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BACKGROUND The OBS Tower was initially designed to provide five 50m2 floor area by 5m tall broadcast studios with a floor level set at 11m above the ground. The flexibility of the modular system was demonstrated by subsequently stretching the structure to provide ten studios and 500m2 of concession space. Moving forward to provide a legacy for the former OBS Tower, known as Big Blue Rushmans have exclusive Broadcast reuse for Domestic UK and ALL International Markets The initial proposal prepared for the ODA in 2010 stated that “the Games Time requirement is a start point but also born firmly in mind is the potential to improve value for money and sustainability outcomes by looking towards relocation or economical reuse in legacy mode� Rushmans Broadcast Structures are investigating Major Events capable of providing Temporary or Permanent Reuse of Big Blue in legacy mode.


CCTV (China) Studio Big Blue

SKY Sports Italia Studio Big Blue

Tve (Spain) Studio Big Blue

Record (Brasil) Studio Big Blue


REUSE OF BIG BLUE – FLEXIBLE OPTIONS FOR STUDIO NUMBERS The modular design of big blue provides the flexible options to re the structure to provide any combination of studios from a single studio use to a ten studio complex. The height of the studios from ground level is also completely flexible. Ground floor space can be used for concessions, technical areas, office space or tailored to clients alternate requirements.

FOUR STUDIO DESIGN Minimum Compound Size 30m x 20m

BIG BLUE - THE FACTS Big Blue was designed to provide a sustainable, speedy, and economic solution for the provision of a temporary structure to house ten tv studios and 500m2 of catering space, with the first floor studios above the 10m level. At 9 storeys high, the Big Blue created space for ground floor food outlets with a kitchen, technical rooms and ten broadcasting studios over a further two floors - each one offering unobstructed views through the 5m x 5m glass window panels.

BUILDING FACTS The structure consisted of 114 x 12m shipping containers. It was 24 metres high. It took four months to prefabricate. It was craned into place in just 15 days.

BIG BLUE - THE FACTS SUSTAINABILITY The sustainability requirement was met by the selection of ISO shipping containers as the basic modular unit. The spacer levels (required to elevate the studio floors) require no modification and can therefore be sourced locally for each onward legacy event and do not require overseas shipping for international events. The studio and concession levels are designed in such a way that they can be reconfigured and reused on other sites.

BIG BLUE - THE FACTS SPEED AND ECONOMY The speed element was met by off site prefabrication and on site assembly. A four storey extension for London 2012 Olympics was delivered and erected just 20 days after the clients instructions The entire 10 studio configurations with 6 stand-up position extension was craned into position in 15 days onsite. Removal of the structure to clear the site is under 15days

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October 2012

Rushmans Big Blue