled the area on foot, south on Scholes Rd. towards Steeles Ave. Investigators are releasing video surveillance of the assault and are asking anyone with information about the identities of the suspects to please come forward to police.

SUSPECTS SOUGHT FOLLOWING ASSAULT IN RICHMOND HILL Investigators have obtained new images of the suspect who assaulted a man in a parking lot in Richmond Hill, as well as an image of the man who was driving the suspect vehicle from the scene. On August 28 shortly after 11 a.m., York Regional Police responded to a weapons call in a parking lot on Granton

COMMUNITY COMPLAINTS LEAD TO CANNABIS GROWERS BEING CHARGED AGAIN AFTER GROW AMOUNTS EXCEED LICENSED LIMITS In early September an investigation began into suspected grow operations on two properties in the area of Woodchopper Lane and Dufferin St.t after complaints from citizens. On September 26 investigators executed search warrants on the properties and found there were licenses issued by Health Canada for cannabis to be growing on the properties. On one of the properties there were four licenses that allowed for 1,140 plants to be grown. On the second property there were three licenses that allowed for 1,121 plants to be grown. Investigators found more than 400 plants were being grown over the licensed limits, which represents nearly $400,000 worth of excess cannabis. As the investigation continued, officers arrested the people working at the grow operation. Two of those people were the same growers that had previously been arrested for the same offence on July 27, at a grow operation on Strawberry Lane. “These investigations are raising significant concerns, as there is once again a blatant disregard for licensed grow limits,” said Chief Eric Jolliffe.

“We are concerned the legalization of marihuana on October 17 will increase overall demand and organized crime is poised and ready to supply that demand. York Regional Police is committed to keeping our community safe and we need our citizens to continue to come forward to report suspected grow operations.” Investigators believe that organized crime is exploiting the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR). The regulation allows for designated growers to pool up to four grow licenses per address and turn a single production site into a cannabis farm. However because these growers are not appointed as licensed producers, they are avoiding Health Canada regulations for growing, security and quality control. The end result is lower cost cannabis that is sold into the black market for high profits. Charged: Samkeo VANVILAY, 43, Laval, Quebec. Chi Chung PHAN, 36, Montreal, Quebec. Earl YOUNG, 51, Township of King. Phieovan YOUNG, 50, Township of King. Yue Chang HUANG, 50, Toronto. Doan PHUONG, 50, Toronto. Thanh NGUYEN, 46, Bradford.Jing Jian KUANG, 42, Markham. FIVE PEOPLE CHARGED IN DRUG TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION IN GEORGINA

Suspect #1 and #2 Drive in the area of 16th Ave. and Leslie St. When officers arrived, they located a victim suffering from non-life-threatening head injuries. He was transported to hospital and was later released. Investigators learned that the victim had arrived at the building and got out of his vehicle to retrieve some items from his trunk. Suddenly, an unknown male suspect ran at him and began striking him in the head with an unknown object. The victim was able to run into the building to call for help. The suspect fled the scene and got into the passenger side of white Chevrolet Malibu. Suspect #1: Male, Black, 25 to 30 years. wearing a dark blue or grey hoodie, black shorts with three orange stripes on the side and black running shoes. Suspect #2: Male, 25 to 30 years, wearing a dark, long-sleeve shirt and dark shorts The video is available for viewing at the following link:

An investigation began into a residence on Middle Street in Sutton after police began receiving reports from concerned community members about possible drug trafficking. On September 26 a search warrant was executed at the residence and officers located quantities of cocaine, marihuana, scales and a quantity of Canadian currency. Five people located inside the residence were arrested and have been charged. CHARGED: A 36-year-old man from Georgina, a 20-year-old man from Georgina, a 21-year-old woman from Sutton, a 20year-old woman from Georgina, a 13-yearold male from Georgina. York Regional Police would like to thank our citizens for the ongoing partnership in reporting crimes and suspicious activity. NOT ONE MORE September 27 marks three years since the Neville-Lake children and their grandfather were killed in a collision caused by an impaired driver. So far this year, York Regional Police have investigated nearly

pect in escaping or evading police may be subject to a criminal charge of Accessory SUSPECT CHARGED FOLLOWING ARMED ROBBERY IN NEWMARKET

1,000 incidents of impaired driving and have laid more than 1,200 charges for impaired driving-related offences. Clearly, many drivers refuse to believe that a tragedy could happen to them, or other road users, when making the choice to drive a vehicle while impaired.

“These incidents of impaired driving are not acceptable,” said Chief Eric Jolliffe. “It’s an alarming trend that prior to the pending legalization of marihuana we continue to see so many impaired driving offences. In light of the continued warnings about the dangers of impaired driving from police services across Canada, it’s shocking that anyone feels they have the right to risk the lives of innocent people by drinking alcohol or using drugs and getting behind the wheel. I can assure our community that York Regional Police is not giving up.”

On September 14, shortly before 8 p.m., a 17-year-old male approached an officer in the area of Eagle St. and Davis Drive and advised him that he had been the victim of an armed robbery. The victim said he had been approached by a man on United Circle, which is in the area of Yonge Street and Mulock Drive, who demanded his belongings. The suspect showed the victim a handgun and the victim complied. Investigators received many tips and on September 20 the accused was arrested at the court house in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. Charged: Kevin BISHOP, 19, Town of Newmarket.

WITNESSES SOUGHT FOLLOWING SERIOUS PEDESTRIAN FAIL-TO-REMAIN COLLISION IN MARKHAM On Saturday, September 16, at approximately 9:45 p.m., officers responded to the area of Birchmount Rd and Royal Crest Court after a pedestrian was struck. The vehicle fled the scene. The description of the suspect vehicle is a light-colored SUV. The pedestrian, a 44-year-old man from the City of Toronto, was transported to hospital with life-threatening injuries.



On September 25 just before 3 p.m., police was called to attend a currency exchange business located on Steeles Ave., just west of Jane Street, in Vaughan for reports of an armed robbery. Officers learned that two suspects entered the store with their faces covered. One of them pointed a black handgun at the employee and she ran into the back of the store and locked the door. The suspects forced their way through the door, but then fled on foot without obtaining anything. The suspects were seen running southbound towards Steeles Ave. Suspect 1: Male, Black, approximately 25 years, approximately 6’, wearing a black hoodie with long white laces, a black bandanna over his face with a white pattern, black pants, black shoes with black laces and gloves. Suspect 2: Male, approximately 5’5 to 5’7, wearing a neon vest, a black hoodie, black pants and black shoes with a white pattern on them.The investigation is ongoing.

On Monday September 17 a short time after midnight, police responded to the area of Metro Rd and Spring Rd in Keswick for reports of the sounds of gunshots. Officers arrived on scene and located a male victim suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim, a 23-year-old man from the City of Toronto, was transported to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Witnesses have reported seeing five to six possible suspects getting into a silver-colored vehicle which fled the scene. Investigators have been interviewing witnesses and will be following up on information gained through this co-operation. Any additional witnesses who may have seen or heard anything in the area leading up to, or following the shooting, are asked to contact police. Investigators are also appealing to any nearby businesses or residences that may have video surveillance to please come forward.

HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION FOLLOWING A SHOOTING IN VAUGHAN On Friday, September 21, 2018, shortly after 8 p.m., police were called to a plaza located at 3850 Steeles Ave. West in the City of Vaughan for a report of the sound of gunshots. When officers arrived they found a 49-year-old male victim at the rear of the plaza, in the parking lot, suffering from gunshot wounds. Sadly he succumbed to his injuries. The victim has since been identified as Behget Toma EYUP, 49, from Tottenham. The suspect vehicle was located in the City of Toronto and three suspects were taken into custody. Charged: Shaqwan Reid, 18, Toronto, 16year-old male youth from the City of Toronto, 15-year-old male youth from the City of Toronto.Charge: Second Degree Murder. Investigators have reason to believe that there was an additional suspect involved in this incident. They are not releasing any further details on the suspect at this time however, they are urging this person to seek legal counsel and turn himself in immediately. Anyone who aids or assists this sus-

CHARGES LAID FOLLOWING SEXUAL ASSAULT IN RICHMOND HILL Investigators with the York Regional Police Special Victims Unit – Sexual Assault Section have charged a 79-year-old piano teacher following the sexual assault of a student in the Town of Richmond Hill. On August 22, 2018, investigators spoke with a victim who came forward to report historical sexual assaults that had taken place between 2005 and 2007. During that period of time, the victim was under the age of 16 and was being taught piano lessons in her house in Richmond Hill. During the lessons the piano teacher sexually assaulted her. Investigators have learned that there may be additional victims. They are releasing a photo of the accused and asking for any additional victims come forward. Charged:Edward LUKA, Markham. The accused has been released on bail and will be appearing before the Ontario Court of Justice in Newmarket on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

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THOUSANDS OF ITEMS SEIZED IN COUNTERFEIT GOODS INVESTIGATION CONFIRMED TO BE FAKE The York Regional Police Financial Crimes Unit has confirmed that thousands of items seized after executing seven search warrants at Pacific Mall and one at a residence in Markham in June are counterfeit. Complaints from citizens regarding fake goods being sold at the Kennedy Rd/Steeles Ave. mall prompted this investigation, which began in April. In June more than 30 officers executed warrants and seized items believed to be counterfeit, including clothes, handbags and cell phone accessories. Police also executed a search warrant at the residence of an owner one of the kiosks. A quantity of merchandise believed to be counterfeit was seized, along with a quantity of cash. In late August, investigators trav-

Chrysanthemum Show at Allan Gardens Conservatory Enjoy hundreds of colourful pot mums, cascades, standards and baskets flourishing in the conservatory. October 8, 2018 - November 9 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Allan Gardens Conservatory. Open 365 days a year 19 Horticultural Ave. Cost: Free OCT26. Fri 3:00 PM – 7pm OCT27. Sat 1:00 PM -7pm OCT28. Sun 1:00 PM -7pm Join us as we transform our 25-acre site into a ghoulishly grand Halloween town perfect for children 10 and under! With your treat bag in tow, trick-or-treat around the Museum grounds where you will encounter lively and not-so-lively characters! Have your fortune told by our Fortune Teller, and dance the night away at our Monster Mash Bash! Come in costume, have fun and enjoy the family activities. Admission $8/person (Free for children 24 months and under). Parent or guardian supervision is required.** Pay at door. Credit, debit and cash accepted.

Dress up in your favourite costume and take a trek down the haunted trails at Sheppard’s Bush Toronto Soup Festival Toronto Soup Festival is an outdoor festival serving up some of the best soups in the city in support of Second Harvest! Attendees will be treated to signature soups, fresh baked goods, live entertainment, hot beverages, and a fascinating array of demonstrations. October 20. 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm October 21. 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm Fort York Garrison Common. 100 Garrison Rd. Cost: $15 Tickets will be available online until October 19, at a discount rate. Tickets will also be available at the gate for $22 plus service fees and HST.Online:

Join thousands of Halloween revellers for a unique experience at one of Ontario’s top 100 Festivals on Saturday, October 27 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Sheppard’s Bush. Wander the haunted wooded trails of Aurora wearing your favourite costume and enjoy

Scaryfest at Markham Museum 9350 Markham Rd. (Former Hwy.48), Markham, Ontario L3P 3J3 (905) 305-5970

Princess & Superhero Party! · Hosted by Town of Newmarket Saturday, October 27, at 10 am – 1 pm Magna Centre. 800 Mulock Drive. Come dressed as a prince, princess or superhero for the day and enjoy a variety of games, inflatables, stage shows, tasty treats and meet your favourite characters and more! $5/per child. Parents/Guardians and children under 1 are free! Tickets available online through snapd Newmarket with the link provided below. Tickets can also be purchased in person at the Magna Centre Customer Service Kiosk as of 10 a.m. on the day of the event. Tickets:

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Halloween in Circus! Show for kids.Jugglers, clowns and trained animals.Show for kids! October 27, 28. 1pm. Tickets at the door.$20 905-479-2411. 2600 John St. #115.Thornhill

(AFLC) for fun indoor crafts and activities. A complimentary shuttle bus will be travelling between the AFLC and Sheppard’s Bush. Interested in hearing some scary stories? Board Casper’s School Bus if you dare. There will also be a bonfire and charity barbecue for participants. Wristbands for this event must be purchased in advance. The cost per wristband is $5 and non-refundable. Wristbands are on sale at the following locations: Aurora Family Leisure Complex, Aurora Town Hall or the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex during regular business hours. Donations of gently-used children’s clothing will be gratefully accepted at the Sheppard’s Bush entrance and at the AFLC the night of the event. For more information please visit or call the Special Events line at 905-726-4762.

the spooky scenery created by more than 300 volunteers over 1,500 hours. One trail is family-friendly while the other is for those looking for a good scare. Bring your own flashlight to help navigate your surroundings outdoors. Before touring the trails, start your adventure at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex

There’s some-fin lurking in the deep. Watch out for creatures and other monsters from the depths of the ocean during this 19+ event. Enjoy signature drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), spooky spins from DJ Shamz and DJ Cozmic Cat, and enter the costume contest if you dare. Be shore to not swim alone because there will be schools of ghouls wait-

elled to New York City to meet with brand representatives from companies such as Adidas, Chanel, MCM, Supreme, Dior, Givenchy and Cartier among others. More than 200 samples of products seized, along with photographs of additional goods, were analyzed. All the merchandise was determined to be counterfeit. Counterfeit goods, whether smuggled into the country or produced in Canada, represent a financial loss to legitimate businesses, governments and taxpayers. As these goods are often cheaply made and not up to Canadian standards, they not only defraud consumers but may also pose risks to consumer safety. In some cases, legitimate retailers are duped into unknowingly selling fake products to consumers, while in other cases, the retailer is aware of what is being sold. Those retailers are subject to criminal charges under the Copyright Act, which can be punishable by fines of up to $1 million or imprisonment of up to five years. ing in every reef. Tread water lightly as this Dark Waters event will be unlike any other. October 26, 8:00 pm - 12:00 am Ripley's Aquarium of Canada 288 Bremner Blvd. Cost: $30 Website:

Fort York After Dark: Lantern Tours Hear chilling tales on a lantern tour of Fort York and its historic surroundings. Learn about the haunted lighthouse, the bloody Battle of York and other eerie history as you explore nearby military cemeteries. This event is not recommended for children under 8 yrs. Complimentary refreshments are included. October 23-24-25-26. 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Fort York National Historic Site 250 Fort York Blvd. Cost: $13.27

Spirit Walk Explore downtown alleys and laneways to discover some of Toronto's reputedly haunted buildings. Afterwards, snack on mulled cider and biscuits by gaslight as you hear the eerie ghost stories of Mackenzie House. Please wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather. Recommended for children eight years of age and older. October 26. 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm October 26-27. 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Mackenzie House. 82 Bond St.(Downtown) Cost: $15 Online:

Retro Halloween Family Drop-In Join us as we celebrate Halloween traditions of the past. Tour our historic homes, sample old-time treats and make a creepy craft. Costumes encouraged! October 27, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Todmorden Mills. 67 Pottery Rd Cost: $5.00 - $8.00 Child: $5.00 | Youth: $7.00 | Adult: $8.00 (416) 396-2819 We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, you should always call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.

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How beneficial is eating humans compared to other animals? How to best perform colonoscopy at home? Will stabbing a voodoo doll of your abusive boss help you? There are papers that answer all these questions. Few weeks ago Harvard’s Sanders Theatre hosted the award ceremony of the 28th Ig Nobel Prize, given for the weirdest and funniest scientific research. Some of this year’s laureates did some really chilling research to win their spots at the event. Human cannibalism was studied by James Cole, who proved that eating other people is bad. Not in the sense of breaking a taboo, but in the sense that such a diet provides significantly less calories that most other traditional meat diets. He got the Nutrition Prize for it. And no, the study was based on Paleolithic evidence, not modern-day experiments. Another health-related prize went to Japan, where a group of medics a decade ago penned a paper on how to

best perform self-colonoscopy procedure at home. Gastroenterologist Akira Horiuchi wrote from a personal experience and reported “mild discomfort” with then-newly developed small-caliber probe meant for pediatric use. Even older medical research conducted in 1980 marked by an Ig Nobel Prize deals with a different kind of examination – finding out whether a man had erection during night sleep. A roll of stamps looped around a flaccid penis gives the right answer with an almost 100% accuracy, as an international team of medics from the US, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and Bangladesh described. “Sex and the City” fans, rejoice to know that the trick, which Charlotte used in season three, is scientifically approved. Another piece of good health advice comes from

a duo of American researchers, who proved that riding a roller coaster may hasten the passage of kidney stones. Sitting in the back section of the car is best for this purpose, they found out with the help of some 3D-printed kidney models and the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Two studies on the ceremony list dealt with balance of mind rather than health of body. Spanish researchers monitored how and why people shout and curse while driving – an effort that won them the Ig Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile an international study done by scientists in North American and Asian countries focused on the benefits of sticking needles into a voodoo doll of one’s abusive boss. It won’t hurt the boss, but gives a sense of relief that is good for workplace environment, they said. A study of aping won this year’s Anthropology Prize. It turns out that the term may been coined the wrong

way around, since apes, or more precisely chimpanzees in zoos imitate humans about as well and as often as vice versa. Chemistry Prize went to Portuguese researchers, who got interested in the cleaning properties of saliva. And the Literature Prize was awarded for proving what we all intuitively suspected all along – most people don’t read instruction manuals. “Life is too short to RTFM”, explains the headline of the paper. Last but not least, it is a scientific fact that a trained wine connoisseur can detect by smell the presence of a single fly Drosophila melanogaster in a glass. An empty glass. As long as she is female, that is, because the scientists were actually interested in a smelly pheromone, which is produced only by the females. The Ig Nobel Prize is organized by satirical science magazine the Annals of Improbable Research and winner get the award of $10 trillion. Only it’s Zimbabwean dollars, so about four if paid in US currency.

Headquarter of Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada Sir George Arthur

Continued from 1st page William Lyon Mackenzie was a Canadian journalist and rebel. Mackenzie was born in Scotland and immigrated to Upper Canada in 1820. From 1824 to 1834 he published the newspaper The Colonial Advocate in York (Toronto), attacking the upper class clique known as the "Family Compact" which was in control of the government. In response to this, a mob threw his printing press into Lake Ontario. In 1828 Mackenzie was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada, but was expelled five times for libel, each time being reelected. In 1834 he became the first mayor of Toronto, and in 1836 he founded the newspaper The Constitution to promote the policies of his Reform Party. He was opposed to Sir Francis Bond Head, Lt. Governor, and in 1837 led a rebellion against Bond Head and the Family Compact. Rebellions called for a more accountable government where the Executive (or what we call today the Cabinet) was drawn from the elected majority of the Assembly. In 1837, all important decisions were made by an appointed council that had no connection or obligation to the elected Assembly and therefore did not have to pay attention to the wishes of the voters. On 5 December 1837, convinced that he would gain spontaneous support, Mackenzie led an erratic expedition down Yonge Street towards Toronto. The rebels planned to march to the house of Lieutenant-Governor and perhaps City Hall. However, the plan failed due to disorganized leadership and a lack of discipline. As the force neared Toronto it was dispersed by a few shots from loyalist guards. On 7 December, loyalist troops under Head marched north to Montgomery's Tavern and easily defeated the rebels. Mackenzie fled to the US and attempted to continue the rebellion from Navy Island in the Niagara River. He declared a provisional government and issued a proclamation calling for American-style democratic reform. Canadian militia bombarded the island and sank the rebel supply ship Caroline. Fellow rebels Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews were captured and executed for treason after pleading guilty to participating in the rebellion. Mackenzie was later imprisoned in the U.S. An amnesty allowed his return to Canada in 1849, and he was a

member of the Legislative Assemby of the Province of Canada from 1851to 1858. Yet despite the failed rebellion of 1837, Mackenzie helped to define the necessary elements of a democratic society. In his 2002 biography of Mackenzie, former Toronto Mayor John Sewell argues that Mackenzie’s radical democratic ideals, including a fair election process, open public discussion of political issues, and the public’s involvement in the democratic process, remain relevant in the 21st century as they encourage greater public participation in politics. However, reports of Mackenzie’s eccentricities, such as his fiery temper, short stature and red wig, have at times detracted from his political legacy as a leader in the struggle for a responsible and responsive government in Upper Canada.

Al and Beth Bristow

Bruce and Carol Whittaker

*** General sponsors of “Rebel Heartland 2018”: Cachet Restaurant, York Regional Police, St.Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Community Lunch Group. Participants: Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada, The Lloydtown Company, Upper Canada Volunteer Regiments Organization (Nancy Gun Crew; Caddy’s Company Royal Artillery 4Bn 2Coy), Newmarket Citizens Band, Danceweavers (English Country Dancing), Bruce and Carol Whittaker, Tibor Gaidacs, Sharon Miller, Chris Wilkinson, Suzanne Angle, John Foreman, Al and Beth Bristow, George and Elizabeth Bricker, Common Ground, St.Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, St.Paul’s Anglican Church, The Maid’s Cottage, Doug Scott. Cast: James Evans, Jim Pearson, Tony Van Bynen, Roxanne Van Bynen, Dennis Watson, Athol Hart, Oliver Claffey, Maryanne Manning, David Goddard, Philip Smith, Nancy Barnard, Bill McKee. “Rebel Heartland 2018” created, directed, produced by: Athol and Beth Hart.

Suzanne Angle, Facebook: Frontier Creations. (Leather working. Deer & Moose, Moccasins &More).

In York Region, there are approximately 700 farms. This farms play an important role in the local economy and ability to provide healthy food and resources to growing and diverse population. Many of York Region’s local farm families have worked the land for 150 years or more.

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3. Myth: Court staff can negotiate the fine amount with you at the front counter

800 Steeles Ave.West, # B17 (at FreshCo plaza, near CIBC)

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Doctor Camel & Co. is recommended FOR ARTHRITIC+JOINT PAIN Reality. Court staff cannot make any changes to the fine amount on your ticket or on your court order. Only the Justice of the Peace has the ability to change the fine after a conviction has been registered. 4. Myth: Court staff have the ability to reduce demerit points

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We have it all, exclusively distributed at Kalyna! Reality. You cannot hold a hand held communication device while driving, even when you are stopped at a red light. If you are caught with a hand held device in your hand while driving (or stopped at a red light), even if the power of the device is turned off, you can be charged. The only exception to this is if you are calling the police, fire department, or emergency medical services. As of January 1, 2019, if you receive a Hand Held Communication Ticket for a first offence the minimum fine is $500 and on conviction your driver’s licence will be suspended for three days.

Reality. York Region Court staff and the Justice of the Peace do not have the ability to remove or reduce demerit points. Driving-related demerit points are automatically imposed by law if you are found guilty of certain driving offences.Visit the Ministry of Transportation's website for more information on demerit points. 5. Myth: If I ignore my fines after a conviction, they will go away

2. Myth: If I ignore my ticket after receiving it in the mail or from an officer, nothing will happen Reality. Fines are court orders and remain owing until paid, even if you claim bankruptcy. There is no statute of limitations when it comes to outstanding fines. At any time the court may apply enforcement actions (i.e. licence suspension, garnishment of wages etc.). Reality. If you receive an Offence Notice (commonly called a ticket), you have 15 days to select an option from the back of the ticket. If you do not choose an option, the ticket will be reviewed by a Justice of the Peace who may convict you in your absence. Additional charges will be applied if convicted. Once you have been convicted it is too late to choose any of the options indicated on the back of your ticket.

6. Myth: If a police officer doesn't show for court, the ticket is immediately withdrawn Reality. It will be up to the prosecutor to decide how to proceed when the officer doesn’t show for court. Depending on the charge, the prosecutor can proceed with the matter without the officer being present or they can ask the court to adjourn the matter to another day. York Regional Police attend court over 94% of the time. For more information visit

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pression that you may walk away from the deal that is being offered to you, if that is what you are actually willing to do. You must also be ready to offer the other party those things which do not have any impact on your side of the deal or the things you are willing to compromise on. This way, everyone feels they have contributed to the negotiation process and ensures a good relationship between both parties at the end of the conversation.

If you have other options you are looking at7, ensure the other party is aware of them, albeit not the specifics. A successful negotiator should be able to read body language and use it in order to read what the other person is thinking or to send a message to the other party. Body language is of great assistance in assessing when it is time to move to another subject and take a different tack. These are some important points and tips every successful negotiator should keep in mind and work on. Read books on negotiation, body language and influencing. Negotiation is a skill that can be learned and with practice you will be a far more confident negotiator. Glenise Anderson, Glenise Anderson is a successful business woman who wants to share her knowledge and skills with other women. Her organization Self Confident Women, provides tailored education solutions that meet the personal and professional development needs of women. Development and Training Courses for Women.h/


Anything can be negotiated if you are in the proper emotional state of mind and know the strategies and tactics needed to close the deal. Here are five more rules that will help you Negotiate Like A Pro. Get A Reality Check. What Is It Worth? Whether it is a car, a raise at work, a house, a pedigreed dog or a collectible on eBay, you need to know what it is worth before you start the negotiation. You also need to set a spending or buying limit before you begin the negotiation. If you are buying or selling something, you need to do some comparative shopping. A good source is the internet, especially eBay. Looking at selling prices for comparable items can be a good reality check. What an item is worth is often a lot less than what you paid for it and less than a listing in a catalogue unless the item is extremely rare. Be sure to get the right comparables. For example the value of a coin can be affected by the date, condition or mintage. It is important to know the item’s rarity. If something is readily available, buyers might not offer much because they know that if they don’t get the item from you, they can get it somewhere else. However, if your item is very rare, then the whole psychology is dif- ferent. Now the buys know that if they don’t buy it from you, there probably won’t be another chance anytime soon. Always Have A Plan B It is an important strategy to always have a backup plan. As they say, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. You should be asking yourself questions that start with how or what if? How can I sweeten the deal? How can I close the deal? What if the party likes this? What if they reject this? Try to come up with some alternatives that will help seal the deal. Having a Plan B gets easier the more you negotiate. It becomes a way to be flexible and react to what the other side wants and think fast on your feet. Does The Other Side Want Something Other Than Money? Sometimes the other party wants something other than money such as time or an apology. We are so used to negotiating about money that sometimes we forget that money is not everything. For example a truly heartfelt apology can go a long way to help resolve a consumer dispute. If the other side feels that the apology is sincere, the apology may even be enough to close the deal. An employee

might want time-off instead of money. You may be able to suggest part-time work or flex time or vacation time if the employee is one that you want to keep. Sometimes what is wanted is convenience rather than money. These suggestions may be a way to resolve the problem and to save money at the same time. Only Negotiate with Someone with Authority Someone with authority is someone who can speak or act on behalf of the company or employer. If you are not dealing with someone with authority, then you are not really negotiating and are wasting your time. If you are not sure whether a person has authority to give you what you want, ask them directly. If you are in a more complex setting, you may ask for a written statement from the principal that this agent speaks or acts on his behalf. Sometimes someone will have the authority to act on someone else’s behalf, but they may have restrictions such as a set m o n e t a r y amount. They can sell you an item at a certain price but cannot go any lower. This is important because you do not want to find out at the very end that the person you thought you were negotiating with did not have any the authority to do so. Set the Tone and Look the Part You are the one who should set the tone of the negotiation. When you come into the room for the first time, you should look the part. You should wear professional clothes. If a woman, don’t wear a lot of distracting jewelry. Act as though you know what you are doing and get to business quickly. Have a notebook and a briefcase and start right in. Project the image that you want to project. You might even try it in the mirror a few times. You want to give good eye contact and be a good listener. You want to seem knowledgeable about the issue or issues to be discussed of the day. You can state what your philosophy is and what your negotiation style is. Think of the qualities of a negotiator that you admire most and try to project them. For example, my idea of a good negotiator is someone who is firm, flexible, fair, and honest, and has a good sense of humor. That is the tone I would like to set. Mary Greenwood, Mary Greenwood, J.D., LL.M: Arbitrator, Mediator, Author of “How to Negotiate like a Pro”, “41 Rules for Resolving Disputes”. To order call 1800-Authors or visit or Email at: Visit or






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Everyone seems to agree that opposites attract. Young and old people, happy and distressed couples, single folks and married partners – all apparently buy the classic adage about love. Relationship experts have written books based on this assumption. It’s even been internalized by people who are on the hunt for a partner, with 86 percent of those looking for love saying they’re seeking someone with opposite traits. The problem is that what’s true of magnets is not at all true of romance. As I explain in my book, “Great Myths of Intimate Relationships: Dating, Sex, and Marriage,” people tend to be attracted to those who are similar – not opposite – to themselves. I love how you’re just like me Whether people really find opposites more attractive has been the subject of many scientific studies. Researchers have investigated what combination makes for better romantic partners – those who are similar, different, or opposite? Scientists call these three possibilities the homogamy hypothesis, the heterogamy hypothesis and the complementarity hypothesis, respectively. The clear winner is homogamy. Since the 1950s, social scientists have conducted over 240 studies to determine whether similarity in terms of attitudes, personality traits, outside interests, values and other characteristics leads to attraction. In 2013, psychologists Matthew Montoya and Robert Horton examined the combined results of these studies in what’s called a meta-analysis. They

found an irrefutable association between being similar to and being interested in the other person. In other words, there is clear and convincing evidence that birds of a feather flock together. For human beings, the attractiveness of similarity is so strong that it is found across cultures. Because similarity is associated with attraction, it makes sense that individuals in committed relationships tend to be alike in many ways. Sometimes this is called assortative mating, although this term is more often used to describe the ways in which people with similar levels of educational attainment, financial means and physical appearance tend to pair up. None of this necessarily means that opposites don’t attract. Both the homogamy hypothesis and the complementarity hypothesis could be true. So is there scientific support that opposites might attract at least some of the time? Filling in my weak spots with your strengths Love stories often include people finding partners who seem to have traits

that they lack, like a good girl falling for a bad boy. In this way, they appear to complement one another. For example, one spouse might be outgoing and funny while the other is shy and serious. It’s easy to see how both partners could view the other as ideal – one partner’s strengths balancing out the other partner’s weaknesses. In fact, one could imagine the friends and relatives of a shy person trying to set them up with an outgoing person to draw the shy one out. The question is whether people actually seek out complementary partners or if that just happens in the movies. As it turns out, it’s pure fiction. There is essentially no research evidence that differences in personality, interests, education, politics, upbringing, religion or other traits lead to greater attraction. For example, in one study researchers found that college students preferred descriptions of mates whose written bios were similar to themselves or their ideal self over those described as complementing themselves. Other studies have supported this finding. For example, introverts are no more attracted to extraverts than they are to anyone else.

Extensive experience in:

Hemorrhoids Chronic muscle pain and chronic joint pain

Chronic gout Heartburn/GERD

Chronic urinary tract infection Chronic sinusitis Irina Vorotynskaya Homeopath, CHO # 15172, DHMHS Certified Nutritional Practitioner, B.Sc.Pharm Practice addresses: St. George Integrative Pharmacy 193 College St.,Toronto, ON, M5T 1P9 St. Panteleimon Homeopathic Office 7714 Yonge St., Thornhill, ON, L4J 1W2

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Why are we so sure opposites attract? Despite the overwhelming evidence, why does the myth of heterogamy endure? There are probably a few factors at work here. First, contrasts tend to stand out. Even if the partners in a couple match on tons of characteristics, they may end up arguing about the ways in which they are different. Beyond that, there’s evidence that small differences between spouses can become larger over time. In their self-help book “Reconcilable Differ-

ences,” psychologists Andrew Christensen, Brian Doss and Neil Jacobson describe how partners move into roles that are complementary over time. For example, if one member of a couple is slightly more humorous than the other, the couple may settle into a pattern in which the slightly-more-funny spouse claims the role of “the funny one” while the slightly-less-funny spouse slots into the role of “the serious one.” Scientists have demonstrated that, yes, partners grow more complementary over time; while they may begin as quite alike, they find ways to differentiate themselves by degree. In the end, people’s attraction to differences is vastly outweighed by our attraction to similarities. People persist in thinking opposites attract – when in reality, relatively similar partners just become a bit more complementary as time goes by.

Matthew D. Johnson, Chair & Professor of Psychology and Director of the Marriage and Family Studies Laboratory, Binghamton University, State University of New York

Child abuse may have an even more profound effect than just psychological damage, according to a new study. Abuse may actually “scar” our DNA on the molecular level, leading to intergenerational damage. “We already know there are a lot of behavioral mechanisms by which trauma has negative effects on the next generation,” Harvard scientist Dr Andrea Roberts told The Independent. “Trauma often makes people depressed, it gives them stress disorder, and those mental health conditions affect their parenting and affect the kids. This is another possible pathway.” Using sperm samples from a small set of 34 men, of which 22 had suffered some form of abuse as children, the new research from the University of British Columbia and Harvard University found 12 areas in the survivors’ DNA that were affected by some “molecular scarring.”

This “molecular scarring” in DNA is caused by a chemical process known as methylation, the process by which a methyl group is added to DNA, which can have a “dampening effect” on certain gene expressions. The full impact of this process on the men’s health has yet to be determined, however, a longer-term research is needed. The study of epigenetics is still in its infancy, relatively speaking. “Some very good findings from mice have shown that early life stressors affect the marks on the sperm, and then in turn those affect the health of the offspring in particular creating a kind of anxious behavior,” Dr Roberts added. The researchers found eight DNA regions that showed a difference of over 10 percent, while one region in particular had been dampened by up to 29 percent. If such research expands and holds up under peer review and eventual meta analysis, it may pave the way for more accuracy in criminal investigations, zeroing in on perpetrators who leave DNA at the scene of a crime and helping to narrow the age of a suspect.


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In this day and age it is difficult to find anything that is true to its authentic or original form. Many things, especially food, have been adapted to suited people of different cultures. Preparation and cooking methods have changed and so have ingredients and presentation. Food culture is constantly evolving, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t try to trace our way back to the originals every once in a while. When it comes to pizza, its origins can be traced back to Italy. This, however, doesn’t mean that pizza has stayed true to its original form. In fact, most pizzerias will have two options for their pizza; Italian pizza and American pizza. Cooking. When we order online pizza, what we usually get is pizza baked in a commercial oven. This is good enough for most of us but authentic Italian pizza is baked in a brick over/open flame. This gives the pizza a nice flavour and the crust is crispy and perfectly burnt. However, most pizzerias can’t afford to bake their pizza in the traditional method anymore. Sauce. When we take a bite of a slice of pizza, we savour the cheese and the meat or vegetable topping, but what re-

How many times have we brought food and then forgotten about it only to remember it because it begins to stink? Against this, you cannot do anything, but you can ensure that your food lasts longer and keeps fresh. How?There are many things you can do, such as regularly clean your refrigerator and regularly check the food in there and also that you keep in the cupboards or anywhere else. But its not just about checking them. This cannot prevent anything. All you will be doing is throwing away food items before they stink up the entire kitchen. So, what can you do to keep the food fresh? Practical List of Tips for Ensuring Food is Cleaner and Fresher: 1) Spread some cloves on and around the marble surface of your kitchen, and also spread some cloves under the sink. Why? The Cloves keeps ants away. 2) Place some bay leaves inside your bags of dough, rice and the rest of the packs that insects prefer. Why? Bay leaves keep insects away from food products. By placing bay leaves inside the packets, we ensure that insects do not reside there. But please remember to

ally gives the pizza a burst of flavour is the sauce. When you get a takeaway pizza, the tangy fragrance of the sauce will make you want to dive straight into it. This tomato sauce cannot be found on authentic Italian pizza and is in fact a feature of the American pizza. If

Meat. American pizzas tend to be loaded with different types of meat. If you are in the mood for Oslo pizza delivery, you’ll find yourself with many options. At Fornebu Pizza, the Fornebu DeLuxe has steak, bacon, ham, pepperoni, meatballs, jalapeños, onions and peppers on it. The Fornebu Spesial

rieties of flatbreads, thin crust is what most of us expect from a pizza. However, there are a variety of crusts to choose from. When placing your order for Oslo pizza delivery, you may have to choose thin crust, thick crust or even stuffed crust. Deep-dish pizzas originated in

10 difference between American and Italian pizza you are wondering how pizza can exist without that bright red sauce, a short lesson in the history of pizza may be of help to you. The origins of pizza can be traced way back, but if we look at 16th century Naples, a galette flatbread was called pizza. It was originally a dish for the poor, who used tomato as a topping. However, tomato on pizza wasn’t in the form of the fragrant, slowcooked sauce we use now. Italian pizza usually uses olive oil, pureed fresh tomatoes, garlic and oregano on the bread.

faster so make sure that you keep these two apart.

3) Place half a potato in the refrigerator. Why? If there is any kind of bad smell from food or cooked items, the half potato will absorb it. To make sure that this works, remember

7) Do not store apples along with the rest of the fruits and vegetables. Why? Apples give out certain gases that cause fruits and vegetables to rot.

In Canada, National Zero Waste Council research found that vegetables are the most-wasted food by weight at 30 per cent. Followed by fruit at 15 per cent, leftovers at 13 per cent, bread and bakery at 9 per cent and dairy and eggs at 7 per cent.

4) Store eggs with the pointed side down. Why? Storing eggs with the pointed side down keeps them fresh for a longer period. 5) Place a few cubes of sugar in the jar where you store American cheese. Why? When you place two or three cubes of sugar with the American cheese in an air tight jar, the sugar absorbs the moisture and prevents the cheese from getting bad. 6) Do not store tomatoes and cucumbers in the same draw. Why? Tomatoes give out gases that cause cucumbers to rot

America, and the pizza has high edges to hold in chunky tomato sauce and cheese. While this type of pizza is popular in America, the country known for pizza goes with thin crust. Different parts of Italy also have unique ways of making the crust, so your Italian pizza is also different from region to region. Due to how popular pizza is, there are also many variations of a regular pizza. Cheese-stuffed pizzas are popular, as are sausage-stuffed pizza.These include cheese or sausage inside the crust of the pizza. Russell Benedict Russell benedict is a content writer who specializes in food related blogging, email marketing campaigns.

Crust. Since pizza is traced back to va-

change the bay leaves once every three months.

to exchange the potato every three days.

comes with steak, ham and mushroom. These are just two pizzas on their American pizza menu, and you can choose from a wide variety if you want to order online pizza. Italian pizza usually only has one type of meat on the pizza. At Fornebu, you can find a range of Italian pizza, like the Roma, Pisa, Napoli and Mamma Mia.

8) Place slices of apples or raw potatoes in the bread compartment or jar. Why? By adding a few slices of raw potatoes or apples with the bread, you ensure that the bread remains fresh for longer than usual. 9) Store radish in a vessel along with some water. Why? You should store radish in a vessel along with water because water will keep the radish fresh and crisp for a long time. For the same reason, if the radishes have shriveled, place them in a jar of cold water. Water will restore the radish to its previous splendor. Douglas Milam

When my brother and I were kids back in the ‘80s, we loved going to Long John Silver’s. But it wasn’t just for the fish. It was for the vinegar – malt vinegar. We would uncap a bottle at the table and swig that tangy, delicious nectar of the gods straight. Are most of you repulsed? Probably. Were we way ahead of our time? Apparently. Some social media and online searches would have us believe that drinking vinegar is a cure-all. Our friends and colleagues will regale us with stories of the healing power of apple cider vinegar for whatever problem we may have just mentioned. “Oh, that backache from mowing? Vinegar.” “That last 10 pounds? Vinegar will melt that right off.” “Syphilis, again? You know it – vinegar.” As a practicing physician and professor of medicine, people ask me about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar all the time. I enjoy those moments, because we can talk about the (extensive) history of vinegar, and then distill the conversations to how it could, maybe, benefit them. A cure for colds, the plague and obesity? Historically, vinegar has been used for many ailments. A few examples are that of the famous Greek physician Hippocrates, who recommended vinegar for the treatment of cough and colds, and that of the Italian physician Tommaso Del Garbo, who, during an outbreak of plague in 1348, washed his hands, face and mouth with vinegar in the hopes of preventing infection. Vinegar and water has been a refreshing drink from the time of Roman soldiers to modern athletes who drink it to slake their thirst. While there is plenty of historical and anecdotal testimony to the virtues of vinegar, what does medical research have to say on the subject of vinegar and health? The most reliable evidence for the health benefits of vinegar come from a few humans studies involving apple cider vinegar. One study demonstrated that apple cider vinegar can improve after-meal blood glucose levels in insulin-resistant subjects. In 11 people who were “pre-diabetic,” drinking 20 milliliters, a little more than one table-

spoon, of apple cider vinegar lowered their blood sugar levels 30-60 minutes after eating more than a placebo did. That’s good – but it was only demonstrated in 11 pre-diabetic people. Another study on obese adults demonstrated a significant reduction in weight, fat mass and triglycerides. Researchers selected 155 obese Japanese adults to ingest either 15 ml, about one tablespoon, or 30 ml, a little more than two tablespoons, of vinegar daily, or a placebo drink, and followed their weight, fat mass and triglycerides. In both the 15 ml and 30 ml group, researchers saw a reduction in all three markers. While these studies need confirmation by larger studies, they are encouraging. Studies in animals, mostly rats, show that vinegar can potentially reduce blood pressure and abdominal fat cells. These help build the case for followup studies in humans, but any benefit claims based only on animal studies is premature. In all, the health benefits we suspect vinegar has need to be confirmed by larger human studies, and this will certainly happen as researchers build on what has been studied in humans and animals to date. Is there any harm in it? Is there any evidence that vinegar is bad for you? Not really. Unless you are drinking excessive amounts of it (duh), or drinking a high acetic acid concentration vinegar such as distilled white vinegar used for cleaning (consumable vinegar’s acetic acid content is only 4 to 8 percent), or rubbing it in your eyes (ouch!), or heating it in a lead vat as the Romans did to make it sweet. Then, yeah, that’s unhealthy. Also, don’t heat any kind of food in lead vats. That’s always bad. So have your fish and chips and vinegar. It’s not hurting you. It may not be doing you all the good that you’re hoping that it will; and it certainly is not a cure-all. But it is something that people all over the world will be enjoying with you. Now raise high that bottle of malt vinegar with me, and let’s drink to our health. Gabriel Neal, Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Texas A&M University

Muslim men in India who try to break free of their marriage contract by simply repeating the word ‘Talaq’, or divorce, three times, will face jail for up to three years after the government criminalized the practice. In what is being hailed as a major win for Muslim women’s rights, the government cleared an ordinance banning the triple talaq practice. The Union Cabinet issued the executive order as the practice had continued “unabated” despite it being ruled unlawful in August last year by the Supreme Court. The five-judge bench decided the practice is un-Islamic. Addressing the media after the Cabinet meeting, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said there was a “compelling necessity and an overpowering urgency” to approve the ordinance. “I have said this before, the issue of triple talaq has nothing to do with faith, mode of worship or religion. It is a pure issue of gender justice, gender dignity and gender equality,” he said. The step to make talaq a punishable offence came after initial efforts in August this year to pass the Muslim

Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017, introduced by PM Narendra Modi last year, were hindered by opposition parties. Shankar blamed Congress for the failure to get rid of the triple talaq“curse” earlier as he said the “barbaric and inhumane” practice was not revoked because of “ambiguity and vacillation of the Congress party for pure vote bank politics.” Because of the opposition, the government this time round ended up passing the bill with three amendments, namely that the law will be“non-bailable,” meaning a magistrate will only be able to grant bail to the accused, not the police, and if the wife gives her consent. The second amendment makes only the victim (wife) or her blood relations or people who become her relatives by marriage able to lodge the complaint. Under the third amendment, the law will make the offence “compoundable.” Following the news of the ordinance, people flocked to Twitter to hail the law.

Sex is a “gift of God”: Pope Francis shares bene its of ‘passionate’ love, slams pornography ‘ Sex is not taboo, but is rather a “gift from God” which is designed to show love and to create life, Pope Francis has stated, while criticizing pornography as part of an “industry of lies.” “Sexuality, sex, is a gift of God. Not taboo,” Pope Francis told a group of young people from the Diocese of Grenoble-Vienne in France. That particular comment was in response to a 16year-old who asked how to navigate in a world that “desecrates” the human body. “Love between a man and a woman, when it is passionate, it leads you to give your life forever. Forever. And to give it with your body and soul,” the pontiff explained, as quoted by the Catholic news website Crux. He went on to state that humans, due to weakness or spiritual failings, sometimes use their sexuality in a way that does not follow the “very beautiful

The ultra-wealthy are ready to spend huge amounts of cash to have their brains frozen after their death in the hope of being re-born in the future. Deep-pocketed citizens are reportedly paying $100,000 for cryogenic preservation of their brains in liquid. The service is being provided by the Arizonabased Alcor Life Extension Foundation. The company is led by Bristol-born scientist Dr Max More and his team of eight people. Alcor has some 1,000 paying members on the book, with some of them paying more than $250,000 for fullbody preservation instead of freezing just the brain. The full-body freezing involves hanging upside down in steel cylinders. “I know that a lot of people will think I’m daft, but why not give it a try? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I don’t have any children and I’m not married and at my age that’s unlikely to change,” a businessman in his late 60s, who

way” it was intended. Instead, those people use it as “objectified sexuality, detached from love and used for amusement.” Francis also criticized pornography as being part of an “industry of lies,” as it amounts to “sexuality detached from love.” He encouraged young people to “safeguard” their sexuality well and “prepare for that love” which will be part of their entire lives. The Catholic Church forbids premarital sex, teaching that intercourse should be solely between a husband and wife.

asked to be identified only as ‘David,’ said in an interview with the Daily Star. “I thought I'd invest a bit of money in this and I may wake up in 200 or 2,000 years’ time and be able to experience a whole new life.” According to Alcor’s website, the company expects surgeons in the future to be able to grow an entire new body around a repaired brain. However, removing a brain from the skull involves unavoidable damage, so the specialists leave the organ protected inside the head during preservation and storage. The company starts operating only when a client’s death is officially declared. Alcor’s technicians pack the body in ice while attaching a “heart-lung resuscitator” to get the blood circulating. After that, 16 different medications are administered to protect the cells from crystalizing. Alcors says it currently keeps 149 dead “patients” at its facility, including US baseball legend Ted Williams.

The new contract with the state broadcaster was published by the Danish Ministry of Culture. Apart from budget cuts, which could mean up to 400 jobs losses, the document signals a huge change in broadcaster’s programming. The contract states that the Danish public broadcaster DR must make it clear that Danish society is based on principles of “democracy and has its roots in Christianity.” Previous issues of the contract had stated the broadcaster should “work for the promotion of integration in Danish society.” Media policy in Denmark is established through political agreement, between the government and the parties in the Folketing (Parliament). The new agreement (Mediepolitisk aftale) will cover the period 2019-2023, and will have a mid-term assessment of its effectiveness. Credit for the new wording in the contract with an emphasis on Christianity is being taken by the anti-immigration Danish People's Party (DF), which campaigned to highlight Danish culture in the new government media policy agreement. “This is a tightening-up we have had put in relative to the previous wording, which only obliged DR to particularly recognize Christian cultural legacy. We felt that was too weak. That's why we demanded this specification, which makes it clear that DR must present Christian cultural heritage to a greater degree,” DF's representative, Morten Marinus, told Politiken. While welcomed by the anti-immigrant political establishment, the wording of the new agreement was slammed by the traditional parties. “The DF influence is clear and I think it is an incorrect prioritization of conservative

values. It's another step towards a political agenda that does not want to integrate people,” Jacob Mark, media spokesperson with the Socialist People's Party, told Politiken. “This is alarming because the wording is exclusionary in a diverse society like Denmark,” Marianne Jelved, media spokesperson with the Social Liberal (Radikale Venstre) party, added. “Danish society is built on Christian values, but also just as much on free speech and diversity.” Denmark, which has an office of the Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, is predominantly Evangelical Lutheran, with over 75 percent of the population belonging to the Church of Denmark (Dansk Folkekirke), which is the official state religion. Islam constitutes the largest minority religion in the Nordic country and has been growing in recent years following the influx of refugees and migrants into Europe. Some 306,000 Muslims (about 5.3 percent of the population) lived in Denmark as of October 1, 2017. Back in 2015, before Germany's 'Open Door' refugee policy flooded the country with newcomers, approximately 263,800 Muslims resided in the Scandinavian kingdom. The recent increase in the number of migrants has dramatically affected the socio-economic landscape of the country with a population of roughly 5.7 million people.

Free cheese for Swiss? Hundreds sign up to get $2,500 a month under basic income trial Some 600 people have enrolled in a private basic income experiment in Switzerland, less than a week after it was announced. The trial apparently aims to find out what the citizens are going to do if granted over $2,500 monthly. Some 590 people in the Swiss town of Rheinau have reportedly agreed to receive a monthly universal basic income (UBI) of 2,500 francs ($2,570) for a year. The practical experiment needs 650 participants – half the population of Rheinau – before it can go ahead. The woman behind the experiment, Rebecca Panian, says she needs minimum half of the town’s population to be involved before the project can move onto the fundraising stage. The 3 to 5 million francs needed for the 12month experiment is going to be raised from crowdfunding or donations from institutions.

If the experiment goes ahead, Panian plans on documenting its progress with a team of researchers including sociologists, an economist and a media linguist. The concept has been trialed recently in Finland, Canada, California, Spain, and Kenya. A Silicon Valley UBI experimentplans on giving 1,000 people, $1,000 per month for three years, and 2,000 thousand people $50 for five years. Finlnd UBI experiment is scheduled to end next year, which pays $690 to 2,000 random, unemployed, Finns each month. The program was proposed as a possible solution to a record-high unemployment rate. Switzerland overwhelmingly rejected the idea of a 2,500 francs UBI for all 8 million residents in 2016. Some said they basic income would free people to pursue more production or creative life goals, while critics argued it would cripple the economy and encourage less productivity.



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Denmark investigating policewoman who hugged niqab-wearing protester The Supreme Court in India has struck down an “unconstitutional” colonial-era law making adultery a criminal offence, saying it makes women “chattel” of their husbands. In the second such landmark ruling last month, India’s Supreme Court decriminalized the 158-year-old adultery offence as it treats the “husband like the master” of a woman, “offending” her dignity. It comes after the same court decriminalized gay sex earlier this month. Penal code Section 497 gives husbands the right to prosecute other married men if they have a relationship with their wife without their “consent.” If the defendant is found guilty, he could be thrown in jail for up to five years, face a fine, or both. Saying the archaic law allows husbands to “to use the woman as a chattel,” a five-judge bench remarked about the colonial-era legislation: “This is archaic law long outlived its purpose and does not square with constitutional morality,” the Hindustan Times reports. They added that where the law “falls foul of constitutional guarantee,” the court must intervene to strike it down even when the government fails to do so.

Convicted pedophiles in Kazakhstan are facing forcible chemical castration after the government approved funding for 2,000 injections. The first request for the punishment has already been sanctioned. An unnamed pedophile from the Turkestan region, convicted of child sex offences in April 2016, will undergo the injection under the supervision of the country’s Health Ministry, according to officials. The man will be the first to receive the punishment under new legislation introduced at the start of this year, allowing chemical castration in cases where a court order is made in consultation with a medical authority. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has allocated some €23,000 ($27,050) for thousands of the procedures to be carried out. When the law was initially passed in 2016, Senator Byrganym Aitimova said that castration would be “temporary,” consisting of a “one-time injection” based on “the necessity of preventing the man from [committing] sexual violence”. Chemical castration uses anaphrodisiac drugs to reduce the libido and sexual activity of the individual. It’s generally considered reversible when treatment is discontinued. Kazakhstan will use cyproterone acetate, a steroidal antiandrogen developed for fighting cancer, which in commonly used in some European countries for the process. Child sex crimes carry prison sentences of up to 20 years in Kazakhstan. A number of countries including Russia, South Korea, Poland, Estonia and parts of the US use chemical castration as punishment for convicted sex offenders and pedophiles – in many other cases it is offered to sex offenders on a voluntary basis in return for reduced prison sentences.

A policewoman in Copenhagen is under investigation after she hugged a woman wearing a niqab, the police force’s complaints body has confirmed. The embrace occurred as the woman protested against Denmark’s ban on face veils. The incident occurred on August 1, the day that Denmark's nationwide ban on face veils took effect. A photo of the embrace, captured by a Reuters photographer, angered the anti-immigration Liberal Party and others, who complained to the police. “The photo has made the police an involuntary actor in a very sensitive political debate which they should not participate in,” Liberal Party lawmaker Marcus Knuth, who was among the complainants, told media. He added that the role of the police is to "enact the law, not hug people who are against it." However, he acknowledged that he was not sure if the woman was hugged out of sympathy or because she had become ill. The policewoman's lawyer has said the complaints are "complete nonsense," and that his client was acting appropriately within her role as a "dialogue officer." The woman wearing the niqab appears to be cry-

ing in the photo. "As my client said, if it had been any other person in the same situation she would have done the same, so it has nothing to do with her wearing the niqab,” Attorney Torben Koch said. The policewoman's name has not been made public, but Reuters has reported that she is white and Danish. Denmark's ban on face veils, which was initially brought forward by the country's ruling center-right coalition, was passed with a 75-30 vote and went into effect on August 1. Those who violate the law risk a 1,000 kroner (€135) fine, with repeat offenders liable for a 10,000 kroner (€1,340) fine or jail time. On the day the photograph of the embrace was taken, hundreds of Muslim women and supporters took to the streets of Copenhagen to protest the move. Activists call the ban discriminatory, believing it infringes on the freedom of religion, while others say it is necessary in order to uphold Denmark's secular and democratic values. Denmark's law follows similar bans on face veils in France, Belgium, and Austria. ` Photo: Andrew Kelly/Reuthers.

25,000 BRITS COULD BE INFECTED WITH CONTAMINATED BLOOD FROM US PRISONERS AND ADDICTS Tens of thousands of Britons could be living with deadly viruses after being given contaminated blood imported from the US decades ago, an inquiry into the NHS blood scandal heard. During the inquiry, which opened few weeks ago, victims spoke of how they have been administered a “death sentence” upon learning they have been infected with HIV or hepatitis C, following routine treatment. Many of the victims were only informed years after, having already infected partners or even their own children. Some 2,500 people died as a result of the contaminated blood. The samples were imported from the US and were used to treat thousands of Britons throughout the 1970s and

into the 80s. The blood was mainly given to haemophiliacs, though those who required transfusions following complications during childbirth were also involved. The inquiry’s chairman, Sir Brian Langstaff a former High Court judge, said the scandal was the worst in the NHS’ history. “It is a truly sobering thought that if some claims are wellfounded — and it will be for this inquiry to find out if they are — there may yet be many thousands more who do not feel well, but have not yet been told that the reason is that they suffer from hepatitis C… The consequences of what happened then may be continuing to cause death even now,” Sir Brian said. One of the chief aims of the inquiry is to ascertain how many were infected. Sir Brian solemnly

stated that some estimates stretch as far as “25,000” warning that this may be proven correct. The Infected Blood Inquiry is expected to last 15 months. It opened with testimonies from victims who detailed the deaths of loved ones and the “devastation” wrought upon them.The infected blood packages were sourced in the US from prisoners and drug addicts, many of whom were paid to donate. The inquiry will also examine if “there have been attempts to conceal details of what happened” as medical details and other crucial documents are currently missing. A litany of high profile figures are expected to testify, with many even calling for former Prime Minister Sir John Major to give evidence.

A terrified former Iraqi beauty queen has revealed that she received “death threats” days after another model from the country was shot dead. She fears that female influencers in Iraq are “being slaughtered like chickens.” In a tearful online broadcast, Miss Iraq 2015 and social media star Shaima Qassem told her 2.7 million followers on Instagram that she had received blood-curdling text messages saying “You are next.” The threats come amid a string of murders targeting female rights activists across the country. The 25-year-old model’s video was published less than a week after another Iraqi social media star, Tara Faris, was found shot dead in her car in Baghdad. Faris participated in the same beauty pageant as Qassem in 2015, and even then some contestants reportedly faced deaths threats forcing them to drop out of the competition. In late September, Suad al-Ali, a prominent activist and founder of a

Miss Iraq 2015 Shaima Qassem

local NGO dealing with the rights of women and children, was shot dead. Some believe that religious extremists could be behind the assassinations of Iraqi women. An Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman said “rapid measures” were being taken to find those responsible for the killings.

India 1st in world for number of women pilots Less than five percent of pilots worldwide are female but that figure, according to a Reuters report, soars to 12 percent in India, the same country which in 2012 was branded the worst G20 nation to be a woman because of deeprooted misogyny and gender inequality. India’s proportion of commercial female pilots is more than double the figure in Western countries, including the UK, where according to the Civil Aviation Authority, only 4.77 percent of pilots are women. The US lags behind at 4.36, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Saving is a very fine thing. Especially when your parents have done it for you. Winston Churchill

The best way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get smart with how you use electricity. Make these 21 no-cost changes in your home and you could save $500 or more a year, depending on a number of factors including the size of your home. 1. Turn off unnecessary lights Two 100-watt incandescent bulbs switched off an extra two hours per day could save you $15 over a year. Better yet, switch to LED. 2. Use natural light A single south-facing window can illuminate 20 to 100 times its area. Turning off one 60-watt bulb for four hours a day is a $9 saving over a year.


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3. Use task lighting Turn off ceiling lights and use table lamps, track lighting and under-counter lights in work and hobby areas as well as in kitchens. 4. Take shorter showers Hot water is expensive. If two people in your home cut their shower time by a minute each, you could save $30 over a year. 5. Turn water off when shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth Reduce your hot water usage by 5% to save about $19. 6. Fix that leaky faucet Fixing a hot water leak in your faucet can save up to $9 per year in energy costs.

Learn how to fix that leak.

10. Recycle or donate that old TV Recycle or donate your old T.V.. Even if you're just using it an hour a day, that 42inch LCD is costing you six bucks a year.

7. Unplug unused electronics Standby power can account for 10% of an average household's annual electricity use. Unplug unused electronics and

11. Manage your thermostat If you have electric heat, lower your thermostat by two degrees to save 5% on your heating bill. Lowering it five degrees

17. Toss a towel in the dryer A dry towel added to your dryer load can significantly reduce drying times. If you're doing seven loads a week this could save you $27 a year. 18. Be efficient with refrigeration Keep your fridge and freezer at their ideal temperature. For your fridge this is between 2°C and 3°C and your freezer should be at -18°C. Save $25 416-738-3359

8. Ditch the desktop computer If you're still using that old desktop, recycle it and switch to your laptop. If you use your laptop two hours per day, you'll save $4 over a year. 9. Not home? Turn off the air conditioner. Turn off that old window unit air conditioner for five hours a day while you're away. Do that for 60 days over a summer and you'll save $16.

could save 10%. Save $120. 12. Be strategic with window coverings. Promote airflow through your home and block the afternoon sun. You could save you up to $10 (2 fans) or $45 (1 window unit AC) during the summer. 13. Reduce heat in the kitchen Avoid using the oven in summer – try salads, smoothies or barbecue. You'll reduce the heat in your home and save on your home cooling costs. 14. Run full loads Cut one load of wash per week, even if you're already using cold water only, and

Guide to Replacing Your Front Door The front door, while often overlooked, plays a large role in your home's curb appeal. In addition, it can play a role in the perceived value of your home. If you are like most homeowners, your front door was inherited with your home. Oftentimes, this means that your front door may not reflect the architecture of the home or your personal style. Luckily, replacing your entry door is a relatively affordable way to update the exterior of your home.

What Are the Bene its? \ There are several benefits in replacing the front door/entry door. These benefits can include: Increased energy efficiency. Replacing your front door can mean better energy efficiency. With technological advancements, new doors typically have better insulation properties, which allows them to hold heat in the winter and keep it out in the summer. It is important to be on the lookout for doors with Energy Star stickers! Improved curb appeal. Having a front door that complements your home can greatly improve your home's aesthetic. When choosing a door, a few factors should be considered, including: your home's architectural style, the color of your existing siding and shutters, and your personal taste. Better security. One of the most

common ways intruders break in is through the front door. A new lock system means better home security. Also, newer doors are usually constructed in sections glued together, and are fused with updated lasers and adhesives; thus, a stronger door is designed to help keep you and your family safe.

and are available in nearly any stain or paint color. In addition, they can be custom made to fit any size opening or be trimmed to fit a specific doorway. Wood doors are the material of choice for custom designs!

Replacing the Front Door So let's say that you're sold on changing out your front door and you're now wondering, "what's next?" Well, in some cases replacing a door simply means replacing the old door with the new. This is called a slab or blank. On the other hand, there are times when the old door framing has to be ripped out. This includes the door jambs and threshold. Most doors sold today are prehung doors. Pre-hung doors hang on hinges within the new frame and often include some type of weatherstripping. They are the perfect option for cases where the old frame was bad/rotted or if you want to install a larger door and enlarge the opening.

Materials There are several options for a front door as far as materials. These materials include: Wood. Wood is the most common door material. Not only are wood doors beautiful, they are also versatile

15. Wash laundry in cold By switching from hot to cold water for an average of three loads per week, you could save up to $22 per year on your energy bill. 16. Hang dry your laundry If you do eight loads of laundry a week and use your clothesline for 50% of those clothes, you could save $65 a year.

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES from A to Z Construction company with 20 years experience offers: Building custom homes Help in obtaining Building permit Help in obtaining finances for construction We will find you vacant land for construction Renovation

save $50 a year. Electronics guzzle lots of power even when they’re turned off. Stop wasting electricity: Plug them into a power strip, then turn off the strip.

you could save $18 a year on your laundry costs. Save $18

19. Unplug your second fridge Unplug that second fridge and save up to $55 a year. Freeze plastic jugs of water and use them in a cooler when you need them. 20. Skip the heat-dry setting for the dishwasher.That heat-dry setting is expensive. De-select it and, based on one load of dishes a day, save up to $27 for the year. 21. Use the microwave, crock pot or toaster oven. A microwave takes 15 minutes to do the same job as 1 hour in an oven. Use a microwave instead of your oven 4 times a week and save $13/year. BC Hydro

mimic the look and feel of a wood door, while being relatively affordable. In addition, fiberglass and composite doors are durable and can stand up to dings without getting dents. Since they are so durable, they are a great choice for harsh and humid climates. While fiberglass and composite doors are durable, energy-efficient, and versatile, they are pricier than other front door options. Steel. Steel doors are often the most affordable option and are manufactured as part of a pre-hung system. They provide more insulation that wood doors, but typically less than fiberglass. Steel doors are prone to dents; however, most minor dents can be repaired with an auto-body repair kit. Also, if exposed to direct sunlight, steel doors can become hot to the touch. Steel doors are also prone to rust so they might not be the best choice for harsher climates. In addition, they cannot be painted so customizations are limited.

Choosing Your New Door Unfortunately, wood doors has a tendency to warp after being exposed to the elements. Thanks to new technologies, newer wood door models have veneer skins over a wood core. This not only helps to prevent warping, it also helps to lower the cost. However, they should still be examined annually for signs of warping. Fiberglass and Composite. Fiberglass and composite doors are both durable and maintenance-free. They are a great option since they can

Replacing the front door/entry door can lead to smoother operation, less maintenance, increased security, better energy efficiency, and improved curb appeal. In the end, the door you choose should reflect your personal style, as well as your home's architecture. In addition, the color, style, and hardware chosen should make your home's curb appeal more appealing. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us. Mary Morris, Office Assistant for Balducci Exteriors

Skylights give you: natural light in the room electricity savings a modern look to your home adds value to your property

Skylights Leaking? We can replace them! No mess in your home Licensed & Insured Leak-proof guaranteed 10 years Guarantee

Call Joe: 416-705-8635 Interior design, kitchen renovation, and remodelling are all excellent ways to enhance your home, but some simple mistakes can easily compromise the finished look. Thinking About Sole Use: There are many elements of kitchen interior design that need to be practical. One of the most costly mistakes you can make in your kitchen renovation is to only think about a single purpose for key elements. While you may plan an eating area, think about a table as an additional prep area or somewhere to entertain. Multi use elements can not only look stylish but make your new kitchen even more practical. Making Things Too Bright: While we all prefer to have a brightly lit area for food prep, but this can make the lighting harsh if you want to have a relaxing dining experience. Fortunately, you can easily remedy this with a little thought before you complete your renovation. It is fairly simple to install a dimmer as part of your kitchen design. Interior lights can be adjusted, so it is fully bright for prep, but you can turn it low for an intimate dinner party. Cutting Corners: While it is possible to save money on elements of your interior design, kitchen renovations are the epitome of getting what you pay for. The materials in your new kitchen will need to stand up to fre-

quent and potentially heavy use, so saving money on cheap elements could actually cost you in the long term. If you are on a restricted budget, think about investing in higher quality materials for areas that get the most use such as countertops and save elsewhere. Going Solely With Display Storage: While open storage seems like one of the best interior design ideas for kitchen renovations, it is not always practical. It may look great in magazines, but you need to think about those items that you don’t necessarily want on open shelves. Although your fancy stand mixer looks like a work of art, you won’t really want your decades old food processor on display. Don’t Go Bright White: This is another one that looks great in magazines, but in a real home can look cold and stark. White can create a clean look, but it can be difficult to keep it looking spotless. So, resist the urge to go white floor to ceiling. Balance the white with other colours and shades for a warmer and more homely look. If you need help with your kitchen interior design, you should speak to us. The Maker ( offers professional interior design kitchen renovation advice. Our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you plan your dream kitchen.

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