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Egg shaped, surrounded by a curved wall and extremely futuristic looking – Xige Winery in Ningxia.

NZ firm helps with new Chinese winery TESSA NICHOLSON

WHEN I first saw a picture of Xige Winery in Ningxia China. I mistook it for a space station.

Not hard to see why. The futuristic looking, egg shaped building is contained within a curved

wall, and is geared to produce 10 million litres of wine a year. It is not only the look of the

winery that has got people talking. Strongly supported by the Ningxia regional government,



A New Vision for Vine Gowing. Delivers the finest berries to the winery



95 degree

Clean crop sample

Reduction in fuel consumption

Unmatched turning

With the introduction of the latest Optimum range of harvesters, Pellenc’s accumulated experience and innovation in developing new designs sets them apart from other machines available on the market. Their approach to viticulture, reconciling crop quality, respect for the environment, and respect for the vine ensures Pellenc remain at the forefront of the industry.

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NZ Winegrower June/July 2019  

NZ Winegrower June/July 2019

NZ Winegrower June/July 2019  

NZ Winegrower June/July 2019