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What is ? How do we help manufacturers? is the web-based active selling instrument that enables registered prescribers to order samples online anytime, without cost, from participating manufacturers. brings prescribers and manufacturers together in a “Town Center for the profession” business forum. Plus, educational support information for each drug will also be available – in a variety of formats. turns less time, tighter resources and even your competition into strategic advantages. Manufacturers can flexibly tailor programs to match sales goals and budget requirements. is a powerful toolkit that can bring timely success:


The selling environment has changed. Physician time is overcommitted. Interactive selling time with the Physician is steadily decreasing. “The vast majority of sales calls continue to feature a brief representativephysician interaction where the physician signs for samples and little or no

product discussion occurs” (reported in Health Strategy Group’s 2008 State of the Selling Environment). When the sales representative cannot talk with the Physician, the value proposition of the traditional sales model breaks down.

 Harness the power to reach prescribers on their schedule, whenever they choose; day, night, weekends, and holidays. is a voluntary visit for the prescriber rather than a traditional call from the manufacturer, which now may be seen as a time-robbing intrusion.  Extend your reach... Now – offer samples and support information to prescribers who practice in an area not served by a representative.

 Implement a dynamic, more cost efficient method of reaching prescribers with samples and support information.  Gain the capability to flexibly repurpose talent. With the sales group no longer in the routine sample delivery business, they can be re-purposed as full educational consultants; performing only high-value business development initiatives.  Imagine the advantage to be gained if your sales group had newfound capability to effectively reach more prescribers. Territories may be reconfigured to take advantage of new opportunities since the limitation imposed by periodic hand delivery is suspended. Now, what if you could achieve this expansion without adding staff? This opportunity becomes your option with  

Bringing On-Demand RxSample ordering and support to the pharmeacutical community  

Bringing On-Demand RxSample ordering and support to the pharmeacutical community