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HOW I FELL IN LOVE A short but sweet story written by Rustin Chao Strangely enough, this story doesn’t begin with the girl I’m now madly in love with, Kelsey Krug. No, it begins with an entirely different girl with the name Vanessa Chow. (Don’t jump to any conclusions. Just keep reading) Three years ago from last October I got a curious call from this Vanessa Chow, a coworker at my former advertising agency in Los Angeles. She explained to me that she had been receiving my work mail for the last six months and was getting quite sick of it. You see Vanessa “Chow” was getting my mail because “Chow” and “Chao” are so similar. Which is perfectly logical when you figure everyone assumes I’m Chinese and whether I’m called “Chow” or “Chao” is just splitting hairs. So anyway, Vanessa Chow had my mail. While strolling by her office to collect the mislabeled correspondence, I was struck by a vision. Sitting in the office next to Mrs. Chow was the most gorgeous sight I had ever laid my eyes on. Yes folks, this is where Kelsey finally enters the story. Suddenly, the sky opened up and a beam of glorious light filled the room as a chorus of angels sang her name, “Kelsey! Kelsey!” (At least that’s how she’ll tell you it happened). I gathered myself, preparing to make an amazing first impression. The conversation went something like this… Vanessa:

Hey Rustin. Sorry about the mail mix-up. Do you know my friend Kelsey?

(Rustin tries to think of something to say that not only shows off his razor wit, but sensitive charm as well) Kelsey:


(Rustin continues to try and process something eloquent and genius.) Kelsey:

How are you?

(Rustin gets stupid look on his face and we start to hear cricket noises coming from his brain) Kelsey:

Well, it’s nice to meet you. Bye.

I walked away knowing I had won her over. Now the only thing left to do was figure out how to get her out on a date. Ding-Ding. The light went off in my head. I’ll ask her to the Halloween Party! Yes! What could be more romantic than a first date with 1,000 other sweaty morons in costume dancing to music so loud it makes your ears bleed? I couldn’t think of one. So I asked her and she said, “it’s a definite maybe.” Things were already looking very promising.

I remember mulling over what Halloween costume to wear. I thought about going as a Knight in Shining Armor to show her chivalry was alive and well with Rustin Chao. Then I thought about going as a rock star in case she might be in to the whole “bad boy” thing. But I ultimately decided on the best costume ever conceived — The Man With Two Afros. One afro on my head. The other afro, well, anyone who knows me can probably guess where that one was. It was my finest hour. She showed up to the party an hour late. I didn’t mind since she looked so cute in her little magician outfit. She took one look at my costume and whispered to her friend, “I wish this magic wand could get me outta here.” Beauty and a sense of humor. “This just keeps getting better,” I thought to myself. We danced and danced and danced the night away. Every song we got closer and closer. Then somewhere during that enchanted night we had our first kiss. It was like everything completely stopped and for that moment we were the only two people in the entire world. It was amazing. I couldn’t do anything else but stare at her gorgeous face. And she couldn’t do anything else but stare at that ridiculous afro and wonder what she was doing with me. It was instant love. A love that will last forever.

How I Fell In Love  

Sample of my writing

How I Fell In Love  

Sample of my writing