Rural Jersey Summer 2021

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Ladies Day at the Races It is a perfect opportunity to grab all the glamour that you can and a chance to experience your style in order to create a gorgeous day out.

The races are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit and to all the accessories that come with it. This is a very much needed chance to get out of your ‘working from home’ wardrobe and dress up in those chic outfits and beautiful hats.

The brand is incorporating traditional fabrics and styles into a fresh, modern and iconic look; and it has achieved a phenomenal success over the last decade, which makes them one of the most leading country wear companies in Britain.

There is no official dress code at the Ladies Day in Jersey. But many women enjoy indulging in some equestrian style and go that extra mile to feel glamorous and so make the event more special.

Express your countryside look with the latest collection of their beautiful outfits.

One of the biggest questions for those ladies who are going to the races is ‘What to wear’?

If you are attending Ladies Day at Les Landes Racecourse this summer and are looking for something in equestrian style, that is elegant and unique to wear, then you should know about a classic high-end British brand, Holland Cooper.



Browse through the Holland Cooper range for sleek and luxurious styles that will ensure you look every bit the sophisticated spectator. Check out their latest designs that will ensure you are the best dressed woman at the event and don't forget: it's really only all about having fun.

By RURAL’s fashion correspondent, Kasia Guzik from THE MANIA