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Rural Hard to Reach Local Government Partnerships’ Working Group SUMMARY NOTES August 12, 2015, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Attendees: IMPLEMENTERS Elizabeth Russell, AMBAG Craig Schlatter, CDCMC Austin McCaffrey, CDCMC* Pam Bold, HSEF*

Rick Phelps, HSEF Lou Jacobson, RCEA Matthew Marshall, RCEA Sarah Farell. SJVCEO*

Courtney Kalashian, SJVCEO Jon Griesser, SLO County Jeremy Terhune, Valley Vision *indicates alternate

ACTION ITEMS (also highlighted in yellow throughout text) Date assigned

Party assigned

07/08/15 07/08/15


08/12/15 08/12/15


08/12/15 08/12/15 07/08/15




Item Description Identify critical moments and where direct action can make an impact Review and submit edits of Strategic Action Plan to JG Send out questionnaire to members to support matrix content development. Resend reoccurring calendar invitation Group collaborate to arrive at additional needs that span our partnerships that can be communicated to our IOU collaborators in a consistent fashion Finalize SAP (need to define what this means) Work on CE/TRC/NTG issue Identify opportunity and issue public comment on August CPUC decision on behalf of group

Due Date


08/12/15 08/31/15

Open Open

08/31/15 09/09/15

Open Open

10/08/15 12/31/15 TBD

Open Open Open



SUMMARY NOTES Housekeeping Jon Griesser, SLO County, opened the meeting. Upcoming Events Courtney Kalashian, SJVCEO, provided an update on upcoming events including the California Climate Action Planning Conference in SLO on 08/13-14/2015 and confirmed the planned RHTR dinner for 08/13 at Novo Restaurant in downtown SLO. The Central California LGP Workshop is being planned for early October in Paso Robles. CK asked if it is too much to ask of the RHTR members to travel to attend this meeting so the RHTR group can hold another face-to-face meeting. Craig Schlatter, CDCMC-okay. Matthew Marshall, RCEA—doable. Elisabeth Russel, AMBAG, 10/12-16/2015 no go, otherwise yes. Rick Phelps, HSEF, yes. Review of Action Items JG reviewed those action items not attached to a goal (as those would be addressed in the agenda)/  Review and submit edits to SAP by 08/31: JG has received no further edits. ER likes the SAP as is but also likes that it can evolve. The group agreed to leave the SAP as is and work to finalize the piece by the end of the year.  JG reminded the members that everyone needs to choose a goal and get involved!

2015 Meeting Schedule: September 9, October 14, November 11, December 9

GOAL 1: Collaborate to increase the quality of delivered energy related services and products to rural California communities. O1. (AI) Monthly meetings, calendar, next face to face meeting. CK, to resend. JG and Austin McCaffrey, CDCMC, possibly Pam Bold, HSEF do not have it. O2. (AI) Online Platform for RHTR documents, CK shared this is complete. O3. (AI) Matrix update. JG gave a review of why we’re doing this. We need a mechanism for sharing information. CK and SJVCEO taking over this objective. CK to send out a questionnaire to members, asked that everyone please take time to respond, and will have a demonstration available for the group at the next in person meeting. GOAL 2: Assess rural California’s ongoing and crosscutting barriers to the market adoption of energy related services and products. Lou Jacobsen, RCEA reported back on the efforts of he and RP from the past month. Going into 2016 contracting. Incremental change is important moving into the future. 2016 to advocate for quality and consistent services in rural CA. With this juncture, what does that look like? RP, we identified two models (detailed in provided handout), government facilities and community based. Summed up the further you are the more flexibility you want, and the benefit to IOU is that the more flexible we can be the more money you (IOU) save. Per LJ, “a critical junction in time to influence change will be our upcoming partner meetings and 2016 contracting efforts. It is recommended that we use this as an opportunity to address challenges through incremental change. This is also an opportunity for our group to consistently communicate the needs of rural ratepayers. Flexibility in both service offerings and incentives has been identified as one potential global need. We’re recommending that the group collaborate to arrive at additional needs that span our partnerships that can be communicated to our IOU collaborators in a consistent fashion.” O1. Identify barriers  (AI) CE/TRC/NTG issues: LJ and CK to address this later in 2015. GOAL 3: Positively influence local, regional and regulatory discussions and decisions to address barriers and drivers in rural California.  (AI) Identify critical moments where direct action can make an impact. O1. Develop and maintain communication channel O2. Submit responses and comments CS, from a strategic perspective if we want to show that this group has weight we need to submit public comment on the next decision in August. CS referred to the Policy Memo from May, page three has revised savings goals. If we want to develop consensus we do it quickly and submit as RHTR. ER and CS to talk, group start thinking what matters to the group—it’s an open canvas now. Doesn’t need to be great significance, but it shows we have traction and unification. O3. Secure and maintain a “seat at the table” for decisions regarding energy products and services Adjourn The meeting ended at 12:00 p.m.

2015 Meeting Schedule: September 9, October 14, November 11, December 9

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Rhtr memberscall summarynotes 08 12 15