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RMEA™ Major Event Architecture

Consider This A major sporting event is complex, featuring a large number of interacting dynamic activities. Even small situations can have massive impacts because of these multiple interactions - constantly evolving and unfolding over time

From Startup to Global Operations Planning and Delivering a world-class major sporting event contains all of the challenges that any business would face in its lifetime - all compressed into a much shorter cycle.

This requires a diverse skill set and the ability to continually adapt to the changing landscape.

Complexity needs Structure In complex environments there is always the need for structure. Structure allows for alignment, standards and governance within planning and operations. It allows for decisions and trade offs to be made and for best practices to be applied in context.

Rushmans Major Event Architecture.

We have packaged up the lessons we have learned over the last 25 years of practical experience into an approach that is called RMEA™

What is an Architecture? The RMEA™ architecture positions all of the key aspects of any large complex event - the primary components of consideration and for consideration. In this image we show the top level of detail. Behind this lay literally hundreds of questions, rules and principles, best practices and processes that we have proven over the last 25 years

We start with the hopes, ambitions and expectations of the Key stakeholders

Then place the main functional areas, the deeper aspects that require consideration and the critical needs of the stakeholders in a 'map'

Creating a logical model of what needs to be weighed up. BUT importantly configured in a way that asks ALL the interoperability questions given the requirement

The complete scope of an Event, not the SILO activity of the specific task or function

We work within a very powerful context within the RMEA™. It is this context that forces us to integrate all the thinking and ensure everyone on the team shares the same definitions and objectives

It is this alignment that reduces risk, increases efficiency and optimises the effectiveness of the programs of work.The true benefit of meaningful collaboration.

RMEA 4D™ asks the initial questions; the answers to these frameworks feeds the teams with common language, shared values and ideals, a common roadmap, implications, dependencies and measurement.

RMEA 4D™ asks the initial questions; the answers to these frameworks feeds the teams with common language, shared values and ideals, a common roadmap, implications, dependencies and measurement.

The true benefit of meaningful collaboration This approach is designed to maximise the use of resources at all stages of the Event making sure that we apply the right resource at the right time and for the right length of time

A Typical Programme The first thing that we do in our engagements is to spend a few days with the core team creating a shared framework for the programme.This requires two or three days working together focused on the following key steps....

1. Discovering what we could do. In this phase we are making sure that we have a fully aligned team, that we have clear objectives and that we have started to develop deep insights into the key stakeholders for the event. We are starting to build the context and scope.

2. Developing what we should do. This phase sees us developing the strategic framework for the event.This provides the vision and direction for the lifecycle of the event – from define to plan to implement. Out of this we will define the primary activities and timelines for delivery. At this stage we will have a compelling story that can be articulated consistently by any team member to any stakeholder, as well as a well thought through structure for the programme.

3. Deciding what we will do. This is where we build the Roadmap for the program.This roadmap represents the executive dashboard – the Master Plan – that drives detailed project plans.This Master Plan ensures that we stay true to the framework.

4. Deploying what we agreed we would do. And finally, if required, we implement against the framework and Master Plan, utilising the best practices that have been developed over the last 25 years.The degree to which we take on responsibility varies depending on the client brief and can extend to a Insourcing of event skills or turnover to your team .

This framework will ensure that we emerge with a very clear picture of what it will take to deliver a successful and memorable event. It will provide the foundation for your programme.

Who are Rushmans? Rushmans is an international company specialising in the management and organisation of major sports events. We have almost 30 years of experience in the delivery of several fundamental disciplines in these events, such as accreditation, media services, safety and security and volunteer services. We are noted for our flexibility and our capacity to respond quickly to the needs of a federation or organising committee and, in addition to our core competences, we have project-managed event activities for some of the world’s leading sports federations. We offer consultancy services across a wide range of major sports event activities, including host-country bidding and commercial activities. Rushmans offers you the skills gathered and refined at more than 500 major sports events in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Rushmans Major Event Architecture 2014  
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