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Paul Robeson: Explore the Rutgers-Newark Campus Center like you’ve never seen it before!


Take a tour of the Solos Gallery with Rutgers-Newark alumna, Rebecca Jampol. RECAP

12 President Barchi’s controversial visit to Rutgers-Newark.




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38 So long and goodnight: A sad goodbye to “My Chemical Romance.”

Out-of-pocket vacations: the art of traveling…cheap.

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Grief can be a terrifying thing. It has the power to numb and make us reel with pain we have never felt before. If there is one thing most people can identify with, it is the pain of losing someone dear to us. Whether it is loss through death or loss through break-up- the pain is all the same. Someone once asked me, why people write poems about pain, nobody wants to read sad poems when they’re happy. I believe that is the best time to read a sad poem; it makes you appreciative and grateful for all the things in your life. It makes you understand that another day is not promised so we have to live life to the fullest while we still can.

Two months, eight weeks, sixty days, eighty-six thousand four hundred minutes— that’s all the time we had together. That’s all the time it took for me to fall in love with you, that’s all the time I needed to know I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I broke the picture frame that had the picture of me and you. I threw it to the floor, sobs wracking my body as I knelt down to pick the broken pieces of glass. One of the pieces nicked me and I relished in the pain it brought, anything to keep my mind off the pain your memories brought. Flashes of memory- fingers intertwined, rumpled sheets, soft whispers and clothes strewn across the floor. These were our nights, our days, our lives. I still jog in the mornings like we used to, I still watch the news for the weather every morning at exactly six a.m. Wednesday night is still grocery shopping night- the engine of the car still sputters before it starts. Your clothes are in the drawers, shoes lined up neatly in the rack, your favorite tie is still in that fancy burgundy case. I fixed breakfast for you on Sunday, and then I remembered. I remembered the screech of tires against the granite, the shouts, boom- and then darkness. Darkness in my world because you were the sunshine in my life. Why? Why? I keep asking but only silence greets me. Why is joy so fleeting and grief long-lasting? In my mind you’re still here. I only remember that you’re gone when I look at your side of the bed and see the unruffled sheets, or when I don’t hear the noise of your razor in the morning and the deep baritone of your voice humming a tune, or when the draft seeps in and there are no familiar hands to warm my cold arms. The sun still shines as brightly as it did the day you left. The trees still sway to the rhythm of the wind.

Nothing’s changed and yet . . . everything’s changed.

by Vanessa Anosike




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FROM THE EDITOR Art is a way of life. We should each understand that art is very subjective. Through visual presentation, music, literature, speech, science, food, theater and dance, art is prevalent. Wherever you turn, you see, hear, taste, touch art, and it inspires all of our senses. This is the realization I’ve had during our brief hiatus last month, and this month, we’re back to explore the various interpretations of art, in hopes of inspiring each of our readers the way we’ve been inspired.   Finals week is literally days away. For you seniors, this will be your last week of all-nighters, cramming, and examinations. For you freshmen, it will be your first. As such a time approaches, we are also celebrating our second year anniversary! I am truly thankful for our staff that has stuck with us throughout our reinvention, and we hope to only be bigger and better next semester. More than anything, I’d like to thank our readers for being unconditionally supportive, our advisor, Robin Gaby Fisher, for constantly helping us improve, and all of our sponsors and organizations that have contributed to our expansion.   On behalf of all of us at Scarlet Magazine, we wish each of you good luck on your final exams, and hope you have a wonderful Summer.   See you next fall!





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If there is one thing to be said about the main Art Gallery at Paul Robeson Campus Center that everyone can agree upon, it’s that students don’t visit it nearly enough. From displaying dozens of unique works of art done by renowned professionals and aspiring amateurs to numerous public events showcasing these masterpieces, the Paul Robeson Gallery caters to every art-admirer’s dream. The Gallery’s theme usually changes with every month to keep it as varied and up-to-date as possible. With polished, hard-wood floors, gleaming white walls and a pine-scented freshness in the atmosphere, it’s high time that this charming, spacious gallery be given the recognition it deserves. So, since most students at Rutgers-Newark are understandably over-preoccupied with other responsibilities, we at Scarlet Magazine have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the highlights on all the special upcoming events and programs! Exhibiting the theme, ‘No Place Like Home’ up until the 10th of April, Paul Robeson Art Gallery invited a number of contemporary artists to showcase works, which centered on the physical and psychological implications of what “home” meant to each unique artist. This impressive composite of art ranged from paintings to sculptures, and has been marvelously executed. Scarlet Magazine was able to catch up with Gallery Manager, Caren Choi to discuss the details for the when, where and what of the exciting near-future exhibitions. April 11th kicked off the Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition.

Scarlet Magazine was able to catch up with Gallery Manager, Caren Choi to discuss the details for the when, where and what of the exciting nearfuture exhibitions.

The title speaks for itself- this exhibition revolved around Rutgers-Newark Graphic Design students who have worked meticulously on these particular pieces as part of their Senior Projects. “It wasn’t your regular reception,” Choi says with a smile, letting us imagine the event with anticipation. “There was food, drinks and unique works of art for the public to enjoy with their families and friends.” The Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition showcased work such as handmade posters, book and CD covers, sculptures and hand-crafted stamps, and ended on April 26th. SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 07

06 / SPACE

But the excitement didn’t end there- for not long after the Graphic Design Exhibition ended, the Fine Arts students of Rutgers-Newark came next in line for their time to shine at the Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition. After cultivating their talents and honing their skills for at least four years of intensive study in the arts, these versatile Fine Arts Majors left us with their best and final works. The exhibition was on May 2nd, and is expected to last up until the 16th. Taught by the award-winning and immensely talented artist and Rutgers-Newark Professor, Stephen Laub, the Senior Thesis students amalgamated a variety of exceptional pieces, including Impressionist paintings, animated films, sculptures, photographs and sketches. These featured pieces have gone through several extensive reviews by both Professor Laub as well as Paul Robeson Galleries Curator, Anonda Bell, who has taken care to personally approve each individual work of art before allowing the artist to showcase for the Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition. It’s certain to be an exhibition like no other.

To fully capture the ambiance of the impending Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition, Scarlet Magazine successfully secured a one-on-one interview with one of the major featured artists of the exhibition. Self-proclaimed ‘Ultra-Senior’, Timothy “Tim” Resurreccion, attended Rutgers-Newark for the past 6 and-a-half years, and is pleased to be showcasing his Senior Thesis Project at the Paul Robeson Gallery. “I’ve been into painting and sculpture since I was a kid,” Resurreccion revealed to us while explaining his passion for art. “Art’s a great medium to express yourself,” he laughs, knowing that any artist would have said the same. Recommended highly to us among others by Professor Laub himself, Resurreccion by every means deserves the title of ‘artist’. Having developed an interest through video-games in medieval-esque blades, he began collecting weaponry a few years back to develop his artistic talents by either physically using the blades to paint his impressions across the canvas, or incorporating their appearances into his work.

His practice in the field has certainly paid off. Resurreccion showcases a piece he created by slashing at blank canvases with different blades and arranging them around a larger canvas onto which he daubed vibrant streaks of red using a sword. “I wanted to do something different and innovative,” Resurreccion says seriously, “and at the same time, I wanted it to represent me. It’s not really the weapons I used that matter- what attracts me is that every weapon requires a specific form and stance to inflict those gashes on the canvases. It’s not about destructiveness- a weapon’s stance and form is almost like a dance, and dance in itself is an art.” Resurreccion’s dubbed his inspiration for his piece ‘the constructiveness of deconstruction’- and once anyone lays eyes on his showcased work, they’ll be able to see why. He certainly took the time to flesh out his vision onto the canvas while simultaneously staying true to his gut feelings- some of his pieces took up nearly an hour of his creativity, while others were the results of his quick impulses with the blades. A considerable amount of praise is anticipated for Resurreccion’s efforts.

 Timothy Resurreccion

“I can’t say all of our work is very similar,” says Ressureccion of the exhibition in general, “but I know that the one thing everyone’s pieces have in common is that they all innately represent each one of their creators.” And Scarlet Magazine agrees. That one similarity is the only one that really matters.

“After cultivating their talents and honing their skills for at least four years of intensive study in the arts, these versatile Fine Arts Majors left us with their best and final works. The exhibition was on May 2nd, and is expected to last up until the 16th.�

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by Kesi Clarke

SOLO(S) PROJECT HOUSE Located on 972 Broad Street in the arts district of downtown Newark lies a rare gem that is a studio residence for some of the most talented artists in New Jersey. The Residents of Solo(s) Project House (SPH) are able to create art in different media while allowing their visitors to be able to walk into their own personal space and experience an artist’s individual vision of their work. The Project House is a unique space because each door leads to a room with a different story or installation from a different artist or group of artists. Rebecca Jampol, Director and Founder of Solo(s) Project House, graduated from Rutgers Newark with a BFA in Graphic Design. SPH currently has 30 residents and Jampol is planning to increase the space so that she is able to provide a home for more artists who want to share their work with the Newark community. One of the artists that were featured in the most recent exhibition was David D. Oquendo, a graduate of Rutgers Newark. In 2009, Oquendo received the Rutgers State University Creative Achievement in Art award. SPH was founded in the spring of 2010 and has since grown very rapidly. Can you tell me about your background and experience leading up to where you are today? RJ > I was a student at Rutgers Newark. I had moved from the University of Tampa in Florida. I came here and started working very closely with my professors. My advisor, Ned Drew, kind of shifted my attention towards design and I immediately gravitated to it because I was working on digital art on the computer, but I also had an eye for photography and composition and he kind of just hoisted me out of the program I was in and put me into design. One day when we were working he asked me what I wanted to do for a living and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a designer. I knew I wanted to work with artists. I knew I wanted to work with KC >

art. I knew I wanted to use design, but I had always imagined myself in a gallery setting, whether it was working in one, producing in one or directing in one. So we together created a business plan as my thesis project for an art gallery. Can you tell me about your experience as a Graphics Design student at Rutgers Newark? RJ > Having been a design student I guess that I’ve had an advantage over someone who has tried to do something like this on their own. I don’t have to outsource anything; I can do everything myself, which is great! Having the skill of being a graphics designer is an incredible thing. It can help support you and it can help you develop an eye and design a space KC >

Or they can just be a part of the overall vibe. They can come in and be studio resident or come to our openings. It’s a very welcoming space. KC > What would you say is the main objective for SPH? RJ > It’s a space that gives an artist an opportunity to

produce a project that is of a large scale that normally they would not be able to do in a normal gallery setting. There’s a really regimented criteria of how your work can be submitted, you know it has to be a certain size; you can’t paint on the wall. You can’t build. There’s a lot of no’s. Here we say yes! When an artist becomes a solo artist they get a floor plan and they pretty much mock it up the way they want their exhibition to play out and we’re here to kind of work elbow to elbow with them to make what they want to happen. Solo(s) Project House partners with P.G Chambers School In the Fall of 2012, Solo(s) Project House joined P.G Chambers school, which is a school that serves children with disabilities, to create its first educational program (IM) Possibilities. With this program seven professional artists were mentors to fourteen middle school students from P.G Chambers and they worked together for 4 months on different pieces that became a part of the travelling exhibition.

.KC > Can you tell me about the ways that this space has transformed over time? RJ > Okay so this place has looked like a subway station. This place has been wallpapered from floor to ceiling with eight and a half by eleven clip art that was produced by an artist himself. We’ve had a wooden float structure built in here. We’ve had massive white sculptures that occupied the entire floor space. This place has transformed over and over again. If you ever had to paint a wall and get really intimate with this space you can see the layers of paint from previous exhibitions. I mean this place has really flipped! How do you think SPH is helping artists from Newark? Jampol: There are a couple of artists here who are taking classes at Rutgers and NJIT. We also provide internships. One thing is that we are a very hands-on and grass roots operation so students can come in here and help with installations or exhibitions to work the gallery hours, there’s press and they can help with EDU programs that helps challenged students to make art. There’s a plethora of activities that are going on at all times that Rutgers students can be a part of. KC >

This program provided the students with hands-on workshops that allowed them to be creative and free to express themselves while professional artists guided the students along the way. The exhibition will travel from SPH to P.G Chambers School and will be on display from April 16—May 16 of this year. Keep your eyes open for the documentary of this educational project that displays the progression and development of this project from start to end. SPH provides artists with a great opportunity to share their artwork and network. Multicultural street artists who have travelled all across the globe to places like Argentina, Korea, and Mexico City are scheduled to come in as guest lecturers in upcoming weeks. Jampol is also opening up another space in the lower east side in April that will be an addition to SPH so that she can further expand and welcome more artists.

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12 / RECAP

BARC  Photo by Yahoo! News

ROBERT BARCHI : PRESIDENT OR KING? by Kristine Villianueva Where Rutgers Newark lacks in funds, students certainly have not been short changed in staff. That was made clear when Rutgers University president Robert Barchi came to visit in April. In the Essex Room, students and staff were surrounded by flags of the world — each a symbol for diversity — and an overall reminder of our uniqueness, hard work, and worth. Regardless of our distinct backgrounds, Rutgers-Newark students were able to come together to fight a common cause: campus equity. Main concerns were of allocation of funds, the University merger with UMDNJ, as well as the recent Coach Rice scandal. Since Barchi’s visitation, students cannot rid themselves of their anger and frustration to unfair treatment. Students feel that during the town hall meeting, Barchi wasn’t doing much to provide answers.

addressed President Barchi at the meeting. Students and staff were only able to be heard when professor Beryl Satter “hijacked” the town hall meeting after about half an hour of President Barchi presenting a power point available online. There is no doubt that there was passion in the room, fueled by the professors that wanted to bring the University to better light. “I didn’t think he expected to be confronted,” said Daniel Brown, 21, of East Orange. Campus equity would not only help the Newark and Camden campus, but would benefit the University as a whole. Unity can only be achieved when the unofficial rankings are abolished.

CHI “He was agreeing us to death,” said Professor Robert Snyder, director of American Studies at Rutgers University in Newark. Each agreement was a slap to the face. Snyder thinks that President Barchi was only agreeing with student and staff concerns because he was trying to deflect criticisms. It’s difficult to work hard within the challenging world of academia, only to be spit on because of the location of your campus. It’s a good way to crush the American Dream. Being located at the heart of Newark doesn’t mean the campus is riddled with crime – but it does mean that students get less funding. In turn, the University functions on dilapidated facilities, harboring the reputation of “Futgers” (Fake Rutgers), or the “second best campus.”

“[New Brunswick] would benefit from a larger intellectual conversation,” said Dr. Laura Lomas, who teaches comparative American studies as well as immigrant literature and feminist studies in the English department. The value of a degree is not measured by the location of a campus, but by the quality of education being received. It’ll take more than money to rid Rutgers-Newark of the stigma that it is second rate. But the Rutgers –Newark students and faculty are united. Professors are fighting for students even when their voices have been rendered useless. That is the true story of Rutgers University in Newark – where no one is a faceless student without a name.

The majority of the student body recognizes that the New Brunswick campus needs more money because it requires more maintenance. Nonetheless, students still feel that the allocation of funds is unfair.

“We’re essentially subsidizing other people to go to certain campuses and giving [Rutgers New Brunswick] more attention,” said Andrew Gurna, 20, one of the students who

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 13



by Nancy Elias

When you look around the Rutgers-Newark campus, you see what you believe to be students alone. Yet, a closer look and a few conversations will reveal that the campus is graced with many artistically talented people, and in parti-cular: musically talented students. From the jazz ensemble to the Rutgers choir, students at Rutgers-Newark have demonstrated musical talent both alone and in groups.

be important in his life: balancing him out artistically and challenging him technically. “Music balances whatever you do. I met many interesting people and it’s something I plan to keep doing. I have being playing for 5 years, but being a ‘good guitar player’ is a relative thing…being good is so relative. I would really like to try to learn new styles and put it all together.”

Interviewing Senior Jeremy Arwas, it was revealed that students wear many hats at Rutgers University. Arwas, 22, is a marketing major at Rutgers University. Chief of Finance of the SGA, he is actively involved on campus, responsible for managing and distributing funds to student organizations. On top of balancing his extracurricular and academic life, Arwas is also tackling two internships in NYC and Hoboken. A conversation with Arwas will reveal that he has been in love with playing the guitar since he was 17 years old. It all began when a friend left a guitar at his house, and picking it up, he found a new language to express himself with: music. Music has always helped him in his life as a means of expression and guidance, and at Rutgers, he would like to see people who make music get together and do something with their combined talents. “I’d like to see better connectivity,” said Arwas, “because people think ‘I’d love to start a band but I don’t know how.’ A lot of people play instruments here and there should be a chance for them to get together. Even if you don’t play an instrument, it is impossible to find someone who says that they don’t like music.” Although Arwas would like to work at a marketing firm in NYC and not pursue music professionally, he is passionate about keeping music as a part of his life. Playing mostly by himself and occasionally with other Rutgers students and for MMS, WRNU, and at Skippers, he believes music to

“With speaking, you have to think about what you say, you have to filter yourself, but with music you can say whatever you want... you can play whatever you want and not have to worry about controlling yourself.” SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 15


DOUBLE DREAM TEAM by Arlene Hernandez

“I was always told that I’m too young to achieve the things I wanted to do. But you can achieve whatever you want, regardless of what people may say.” YAHZMIN SANTIAGO

“Don’t give up. It’s that simple. People will help you. And you can always accomplish what you started.” NAZIA MALDONADO

Upon stepping inside of Newark’s Arts High School, I could not help but get a great sense of nostalgia. I began to reminisce on my high school years and the aspirations I now am aiming to accomplish. I must admit I was definitely one of those “lost” teens, as one may call them. You know, the ones who regardless of performing well academically (or not) are confused and unsure of what they may want to do as a career. Nazia Maldonado, 15, and Yahzmin Santiago, 17, are not one of the “lost” teenagers. Although college is definitely in their futures, they are not waiting until then to start working on their careers. I had the chance to speak with each both girls during their break at Arts High. They had finished their state tests a few days before and spoke excitedly about the school year coming to an end. It is easy to forget how young they are, both possessing a mature nature. When I asked them to name something interesting about themselves, they gave each other side glances and began to laugh. Through laughter, Yahzmin says, “She’s in love with Gerard Butler. It’s the weirdest thing.” Nazia then confesses to me her crush on Butler, saying how she made her own fan page for the star. The friendship that blossomed in the beginning of the school year has given both ladies the opportunity to collaborate on their film project titled “Out of Luck,” which tells the story of a young man going through a rough patch in his life. Losing his job, he comes across his high school crush who offers him a job where his boss happens to not only be his crush’s fiancé but also his high school enemy. The film is scheduled to be aired on ABC Family, who is backing up the production.Throughout the conversation, I got to know each individual girl. What sparked their interest in the arts? What inspires them to write? Where do both girls see themselves in the future? This is what they had to say: At Arts High School, you had to get accepted into a major related to the arts like drama, music, communications, etc. What made you choose a high school specializing in the arts instead of a regular high school, and what is your major? NAZIA > Ever since I was young, I loved to write. I began writing scripts when I was twelve years old and my parents bought me a video camera a year later when I turned thirteen. I became interested in filmmaking and experimented with the camera, making my own short film at thirteen as well. I got my mom and some AH >

 Nazia Maldonado (left) and Yahzmin Santiago (right)

other members of my family to star (Laughs). That’s why I ended up choosing Arts and majoring in communications/ television production. YAHZMIN > I like to write but one thing that I’m really passionate about is music. I love music. My whole family is musically gifted. We love to sing and we each play various different instruments, like the guitar, drums, and the piano. I got accepted to other schools, but on the day that I had to write down the school I was going to attend, I held off on it and therefore got more information on Arts High and eventually accepted the offer to attend the school and majoring in instrumental (guitar). AH > What inspires you to write? YAHZMIN > What inspires me is seeing

people go through life situations and how they go from one situation that is bad to better. So, you can say I am inspired through others. And from there, I can write stories. I’m not the type of writer that can look at any object, like a binder or something, and automatically come up with something ( Laughs). NAZIA > I find myself really creative. I visualize things a lot. I don’t like it, but I find myself writing about romance! “Out of Luck” technically began as a drama but instead it ended up leaning more towards the romantic comedy genre. And the inspiration for the film came from a friend who asked me if I was thinking of writing another script and I wasn’t at the time. But then I began to think and the idea came to mind. I’m definitely the type of writer that can come up with a story on the spot and just go from there. How did this whole film production start? You obviously collaborated on the script, but what happened next that eventually led to where you guys are now? NAZIA > Well, after the script was completed, we began looking for sponsors for a possible production. And I’m fortunate AH >

to have family and friends who have connections with various companies, leading me to ABC Family who decided to call in for an interview. And once they read the script, they decided to not only help back up the production but to also air the film in their channel. AH > Not

many can say that their film will be airing at a major TV network. How does that make you feel as a teen & as a Newark resident to represent the youth in the city? NAZIA > Not a lot of teens have gone this far so it makes us feel grateful that we have reached this point. I would say don’t give up. It’s that simple. People will help you. And you can always accomplish what you started. YAHZMIN > I agree. I was always told that I’m too young to achieve the things I wanted to do. But you can achieve whatever you want, regardless of what people may say. AH > Where do you see yourself in the future? NAZIA > Writing. After college, I would love to go

to a film school in NYC and continue to write scripts and stories. YAHZMIN > Although I haven’t decided for sure, I know it will be music related. I love to write but music really is my passion. And perhaps I may even go to medical school. You know, anything really is possible.

Newark teen scriptwriters talk life, writing, & getting greenlight for ABC Family. SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 17




April has rolled around once again and we all know what that means- finals week is just around the corner at Rutgers-Newark. In five short weeks, students will be stressing left and right, filling in libraries, exchanging notes, and pulling all-nighters. Studying for finals makes a lot of students stress themselves out to the point where it becomes damaging to their health. One of the major reasons for this is simple: many students don’t know how to efficiently manage their time and prepare the right way. That’s why Scarlet Magazine has come up with some great resources, study tips and stress-controlling support that will show students the best way to get set for finals week and stay healthy, too. Both the number of places students can turn to for help as well as the amount of students who don’t realize just how many resources are available to them- absolutely free- are pretty amazing. There is a whole horde of professionals and peers alike who are here to assist us in just about any

way they can. If you think that you have taken on more than you can handle, a visit to the first floor of Blumenthal Hall should help take much of that load off your back. Engage in a confidential, one-on-one session with one of the many trained counselors who are experts when it comes to helping students deal with any college-related or even general life issues. Should you need any help with studying, or if you’re stuck on a math problem, the Rutgers-Newark Learning Center is there to help. Located on the second floor of Bradley Hall, The L.C. covers a wide range of tutoring subjects, including tutors for every Mathematics and Science-based course on campus. Supervised by educator, Altyman Brown, and open five days a week, the L.C. welcomes both walk-ins and appointments. Students can also take advantage of the fabulous Golden Dome Athletic Center, which is which is right on Warren Street, to help cope with the stress of exams. Some may be skeptical as to how going to the gym can make anyone

+ AB “Studying

for finals makes a lot of students stress themselves out to the point where it becomes damaging to their health.” better at studying healthily and effectively. Well, pay close attention because that’s where the health-related aspect comes into the equation. To keep it basic, exercising causes endorphins to be released in your brain. Endorphins are those chemicals that keep you happy and help minimize stress. As an added benefit, exercising not only helps regulate stress and mood levels, it also promotes blood flow throughout your body which nourishes your skin and pumps more oxygen and nutrients in your skin cells, which in turn, helps collagen production. Sweating, although undesirable by many, also performs necessary functions. It helps to clear out any clogged pores, which visibly reduces bacterial acne. Moreover, when you exercise, you tend to drink much more water than usual- sometimes up to a whole liter of it without even realizing. Drinking all that water largely helps in detoxifying your body, and flushing all the harmful acids out of your bloodstream. The Golden Dome Athletic Center is open 7 days a week for students’ convenience, and boasts a multi-recreational Fitness Center, five outdoor tennis courts, four racquetball courts, an exercise/dance studio and a 25-yard, eight-lane pool.

In addition to taking advantage of all the aforementioned resources, there are certain quick steps to relieving stress that students can take a few minutes out SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 19



of their schedules to ensure. Research indicates that the average brain can only be fixated on either positive thoughts or negative thoughts- not both at once. Listening to soothing or happy music is an effective morale booster. The way to avoid being fixated on negative thoughts is to make sure the mind is always preoccupied with something positive, productive, or stress-relieving. One thing many students find difficult to do during Finals Week is to get enough hours of sleep- which is a must when it comes to successful studying. Not only does sleep regenerate and repair the body, but it also is essential in converting shortterm memory to long-term memory. In short- to be able to remember everything one learned while staying up late into the night, one needs to get a good amount of sleep to be able to apply one’s knowledge on Test Day.

A well-balanced, healthy diet is also essential in regulating one’s stress and hormone levels. Consuming foods that are processed, sugary, or high in carbohydrates causes your blood sugar to elevate, which increases your body’s production of insulin- a hormone that stimulates increased levels of acne and weight gain. And of course, most of us are aware that hormonal acne and weight gain are also familiar side effects of stress- another reason why junk food during Finals Week is a big no-no. But the more pressing reason why students would do well to limit their intake of it is because instead of

rejuvenating the body, junk food makes the body sluggish, tired and grumpy- all unfavorable qualities for people trying to combat stress and maximize their performance on their exams. Cutting soda and other fizzy drinks out of one’s diet is also an effective strategy. Instead of carbonated drinks and fried foods, try milk and baked fish as substitutes. Milk, especially soy milk, is an excellent source of calcium while fish is rich in omega fatty oils, which help in boosting your skin’s immune system and lower your stress as well. Many undergraduate students are in need of advice from people who have already been in their shoes and still work alongside them on a regular basis. To cater to these students’ needs, Scarlet Magazine caught up with Organic Chemistry T.A.s, Lei Chen and Karen Wang for valuable tips on health maintenance and how best to prepare for Finals Week. Here’s what we were able to get from Chen and Wang:

4.0  Don’t pull an all-nighter the day before your exam. If you absolutely must pull an all-nighter, do it 2-3 days before the day your exam is scheduled. That way, you’ll be rested enough to perform better on the exam without drawing up a blank.

 During the weeks leading up to Finals Week, review before and after every class- make sure you do your best to get ahead rather than merely staying on track. This way you’re able to better understand the class material.  Ask your professors any questions you are stuck on, however embarrassing. If embarrassment is a bigger problem for you than it is for others, stay back after class is over and ask your professors then.  Eat your meals on time and make sure your diet has plenty of fruit and vegetables and that your meals are frequent and proportioned. Drink coffee very sparingly and keep yourself hydrated.

 Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. Swimming early in the morning can help de-stress your body and remove knots from your muscles if you are tense.  Use your weekends to review your lecture materials and to prepare for the next week’s classes. Make sure you are on top of your homework assignments to keep everything you’ve learned fresh in your mind.

 If you plan on studying for an entire day, which is recommended, do it with breaks in between. Not taking 10-20 minute breaks every hour causes loss of focus. Refrain from memorizing scientific concepts, but rather try to understand the material. E-mail your professor or visit their offices if you are in need of study help.  Regularly evaluate your overall class performance- this way, you’ll have an informed idea of how well you will need to score on your final exam to achieve a favorable grade.  If you’re over 21 years old, do not drink excessively during Finals Week. Besides the obvious morning hangover, too much alcohol is detrimental to your health as it dehydrates you, kills brain cells and causes memory loss, filling everything you learned with blanks.

 Make sure you always read your exam questions carefully- if you’re unable to understand it, ask the proctor for an explanation. Multiple-choice based questions are an easy way to both gain and lose points on exams, so pay close attention to them because they can be tricky!

Remember, Scarlet Raiders- Finals Week can either make or break your grade. In order to boost your G.P.A. wisely, it’s essential that you monitor your health and regulate your stress-levels. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Remember you still have time to prepare and if you manage that time effectively and follow all the tips and advice you’ve gleaned from us, Scarlet Magazine is optimistic that you’ll achieve your academic goals!

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 21




Anchor Tank Top $32, Turquoise Drop Necklace $44, SquareStudded Pleather Bracelet $28. All from Midnight Bloom. CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:


words by Kesi Clarke principal photography by Martin Tadashi Reyes

supporting photography by Elaine Reinoso & Rhys Valmonte styling by Ashley Okwuosa

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 23


Summer is approaching & things are heating up!

Scarlet Magazine’s first fashion spread got the staff up bright and early to get started. Check out what’s hot this summer and get to know our student models BARBARA FREZ & ADRIAN NUÑEZ .

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 25


ADRIAN NUÑEZ Age: 19 Hometown: North Bergen, NJ What’s your major and what year are you in? I am a sophomore and I actually double major in Journalism and Theater Arts. SM > AN >

SM > How do you like it? AN > I like it a lot; it’s a lot

of fun. I get to express myself so theater definitely helps in entertainment. SM > AN >


How are you involved in the entertainment industry? I act, I model, I sing, I rap, and I do Radio as well.

What do you think about the fashion on campus? It’s slackin’. I see a lot of people that don’t seem to care about it... Well, I guess it’s because it’s a commuter school and a lot of people don’t care what they look like. I see way too many Jordan’s, Lebron’s, and Mitchell and Ness snapbacks. I’d definitely like to see a lot of variety. Also, too many girls dress the same way, which is a turn off. I’d like to see some uniqueness. I mean, we are super close to the city so people should be inspired and care about personal style. SM > AN >

What are your Summer Essentials? Definitely jerseys this summer. This summer is going to be a big jersey year for me. I’m bringing back jerseys. Shades are a must. You definitely need some fly shades and some fly summer hats. Bright colors! I’d like to see slot of bright colors. Men are too scared to go far and wear heavy loud and bright colors and animal prints. Animal print is definitely relevant in men’s fashion today. So a lot of crazy prints and definitely mint! Oh and flip-flops. SM > AN >

> BF BARBARA FREZ Age: 24 Hometown: Union, NJ SM > What’s your major and what year are you in? BF > My major is Sociology and I’m in my last year. SM > How do you like sociology? BF > I enjoy it! I actually just got a

job helping people with mental disabilities and basically helping them with their everyday lives like daily routines to give back to the community. I love helping people and I’ve always wanted to do that. SM > How would you describe the style of Rutgers Newark? BF > I would describe it as very laid back. Not a lot of people

make that much effort to dress up and go to class. SM > What is your favorite nail polish color for summer? BF > I would say Mint Green... it’s actually really trendy

right now. SM > What are your must haves for the summer? BF > Chapstick for dry chapped lips! Oh! And I really

love high-waisted shorts and crop tops! And really flowy crop tops are perfect for hot weather.

Mullet Dress $40 from Midnight Bloom. SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 27



Stay Hydrated! Drink plenty of water because sweating releases a lot of water that your body needs to retain during hot summer days.

Wear sun block! Even if you live in the city it is important to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. SPF 15 or higher would be best depending on the amount of time spend within direct contact of the sun.

Protect your eyes! Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and reduce the risk of  cataracts. They also protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from sun exposure so grab a cool pair of shades before you head out.

Orange Sheer Tank Top $30, Coral Teardrop Necklace $37, Gold Bangle $25, Gold/Orange Band Bracelet $15, Orange-studded Bangle $25. All from Midnight Bloom. For more information about priced items, contact Midnight Bloom. 411 Broad Street, Bloomfield NJ 07003. *ALL ITEMS NOT CREDITED ARE MODELS AND STYLISTS’ OWN.

Special thank you to the Department of Tourism of Bradley Beach, NJ

31 SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 29








hella p a R by


SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 31


“You never know you may even run into a famous fashion designer or musician on the streets so always be prepared to smile.�

Have you ever wanted to travel and escape to a far away country where wines and steaks were both deliciously cheap? Well, I think I’ve got just the place for you. No, I don’t mean Tennessee. I’m talking about Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. Come and join me as Scarlet Magazine takes you on a historical ride filled with plenty of reasons to go south! In the southernmost part of the continent of South America is Argentina, a country full of surprises. Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is a city of rock stars, literally. The country is made up of 23 provinces and is surrounded by Uruguay to the east, Chile to its west, and Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia up north. The Argentines were once invaded and conquered by Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Polish, and Croatians. However, the majority of the Argentine ancestry is of Italian heritage because a great amount of northern Italians migrated to Argentina in the late 1800s. Who would’ve ever thought there’s more to Europe outside of Europe, right? Well readers, there is and its in the Latin American country of Argentina where these European blends have been mixed with Latin American fusions. After all, Argentina is in South America; it is unique on its “own” in terms of traditions and culture while its people have kept their roots in tact. Strong accents, exclusive Argentine cuisine, Latin musical creations, and an array of Latin American, European, Arab, and Asian blends is just some of the beauties Argentina has to offer. Soccer, Argentina’s and all of South America’s Holy Grail sport, is part of this countries culture. Architecturally speaking, certain parts of Argentina resemble a colonial European vibe with mind blowing structural buildings and artwork. It’s no doubt that Argentina has become one of top travel destinations to visit for its: edgy people, musical influences, captivating artwork, passionate sports, and delicious and affordable steak and wine. Could you ask for more? I think not. The country also has a sweet tooth if you prefer dessert and sweets. From succulent Parilladas and empanadas to sweet Alfajores there’s so much this country has to offer how can you ever think of turning it down? You never know you may even run into a famous fashion designer or musician on the streets so always be prepared to smile. Come to Argentina and experience life on a whole other level of excitement, music, and lifestyle. A culture shock, maybe… But a wonderful fantasy waiting to be

Use your time in Argentina learning new skills. Explore the hotspots, experience historical hotspots, and be inspired by the arts and music.

discovered is awaiting you. Argentina has a lot to offer on a tight budget. One day you can be on the beaches in the city of Mar del Plata or walking the historical Plaza de Mayo in central Buenos Aires. Take a risk and take yourself to South America. Discover Argentina. Come dance Tango or Cumbia and leave your foot print on a historical place on earth, you never know you might even find your soul mate.

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 33


THE ART OF CAFE HUNTING by Jannel Varona Whether you’re sitting in the middle of class, waiting in the middle of traffic or going through your busy daily routine. Do you ever just think to yourself that you can be somewhere so much better than here? Weeks filled with a never-ending workload, stressful deadlines and sleepless nights can make anyone crave a place to unwind and relax for a little while. Or perhaps just crave a really big cup of coffee. I know Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are America’s go-to places for a daily pick-me-up. You can find at least one Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts within a 5 mile radius in New Jersey and New York. While it is convenient for the American lifestyle, these popular franchised chains do not compete with amazing, little, unique cafes around the New Jersey and New York areas that have a lot to offer. Since a trip to Asia and Europe can certainly burn a hole in your wallet, cafes are a good, affordable alternative. Unlike franchised chains, cafes usually have various themes of different countries and cultures. From the food to the ambiance, themed cafes can give you the place of serenity and peacefulness that you’ve always wanted. The different themes can also give you the taste and experience of countries across the world. Have some free time between classes or work meetings? Cafes are a good place to escape the dreadful stress of the day! I guarantee a weekly visit to these cafes can certainly make your exhausting routines a little more bearable! In no particular order:



This coffeehouse will certainly make you forget about your last cup of coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Brewed Awakening is family-owned and is located on Main Street, the heart of Metuchen, NJ. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee welcomes you at the door. The simplicity of the place is something to admire and appreciate. The ambiance is wonderful and relaxing. The jazz music through the speakers makes the aura very comforting. It is a good place to just read or converse with a friend. It has everything from chai teas, hot chocolate, coffee and lattes to actual entrees, wraps, paninis and omelette sandwiches. Since there is quite an option on the coffee menu, I chose something that caught my attention first. I ordered a big cup of Jazzy Jaz coffee and tried the French Toast. The big serving of French Toast was something I did not expect. When I say big, I was talking about the size. Two, thick, huge loaf of bread was before me. The French Toast was drenched in syrup and butter, covered with powdered sugar. It was served with fresh raspberries and orange slices on the side to add to the presentation. It was diabetes on a plate, but it was flavorful and satisfies any sweet tooth. I knew coffee with a name like Jazzy Jaz would be a good cup of coffee and it certainly was. The steaming, piping hot cup of Jazzy Jaz coffee was soothing from the first sip to the last. The taste is strong, bold, not at all bitter and rich in flavor. The Jazzy Jaz coffee was divine and certainly awakened my palate. I’m sure every brewed coffee on the menu does just that. From the ambiance to its flavors, Brewed Awakening really does its name justice. CAFE PARIS


This 14-year old authen­tic French cafe is also located in Metuchen, NJ. It is owned by Lae­tia Ngo, who is half French and half Asian. Ngo was born in Paris, France and when her and her family moved here, she decided to name the place “Cafe Paris” to rep­re­sent her roots. To add to the gen­uine feel of the place, the murals of famous Paris attrac­tions such as the Eif­fel Tower and the Arc de Tri­om­phe on the walls were designed and painted by a French artist. The dim

comes with small, chewy tapioca balls, commonly called “pearls” or “boba.”

light­ing cer­tainly adds to the ambiance and make your expe­ ri­ence much more aes­thet­i­cally pleasing. From the atmosphere to the menu, this Paris inspired cafe takes you on a get­away. On the menu, you will find vari­eties of food that will cer­tainly sat­isfy your taste buds. Inspired by Asian and French cui­sine, Ngo uses her own recipes. Cafe Paris does not only serve delicious coffee and cappuccinos but it also offers amaz­ing salads, break­fast omelettes, entrees, and dessert crepes. While the salads and sandwiches range from $7.00-$11.00, the omelettes and entrees range from $8.00-$17.00. I ordered Sandwich Au Bacon Et Au Poulet and trust me, the name does not do it justice. The grilled chicken was very moist and the crispy bacon, ripened tomatoes, fresh green lettuce, red onions and melted mozzarella cheese made it oh so heavenly. For dessert, I ordered Crepe A La Confiture. The crepe was rich and creamy with chocolate hazelnut spread and homemade raspberry jam, topped with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. I can see why the dessert crepes are the most popular items on the menu. INTRINSIC CAFE


Located near Rutgers University in Newark, NJ is a 6 year old cafe called Intrinsic Cafe. Because it is also close to Essex County College and New Jersey Institute of Technology, it usually has students, teachers or alumni as its regular customers. This place is perfect for studying or just reminiscing with old friends.

The Bubble Teas at Intrinsic Cafe are the most popular items on the menu. The price ranges from $2.00-$5.00. Intrinsic Cafe offers fruity flavors such as watermelon, honeydew and strawberry and really bold flavors like the cookies and cream. However, the most popular flavors are mango, passionfruit and my personal favorite, taro. Bubble Tea can be served in different forms, but I tried a simple Taro Smoothie with Boba. Taro, a flavor that comes from taro root tasted sweet and rich to the tongue. The taste reminded me of buttered popcorn jelly beans or coconut. It truly was refreshing! If bubble tea isn’t to your liking, Intrinsic Cafe also offers amazing cappuccinos and lattes that are also popular to its visitors. TOUS LES JOURS


A newly opened cafe and bakery located in Korea Town in New York City have been buzzing with customers since it opened June of last year. From its freshly brewed coffee to milk bubble teas to its delicious, delicate cakes and pastries, Tous Les Jours is inspired by Asian and French ingredients. According to employee, Haley Lo, customers come in and out of the place ordering various pastries and beverages on the menu that it’s hard to point out which one is most popular. She says the Red Bean Donut is the pastry she would highly recommend and I just had to try it for myself. The pastries at Tous Les Jours range from $1.75-$8.00. The Red Bean Donut is in the two dollar range but it was worth every cent. The sugar-coated crisp exterior welcomes your first bite. Then, the light, soft, chewy center of this delicate pastry just melts in your mouth. Inside this ball of deliciousness is a generous amount of red beans that left me wanting a dozen more. Unlike regular glazed donuts, the Red Bean Donut is not as sweet and overpowering to the palate. Tous Les Jours is perfect for coffee and dessert lovers.

From the paper lanterns that hung from the ceiling to the flavor choices on the menu, this cafe is Asian inspired. Unlike other regular cafes, not only does it offer the typical coffee and tea but it also serves a beverage called Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is a tea based drink mixed with either fruit or milk or both and it can be served hot or cold. It usually SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 35



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01 0100 01 0100 010 0100 010 11011 0100010 0100 by Arlene Hernandez 01 0 of all she has known and cheer her on as she is challenged within the Dauntless faction. Four also proves to be an 01 interesting character, having a blossoming romance with Tris while carrying a past that slowly unravels as the 000 novel progresses. 01 Roth has created a world that can happen should our government is run by the wrong people. It is a novel that makes you 10 appreciate the diversity that exists. And with a film on the 010 way, expect to hear more of Divergent in the near future. 01 010 10100 0100 01 0100 01 0100 010 0100 010 11 011 0100010 0100 01 010 00001 01000 0101 00 010

READING IS ART With summer just around the corner, many of us students are now planning how we will spend our well-deserved break from classes. Whether one is hitting the beach or lounging around at home, there’s nothing quite like a good read, purely for entertainment. I recently stumbled upon author Veronica Roth’s debut novel Divergent (after my sister begged repeatedly for me to read it and I complied by stacking it along with the many other “must-read” series she recommended) and decided to actually give it a chance. Now, I highly regret not picking it up sooner. The novel is set in a futuristic (not to mention, dystopian) Chicago unfamiliar to us. The people there are divided into one of five groups, or factions, based on their personalities. There is Abnegation (the Selfless), Amity (the Peaceful), Candor (the Honest), Erudite (the Intelligent), and Dauntless (the Brave). We are introduced to sixteen year old Beatrice, or “Tris,” who is a woman from the faction, Abnegation. However, after taking an aptitude test, Tris discovers she is a Divergent, or someone who possesses not one but many characteristics of several factions. This is a secret that Tris must keep in order to keep herself safe from the authorities of the factions, who see Divergents to be a threat to society, because they cannot be confined and controlled due to their various traits in personalities. At the “Choosing Ceremony”, when students choose and get initiated into the factions they desire to belong to, Tris shocks her entire family by choosing to join the Dauntless instead of her own faction. And this is where things begin to get interesting for our heroine, who after living a life dedicated to serving others, finds herself being placed in life or death situations (and actually enjoying it!). Here, we see Tris training in combat and crushing on her young trainer who goes by the name of Four. But when a secret war plan against one of the factions is formed, Tris and Four must keep those they love, and themselves, safe at whatever cost. I was surprised to find a strong female lead in Tris; just when I found myself doubting her fearlessness, she awes me proving that she is worthy of the faction she has chosen. Regardless of giving off a strong persona, there are several heartbreaking scenes in which we grieve with her at the loss

 Book cover photo by

39 SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 37

38 / MUSIC


“Being in this band for the past twelve years has been a true blessing. We’ve gotten to go...”

“So Long and Goodnight....” Lyrics from the 2005 hit single “Helena,” by My Chemical Romance (MCR) seem only appropriate after the sudden split of the Jersey bread band. On Friday night, March 22, 2013, MCR announced their break-up via a brief statement posted on their official website ( The statement reads: “Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We've gotten to go places we never knew we would. We've been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure.” The band’s split was a surprise to many, as the news spread through social media after social media. Becoming a trending topic on twitter for over three days straight, the band’s lead singer, Gerard Way, tweeted: “Beyond any sadness, what I feel the most is pride.” Way also released a 2,000-word essay explaining the breakup in his eyes. The essay can be found as a link on his twitter page @gerardway. In sum, the essay expresses how the band “knew it was time.” SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 39

42 / MUSIC 40

Throughout their twelve-year career, My Chemical Romance produced four full-length studio albums along with releasing a compilation of ten songs that were made back in 2009 but were never before released. The compilation was released just prior to the band’s break-up. My Chemical Romance is most famous for their third fulllength album entitled “The Black Parade,” released in 2006 with their single “Welcome To The Black Parade,” being played on radio stations across the country. According to the official billboards website, the album peaked at number 2 in the U.S. Billboards 200 chart upon it’s release. The album went platinum, selling well over a million copies worldwide. The record’s reception cemented the band as one of the top rock groups of that year, especially following the hiatus of both iconic bands Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy. The band has been nominated for over 80 different awards during their career, including a Grammy nomination for best album edition package, five MTV Video Music Award nominations, and a Teen Choice Awards nomination. So what is next for the band from Belleville, New Jersey? Many rumors have been spreading that there might be a farewell tour, or even a possible reunion with certain members. However, nothing is certain other than the band known as My Chemical Romance is no longer.

The band has been nominated for over 80 different awards during their career, including a Grammy nomination for best album edition package, five MTV Video Music Award nominations, and a Teen Choice Awards nomination.

Pictures is taken from Flickr Users: rufusowliebat, Stuart Sevas,, Dopliphant, and Michael Spencer 43 SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 41

42 / MUSIC

A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE by Kristine Villianueva

Brutality, Metal, and – Katy Perry? Rising out of obscurity was not easy for this group of six from Staten Island. Although the band is currently unsigned, they’ve come a long way since 2010, when lead vocalist Chris Gonzalez and guitarist D’Andre Tyre first started A Wake in Providence. It has since exploded into the music scene, playing with bands like Upon a Burning Body, Winds of Plague, and Chelsea Grin to name a few. They’ve had several lineup changes since the start of the band, only to solidify their lineup when the band added guitarist Tom Smith after he filled in at a basement show a few months back. Other members include guitarist Josh Freeman, and drummer Jon Denton. Bassist Frank Altieri recently left AWIP to pursue guitar in another band. Within the past several months, A Wake in Providence has been writing non-stop – and with six members, there’s bound to be some differences in opinion. Chris Gonzalez and Tom Smith explain their music writing process, as well as what it’s like to more than a band – but a group of artists – real musicians. KV > What bands influence your music? CHRIS > I listen to basically everything – Katy Perry and Mumford and Sons too. TOM > I surround myself with different kinds of music. I’ll take an emotion that,

let’s say, Mumford and Sons has in their music. I’ll take any type of influence and make it my own. KV > What kind of bands would you say AWIP sounds like? TOM > The best way to put what we do – like the brutalness of White

adding technicalities.



You can’t label us. It’s a collection of a lot of different bands. We have a lot of different sounds to us. CHRIS >

KV > What’s your writing process like? TOM > Chris writes the lyrics. Six people writing something is really hard. CHRIS > Yeah, there’s a lot of give and take. The new writing comes a lot from

Tom and D’Andre. I don’t play instruments and stuff. So as far as hearing stuff and trying to write it is not the same for me.

“You can’t label us. It’s a collection of a lot of different bands. We have a lot of different sounds to us.”

KV > What are some misconceptions about metal that you’d like to dispute? CHRIS > Millions! The [way] metal has transformed. If I talk to people over the

age of forty they’re like Metalica? It has a bad label. Unless you know mainstream bands, it gets misunderstood. And we’re not devil worshipping or Satanists. There are a lot of Christian metal bands, so there are a lot of misconceptions. TOM > A lot of people think just because we play aggressive music means we’re aggressive people. CHRIS > One thing we want to pass to people is that we’re nice. If you saw us on the street you wouldn’t be able to say that we’re angry metal people. KV > If you’re not angry, what fuels you to play such an aggressive genre? CHRIS > I really feel that everyone looks for a way to express their emotions

when they’re upset. We’re into such heavy music because the best way to express how we feel is in something that we like. TOM > It’s really hard for me to answer that because I grew up around metal. It’s something that’s been embedded in me. I’ll write things that aren’t metal. My whole life time of being surrounded with metal music it’s just natural. A Wake in Providence shot a music video and dropped March 9th for their single “Through the Eyes of a Traitor” and their EP “Serpents” is now available on itunes. AWIP is planning to have a new EP out by late summer or early fall.

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 43


Martin Tadashi Reyes

Deana Cardona

Kesi Ayanna Clarke

Jannel Varona

Laura Ann Carrione

OUR STAFF & SUMMER PLANS MARTIN > Junior / B.A. in English

“I am excited to go camping this summer, horseback riding, and I signed up to fly a helicopter! I am entering my second term as a junior in RU-N and that means more reading and planning on my writing samples. Wish me luck!” KESI > Junior / B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies “I hope to score my dream internship! I am also planning to visit my family in Bermuda so I’m looking forward to that. Plus, I will be enjoying being 21!” BRYAN > Junior / B.F.A. in Graphic Design “This summer I’m planning to take a painting course. I also will be revising various design projects, so I can be prepared for senior gallery show.” DEANA > Junior / B.A. in English “I plan to read at my leisure and get prepped for my upcoming ‘Study Abroad’ trip to London.” JANNEL > Junior / B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies “I recently received a summer internship for YHM magazine. For their inception issue, I will be a part of the fashion spotlight department. I hope this experience will improve my writing and editorial skills.”

Bryan Choi

Princess Hickmond

Barrington Mcgregor

Areej Quraishi

Kristine Villanueva

PRINCESS > Junior / B.F.A. in Graphic Design “This summer, I plan on expanding my portfolio and work part-time.” AREEJ > Junior / B.A. in English, Minor in Biological Sciences;

Pre-med “I plan on taking the first half of summer relaxing with my family and friends in Dubai, U.A.E. The latter half will be focused on summer classes and serving as a Research Assistant for a UMDNJ Summer Internship Program. I will also plan to take my MCATs and begin my application to medical schools for the Fall 2014 term.” LAURA > Senior / B.A. in Journalism & Media Studies “This summer, after four years of college and work, I will be embarking on what I hope to be an endless journey of rest. After I awake from my dream, I will apply to jobs and plann some travel time. BARRINGTON > Junior / B.F.A. in Graphic Design I’m hoping to travel somewhere out of the country and plan to take a course or two. I will also be working on projects for my senior studio which will be next spring and to top it off, party every chance I get.” KRISTINE > Sophomore / B.A. in Journalism and Media studies

and B.A. in English “I am looking forward to reading and writing (for fun) and going on adventures with her cousins this summer.”

VANESSA > Junior / B.A. in English, Minor in Biology “I will be catching up on my reading, especially the newest book in the

Ashley Okwuosa

Nancy Elias

Krishna Kashiwala

Raphaella Abad

Mark Carrione

Johnny Gaspar

Vanessa Anosike

Game of Thrones series. I am also looking forward to catching up with my friends. Most importantly, I will be studying for my MCAT’s.” AHSLEY > Sophomore; B.A in Journalism and Media Studies “I’ll continue my internship with Ebony magazine and will also be taking summer classes.” MARK > Freshman / B.F.A. in Graphic Design and B.A. in Journalism & Media Studies “Along with taking a summer course in Natural Disaters if Geological Science, I will be recording a demo for my new band. I am also excited to go to this year’s Warped Tour at the PNC center.” RAPHAELLA > Sophomore / B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies “I will continue to work at the Club Lounge at the Sheraton Meadowlands. While doing so, I will be looking for internships to apply to. Also, I am excited to plan a vacation to South America.” SARA > Senior / B.A. in Journalism & Media Studies

“This summer I’ll be working at a social media internship, enjoying the Jersey shore on the weekends and looking forward to finishing up my last few classes at Rutgers-Newark in the Fall.” NANCY > Sophomore / B.A. in English “This summer, I plan to relax and spend time with family. Additionally, I want to catch up on my writing and start planning for my junior year.”

Robin Gaby Fisher

Sara Querques

Tyraesha Hagans

Chantal Fischzang

JOHNNY > Senior / B.S. in Marketing and B.A. in Journalism

and Media Studies “I’ll continue working for ADP as a Marketing Coordinator. Part of my job is to travel to various states like New York, Pensylvannia, Houston, Los Angeles and New Orleans participating in tradeshows, which is a lot of fun!” TYRAESHA > Junior / B.S in Accounting and B.S in

Criminal Justice “I will be interning for the NY Port Authority, helping with the World Trade Center Redevelopment. I am also trying new things like rock climbing. And what would it be without frequent trips to the beach?” KRISHNA > Senior / B.A in Journalism and Media Studies “I will be spending summer divulged in LSAT’s, and an internship in the field of law, while working on a documentary as my Honors College Senior Project.” ARLENE > Senior / B.A. in English “This summer I’m planning on taking film acting classes in New York City as well as a scriptwriting course.” ROBIN > Director / Journalism Program, Department of Arts, Culture and Media CHANTAL > Assistant Professor / Graphic Design Program, Department of Arts, Culture, & Media

SCARLET / Summer 2013 / 45

Scarlet Magazine Summer 2013  

Here it is! Scarllet Magazine's long, awaited summer issue! Learn the art of surviving finals, to the art of fashioning fashions. PLUS: m...