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Dates: Week Week--long camps run from June 5 July 28 Place: 2870 Holly Creek Road Greeneville TN 37745 Register at or call 423-636-8171.

Meet at Eddie Yokley’s Farm on April 13 from 5:30 - 8 p.m. for “Profitable Ground … what does it look like?” The Four Seasons Grazing Club is an educational and networking organization dedicated to encouraging better forage production and utilization through increased emphasis on grazing management. Date: April 13 Time: 5:30 - 8 p.m. Place: The Yokley Farm, 1046 Old Kentucky Rd., S Free Hamburger Dinner with all the fixin’s! Visit or call 423-636-8171 for more information or to register.

Spring 2017  Greeneville, Tennessee

Children ages 4 to 12 enjoy a full week of hands-on activities on the farm, learning about food’s journey from soil to table while building relationships with the land, plants, animals and each other!

Grazing Club Pasture Walk at Eddie Yokley’s Farm!

N e w s l e t t e r

Farm Day Camp 2017!

Farm & Food Learning Center & Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign for the Farm and Food Learning Center is in full swing. As of March 15th, we have $95,000 left to go to be able to complete the project. Meanwhile, the contractors have been hard at work! The walls, roof, porch and windows are up and the water line from the road has been tapped. We hope that construction will be completed in late summer. Watch for our Grand Opening celebration!

Farm to Fork Dinner! A new spectacular summer time Farm to Fork Dinner is in the works. The event will feature a menu of yummy food from lots of local farms. Stay tuned for details!

Farm and Food Teen Training Program

The Farm and Food Teen Training program is going strong! Classes have begun, seeds have been purchased and gardens will be going in soon! We have a few openings! or 423-636-8171 to register.

Rural Resources, 2870 Holly Creek Road, Greeneville, TN 37745 Find us on Facebook

Return Service Requested Rural Resources 2870 Holley Creek Road Greeneville, Tennessee 37745

Non-Profit US Postage Paid Permit No. 19 Greeneville, TN 37743

Container Garden Distribution

Grazing for Soil Health

May 7 Master Gardeners' Plant Sale

Rural Resources

675 W. Allens Bridge Rd.

8:00 AM Greene County Fairgrounds

1:30 PM

9:00 AM Greeneville Terrace



Tabernacle Soup Kitchen

Rural Resources

5:00 PM

Rural Resources

8:30 AM Rural Resources

Mobile Farmers’ Market

(Grades 4-6)

8:30 PM

8:30 PM

Rural Resources

Rural Resources

9:00 AM Neighborhoods

July Seasonal Supper/ Fall Cook-Out Community Dinner

5:00 PM Mobile Farmers’ Market

Greene County Fair

Evenings Greene County Fairgrounds 5:00 PM

Rural Resources

Towers 5:00 PM Thanksgiving Dinner at Plaza Winter

Stephani and Joshua

Package Express

Greene County Angus Association

Lizzie Harrah

Steve and Sally Harbison

Andrea Hall

Greeneville Women's Club

Presbyterian Hunger

Plastic Innovations

Cynthia and Wes Pectol

Jerri and Frank Patchett

Celeste and John Patchett*

Sherrie Smalling and Craig Ottinger

Lance Klosterman and Heather Gilreath

Greeneville Parade December Christmas 10:00 AM Downtown for locations w/ Second Harvest, see Distribution January 25:6Produce

Forward Air

February 22: Produce Distribution w/ Second Harvest, see for locations

Mary&Morelock B J and Arts Food Rural Resources Local information on these and Tonya Easley and more DavidFor summer! Festival returns thisRuth MorganWatch for updates at events, check other Tennessee Eastyour and plan to join email for a date Bill and Ruth Moss, Foundation live like us for a free hamburger dinner, and Resources Rural on facebook! of George Mueller more! Family and music Edens Rachel Bill Murrah and Betty Elbert L Kinser Hennalt* Detachment James B. Nance Lynnea and James Fisher Naomi Neis

Jeanne Driese

Joyce Doughty*

Food & Local Rural ResourcesAlice Loftin and Don Miller Arts Festival

Anthony J. DeLucia

bash, a staple annual farm-to-table Jacqueline and William summertime of Greene County’s McCloud Jr. Thomas DeWald up fast, so fun; it always fills Ann McGinn Alice Dillard Maryregister now for fine food and Eleanor McLean and a good time live music, spirits, Pat Donaldson Dan and Janet McLean venue! beautiful a in Susie Donaldson

Klepper p.m. to 8 p.m. 5:30 day, Aprilst13, 2017; Allen th Alan & -Ras Jacoby KarenJune DayThe 1 24 Farm July : Charlotte and Bill for a Grazing for Profit workshop. Childress Leibrockits 19th year, entering Camp:isnow address G. Clark 1046 Old Kentucky Road, Robert time! all the and getting better LeMasters Sandra TN. Free Dinner Greeneville, South, and Carol Mannanforget Lynn Don’t child your to register Associates* Leonard &at the Fixin’s! with Collins on the farm. of funRegister a week for all and Robert Jeannette 636-8171. or L. Cook Sandra Lively 25th: the Incredible Corn Cox-Wilhoit PajanJuly Anthony and Pam Dinner Curtis at Still Hollow Elaine Maggio Farm: our


Elizabeth Causey*

“Profitable of Jeffrey Wilder. hosted at the farm M. S. Amoss, Jr. and L.L. Greg includewhat Featured speakers Ground… Kambri Harold and Emily Brann, state grazing specialist, as Childress Kidd and Floyd Teresa like?” it look does seen on RFDTV. A local meal will be and Watt Jennifer Kidwell and Laraine King served. Tour Eddie Yokely’s farm on Thurs-

event, educational at this Katherine and Jason Carter Ericapractices M. Jones

excellent how to maintain Learn and Thomas Larissa Mary Russell and Carlson Johnson grazing soil health through

7 : Grazing for Soil Health Millwright C & CMay Maintenance John and Joyce Johnson Workshop:

ice creamth. $8/per person. Jarnigan


Binnie Brooks

April 20th farm food meal a local Blessing Blessing: Enjoy Mike and Jennifer p.m. to Rural 6:00celebrate atand Resources’ Hollowell John Brown* we reflect ownership, land new tour the Farm & Holstonas Presbytery Tina Brown* opportunities Resources’ on Rural EnCenter in progress. Learning Food Brad and Mia Hyde the over accomplishments and Broyles Carolyn joy a hamburger dinner of local beef,last Russ and Valerie Israel year. Deborah and Donald the farm and homemade from salad

Tim and Barbara Hodges Paul Scala and Margaret the to out Come Meeting & Land Annual 23: April Boardman Ed and Hilde Hohmann

join us of celebrate the Bearden Kaywe Heiney Maryas Mike beginning Food & Farm the on construction Dr. Thomas and Mary Eleanor Heininger Learning Center. This is the Beckner Hendricksen David A. Annual Rural Resources in Rural chapter of a new beginning Robert McSweeney and Hodges Peggy history! Resources’ Bewley Rachel Meeting

Connie and Michael Hawk Bartley Ground-David Center Ground -breaking breaking:

locations Church w/ Second Harvest, Dinner see Distribution 3 Produce Teen Appreciation Presbyterian December December 28: Annual 1:00 PM Firstfor

Plaza Towers

Barbara Freeland and

Carol Barkman

423-636-8171. atApril HauserLearning JoelFood 15: Farm &


Azimuth Engineering

Upcoming Event Highlights or call our office

Nikki Niswonger about a Watch for news Fox Foundation Peter Noll spectacular new Farm to Charlsie Freshour Erin Oakley summer! Fork Garrenevent this Carole Odell Jeanne

Winter December 2: Teen’s Graduation Dinner

November 12

Market 6-7 October Mobile 9:00 AM Neighborhoods Dinner at Plaza Towers Thanksgiving serveFarmers’ 18: Teen’s November

Cook-Offsee Chopped Teenw/ 26Produce September 3rd Annual 1:00 PM TBA for locations Distribution Second Harvest, November 22:

Farmers’ September Mobile 9:00 AM Neighborhoods for locations Distribution Produce Second Harvest, see October 26: 8-9 w/Market

Fall September 28: Produce Distribution w/ Second Harvest, see for locations

September 23: Teen Chopped Cook-Off!

Retreat September 27 1-4: Teen Seasonal Supper August August

August 24: Produce Distribution w/ Second Harvest, see for locations

August 8-17

Rural Resources 9:00 AM Neighborhoods

August 6—12: Find us at the Greene County Fair! Food demo each night!

August 4-5

TBD: Opening of the Farm & Food Learning Center at Rural Resources

July 30

Dinner Hollow Farm July 7:00 PM for Still locations Harvest, see w/ Second DistributionCorn 217: ProduceIncredible July 25

July 24-28: Farm Day Camp Discover Natural Resources Camp

July 20-24

Day Camp July 17-21: Farm FDC: 1st - Natural 3rd Grades Resources Discover

FDC: Focus on Animals July 10-14: Farm Day Camp Boy & Girls Club Camp July 13-17 (Grades 1-3)

June 26-30: Farm Day Camp 1st - 3rd Grades

July 7-8

June 22: Food Distribution w/ Second Harvest, see for locations

1st - Supper Day Camp 19-23: Farm June June 25 3rd Grades Seasonal June

FDC: Focus on Animals 22-26 June Day Camp1-3) June 12-16: Farm (Grades Li’l Sprouts

Summer June 5-9: Farm Day Camp Li’l Sprouts

May 25: Produce Distribution w/ Second Harvest, see for locations

Building Bed Garden Raised Camp May 10-18: 1-3)and Planting (Grades 8-12 Community June FDC: Gross 8:30AM

9:00 AM Rural Resources

Sprouts Little (FDC): Camp Farm Day Festival and Arts Food Local Date TBA: Rural Resources 1-5 June (4-5 year olds)

9:00 AM Greenleigh Neighborhood


9:00 AM Cox Circle

Greenleigh Garden Distribution

w/Master Gardeners

Fork Dinner TBA: Farm toContainer Date28 Garden Distribution May

May 20

May 13

Harvest, see for locations w/ Second DistributionGardens April 27: Produce Container Workshop

May 9

April 22: Appalachian RC&D Field Day at Rural Resources

April 20: Annual Meeting, 6:00 p.m. at Rural Resources

May 6

RR Yokley’s Farm @Eddie Saleat 2 May Plantmeet April 13: Grazing Club,

Blessing & LandHarvest, Meeting Resources April Annual 5:30 PM Rural for locations see w/ Second Distribution 23: Produce March23

for your Farm! Call to set up a day12:00 Field Trips on theCeremony 22-April 26:Groundbreaking March15 PMgroup! April Rural Resources



Once again, thanks to all who support Sign up for week-long, Rural Resources with donations and hands-on farm activities time. As a member of Rural Resources, for ages 4 - 12 in June or you help spread the message of local, July. & Jean Hartsell* Bev Allison that much Clem &goodness Dr. Mikefarther. fresh Day Farm Johnson now for Lou Hassel Andrew Register Mary Women's Club Camp by visiting Jake and Cindy Lou

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