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Landscaping – The low-down on native grasses pg 3 Land speed record triumph at Bonneville USA pg 8 Three generations on AAPA Council pg 10 Horsin’ around – Building your horse’s confidence pg 12 Ron’s fabulous cafeteria for chooks pg 14 Weeds – 3 of the most unwanted pg 16 Our 50th issue - see page 9 for a special reader prize draw

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The big 50! editorial

developed and is now exporting a chook feeder. I met Ron and his wife Ruth almost a year ago and was amazed that he came up with the concept and developed it into a highly marketable product out of a garden shed.

We’ve reached a fairly significant milestone for us – 50 issues. Not bad when you consider I knew nothing about publishing a magazine just over 4 years ago. See page 9 for more on the magazine’s history.

to turn things around in a very short time frame, Nicky, my wife, who keeps the books and the numbers working, the advertisers most definitely and of course you the reader!

Lastly, I catch up with Dave Beattie to talk about how to tackle pasture invaders. There’s nothing appealing about seeing a sea of yellow instead of green pasturesFOREST and LIMITED .............................................................................................................................................................. as I found out it’s not good for stock or Lifestyle Fencing & Gates horses either.

Our cover image, courtesy of Jeff Venuga, is of Ben Longwell wrangling a cavvy (Western vernacular for a group of riding horses). In June we wrote about Ben’s background as a working cowboy back in Western Colorado. We’re pleased to have Ben contribute his BBA520 expertise on horse psychology this issue. Post Hole Borer

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50 issues is a milestone that gives me Neville Walker – Editor & Publisher the opportunity to say thanks to our Visit rurallifestyle.co.nz for RBC3100 incredible team for helping create what FOREST a FREE subscription Brushcutter and well-read has becomePetrol a respected 31cc, 0.95kw/1.27HP, straight shaft LIMITED .............................................................................................................................................................. U Handle publication. Firstly to Marlene, our Sales Fencing & Letters Gates Manager. MarleneLifestyle has been driving sales or enquiries to Rodney’s Rural Lifestyle, RD Marketing Ltd, RD1, sinceNo. issue 9 and I know we wouldn’t have Phone : 0800 833 399 1 West Street, Helensville $622.00 Kaukapakapa. Phone 09 947 3580. reached 50 if it wasn’t for her unfailing Email: neville@rurallifestyle.co.nz determination. Helen, our sub-editor Advertising enquiries: RBC3100 and writer who tirelessly works on all Marlene Brown 021-854-946 Rodney’s Rural Lifestyle ©2011. All rights reserved. the contributors’ stories as well as her Petrol Brushcutter Reproduction in any form without permission of the 31cc, 0.95kw/1.27HP, straight shaft own stories, makes the magazine so U Handle publisher is prohibited. No responsibility accepted for HTR4901 any direct or indirect consequences arising from reliance professional in many respects. Dan, our Petrol Hedge Trimmer on any content within Rodney’s Rural Lifestyle. Editor: Engine size 21.0cc graphic designer who brings the stories Neville Walker. Sub Editor: Helen Martin. Writers this Engine power 0.62kW (0.83HP) issue: Helen Martin, Ben Longwell, Grant McKechnie, $622.00 and adverts harmoniously together Dave Beattie, Neville Walker. Designer: Dan Stenhouse, and makes it work visually, and our Bgraphix. Printing: PMP maxim. $720.58 accommodating printers who manage


52cc, 1.98kw, Singleman Post Hole Borer, First up, Grant McKechnie tells us -how to Optional augers available plant native grasses100-250mm so they’ll survive.

Next, one of our regular advertisers, Peter $889.00 Merrie of Kitchen Works, shares with us the experience of being a crew chief in the BBA520 team smashing a land speed record at the Post Hole Borer famous Bonneville Flats Utah. 52cc,in 1.98kw, Singleman Post Hole Borer, RST210

Optional augers available Helen Martin writes on a first, the 100-250mm Petrol Line Trimmer 21cc, 0.62kw/0.83HP, fuel tank, involvement of three generations0.4ltr from 3.8kg, bent shaft, loop handle one family in the Auckland Agriculture $889.00 and Pastoral Association, and interviews another local inventor, Ron Clarke, who


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The low-down on native


By Grant McKechnie

Not all grasses are born equal, especially when it comes to our NZ native grasses. There’s a common misconception that all grasses will grow in all conditions, but that’s not the case and explains why some plantings fail. Some native grasses do have wide tolerances of various ground conditions, but others are quite specific in their requirements.

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Generally, what they all have in common is the ability to bounce back and regenerate when groomed. It’s quite natural for the older leaves of grasses to die off, just as they do on flaxes, cabbage trees and any other plant. But when it happens to grasses, it can make them look quite messy. Spend a little time doing some basic maintenance and your grasses can look as good as new again.

VEGETATion MAnAGEMEnT Free quote on all aspects of Vegetation Management – Anywhere in the Country Tree Felling / Chipping Forest to Pasture Conversion Shelter Belt Removal Trimming / Transplanting Mulch Sales / Delivery Wood-lot Purchase / Logging Consultancy / Stump Grinding

For a FREE quote please contact: Visit us online at www.watertechplus.com or our showroom at 6 Worker Road, Wellsford. Ph/fax 09 423 8061

Chris Sheffield. Ph 0276 108 540 Or our office on 0800 TREEWORK (873396) Take a look at what we do at www.treescape.co.nz RURAL LIFESTYLE ISSUE 50


The bright orange foliage of Carex testacea.

Carex secta seed heads.

Initially, we give the grasses in our garden a

If grooming as detailed above doesn’t

gentle ‘comb’ with a rake to get the bulk of

sound like your kind of thing, you can get

the dead material out of the way. Then we

brutal with grasses and use your secateurs

either pull the rest of the dead material off

to cut them down to about 10 to 20cm

by hand, or cut it off with secateurs.

above the ground. But be warned, if you

The grasses instantly look better and the grooming encourages the plant to

do this, it does take longer for them to recover.

regenerate and send up new growth. A top-

As a rough guide, grasses grow about as

dressing with a general purpose fertiliser at

wide as they do high. So if you’re planting

the same time will help them along.

out grasses that grow to 1m high and

you space them 1m apart, they’ll end up touching. Spacing is an important consideration when planting out. Do you want the mature planting to look like one big mass, or do you want to be able to see each plant individually? Both ways will look good. How you plant will depend to a large extent on what you’re using your grasses for. If you’re doing a bank, wetland or

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• Hedging • Shelter • Natives • Landscape plants • Bulk pricing available for most plants • Revegetation natives & planting service

Design/plans Planting Garden tidies Regular garden maintenance

Let Grant & Julie help you select the best plants for your place! Robinson Rd, Coatesville. Ph/Fax 09 415 8806. mck.nursery@clear.net.nz www.mckechnienurseries.co.nz 4


Mulched Instantly!

4m high gorse…

To this...

Clearing this hillside at the back of Warkworth shows the steepness of the terrain and just how dense the gorse was. The final result is impressive when you consider that in a little more than a day we were able to make such a transformation. No matter how big or how small, 2 acres or 2000 acres, we can mulch any size gorse, all other noxious weeds and trees to below ground level while preserving native vegetation. Using track grips fitted to our digger means our machinery can reach almost anywhere. The major difference is that the mulcher gives an instant result, the gorse is there one moment and gone the next. The mulch is able to rot down and put nutrients into the soil while stopping soil run off when it rains. Our new SlashBuster Mulcher arrives from the USA soon – Preview it now on www.slashbuster.co.nz “Our business is built on our reputation, people trust us and building on that trust is very important to me personally” - Ken Borg.

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an EE N d m OW qu e ot asu e re

fo CA rF L C R fL an EE or FN AL d m ROEW L qu aen E N ot adsu m e qrue e ot as e

Wardrobe Doors Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Doors

fo C A rF L R L

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A bed of Carex dipsacea in need of grooming.

Combing with a rake gets rid of most of the mess.

septic field, plant densely so you get a good covering more quickly to prevent weeds coming through. Depending on your preference, if it’s a garden situation, either massed or spaced out will work well.

So what grass should you put where?

Roller Blindsor bi-folding Wardrobe When it comes to wet areas, there are several native carexes that Door System allows Roller Blinds Wardrobe Doors look quite similar, grow in similar conditions and do a similar job.

fo CA rF L R L an EE N d m OW qu e ot asu e re

Let’s start with dry conditions first. Carex testacea is a really popular grass that will cope well in dry spots (but will also handle slightly damp conditions). It grows to about 60cm high and has brick-orange colouring. Another carex that prefers life on the drier side is Carex ‘Frosted Curls’, which is best in good soil. It gets to 30cm or so and has a silvery tufted look.

Two other grasses suitable for dry areas are Chionochloa rubra (red tussock) and Poa cita (silver tussock). Both look great when planted en masse where they get ruffled by the breeze. Both are biggrowing tussocks (up to about 1m tall). Red tussock has graceful arching bronzy-red foliage. Silver tussock thrives in poor, dry soils

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Felicia Boxed Awning

silver, brown and green weeping foliage with tall feathery seed

www.homeplus.co.nz heads.

Custom-made slidingsoils. All the grasses I’ve mentioned above will also grow in normal efficient access to storage space

Carex secta, C. virgata and C. dipsacea all grow in normal to boggy soil conditions. The variances come in their mature heights. Secta


grows to about 1 to 1.5m, and forms a little mound at its base over time, while dipsacea gets to about 80cm. Both are green with an orangey tinge. Virgata stays a lush green colour, with a maximum

Roller Blinds

height of about 1 to 1.2m.

This is by no means a definitive list of native grasses, but I’ve Custom-made sliding touched on some of the more orWarmer bi-folding Wardrobe in Winter / common species. Door System allows Cool in Warmer in Summer Winter efficient access to/ TM storage space Sunscreen blinds in Summer Pergolaflex Cool Conservatory Awningscan

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Land speed record


As crew chief for long-time Auckland race driver Reg Cook, Warkworth businessman Peter Merrie (co-owner of Kitchen Works, who’s advert features in our directory) has returned from the Bonneville Salt Flats with a land speed record. The car Cook’s team built to run at the Bonneville National Speed Week event was designed to break the current 2.0 litre production car record, set by a Chevrolet Cosworth Vega in 2009, of 156.8 mph (249.6 km/hr). A Nissan stalwart, Cook chose a Nissan 2.0 NX Coupe with an SR20 twin cam 4 valve engine for the attempt and a dedicated group of 20 people spent a year building the car to the strict rules governing the class. While the rules allow for extensive modifications to the engine and suspension the outside body work must remain standard. The rules relating to safety – roll cage, on-board fire extinguishers, wheel rims, safety belts, and

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to the corner of Paerata Rd and Adams Drive Pukekohe.

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even a parachute for stopping – were all carefully studied and incorporated into the build. The car was finally finished the night before it was to go into a container to be shipped to Los Angeles. The first of two detailed technical inspections by the organisers took place in Los Angeles before the team arrived to transport the car to Bonneville in Utah, a long drive of 1,100km. The final inspection at Bonneville was completed and the car was ready for its first run on the salt flats. With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees and a week-long event, it was to be a test of physical endurance for the team as well as of car performance. “Attracting over six hundred competitors and around 4,000 crew members, it was a challenge just to find your way around,” says Merrie. “The pit area alone stretched for over two kilometres along the salt flats.” After completing rookie orientation (none of the team had previously taken part in the Bonneville event) the car was lined up for its first run. An understandably nervous Cook was waved away by the starter and at the end of the 3 mile mark the car had achieved a remarkable 168 mph ((269 km/hr). The team was delighted at how well the car performed straight out of the box. To qualify as an official record another run over the same course had to be completed the next morning. The average of the two runs would stand as the new record. At 8.00am the next day the car was on the salt again and this time reached 171 mph for a new record of 169.5 mph (272.8km/hr). With a record in the bag it would have been easy to sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of their achievement, but with typical Kiwi ‘never give up’ attitude the team set out to push their record even higher. By the end of the event, they had set a new Bonneville (and world) land speed record of 174.5 mph (279.2 km/hr), smashing the previous record by 17.7 mph! (28.5km/hr) And the final word from Cook – “Fantastic. Now what shall we do next?”

Our first Is sue in 20 07.

One of the pleasures of the job is meeting fascinating people who invent useful gadgets, bring their communities together and contribute to the local economy. There are too many to name them all, but examples include Lea Chapman, the Millhouse (#6), Maureen Maxwell, Bees On Line (#15), and Guy Shanks, drover (#38).

We’re thrilled with this issue to be celebrating publication of the 50th Rodney’s Rural Lifestyle magazine. Having moved from the city to a Rodney lifestyle block in 2002, my wife Nicky and I started this publication to share ideas with other rural landowners on the kinds of practical issues we were facing living on the land. It’s fair to say we’ve come a long way since June, 2007 when we sent 10,000 copies of our first issue out into the world. We now distribute to 15,500 rural addresses across Rodney, from Muriwai to Kaiwaka. The first issue set the tone for what was to come with stories on plants, the land, equipment and safety on the block. Since then we’ve entertained our readers with the likes of chook reports and farming mistakes (the most notable being when we neglected to castrate a young bull who turned into 800kgs of muscle and horn

That first issue featured advertisers who are still with us: a big thank-you to Farm & Lifestyle Centre, Oikoumene Forest, Honda Warkworth, Gatmans Agricentre (now Mowers & More) and Kaipara Coast Plant Centre. Thanks also to all our other supportive advertisers – without you there would be no magazine. Readers, of course, receive the magazine free but, every time you mention to advertisers that you heard about them in RRL magazine, you contribute to its survival. Thanks a million for your continued feedback and support. Topics I’ve most enjoyed writing are product reviews of boys’ toys - ride-on lawnmowers, new vehicles, ATV’s, quads and chainsaws. And boy, have I learned a great deal! If you can remember a story that stands out for you, help us celebrate by emailing and telling us about it. Entries will go into a draw for one of six bottles of my favorite Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir (you can choose which) for Christmas. Entries close 15 Dec. We look forward to hearing from you.



50tH iSSUe

and who took apart our cattle yards with little effort.) We’ve had a great time attending Fieldays, where we are endlessly amazed by the great (and not so great) stuff on offer, and calf club days, where we never fail to be impressed by the community spirit of country folk.

rodNeY PeoPle By Helen Martin

Three generations on AAPA


The purpose of the Auckland Agriculture and Pastoral Association (AAPA), which was established in 1843, is to promote excellence in agriculture by bringing the best of New Zealand together in competition. But while you might think that over the past 168 years the association has seen it all, this year’s AGM in August saw a first, with the election onto its Council of three generations from one family, two of whom live in Helensville.

started at the age of 10 by helping out with feeding and cleaning

The first of the family to become involved, Duncan McNab joined when, as manager of the Mount Albert Grammar School farm, he turned up in 1986 to the AAPA’s flagship event, the Royal Easter Show. While his plan was to show stud Border Leicester sheep and Landrace pigs, Duncan was immediately enlisted to stand for the Council. After moving to Helensville, he served several years as AAPA President, and has now returned to the Council after a short break away.

Councillor by some 20 years, has plenty of energy for the work

Duncan’s father Ian had always had an interest in wine and wine making and knew most of the growers around Auckland, so it was no surprise when, having retired from lecturing at Auckland Teachers Training College, the Glenfield resident joined the Council in 1989 to help run the Royal Easter Show’s wine competition as a quartermaster. He soon found, as had Duncan, that Councillors assist in all sections of Easter Show organisation, adding Farmworld organisation and public relations duties to his responsibilities. Fortunately for the Council, at 84 Ian has lost none of his enthusiasm for this voluntary work. With his father and grandfather heavily involved in the Easter Show it was a natural step for James McNab to join in. Having


• Sale and purchase of livestock

up after livestock James, now a Massey University agriculture graduate and successful dog trialist, is the newest member of the Council. Like his father and grandfather, James, the youngest ahead, and is already coming up with fresh ideas to help build public interest in next year’s Royal Easter Show. The McNabs are looking forward to contributing to the Show’s commitment to helping Show-goers feel part of the primary export culture the country was built on. But they are aware that not all ideas are without pitfalls. For example, the 1996 ‘sheep in Queen Street’ launch of the Royal Easter Show, as Duncan remembers it, was nothing if not hair-raising. The hundreds of people lining the streets were no deterrent to the sheep as, sensing freedom, they hurtled into shops and bars through self-opening doors and raced up side streets, trying to avoid the dogs, on hand to muster them back to order. Later that evening Duncan answered a phone call from a cheeky bar owner, asking if the sheep he’d left behind should be served another drink or sent home in a taxi! So, no sheep up Queen Street, then. But hold your horses! The McNabs are hatching plenty of other cunning schemes. Watch this space.

Rt Hon John Key MP for helensvi lle

• Advice on stock management • Design of stock yard and loading facilities • Advice on water reticulation, fence layout and shelter belts

365 Main Road, Kumeu p 412 2496 e John@Johnkey.mp.net.nz w w w.johnkey.co.nz

Duncan McNab | Mob: 0274 950 208 Home: 09 420 9966 | Email: duncmac1@xtra.co.nz




HorSiN' aroUNd

for example). Let him look at it and smell it. If he’s bothered by it, then you know he’s feeling pressure from its proximity. Stay in a safe position near his shoulder. Remove the pressure (the object). Always pet and reassure the horse.

By Ben Longwell

Building your horse’s

confidence Desensitization, or “sacking out”, is an important part of training and building confidence. Even a horse that’s not spooky can benefit from desensitization. Your goal is to build a horse’s trust and confidence in you as the leader, regardless of any potentially frightening object or situation. You’ll never be able to introduce a horse to every possible threatening scenario, so he needs to learn to maintain confidence in your leadership despite any “scary” situations he may encounter.

Some basic steps: Keep the concepts of “approach” and “retreat” in mind when you introduce an object to your horse (commonly a plastic bag

How do you chose the right contractor for the job? Swimming pool excavation: If you’re in the planning stages for a swimming pool ask us for a free quote - without obligation. We have the experience and equipment that can save you time and money. • House excavations • Swimming pools • Wetland development • Foundations • Footings • Long-reach • Mulching • Retaining • Dams • V-drains • Metal supply • Stumping • Soil removal • Roading • Drainage • Driveways • Rock-breaking • Drilling rock • Registered Drainlayer • Truck & Excavator Hire

Our new Caterpillar Multi Terrain Loader is fast, cost effective and highly versatile. Especially suited for residential, commercial, agricultural, building construction, lawn care and golf course maintenance.

Contact Kevin Brashier Today

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Let him smell and look again. If he seems more confident, try touching his shoulder with the bag. If his feet move, just stay with him and keep your energy low. If he quits you completely, stop him and try to get back into the same position quickly, but without scaring him. As his feet stop, remove the bag (which creates pressure) to let him rest. Timing the release with his feet coming to a stop will indicate to him that standing and handling the pressure is what you’re looking for. Remember, you want to build confidence, not destroy it. Too much pressure without proper timing of the release will just confirm his fear of the bag. Keep your body language quiet to avoid giving him cues to move his feet. If your communication is unclear, you could end up with a horse that is completely desensitized to all stimuli and cues. If he won’t stop moving his feet and doesn’t seem to be trying to deal with the pressure, put him to work a little while (making moving of the feet your idea and taking the opportunity to relax and deal with the bag his idea). The more you engage his mind in choosing to cooperate with you, the more successful your session will be. Continue working back from his shoulder until you can touch him all over and with increasing noisiness. If he’s ticklish around his feet, tie the bag onto a stick or something that will extend your reach without putting you in danger. Take the time needed and recognise the “try” (the smallest effort to understand). Removing the pressure is the most significant reward you can use to indicate when he’s done the right thing. As your horse gains confidence to keep his feet still in spite of the noise of the bag, he’s learning to trust you with his feet – basically with his life. This is just one way to help build a strong, working relationship that is based on understanding, trust and respect.

Ben Longwell, an equine behavioral coach, runs training and clinics on horsemanship from his home base in Warkworth. We ran a profile on Ben back in the June issue which you can still access on our website (visit www.rurallifestyle.co.nz/ back-issues/june-2011/). For more details on True West Horsemanship see the advert below.

Are you enjoying all the sounds of spring?

Ask us how we can help you hear better, AND

save up to $2,300!

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HeAriNg TesT Bring this ad in to save up to $2,300! *Conditions Apply

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Phone: 0800 50 50 58 sUNNYNOOK CliNiC



123 Sunnynook Road, Forrest Hill, (over the road from Countdown).

Shop 5, Clyde Court, 92 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, (near Ike’s Emporium).

Warkworth Health Centre, 23 Percy Street, (up from New World)

Phone: 09 410 9241

Phone: 09 478 5050

Phone: 09 422 2550




A fabulous


By Helen Martin

Dairy Flat resident Ron Clark is no stranger to invention. As a print engineer he “always fiddled”, he tells me, adapting and altering the tools of his trade so they would run more efficiently. In 1972 he built a small, simple land yacht, very much like the modern blokart. Later he came up with a recumbent bicycle,

Ordinary filters won’t stop his crap from getting in your water...

But this will! Normal household filters allow E.coli from birds sitting on your roof to pass right through. But UV Sterilizers will give you peace of mind from every tap!

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which he rode on a number of cycle tours. “I have a very active mind. I just get an idea and I have to go and do it,” he says. As we all know, necessity is the mother of invention, so in 2006, when Ron and his wife Ruth decided something needed to be done about the “clouds of sparrows” devouring around 40% of the food they provided for their beloved chooks, Ron turned his mind to finding a solution. He knew there were chook feeders around but, unable to get his hands on one, he set about designing and making his own. His prototype was made with wood, with the component shapes cut by hand. Pleased with the effectiveness of the result – those pesky sparrows were well and truly foiled by the feeder – Ron and Ruth began selling what they eventually called the ‘chooketeria’ on Trade Me. Keen public interest in the chooketeria moved Ron to keep experimenting with materials and design ideas, with the switch to light aluminium proving a winner. Setting up the garden workshop as a factory, he adapted available machinery for the different tasks the process requires and engaged a Silverdale company to provide sheet metal aluminium blanks laser cut to his design. Between them, the couple now turn out around 200 units per month, with Ron working the machines and Ruth, a painter and print maker, assembling parts, packing the orders in boxes bearing their hand screen-printed logo and keeping the books. It can get a bit repetitive, they tell me, but they keep themselves entertained listening to audio books on their iPods as they work – enjoying Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher and “anything else that’s escapist.” Like all inventors, Ron is constantly playing with new ideas for

Meanwhile Ron, who says the chooketeria business is giving him and Ruth “a great sense of achievement”, is working on a way to get rid of those pesky marauding ferrets that sneak into the chook house at night. He figures that if he can get a light sensitive device to trigger the chook house door to open when sun comes up...

SIL AGE & HAY BALING UNDER-SOWING Book now for Silage and Hay Baling Light aluminimum has proven to be the most robust solution and is now being exported.

Give your tired pasture a lift with grass mixes for horses, alpacas or sheep & beef – 2 acres to 200 acres. Our new range of square bale sizes are easier to manage and feed out, a size for all!

improving the process (automation of the metal folding process is on the cards) and the product. The latest chooketeria, yet to be released, is a very flash two-sided number that cuts down the chook queues. To make sure the quality is first class, all new prototypes are tested on the family chooks before being offered to the public (so far the new version is being met with hearty approval) and a Training and Maintenance Information sheet is provided to make sure customers get the most from the product. Distribution is always an issue for a small family business and Ron and Ruth, who are determined to “keep it Kiwi”, are working on a range of options. Advertising through two web URLs (www. chooketeria.co.nz and www.chooketeria.com) they currently sell wholesale to “fabulous agents” RD1, Falloons, Farming Lifestyle (Warkworth), Horselands (Kumeu) and Sharpes Grain+Seed (Lower Hutt). They send parts to a relative in Australia, who assembles the chooketerias and sells them on EBay and at local markets in Queensland, and to Chook Manor in the South Island, who do the same. While I was visiting the good news came in that a California company is keen to distribute the product.

• Silage (baleage) in 3,4, 5, & 10 bale-equivalent squares, and 10 bale-equivalent rounds. • Silage innoculant available as an additional option for optimized baleage • Hay in conventional, 5-bale square, and 12+ bale rounds • Standing grass, hay & silage bought and sold • Pasture under-sowing / seed drilling of grass mixes and high yield forage crops.

For further information or a quote phone or text Lyndon on

Ph: 09 420 4484 Mob: 021 752 632 email: kauriview@clear.net.nz



PaStUre Care

By Neville Walker

Weeds to


At this time of year a number of weeds can take over paddocks. Neville Walker talks about the key culprits with Dave Beattie of registered chemical contractors Vegetation Specialists. Buttercup Buttercup, particularly the perennial creeping variety, invades paddocks and becomes highly visible when it flowers in spring. Some might regard paddocks covered in a sea of yellow as pretty, but in reality it is a problem that needs managing, as buttercup flowers contain the toxic glucoside ranunculin, which can be problem for horses and other stock when there is little else to eat. Ranunculin poisoning symptoms include bloody diarrhoea, excessive salivation, colic, and blistering and inflammation of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. Once the buttercup flower dries out when it is cut with hay the toxicity disappears.

Weed spraying Revegetation Pond Management Now is the time to take control of weeds before they control you and your pasture! • Pasture spraying – Dock, Carrot weed, Thistles, Buttercup, Pennyroyal • Gorse and Blackberry spraying • Specialists in environmental weed control in bush blocks • Woolly Nightshade (Tobacco weed) control • Wandering Jew • Revegetation projects for subdivision or farm/lifestyle block beautification. • Pest control

Dave Beattie 027 551 9851 09 420 6304





Dave advises that buttercup is best controlled in late spring to early summer with chemicals such as MCPA (although he typically sprays larger areas with a boom sprayer because MCPA damages clover, which is important for fixing nitrogen.) Dave recommends grazing pasture then allowing it to regrow for a few days prior to spraying. This has two benefits: it reduces the foliage on the clover, minimising damage and it opens the pasture up, allowing the chemicals to reach the targeted broadleaf weeds.

Pennyroyal Many paddocks will be now hiding an undergrowth of pennyroyal which will become evident later in November and into December. It is easier to control now before the purple flowers become visible. Although pennyroyal is usually avoided by stock it is highly toxic if ingested, affecting the heart, kidneys, gut, respiratory system and central nervous system. Dave finds a combination of MCPA and Dicamba is most effective in controlling penny royal. He avoids using chemicals such as 2-4-D at this time of year due to the risk of spray drift which in the right weather conditions can carry several kilometres. This is particularly a concern in this area with crops such as grapes about.

Carrot Weed Carrot Weed (aka Parsley dropwort) is widespread in pasture and on road sides throughout Auckland and Northland. Carrot Weed has a parsley-like appearance and grows between 30 to 90cm tall. Its flowers are white, grow on the end of long stalks and look similar to a carrot. This weed is particularly a problem in pasture as it is unpalatable to livestock in spring after flowering. It is not palatable to livestock so it can become quite dominant within pastures once it is flowering. Carrot weed lowers the quality of hay made from infested paddocks but it can be easily controlled with a combination of Agritone and Dicamba. It is important to leave pasture ungrazed for 10 days after spraying. Once sprayed the sugars rise up into the foliage making the plant more palatable. With highly toxic plants such as ragwort this is of particular concern as livestock can be poisoned. The effectiveness of the kill on the target plants is also reduced by grazing.

Ed’s note: At this time of year especially, if you opt for DIY spraying it is so important to be aware of horticultural crops. We recommend contracting the spraying to someone with the appropriate qualifications.


TL Adams Ltd

Hay • Silage • Cultivation Round Baling/wrapping • Cultivation Digging • Effluent Pumping

New Service: Water delivery

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Ph/Fax 09-420 3107 Mob: 0274-902 516 email: colinhawken@gmail.com IS GORSE OR SCRUB ERODING YOUR LAND’S PRODUCTIVITY?

• Roads, yards • Boom and Gun spraying • Rodney-wide Registered Chemical Applicator

With our new fixed-tooth mulching head, fitted to our 22.5t machine, we can go where no one has gone before!

Call Greg Brown 09 4238904 027 4305513 Topping/Mowing/Mulching Gorse Removal and Control Weed Spraying (boom or gun) Lime and Fertiliser Application Pasture and Lawn Renewal Paddock Smoothing Facial Eczema Control


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Mobile Shearing Services Bombay to Kaiwaka

Shearing • crutching • flystrike • drenching (worming) • footrotting • tailing • castrating • one or more animals Reliable, specialised information on sheep management and care Experienced, Certified Shearers (machine and blade).

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SERVICE DIRECTORY REGISTERED VALUERS Lifestyle Block Specialists for Southern Rodney.

Alan Davies Telephone: Facsimile: Mobile: A/H: Email:

34 years experience


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Book 5 or more sheep in, and have the fifth one processed into

Kaiparastandard Coastcuts Plant Centre - Best Plants & Prices for FREE! (normally $30.00ea) 1481 Kaipara Coast Highway (SH16), Kaukapakapa. 4km North of Kaukapakapa Village Hotel & Café.



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Grow beef, not bone. David and Christina Clee. Phone 09 422 0492 Fax 09 422 0493. Email cleedavid@gmail.com

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Need Sales? Talk to us now... Deadline for December issue is 21 November. Deadline for January issue is 15 December. For rates and availability, email neville@rurallifestyle.co.nz or phone 09 947 3580 / 021 377 580 or Marlene on 021 854 946. Don’t delay – space is limited.


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90 Jones Road, Omaha email: admin@libertypark.co.nz

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NZ MADE Proudly designed engineered and manufactured in New Zealand. QUALITY Our priority is to deliver you the best steel building on the market. SERVICE We service from West Auckland/North Shore to Dargaville/Brynderwyns.

Water tanks and drainage systems House sites – engineer-certified cut and fill specialist Subdivisions • Driveways • Lifestyle block and farm work Metal, sand and topsoil cartage • Diggers, roller, truck and trailer hire Landscaping and retaining walls • Footings and floor preparation

Serving Albany to Ruakaka

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Gable with Lean-to

35 Woodcocks Road Warkworth 09 425 7088 thebarncompany.co.nz

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25kgAnother Bag innovative Only $49.95 product from Fertco All you need simple application Ask about ourin one spreader hire Supplied in 25kg bags All in One is the complete fertiliser for small and lifestyle block properties, applied at 400kg per hectare to maintain soil

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Prices valid until 30 November 2011 or while stocks last. All prices include GST unless otherwise stated.


Profile for Pete's web sites

November Issue Rural Lifestyle Magazine  

Landscaping – The low-down on native grassesLand speed record triumph at Bonneville USAThree generations on AAPA CouncilHorsin’ around – Bui...

November Issue Rural Lifestyle Magazine  

Landscaping – The low-down on native grassesLand speed record triumph at Bonneville USAThree generations on AAPA CouncilHorsin’ around – Bui...