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Issue 34

July 2010

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Community Halls – a lens for our local history 3 Visit us online at


Thanks so much for your excellent feedback and letters since our last issue. Bruce Bond of Helensville wrote to share this photo of Georgia (Bond) holding the largest kumara I’ve ever seen at 3.2kg. Bruce also explains that “Grandpa’s Kumara Dig” is a yearly tradition and that highlights to me, aside from the fact that South Head

produces fantastic root crops, how we can retain a connectedness with the land and our families across the generations. The heritage theme has been incubating for a while now since, inspired by a recent Radio New Zealand story, I mentioned to Helen Martin that it would be fantastic to run features on our local community halls. Since there seems to be little published information about community halls in New Zealand we thought they provide a wonderful lens through which to view our people and local heritage. Over the next few months we’ll be having a look at what the individual halls in the Rodney District have contributed to their communities. To get started, in this issue we look at Makarau Hall. The other new topic we’re introducing is on interior design and Victoria McAnulty is an award winning interior designer who shares her expertise on the topic. I hope you enjoy these features and we’ll be guided by you

(as always) so if you have thoughts, questions or problems you would like us to tackle on the topic in coming issues please email or write to me. We hope you enjoy our stories this issue and remember to take a look at our website as we continue to add more content. Do let us know what you would like to read more of.

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By Helen Martin



Visiting a Makarau couple in the hope of learning a little about the history of Makarau Hall, I came away with a treasure trove of information and memories. Generously loaned to me by Alison and Les Adams, respectively the Makarau Hall Committee Treasurer and Vice President, the fat folder is crammed with photos, reminiscences, legal documents, timelines, school rolls, maps and accounts of Hall reunions, telling as much about the history of Makarau post-colonisation as it does

about the Hall itself. In the 1860’s Makarau, a land block owned by Maori and inhabited by Ngati Rongo, became home to its first European immigrants. From that time on, some Maori land purchased for the Crown by District Commissioner John Rogan was immediately on-sold to settlers, while in other land transactions


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Attn: Company: Fax Number: Planner: Early days at Makarau School.


Back row; Arthur Dunn, Ralph Adams, Robert Mathew, Ron Hooper, Edward (Ted) Dunn, Eion Smith. Middle; Judith Hooper, Coralie Clark, Fay Hooper, Leah Clark, Lios Hooper, Elaine Hooper. Front row Lorraine hooper, Jill Hooper, Barbara Hooper, Joy Smith, Ian Hooper. Teacher: Brendan Clark.

Price: Bullocks were the only way to clear kauri of this size.

says, ”It was here that they set to and literally carved a life, a living and a farm out of bush and scrub.” According to one report, some of the biggest kauri logs in New Zealand were cut in Makarau. Pit sawn kauri homes were built and money was made from kauri gum and from the huge quantities of kauri that were felled and carted by bullock teams to the river.


Advertisement is correct:

settlers purchased directly from Maori owners.

Among the early English arrivals were Ellen and Thomas Clinkard and Charles and Amelia Hooper. James and Hannah Adams settled in nearby Punganui. The folder has several Attn: accounts of how Ellen Clinkard, the first non-Maori woman to live in Makarau, sat on a bag of flour, covered her head Company: with her apron and wept when she first saw the nikau whare that was to be her home, and of how CharlesFax established a Number: thriving commercial orchard from fruit tree cuttings Ellen brought from England. Planner:


Intermarriage between settler families was common and Region: everyone’s goal was to break in the land. As one descendent


Descendents of the early settlers remember: walking four miles to school on metal roads in bare feet; the pungent smell of burning kauri; beautiful draught horses breaking in the farms; the tinkle of the bullock bells and the squeak of brakes on the bullock wagon; sleeping top and tail; Maori families coming from nearby Kakanui to collect shellfish; no bathroom or running water; clear, clean air; school opening just 3 days a week as the teacher was shared with another district; the big floods; trips to Kakanui School to learn poi dancing; wild goats in the hills; sharing a party line run through the Post and Telegraph Office in Granny Hooper’s


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To think much of the land in the district was cleared this way.

house; an influx of men living under canvas and working on the roads during the Great Depression; going to bed in candlelight; the taste of home churned butter; Grandfather’s stories of local Maori teaching him which food could be gathered from the bush. All those whose memories are captured in the folder talk with pride and affection of the Hall, the heart and soul of communal life for the Makarau settlers and their descendents from the first years of the twentieth century. The building began its life in 1905 when a committee of

95th Reunion, 2001.

locals called for tenders for timber to be cut for a community hall to be built on land purchased from committee member Charles Hooper (son of original settler Charles Hooper, husband of Clara Clinkard) for ten shillings. The tender was won by Charles’s brother Harry. The Hall was to be paid for and owned by a committee which numbered several Hoopers among its 13 members.


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not to be dragooned into dancing a maxina, a polka or a three step polonaise. Outside the Hall, reputedly “as black as the inside of a cow”, the men, despite New Zealand’s ban on alcohol at dance halls, discussed politics, farming and the weather over a liberal supply of beer. Between dances, small children raced around the floor while the women called in vain to their partners outside to come in for a dance. Supper was a highlight, with tables laden with home made savouries, butterfly cakes, lamingtons and trifles. Dances went until late and once the children tired they were wrapped in rugs and put behind the piano on stage to sleep. 95th Reunion, 2001.

A small building with beautiful matai floors and rimu walls, the Hall was incorporated as the Makarau Public Hall and Athenaeum Society and opened on 2 November, 1906 with an all night fundraising social. Minutes of meetings over the years record many additions - a stage, a piano, a dressing room for the ladies, electricity, a metal road to replace the mud track - paid for by fundraising in the community. People fondly recall community events held in the Hall: magic lantern shows; youth camps; political meetings; aerobics classes; barbecues; the annual Christmas party; games evenings; bonfires; adult education classes; weddings; Harvest Thanksgiving; and more. Most discussed are memories of the dances. Before a dance the walls would be decorated with nikau palms and lycopodium. The floor would be polished by the big kids pulling the little kids around on sacks, then dusted with dancing powder. In the early days music was provided by the Hooper family orchestra, usually with the addition of spontaneous entertainment in the form of the removal of a gate crashing possum or two. The lads too young to drink sat around the walls on hard bench seats, desperately hoping

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Visit the Hall now and you’ll see the hard benches have given way to comfortable chairs and the building itself considerably larger than its original 36’ by 20’ by 10’. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth still have pride of place at each end, while photos on the walls tell of the years of service locals have given to the Hall. The Hall is still owned by its committee members. The demographics of the area are rapidly changing, with lifestylers moving in who are keen to be part of the community but who, because they commute daily to the city, are not always available to take part in the working bees. Keeping the Hall active is a committee of stalwarts, including Alison and Les Adams, making sure the building is up to scratch and used at least two or three times a year for social events like barbecues, dances and the regular mid winter Christmas dinner. Les Adams still lives on the family farm in Makarau - he’s never wanted to live anywhere else - and he and Dale Woodcock are the only remaining descendents of the first European settlers still living in the valley. Les is determined to keep the Hall alive. As he puts it, “I’ve always maintained if you lose the Hall, you lose the identity of the district.” Many thanks to Alison and Les Adams, Margaret Kawharu and Joyce Sands for their valuable contributions to this article.


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provenance is that the traits and attributes of their offspring are then predetermined and predictable, because their genome (their DNA) is fixed. The analogy here is with pedigree dogs compared to mongrels or ‘bitzers’. Breeds of livestock are also analogous to ‘species’ in that they breed true and their offspring are exactly like their parents. It takes many generations (up to 30 or 40) to ‘fix’ the genome to get this stability in breeds, and historically this has been done deliberately in order to retain a certain desirable package of genetic attributes. When an animal of a certain breed is bred with one from a different breed or with a ‘bitzer’, the genome becomes unstable and we no longer have any control over what the offspring will be like.

By Bev Trowbridge


PITFALLS I always liken buying livestock to buying a second-hand car, and we all know some of the pitfalls there! fatten up to sell or eat.

With livestock it’s even harder as you can’t look under the bonnet or get an AA check. It helps to have a rudimentary understanding of genetics, but at the very least you must do your homework and know what it is you want and why, and then approach it with some important pointers in mind.

When setting out to buy breeding stock start with the decision of whether it’s a certain breed that you are interested in, or crossbred stock, or just a generic cow, sheep etc, and why. This article is mainly concerned with the pitfalls around the purchase of “pedigree� breeds of livestock, that is, animals whose ancestry is known (to some degree). This is where we need to delve a little into the world of genetics.

I won’t be discussing here buying livestock from saleyards or the internet, but the buying of breeding stock, that is animals that you are buying as a bit of an investment with the intention of breeding and selling their progeny, rather than just buying animals to

The purpose of buying and breeding from pedigree animals of known


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Multifeed+ Zinc Rodney Rural Life 120x90.indd 8RW012RURAL LIFESTYLE ISSUE 34


23/04/10 1:16 PM

When looking to buy a certain breed it is important to research beforehand the breed standard, that is the agreed traits and attributes of that breed that have been laid down by the breed society. You need to do a bit of research into the current asking/selling prices of that breed, and you need to be looking at the prices at the stud breeders, not what they may be selling for on Trade Me. Breeding and rearing stud livestock is a very labour intensive and expensive business and it is only from registered studs that you will get a choice of livestock of known and provable provenance. A good stud should only be selling you good quality stock. Stud breeding animals may be classified as ‘graded-up’, full pedigree or purebred/pureblood. The first category means that there are genetics in there from other breeds, ie they are in fact cross-bred stock. Graded up stock are usually graded 1 up to 4 or 5, and the numeral depicts the number of generations that they have been bred to a purebred sire of that breed. It therefore gives an indication of the percentage of the genome that is typical to that breed, with grade 1 being 50% up to nearly 98% by grade 5, which is then considered to be the same as an animal that has never been crossbred. There is still a genetic component from the other breed(s), which may or may not be a good thing. A purebred or pureblood animal has no outcrossing in its genetic background, or at least has not had for a very long time.

particularly true for dams, or breeding females, as those carrying the most weight often do not give so much milk to their offspring and that is why they look so good. Of course you don’t want the smallest either but something in the middle that is a good solid animal with the capability of rearing many generations of quality offspring without eating you out of house and home. With a sire you are looking for those with the potential to produce good sized meat animals, so look at his progeny or those of his father. Male and female traits seem to run quite closely down the gender lines. And the last but maybe the best piece of advice: always take a more knowledgeable friend with you if you can, two opinions are always better than one!

Calf Milk Pump Calf Milk Pump

Kunekune pig.

Buy the best (genetic) quality animals that you can afford. It may be better to buy fewer of the full pedigree animals rather than more of the graded-up stock. It will work out more cost effective in the long run as there will be fewer rejects or surprises.

Great quality! You won’t Great quality! You won’t believe the prices! believe the prices!

Look for those that are in really good health and body condition. Have some knowledge of conformation, that is, how that animal should be put together. Most people have a natural instinct for this but you’re looking for strong legs at each corner, a straight back, good length and depth of body, and muscling in all the right places. If you’re unsure a bit of research is a must. You also need to check out feet, mouth (teeth) and udder or scrotum, (those important working bits!). Don’t be tempted to always go for the biggest. These may be the best if buying directly for the meat market, but they do not necessarily make the best breeding stock. This is

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fo C A r F L R L an EE  N

d  m OW qu e ot asu e re


manufacturer) didn’t tell us it would fade”. We’re bombarded with messages about the brutal effects of the sun on an almost daily basis. The sunsafe mantra is getting through on a personal level, but just as we enjoy the Custom-made sliding  sun while outdoors, we also want to have the benefits of the sun’s warmth or bi-folding Wardrobe  Custom-made sliding  and natural light in our homes and Door System allows  workspaces. So, how to balance our or bi-folding Wardrobe  efficient access to  desire for Door System allows  natural light indoors with the storage space protection of our interiors?

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spaces areCustom-made sliding  exposed to greater levels Roller Blinds of light or bi-folding Wardrobe  for longer, that south facing Semi-translucent blinds soften/filter natural light, reducing the damaging effects of UVR on internal surfaces. rooms begDoor System allows  for indirect light. Solar Roller Blinds Wardrobe Doors design tracks the effects of the higher fo CA r F L R L an EE  N d   m OW qu e ot asu e re



fo CA r F L C R fL an EE or  FN AL d   m ROEW L  qu aen E N ot ads u  m e qrue e ot as e

By Victoria McAnulty

Wardrobe Doors Wardrobe Doors

efficient access to  position of the sun in summer, and Recently I was out with a client viewing vanity storage space the lower path in winter – a benefit we options for their rural Karapiro home renovation. enjoy as the sun reaches deeper into our spaces. However, every time we from exposure to the westerly sun. can enjoy the sun, UV radiation (UVR) I was surprised that the retailer was at varying intensity levels is finding us displaying what should have been and our belongings. considered reject sale goods and was Position of the sun is a key reference stunned that the salesperson deflected Custom-made sliding  point in design. We prioritise warmth or bi-folding Wardrobe  the issue saying “oh but they (the Warmer in Winter / 

We had finally found a suitable option in a window display – the vanity had a dark stained oak veneer with a gloss lacquer finish and sleek detailing. However, on closer inspection the vanity had suffered severe bleaching

W NO asure L L e CA REE muote

q F for and

Roller Blinds Door System allows 

Cool in Summer  Warmer in Winter /  efficient access to storage space Sunscreen blinds can  Cool in Summer  Warmer in Winter/Cool blinds can  reduce energy Summer. Sunscreen blinds can reduce energy consumption by up to  reduce energy  consumption by up to 63% while also adding 63% while also adding Roller Blindsconsumption by up to  63% while also adding  elegant, sophisticated  elegant, sophisticated Warmer in Winter /  elegant, sophisticated  and minimalistic  and minimalistic Cool in Summer  appearance to and minimalistic  appearance to  Sunscreen blinds can  windows, and come appearance to  windows,and come in  in a variety of colours reduce energy  windows,and come in  consumption by up to  a variety of colours to  to suit any home. a variety of colours to  63% while also adding  suit any home. suit any home. elegant, sophisticated  Warmer in Winter / 

Roller Blinds

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in our living spaces, prefer natural light in work areas and compromise with artificial or lesser light in secondary areas. Commercially, natural light and therefore windows translate as key display frontage to attract passers-by. The plumbing showroom had full height west facing windows receiving brutal UV exposure in all seasons. As with any exposed space the lesson is that regular (yet expensive!) product or furniture rotation, sun filtering solutions or external barriers are required to minimise the sun’s harsh UV rays. At home we have the option of eaves with the roof design, UV treatments in the glazing or as a film application, and window dressings such as sunscreen blinds, venetians and sheers. To varying degrees these all filter natural light, reduce direct UVR damage and minimize view disturbance. However, sun damage is not only from above, we also need to consider reflection of light off external elements, for instance hard, troweled concrete surfaces bounce more UVR into spaces than soft ground surfaces such as grass would. In assessing shade needs, consider if overhead, vertical or other shading elements are required, and further if these should be fixed or retractable in response to how spaces are used. The intention is to harness the benefits of solar gain, to reduce costs of heating or cooling and to minimise the damaging effects of UVR while enjoying a healthy home. More and more we see unique solutions of external UV screening as an integral part of good design, with the decorative bonus of exquisite shadow cast detail. Natural treatments also offer seasonal solar filtering. Deciduous trees for example provide shade and cooling effects in summer and access to heat and light from the winter sun. We’re fortunate

to live in a climate that fosters vegetation growth so why not consider landscaping as a contributing, functional element of design? Once we have the ‘good’ light safely inside, then what? How do we maintain the vitality of our spaces and ensure the longevity of our interiors? In the Rodney region we are blessed with beautiful clear light bouncing around large open spaces. There’s no smog or other dense industrial effect that impacts on the light quality. I’ve been amazed at how ‘true’ colours appear and therefore how bold you could be with palette selection to create a unique environment – far from the dreary uniform greys of urban areas. There are many ways to place your signature on an interior space, but keep in mind a few simple rules. Across the spectrum of colours, blues and reds in any tone or shade are susceptible to fading faster as they are affected by wider bands of light. The same rule – subject to the composition of the substrate – applies whether the colour is a feature detail in a textile or on a large painted wall. While some fade of any colour or surface is inevitable over time, consider the composition of materials too. For example don’t put natural materials such as linens or silks in direct light, similarly woodgrains will change colour subject to both the surface sealant used and level of exposure. UVR reflectance on internal painted surfaces is minimal (independent of colour) so in well lit rooms be bold with your choice and depth of colour on walls adjacent to direct light. Common sense does apply, in saying that I’d always recommend checking with your supplier or designer that a colour, surface finish or textile is suited for the proposed installation and use.

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The same room on dusk can take on a different mood. The inclusion of low level lamps soften the central artificial (and/or ceiling) light source, affecting the tone and richness of the bedroom.

In well lit rooms you can be bold with your choice and depth of colour on walls adjacent to direct light.

Of those spaces that have limited light penetration, including south facing rooms, there are many ‘tricks’ we can use to create a brighter interior. The use of tints (any colour + white) offers higher reflectance values allowing more light to be generated within that space. Low sheen or satin finishes on walls reflect more light than flat paint finishes which diffuse subtle light. High gloss finishes reflect the greatest amount of light but will show up any surface imperfections as a result – limit this finish to feature details such as architraves. You could consider mirror placement to bounce light and frame reflections. Where there is an opportunity to refurbish or start fresh, taller windows allows more light in.

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The lack of light can affect mood. A dark room in winter is even more dreary so spice this up with a splash of white or a bold colour, even in cushion covers, while amplifying artificial lighting. If a luxurious, moody room is what you’re after, go for excess in colour and texture while introducing multiple light sources at a lower level such as candles, wall sconces and table lamps. Ultimately you want to maximize the positive attributes of natural light in each space, enjoy your views and bring the warmth and light in while taking care of your interiors. When you configure your spaces with this in mind savings are achieved in artificial cooling and/or heating, you can protect your furniture, surfaces and artwork from fading and be rewarded with the best of all seasons – even on the most miserable day! While a textile gently worn over time becomes a comfortable family friend, a sun bleached ‘scar’ on your coffee table or carpet can only be an expensive exercise in balancing ideals with reality. And the bathroom vanity? I’m going to customise a unit for the client, maximising design and storage potential in the master ensuite. The proposed new space is in the southwest corner of a villa conversion with high windows and deep eaves. I’ll be happy to stain the veneer surface a darker charcoal tone with a low sheen lacquer finish, knowing that it will look exquisite once installed in a pale coloured room filled with natural light – safe from any harmful sun exposure!

We’ll come to you! Let us show you our stunning range of fabrics in the comfort of your home or visit our showroom 1 Elizabeth St, Warkworth.

09 425 0037 1 Elizabeth Street, Warkworth 12


This is Victoria’s debut with us as our Interiors features writer. Victoria is an award winning interior designer who has recently moved from the city to a rural block near Ahuroa. Feel free to email Victoria (victoria@redturtle. with any questions you may have (her advert also appears in our directory pages). – Ed.


Buy Better Build Better Makita 5740NB Circular saw. A versatile tool for all those jobs around the farm. 185mm blade.

1 West St, Helensville Tel: 0800 833 399    Fax: 09 420 8476 Email: oikoumene@xtra.c Web:


Hitachi 18v Cordless Drill

(13mm chuck, 2 batteries, 2 variable speeds, 45Nm torque for the tough jobs.

By Grant McKechnie

Includes FREE TORCH!

$268.88 $395.00 Makita DCS4610 Chainsaw 45.2cc, 4.7kg, 1.7kw. Great for firewood or trimming rails etc where no power is available.

Hitachi 100mm grinder For any metal work trimming or grinding.



1484 Oikoumene Forest Letterhead.pdf


1:08:04 PM

We can now arrange installation for roof, under-floor or whole house lots and super deals on DIY packs.


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CONTROL In past articles, I’ve talked about using mixed borders to provide wind protection or visual screening. This month’s column is about an actual layout I’ve just planted to provide our house with a visual screen from the road. It’s in our fairly square front paddock that is probably going to become part of the garden one day, but in the meantime, all traffic looks in on us. Until a year or so ago, we were screened by a row of lemonwoods, planted about 25 years ago. But over the years, various horses and cattle had a good chew at the trees and they weren’t looking their best. Rather than replace them with another straight line of trees, we decided to go for a natural looking mixed border. There were some limiting factors. At the eastern end we have a fence and cattle yards which we don’t want to take out yet in case we do get some stock again. And at the western end, we have a gateway through to the next paddock, which we can’t block. This makes the border at this end far narrower than I would like. In the middle we have an existing puriri to include in the planting. It’s about 5m tall now, but it has been a bit of a battle 1 West St, Helensville to get it there. We protected it from stock and frosts when it Tel: 0800 833 399    was young; it grew nicely and was looking good until last year. Fax: 09 420 8476 The 26 or so frosts we had in our sheltered valley blackened Email: it all over. It started to recover well then came last summer’s Web:   drought – and a naughty steer, which took a sudden liking to the bark and virtually ring-barked it overnight. Yes, life’s a struggle for it, but it is still alive, and hopefully it will one day take pride of place in our new border.

But I digress. In this border layout I needed 2m to 3m minimum height all the way along to create a visual block. But I didn’t want a wall, I wanted a colourful mix of evergreens that looked good from all angles, shorter plants on the edges, taller in the middle to give a layered look. I also wanted some big trees in it, and for demonstration purposes for our nursery customers, we decided to keep it all native. (But you could do the same sort of thing with a mix of non-natives and natives.) My first step was to mark out some nice flowing curves with spray-on paint to define the inside edge. Next, I positioned the plants with, generally, the tallest-growing towards the middle, the medium sized (2 – 3m) next, with the lower growing species on the outside edges. I’ve used a couple of varieties of carex (native grasses) as a ground cover under the bigger trees. My plant spacing should mean that, in about four years, the plants are touching and smothering most of the weed growth. I should have to mow only around the edge – well, that’s the theory anyway. Meantime, we can trim with a weed-eater. Or, if we really want to be efficient, mulch the area with 10cm to 15cm of bark. That will suppress grass and weed growth and keep moisture in the ground in summer. And yes, if we have stock, we’ll fence off the plants well!

The blank canvas.

Setting out the plants. It's better to lay out all your plants before you start digging holes.

HOURS Mon–Fri - 8.30am - 5.00pm Saturday - 9.00am - 5.00pm

The lifesTyle block specialisTs

• Hedging • Shelter • Natives • Landscape plants • Bulk pricing available for most plants • Lots of trees for autumn colour let Grant & Julie help you select the best plants for your place! Robinson Rd, coatesville. ph/fax 09 415 8806. RURAL LIFESTYLE ISSUE 34


WintEr 2010

Hunting • FisHing • Camping • tramping

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! ! ! E l a s ! ! ! E l a s ! ! ! E l a SALE !!!s Entrance

Hunting Hunting •• FisHing FisHing •• Camping Camping •• tramping tramping

WintEr 2010 2010 WintEr 2010WintEr

. . . s y a s n o m si


l salE annual salE annual salE annual salE annual 40m PLANTING KEY a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. p.

. . WHErE WHEn . s y a s

Hunting • FisHing • Camping • tramping Swamp flax @ 1.5m spacing q. Manuka ‘Burgundy Queen’ @ 1.5m spacing Coprosma ‘Painters Palette’ @ 1.5m spacing r. Puriri Coprosma ‘Yvonne’ @ 1.5m spacing s. Coprosma ‘Plum Hussey’ @ 1.5m spacing Hebe diosmifolia @ 1m spacing t. Hunting Titoki @ 5mNew spacing Thirty & Fishing Zealand Friday July 2 – Saturday July 17 stores – see directory @ page 6. spacing 2010 inclusive – The July Kauri @ 5m spacing Hebe ‘Inspiration’ 1m Holidays Coprosma ‘Roys Red’ @ 1.5m spacing Somev.Specials are available fromRock’ our online Coprosma ‘Red @ 1mSchool spacing store Carex dipsacea @ 0.5m spacing w. Manuka ‘Kea’ @ 1m spacing Flax ‘Jester’ @ 1.5m spacing cONDITIONS Stock at these prices is limited and hot items will sell out during the SALE – be x. Kahikatea @ 5m spacing quick! Some items have a limit per customer – see advertisement. In-store sales will take priority Hebe stricta @ 1m spacing y. Pittosporum ‘Humpty Dumpty’ @ 1.5m spacing over internet purchases. Other conditions apply. Kowhai ‘Dragons Gold’ @ 1.5m spacing z. Corokia ‘Geenty’s Green’ @ 3m spacing Coprosma ‘Green Rock’ @ 1.5m spacing Coprosma ‘Yvonne’ @ 1.5m spacing simon says... “i’m kiCking tHings1.2.oFF WitH Four oF BEst!” Pseudopanax laetus @ 1.5m spacing Wineberry ‘Thomas Lister’ @ tHE 2m spacing Griselinia littoralis @ 4m spacing 3. Dianella (NZ blueberry) @ 0.5m spacing Flax ‘Black Rage’ @Sleeping 1.5m spacing Bag 4. Astelia ‘Westland’ @ 1.5m spacing Coprosma ‘Pink Splendour’ @ 1.5m spacing 5. Flax ‘Dazzler’ @ 1.5m spacing Thirty6.Hunting & Fishing‘Middlemore’ New Zealand 2 – Saturday July 17 Wineberry ‘Jessie Cockburn’ @ 3m spacing Coprosma @ Friday 1.5mJuly spacing Thirty Hunting & Fishing New Zealand Friday July 2 – Saturday July 17

simon s

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We’ll make quick work of the tallest gorse on steep, hard-to-reach sites. Steep gullies and hillsides are often left for gorse to overtake because it’s too difficult to control. Spraying requires a lengthy die-off period and still leaves the problem of removal. Burning can promote rapid re-growth and can damage non-target vegetation. With our new 22.5tonne machine and its fixed tooth

mulching head we go where no others have before. We’ll turn gorse-ridden land into productive farm land quickly and efficiently. You’ll save on spraying costs and re-vegetation or re-sowing can start immediately. Any gorse regrowth can then be more easily managed and maintained.

Dams | Wetlands | Bridges | Timber Jetties | Culvert Crossings $5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance covering all fire risk

Call Ken Borg 0800 600 500 | 021 635577


By Lesleigh Smith


HEARING TECHNOLOGY Recently, I was lucky enough to attend one of the largest hearing and hearing aid conferences in the world in San Diego, California where all the hearing aid manufacturers display their latest products and show off their research and development concepts. At the end of last year I forecast that we would see a trend of hearing aids becoming smaller and more “in the ear” instead of behind the ear. We certainly have seen a trend in all hearing aids getting smaller as the technology improves how sound is processed and noise is reduced while keeping the power consumption very low to run off the tiny hearing aid batteries.

The most awe inspiring new hearing aid on the market that I saw was actually first advertised to the American public on talk show television. Dr Oz, celebrity doctor made famous by Oprah Winfrey, went on national TV talking about a new hearing aid called the Lyric. This hearing aid is medically inserted deep down into the ear canal where it is totally invisible. However, the aid does have to be inserted and removed by a trained professional (at some cost) every three months to change the battery. This aid wouldn’t be suitable to all people (mitigating factors include small or waxy ear canals, cost, level of hearing loss) but I can see that it would be appealing to some. It hasn’t yet been released in New

Zealand, but I expect we will see it on our shores in selected clinics in 2011. Two companies, Unitron and Phonak NZ, have launched very tiny in-canal hearing aids (named Fuse and Zip) that are nearly invisible. These do not have to be implanted. The average person can insert and remove the hearing aids and change the batteries themselves. In the area of wireless technologies and batteries, another couple of advances have been made since last year. Although Siemens have had rechargeable hearing aids Afor some time, they claim to have improved their hearing aid and charger design to maximize reliability. The battery life in the hearing aids last roughly 8 hours before needing to be recharged.


A new name but the same caring professionals. Call us to make a time to come in – you’ll be so glad you did!


Lesleigh Smith BSc.,MSc Aud., M.N.Z.A.S. C.C.C AUDIOLOGIST

Kasia Hamilton B.Tech (Hons), M.Aud (Hons) C.C.C.,M.N.Z.A.S AUDIOLOGIST

Shirley Parker Office administrator

• Fully qualified audiologists • Professional and caring service • Independent hearing instrument specialists • ACC and War Pensions accredited • Obligation free trial of hearing aids

9 Falls Street (opp Police station) Warkworth. PH 09 422 2550 18



FOODS By Neville Walker

Most people tend to store the aids on the charger dock every night to get maximum power the next day. Several hearing aid companies have now integrated technologies that allow the listener to link wirelessly to a variety of sound sources (e.g. a direct link to the TV, Bluetooth hands-free car kit, even wireless mobile phone listening). Finally, to treat tinnitus (ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears) hearing aid company Widex has launched a product that reduces the unwanted sound. Specially formulated music is tailored to the person’s individual hearing loss and is designed to stimulate the inner hair cells in a particular way. This special music is aptly named “Zen” listening as it allows the listener to relax and to hopefully not hear the annoying tinnitus as loudly. The research results have been very promising. We can look forward to the next wave of technology in NZ to be launched in October following the largest international European convention. So, watch this space!

Homespring wins taste test! Over 1400 people who visited our stand during Fieldays and took the taste test picked the Homespring membrane filtered water over normal carbon filtered water by almost 2 to 1!

There is hope now for those who suffer pain, bloating, excessive wind, lethargy, constipation or diarrhoea (sometimes both) and even headaches after eating. Various gastrointestinal disorders (dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other bowel disorders) are often cited as the cause. Research is showing that for a particular category of sufferers, a diet regime that eliminates a specific group of carbohydrates can eliminate the symptoms completely. During a coffee catch-up recently, I asked a friend why he was about to pop a pill before his drinking his flat white. He explained that he had suffered for years with bloating and pain after eating and this now appeared to have had nothing to do with acid reflux. A gastroenterologist found that his condition was due entirely to food containing FODMAPs (an acronym for ‘Fermentable, Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols’). While the pill he took effectively helped digest the lactose in the milk, many of his digestive problems stemmed from not just lactose intolerance but also a range of food containing FODMAPs. Quite simply, these are carbohydrate sugars that some people become intolerant to. This intolerance to either fructose or lactose often does not manifest itself until later in life - usually after age 50. If you do suffer from this condition, a fodmaps-free diet may eliminate the problem. Some people will be intolerant to fructose but not lactose – or vice versa. Some will be intolerant to both. Fructans-rich foods: Wheat (white bread, pasta, pastries, cakes and biscuits), onions, leeks and artichokes. Galactans-rich foods: Legumes (soy, beans, chickpeas, and lentils), cabbage and brussel sprouts.

No other technology can give you the same degree of confidence that your drinking water is safe for the family. Homespring is certified to filter to 0.02 micron, physically removing 99.99999% of bacteria, 99.999% of viruses, protozoan cysts, chlorine, cloudiness and smell from all water sources. Yet essential healthy salts and minerals remain in the water.

Lactose (milk sugar): Chocolate, other sweets, beer, soups and sauces. Fructose-rich foods: (Monosaccharides): honey, dried fruits, apples, pears, cherries, peaches, watermelon, papaya and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

need replacement filter cartridges?

Polyols (sugar alcohols): Sweeteners e.g. Sorbitol and and Xylitol. Some tone fruits: peaches, apricots, plums and in some berries. Saccharin or aspartame are usually not a problem.

We supply and service all makes of filters for domestic and commercial filtration systems. Your health is worth a phone call...

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0800 pUre water 0800 787 392

There is ongoing research into FODMAPs but what is becoming clear is that if you have (or someone you know has) symptoms like those above after eating this could be an opportunity to try a FODMAPs diet. There are some simple tests to take before embarking on such a diet. We must stress it can be necessary to consult with a medical professional or registered dietician (preferably one familiar with FODMAPsrelated conditions) before attempting to incorporate a FODMAPs-free diet. For a list of FODMAPs-free foods, and additional clinical research references on the topic visit our website. RURAL LIFESTYLE ISSUE 34





The State Forest Service took over from the Ministry of Works and planting continued ever more rapidly as machinery took over from manual labour. The first milling, initially for on-site building projects, began in 1955. Since then the forest has been a steady producer of timber for local and export markets. Over the years a network of roads was created. In all, approx 35,000 acres were transformed from wasteland to productive land in a major reclamation project that came about often by trial and error. This working forest has now become a playground for activities ranging from white-knuckle bike racing to more sedate walking, picnicking and horse trekking.

By Lynnette Third


FOREST ADVENTURES The wonderful outdoor playground of Woodhill Forest is a prized local asset loved by many. How, I was curious to know, had it all come to be? From the 1870's settlers attempting to convert coastal land into farms burned the manuka, flax and bracken scrub that grew up to the dunes. Unwittingly, they were taking away the natural defence from the relentless westerlies and opening up the land to the full force of nature. The loose sand constantly blew inland, creating sand hills that rolled eastwards – even on occasion covering the railway line some 6 miles from the coast. A good westerly blowing straight off the Tasman Sea would cause a sandstorm severe enough to make Helensville shopkeepers 10km away shut their doors. Settlers could not farm the land and in 1927 the Crown bought up much of the land and began a huge revegetation programme. Marram grass imported from France was planted by hand as cheap labour was plentiful during the 20


Depression. The marram grass with its underground stems began to bind the sand and stabilise the ground. Next lupin was planted, providing the ground with nitrogen to enable trees to grow. Barrier fences constructed from manuka helped keep the sand at bay as the marram grass established, though they were often covered in as little as one day and new fences were constantly being built. Eventually tree planting commenced. As this work was very experimental and success in no way assured, a variety of pinus as well as other exotics were trialed. Despite the lack of soil the success rate was high and the land was finally returned to productive use. Soon rabbits, deer and wandering stock became a threat to the vegetation so pest eradication was introduced and boundary fences erected. During the war a Hudson bomber crashed and exploded on an area used by the air force for a bombing range, causing a large fire and necessitating substantial replanting. Fire prevention over summer became paramount and the ground beneath the trees needed to be kept clear and lower limbs pruned for fire safety.

The sand provides a free-draining yearround surface and a welcome escape from our interminable winter mud. Near the coast the land is mostly flat, becoming hillier as you head inland, allowing you to pick the terrain you wish to traverse. Today the land is owned by Crown Forests and licensed to Hancock’s Forest Management N.Z. Ltd, a U.S. based company. A condition of the licensing agreement is that recreation activities are allowed. These are managed by different entities that pay rent to the forestry company. For safety, dedicated areas are set aside for different activities. To go trekking with your horse you must register with the Woodhill Forest Equestrian Park, which is part of the Auckland Woodhill Endurance Club. Phone 09 420 9663 or check out their website for details and maps. There are many tracks to choose from and all are easy to follow and well sign-posted. Fees are $70 per annum plus a one-off cost of $20 for a key. Riding trails begin at Restall Road, Rimmers Road and Muriwai. The main Restall Road site has a cabin, campsites, shower, toilet and kitchen facilities available for a modest charge, and is a popular venue for many clubs. The folly of the original settlers has culminated in a magnificent recreation facility right on our doorstep.


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BUILD QUALITY BUIL LD THE AZTECH WAY ECO-FRIENDLY ECO-FRIENDLY QUALIFIED QUALIFIED COMPLIANT COMPLIANT INSURED INSURED Suppliers of of quality kitset Suppliers quality kitsetand anderected erectedfarm farmbuildings, buildings, at atAztech Aztechwe wework workwith withyou youtotodeliver deliverthe thedesign designyou’re you’reafter. after.


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Whangaripo 1ha. Cute cottage, new: decks, long run roof, spouting, kitchen, bathroom, water pump and hot water cylinder. Yours to finish. $375,000 UR5513

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Mangawhai/Tomarata. 2.8ha. Organic. Pasture, bush, s/c cottage and 3brm faithfully recreated bungalow with native timbers and authentic fittings. Offers over $1,000,000 considered. UR5537


7 Glenmore Dr, Warkworth 09 425 7510

09 425 7510

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Matakana 1ha. House site prepared, plans approved, section fenced. Elevated site, views over Omaha to sky tower. Balance of land in young trees $375,000neg UR5527 Mangawhai 1.7ha. 3brm home with big decks backing into bush, views over own near level natural landscaping with stream and boat shed. $490,000. UR5488

Warkworth 19ha. So close to town you can see it. Rolling country with big fertile flats. Yards and well fenced. Metal track to last paddock $745,000 UR5452 Wellsford 1.3ha. Gently sloping, north facing block on a sealed road. Approx 15 mins to Matakana. $250,000 UR5523 Pakiri 61ha. Homestead set in mature gardens, good range of sheds, bore,spring and stream water. Almost 50% cropping land ball rolling with 15yr old pines on steeper country. 2 titles. $1,820,000 plus gst. UR5496 Please visit for more information and photos using the "UR" number with 'Search Listings' or ‘QuickFind’.

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West Rodney (incl Coatesville): Albany Office: 09 415 2125 East Rodney: Orewa Office: 09 427 9903

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Cushla Howard 021 324 965 Rodney South


Mike Morse 0274 909 211 Rodney North

Servicing the Rodney area for 30 years and accepted by all major financial institutions.

Farmers • Lifestylers • Businesses • Fire Extinguishers (to suit ALL situations) • Fire Blankets • Smoke Detectors • Fixed Systems • Fire protection for your insurance obligations • Switchboard Protection 24-7 from as little as $180 Covering Rodney from Puhoi to Kaiwaka/ Mangawhai and everywhere in between.

Now is a good time to call…

FIREWATCH RODNEY 2006 LTD Mark Burnan (Wellsford based) Ph 09 423 7032 Mob 0274 906 166

JustiN MoLLoy B U I L D E R S

L t d

Specialising in Renovations & Restorations Project management, New Builds, Light Commercial, Decks and Landscaping, Minor & Major Renovation Work from Basement Excavation to Kitchens & Bathrooms Placing the highest value on communication, budgets, quality of workmanship & materials

Justin Molloy 021 270 1388 • 09 425 0220

Red Turtle Ltd Award winning designer specialising in - Interior design and plan management - Colour, surface and product specification - Custom furniture, lighting and feature design - Art specification and supply For all your design needs call me today and be inspired Victoria McAnulty BSD t (09) 523 3250 m 021 280 3837 e

Need Sales? Talk to us now... deadline for July issue is Friday 16 July. For rates and availability, email or phone 09 420 4660 / 021 377580 or Marlene on 021 854946. Don’t delay – space is limited.

W E ' V E SENT PRICES PLUMMETIN G ! POWERPLUS GENERATORS • 5.5KVA • Powered by 13.5Hp petrol motor. • Silent model – 78db level. • Recoil or electric start. LIMITED • 25lt fuel tank capacity.



• 2.5KVA • Powered by 6.5Hp petrol motor. • Silent model – 69db level. • 15lt fuel tank capacity. • Lightweight for portability – 48kg.

• 100% Waterproof with lifetime seam guarantee. • Manufactured with light-weight 2-layer fabrics. • Superior flexibility and stretch for comfort and safety.


Buy the Parka and Pants together and get a FREE companion tee worth up to $40!



$185 SAVE

PRICE $1695


PRICE $650



• NZ Manufactured and fully galvanised. • 100% fully guaranteed.

• Contains no artificial colours, flavours

7’x5’ trailer with tilt draw bar $2100 +ORC 900mm crate for 7’x5’ trailer $730

or preservatives.

• Family dog formula is beef protein free

and low in wheat gluten making it a good choice for dogs with allergies.

5’x4’ ATV trailer $1371 Crate for 5’x4’ trailer $511 Great farm trailer!


Ideal for ride-on mowers or quad bikes.

Steel Barred Gates

Speedrite AN90 Battery Powered Energiser

• 3.66m (12ft) from Hurricane. • 5 x 6mm horizontal bars. • Hot dipped galvanized. • Adjustable hinge clamps 20mm.

• The AN90 is the most powerful dedicated strip grazing unit available. • Ideal for longer lengths of portable fencing. • 4 “D” sizes batteries or external 12V battery.


Speedrite geared fence reel with 500m poli-wire • Worlds premium geared reel with a 5-year U.V. guarantee. • True 3:1 gear ratio. • U.V. resistant wire with 6 stainless steel conductors.




ROK SOLID Bio-Gro certified fertilser

• Minerals-Microbes-Energy. • Full spectrum – loaded with minerals and energy. • Made of volcanic rock ground to a fine dust. • High silica content 43% helps plant formation.

ONLY $94.50 SAVE $25

20KG ONLY $39.95










2-4 Morrison Drive, 09 Fax 425 7754 2-4 Morrison Drive, PO BoxWarkworth. 378, Warkworth. PhPhone 09 425 7754 09 425 7560 thefar

Call us to arrange delivery (09) 425 7754 email:


Prices valid until Saturday 31 July 2010 or while stocks last. All prices include GST unless otherwise stated.

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