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RURAL NEWS // JULY 1, 2014


Pioneer reaches for global markets SUD ES H K I SSU N

DAIRY FARMERS worldwide are upgrading their milking systems, and New Zealand technology is high on their shopping lists. Waikato Milking Systems, Hamilton, is installing 25 rotaries this year in its major markets US, Australia, UK and China

and has won contracts in Russia. WMS is also a leading supplier of milking rotaries to local farmers; here the company will this year install about 75 rotaries. WMS chief executive Dean Bell says rotary technology has accelerated in the past few years “and we are a major player in this space so markets

have come towards us…. Over the years we have matured our relationships around the world and can now send rotaries to countries we haven’t [serviced] in the past,” he told Rural News. Despite its products being more expensive than competitors’, WMS enjoys the advantage of designing and manufacturing almost

Demands remains high DEMAND FOR rotary milking machines will remain high despite volatility in the dairy industry, says Dean Bell. A rotary milking machine is a long term investment for its owner. He agrees that when milk price softens, farmers are reluctant to spend. But this is a constant in the business, he says, and though “it will not change demand for rotaries, it will mean there

won’t be a linear supply”. Bell says farmers are optimistic because of the $7/kgMS opening forecast announced by Fonterra. WMS installed a record 100 rotaries locally in 2008, the first year of the global financial crisis. It will install 75 this year. But Bell notes farmers are now much more measured in their spending.

everything; it has factories to make rotaries, stainless steel components and associated automated technology. Bell says this makes WMS unique. “Even our bigger competitors don’t have all these services inhouse. So we are able to build a much higher-performing bespoke offering…. We don’t just build a rotary platform then have someone design a milking machine to fit. We have all our design services integrated so when we design a new rotary platform we design a milking machine to fit. “It’s a whole package and I think we have been able to integrate a lot more technology and make it look very simple… and because of that have

Waikato Milking Systems chief executive Dean Bell (left) and chairman John Anderson.

better reliability and lower cost of long term ownership.” In China WMS is supplying large milking systems to two of the biggest dairy cooperatives – Mengniu Dairy and Bright Dairy – in partnership with global herd management experts Afimilk. Two of the milking systems, in Jiangsu Province, north of Shanghai, are counterrotating 80-bail rotaries set up next to each other to milk 7500 cows three times a day.

“These twin 80-bail rotaries are pretty rare worldwide but are a clear indication of the increasing scale of dairy farming in China,” Bell says. “They are impressive to watch in action and their performance is exceeding customers’ expectations.”  In Russia, it has supplied a rotary milking system to Voronezh, 500km south of Moscow. Russia has an expanding dairy market and vast tracts of land available for dairying development. Its

dairy farmers are seeking technology that will help them milk efficiently and cost-effectively – a Waikato Milking Systems strength. The company recently won a tender to supply 15 large rotaries to Russia; the first one has been shipped. To install them two teams are sent from New Zealand, the first working with the local dealer to install the platform and the second team arriving later to install the milking machine.

Peter Young, ANZ Hawke’s Bay Agri Manager. When he’s at work he’s right at home.

Having lived here for more than a decade, Peter is proud to call the Hawke’s Bay home. He loves the landscape, from the Ruahines to Cape Kidnappers and the diverse range of agri business that comes with it. He brings over 20 years worth of experience as an Agri Manager to the local farming

community, and is part of ANZ’s dedicated Agri Business Team of nine industry specialists providing expert local service to the region. To find your local ANZ Agri Specialist, visit or call Peter himself on 06 830 0210.

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Rural News 1 July 2014  

Rural News 1 July 2014

Rural News 1 July 2014  

Rural News 1 July 2014