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ď‚— Turkey is a country that has a lot of

cultures,traditions,cuisines in it. ď‚— Turkey has seven regions and each region

has different cuisine,climate and also traditions.

 It’s interesting that according to their

climate,cuisine and cultures ,people has different characteristics.

 For instance,in the North of our country

people would prefer hot and sour meals.

ď‚— Turkish cuisine is very rich and this is

related to a lot of reasons.The cuisine is based on ancient times as Ottoman Empire. ď‚— Now we still have some tastes from

Ottoman.It consists of spiciy,hot,pastry and sometimes oily meals.

ď‚— Also our cuisine has some specific

healthy food such as yoghurt,wheat,pekmez.

ď‚— They are so healthy and they are found

easily in everywhere.

Now let’s see some of our specific meals and foods!

Aegean Religion is famous with its oily salads and also vegetables.

Artichoke, which is a kind of Aegean Meal,is so healthy

Kidney Bean (BĂśrĂźlce),which is a kind of an oily salad, is found in the sea or is grown on the land.

ď‚—Black Sea Religion is famous with fish

and seafood.Also because of its rainy season there are some specific vegetables and pulses.

It is a kind of anchovy from Black Sea Religion.

It is Blacksea Bread that never become stale.


M覺hlama ,which is a kind of specific meal in Black Sea Religion,is made of a kind of cheese and egg.

The south of our contry is famous with its dessert: Baklava

Yaprak Sarma

Iskender Kebap


Rice Pudding

Mant覺 is famous especially in Kayseri.

All over the world Turkish Coffee is so famous

Altough our various kinds of healthy food and meals,it is very regrettable to see demand of fast food.

Unfortunately new generation spend their hours eating unhealthy junk food.

Employment of woman,influence of western countries, industrialization,urbanization,tourism, innovation in the food sector are some more important reasons of changes of our food culture.

In order not to forget our cuisine we are working in our lab from Ottoman to modern Turk cuisine.

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Turkish cuisine  

turkish cuisine